Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 30, 1977 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 30, 1977
Page 12
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Twelvt AKK M \H m HEALTH •I Lawrence E.Lamb.M.D. Caffeine only par! of story H\ l.awrrnrr l.amb,M.I>. <:<ffrirn !ii:A!< ha vi' Ix-rti f-nl -Iff .iff. Cflffn. |f, , , .i. !«!••! nu th.it • :iff< m< r i ci ttiinr <•!'.(• I- ii. l! Ih.'il (.-))) i ;n H LAMH i iiMnr, two cjiffrt ,\ br;»;»?i.v of , , .i.h , ;, ff u-nd when (he i'ivd sonx-. <l to repbuc .»• flttlr ft Is / \ •«• v-cti TV i '.t.-itmi: tint IOIN say it's okay !•• drink decaffeinated < of • '' ' .So. J nut 0,1/lIf' ftiticrttl'-'l if I xh'tiild continue to drink <lri :tffeinati-d roffee or not DKAK HKADKH y,,,, i ;<n foi(t«-l about UK- rancer problem in relation (odfraf- It'iriJiIcd roffec A few year? •'i»!'i, some of the decaf- fHmiled t>t tititifla were made lifting trichloielhy I'-rif, n chemical related to vinyl chloride, UK n degrea.s tni- 1 , •»l'.' w r»l II was found thai l.ir /:«• .'(mount.-, of thin ehc-mi- ' «l infilled in the 'itoin.'K IIK of intc .•«• with a gastric tube might rau.se r'unrrr in .wme ••(rains of mire. You need to know that M»me mice arc pat liculai l.y Mist i-pljblc to cancer anil other.'* mi? wore n-.s'f.'ifflnt Tin- amount of chemical used wa:, comparable to a human drinking M million cups of decaffeinated coffee n day, which I think most reasonable, person:; would consider somewhat unrealistic Nevertheless, the companies using the chemical as a <l< greasing agent Mopped u.sing it entirely rather than iti'M Iho ny.'iteria. I would like to emphasize that not one case of liver cancer or olhrr cancer in human beings has ever been shown to he caused by drinking any amount of decaffeinated coffer So. if it is fear of cancer th.jl concerns you about f'rinking decaffeinated coffee fear no more, and ;lnnk up. I luive a somewhat different opinion about advising everyone who cannot tolerate coffee well to switch to n decaffeinated brand. Despite the TV commercials, only part of M'if> Th' fl; )V «ir oil:, and rtth'T '•rVrnrVrtls in coffer- are irritating to the digestive system of ,'»ome sensitive people 'J"b»'W (H'dfilf who rontinur (o have digc.s- tive comp|;mils niay find that stoppini; all forms of ' n'fce i-,, n<-( e'.sar y to get the i inn sending you a copy of Tin- Health Ix'tter number I I, Coffer, Tea. f'ola, Otcoa. to provide you with more irif'ifrri.-ition on i of fee and other caffeine containing beverage;; Others who want Ibis i.ssur can wend W) cent.'i with a long, -(tamped, self- addressed envelop*- for il to me in cnre of ibis new.spa per, I'O Hox l&fij, Hadio Oty Station, New York NY 10019. DKAH IW I.AMH lam writing in regard to your column on improved heart valve surgery. The advice and explanation you gnve to Ibe person was right on. J had rheumatic fever several limes as a child, and was to the point I wasNinable to do anything, I had the mitral vnvle replaced |& yours ago. Since then, it's been like the good l/ird handed rne a whole new life I raised two children, I do all of my housework, bowl, dance and I'm a part-lime nursing assistant in gerialrics, This may .sound like a testimonial, but I Just want people to know that heart surgery really works DKAH RKADKH - Thank you for sharing your experience with our readers. Yes, it certainly seems like a miracle when a person gets good results. I w.ould agree with your remarks, with the sole caution thai it is wonderful for the person who deeds it. Not all cases with valve defects require surgery, and not all cases benefit to the degree that you have. Nevertheless, it is a great and important advance as cases such as yours dcmonstrale so well. KNTKHI'WSK ASSN. I What causes heel spur? DKAH DK. LAMB For many years, 1 have read your good advice pertaining lo (he human body, all parts inside and out. I need In have your ideas on heel spurs. My thoughts run to a calcium build up. Are they related in any way"' I have had this heel spur ye;trs back, but eventually it fti.'.ippe.'ircd until it rc- i lined recently. Is is not a '"on.'ilaiil pain, but I feel it a number of times a day. DKAH HKADKH " The problem is related to a longstanding injury to the heel bone, usually associated with walking habits or poof- shoes. H is the associated inflammatory reaction which causes the pain. The tendons and lough connective tissue (plantar fascia) attach lo the heel bone, and where they allach they pull at the bony attachment spot. Some doctors Unnk that this causes a Mnall break in the bone and the injured bone then regenerates to form a spur. Incidentally, you can have the heel pain from the same problem even if there is no .spur present. The inflammation from strain and injury can be just as painful without a spur, and will require .similar treatment. Some doctors use cortisone injections to treal the inflammation with or without a spur. Tbe pain may not be from weight bearing either, although you would think the l>re.-;.sure of the tissues against the spur would have Ibis effect. In the course of tin development of the spur and the inflammation, there will be changes in the circulation and development of painful nerve fibers in the area The pain is more related to tbe continued strain on I he attachments to the bony area that caused the spur in the first place. There are several conservative things that you can dn yourself. First, rest Hie foot or feet as much as !'•••• 'ble, and when you are »'' 'Ui feet, elevate them. V" 1 ' . an also soak them in v.;. (a water or apply beat to ' '.• [painful area. help get the stress off '.i.- involved area, you can ! <r' a broad piece of tape .»' • apply il around or under ibc heel like a sling. Shifting tli< weight on the foot will take tbe strain off the ligaments and connective tissue tb.u attach to that painful area of the foot. That may help a great deal. Doctors often achieve this same result by putting an inlay under the inner aspect and arch area of Ihe foot. If your home remedy system doesn't work, you ahould see your doctor and see if he can belp you with such an inlay for your shoe. A foam rubber pad under tbe heel alone may help. This is not because this cushions the tissue, but because it transfers the weight on the foot forward and .stretches the inflamed tendons and muscles involved less. Orthopedic appliances in the shoe can be used to change the foot position and take the .strain off the involved area. Don't expect immediate relief as it make lake several weeks after the strain on tbe involved tendons and attachments is relieved before the pain goes uway. These conservative means should be used first, imd will work in most cases. Surgery is rarely indicated, and may not always bring relief, because the main problem is usually the inflammation, not the snur itself. For information on the danger of heart attacks from JOKU'ng and exercise, send 50 cents for The Health U't- ter number 4-2, Jogging, Kxertlon and Sudden Death. Send your request to Dr. Uunb with a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope in care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 1551, Hadio City Station, New York. NY 10019. Television Logs Friday Iowa State play Carolina State" Night fof . Di»c. 31 ASTRO-GRAPH Bernice Bede Osol .19) Dec 31.1977 A?. 1 , oo« If? wilh (jrogf pf'Oplf //Mo ail' in Ihr lo 'A irinowitiw? (jrograrD loniifig yi-:,t f>r>noliir, if rtf/t milially ^pparimj will CAPRICORN (Dec.ZZ-J»n. Ifiluiliori fjliouhl f.ol your action?, lodsy lj: t r? -iounrf. logical ff!;i!i,->ii, ( ,q a ^ ;! t) uidr! tK'r.SU'.f.' youf hunr.hr.r, f.Oljld tf.'rtlly load you .iMray find rjul <n\\n you if rornanlif;;tlly smlod I') >>y arjnditig lor yoi/r r.oijy ol Astro Graph (_< ; U,<, Mail 50 c.on!.', (or f-af.h arid a lonfj. self- to Asfro -Graph, P O Hoy 489 Hadio City Station, N Y 10019 Bn 'Mn>. io -.pr-cily your bird) r,irjn AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Fob.t9) Hastily as-.e.mblrn) joint ven- turori with Inond!) arc; ill-latorj today, especially it miner o! you have to advance- money Put them on the bar.k burner (or now. PISCES (Fob. 20-March 20) Don't ovi;ianalyj>o your mollve;; or methods today. 01 you'll wind up on dead center A ijuosliorwifj mind tr. fine, but not when il leads only to inerda. ARIES (March 21-April 19) Variety is the keynote to pleasant associations lor you loday. Choose sonic Irer.h new (aces to (to your socialising with TAURUS (April 20-May 20) You might encounter a stranger this evening who has a thousand ways to make a lot of money. Chances are 100 to 1 your financial wi/ard's a phony. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Be very careful tonight thai you and your mate don't air any domestic problems in public. You'll lose (ace an well as spoiling the fun o( others CANCER (Juno 21-July 22) Watch your talkative tendencies loday. Take care not (o dwell al length on subjects that are interesting only to you and boring to others. LEO (July 23-Aug,22) Although you may not spend any big money today, the little outlays will add up (aster than you expect Nickels and dimes make dollais VIRGO (Aug.23-Sept.22) II you're out to enjoy yourself lonight, forgot (ho house once you've closed the door, Don't worry about whether you left a window open LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct.23) Today you have an unfortunate tendency to toll tales out of school or pass on hearsay information. You know bettor SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov.22) Try to even things out tonight so you don't wind up picking up the whole tab. You're in a generous mood, but your companions may not be. SAGITTARIUS (Nov.23-Dec.21) What you say lightly about someone in the spotlight may come out as something entirely different to your listeners. They could (eel you are envious. Alexandra Eiffel not only built the tower that bears his name, ho designed the framework for the Statue of Liberty and the locks on the Panama Canal. BRIDGE Down 10 for top score WKST K .1 lit N(W Til 4 Y + 1(1 '.I H 7 , r > L> + .1 10 '.i (i :i F.AST * .\KgK75-l Y A O H 8 li;» . SOI Til * ,1 III li 'J Vulnerable: Kasl-Wesi. Dealer Kast, Opening lead Seven ol hearts UCM N'urih l-.'asc Suuih ?» 7 NT By Oswald & James Jacuby Tbe greatest sacrifice bid of the year 1U77 occurred in a duplicate game in Mukluk, Alaska. South was that Kskimo expert Mr, A. N. Onymous. We will let Mr. Onymous describe the reasoning that led to his sacrifice bid of •seven not rump. "When Kast bid seven hearts my first thought was to double. Then 1 thought of just passing Finally 1 took itnoiner arum ui uiiuoou whiskey and decide. that since the temperature outs i (I e w a s (i 7 b e 1 o w Fahrenheit or 55 below Celsius, if you jvailt to j/o metric, that any slam bid at that temperature had to be cold. Then 1 did a little computing and saw that .seven hearts bid and made vulnerable counted 2210 while eleven down not vulnerable was only LMOO. "So I took another swig and bid my seven notrump." As Mr. Onymous said, seven hearts was cold and would have been worth 2210. He got out for down 10 or just I9(K) at seven notrump and received a well-deserved top score. An Alaskan reader wants to know if it is ever good to take a 10-trick set. His letter inspired today's article. If any of you ever get this same hand in a match- point game you can afford that sort of set. Otherwise will find such sacrifice bids' a losing proposition. 5 2-9 3-4-S-H-12 10 5-7 8-11 2-9 3 4 10-12 5 8 2-9 3-7-10 4 6 11-12 8 2-9 6 5 8 2-9 3-7-10 11-12 2-9 8 2-9 5 8 4-6-11-12 2-9 4-6 11-12 3-7-10 11-12 3 7 10 6:00 Bewitched Over Easy News Mary Tyler Moore 6:30 Adam-12 Hogan's Heroes MacNeil-Lehrer Report Bewitched Brady Bunch Andy Griffith 7-.00 Gunsmoke Gomer Pyle Washington Week In Review Donny & Marie Orange Bowl CPOSharkey Wonder Woman 7:30 Doris Day Wall Street Week Chico and the Man 8:00 My Three Sons 700 Club Visions Gator Bowl "Pitt Panthers face Clemson Tigers" Rockford Files Movie "Zorro" 8:30 Beverly Hillbillies 9:00 Quincy Movie "Zulu" 9:30 Best of Ernie Kovacs Bible-Pat Robertson 10:00 Dick Cavett Metroplex News Jimmy Swaggart News 10:30 News Johnny Carson President Carter's Trip 11:00 News Mash 11:30 Movie "The Interns" Gunsmoke Baretta 12:00 Journey to Adventure 1:15 Meditations- Sign Off 1:30 Meditations- Sign Off Saturday Morning 6:00 Agriculture, U.S.A. 4 Lost In Space ll Gospel Singing Jubilee 12 6:30 Agriculture, U.S.A. 3-10 Hot Fudge 4 Magic of Mark Wilson 7 I Love Lucy 12 7:00 Underdog 8 Superfriends 3-7-10 C.B. Bears 4-6 Skatebirds 11-12 7:30 Good Time Gang Club 8 8:00 Mister Rogers 2-9 Scooby's Laff- A-Lympics 3-7-10 Space Sentinels 4-fi Bugs Bunny- Road Runner 11-12 8:30 Villa Alegre 2-9 Super Witch 4-C News in Review 5 9:00 Extension '77 5 Mighty Mouse 8 Once Upon A Classic 2-9 Bang-Shang Ij»lapalooza 4-fi 9:30 Hobab 5 Heckle & Jeckle 8 Sesame Street 2-9 Muhammad Ali 4-6 Batinan-Tarzan 11-12 10:00 Congressman Jim Collins Reports 5 Johnny Quest 8 Krofft Supershow 3-10 Thunder 4^ Downtown JJtte Rock Christmas Parade 7 10:15 The Athletes 5 10:30 What About People 5 TheJetsons 8 Consumer Survival Kit 2-9 Search and Rescue 4^5 Space Academy 11-12 11:00 IxisTiempos 5 Movie a "Valentino" French Chef 2-9 Weekend Special 3 "The Secret life T.K. Dearing" Baggy Pants 4 Peach Bowl 6-7-10 Vi';!firy Garden HH Hand Gang Fat Albert Afternoon 11-12 2-4 4 11-12 12:00 College Show 5 Hodgepodge J/dge 2-9 American Handstand 3 Wrestling 4 CBS Youth Invitational H-12 12:30 Voter's Digest 5 Bonks in a Bind 2-9 Tarzan 3 Sun Bowl 11-12 "Stanford Cardinals vs. I.SU Tigers" 1:00 Saturday Showcase 5 "Tarzan, the Fearless" TheJ/me Ranger 8 Nutcracker .Suite 2-9 Movie 4 "Who Done It?" 1:30 WyattEarp 8 Guppies to Groupers 2-9 Movie 3 '"Hie Furies" 2:00 Wagon Train 8 By Line 2-9 Texarkana Town Topics 6 Movie 7 "The Stranger" Wrestling 10 2:30 Movie 2-9 "The lavender Hill Mob" Bonanza 4 Circumspect 6 3:00 Fiesta Mericana 5 Bronco 8 College Basketball 6 Bold Ones 10 3:30 American Life Style 3 Pop Goes the Country 4 Cliffwood Avenue Kids 11 Sports Spectacular 12 Variedades Musk-ales 5 4:00 Laramie 8 Newton-Weaver Western Hour 5 National Geographic 2-9 Wide World of Sports 3-7-10 Porter Wag oner 4 Wild Kingdom 11 4:30 That Nashville Music 4 Gong Show 11 5:00 l.awrenceWelk 5 French Chef 2-9 Nashville on the Road 4-6 News n In Search Of 12 Cheyenne 8 5:30 Once Upon A Classic 2-9 News 3-10-4-7 That Nashville Music 6 Marty Robbins' Spotlight 11 CBS News 12 Night 6:00 Wildlife in Crisis Big Valley Environment and You I^awrenceWelk News Porter Wagoner HeeHaw GongShow 6:15 Arkansas Outdoors 6:30 Beverly Hillbillies Music MuppetShow Critical Issues All-Star Any- tliing Goes 7:00 Pop Goes the Country Bonanza Minor Key Tabitha King Orange Jamboree Parade Bluebonnet Bowl "USC Trojans vs. Texas A&M" Orange Bowl Special Bob Newhart 7:30 Talent Profiles Tabitha We've Got Each Other f Nashville Music 8:00 Rex Hum bard Marty Robbins' Spotlight Wodehouse Playhouse Movie "Come Back Little Sheba" College Basketball Jeffersons 8:30 Porter Wagoner 5 8 2-9 3-7 4 6 11-12 10 5 2-9 4 6 10 5 8 2-9 3 4 6-10 7 11-12 2-9 3 11-12 5 8 2-9 4 7 11-12 5 Forsyte Sag a Tony Ran da)] 9:00 High Chaparral Festival of Praise I/oveBoat Kojak 9:30 FlashGordon The Less on 9:45 Movie "Things to Come" 10:00 Wrestling I^arry Lea Presents: New Year's RocWn' Eve 78 Saturday Night New Year's Eve With the Royal Canadians Wild, Wild West 11:00 Last of the Wild 11:30 Ironside Journey to Adventure New Year's Eve with the Royal Canadians 12:00 Movie "Only Two Can Play" Movie "Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines" Soul Train Untouchables Movie "Barbary Coast" 12:30 NightwatchNews 12:45 Meditations- Sign Off 1:30 Soul Train Sunday Morning 6:00 Mormon Choir 6:30 Archies FTLClub Farm Report Public Policy Forum 7:00 Agricultural Film Gospel Singing Jubilee Water—Report Herald of Truth Church Service Kaleidoscope 7:30 This is the Life Sanctuary Hour Jerry Falwell God's Treasure Chest Amazing Grace Bible Class Show My People 8:00 Day of Discovery Happiness Is Herald of Truth Lone Ranger James Robison Presents Religious Town Hall Larry Jones 8:30 Gene Williams Presents World Concern Day of Discovery Oral Roberts James Robison Presents James Robison Presents Jolly Bible Time Day of Discovery Dr. Gene Williams 9:00 Jerry and Sylvia's Music Shop Rex Humbard Robert Schuller Day of Discovery Hallelujah Train Divine Plan Jerry Falwell 9:30 Jabber Jaw Amazing Grace Bible Class Garner Ted Armstrong Church Service Jimmy Swaggart Let the Bible Speak 10:00 Grape Ape Oral Roberts Church Service Jimmy Swaggart Camera Three Church Service It Is Written Robert Schuller 10:30 Animals, Animals, Animals Wild Kingdom Jaycee Forum Church Service Face the Nation Panorama Herald of Truth 10:45 Church Service 11:00 Church Service Church Service Church Service b.S. Open Tennis First Baptist First Methodist C of Fort Worth 11:30 Church of Dallas Afternoon 12:00 Point of View To Be Announced 2-9 11-32 5 8 3 11-12 2-9 8 2-9 5 8 3-10 4-6 11 12 8 5 8 >i 12 3 If 4 6 10 11 5 5 7 12 4 7 12 8 3 4 6 10 11 12 3 6 7-10 12:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30 John's Place Issues and Answers Overseas Mission Special " " ' Issues and Answers Movie "Moulin Rouge" Update on Health Wallace Wildlife Ernest Angley Hour Music from Aspen Movie "Mrs. Miniver" Movie "The Trouble wit! Angels" Garner Ted Armstrong Family Theatre "Batman" Gospel Lighthouse Dance in America Treehouse Club Movie "Alexander the Just Pass ing Thru Hometown Saturday Night To Be Announced < Changed Lives Happy Hunters Movie "The Vanishing Doctors and Patients: Anna's Story Outdoors with the Moore s Lost In Space Amazing Grace Bible River of Life Wrestling Daktari Rays of Hope Parent Effectiveness Eddie Sutton: Basketball Human Dimensions Arkansas Continuum Rat Patrol News MuppetShow 3 7 10 5 3 7 10 5 8 2-9 3 10 tl 5 5 8 2-9 8 7 Great" 8 2-9 14-11-12 10 8 10 Land" 2-9 3 5 8 8 3 5 8 2-9 7 8 2-9 3 7 10 6:20 6:25 6:30 6:35 6:40 6:45 6:55 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 i 10:30 11:00 i 11:30 i 12:00 12:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 ~, 11 12 3 4 6 11 12 5 8 10 12 5 8 3 4-6 7 10 12 5 8 3 10 11 12 5 3-10 4 6 7 11 12 5 3-10 4 6 7 11 12 5 6 3 4-12 7-10 hurch 5 Friday. Drcrmhcr ;',0. 1977 Your Pastor Lone Ranger Archies Meditations Morning Report R.F.D.6 4 Your Information Good Morning America 3-7-10 Today 4.5 CBS News 12 Captain Kangaroo 11 Heckle &Jedde s Slam Bang Theatre 5 Mighty Mouse 8 Bozo's Big Top 7 Captain Kan gar oo 12 Phil Donahue n Comedy Capers 5 Deputy Dawg 8 Dusty's Treehouse 5 Uttle Rascals 8 Merv Griffin 3 NBC Star Salute To 1978 4-fi Big Valley 7 Cotton Bowl Festival Parade 11-12 Dinah! 10 Leave It To Beaver 5 The 700 Club 8 That Girl 5 Happy Days 7-10 The F.B.I. 5 Family Feud 3-7-10 Tournament of Roses Parade 4-6-11-12 Life in the Spirit 8 $20,000 Pyramid 3-7-10 This is the Life 8 Ironside 5 News 3 Ryan's Hope 7-10 Big Valley 8 Afternoon Night 6:00 Sunday Night at the Movies 5 "The Raven" Youth on the Move 8 Black Perspective on the News 2-9 Nancy Drew 3-7-10 World,of Disney 4-6 "Spy-Bus tens" 60 Minutes 11-12 6:30 Reflect 8 Look at Me 2-0 7:00 700Club 8 Evening at Symphony 2-9 Six Million Dollar Man 3-7-10 Rhoda 11-12 7:30 On Our Own 11-12 8:00 Rifleman 5 I, Claudius 2-9 Movie 3-7-10 "Serpico" Movie 4-6 "The Four Feathers" All in the Family 1M2 8:30 Night Gallery 5 "Man who Died at 3 & 9" Alice 11-12 9:00 Baptist Church 8 Movie 5 Carry on Doctor" Firing Line Carol Burnett 9:30 Brant Baker 10:00 News Deaf Hear 10:15 Movie Continued 10:30 Jimmy Swaggart Movie "Five Million Years to Earth" News Jerry Falwell ABC News Movie "The Hireling" Wild, Wild West 10:45 News Gunsmoke 11:00 Rex Humbard Reflect Movie "Sea of Grass" Gunsmoke 11:30 Public Policy Forum Movie "Mississippi" 11:45 Adam-12 12:00 NightwatchNews Movie "My Blood Runs 12:15 Untouchables 12:30 Meditations- Sign Off This is the Life 2-9 11-12 8 4-6-11-12-5 8 5 8 4 3-7 6 10 11 12 3 10 5 8 3 11 1:00 700 Club 8 12 10 5 4 Cold" 10 5 8 Monday Morning 12:00 All My Children The Arc hies Sugar Bowl Lucy Show News Cotton Bowl Afternoon Movie "Come and Get It" Marcus Welby, M.D. Doctors Andy Griffith 2:00 Another World Dennis the Menace 2:30 Popeye& Bugs Hour Bewitched For Richer, For Poorer Popeye& Friends 3:30 Electric Company Rose Bowl Pregame Show TheFlintstones 3:45 Rose Bowl 4:00 Mister Rogers' Neighborhood 2-9 Star Trek 3 New Mickey Mouse Club 7 Festival of Lively Arts For Young People 12 Dick Van Dyke 10 Munsters n Star Trek 8 4:30 Zoom 2-9 Andy Griffith 7 Hogan's Heroes 10 Wild, Wild West il Gilligan's Island 5 Brady Bunch 8 5:00 SesameStreet 2-9 Odd Couple 3 News 7-10-12 5:30 News 3-7-10-11-12 3-7-10 5 3-7-10 4 6 11-12 5 8 -5 8 3 8 4 6 5 2-9 4-6 5-8 4-6 Night 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:15 10:30 Over Easy News Mary Tyler Moore Bewitched MacNeil-Lehrer Report Bewitched Adam-12 Andy Griffith Hogan's Heroes Extension '77 Lucan Orange Bowl Logan's Run Gunsmoke Corner Pyle learning and Living Doris Day Movie "Lord of the Flies" ABC Theatre Maude My Three Sons 700 Club Betty White Beverly Hillbillies Switch Movie "A Tale of Two Cities" Concert: Eric Landerer life in the Spirit Dick Cavett 2-9 3-11-12 10 2-9 3 5-7 10-12 8-11 2-9 3-7-10 4-6 .11-12 5 8 2-9 8 2-9 3-7-10 11-12 5 8 11-12 5 11-12 2-9 2-9 6:00 PTLClub Rise and Shine Ross Bagley Show 3-7 10 8 11:00 11:30 12:00 1:00 1:15 News 34-6-7-10-11-12 Chriisma 8 Metroplex News 5 Movie Continued 5 Police Story 3-10 Johnny Cars on 4-6 Gunsmoke 7 President Carter's Trip 11-12 Lucy 8 Green Acres 8 ABC News 2-9 Police Story 7 UfeofRiley 8 Movie Eleven 5 "CharlieChan At The Race Track" Tomorrow 4-6 NightwatchNews 5 Meditations-Sign Off 5

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