The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 7, 1923 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 7, 1923
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JULY 7, 1923 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, PAGE FIVE. MIDLAND — Monday lor 3 days, Dorothy Phllllpa In "Blunder The Woman"; sttirtlni? TJiursdny, Norma Talmadgo In 'Within The Law." DH LUXE—Mondny for 8 days, "Maa- tora of Mon," with Wanda Ifaw- loy and Karl Williams; starting Thursday, "'Dnuglitoro of tho dosortcd mlno Bconcs of a lormvtlal flood were taken. William Welsh, who playu tho part of a mlaffly miner, almoBt gave his i'lto tta lila contribution >to (Ms stirring stono. OlbKon Is supported by a ( brllllant cast In ."The Lonu Hand." Marjorlo Daw hao the leading fvminlne role while otliwa with Important parts aro Kiel.," with LMIrlam Cooper and I Hol " 1BS ' J ««* P ™";, J , l,n ^If„ y ,i • Hayden Stuveiinon, William Woloa Gaston Glnoa. 1IUS —Monday, "Tho Phantom For- luno" with William Dromond. Tuesday, "Tho Lone Hand with Hoot tflbson. Wednesday, "llob Hampton of Vlao«" with James ; Klrkwood ond Wonley Barry. I Thursday, "Don't Blaine Your | Ohlldreii" with nil *Jtar cast, Friday, "Hauutod Valloy" with Ruth Roland. Saturday, "Homo- ward Hound," a UnlvoraaJ western drama. ' Some exceptionally Btrong Ibllla are In store for tho amusement lovers, of tills vicinity. Tho not, weaklier does not koop the local managers from Riving their patrons the best shows of the day. NORMA AS ADVENTURESS IN BIG EMOTIONAL ROLE Can you picture tho incomparable Norma Tnlitmdgo as an adventuress •who specializes iu breach of promise I blackmail. j As Mary Turner, •Teloagefl from j and Hobort ICnrtman. Tho story la from the pen of Ralph Cummins, adapted to tho screen by A.. I\ Younger. RcavcB Eason was tho director. Wednesday, With flenoral Custor's famous last stand against tho Slpux in tho Battle of tha Little nig Horn as the •dramatic and spectacular climax. "Dob Hampton of Placer," nald to bo the greatest production yet mado by Marslvall Net Ian, will bo tho piece do resistance i>n tlio screen at the Iris Tlieatro next Wednesday. # James Klrkwood has the title role. Featured players are Wesley Barry, Marjorlo Daw and Pat O'Mnlloy. Others prominent In the cast are Noah Beery, Frank Ltti&'h, Dwight Crittenden, Tom (lallery, Prisetlla Homier, Charles West, Bert Sprulte, Carrie Clark Ward, Vic I'otol and Bud Post. Marloa Fairfax wroto the Rcenarlo for "Bob Hampton of Placer," which Is taken from tho Randall Parrlsh story of the same namo. It is a story of love, Intvlguo and "I'M FOREVER CHASING ROACHES," SINGS ALLEGED MAN-WOMAN KILLER LN JAIL Life has become just one roach after another to Chicago's nnn- woman. "Fred" Thompson, alias Mrs. Frances Cnrrick, alleged slayer. Thompson, who has been identified as the smllin,, gun girl who shot Richard C. Teamer. i» boss of tha'(rang that is wnKlnfc war on the vermin In Cook county jail, Chicago. Thompson denies tho murder charge. Wheta arrested he was ,oslns as the wife of one man and the husband of a woman. * * * ;r,». prison after seninp time for a do- j adventure, with one of the most partmant storo llioft of which she Is ! thnTHiiK nnd pIcturMiplo IWKOS of lnnoi'onl, and under oath to "trot I American frontier history as a back- even" with the employer who wanted j ground to make an cxiimplo of her, Rhe has' suidi a role In the bijj First National picture, "Within tho Law," comim; to the Midland Theatre oss Thursday next. Embittered by her Inability to Rain rospectablo employniont, iMary Turner joluu a Kitiu* of blackmallera with the i proviHO that they work only "within the Jaw." And obtaining monetary.; "hourt-baln*" from wealthy and injudicious men she found to ho the unfost and most lucrative method. The complications grow when Oick Gilder, son of Mary's hated termor employer, is pieked as a victim, following which a most extraordinary and dramatic romance develops. Mary Turner is the sf 'llar Part made famous by .lano Cowl on the plage in Ikiyard Velller's play. It Is said to pli'o Miss Talinadce the jrroat- est opiHirtuuity who has ynt. had to rovull Iter i -j-traordiuary emotional powers. Jack Mulhall and Ixnv f 'ody have tho principal male roles; Kii'-eu Percy IHirtrays At^ir- Lynch, the blackmailer who Induces Mary to Join the band. Prominent j.nrts are also played by DeWitt Jennings, Lincoln Flummer, Joseph KllKour. Helen Ferguson. Wardo franc. Lionel Hulmore, t!ath- eriue Murphy and Thomas Jtinketts. "Within the Law" was m .idM under .the fn.stcrf'!l direction of Frank Lloyd and Is presented by Joseph M. Schenck. An Karl Herd Comedy, "Their Lov,? Clrowed CoM" and Patliu XYws aft* iilso on thU program. Marshal! N'ollan took Ms entire company to an-d to Arizona for the exteriors, ami rare irtuitogra- pliy Is said to have, resulted. More than 2000 Indians and soldiers are used In this spectacular production, which is released by Associated FiVyt National Pictures,'Inc. Thursday. "Don't Blame Your Children," the picture to be sbown hero iw?xt week. Is taken from Frank Stay ton's successful play, "The*Joan Danvors." It is played by an all-star cast, including Malvina lyomrfellow, Norman MoKin- nell. Alec l-'raser, Fraue <?3 Ivor, Molly Adair and John Held. It was produced by Onrgc Ridgewell. Some of tho most thrlllliiE sea scenes, taken from aboard a leaking steamer in a terrific storm In mid- ocean, are a feature of "Don't Blame Your Children," the mctlon picture of children's rights against parents' mrtcht. which Is coming bore next week. (4. • DE LUXE THEATRE '1'he anouiieemr'!!! that "Masters of |-Men" the sea picture, adapted ' from Morgan .iobortyou's masterpiece, will be shown -at the Le Luxe Theatre the first half of next week, has brought numerous letter? of congratulation to Manager Ooerlog for book- HOLUBAR FILMS PRODUCTION UNDER GREAT DIFFICULTIES Finding Jur.t -the right locality for tho filming of a picture sometimes* presents problems to a director which at first appear insvn'mmnHa.l)le. Picture the pii'tht of Director Allen llol- ubar. when he was handed the script o.' "Slander the Woman" on a warm, sunshiny Calit'orula day. Imagine the problems that confronted him when ho foutnl that the locality needed waa one of snow, sleet, lee, forests and .ciilfis more Kuropeau than Amerieau. His first thought was of a suitable otar. Bemuse of her work in "Once to Every Woman." "Hearts of Humanity" and "Hurricane's Onl," Hbluhar selected Dorothy I'hilllps for the stellar rolo. He wanted uu actress who could portray the emotions of a woman when she realized that her most priceless heritage—her fair name— had boon ruthlessly stolon. He found this woman lit Dorothy Phillips. A SAILORMAN'S SWEETHEART Barle Williams and Wanda Haw- lev in "Masters of Men." sturiT will be at 5:80 Just after the ball [tgaine and Mr. Beck -wants all who can to see this atunt and son what a really strong man Mr."Rioran la. Reservations tor tomorrow's shows can bo obtained by calling 669W. An Honor Student Sau Francisco: Oscad D. Quire, who has been deaf and dumb since, ha was 5 years old, was an honor student among a class of Z'iiM) graduates of the 1923 class at tho University of California. Captain Wcstbrook, left, watchihu "Fred" «*>:Uruiinator- Thompaon work as vermin ocean ought to rise up and bow to Morgan Robertson for his faithful portraiture of itself and Its "people." EXTRA FEATURE AT RIVERSIDE PARK Manager Koon Becit bar, an extra feature for patrons of Riverside park tomorrow afternoon and night'that is a novol act. He lias booked In Jack Moran who will do a strong man act that Is not of the ordinary kind hut altogether different, Mr. Moran has been a sparring partner of both Jack Dempsey. heavyweight champion of tho world and also of Jess Willnrd, former heavyweight champion. . Mr. Moran will appear at all-three, shows tomorrow at the park in addition to the big musical revue which is now playing at the park. Among some of the things Moran doer* is to take a horse shoe end twist it into a cork screw with his teeth, lake a ^-iueh bolt and twist it with his teeth. An effort is being made, uovv to have Mv. Moran Jump from tho top of a tree hi the trout of tho park ami catch a rope with his teeth before hitting the ground. •Ills big stunt of tomorrow will bo in the nature of a free act from the Santa Fe depot to the Riverside park when ho will pull a big six Studebaker loadeil with seven passengers from the depot to tho park by his teeth. This IBERTV THEATRE JL De Luxe 10c Matinee Night 10c—20c Starting Monday Greatest Sea Story ever screencdl A wonderful love story! A virile He-man dramal A cast of famous starsl Cool Here! STARTING MONDAY— » A Drama of Storm-Swept Hearts and Snow-Swept Places! Robbed of her flood name! Beating back against the pointed fingers of scornT A beautiful girl, Innocent—but slandered— faces the problem that Is woman's touruenl A tempestuous drama of great emotions and great human problems, staged against the grimi background of courts of law and the picturesque sweep of the far North country—a tale of woman's love and woman's vengeance!—and the unexpected! ALLEN HOLUBAR Presents MWCtt RQEtRlSONJ GRt AT 3EA A.DAVJt) SMITH PRODUCTlOri, It Is not our Intention to make extravagant claims or boasts regarding our pictures. They speak for themselves. But w c urge you to watch our announcement^, for future attractions. !•• BBS HAH HHB [RIVERSIDE I I -PARK- ! —TONIGHT- WILLIAM RUS3JEXL —In— „ "MAN'S SIZE" Also MONTE v BANKS —In— "Please Arrest Me" NEXT WEEK— Three Big Program*. Watch For Them. InK this special feature. Critics have His next problem was tho selection praised "Masters of Men" as the moat of a stretch of country wherein were to be found snow., sleet, ice, wind and forests. His scouts deehfed upon Truokee, a little town not far from l<ako Taboo, nestling amid the snow on the California-Nevada frontier. It was a memorable oceanlon when tho cast of "Slander tho Woman" left Los Annelos In a special train for Truckeo, Cal. Tho train consisted of eight sleepers and <i dining car, several flat ears loaded with eiiulpmeut that was necessary to llshtinf! ami; the proper photographic effects. I Probably the most Important equip- 1 miont takon was a special dynamo, I tullt expressly tor fllmlnR this pic- 1 tare. There were al30 portable con- j veyaneos for transporting the.genera­ tor, lights and otltor equipment Into the wooded fastnossos. Utilising the most modern inventions, the outdoor scones of "Slandor tho Woman" wero filmed. A "great many of the sceuos were "shot" at Eight, in the glaro of the (Treat Klolg Jlghta. Because of this plcturesime- ness of the locality the production contains Bomo of the most iha&uttCul anew Bcenos that havo ovor been ahown. TliiB triumph of photography and acting will be shown at tho Midland Theatre for throo days, beginning Monday. "Slander tho Woman" Is prosented by a superb cast and portrays a otory raploto with heart throbs md soul-stlrrlng interest It is con- aidered to bo one of tho stellar releases of the your. A now Lloyd "Ham" Hamilton Comedy, "No Luck" and Patho News pompleto this program. <5> <S> <3> • •••»<3 ><S><?''S><S>'i>' 4 IRIS THEATRE. Tuesday, Beonos of resplondont beauty mln- J le with many of dramntlc Intensity n "The Lono Hand," tho Universal •ttraction starring Edward "Hoot" Gibson, which comes to the Iris The- »tre next Tuesday. In the subterranean darkness of ft' realistic motion picture of life at son ovor screened. The picture was an overwhelming success at tho Newman Theatre in Kansas <!*ity, where it was presented for the first time In this torrltory, and Is In lino with the now policy of the Do Luxe management of nothing but the biggest and best In picturo entertainment. A splendid cast haB been afforded this production, boaded by Barle Williams, Wanda Hawley, <Mllon Laiidis, and Alice Calhoun. This wonderful sea story is rofcrrod to iu words of praise by 'Rupert Hughes: "Tho very Tonight AND— TO-NIGHT Lloyd "Ham" Hamilton "NO LUCK" PATHE NEWS USUAL PRICES 10c—25c; Eve., 10c- -33c "THE LAW OF THE LAWLESS" With OOROTHY OALTON THEODDORE KOSLOFF TOLLY MARSHALL Comedy— "KINKY" S The Golden Gate Girls s PROGRAM r.HANGEn DAILY in a Musical Revue [Sun : 3—Shows-3: Evening 10i Matinea Sc— 10« to. £ Featuring • • • : Jack Moran s TODAY—"The Drifter" with Harry Carey A wt-atern sloiy — not n r.erlnl. DADY PEGOY In "SWEETIE," Century comedy. "FAKERS," comrdy with Neely Edward*. MONDAY--"TIIK \'\\ i\ NT* »M V > UTl" N 1-'." w'.Wi Wi'lnm I >. HKtHNAUt UK.\NY m "TIIK LKATUKU I'i -SIIKUS "KKWR AND r .ASV," <-miii'«1y. TUESDAY—"THIC J.ONK HAND" with Ih.ot Clh <.n Itr'Mv.y ;irl:,>ii, ;>P- peuiing rom.'iri(<', ;i wnilintf, duvliiK IKT'J , -i i(«-£ihtK In-io- Int' —urnl thrill hit: lulv'-nf in c "I'A1/SV- ANi* VH^'.S." vmii'ly. WEDNESD*Y --"JtDl! ilA .MIT 'lX OK VLACKH" with Jnuif ^a KirUu-otxl. W«*U*y Iturry. Mn rjin If I »u w, Tan I lallf ry umI <»t h*»r«. ' Jne of MavHhall Ni-ilun'. 1 * hrst jii.:!urt 'H, iin.'t'ii jw.wil l»y Die Un}o- acrih&Wa wt-alihof thtlll, liuninfi intv-n:"!, «inilL"« and Hplfiidld emoUo". ALSi> A 0O(»D fdMFKV. THURSDAY - "DON'T HI. A Ml-: WYUR f.'HIJ.DUKN" with ;in all mar . v.HRt. t-JIrl.-*- -I K).\'T (hini'n, I H )S"V liiiiKh i»<> niiiil), ]>O.S"T attend parlh-s', DuN'T linvx CILINTK , DON'T n-n-i l«v.> Mlorif. 1 *, DON'T atlrat.'t Maw ui'Miy x\r\u havf lifitrtl nolliliiK hut DON'T -DON'T--D< 'N'T a-ll lln'ir livt-n'' Come niul huu liow one elrl 'ii rl«ht trlunnilKHi over o uel nii«ht. "ANY (,'DD 1'OltT," Liniicly. FRIDAY—"iTATiXTKii VALLKY" witU Ituih Unlund. "K1K1AH THK KXl'LOKKK," «. Utu.tH TurkliiKtun rom^<ly with Johnnie Jtint'H, "TI-U5 NOON WHIS'I'l^K," dcnu'ilv with l';uil I'arrott, I'ATH IS NKWH. SATURDAY--"TDK UtiMKWAKD Tit A ID" ft D)iJ\'riB:tl \\'->te/ii .Irana. "WHY DO'iii DKAVK lUlMK." Century :;omvt\y. OKAl'TKJtS," «<-fly with N«- f ;|y Kdvvai d».

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