Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 9, 1888 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 9, 1888
Page 1
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LESS THAN ONE CENT A DAY fljVi. F->*m n In Itwlf. NEARLY TWO THOUSAND PA6ES Of th« ehntwwl wsrfc« of l!i« »**l AmBrl-tn etiih'.r*. Aminff t'lt Omj-Mn NnT»ld which h»re »ln*»Jj np| ^*re-l »ro: " Bmftton'i JIKynn," " Miift I>-r«rt^,- " *:r;Cn-." "A 9»lr-Ml4» M«n." "KmTim'l Wift." " Dot*!*" Da, «=••• "Tin D»*m«r, ..... lh« TThlitllBr Bow," ''At Anchor," "A ti-4 of LOT«." "Tin KH .Mountain " " " , Wlnw." "Apr'" Ccttt Bniv P " . 1 »"'' Hrlsr Thorn." fUnki." "Ch^k and . Oiwk." «« . «c. T?>« mbfriptinn firli* tl Uili "Klni cf tht Mrathll**" It Hit 5SOO ft j*»r. 8«np!» eopj wfil «re-!elpt of I1r«riti in f'amp*. A'l<Jr*«a LtPFIVCOTT* MAGAZINE. rilII.ADEI.PBrA. A VOLUME 6. STERLING ILLINOIS. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9 t8P8 NUMBER 304 MOSES [«in SPLINT COAL fe? 2«m in YOU ft CRAtE8 CHI5A50, &. OOI.VO PAST. •OOINO • WF?T. t — Favwieer (>:15 a.m W—FaHienger v-Vi p.m. 7'i-Freight 4:45 p.m.!<2—Freight SiMii.m. AKRIVR FROM BAST. iARHrVK FROM WI3T 7»-Pa.s<<enKer...»:iiip.m. :&-i'Rs«enger 10:30a.m 77—Freight D.-tO a.m.|«1—Freight..**! :80 p.m. Passenger No. a! connects with trains eJiat ttnH wi'st on Clinton Brand!; with C. R. I & P. R. B. at Rock Island past and west; with GulKiburg passenger at Bio; with main line for points west ('.oimcll Bluffs, Omaha and beyond, ami at Bnshr nell for Kansas Olty and points beyond; C. & N. W. TIMb TABLE rtOINOWKflT Pacific Kr—235a. if. Marshall town Denver,.4 :M p. m. Limited I' A MILLIONAIRE'S UTE. THE WRECKED METROPOLITAN. Dr|>n»it» OOIXOrABT. AUnnu«F.x...,,3i37 »-m LlnUted Pnss-.4:23 a m. Clinton Pass....6 37 a. m. OcnverPass...10:28 &. m. Mnrshalltown> p. m. KBUOHT TBAIKS IUAT CARHY PASSKNORIUI. OOINQ «ABT. ' OOIHO WKRT. No. 18 _ 8.17 p. m. NO. SD ..7:87 a. m. No. <e...^.^ 6:<0 B. m. No. 17 10:28 a, m. IMPROVED FARMS -IN- Cownt.y, Illw., IOWA & KAttSAS FOK BALE OK TKAUK. TOWN PROPERTY For sale, or trart« for stock. tr. TWO UOOU HO'VMKX in Kock Kulln, tor >ule. Gall and see what the bargains are. EDWARD C. UNOERWOOD. ") HEADQUARTERS FOR The Finest CONFECTIONERY Made anJ the Choicest FRUITS Grown, cotiflUiutly on Jiand at JNO. P. LAWRIE'S. Notice to. Land Seders! ' A few choice tracts ot Iftpd now In the hands ol F. B. Hubbard, located lu Iowa and Southern Minnesota, with , , TITLES WABR.OTD PERFECT... While many of tbe lands how owned by inecu lators are under a cloud of title. These Uuids are sold with PKKFBOX ABSTRACTS. 11KICKS KROM SIX TO TEN DOLLAHS PKB ACRE. 1 UuvefU.iiia , FARM WEST of EMPIRE For sals ctieap, on which 11 good property In BterllnK or Hock Falls will b« taken as part pay. ment. Now Is the time to got good bargain*. MAP*-ASD OKHCIUPTIONt* Can be bad At my oflloe, uud rhenp tickets ID show western lands. Delay* are I>ana;eron« on Thone liar s;alnH. T. B. HUBBALRD. Laud offloe opposite MHtniorcbor Hall, • , Htnrllnc. I1U FLOATING SOAP THE CHIEF For theVBath, T'ollet and Laundry. ' Snow White nnd Absolutely Pure If your dealer <loe« not keep White Clbnil BORP send 10 oenu fur i-iunplo cnko to tha ratLk JAS. S. KIRK & CO., CHICAGO. WRIQHT& WILLIAMS, FLDEERS, GAS Jobblncand Bcpalrlnsj Promptly Attended to. SHOT DOWN IN HIS OWN HOUSE BY DE'BPcFUTE BURGLARS." . Dealers lu Lead and Wrought Iron Pips. ov uiid Iron Pumps, of all kind. Hose, racking Sleani and Water -Ouuges, Valves, Fittings Buwer 1'kie, &c. Enlluiatea mode on flninblug, Bt«aiu & Qas Jobs Mr, B. F, WILLIAMS, Formerly with Wm. MeCuue & Co.. attend* t wood ana Iron pump setting and repairing. Mr, E, M, WRIGHT, Formerly with the Sterling Water Co., gives hi personal attention to all plumbing, »te;'.m an ga* contracts. . ' OUB I.AMP PA1LACK Is complete with the lat«3t designs In Banging Stand and Bracket Lamps, Burners, Chimneys &«. Prices to suit the times- Call and see on Llttla Glint Lamp and Eureka gafetr Valvo. A work warraut«d. Your ordara solicited. Telephone SSJ, WsUt Kouve Block Chicago fill rod I'p Ov«r a Slnrlllng Crime —A. J. knell, d Wealthy Citizen, Wake* from SlfM>p l<» l>lw liy nutlet*—One Sus- poc'l In f.iKloilv with H Vlllnlnon* "Kit" of Tool* — Acr,»-jiiit of tbe (Time nud * Hkfttrh of the Victim. CIIIOAOO, Feb. R—The city wn* startled • ^duohdny morning by the report that A, J. nell, a well known resident for manyyean, nd a millionaire, bad !x*on murtierod in bis ouse on Washington lioulevard by burglars, who had broken Into his house. The crime ffascoinniiit'-'d about 'i o'clock in the morn- ng, but was net discovered until 0 a. m., Then the conohnan went to tha house to ulld the fin B The reason of this was the nreanoning four of the only other occupant* f the plHcu hemdea Mr. Snoll—two or throe oung womnn, who, although they hoar-'I shots and ojuld get no answer to their tills for Mr. Bnell, went back to bod instead f giving tljM alarm. x Ihu burglars hid entered the house at tbe ir of the basement and robbed an un- oi.'kod safe In the dining room of unknown nluablei>, *ui>poRed to have bevn a few United States bonds, .and from thouce bad ascended to tbe main floor and finding the, larlor doors locked proceeded to open them ly force, and here the fatal shooting took ilnce. Mr. Bnell slept alone In a room directly ver the middle parlor. Quietly a« the bur- jars had worked, they had aroused the aged >ut rugged millionaire. He rose from bed, niied hia revolver, and stole stealthily down ho main staircase, at the bottom of which e no doubt hoard the thieves at their ork. - tie was in his night robes, he white figure bad gone but ialf way down the stairs when tbe urlor doors were closed by one of the men ISJ!H the room. The noise startled the old linn. He levelwl bis revolver at the panels if tlm doors and fired. The bullet passed hruu^h iho center of one of the doors, about five feet from tho floor, and crossing ho parlor, pleroxl a white silken banner upon which a cluster pf flowers ha I been inintnU, nnd struck tho wall just above the irnrble fire plni-u. It then fall up>n the ttoor. Mr. Bnell, flrod again, bul uo trace f this bullet can be found. With an armed man standing at the doors through which hoy entered the room the burglars became les|HtraU». One of (hem discharged hlfl weapon, and the bullot, a heavy one, show- ng groat explosive power behind it, pierced i panel In the door and lodged In ,he wall just above the banister wat, where it now remains. Tha three holes n tbn door (ell the story of tha blind duel. There was nothing about tbe figure, lying in the middle of the richly tapestried corridor, with bis gray hnir matted in blood and hia right band clinched aliqut the handle o[ a revolver, to give tbe helmeted otilcers any positive idea as to bow the millionaire mad') ila lost stand for his life nnd his property. It Is thought, however, that the instant the mrglars fired through tho panel they opened the doom and with tho "barrels of their ro- volvers and n flood of light from thuir lantern eveled at tbe head of tlm bewildered old man, shot him before he could utter a wor I. Their bloody work • finished, tho assassins slipped out of a side door and disappeared. The work was done by skillful burglars, as the took they loft in thuir flight testily. They are of the bout raaku and tbe work ot opening the back door Indicates the accomplished cracksman. As soon as the police were notified tho whole force was put on tha- qui viva, but the faot 'that four hour* had elapsed sincn tho murder made it difilcult to Ind clown that wore sufficiently encouraging M give much hope of reaultn. One capture was made, however, which is interesting even if the rulpi it hud nothing to do with the crime. A rouple of officers saw a suspt clou* character lounging, about the postoffloe late In the evening withy* bundle under hla arm. He said he had washing in the bundle, but an examination showed this to be false and upon opening it the following crook'* ar senal was developed. Six dark lanterns, six chilled., jo.ugen, one chilled extension bit, slxS-ounce slum? shota, six steel knuckles, two ounces of dynamite, two ounces of giant powder, three dirk knlvoo, throe muOlJil alarm whistles, ilxit'4 caliber Colt's navy revolver*, four steal Jim' mies, six boxes of Iwifer /use, four mall- pouch keys (United States regulation), a bunch ot skeleton keys—forty-two different varieties, one din nond glass-cutter. The chilled exteuniou bit found in tha kit fitted without deviation tbe holes drilled in tbe safe In Mr. Snell's residence. It wa* a new one, the end of which evidenced unmistakably that It had been used within forty- eight hour*. In iu thread clung portions of black granite enamelling, such as a bit. would first comn Into contact with on entering tbe door of a "wife. While tbe nurfaen of these particles wuni black and highly- polished, tho obveart) aide* showed corroded iron. •••..• He'said his name was n. V. W. Benedict and that he lived In Marshalltown, Iowa. He belonged to an organized gang of robbers composed of four men, himself Inclusive. Tut*, three others' 'names are Frank McCord, aged IB fount, of Marsballtown, and son of the sheriff of that city; Qaorge Dunn, aged 17, of Manmalltowu, and Thad, alias "I'lnn" Hall, aged 21 years, also of Murshalltotvn. The four men had been work- Ing the ciuntry lying north and-west of tba Yellowstone and Missouri rivers for tbe past eighteen months. Their tools had Income useless and he had b*en delegated to purchase a haw outfit In Chicago. Forthls purpose he cnmc to the city Bn^urday last. He had consummated the purchase of the kit on Monday and was on bio way to the train when arrested. He wia locked up. The post mortem examination allowed that Mr. Bnell had a bullot in his heart and an- rither lu hi* hraia Ha was a salf-made man. His birth place was near Fort Plains, N. Y., and be was a little over (U years old. Ha married Henrietta Budam, of Newport, Ky., some time after coming west, and leaves four children ami hi* wife. Mrs. Bnell wa* not In the city when the tragedy occurred, but was tclegriphed for. Tbe dead man had traveled extensively through Illinois, Wisconsin nii'i Michigan as a, taleeman of liquors ' for Albert Crosby, dla- tiller; he bad kopt hotel, and triad hli luck at various busine&iis. HA go4 hi* ADVERTISERS ', ai 'i, V.ii), dr^'U OH btr L"; LORIT &,THOI8iS BLUE i Mu FHK8IDENT MEAMH. JOHN n. DE c r« tn Oft 1OO Cents on the Dollar — Decamp's Bond. NATI. Ohio, Feb. 0.—Tha sensation Iri-politan tank affairs Wednesday was the surrender by hit bondsmen at noon of John. R. Decamp, tbe vie* president of the wrecked C')t c*m. Messrs. John Carlisle and Albert Netter were his sureties, and the rerson for their ~ action cpotd~Tiot bff ascertained, but it Is evident that it was not of a serious nature,',for atxiut 8:81) p. m: Mr. Netter reconsidered hi* action, and with W. F. Decamp, Henry O Ulimour and Richard Smith again signed tlio »30,000 bond, and Mr. John R. Decamp won once more wt at liberty by tbe United States marsha.1. Toe aocunel had not, however, bren subjected to the Indignity of bolU and Imrs, but In company with a deputy bad mhda v'Bita to city friends until th* new Lx)ii'lnme i had been secured. — , • Tin- Uxiks of the Metropolitan, except a* to tli. operations of the directors, do not disclose »uy Irregularities of Importance. Small dc|>osltors who came In during the day to presjnt their .r-beclu were Informed that they will receive UMcent- on the dollar, and were limlructeid not to dispose of their claims for lesn. Inquiring at Dun's Mercantile agency as to what effect th« faflnre of the Metropolitan had on the city, the reply was: 'None at all. Depositors had Wn warned by newspapers, and the run was long and steady. We iuve tho assurance from the beat authority that the ('epoaltors who fulled to got their money out before tbe suspension will bo paid in full. The stockholders will Dear all tho loea. - How much, will depond on the value of the paper in hand." THE CABLE-CAR AGAIN. A Broken Orlp Sends Three Mnn .Probably to Eternity. KANSAS Crrr, Mo., 'Feb. 9.—The grip broke about 8:3-) o'clock Wednesday night a* a cable train was ascending the incline from the Union depot 1 be car dashed down tbe grade, and collided with a stationary train. Both trains were crowded. The following were injured: Al Sharp, probably fatally; Woods Russell, fatally; H. F.'dude, a leg broken and probably fatally crushod; Brakeman BolTman, arm broken; T. A. Carter, Marlon, Ka-., aiAla sprained, and bone In little flnzer. broken; T. H. Hill, side of head bruised; George B. Peters, side of head bruised; Peter Strewl:erg, traveling man, ankle spralnod; J. D. Peters, Kmporia, right elbow broken, akin contusion,' and internal injuries; F. H. Tuttle, left leg broken. 81111 After Those nnllwitys. DAS MoiifKS, lo., Feb. 8.—-A bill, wa* Introduced in the. house Wednesday by tba railway* committee establishing maximum rates of freight t n all railway* In the state. , A board of three commissioners elected by the people is provided tor to enforce the law, and the buls of rates Is the Illinois commissioners' tariff. It ha* a good chance of pan- ing Uie houie, but will meet with strong opposition In the senate, Tbe senate passed Dungun's bill relating to negotiable notes, providing that when it (s sho_>vn that they were obtained by fraud tbe purchaser shall not be entitled to recover more than the sum paid therefore, with infaroxt and costs. Petitions agaln-t '-'-cent fares Arc coming in by the d(.E*n., Nearly -TOO; bills hove thus far been introduced id both'faousea, ; n. Aj O. Stock klelov Par. BAI.TIMORI,- Md., Feb.v'8.— The monthly meeting of the board of directors of tbe Baltimore &. Ohio Railroad company, wa* held Wednesday. A working contract between tbe railroad company ano! jBe Western Union tejegraph company wa*. approved, P. &. O. stock has at last fallen be%w par. It took a tumble Wednesday from'-'llOU to $85 a share, sixty shares being lotd at tbe latter price. A »tl!l lower price for.the (took 1* looked for'on South street ""-V "-^-- ^" One Good Tvro^i>eserve* Another-.'"."' PrrrsbURO, Feb. R.—Information* were mado Wmlneflday againit several of tbe nonunion ; nogroo* employed at Clark'* Solar iron works, pbarging them with . partiolpat- lug In riot and shooting at tha time Joe Kenny wa* so seriously injured. At a later hour constables visited tbe work* aud placed lix ot the negroes under arrest. Several In- formations will be made against the ringleader* of the mob that have beon following the colored men. Kntluiial Trotting CongreM. NIW,YOUK, Feb. B.— Tbe biennial meeting of the National Trotting congress wo* held Wednexlny afternoon at the Fifth Avenue hotel. Of tb» -06 tracks In the association 185 wpre represented, a number by proxy, but about 75 delegates were, present The following "Ulcers wore elected for the two yearn: ]'i¥:ii<Utnt, P. P. Johnson, Lexington, Ky.; viru presidents, A. Louden Snowden, Philadelphia, mid J. M:M. Khuftor, Call- fornliu ••. • lint She 1)M Cania the Duullu NKW.yoBK, Feb. ft—May Wilson, the 11- year-old Inmate of Ihu hospital for ruptured and crippled children, who confessed to having *ot lire to that institution on Beveral occasions, was acquitted by the coroner's Jury Wednesday of having caused tbe'deatb of Mary Donnelly, the unfortunate cook of the hospital, who was suffocated >on the evening of Jan. 30, during the progress of a fire Ignited by the girl Wilson. SQUELCHED THE TREATY. THE SENATE POSTPONES BRITISH EXTRADITION FOR A YEAR. rislon whiun could be_ construed a ling; a surrender on account ot permit- political THE 'RECORD IN CONGRESa And Rlridl<tb«rg;er Mar Mow Fowew HI* Sou! In Pent*—A Pie* for Prompt Settlement of the Pacific IlutlirnjV Status— The DfmocrAtlo Conffremlnual Campaign . Committee—Tba Lard Qneitlon. : % WASHINGTON CITT, Feb. B.—Ridlleberger created the dnlly diversion in the sanata Wodnwdny by his usual attempt to secure -thtf public consl'.leration of the British treaty. After tho posnago of the bill relieving stock imported for breeding purponos from customs cluilM had pawed, the Virginia senator took the floor nnd objected to Uie consideration of any business matter (to which objection could be made) during the time assigned for morning businets until bn could have action on the resolution offered by him some week* since to have the British extradition treaty considered in open session. After he had been speaking for ten or fifteen mtnutoa Butler suggested mildly that the senator from Virginia should allow tha senate to proceed with tt« business. The senator from Virginia, however, declined to be Interrupted. A few momenta later, Harris asked permission to make A suggestion, but Riddleborgor replied, jocularly, that he could only do so In executive secalon. Thereupon, Harris made the point of order that a previous motion by Teller, then ponding, was not debatable. The p&int of order WAS sustained by the presiding officer, who aald that the eouator from Virginia was not entitled to proceed furthor. The senator made an effort to appeal from the chair, but was directed to take bis seat, and Teller withdrew bla motion.' Rlddla- borgcr was violbly angry at this suppression and Inter, when Harris moved an executive session and offered to withdraw it provided a vote could be had on Riddle* burger's resolution without discussion, the latter declared that he would make no conditions as to the resolution or treaty, and demanded the yeas and nays on the motion to go into executive Beeslon. The senate then votod—43 to K—to proceed to executive bnsineitv Rlddleberger voting lu the affirmative. A dramatic scene followed. Rlddleberger arose as tho chair announced the vote and attempted to spenk. The chair directed as usual that the "sergeant-at-arms will clear the galleries aiid close tha doors." The senator from Virginia, who has a bronchial affection which renders It difficult for him to make himielf audihle, pale with excitement said: "I beg pardon, sir, I arise to move & re- consldc ration of the vote. [Pause, during which the galleria<< ,woro being cleared.] Have I noc the right, sir, to move a reconsideration! I votod In the affirmative for that purpose. [Further paust.] I have the right, and no. sergeant-at-arms oan restrain me from : " The closing of tha door* shut oft the fur- ,ther proceedings from the public ear. It is understood that the senator from Virginia continued his remarks In executive session, but directed them against the substance of the treaty, and that be consumed the time until the senate adjourned. WAJBHINBTOK Crrr, Fob. «.—Th» senate In secret session Wednesday, after listening to Senator Rlddlebergert attack on the British extradition treaty, disposed of the vexed question by postponing further consideration of It until next Decumner. It In stated that the treaty was postponed by a vote of S3 to SI, and one authority say* the treaty provides that "Urn provisions of the tenth article of said treaty [that of 184J] shall bo nnd am hereby extended so as to apply nnd comprehend the following additional crimes not mentioned in the said article—namely: 1, manslaughter; 2, burglary; 8, embezzlement or larceny of the value of f.W, or £10 and upwards; 4, ma- llolou.i Injury to property, whoreby the life of any person shall bo en (angered, if such injuries conUHute a crinu according to the terms of both the high contracting parties, or according to the laws ot that political division of either country In which the offenses .shall have been committed, and of that pollllcal division of either country In which the' offender shall be arrested. And the provision* of the aald article shall have the same effect with respect to the extradition of persons charged with any of the said Crimea as if tha samo had been originally named and specified In the said article." TWO PROPOSED TREATIES. T«a and Cuffco .tit Trouble. NEW YORK, Feb. ft—E. A. Bcheyer&Co., Importer! of teas aud couV'X «9 Front ._ ..._ „, street; and at' Chicago, have gone iuU> tha •tart, however, us contractor for tl«s, timber ! band* of a receiver, Robert Y. Hebden, of •ad fuel on tho Cnlcogo & Northwestern railway, if tor settling lu Jefferson; this county. He then purchased a toll-road In Jefferson, and made money. Inventing It In c ty lota, which ha improved or «o4d a* opportunity oftiired and la Ibis way became wry wwnlthy. H« wat a guulnl man with many friends, aud a great lover of his boma. HiseetataUaJtlmated at ti,(XK),tVAJ. Waul it Bst*rtulu»t*d. ' !»., Feb. 8.-The reeolqlioiMi lit.P'i Belief for Impor^4feof Bruwllnj Stoolr*- WorKplirthe Home. WASHINOTOIT Crrr. Feb. 8.—Tbe eenate Wednesday adopted Frye's resolution asking for Information touching tbe political system of Canada and its geographical relations to the United State*. A bill to enable alien* U own mineral lands in this country was eon- lldered for .a time and then laid aside, and the bill appropriating f 1,S»0,000 for a public building at Kansas Citv passed, as wa* the bill for the relief of Importers of anlmaU for j breeding purposes. It takes" the'duty off j lUch animals. The Blair edacatlons.1 bill wa* advocated by Call and an agreement made that the ritti on it be taken Feb. 15. The senate then went into executive session and at 4:55 adjourned. Riddleberger made t vigorous attempt to get bis British treaty resolution up, but tbe chair Ignored him after ordering him to tnke his seat The bouse assigned Feb. 29 for enlogles npon tbe late Representative Uiffatt, of Michigan, and pnssxl the bill making bills of lading conclusive evidence that the good* described therein were actually received by the subscribing common carrier. A petition from Indianapolis, Ind., asking an appropriation of f'.!0,00i) for a monument to William Henry Harrison was received and referred. Tbe speaker announced Tlllraan of (South Carolina, Stone of Missouri, Chlpmau of Michigan, At derson of Kansas, and Parker of New York as tha Reading investigating committee, and the house adjourned. SHOULD BE DONE QUICKLY. Union Pacific Govern-._• tlreetors on 'th« Cumtulftslon'* B«port. WASHINGTON CITY, Fab. (*.—Tbe report of the government directors of the Colon Pacific railroad bag been received by the icretary of tho Interior. . After reviewing the work of previous year* tbe report in terms approves of the recent report of tbe Facile railroad commission appointed by tbe president and lays: "It now seems to tbe government director* that there can no longer bo any reasonable doubt as to the interest and duty of the government towards the Union Pacific railroad, and they beg to express the earnest hope that no further delay will • occur in passing tuch' a settlement through congress. We cannot too strongly urge tbe great harm which delay Is doing, both to tbe Union Pacific and to tha security of tbe government debt. Everf consideration which we can believe Is portinont to this subject, urges IU immediate settlement" As regards the course recommended by Paulson, the minority of the commission, the government director* "do not hesitate to say we would view iu adoption with deep regret Indeed, If this were tbe only alternative it would, in our judgment, be batter for the government to lose every dollar of IU debt anil execute a release to the company, To punish and destroy the corporation because some time iu the past It may have been despoiled by those who were bound In la and conscience to protect It, does not appear to be a logical method ot enforcing justice, nor such a conception of justice as would "crease tbe respect of the people for th. law of the land,": i. ______ "PURE" UARD AND BUTTER. Chicago. The llabilltle* arx roiwrlud to b« (%0,UUO. Most of the Arm's trad* was done at Chicago. • ' N > Trjlnx th* Torch, Ktiw. BBENANOOAJI, PA., Fub.' ».— The watchman alZ*ibjy & Co'> brviiker detected a number of inon iryliiK to wt lira to the build- Ing* *arl; W.uUui»ida.y rawuins;. * Tbe 8re- bugi 6»ca|i«i They had piled uptbavlng*' Kin»i*1 with oil, aud »i-m ju>t »bout to ttmrt th* blaw. D»«>4S<i.l •TO.OOQ \Vurtb. Cutva^Aiifo, O.. tVu,- f.— Tttj mamutotb" ciotblaj ntura of 3. U BqtUoa wai d ottt'is»d by fir* aaJ «ktar U> UM wlwuut at' tfl\$H, The CMoese Treaty To B« Modified—That Britlnh Extradition Scheme. WABHiNrfroN CITY, Feb. 0.—A United .Press reporter has obtained from Belraont, chairman of the committee on foreign affairs, an Important statement with regard to the Chinese question, and al*o as to the pending treaty with Great Britain.- 'In reply to the questions of tba reporter, Belmont said he felt that he onuld'properly state that negotiations had been pending for some time for an amicable settlement ot the Chinese question. They had boen suspended during last summer in consequence of the absenca. of the Chinese minister, but bad now been resumed and were reochlng completion. He un lei-stood, in fact, tUat a draft of the proposed treaty had been transmitted to the Chinese'minister, containing such modifications of existing treaties as would bring about the complete exclusion of thnt class of emigrants to which the people of the western coast objected. It wan only just to the Chinese government to say that there wu no disposition on their part to stand In the way of such an agreement, and ho believed there won a strong prospect that within a month we would have a treaty whTch would effectually dispose of the question. It would, of course, be necessary for congress to enact legislation to carry out the purpose of such a treaty, and therefore it wan desirable that the hills now pending before the bouse should not bo hastily acted upon. If there should be a failure,.of negotiation, which did not eeoiu likely, congress. Would be informed in ample time to 'pass independent legislation. Bdt- mont further said that any treaty arrangement with China to pruvtmt Chinese immigration would, of course, have to be supplemented by come stringent legislation, and perhaps even by some treaty stipulation* with Groat Britain to suppress the introduction of Chinese Coolie labor by way ot HODS Kong and Vancouver, by which moan* our pretunt restrictive law* were largely avoided. It waa understood them would be no difll- rulty on thin soora. Of the pending treaty with Great Britain, B«lmooi Htiid that as the matter bud bomi so widely discuised through tba papers, be thought it only just to the u<i ministration that It should bo known thst no oluusa per- mittlnR tha uxtraditiou of a citizon of the United Bl.iUw tar any political offante waa ln<;lu ILJ In Ib-.i treaty uout to th» soimtj. If them wtid eny such provision uow under rootideriiiion It mutt have boon inssrud M «n ai»«niUiwnt In tb« IKQate. H* hipa«t«) eropJ>«nriilly tl,«t there wai no claus* la Uw treaty «i nubaiilted to (b« Krauts) which •ar- l<*nelArii any right »tiioii Uib iiovurnowot )xa> al* >/• u^<**t4, IMT waa um-* *uj {tire- Development* He fur* the .Senate Commit, , tw» ou Acrlctiltors. WASHINGTON ' Crrr, "Feb; W —The lard qutiliun bad another hearing 1 before the senate agricultural committee Wedm'Sdny. The pith of the matter Is that certain Boston lard manufacturers are trying to have a tax put on adulterated lard—a Chicago pro I act to a great extant—declaring it a compound ol lard, stenrlne and cotton seed oil The Chicago men admit the compound, but declare it healthful Tbe Boston raon brought a* witness Professor Sharpless, chemist, who tectlfled that he had analyzed (ample* o; Chicago lard purchased In open market, anc found that Armour's' "pure family lard" waa composed of 1 00 per cent of real lard, anc the remainder of cotton 'seed ol and beef fat Fairbanks lard, ilraila ly marked, was made of the same ingredients with less of the pure lard, while a package marked "Ilalsumd & Co." did not have a particle uf lard In it Sharpleu said tba healtbfulnese, of cotton-seed oil was a mooted question which medical men must decide. Mr. Fairbanks, ot Chicago, charged that many of tbe creamery establishments ot Illinois and Iowa bought lard of Chicago dual- em-to mix with their "pure" butter. He salt the animus of this effort to tax bis lard was in the fact that it was competing with the product of the Boston man at home. He opposed the bill bill because it put a stigma on, hi* product , Democratic. Congressional Campaigner*, WASIIINOTON Crrr, Feb. a— In accord ance with a call issued Tuesday night tb Democratic house caucus on Wednesday selected the following representatives for tbi Democratic congressional campaign com raitteet Alabama, Jumet T. Jones; Arkan sos, Thomas 0. McRea; California, T. L. Thompson; Connecticut, R. J. Vance; Del ware, J. B. Fenuingtoii; Florida, P. H. 1! Davidson; Georgia, T. W. Grimes; Illinois, R, W. Townsbend; Indiana, Benjamin F Bhively; Iowa, W. L Hayes; Kentucky, W T. Tuulbee;' Louisiana, M, B. Lagan; Mary land,' Barnea Compton; Michigan, a Fisher; Mississippi, J. M. AI len; Minnesota, J. L. McDonald; Mlnour: James N. Barnea; Nebraska, J, A. McBhane 'Van Hampshire, L. F. McKinney; New Jersey, -William MoAdoo; New York, L. S Bryce; North Carolina, F. H. ' Simmon* Ohio, Berlah W lilt ins; South Carolina, Bam uel Dibble; Tennessee, Benton McMilliu Texoa, W. H. Martin; Virginia, G. D. WUe West Virginia, a E. Hogg; Wisconsin Thomas R. lludd; Arizona, M. A. Smith Montana, J. K. Toole; New Mexico, J. Jo•Oph; Utah, J. T. Cuino; Washington terr tory, C. 8. Voorhee*. It is rumored in Democratic circle* her 'ilmt Congressman W. L. Scott, of Pennsyl vanla, will probably be selected to succeed ex-Senator Barnaul as chairman of tbe National Democratic committee. Tbe commit- teo Is to meet here on the Zid of this mouth to lay the fauudation'for the Domocratlo presidential campaign, and' it is expected that Scott will then be selected to act ai chairman, Scott, it is said, IIQA no personal ambition* to gratify beyond boiug recognized as one of the leader* of bis party. Broke tbe Wall Street Connection. WiBHtwQ/TON Citr, Feb.'*—Speaker Carlisle has gi^nchl au order directing tbe. *er- geant-at-arms to have removed from the bouse corridor the telegraph wire* which are now astHl.exciusiVbly for Ihe transmission Q£ ttock orders lo Naw York stock exchange firm*. The wires will be removtid at ouce. POLITICS IN BRITAIN. GLADSTONE GET3 HOME AGAIN BRIM- FULL OF FIQHT. Alleged lotentlooe of the Toriee fa Parlia- ment—Bjnopsl* of the Queen's Bp««ch— Cnf«Tormble News from San B«ma—The ITs* of the Klre Imminent--Mlaeellan** oui Fact* from tb» Old World. LONDON, Feb. 9.—Gladatone arrived at Folkestone Wpdne^dny, and here later In the day. He was enthusiastically received at 1 places .ilang thaToatt, but ipolM only lit horneeliffe, where an addrme was pr«- nted to him. He laid that neither in urope nor America could be eoen such • ximful spectacle as 1* obaervab'e In England, hat of one nation holding down another by orce. Russia, he declared, would be •shamed to say of Finland what Englishmen seem not to be csname.1 to say of Ireland, muly, that 8-2.oaj.000 of people were frald of 6,000,000. Southern England lone, be asserted, created the majority in rliament against home rule and In a rreater measure than In any other portion ot ie kingdom wa* southern England reepon- ble for the state ot affair* In Ireland. The train conveying Gladstone did not <op during the remainder of the jouruey. "hi ex-premier was greeted enthusiastically upon bis arrival at the Charing Cros* station y thousands of people. Parnell will personally preside it th* meeting of Nationalist members to be held n the parliament building*. The proceed- ngs of the meeting wM doubtless be of a .haracter not contemplated by the home rule eader, tlnce it is asserted, and apparently n good authority, that the government will ntroduoe a motion, before "moving tba ad- row in reply to tho queen'* speech, that no member of the IIOUBO who has been convicted if an offense nndor the coercion act be allowed-to sake his teat, the basli of the motion being that such conviction disqualifies a member and virtually makes him a ftli.i. "it bis Is done—and If the motion be Introduced t will unquestionably be a loptod—It will exclude William and F. a O'Brien, T. D. 8ul- ivan, Bbeehy, Hooper, Lane, Blana^.Cox, ind Edward and Tlmoth/ Harrington. Tbe queen's speech, which was read at the ministerial banquet Wednesday night, con- tulatr* the country on tho pacific state of In foreign relations, and announce* the government'* Intention to introduce a bill de- •Inrlng that public rquaree and thorough- 'ares are not suitable phcee for public meet- ngs and larg" gatherings. It aluo Mates that ;be government measure* to be brought be[ore parliament will Include a bread Irlnh .and valuation bill and a bill tor the exten- ilon of local government in England, and ^presses her umjiwty's satisfaction at the diminution of crime in and the improvement of the sociiil condition of Ireland.' The government party ha* Issued an imperative whip calling attention to the absolute necessity of a full attendance of ministerial member* In the bouso before the address In reply to the queen's speech 1* moved, l.i view of the 'belief that tho Paruellltee will attempt to ral*e a question of privilege upon the impriipuuient of some ot their oul- are Kidney ind tlvsr diga»3t««, mad when oaoe t aey IxtTs i«otired & ftrm hold on the hnsan Bystem then it no time to b* lott if Ufa is to te Bared. Kuly ramediaa ban be«a tried, but noae h»vj bMs to etft. cess'a) si Atti-lo-pho-roi. Hdny BB- loliclted t«iUmoni»U h»T» froT»4 Out AUi-lo-pho-ro* hu <rar»d a»M diieatet when phytioiuil and «U ottor remedies had Idled. Eaei;- aoae, pain in the aide, dollset*, wearlnei*, and headaahe, ar« eft« lymptoma of these foarfol dl««uea. Athlopharoj, la sonaeeUaii with AUaophoTOf PUla, will give, ipeedy reliat If your drnggUt do«re't keep them, write to THE ATHlQPHORfJS CO., 18 W«Ll ST., H. ?. ask mar Mailer for Uie OHirlnal Beware of Imitations. 9* Brae Genuine «n1r« bra .JAMES MEANS' S3 SHOE. 1 Sarte Tn Du tton.Consrow * l<*ce. \Bttt Calf Wrtn. Uneicellod In ~' raJMUv,Omfort »nd Jp. A pMtal curd seat ill will hrlug you Inform* tlon bow to Rft 'his Ebot y Btateor Tcrr1to«x. J.HTcaas&Go, 41 Uneo>"i Bt, s^ffs; £S^J«; ^SHOI 1BUTTOM This stine lUmils- Mstirr In tbe nttmuian -, Wtarm than mnj other.In the world. ThouftaiHU Tbov»«rltwiUwllrou Uiercjucmu/oa uk Uea, —ttd—— J. R. BELL&3QN vr ill Mil them to you If you will glv*. ttam g chance, as well a«j FINE CtLOTSIISfO. A new and detlrxble (took of wt ion nmr havt oh baud. Dou't think of going anywhera ei**, , u no one eloe tn Uie ettr kmpo The James Means Shoe ELEGANT CLOTHIHO THE CHICAGO™ 0 iORTH- ESTERf; lot«roal Revanue WASHINGTON Cnr, Feb. 7.—A ol iuUTnal ro«au« rac«ipt|i, ^repai^d by tt^fe- tfocnuildaiooer ot iotemal rwvena'v\ show* the.* tba total r>M-<j]pu for Docatub«i, 15»A *«ce whlUi tbe collection* for Oeata- Lord Clanrlcade has deflnltely made up hi* mind and-expressed hi* intention to evict 1,600 of his Ualway tenant*. "(To*er rrilc" Oolr«j Throofh a CrUla, PA!» KZMO, Feb. 9.—The" difficulty which the crowt) pt luce' iisii lately experlenoed in breathing is increasing, abd It Is reported that the opjrailon of tracheotomy will be resorted to immediately. Dr. Bergman n has b»en summoned from Berlin with representation* that bis Immediate presence is - necessary. Tbe crown prince'* respiration i*.bec»mlng more difficult hourly. , Bdforolnsj the Crime* Aot. DtnHJtf, Fob.».—Patrick J. O'Brien, member for north Tipperary, Wus oinvlcted and contented to three month* 1 imprisonment at Kilkenny Wednesday for inciting tenants to refuse to pay their rents. H* gave notice of appeal, and was released on buL & C. F>ynn, member for north Cork, was arratcd on a similar charge, and admitted to ball pending trial Pole* Refusing to Talk German. ' BIBUH, Feb. u —Tha emperor held a lone conversation with the archbishop of Poseu Wednesday, on the question of ipreadlug the German language In Poland, Great excitement prevail* In Poland over the attempt to enforce lu use, the prleeu fintly refusing to instruct their pupil* and follower^ lu German speech. ' Z.anidowna to Go to India. WASHINGTON Crrr, Feb. 9.—Private die- patches of au authoritative character re-' •ceived here state that Lord LansJowne, tba present governor general of Canada, is to be Immediately recalled and appointed viceroy of India. He will be succeeded in Canada by Lord Stanley, ol Preston, a younger brother ot Early Derby. Much Benp. Big Name. LONDON, Feb. 9.—A daughter wa* born to One Ot the Bloux squaws in Buffalo B.h'« camp Wednesday, and wa* ohristoned France* Victoria Alexandria, In honor of Mr*. Cleveland, Queen Victoria and tbe prinoae* of-Wales. Tuis i* tbe first instance of th* birth ot an American IQOU»Q child in Engirt. .' ; . Th« Suicide Claose No Good. SEW YOKK, Feb. 9.-Edward F. HaU, a broker, committed suicide in October, IttSo. He'bad a 15,OOO/insurance policy containing a cuioido clause. The company refused payment In the, United State* court Wednesday Hall's sister obtained a verdiut againct the company for the full amount ; The Pope to the Pole*. ROME, Fob. 9.— The rope, receiving a deputation of Polai pilgrims VVedues-iay, ex- hortad them to bear tbe Rusilan yoke witb patience, and prcniiiod to * rive in their behalf to the end of caui.u^ it to. be lightened, and ultimately thrown off altogether. Violent Snow-Storm at Cputantlaople, COKSTAJnjNOPtJt, Fell 9.—A violentwioef- Itorm whicti pi availed barn tbi-oughoulTuws- daj ulgbtand Wednesday has couipelliHl the complete suipauilon of btuineiu. baow fllb the streeu lo Iho depth of Vflruo f.eaU Tbe Pops'* Advice tn Irelaad. ROM*, Fob. V. —The pope has instructed Cardinal Blmeooi to ad?U* the Irish bishops, and through them the clergy, to |>re»ol> re> sptct f or tbe law*. A pernuutmt apoatoUo kgate lit to be wut to Ireland. Aaoiber Opeuloe; Vov Sullivan. LORDOK, Fub. U.—JarJt Kiufton, the •sSl-tonnor," ha* challenged John L. HulUvaa to Oghi with gi«v*< or bare S»u, tlw b«Ule to lake place mi Mr tbe InUw't H^ht witb Ultebvil. - RAILWAY. Penetrated the Centres *jf PemiKv ILUKOIS, IOW.T tal WISCONSIN, fflCHIGIN, MINNESOTA, DAKOTi, NEBRASKA AND WYOMING, <tn TRAI^f HKKVICB Is varrtdllr rranovd to mtwt r«qulrement8 of local travel,' a w«p as [o furnish the mo-ji attractive Kouee* or through travel between Important TRADE CENTRES .m KUTJIPHRXT of Day »•« Parlor Can, utnlng and Palace Sleeping Oan 1* without rival. IT*t ROAD-BED U perttealloia ' •! •cone-baUaaUtd iteel. The Sorth-Weetero U the tDTorlte route for the Commercial Travel, the Tourist and cb« se»kers alter new homo* In tbe OuM«a stalled Information oheerfolly furnished by •W. A. F-O^VTLER, Acent. MTKHL.IRM. J. Sf. WHITMAN, H.r. W1CKKM, 'loe-Pra*. & U«n. Uangr. Trafno Manager. I F. WIUOI. M\ tmnm AIU«. DYSPEPSIA. T 8 that misery experienced when wi- suddenly L be omeawuruthit we pos-ess a dtabolleiu arranxemt-nt called a stomach ''he stomach I* Ihe reservoir 'romwhich every flb>e and tissue matt be nourished, and ant trouble wit • It Is uoori lelt throughout the whole nyxtem. Am mg » dozen dyspeptics uoiwo wili have the Mine predominant aymptoins. Dyspeptics ot aetloo ineniHl power mill » bilious lenipmimeDi wre nubJ^cttuMIck llemlmrhe; thine, flesliyand I'hlegniiiMc have Co«»tl|iatl»n. while tls-tnin anil uervous itre itbandoni^l to Klu-ny (bro b-dlnm). ^..ine dtspcpllcs are wonderfully forgetful; othurti have g eat irritability of buo- prr. Whatever form Dyspepsia may take, one thing Iscertalu, • . . • » • The underlying cause it - intheLIVHK, ind ope thin" more h equally certain, BO oae wlUremalii a dyspeptic ftao will Acidity ef th* . Mtomaeh, V Kxpel fttnl cdajev, JLllny Irrltutlaa, ~$j£ at the same Start the Liver to working, when nil other troubles • . Soon disappear "My wife was a confirmed dysraptle. Some three Trurs ago by the a iviue of Or. hHuf r, of Augusta, ibe WHS Induced to try HI -nnoiu Uver hexusilor. I fert jir^li-rul fur (hi- nrllol U has elveu ber. and in <y ullwliu read tut* and are afnlctvd in any wt>», *ljetii«r cbro do or oth r- wlm!, uieSlrainonn Llwr K«KU'iu»r an<l I -f»«l co. Ddvnt araJtn will b- n-storrd to at WHO wi 1 be advliwd."— WK. M. KJtttiU. iTurt VaJtqr, U*. SM that you yet tht &«miin«, with red X on front of Wrapper, FBJtrABXO OKS.T »I J. H. KBUitX et CO., PtiUndtlBkU. P*. Feb. 8b— Tho uiUiuu-y btll wa* read MM tMrd tiom la UM rsiolxju^ We4tMe> LAD!£B£ I>o Yoor Own Dysloji. at Home, with PEERLESS DYES Tney will dye everything. Tb*J are aott where. Pride tw. a packago— 40 colors, have uo equal tat btfeiigth, Brtahtoira*, A to I"»*itt«3s or tot Paatneiia ol Ootar, « *#*• „, U*»«»»«», Bswnaai. ra

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