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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Friday, June 10, 1859
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NEWS. gF^MvS^MW^ MINE 10;-.' 1859.< '.K!: 21; ,& i^ ,.,.;.,. 1 . JOSWH wrest*. -Daily Pspftr; : piib!libe*«veiy mornli»E, l exccpt Monday, In-Weekly Pxper, Mondky, Wednesday fcDd Friday. .i e »kly Paiier, ersrj^uesOsymorning. TEBM8 OF J>AttT PAPER. ft«ily Paper for oat yeai, payable it advance. . IT.OO TEEMSCF TKI-WEEKLT PAPER. Trl-Woekiy Pajiertor oncjrar.rtyableln ndruic«.«8£0 TKKM8.0F THE WEFKLT PlLPKE. Wecklj Paper for one year, payable la ad'ance..41,00 KATES OF ADVERTrsiNU IN I»AH,Y Ten Unei, or less, of Honpareil make a square. 1 ujuare, 1 day..i Jl,oo 1 do. S.dayi.;... 1,80 I do. 8-days ... 2,0» do. 4 dav« .... £,60 1 do. 8 d». > .... 8,00 1 do. ;l.«r«« . .. 8,60 I ilo. 'S ««. (.§.... 4,CIO 1 do 8«r Ira... 5,00 1 wjoare, 1 month.. .$ «,00 1 do. -Smooth*.. 10,00 1 do. SmonthE.. 12.00 1 do. 4 month!.. 16,00 1 do. 6 months.. 16,00 1 do. 9months... SO,W) 1 dc.. 1 year— 80,(KI Ac L a n g «1 o it , R o ii R I *••> Randolph xireci, «re aalhortxtd to re- cricc Aiivertttrmriilt, for Otis and all tlte Leading Paptrt vj tin yurthveft, and arf Vit OKLT and EX CLDSIVILI auOioristd Agents in Oit Northwest for a majority a/them mar 4 IN TOWN AND OUT OF IT. MAKE BS. POMEROT, Editor. 'leivorologU-al l;cr<ir<l. for June S, '69 • vi" I-} c H GAnntNPK i OO.-> Druppsls. IP rfrirtnp THERK!' -UETtll Trltgrnj.h and f',nnn,n nal ir<,t;it net fourth The communication from '• Circle," came to band too late for to-day's paper. NEW COBPAEISOK—ID this city, persons wishing to tell how close a man is, say he is as tight as Longworth of Cincinnati BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS—LOOK OUT — Wt 1, aril ibat connteHeit Jl's, §2's, §3's aod §t'e, OL the Minrr's Back of Pacatonah, Wisconsin, dated Mav 30tl, will bf put in circulation today loi the first time.. It is intended to flood the State at once, und as they are well esecntrd. fft adrise that all bills on the bank be refused, til] we can obtain lurther particulars WHEAT CHOP —From »ome parts of the State wr bear reports of damage to the wheat crop by tbe weevil or hession dr. How seri- ou* the matter is, we cannot tell, but trust the alarm exhibited in some quarters may be groundless New News Depot, corner of Main anjj Wisconsin streets Late papers kept constantly on hand New Fjrk dailies in adraneeof the mails. A choice selection of stationary and new books Please give. Ui a call. WM.E. TUNIS A CO. STREET SPRINKLERS —There are just about half enough street sprinklers in operation in this city and unless more are put on, we shall have to step ont and sprinkle a little on our own responsibility. Tbe way the dust sometimes flies is a nuisance, and a crying one JUSTICE or THE PEACE—Yesterday, the voters of the Seventh Ward held a caucus to nominate a candidate for Justice of the Peace. 125 votes were oast, of which S. R. Streetpr received 66 votes, and E. P. Hotchklss received the balance. Mr Streeter having a majority of the legal rote, is thereby the nominee, and will doubtless be elected b? a fine majority on Saturday. MUNICIPAL COUBT, JUKE 9iH.—State vs. F. Heinemann ; assault and battery. On application of complainant the suit was ordered to b* discontinued Ordered that judgment be entered against complainant. Phil. Jacobus, for amount of costs. §6,19. : State v». Amo? Brand . larceny. No ap- | pearar.ce on behalf of tht State and defendant ! discharged. . , Business AT THF, NEWHAJ.L —Thii popular House ie. and long has been doing the best business of any Bouse we have been in for a very long time, being constantly well filled. On the «rriral of the noon train from the east tht other day, four full omnibnsses deposited about fifty passengers there, and the arrival from other trains is in proportion PJ.EASAM RESORT.—Andrew Mnrison has purchased the first class confectionery establishment of McEwen. on East Water street, near the '' Golden Gate, f ' and is fixing and refurnishing 'Hn fine style Those wishing any of the good things, such as ice cream, soda water^ choice and fresh candies, sweetmeats, etc., etc., will Jind no neater or better place in the city than at Murison's. His ice cream is the best we «-vr taef-H in the city, and is generally SO considered Lj all lovers and judges of that Article. A 6oite of rooms for parties, always in order, look so enticing that we shall invite some four or five hundred of our most intimate lady friends around there some night, and enjoy some of the delicacies A HEATT "Era" AT BILLIARDS.—TheJane»- ville Timei gays Frank Parker,fonnerly of Madison, whose friends lately published a challenge to any person in the 8tate,made a "run" of five thousand ont hundred and seventy point* on Saturday, the 4th, on the Hyatt House tables. It was made while playing an ordinary fall game, and the first 22 points were made "round the table," alter which the two red balls and the cue ball being about IB inches from tie cushion, he played them PO skillful and carefully as to make 1716 consecutive car- roms, making in all 5,17') points. The billiards were fairly made, and the time occupied was about two hours, when, Frank being fatigued, and doubtless somewhat nervous and excited, accidental? "froze" them, and thus was compelled to "dry up.'' This |B, vre believe, the largest ran which has ever been accomplished by any player. A gentleman in New Orleans once made 4,144, and another in some portion of Illinois—we think in Galena—made very near 3,000. ' MIKIBTE* AERESTED ro& STEALJHO —Yea. terday'Chief of Police Beck arrested Conrad Holgreen, -on a charge of robbing a lady of $75. Holgreen has been preaching about the country, and passing himself off as a minister. Be called on this lady to pray with her, and when she' left the room for a moment, preyed ~on Ij^rVby. lifting her pnrse from a bureau diKWerr-'He was arrested, and stoutly denied Itis guilt, till at -last Chief Beck saw a hole in the Jinin^of bis coat, as if torn by a nail, and oniiyly inserting liis finger?, found the property. Hejrtll, doubtless, visit the " National" 6t Wanpun, where big prayerful Jokes will be Soutiirrn Corrtiponclence of the News. .• LOUISVILLE, Ky., June 7." ,To (lie editor of the JVnei r For a few days we have l>et'n lh« guests of the Louisville ilotel, at thii place, and right well have been nutcrtainedTjy the ge'ntlemaijrfy proprietors, Messrs. .Judge & Stedman, two as capable landlords and clever gentlemen as fortune, ever threw us In the Tray of. their Hotel is a second New hail, aod is folly up to the high,standard that popular establishment —the pride of Milwaukee—hag attained, it is owned by Kean, Stedman & Co., and will accommodate nearly the same Dumber of guests as the Newhall, and like it is kept so neat and clean thai even flies feel as if they had made a mistake, should they happen to wander in. Mr Kean of this Hotel and Mr. Kean of the Newhall, ar« one and the same person, acd this Hotel is, like that, the resort and stopping place of nine tenths of the people visit ing Louisville from the i>ast or north, and ru- ceiv*s its full share of southern travel. LOUISVILLE ITSELF, Is handsomely eitualtd on the east side of the Ohiorivrr, about 150 miles below Cincinnati, and numbers about the samu as Milwauk*: for population—say 70,000. Main street is » wide, handsoru-j street eiteiidiug from <>uv "ud of the city to the other, and like East Water Street in v.iur city, filled with heavy business houses, and has several very fine buildings along it, bat none quite as mco as roanr at those, in Milwaukee or Cincinnati S.-vcral of he streets back from the I.MUV purl .| (he c : ty, aiv n,ll laid out, U>ril,TeJ n-iilj tlirify ! shade trees, aijd hdorue'l bv v»-iy handsome residenwf, whi-rv llic Uanrt of taste, aided by wealth, has trwted many cplendid residences and adortied the ground? and gardens to them, l>oth elegantly, and comfortably A drivt about the city will Well repuy the stringer, and no one visiting Louisville slioold neclect to sn? s-o handsome a city IN THE WAV OF NOVSLflES, We ratbur admired the style t .f their rarlB and drays. A heavy carl, 10 which is attached a couple of mules, or two horses, or a horse and mnle., tandem makes s ^mul conveyance, und the loads ji U-»m of th'i kind start off with, is surprising The driver generally ails on the near side shaft and uses bul ohe ir-iu which is attached to the leader Ai times he straddles the shaft horse, and caidin<? the leader with his one line, piaye a variation about his '• hind legs with a cart whip, and rattles alom; ! over the well paved struts as though his sa- j tanao majesty was In close pursuit with a i>harp stick The drivers are mostly slaves, much better ueed than half of the white laborers, and care nothing about Getting off north — We attended a negro church yest.Tdny. and were instructed as well as pleased, at the earnestness of manner many cf the Christian neeros exhibited in fleeing from the wrath to come — They have from th« proceeds of their extra wprk, and "fees." built several negro churches which are as well, if not belter attended than the white ones, and more earnestness in the cause of religion if manifest"d lhan one often sees elsewhere., amoug the beat of Christians. At the ooe we attended, after the aped darky minister had given out the hymns, about one half those assembled broke ont singing U> a semi-serious tune, about the following words —the whole church joining loudly in the chorus To &od'l Hiercy, ainatTB Hat ye— Ome to salvation—com?, Oh I come The deril oerer yet hfca mined you — Dome then, tinners—come, Oh ' come. Why irlll ye tarry here, Where sJ) it dart s.nd drear • Then str&igtit to glory steer. Come then, Binner*—come, Oh ' come Come tumble up, rumble up. Tumble up to Jesus ' Oome rumble up, tumble up, Bif lore will surely ease us, l! jou'H but rumble up, tumble up. Tumble up to him. White (oiks good, to glory golug : Come to salT&tioc—come, Oh ' c"me They to He&reo the w&y art shoring . Come then, BtDDero—come, Oh ' come. < ere your sluful hesrti are dark , -Oome then to tbe Christian tnarb— ? . Haste, to Boogi of plor; hark , Come then, tinner*—come, Oh '. com*. Chorus as to the first verse, in which all appeared to join. The negro earnestness, the ewaying of bodies to and fro, rolling of fy* 1 !, very white ones, too. and tbe appearance of the congregation, made a picture time will never efface from our memory, anH a picture many white professors could with profit study. A VISIT TO CAVE HILL CEMETERY Well repays the lover of nature and the beautiful. It is situated some two or three miles past of the river, and is tbe handsomest made up spot of ground we saw in Kentucky.— Several acres are fenced in. and thousands and thousands of dollars have been expended in adorning and beautifying the hallowed plat Pleasant walks, leading one from grave to grave, and from one family lot to another, interlace tbe whole ground, "while the carriageways are smooth, well gravelled and kept in the finest condition The different styles of tombs, of fences abont i raves, of roses and choice plants, so plentifully reared, trained and nursed—the handsome borders of boxwood, myrtle, cedar and other plants, all t«nd to make this the mont interesting spnt in the city No sacriligious hand disturbs a plant or flower, nor defaces a tomb ; no noisy crowd of boys go whooping and yelling through these sacred avenues ; no sportsman with murderous aim prowls around with loaded gun, to kill and destroy the squirrels, rabbits and priRty birds, so plenty and home-like in their security , no crowd of cattle, as in many cemeteries, wander from grave to grave, destroy ing shrubbery and defacing fences. A well kept cemetery is the resting-place between earth and Heaven—where the thoughts of man are gently drawn to a better world, and where more eloquent sermons come crowding upon the soul, and better natnre of humanity than ever falls from the lips of mortal— no matter how large or well gilded pulpit he speaks from. A beautiful cemetery is the resting-place between earth and Heaven j while one filled with rank weeds, leaning tomb - stones, broken fences, mutilated shrubbery, or none at all, is a sort of dry kiln, in which the body utops a while .till tbe soul .can find a standing place in 1 a heated and crowded Hades. Among the numerous handsome monuments noticed, is a rich one erected by Mr. Kean, sacred to the memory of his early love, now a bride in a better world, one over the grave of Mrs. Fanny Pearce;, and those on which the names of McCrun, Gray, Trabne, Low, Smith, Yenawine, areengraved.; Others there are.both beautiful and appropriate. The vaults of the Smith, Tompkins and Shannon,families, and a 'fine public one, attract the eye. . It will be remembered that Louisville was the place where, in November 1863, the school teacher, BnU$r, ; was mnrderedijy Matt Fan.- Bailer's remains arc in this cemetery, where a handsome monument baa been raised to bis memory by the pupils of his, School, On one of its four sides is_ihe inscription— "Thii monument iiencftdby hit ; upila an<}d bertavedcom- ifvnity, iothote their 'apptecialim of hii vprtfi, and perpetuatetheir horror at Mt'auirjerS'- On Smother sldjt, the words—"He fell by the hand of violence, In the presence of his loving pn pils\ a martyr to his fidelity in the discharge of duty." This shows the fueling of the city, at the act. M». Ward has tried, by every means in his power, to have the first quoted inscription erased or defaced, but still it is there, pointing with a stern finger to the very soul of the mur- (jy-irj-^a Cain mark on the brow that should rod are forever. Or PDBMC BUILDINGS, Louisville has a good share of very handsome ones. The Custom House and Post Office wil nearly point of beauty, solidity .and convenience oi arrangements, with tbe Milwaukee Custom House. It is the most costly,but not the best, still is a credit to the place. A fine Court Roust 1 is being finished at great expense, and in the way of splendid charuh es aud public halls, they are iu 110 way behind many older cities A lui^u amount ol heavy building is going ou, but not near as much as in a nmthern '' ' f " ins sis-; In the southern cities, th«r K Is less activity—less bustle—le.-:s iju-Hhea<lalivenes than in northern ones Men take lif« easier here than in vVisconeiu. Money is uu>ro plenty, and there is leas speculation going OD Here, men start to busings* on a solid capital, aud pursuing the even t«-uor of their wny, by strict attention to they are nt in rours<; of time, lay by a competence, und i«tire to enjoy it. lu Wisconsin, people too often us<e other people's capital and soon fail, deeply in others del>t. There, a man will make, a fortune one day and IOSM it the next, and by noon of the ihlrd day, be on the high road to another pih-. Here it is more even with less chances, and a= n natural re-siilt,^ the crt-ilit of Loui.-!ville merchants, is allhoaqh we are sorry to say it, a little belter lhan the Medit of Illinois, Wisconsin, or other dealers in northern aud north-western States, always lemembcring the exceptions of this general rule. Another letter to-morrow will give perhaps more, of in-^ terest than this rambling epistle possesses, which for its full length, is rather short. THE ANNEAL EDITOBIAL AonaKss.—We much regret to state that Gen King, who was oppoinlfii ai the last Editorial Convention to deliver the annual address on the occasion ol tTie soon coming meeting, has gone to New York on a pleasure trip, and deputed a young lawyer of this city to write aod deliver an ad dress in his stead Of course Mr. King has a right to do as he pleases, but when, after a long consulLation r lhe last convention pitched upon him. as tbe best qualified to address us, hwcanse tbe oldest daily editor in the State, and he accepted, it looks to us like lacking In respect to the large number of editors in tbe State, who would givp much to hear him. No doubt his substttnle i? capable t f giving a good address, bnt w.- wauled one from an editor— not frnm a lawver, and would have bn,»n (teller pleased tal he declined befor- the eleventh hour, and thrown tbe labor on another's hands. Lasl y t -ar Tol Robinson, wlm was not before consulted, oU'ying the wi^h of the convention, to h''« great inconvonieiK-e, j,ie- pared and read on.- of i'i- very Lett addresses we ever listened to, aud on» of the, rnoal ji>s^- lical ever delivered before any like body. He gave tbe history of the press of Wisconsin up to a certain date, and the members of tb« convention have looker! with a feeling of in- tercut to the continuation o f that history, than which no man in the State had a U-tt-r knowledge perhaps, than the General We speak of this, that many attending, and expecting to bear him, will not be disappointed at learning that another is to fill his place. Every one expected to hear him, and. though in leaving hf h»8 disregarded th« wishes ol the pri-su of Wisconsin, and left his mantle on legal instead of editorial shoulders, we hope to hear something, porhaps as interesting but noi of the brand expected Tb« idea that among two hundred editors, there is not one smart enough to address the rest, is jusl the idea Mr. King will be the moans of getting abroad, unless an editor does the talking. What does a lawyer know abont tbe printing business,more than those engaged in it i There are a hundred editors in the Stite who can discount the best lawyer in the city, and beat htm at that, unless he has smelt type and printers ink They are good fellows, but can't edit newspapers, as a general thing, and we decidedly object to tb« new arranire- menl. At a bar sapper, we should consider lawyers fools if an editor had to tell them law, while they sat around lislen'ng. The business of tbe convention, and the comforts of our guests will be well attended to, and a profitable time may be expected Another meeting of the city editors was held last evening to further perfect arrangements. The Newhall will be the head-quarters, and a good time is looked for. RitTcais or SOME OF THE DETROIT EXCURSIONISTS—Yesterday several of onr citizens returned from Detroit, and are load and earnest in their praise of Deiroil hispitality, and the many kind attentions they received from every o nc, both going and returning. The party just returned, left here as Invited guests of the Light Gnard, Monday noon, on the steamer Cleveland. Capt Dougal said liis boat was not large, but it would always hold itself full, and his attentions will linger long io the memory of all partaking his bounty — A fine dinner and sapper on the boat was discussed with a relish, as no pains bad been spared by Farnsworth, the Parser, and Gould, ttin Clerk, to get up a repast a little ahead of anything ever seen on the waters of Lake Michigan. The officers of the Cleveland are whole-souled fellows, who know their regular business every time, and' who have been voted regular bricks by all the Milwaukee delegation. They arrived at Grand Haven at 7:30, were-mt-t by Capt. Mitchell and Lieut. Onderwopd, of the U. 8. Revenue Cutter, and the citizens, and then i escorted ap town. Here they vent through street drill, and at 9 o'clock, left amid long, toad and hearty cheering, from both parlies At Grand Rapids, they were weH received by the citizens, and at St. Johns were provided with sleeping cars, tbe first ever used on the Detroit & Milwaukee Railway. They all speak in the highest terms of Win. J, Spierr and George Hendriqk, of theD. & M. &G. .W.R., and the paina these gentle-', men; took to-^make their ride .pleaaaut and' agreeable. Arriving at Detroit, (hey were met by Mayor Potion, the /Common Council, and tbe Detroit tight Guard, waln"«lerj> hand received the meat flattering marts ofattention. TJetroSthas. learne« u» Itihrankeewu (som*- thing new in; the^Tfie and eitent^of hospitSU- ty, and the extravagaut liberality of their^m. zpBS, such as Aldermen, Jacobs^ hanks, ilayor P&onf Ji^ f -'' Scearing, and others, not fofgett ,*fttjr, will never b«' forgotten or^-gti^ied to pass unrewarded by those fortunate enough to ,be of the paftf - Wa append th» follqwiUg •'from f tie. :rfyei Preti: ,. V, '..,''.' 1 ! . The Mllf ftukea Light GusrJ arrived yijater day morning^ as previously announced, hiring JeftthefrjlibBBe.on the prevlaas day, hyjthe Delroit and. fill waak^e Railway, Theeutfajice of the train to the city «ra» announced by:a"salute fired Ifoin-thB Port Btreet bridge crossing Che track, jr^ich was continued until th* JHs- itora were received and escorted to (he Rtjssell : House. TJieV were met »t_ the depot bjr jiha ' L'ighrGuard ,In fatigue uniform, Kac- compaBJedlby Mayor'Patton and a delegation of the Common Council, aud, having exchanged salutations, formed and marched withitnu- sio to tbe'itnisell House, where breakfast i had been prov!&-{l for them. , \ The early hour at which the; arrived .^re- vented a v^r| general tnrn-oot of sight-seers, although many were attracted forth by, the ottwonted ponnd of masio and the booming of cannon, lull kfic-r breakfast there was a cro/wd- ad assemblage iu front of tbe Buesell House. Among thb; visitors were a Iar,ge number of citizens, invited guests, aud n representation of tlie official dignity of our sister city jjay- or Page, of Jftilwaukee. was present, and (was received iri pharg? by Mayor Patton, Who knows well llow to do Uu» Mjspilabla ou siich occasions. fy> was accompanied by Mrj JE L'H. Gardiner, Controller ; Mr. H. L. Palmer, City Altor6efr j Mr. A J Langworthy, Sher- iir ; and Mr.]T. H Evlston, Chief Engine^, besides a delegation of the Common Council Major General J. L Hathaway and a poriUm of his staff accompanied the ebrps, also Messrs J. Ladut and D. McDonald, of the Governor's aid de camps! D. H. Lane, Colonel of jttie Seventh Regiment, and Knfus King, Colonel of the Firsj Regiment and editor of the Setui lit! of MiltVRJUfcec, were in the ranks of the company as 1 privates. 'I'hi- for«u&ou parade commenced at ten o'clock, the companies forming Ht (Ii« Light Guard uruiorj on U'oodbridge -treet. In accordant with an invitation extended to them, thi-y visited ithe -nginu house of Eag.1- IJife, Company No: 2. wlurd they were enlertainad by the members of" Ihu company in ihe best style, a litwral supply o' refreshments of all kinds l>eing .4t forih for their benefit The v silorfl w i-r«< received by Mr. R. S Dygert. in an appropriatfe spe-oh, lo which Capt Stark- Weather responded. A cordial visit and rf- ceplion was made, and the soldiers left (he fin-men witl« the best of opinions of their friend-hip anfl gentlemanly filing Th- Detroit Light Guard band were out id lull force, aiii^tht! Milwaukee Light Guard were attended '-y i Hue cornet hand, composed of twenty-one pij-ftis. Tlid Detroit Light Infant ry, a company composed o( boys, that has bei-u organized a;id drilled during the pant y^ar, uiil-«l iii the escort. They manoeuvred fiBt-lv, and nttracUd a laree share of public attention by thfir precision of movement and neatness of uoifonu. Thn Detroit Light Guard j was, as it always U a model corps in point of equipment arid drill—all of which was displayed to tlujbfst advantage on the occasion of honoring th<-ir visitors. These last were a haudso ucly famished corps of about fifty men, wearing a uniform much res>-uiMing that of the Detroit Lifhl Guard, tne only material difference being in thf oolor of the pann, nhich wsre of a darj<-r l.lue, and tbe absence of n waist-Urll ijhey are i-ouimanded by Captain Starkweather. The companies were reviewed by Major General Hathaway, of Wisconsin, and Govemoit Wisncr and Adjutant General CortpniiK, ofMicln'can All drilled well, and showed theroavlves in fin" order Tb« Light Infantry werei lavorably noticed, aud merited the compliments l>estowed upon them. While ai-ting in the caparity of aenlineU, they were a little negligent in hnldin? their arms, which due attention' will remedy No other fault wax found. Ifhe parade lasted until twelve o'clock, wli"b lunch was announced at tbe llnssnl Hnujej df which the Detroit &nd .Mil- nrnvjkrv Liu'liLHi unH? p»rtook, w hile the Lljfht j Infantiy timki U>at for Ihe Fort, where they, i spent the afu-fnoon in target practice. i After luncli. another par&'ir, VILA Itad, thd les uijirching Ui rough the principal Dinner was announced al three o'clock, j to winch thev risiied, by invitation, ihe stores of J, W. Tillmaii and J. B. Starjng, where tliey *ere furnishi-d with a liberal amount ol rvfrfc-shmentd, whicii were ^"aterttlly received after th- fatignea of lh-- day,and b*-ir- tr thftukH teri()>-red to the donors. At the ap- poin'.-.' '• i'. ji lie dining room at the Russell [{ouse »as llllt*(i by thw companies and their ^t*, among.whoro were a lare« numlt-f of 1 r-n« of Detroit T.,v UMra were furnished h alftliut il USUH! upon such fesuve occasions, uottiiDg r be'ng wanting that could oon- to the eofnf.irt ol tl.ose participating — Wine and diis^ert it) .il.un.lai:.>. follow,.I tho r^ps.ft. and 9p£eM'--.- wen-made by several gen- 'men ol Ivotlli citl'-i*. HXpreHSlPe ot the 1,'Ood •lin^ existing on thi.^ particular ocia^ioO—• Mayor Pase, of Milwaukee; Mayor Pattun, of (eiroii. ('apt.'.Siarkweather, Gen KIIIK, »n«l 'ol Ladnf, of Milwaukee; and Messrs. WiU mm A. Howard. Z (.'handler,' W H Craig.and 'harle-1 I. Waftcer, of Detroit, all spoke briefly. The loMowineiloasts were offered, precede,! by | the remarks of the gentlemen named j By Wm. A. lloward. E^^ . | Tlie L'iftzm>. ^otditrit of tftt Wedfrn t'onli- i enl — They w|ll yet do more to preserve liberty .ban the standing armies of the Eastern Conti- | nent can do tc- eradicate it By Capt. Starkweather . The Detroit ''Light Guard —Warriors in drill, gentlemen in truth, friends always. By Z. Chandler, E«.j A Citizen Sfl<i,rry— The dread of tyrants ind the rignt irrn <>f a republican ifovernment. By Gei tioii ; lh» School ol the Prophets stood aloof, to.walch the event, as tbe sons of the prophets stood afar off to view, when Elijah went up by » whirlwinJ to Heaven, ind left Ms mantle to Eltsha, wherewith to smite and ili- vido Ihe waters ol Jordan, and to Iieal tUu 'death and "bitterness of the fountains by tho cltiauing, though biting gait. • Ood interposed. Ths m»lic-e of thw " minor cle'rcy" of l(«>; and their littleand s-ou- temptible jealousy and «nvj, diabolical and Slanderous, of superior love, learning, eloquence, zeal, popularity and devotion, Ceil dqwn, according lo the promise, upon their o>wn head, and their " unrighteous dealing, has fallen upon their own pate." " 1 will beat (hem small as the dust bcfor" ttwwind : I will mike them as the small flust of the streets, and the Augel of Ihe Lord scalteriug them." Whan my brave and t;ne friend of twenty-five years standing, the Rev. Georgf, B. Eastman, and when the Bishop, true-hearted, faithful and ever laiflmchmy towards his loving and dutiful Presbyter, were alarmed, not by th» fu ile an<i indeed iifiplaitdiny acuu- saliond of Ihe miserable Watry, uu<l Ueeought me "to resign,' to sav.. myS'Hf, t»rtuvth! — Then cauie dowu iu a moment, in th law of Ihe land, the liglilumgjof Uod, and according to my words, "killed the Vestry dti«i." They aro by law destroyed.^ There i.s no Ve*try in St. Paul's Church (See Revised Statute of last winter.) 1 nnnonnce, a.4 the AOLR POWKK Sow, until the congr.g^tiou inert tin-, result 1 therefore uppoiut— 1. Evening prirvt;, a- usual, r DUAV --Vfii- ine, 7 1-2, Jun- 10 h. 2, A meeting after prayers oj :fo- true friends of the Church. ..t Right R-formaiion and Richmond ( not Revolution, en--pt >iy laic in Gwfi hand), to establish t'or rit. Paul'* Church a PROVISIONAL GOVERNMENT RICHMOND R-c-.,,r. P d.—Richmond will l>e ai Imuie next dun- day, June 12th. Whit Sunday Moruiuu s-r- _'e, sermon and holy cumuiuuiou Three and a half p. m German s^r.-i.-e und sermon, and English baptism. Seven and a half, -y«niuz *erT/iun DU ih- Exaltation of Christ, aud th.- u; tLe Holy Spirit and COSFIKU ITIOS at THE blotted front their memtiry, and they hope at ' AMUSEMENTS swne future day, they will have tb« pleasure of | — extending-to thetn thrt right hand nt fellow. * O ? \ *» ' •* 83 % i. I, ship in our city, »n<l will dr>th»ir utmost to r--j no |/AM£)i> ADPTIP WnVAPCC pay in part tl.P kind treatment th^v hav, „.- I U "' K^*- # «"^ ' 'l» VUT flbtlf ceive.1 at their hands. I h ' ' K ' ' N ' ''' ; •'' K AtSo'efock, Wednesday evening, :hi- re- ! mafning pilii-in of Milwaukee left Dotm.t for | " u *'*4ii»V i V «' 13 I .) u , -S t< D >• » , via t> & w u K »n.-» nrnv-.i ..r! A r!"':..'...", 1 .: 1 .•"•"::••• •' ' • •• • Grand Raven at 5 n'-lock p. m , where we ! -i uiKhn,.,» T,- r '.M,^,,,.'' ',.. '.' ,, fouu.i the steamer City of L'l.'velan.f Capuin iim-. ,.., * .. „.*...."';."., ,', ' ' ',' Sqniers, In waiting |n r us. We found Lak Michigan as quiet as a lamb »ml tli«- <«..ktner as line a boat a* floats upon our waters C^pt FAILING'S . - L I'H4 ( ' . 1^ . II I I ( . M , . ' i-» II "111 Square, as usual, was glad to *«. us as h »: ' K 1.1- '-. " •< lit II n.m n - il The Soldierjf of the Northwest —Boru o(^tho miDortal ordibance of 1787, worthy scions of the illustrious; stock. By Charlds 1 Walker E«<) The City of 1 Milwaukee—May she reverence lier venerablainother of the Straits, and long flourish in tbdblooui of youth and beauty., Mr. Walkerjs toa«t followed a very iuteres"- ting bit of biftory, by which V.e made ont that the county of IWiiyne, in which we live, embraced in the, early times nearly the whole western r-onntfy, including a portion of Wisconsin; heuCMiMilwaukee stands In the light of a scion of onr ancient body corporate. Tbe assemblage broke up at six o'clopk, and the military companies repaired to the Light Guard irroory, preparatory to another parade. At n5up o clock in the evening the dining room of the Russell House was thrown open for a foil dress ball, in which all con- uected withjthe two companies participated, to[Tether with aparge number of invited guefits. The best of rrjnsir was in attendance, and a B upper wag Sefved up lo the dancers at the proper time, jwhich ended the-festivities ot the day. Thij reception was all that could; be desired, and Was without accident to mar Ihu pleasantness. ; We think onr visitors will flnd no cause lo eojnplain of the manner In which they have t^en treated They depart UiiH morning, the! military for the East and the citizens for hbrne. The company will visit N»w York, stepping at Buffalo, where tuey will be receiveti by Company D, and at Albany, where they will be received by Company B. On their Return they stop at Byracaw and Etoohester. l$iey intend lo be absent two weeks duringjwhioh time they will hava al) the entertainment and festivity their most sanguine friends (and they have many) could wish them. i'Ehey area fine body of men,all ffutlemeu an4 good fellows, and deserving of ,he attention they receive. The party returned on the City of Cleveland, the Capt. of \ which, Capt Sqnlers, has a iieart larger ttian a bale of wool, and kept them all in <A< belt of tpiritt till they arrived home - . I , i j : fait oral Letter, Written on At Altar of'St. Paul', Church at Fond du L<-e, before Convention, Thursday, 9 a m , Jilntdth, 1859. Ml BBLOVKD PEOPH :— j ,: Tour Rectoi and the Presbyter of Milwaa-. : ' ^4 kee, was, as'ypn expected, triumphant ana victorious in t tie Convention. Tbe smalljfry Of his enemies was scattered before him like the chaff of the so|nmer threshing floors. Bpt tlf interposltiori • »f Plvlne Providence in l>eh of those rare, ind, in union, almost unknow ( qualities, th> ilourage of the Lion, the visdoia of tbe serper t, 'tbe innoc»nce of tbe dt>v,e,|tue Trntkof thelQoapel, iron and steel in t^s body, and a Luther, and pldHickpryj] ill more rtoolate than thatjof ore careless of oonseqoenci tbab (tmself,—the interpoaition.ll »ay|, of QUA, wasjiJiore signal, because mortopieii jand r «ond6|lf|lthi«'lime thku'efer. ~ ' were two ori «hree t»rave men in the Con' " CorrespoQ.lencc of 'he .News Tbe Excunlon. Mjijor Page, City Attorney P.ilm-r \l-1er- man Noyt-s, Slirriff Lauwortby, Chief fcn>;i- neer Eviston, and about riftv of our iitiz-u 1 , couif^ised of gentletneii and ladies leu on the Steamer Cleveland 01, M n u d ay , to a. cotupanv the Milwaukee L-ght Uuar.i ,ii I»r ** Iietroit on llir N'rw York tri). We lelt tho dock ot th- b i M K K , a few minute? niter I'J u Hot-k ui and .trrv^.l at Grand Haven at hjlf past 7 It wa.; hlnwina quite fresli when «e left, but the win.i .lie<i away, and w« had as fine a trip a.- we c.ou'd have wished for WH oannot iay toe innch in praise of the D-troit ,i Miiwauk-^- K R r>jm- panr, Capi Dou^nl »uii tft-waril U..HH! steamer Cleveland Th- ijiiar in ,m I friend? were furnished ininer and t-.i il ..ird of th - stearitt-r, and coul i rioi pay ..nv'.h.rj. ^.r it Tliu ilinn-r was gotten up in Mr ii ... is li«*t at}!--, at)'! it W4.« ,,nu uf ill- tir --'. .iinrer- VTQ hav- ever s en ?ett on of a -t-''iin-r. Capt. Liougal .lid rveryil.iofcr m h.- [.-w-rt., rytder the trip pl-asant ii:,] .iur.—,' •,. '• <U«slj. Mr li-iiild w»-very n'-i.'i.- >- . . ,! We would t.1 \-i-e the IMIUMII ..: M.!* ...k . . wben they uk a trij. East tu pU. e ' iri^-K'--, IU Mr Goald'a charge, an.l they survd tU»t they will not w^nt l..r comforts lhal oan be ha.t al'0:»r i •• and th-y will flnd '"apt I MM.7, I, petitlem^u. b-.t 4 I. an i l.»t U...1 Lupineis as a u^vi^atur *i; I t't-u I- t- We left Grand H»v-i, it Ii m nu'e- '.-f,,r-' 4 o'clock p. Ul The pass-n.'-r rnr. »-r- li-w and of the lit-st patiern. Tli-K k c-u.j.iiv have just completed tli-ir inclil .«i. i-u; ;M~V were not finished in lira- tc. 1~ --ni il,, ujh to Grand Haron for th» vzcur-ion. l >u »rr;viun at St. Johns at 1 o'clock a m , w» met !«ru night coach"S, and w-were not long in .-hanging our traps and SIOWIDK ourselves <wiy fn r tltf balance of Ihe night Thes« raM liar,, a tian saloon in each end, and they »re furnished with thrf l>e-4 bcd« that we have ever se. n ..n night cars. On arriving at Gran-t Rupi.lj, a salute was Bred by the military of that place, aud they alao met us at the depot with a band of music. At Owasso we had a me- «upp-r that Mr. Muir, the Superintendent of thw U & M., R. R had prepared for us. The Railroad company would not allow us to pay for any thing aboard of their steamers or on ihe line of their road The agents, conductor?, and in fact every man connected with tho D &. M. Co , seemed to try to do every thing thay could to make our trip pleasant There w»s nothing wanting T"ie road is one cf the finest in the State, and their engines and pn.s- s-nger coaches can not l»» surpassed by any road or roads. Their conductors ar- gentle. manly and obliging, and we would recommend to the traveling public, Conductor Cole in particular, as he Is' sure to be alwuys on time. We arrived at Detroit at 6.5Oa m. There we found the Detroit Light Guard in waiting for us. They escorted the M L Q to their armory, and from their to the Russel House, which is the Newball of Detroit, where we were all well oared for At 10 o'clock 'he Guards had a full dress parado and review, Capt. Williams acting as Col , and Col. Rufus King as Adjutant. After the review they paraded through thp different streets and were entertained by the Engine Co. No. 2, of Detroit. Speeches were made complimenting the military and fire department of Milwaukee, and were responded to by Col Rnfus King and others. At 3 o'clock we sat down to dinner at the Russell House Speeches were made by Mayor Patton, William A. Howard, Z. Chandler. W. H. Craig, Charles J Walker, of Detroit, and Mayor Page, G«n. King, Capt Starkweather, H. L. Palmer, and J. A. Ladue, of Milwaukee. The assemblage broke opal 6 o'clock, and the- military company repaired to tho Light Gnard Armory, preparatory to an evening parade. During the day the D L. G. kept open a commissary's room for the accommodation of their friends, where they hadalandh set and everything in tbe shape of drinkables. At 9 o'clock ID the evening the dining' room of the Russell House was thrown open for a foil dress ball, io which all connected with the two companies participated, and also a large number of invited guests. The best of music was iu attendance, and everything passed off inlthe very best' style Nothing occurred to mar the festivities of the evening. Tbe O L. G.'jfurnished everything in abundance, especially green seal and Royal rose. The only fault we have to find with the D. L. Q. is, that tuey furnished too much, of everything. They ir^igentleinen, and " brisks" at that. liit 7 o'clock Wednesday morning the D. L. :Gl|{escorted the H. L O. to the G|real Western divot, where they (tbe il. L. Q ) took the cars for Bnflalo, *Un the firm belief; that the De- UijUboyS hare entertained them ,with that gt&d feeling and friendship that; can rarer be ways-is his friends, the tra^eltug ptihli.- M.. \ H ( ' i 1 ( ' man knows better how to e;ir» fo r 'he »-nry r^-i',.,- «m •-1^1 .1. i.> travrler himself, an.t hn saiU A -Uesmer A ".-'-ui ,, ,'. ...V lb»t he ,,u jl.t and does U-! pr,,u.l ot' A^ tor ' ''^"""' •" " •'•••• the Stewarl, Htil Sailor, ,f vou I" not t!iinl< he kuows hi-i Lininess jusl ink him for room, ami see. if 1)- Joes not g'v* you a lin- wi.i,- bed, with plenty of ni,:e clean b»i!<ling. .iiid in BMC a room as was -v-r briilt for a at-nm-r We think th- D. A M R R •',. hav lis played soo«l taste in llieno -tppnintnient.s an.I if they ,1o not aucr-ed it will nnt lie Mi-ir fault. Their road is in perfei-t running or ler <n.| H •< . • •• ?ou wi!I liml every in ihe -mplov of ih.- road kind and obliging, al trivs rea.l 7 m.l w-1 *--* ^- ^- ^^- •*ling to answer questions -ind tfiv you ^u.-li infuriualiiiu as you may desire I"ml.«r aiu-h ' ^^*> 2 \ ^1 t N< management the D 4 >T K R must jn.-.-e-il K > VX s ABi-TIi 1' V M.'K > u V I. I.' ^OUU^'- fla.l Wj.s nileU to VV'ti.---, ;•,, tifui m.l iuignili,.-ent work .r if., r-p r . .,••.; '" illg tin- leAillnv 'iicl'len-n .11 K ill- s v ,,,| , u H, explorers, .\rc r c e \ peil.tMH. ' A* l Y r« .'I • • art 'hi< n w..rtli rt)e .UNntmn .if .1,. ' i'itue;n dli-1 WH hope t.. -i.-.- t ''-ri,.'T palroniifl C'lOs-- w t. 'nv --*,! rxiu- -IT i' '" ]K'-l ItlOll, * . I I t.- U, , f V.. .h M L f -•[• :l , . I, ' . " panorama. 4u-l in ;o'!.>vi,^ ., -n •.;. .i^h '• sc-Ues so friugl, • *nh lan<-r Tii-r- ,^ ... ' .., mu« h of h-itur-. M.. uiij.-ri i-.i; ; t/ .u h n i.-i •!- ation of ibis Ai.-ti.. p.irU-i.'.'ir-. 'b.a A: i:jit.- in liara.-t-r.ilii^ ,t •' tl.e ru,,sc * .:..i-r:'i ; r .I F l.* "( t !i . ._ fheUfrrors, Ji.,^'.-r, -,,i t-t.»- lies uf in- [• rig. i tiiif —tl,- -t ,. •!„••• -v.,, ,-i < oft',- -, -:.». . .1,,-s.-:(.- .itin..<[.i er.- ,..1...- ; 11.1:11. :,j Ail iir- ,i: -u. j, jr ..p,,t, • M . ..- , \ A i ii:-!l -l~s*ept a**v L. I; ii,n. .- .^ , n~tv ,f ..-..--r.- : . ,,•..- ' " - ^ t'i. - t h-,r r- i* i * u L . j, -i: , '-i -, . -- .' l-r :, ; ,. lriutii|.i. if u,.- ir'.ut VIr . . • il ' .•..• , . i - prill." ui' An—r. in palliL-M Lv i/ :i. elpluree. en, '.,.!•, t. : •• i ',, .. 1 -- .'. : . ' '•v ill me.ui- | R,;v IV,,«,N ~\ ,t,:!., > .-,, , .„,: " (- - £ J^f. 1 r*-ri 11 ii, w i 'in -in » - i-i i'T' -u»; f i I :.. ', r. - '• i ( I ' * h , i ••-! l :'• r in N •'! r ,»r -*" - n- -i .. ; i' *.'-!:• ' \ "^ tl •••-II lo,.r. r.,^i 0i rVK- ^ ' ,- -' n t j , t - .. ,- A " , ' * ' • n - •< an d r \ - . r «* - r . 4 J i T.MK ... 1 %.; - T .- ,- - -, -. ' ...•v , r ,ir, n , 'i • v • { i 1 >l ' i T i. , J \ > ^ ; AKKI ; I » NEW ADVERTISEMENTS t 01 K ill I I H K l i 1:1 i x 1 < ' K x A i . t l H i . v 1 ' I INK i • -.'.w - , , . • H .,,- ' , ,. B, , n . -« . -...., i- ...... il !•• nine •( urt.. n >r « -r-^.-' t,. r ,,-« .tr-^t 3 ••* I W t' ![>••• n -tr " i 'n tft-- i(Ti WAUKHi >i:SI ^AI.l . >'i\ i clainuMi FrHuht <tnd h.*»tf-iif OK 111 I.. & IK .^O^^ 1 tfi . K f T it., >n Tharidny m..rn iitf •. - t. Die follow nt lint Prelitht «r.l BH.-L-• .-- f»r in.l ch»r«ts pi..l pr-v > i.« i.i lir r . 8 1 C»r,.el o BUrk I ^ 1 Leather Bag, 1 ' arpet RmK, 1 BunJI« Cl-lhln^ I B*Q'l B"X. 1 RUM. it Trunk . 1 1 Black j HlK£k 1 Ch-sl, ' 3 Bl».-k I Hus^ett 1 Chut. 1 B..», 1 R,.M«n •• 1 Black 1 KeatneT BirJ, 4 Black Satc-<!'i Call and Examine K N V }' ! 8 ituns, 4 Nat Boxes tkti.i H» \t Burii.ex Cioih.nir. jf thp La Cr» -"a *n*l i *-^- K-vilrnftd jn- e, June 10, US* NOTK K Cm ^OMFTROlO-iB a C.Hilrncl O-parttiH'iit fm- In, fl^tlE 'ollowlD^ w a §i-h.Mu> •>(* .of f .tili L lar otreel. in tie Second Wanl of' th.. waukre, from Third itre-t t l-igtuh *tr — L, amount of beneflta to each lor. by ifrailin^ and walks, plaokini/ a .1 curving nrtk, gutter*, « d ffraTelltou the Btreet, %s ;.-- C:ty Engineer. assessment at fo Iowa. J H BUK1INO LOL'IA AUEK, Street i;..mai "Ffl. 1 *ii> n P ' .f .VI !tiit :h.- Block tot 34 16 3 J St 38 U 3S S3 M . 17 87 • 87 87 « IT 117 117 129 li» jelO-13t 1 IS 14 1 * i t 8 1 2 8 4 ft t U 11 Ben«U'< 245J1 444,10 134 10 137,10 S80 10 2S4,U» 275,44 ioa,t>» 34.00 U»,14 343,10 118 M 103,69 m,»:! 100.89 I'l W^M 95,0-i 134,0* 2Sti,Oi E. L'll. 117 u: 1H 11T til Ul 131 181 isi 181 in Ul IIS Ili 113 119 IIS IU 129 129 I'M I. .n 13 4 15 lii 1 14 IS Id IT 18 la U 15 14 1 S 59, ia 99.7-2 1.U.6U W4.jii j ,11 ;i7 U 36,31 »s,u w,,! 43 u M.14 t*8,3it JlSl.u-J 'iii7..<« 112o'J <H .:-J 19. iW 1*4,68 13.\3rt QABDlatuK.Coiapirull, r NOTlCh; Cm nrrtci i Coutnct Department, June S, 1.59 i T RI roltowlnc 1* • icbedate of lou frontta? oa Sth •trcet, from Wlnn«b«go to Vllet itrcet, in tho 2n.l Ward of the City of Milwaukee, and »u e.timite of the benefit for. each, of thoaelota. arrislog rrom Amahim; iftld atreet In the manner pceicribed m the City Ku- rincer*ieMl>ute. J. H. BOKNINQ, tOCIS AUKR, Street CoouaiutoiMra. - Block. Lot. Beuflta. Bloc.. Lot. BenefSM nt i «T,»I m »> 8»»,«i 119 S 191.M W« « «1J3 U* • ''17,34 IIS I io ,^o 119 13 2M,i'8 118 10 sisj* nt IS 179,40 118 11 913 M 119 14 00,08 U9 I ST1M8 X. L-H. eAKDIHtg, CoailrolJer. VI r >, •<T V T-E OF WISCONSI . . • .1 t uui i, Mllw i.ik.-e v '..•l....,, , C.. . , B Y virtue -l' in -X<M- ri-iri •» • i" l r MM . ...I ' ^ the \tjUV- -llHUlfl •i'lhiii, L.. II'- ilt.!.-U?J *l|-l '»mt"l ! •'*JI tritj nt-M. '!»•• «'>'! 'it -r—l >r i'Sr H. t>.ll »'.WJ-l. H *It-J i' low-Mrf \rtfi t).-,l fr:l -•t-*l- . U "I- ' . ... ' •* ,.i tl "T Vf^. i»r 'i.m «iricf \i HJT-.I -VIIT.••»., m »•( \ x . ircrmi *i-»• tn tn-n i 17 . i * . *,--•• 'u t ' ,. - k.\n<' IWi-nty Iw.i i'Jl!)-^-.t, n •!)•• Ntn h '-V t r-| .1 t,.. ClJV •>( MftiV-i.ill.-r, ...iiUv . -hl\v tiiw.^ ^ a ., *t Public Auction, *i :h« t* nt-i ufi.--, n D- ,i, July. l!i.*,9. Hi trtl- ,»ur ,f > ,. », ,, lf) 4l ,| jt y. L**t«J flher-tT 1 ^ Oifl. , , \(.hvtuk-^ M-i* It, ^>J n. L. LM i A. J H'.uwoiiT'i v. Pt'ff> A«'y. | Sh'T Utl. C.. W 3 Thti bufft ^uortmeut jl the lln*fnt f*. Sl|w«p \t'kr», Jetvelry uii<l bANCY UOODS grer frrnuifht ut Mtlwikuk". Jvist tho thmif for tlo!l Jay Dr-;.,« < J'Ht r,.c e i vr ,| v , rv O heap (c.r.ia.ih MATRON * LOOMIS, daclS W Ewt W»tor atreet, Mllwiokee, Wu ,,JK

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