The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 29, 1971 · Page 9
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 9

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 29, 1971
Page 9
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.-.•&& sft C"i IB H*mf«S»li 102 Hum for Site 102 MOUTMHAtf «IN« ~ H M4W|IM« ttl.W. M>l | l. I AN M tM* IMV* I MMOOM ».«» tftt tv rw. !»»• Mr* U MM, IK.IMI PLANTATION PARK S-D Where There's More...for Le«8 MWt fc»« ItW M «. M >*»l*4lt>4 bflM/lf t,i(l kMHH Ml mtMtt tH*» «• H.IH Ml (I M *K MM«CI*« kMM ««» r**< >»4r,i . kM «««« r*MI. A* prtt** MM IMt »•» «B Wrt Or WI»ft«<Mvt,l/. »« tMiA- tlM K. INTERCITY IIIA TO KKMOVK VOUR AJ) DKAUUNK8 -I,*! «j If KM. UtW Wl« IIM* tw I Al>t««r M III O»H. 1 kK> H kM». EMI II.Mt IfMOOIKO Ml M* «M4 M4 * •*««. I k»*l«M. M inn. in '1 f" mute ttotioou vwt <W»M. »M1 brr «•*• HtfH W, III! Mir M724M IJURI <M I) t«*H>, I M «.«»». l>.*t !».*• .*"-- I 'I II A*H>,«M Mil HJM II O4>M»r KM III* M Ml *MI«4 t,>* •««. l»»*, til IIM H ft^ r*>«^ fcrf««M MMf» M H., Ill «... tl M «« Wttrfe, tw KATKS >m ••• I lift** I5>wn £ (Dmitry "**"""*"»•'« «'M«V*00« J « ... „„ , ,. „ r »n n.» . i ti 1 1. i o t n *. v* *»» I ixrM «< • I »» 1 » I o I 6. >>•» (M4JL, II flirt *&•« *•• I fttt.. I.. I. I fc M nuitAtxt ct i >« i*i<i III OJL*O«>n» •- » •* I • I 0 f*>» i*j» IM A o» . it* it. i M.Ik. Aaeage for Sate 105 r*»t A I** UK AN fttAVtT. 2334351 M9-7554 Trailer Lob for Rent t t A ( •> 11 t«« dwK tics* Mobile Homes for Sale U*-** t IN'V^' <t*t*« <|i» H |1) •»-*.««* tMtHI *k-»H». ^. BRA20SWOOD Lots for Sate 103 1*1 rutif r«Ait, uu >••<»«*; i ClYOt tOHB CO, OAK M., OKI !«(• »»«i< O»«« Uit . JOC t*L»OI «SAt»T WMU Wil.oi>tACHri*<>*rfr»f MAW, UH »f l>4*«. «4HW MtJ. Mf I>M4M, Unit* «IUM •*«*• tfMlfl, fywn&Quntry i I T'rMWt ltlM< U.IH I Or«l« C' til •*« MKt Wir II.W4 I b*Mi*r'> C4*. r u (>«» mntir,, *M». u.m IM20$rORT FACTS WANT-AD INFORMATION TO PUCK YOIM AD IIKAWJNKH THE BKA/QSPORT FACTS, Freeport, T««, Mond*?, PEOPLE H.W. Gilliam dies ,ltTI,i»«ft * -It* »mr- 1 '* •*>. •VIIU*!- 4*»w, -4 M » •>. tM*«*y ttr *>»«n»t«»t -< M pM TKwUlr ter «*««*»• »HW, — IhM im Mnrfef tar IN THE NEWS 1 WASHINGTON fAP) I APLrCIO Prwldent OKOKGK ' MKANY felt well enough to ill up In his hospital room and listen u> a radio broadcast of the Washington Redskins- Philadelphia Eaglet pro foofbali game on Sunday. The 77-year-oM Meany was hospitalised Thursday after suffering chest pains. A preliminary diagnosis Indicated the palm may have resulted from a spasm of the coronary arterial. A union spokesman *atd (hat "everything is coming along (inc." but wild then; has been no decision on when Meany will be released from the hcnpilal. NKW YORK <M>> - Lady A.MAUA K1.KMING, who was expelled from her native Greece, plant to appear before the Senate r'oreig/i Relations Committee In Washington thh week. Th* C2-year-old widow of Sir ALKXA.SDKK KtKMING. the Scottiih diico-erer of penicillin, arrived here from I^cndon to plead for an end of American aid to the Greek government. "If foreign aid were refused, then the Junta would fold," she told an airport newi conference. L»dy Fleming wai banished from Griftce two w«Aj ago »fler iersing levs than a month o/ a 16-month sentwici! for plotting to trt~c tram prison I a would-be ai-uiiiir, of the Gr«4 premier s= iMcKAY REALESTATE |r^Jr=5« «. ^ 1^ t«t.WM *•»-**•»*»•* «**» «.fc< anflrtttC I ; IH>«»I *W» I*' »« »*KJ *»*» ' w*«^ (.»•• ^ »«•*• «- M***< U* » *-*-«,m M 4.H. j AMfa^vib «C ) »^« »W«-* *<* » ^*«. j PROPERH SERVICES !KI IKVOtMBK Bi:VlNr,PHOPKHTV OH IF VOL- HA VK PBOI'KHTYTU HKI.U . CONTAtT JOKLBKYAN ALL NEW 1972 MODEL ROWLAND REALTY 297-6543 j Resort PfOf>efty "ffoi Sale 102A wt*n*fM* »+* »* MH. 1*41 rt> IM" »•**"* • ••v»* !-•».»«** i «**t * ( »- ¥ FOSSEL'S REALTY 798-2700 BRAZORIA n i AC c^w***»«* tw tw **vi tut U A< *M«r V»««w-| I^H p-t* «>< ** MKP (K/I Of MOUICV - •! o r«-vw* /• •**-* SAUKK 1 »Ow» *C«t\ ULYOE L/ONE U< ^. e j IIM<«.» hMM IH CIMH tl'«CI*il> *>,,<*..• Ill <«•( t llo»> .mn-.. l*4> < •!»• kMM • IACH ir«<u W ««« I ><U» UK ktrk * ittfli ACDttOi H*r 111 ***< I*M*«« Ul OMtfKllf mtt ««« »«. >M<|«I>M ttttl U«l I* •« <•<« «*<•• JONltCIKIi - *»« I KM »U» It I ACHtJ (f«l <ft*W* HWT I«A Civil. »wn>H(i4l. I 4t'< H»rr MM. i«4»» M>I>I HI tiiM*t< •Of MWT >«*•. IP i 4«'»t »*»€« «• • *n> flU» *«lti «t»'lt (Mint, KHOK'ivt I* I'll MII*>OI IUNOAT4 Jy» APHUM »> (HI >IM* Mil iiM*ittv« LiUilL- u.»i. iK*Hm. •»•«< lumiu tOUIHIRM OA4(t OH -4 fUtr<HI1~l 1*1 «Hlr tt*MM»M|. 4C«v taunt, if Anon n>i»iu n> KKALTOHS | ,«. riV; ui;oU , tr ._^ •• :•« M . O IM Mtt rl A* II.WM *»t A* |tt Ml w! &. it M« t. t tH-yMt II «M LAND OCATORS 297-3494 D*X or Mjht . RnH«r COME BY i SEE WHY BEST TRAILER lor l-rtt 11KST THAIt.KII ni\(H ID M UOIIli KOWC I ACIC OACIt <»C» M IH - ,ml •M MMX I KM *« •«! - h««i l,ni CHICAGO IAP< Secrttary (A the Treasury JOHN B. CONSALLY iays if he ««t to <>tfk poiitjcal office a&atn it *uuW ag^m Uc aj » Democrat The former Teus go^•«^x^r (oki nc"*'yrr<«i Sunda) he will i not change political parties j lli» comment came in rcspotae to a question about speculation he might be ('resident Nixon's Mce presidential chotc-c next ye^r tVjnniily agre<-d there are rumors that Si ion might offer him the No 2 »{x»t on tht GOP ticket in 1977 i( the ad- mioiMra i ion' s economic program u wxrtrevilul. but he *JK) there already is fsent- ment within the Republican f«ri> !o his cabinet .4>[>.>ltltlTM3lt HllSTOS lAP' KATHKHINK UKPBVHN has j txren admitted to Massachusetts General H<bpiUl for trcalntett! o< an i undisclosed illness. a spokesman ia>-s There uas rx» indication Sund4> uhon the dim and star would be released Bl'KSOS A1HKS AP- President AI.K.IANUKD A UAM'SSK has received a telephone call from Pre»idcnt Nixon, who wished the Argentine kadcr a ip«x-dy rfcover) Ijnusw urxier« "')' l . kidwy operation Knday »'• • «. ' reported to be .:. \tr> sattsfactor) •" condition over the \kx-ekend He received the call from Nixon on Saturday Government sources expressed hope that Lanuss* would be able to resume some official activities wnthm three weeks But they said he would be on a reduced schedule for at least four months HOUf - HIM l«« ) _ tots for Sale VUtUI W««-l 103 Tti» B«ttef Homes 2S7-24U Ml KNOtN Hit ***••»«•*<• • (I AU IH* t>l>« I •« i^V*IOK O««Tkui »nt <» l,«t* I»,«V«- M t »>*•* ***>->V >'"•" tint (ii CM (0*r co iti »m „,' A MOOOf O M »<»> >'lA»* >.-~~.«4 »•»• ' '•'*• •' "' • '»••» £>»«< r*f wit •MWM >r»*tl Oft I ">w> »»» 4,o«r,<tt* MlKt WM MU| II 4 «• •" tin HO4IOAT lAKft HI }TCAMO«I -It*) H" I <« III ITCAMOIII -- I.WH «•*»«' n»TC*Mo«t - LI. «« ••« «m i w* AMMO 41 »«*«i »t ft** ill rinliwMON - i »t. i »» •"»«! IHt M II •! I- *<•• M» «mii mm 711 TIM JHAO r A<rt.. 4 |H. H, I 10. 1 « 0* It tl Cink. I I*. I ». 1 0 |M». ...I h«nt *« I MIL fOUK F«k« 4't4. I 4<Hl CIlMt* AM l»mt« »« fat tli JMAOt ACIt» II .nil Ht»(t« IHAOt ACRft !*«« t»t IM Mi'«» I J )WMi(,»»lrJJ»g.)|. 16 tt« 4 !.•«•>•,« li«M AMM ••Allt. Mt«"l til Itl4 ltA<O«IA - t D LAI 0| f*CtllCHt '4I» C4»M« l»tl U MX *l Mill imtlOENtlAltoiiMV** UWU ui R><ll««Wl lf4>MT4Mf tAl»01 Uli All 1 III HH A 1C itALU 11) UJ1 LAND FOR SALE ACUtAOi illlS tOri I Axrrl W<| ((Mm. U4«i lt">i> I Aim i»4' <VM«K. MH< I lurti «« t««i> hiTi KtM mm MVD.K Mem. i.iri M4' »><» * «• Mwt Cink Tw «IIM« (UK llr*><mi *>. n«> i Uniw>*«. t>v«w« MI. .. ) lt<«4r« Rr<«f Kit » tltM. 111! tM, prolt H.»hl*(Kl f«r>. WWOC4 Wli II4M HwniUo,! 10 Kit. tun tltM JCI Irtomtntot. krnk tO I)W« W.nOvrx 1O toll. IMllU. UtW UJ-SMS lAk ICIHAtD IIVC* l«t-MlU> - 4W*t i^*»IMW#« ^M-.«r*t«« t« M« I A(i( MOWIlITt - 6l,H k * wri> C »«.«».» - )», Ur«l - 1 »"•*»• l«*tt «* vvt Ittf^l AvtlMI 114 lift |M« «<r| — tfffi»| V IrgU Krnnrtl — r»-J»7» OOOO •>*> •• Mvri •>nr«.M.H* W«I «t»Ltr 111 lilt JONK CICfK - * I Kr Mi>ill»<lc4 Cwoli «< M > ir* *..» CLYOt CO»lt CO . "' litmtment Property 110 AwvvRTOii. w H»I n. v» *'•«<« rx«l M*«Ml IIM lip-ICt flU IH* ) IMM1IM4 airali. > <«l t>4* own* III' H»i IIM' III IM KUI MOMTOOWtRT lit All*. As,lrl»« »""* 1 SIO«.1U |IM< (icillinl It, rut TAIIOT lit All t. WI04 At. 101. lt»IM. L*k< Bd CMr. »tlwn« OK C«'<Vf< IAL»OI USAIIY. XllUt W M M., IM. M|«uun« M M IMirn.o II «i» J l< kWH |rt« r 4> 0«l> IUM* AtC Ml J1J1 Mtt. IRAtOiKXT't Htl HHM MIt *•• nw »r«nr«« to »« "•••I i»i«w«i in tkt Ci«»»il.«« T«M IM U»l Utf SAVE $3000 »«4> «< M MWV > W«M<I>I »• i Mrat *>M ttr« C*ll 111 4U 1441 «f tl IIUM AUOM4 K*. COUfclBY llrC WOlltC HOMlIi How** H WJDIC tKAD'K-INS NOV.ONKYIXHVN Ml" I kMiwn. llllll ma m, |1I»4I A.VGLETOX MUBILK Ugab 130 IDVIIAtlOk; TO tlD NMKt it lM<««r f"* t»jl H|»VO«41 Colltw *tU run.t ».«. ,«l.l IN fm. vrtll. O«tnHht. 1 tin. M . tut lurtf «l Ktorolt ttuotk IIM r M rtiKi M t M til k*«t Caroline Fuller services today CUTE - Mr* Caroline Fuller. 90. died Saturday afternoon at a convalescent home after a short illness. Funeral sen-ices are at 2 p.m Monday in the Forester Funeral Home Chapel in Troup. Tex., with burial in Pinecrvsl Cemetery Survivors include a son. Merrell Hamilton of Austin; daughter. Betty West of Angleton. two stepsons, Harold Fuller of Sulphur, La , and Walter Fuller. Los Angeles, Calif . two stepdaughters, Mrs. Grace Voodolen and Mrs. Selma Bos worth of Houston; a sister, Mrs. W. P. Weiner of Fresno; and several grandchildren and great grandchildren BARBS j ob; * ' WK8T COLUMBIA Service* for Herman Wayne Gllllam of 209 Sweeny 81. will be at 2 p.m. today at the United Pentecostal Church there. The Wcv, Sister Thelma Means will officiate. Burial will be In Cedar Lawn Haven of Rent under the direction of Ihc Baker Funeral Home, Gilliam, 22, who was a pipefitter working under construction at the Hanke- rnar Oil PieW near Liberty, died in an accident Saturday. He wa« a lifelong resident at West Cotombfa. Survivor* are his mother, Mrs. Juanlta Carpenter, of Marshall: father H. P. "Buddy" Giniam of Wot Columbia; two brothers Sherry of Wallacevllle; and Larry of West Columbia; Pallbearers are Carl Good rum, Benny Gray, Jimmy Gilliam, P. E. Alexander, Andy Alexander, Morris Gilliam Jr. Honorary pallbearers are the members of the volunteer fire department of West Columbia. 4-H NEWS & NOTES Buyers Supper held by 4-H'ers By Wm.C. SCHMIDT Aut. County Agent The Annual 4-H Buyers Supper was held Nov. 22 at the Brawria County Fairgrounds Auditorium. I-jrry Lewis, son of Mr. and Mn, Allen I-ewU of Angleton was the master of ceremonies for the program. Heiman's of Danbury served barbecue with all the trimmings for the meal The Buyers Supper was given to show appreciation to the buyers who bought %• H'ers' projects in the Brazoria County Auction Sale at the Fair F-ach +-'Her introduced his parents and buyer to the audience telling what be or the sold and the amount received for the sale items. Other 4-H'ers on the program were: Charlotte Cline of Alvin 4-H Club giving the invocation, Johnny GakJowrt of Peariand Oub gtving the welcome, Sally AHord of the Sweeny 4-H Club prcienting a summary of the iale; and Terry Bagget! of Alvin giving the appreciation kpctch Decorations were provided by Mrs Jot? Baggctt of the Alvui Senior 4-H Oub. 4-H C!ub members who intrc-duced their buyers and parwiU Sweeny 4-H - Sally and Susan Alfortj; Alvin 4-H — Terry Joe Bagged, Charlotte Clinc. Andy Knapc, Raymond McCleJvdon. Lora L)TW and Nancy Murpiiy and Harry Warner. Wild Peach 4-H — Katie Dewcy and Louise Hutson; West Columbia 4-H — Rhonda Ducroz, Phillip Gregurri, Dean KWne. Jack Klejne, Tracy Kletne, David Pollock, Loretta Rab and Margaret Green; Manvel 4-H — Jimmy Flora; Clute 4-H — Donna Salyer, Glen Saler, Jr, Donna Shoemaker; Angleton 4-H — Larry Lewis and Wade Scott; Peariand +-H Larry Thornton, Lynn Thornton, Linda Theriot, Johnny and Tina Gatdosek, Mike Kalthoff, Mike Noe, and Mark Ur- banosky. Andy Knape from the AJvin 4-H received tKJO from the Texas Junior Jersey Awards Production Contest for sixth place with his dairy production records. Joe Hammont rites Monday CLUTE — Funeral services for Joe Hammont, 92, who died Saturday at the Clute nursing home where be had resided for the past five years, were held at 2 p.m. Monday at the Prairie Grove Baptist Church near Mexia, Tex. The Rev. Walter Brown of Teague will officiate. Bom Feb. 11. 18.79, near Pine Bluff, Ark., be came to Texas with his parents at age 9 to begin his 80-year residence m the Pine Grove Community. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Audie Hammont of Clute; four daughters, Mrs. Artie Mae Menefee of Louise, Mrs Mattie Derrick of Ganado. Mrs. C. A. Little of Clute, Mrs Eddie Dorsett of Brazoria; twelve grandchildren and 2$ great grandchildren. Grandsons will serve as pallbearers. (shell named to state committee By PHIL PASTURE! At this seaioi;, the book must in demand at our house has checks in it w ff » Our Kun/uwritc' Soulu is ihf out \chu shuffles out Santa books like a , .Wu>siisipui riverboai aam- bier, unthout so much as a ux'id (o the Ms. Truman Isbell. director of Technical and S'ocational Programs a! Brazosporl College, has been asked to sen, e on Slate Senate Committee on Public Junior College Education as a representative of the Texas Junior College Teacher's A&sociaUon In a Inter Irom Dr Allen Tnploti. president of TJCTA ' as well as Tarranl County Junior College), Isbell learned that he had tw«i nominated by the TJCTA Executive Committee to ser\ e u ilh four other junior college admimslrators. The committee is a result of Senate Resolution 1398 and consists of thrw members of the Tesas Stale Senate, the Associate Commissioner of Higher Education for Junior Colleges, one representative of the Texas Public Junior Training course for Den Chiefs set Saturday Den Chiefs of the Bay Area Council, Boy Scouts of America, a United Fund Agency, will attend a special training course Saturday, Dec 4. from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Camp Karankawa near West Columbia. Den Chiefs are Boy Scouts wtoo assist Den leaders with the Cub program. The training program featuring tricks and puzzles, games and know how, of leadership will be conducted by A. K Howard, program director of the Bay Area Council and K. M Nutt training chairman of the Island District. College Association, one member of the Coordinating Board, live members of the Texas Junior College Teacher's Association, and, one individual appointed by the H. Governor, one official of a Texas Slate senior college or university, and two junior college students appointed by the Junior College Student Government Association. The role of the committee is to provide leadership in the applications of post-secondary education to individuals of educational or economic deprivation, as well as other studies of public junior college education. Seen the Ojjke Loafer dolly Wind it up uiid it dots absolutely nothing. AUTRY'S 714 S. Coimnbia Or. Phone J45-3833 WEST COLUMBIA

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