The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 12, 1973 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 12, 1973
Page 6
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Murtaugh travels long rood for Bucs' future RyMlKKSOWKI.I, WHH.E THIS Pittsburgh t*irm« were whipping th? Astrtw, <-l, Saturday ni*hl in the plush confines nf the Astmkwno, Pittsburgh player dcvekqswrrt director lx»iwy Murimnth was 56 mik* down the highway where the future of Ihc Pirates lies. Siting on a folding lawn chair propped between the tack$ti>p and the concession stand of Co6b KieW. Murtaugh sat slowly chewing a wad of tobacco as he watched the Rranwwoml Hed Sox and La Marque Tigers Uiltle in an American I-epion coo test, BKSIDK .Ml'HTAlT.H sat Lenny Yochim, PlHsbursh's regional scouting director, and the two looked strangely out of place in their pale blue shirts and dark ties Araind them small children ran hack and forth to the concession stand and groups of leenaged girls Mood around in small clusters, toughing and Joking and only occasionally watching the game The public address announcer gave a running commentary of the balls ami strikes and periodically had to urge the crvw«t to return the foul balls to the concession stand Every few innings play had 11> be stopped to search for new balls IT WAS a far cry from the luxuries of major league Dwuty Mitrtitugh knows that (hit t-i wl*>re ball ;trv (OUIH! Ami ii mis for this reaftxi that Murtaugh awl Yochtm mad* the 45- mmute drtvr ik»wn Highway 288 to C'liite, It* a* where Kandy Sealy, the Pirates' ,\'o 4 draft choke, awl Mlkey William*., Pittsburgh's N« 27 choice, were Mhrdutai to pitch in wi American l^gton game, game tug«h«r in a high flcWI car«*r intemi|«*d b> Ht'T Ml'KTAVtill, who gukfwl it* hrate* 1st two t-hiimpiiKishipH white I* »a* their matwgM, **»»ifs*tl u»t cuiwrrned »>««« thi* AM flraitmwixHt titled in fh* b**iojn <i< the third 1 I comidrr him a (MttMlt pitch**, }u»t like tmatt of ih* o«h*t •AITVAI.I.V. TIMS trip bit t to KMI! the buy*," wid Mur laugh as Seal> puppttl a fast ball into the catcher'* mitt tn the thin! inning "The ball club was down fwre ami l*twy toW me aNiui 'It* l«oy * v> wv decided to drive over ami l«* at them And I wanted to take a kx* at Sealy because he'« mw of our top five idraf! choice** " A» .Murtuugh cuiitiiutxd to talk the l.a .Mattjur tutter lifiett a >(*>ri (l> hull t« cenfei field ft* the liiw! out ot the InMitg Scaly simile t>fj the mound having retlml mi* ci«v<t*tx«ivt< tatter* since- a ttrst inning high st'tH*»l plirhrrti wr draft," .\ltaiauj{)i Mid. r like !i. »»?«• iMt We («;«( tort th«»t we fan l**ch l«tt ' Ml HTAl ti « pitrh i* He vtrtK-k t»«< «itit« (*»«»«•» w> 0> l> tltf** tiflgle» *f*i fc*"f *•*!% Mitt HIM, (tough, th# Wtir »ifi t*" »***» («»)*»*< t'« ' l»* M -<«*»» th*» h« »:*« H'*''' lanrfn^iwiwil » wily * li? ; a »M«- 1«*»* nw^a* fe«^i»rt* »*iiJ«J J < *»*«« he *w***U il ** test hi» ri«h! hand a* l«t«-«led Urt wj "Thrr* Ate a o«« ai <<t «u*rt i»ti *» d»«o- t)i.r e( live eat to t:tr:-. ^i^i (a.nttxtlt if > tuttart "I HAVE .»n open mind right no*." Murumih tunuiiwd "I » S«-<»1> >vm- oshtr lime and t likijvi »h »i I **« And *> l*r I IA* tat I see in thb gamr He's goi a line 4f tiv ' Alt -.l.Sml) u I IK- right aurfar ttteprvn He tat a Itve f4t» buiJ m> h« urchin**.* fsj* l»«"!i hi* nuisrul and ha f j;Kirft to puS hl» J) i< hri'jfi Jwit !iui*(rr ibroJiticr pttv !»*:AI.Y viuH'v,t'.t»Ki> >« -»u A* M^ »* ««- .-ir N...m rljjh* sfMifKtJtn in tvnb (••«? i.'ni:.'- RA\t»Y VtoJ, '.-ijrfl :;> Trojans stay unbeaten, Steers wallop Sooners n :> MO i c*.«»•>.< It !» iu !', 0»'J*>» }< 14 -111 tl '"'« it n '.•! w J» Ji KH MM WH OMAHA. Srt. 8Ai'f - The mtrte in college Tr.ia.* i JUal liorci'l *G»k {i}»li) S«wth«cfn California ,Slj»«c. TopranieU Anicru Slate |{ani« found !hd( eui Monday nigh! arid AJ a rvtiui! u & game away Trtiw v»* tf* from etiraiMtion m the JWh ttvcjvif bf ^" U P m i{l * fioc Worki Scr^r) $ur>lxy »igM, Afid truA4^iti^ it i^ieniwtui walk ha* wj.> l"ulniin «fc«> fTC«*-fv tR« tvu"Mireil asair.iJ tveT* tedw tftlenlniiMt »ai* ff«l l,ji'M lhi4 Io!I*'* | cJ with * tbr««-run iy ho«t:.Tt If* tru^ijln in a i t toil ixiiji (our R*t> fof Ux- icvorui «(r aight a^hit buJ «-»i "W> gut laifej^ euC o/ wtu? we liad," ««>S»3 L'S trf 4>.j»»J t««j,i;b fir ! "*'« maj to t'St" 4(Scr the scarvd 4 51 vwlory *"»"tf: J V. .»» i*^ ff>^.1^ft iW TW« :<•!««.« H: l*^^.*,,*^ ^»*-* (K*«ra VJt. *t V !.>*•,* ? C^^- SO-WU'O $.4,'. ** f UMimr M/smf ss Tbc »ophon-!t>fr Koxketi In all them* Southern Cal nas» v imrludiBig t-*o m th«r fifth inning after '.he (>4.»«A werr kuded vut walis i an ijstifnlional fuv^ to Put nun uf Aruon* State fijtum! it SMC! JX-tntao » nunsixr He waa o a> in five pervious jjai»n» thti e'ca the two b j i r ti j I • l"S4* - VK -^ a*> -w* hu*iie f.,-> 4T5 vj J 1 Thir Tr f >,%aiTB, ^^^^S ^ W* 1 H SJ7 £15 <*(> tsa L : ?ii.* ihrtr (irth ttsl* ift i«» y*af« lSx-» 4aJ s» «» TW. Sports News ^^ t Vtf . Jaiw II. Defending champion Southern California, »•)!. u th* orslj untwatm in the double iisd faer» 1!-!S-J, tonijttsJ, W(n four of >/x r^ers second in Forf Worfh Whether You're.... Summering in Paris Vacationing in or * Rome or... Camping Out With the Kids >wi wke your f»njil> »»»j ui rtla». ehber in Tci»», ibr iet. or abroad. )uu »UI nred catii u, let ibeiti do aii «> lb* tltiog* Ui» lhe> Hani |« dv. Tfaityearrnakr ihrir »»c»iiun a drrum tome true, ttbrrrtrr lh*v »ani to g«, »ad U > en need trip. Tbt Lake Jaikwn Hank U there The Lake Jackson Bank FORT ttOKTH - Tfe«r ra»« % tr«J !B end In A> bu»i* in thr Kef? Worth tmiUiwr-j! Wo*n«ra« JUrfSbdU tournament The Cha;frfi colirvtttl lh» unronel pijfir Itvyhf (or Uwif work in the affair b^ winning !o«r ot tit the Kort Worth !(<•<;.• U Jf»l quxkly foufiti !h*T)',wr|-»T» txrftir*} jJiMtmt i-nSo t)» with tnnmjt. but the Chjrjcn ttrjightrftrd out tfwir prot>!«R» ani railmi for lh«- win Thr <1urf*r» ch<i!k«d up i-*o runt In Ihr tixth «',jfcij jr*J came up with thrnc m«rr m thr IIAJ! (rjm<- fur Ihr VI •*tn The tjtn< and »tn<sifl|! run* cjni-r o<( thr b>i! c4 winning pitcher Pjuletle Kurrhus TIIK WIN msrtrd the Charger* into * •* \nr.rrt' brackrt j?-»"ve with the WACO Tenan* The (^»rg«ri pufied jwiy with a 73 win m th« confroRtatton with Nancy Ullle t4*tntf the -»m Jran Mile* suffered the iir<cal for the Waco crm Mile* U a former retkknl c< <.1uJ* The Charger* conumwd to roll M they took (hr Koualwi Cwneta by • * 1 cowit with Burrhiu picking up the win TW; CHEW ran laid * iMg W4lcbcf« of >; > lt(h 4$ iBj iifti.ii wfc*n tNp bMm oft J *sd *rTor •s»t.)i t» ro»*)*rf fcv * f?v{ tourney ' ; I'i.-r'r.j T/.c n - t.^-j.j * vi ?^;f?*-(i TV;!;.'' 1 !^; ' i ^ ( :t.- H» 1 T «•»••!• I'm Girl's Softball insurance dividend* — i5% fo e/igi bl9 Texas policyhold ers on expiring six- month policies! Robert L Franklin or George 0. Franklin l4ttgMt JtHIIJU* ttfttft, a Omi. Raiders twifl Tmten i,Aisr. J^C:KJW>\ T tUidrrt roll«ric«t * 7- (lei:Mi«5n hrr* Sdtifliiiy ift mjjor Irjjur lourn.jrn hattk »i!h thr T-«t«Jrt< UiKk with the buM t«adinK biit«r» lot ihf. tuttwwr* *ct* KJitcCTi W-irdr. Dcbbir Hroiih. f'^m UcCavick. Jigsjn Thorn n l,>rcl Ward if. 4 But/ Itightw-rt dJWt!4J5« hits for the tn»tr* wwr l^-nru Payrw. Jitkw ilopkint itxl Cltrrriy ftmuwti Mfildcats rip Chippanb MKK JAC-KM)N - The Spring Branch Wildcat} Rangers n/p Astros, 5-4 AltUNGTCiN 'Al 1 -' They're all cvtn now »ft« Ibe tccond goruund in IK*t anmul •hootoul for the Truat profeulunal b*aeb«ll ctumptorahip The Teiit lt«ngert triumphed, i-l, over the Houitun Ailro», but (hey needed to inning.* to do it Mood*)- wght at Arlington Stadium The victory afforded the 0*11*1 Fort Worth club 4 measure i4 revenge for their UA* by ttw same margin ia»! year, -when Hnualun won 3 I in their ftnri cihihition gAnvc. piayct) in the Mtrudotnc A* il turned out. Jrif fiunuugh* rapped a UM»loaded »ingk Into ihalUm ccniedleUl with ixot out to map » 4 < Ue UJ lb« IWh That ended a cental la which wither U»m was abkr to bold more than a <»D«- run r tanw th«a M Teenage Results :,*«• sv . » ( MirhrlV AMs*tl pic**** Wilde*! Ctwgtrs cUw > JUKMiS » T>» rri r«ri»»d » it win IJMJ WiU)fa«» h*r* b; IR tta Wjjtif Iraguc -.fti »Jfb«f» IK44M rtulir.1 up thr win with thr k»w g<wtg !o M^r> Ai(o»4 {.eddiog hitteri fur the •*nawr* »«* J»mc« liabc. l.yrm JcMwm. (VMM* fi«i!kf* , Wjrgjfrl Hcriudfi and I*li-» llrrruwiw r«llre.(ing hit* for the Wildcat* *rr» Wkiwil Alf««l <nd AikU Catk 040 edges Rebeh take ftnt S,s.t {Aw* Sr 4 «> l,«4dtnc hiit«(t (of ioftur'* *»r* Slh**?> Hr» imi:«f Ha tw Jark^ nd WarUyr, ll^rrarwki i'tckirvf up Ma for unfteJ up Jlaidrft COMING DAI) Cil> her* ! thr f'lty Hr»*cl» in the HUNT HARDWARE t" SKIU CUTS I«MM« '27 M»U* AJ I. fUWfclt 7IM>IJi AT | UlSt Ol'NT I'HHKii! E BUCXWOOO BUOTHtHS Amttkt N», i <*wp*I q tta ,trt »HA5MBiHo«JD HIGH 80IOOL Tl "»« JUJMt J| • :«• H,M. ,*****« ««MU w«t. < i

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