The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on August 17, 1939 · Page 18
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 18

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1939
Page 18
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EIGHTEEN THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD., THURSDAY, AUGUST 17, 1939. Today s Radio Programs NEW YORK, Aug. 7.—Debate over President Roosevelt's propos al for advancing the date of Thanksgiivng is getting some attention on the radio. The discus sion was started by'WJZ-NBC with a Man on the Street broadcast It shifts to MBS and probably CBS Friday night. MBS will put on a Roundtable at 9:15, while CBS is seeking to arrange a special session of it's People's Platform at 7. On the air tonight (Thursday): WEAF-NBC—7 Rudy Vallee Hour; S Lost Play, "Monte Cristo"; 9 Bob Burns show; 11 Dance Hour. W ABC-CBS—7 Return of Jim Mc- Wililams Quiz; 7:30 new series, Strange As It Seems; S Major Bowes; 9 Workshop Drama, "A Drink of Water"; 9:30 Sen. Arthur .Capper on "Preservation of American Ideals." WJZ-NBG—6:45 Pierce Flandin from- Paris; 7 Salute to Jessica Dragonette; 8 Toronto Symphony; 9:30 Grant Park concert, MBS-Chain—8:30 Sodero Sinfoin- etta; 9:30 Busman's Holiday. What to expect Friday: WEAF- NBC—12:15 p. m., Let's Talk It Over; 5 Institute of Democracy. CBS-Chain—2 Music Hour; 5:45 National Tennis Doubles / (also WJZ-NBC 5:15). ' "WJZ-NBC—11:30 a. m. Farm and Borne Hour; 2:30 p. m. World Women's Party from Geneva. MBS- Chain—5 Canadian open goll BALTIMORE LIVE STOCK Baltimore, Aug. 16 (£>)—(U. S. Dept. Agr.) Cattle: Few medium and good cows, $5.50-6.00; cutter and common, $4.25-5.25; canners, $3.00-4.00; down. Calves: $10.00-50; $7.50-9.50. sausage bulls, $6.25 Good vealers steady, common and medium, CARDS CAPTURE ~ DOUBLE HEADER Twin Victory Over Pirates Sloshes Cincy Lead to Only Six Contests Pittsburgh, Aug. 16 (£>).—Playing like the Gas House Gang of five years ago, the St. Louis Cardinals today bowled over Pittsburgh twice 4-3 and 3-0, while the Cubs were trimming the Reds, thus slashing Cincinnati's league leadership to six games. The snappy -work of the Cards, who have taken 15 of their past 17 games, reminded the 7,SSo fans at Forbes Field of the 1934 St. Louis gang which won the pennant after trailing by five games on Labor day. Rizto Is Goat Johnny Rizzo was the goat of the first game. Twice he misplayed hits by Terry Moore which went for home runs inside the field each time with a man on. base. Fiddler Bill McGee held the Pirates to three puny singles in the twilight contest and never was in serious trouble. The double victory made it six double-header triumphs in a row for St. Louis. St. Louis 000 000 202—1 S 3 Pittsburgh .... 001 010 100—3 S 1 Weiland, R. Bowman, Shoun and Padgett, Owen. Klinger and Mueller. St. Louis 000 001 200—3 9 1 Pittsburgh 000 000 000—0 3 2 McGee and Owen. Butcher, Blanton, Heintzelman and Susce. Hogs: Good and choice, 160-210 lb., $6.15-40; practical top, $6.40; 210-230 lb., $5.90-6.20; 230-250 lb., $5.70-90; 120-140 lb., $5.65-50; 250300 lb... $4.90-5.70. Charles Darwin, originator of the survival of the fittest theory, was quite unfit himself, physically. GuOD MONEY Is saved b> tmying g-ood g-oods at grood prices through the classified adi. TO SELECT BEAUTY OCEAN CITY, Md., Aug. 15, (£»). —Miss Maryland—the state's most beautiful woman—will be selected here at the climax of a program August 22-23, and will compete in the annual national beauty contest in Atlantic City next month. The Ocean City Chamber of Commerce and the Berlin-Ocean City Lions Club will sponsor the beauty contest. CHICAGO GRAIN Chicago, Aug. 16 (#>)—Closing grain prices: Wheat: Sept., 66-65%; Dec., 65% -%; May, 65%-%. Corn: Sept. 43%•%; Dec., 42%%; May, 45%-y 2 . ON DOWN THE SPORTS TRAIL By WHITNEY MARTIN New York, Aug. 16 (£»).—The New York State Athletic Commission often is the target of ridicule, even abuse. Some of its rulings may seem a little left-handed, and its statements may be couched in pompous phrases, but anyone challenging its integrity is .overmatching himself. General John J. Phelan i» the chairman, The General is cour teous, honest, conscientious, anc sometimes a little mixed up. There was the time not long ago, for in stance, when Lou Ambers and Henry Armstrong met to sign the contract for their lightweight championship fight. Q The General presided over that little formality, and ihen hauled forth another document. "Gentlemen," he said. "I have here another contract, with attached clauses. But if Armstrong wins this fight they don't have to. The . assembled scribes were slightly befuddled. Mike Jacobs, little brown eyes twinkling, said: NEIGHBORLY NEIGHBORS By OSCAR HITT WORD *THUG" IS NOT MOOERH SUNG / PROOF NEXT THURSDAY Down Down DURING OUR AUGUST USED CAR CLEARANCE SALE Down Down Answer To Previous Ad. NOT ALL LIVING-THINGS BREATHE Th» froc ha? no rib.*, therefore it can not breathe by expansion an<3 contraction ol the chest. The air is swallowed, also the frni; sets part of his OxTKen supply through the skin. 1. "Xujrgrcts of Knowledge"— G-co. W. Stimpaon. MODEST MAIDENS Trademark Registered U- S. Patent Office "Huh? You want to borrow MY bathing suit!' ^ m V/HY — WHY—VA MEAN I QOT HP* SOMETH1N' r .DO WITH SMUS&LIN? WHY— OH-- HONEST -I PON'T KNOW ANYTHING X BOUT IT." HONEST// /J 0 WHY DON'T YOU COME CLEAN- IT'LL BE A LOT EASIER FOR YOU- WE KNOW YOU'RE HOOKED UP WITH "HANDSOME"HUBERT^ MOB-COME ON,?IN$// !l;lita Reafi-vfU liy The AP Feature Service SO THATS IT// HUBERT HAS BEEN HEAD OF A B«S SMUGGLING RING! —AND THAT'S WHY HE WAS SO ANXIOUS TO LEAVE PZT /N THE HOUSE-TO COVER H5 DEPASTURE AND DELAY THE PURSUIT! "Don't you understand that?" A scribe hesitantly admitted that maybe It wasn't quite clear. The General cleared it up with one brief sentence. "Why, they don't have to, that's all," he said. It turned out that the second document was a contract calling for a meeting £or the welterweight title should Ambers win the lightweight affair. But we started out to give an example of the General's honesty. It occurred very recently after a, flood of rumors to the effect that Armstrong waa having trouble making weight. The General decided to find out for himself, and he wasn't going to hav« th« wool pulled over eyes by any shenanigans on the part of Eddte Mead, Armstrong's manager. . He weighed himself very carefully before climbing into a car for a trip to the camp. The day was hot. The sun beat down in double time. The interior of the car was just about right lor roasting corn. O By the time he reached the camp the General was seeing mirages of beautiful lakes and babbling brooks. His friends graciously offered him highballs, or sparkling glasses of cool water. The General, by now so parched he couldn't lick his lips shook his head doggedly. He knew what he weighed, by gum, and he was going scales wert to se« that Mead's right. Finally he staggered to'the scales and cautiously adjusted the weights. Satisfied* he stepped down- and ordered Armstrong to stand on th« platform. Again he adjusted the weights. The beam balanced at 135 pounds. YOU'LL be surprised a,t value* which are offered In classified ada. LIBCROL LOflnS on ev€RYTHir>G ssn ionflTHons r THE OLD HOME TOWN YOU KNOW WMAT?— IN OUfe TOWN WE ^ SET TMe SPJEED UMlT AT 9O MILES AM Bout? —;NSTEAC> —WE _ ON THE CURVES --THEOONK5O CAt*s /M MOJ5H fcEVEAmB TMAN THE LJTTl-H .TWO OOLL.AR RNES SPEEO LIMIT 3S MILES COPYRIGHT. I9J». KING HATURSS SYNDICATE." Inc. WORLD KIOfTJ MSERVEO POPEYE •—Till The Cows Come Home A BRIDE MUST HAVE . A VEIL r— y <6 WILL YOU SETTLE DOWNJ AFTER THE WEDD1MG, POPEYE ? ? — < ^(CERTINJGLVJ IYAM HOOMAKJ LIKE EWMYBODY ELSE, I WAMMA HOME. VOIT' FLOWERS AW. LITTLE K\P5 IN] THE YARD I t QLHTTIM' HE SEA MY FRIEND, i SHALL ^ MAKE A PROPOSITION! IP YOU DO AS YOU SAY I SHALL GIVE OP> HAM- YAS?«AN'WHEN ARE VA START1NT TO GNE 'EM Ur? W1MPV? world n£tiw Copr. :0:r King Ft.turci Syndics I SCORCHY SMITH By JOHN C. TERRY WHILE BACK IN THE LABORATOR'^-- NOW THAT YOU HAVE YOUR -W EVIDENTLY YOU HUNDRED GRAMS OF RADIUM I. DIDN'T HEAR TAkE IT AND LEAVE?/ ^L ME THE FIRST TIME, DOC/ JUST TO BE SURE ITJS. RADIUM, AND JUST TO BE SURE WE PEDDLE IT TO THE gjGHT PEOPLE/ WHEW, THAT WAS CLOSE/ I ALMOST BUNGLED THIS JOB/ WHY US? HAVE YOUR RADIUM TAKING AND AN6ELA BRICK BRADFORD By William Ritt and Clarence Gray FOR A DESeRTED CABIN IT DOESN'T APPEAR IN BAD REPAIR / STAND WHERE YE ARE ^7 OR I'LL DRILL YA * THROUGH COPYRIGHT. I*)*. «:INC rtATuPB SYNDICATE,, inc. wom.0 «!CKT5 TALK FAST/WHAT BE YE DOIN' 'ROUND MY PLACE -A'DISTUR&IN 1 A PEACEABLE CITIZEN / I'M SORRY, SIR-WE DIDN'T [ WALHT BE AN' KNOW THIS CABIN WAS MUGGS AND SKEETER By WALLY BISHOP ^ I SAW TEREMCE TEKOPPLE THIS /HORNING... AND IS HE 9ORRY HE EVER GOT SISTER INTERESTED IN FLYING» HE SAYS SHE v\ONTT EVEN TALK ABOUT f SHE'S SURE AMYTH1MG ELSE?. T ^\ GOOFY AV/ATION...BO Vk THINK SHE. AND TERRY WILL GET MARRIED K ^THAT'S JU5T IT !J TERRY \f THAT'S: A SAYS SHE'S SO WRAPPED \ WOAAAN TOR UP IN HER. FLYIIMG...THAT ) YAH A HASN^T ANY TIME fMOMTH ASO MORE!! / £HE COULDNt SEE AVIATION FOR TERRY- AMD MOW < SHE CAN'T \ ^ \^> "y^JI /r,-^';3\ ^ E & TERRY &#'•"" " /r " = S>"^ i" t( f'i/^ %-p* ^j. — FOR „ AVIATJONlil ^ ^ // MVE^AAAYBE THE NOVELTY </YEAHlTol WILL WEAR OFF WHEN SHEJBE A GOOI> HAS TO 5TART POIN' SOME OF THE GREASY, ^PILOT YOU'VE GOT TO KNOW WORK AROUND A N PLANE JlFLYINMSKlT •ALL FUN II SOMETHING'BOUT ...SHE'LL COOL OFF,,. X BOUT THE FIRST TIME SHE HAS TO > DUMK HER "RED MAIL-POLISH, INTO SOME ^ MICE, BLACK, MOTOR OIL!! Q-l'T. YOU PROUD OF 'YOUR LIL' SISTER? MR. BkSLOW IS TEACHING AAE SOME THINGS ABOUT MOTORS!'. I TOOK THIS CYLINDER- HEAP OFFF,. ALL BY D .ALL EIGHT

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