The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 9, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 9, 1859
Page 4
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BY TELEGRAPH. REPOirMED FOB THE DAILY NKWS. Arrival of tlie Ariel. N*w YOKE, Jane 8. The Ariel is lielow. Her news is anticipated. ; s»fUnc of the , •' • • NBW YOBK, June 8. (The royal steamship Asia with over 150 pas- cengere and nearly $1,600,000 in specie, sailed to-day. ^ .—- « . Freshet on the tipper Mlululppl. CniOAQO, Jane 8. From St. Paul papers of Saturday and Sunday, we learn that St. Pan] and other towns above and b«low, suffered seriously by flood in Dpper Mississippi. Much damage was done to property in warehouses and on tbe levw'nt St. Paul" Editorial and Typographical Convention. SVBACUSE, Jnne 8. The Editorial and Typographical Association will meet in this city to-morrow, (Thursday, Jane 9th ) A large gathering is anticipated, and ample arrangements bnvc been made for the entertainment of all who may attend. People'* State Convention. HAB.BISBCRO, Jane 8. Tbe People's State Convention met to-day. David Taggart was selected for a permanent President, and a committee on resolutions appointed. Nominations for Surveyor General and Auditor General were made. Katua* ConMitntlonal Convention. LEAVEKWOETH, Jnne 7. There was a heated contest to day for election of members to tbe constitutional convention. The people having iguored all past issues and placed themselves upon a frw State basis. Definite returns Trotn the territory oan not be had for two or tbr«e daTB Military Encampment. LAFAYETTE, Ind , June 8. Tbe convention yesterday, arranged for a grand military encampment and celebration at Lafayette on the 2d, 3d and 4th of July, comprising tbe military of Indiana and the adjoining States. Fourteen companies have already accepted invitations It is said that Hon Tom Corvrin, of Obio, will positively deliver tbe Sl&felioLders 1 Convention. BALTIMORE, JuueS Tbe slaveholders met here this morning — There it- a very large attendance, embracing delegatioqs from every section of the staus, excepting Alle^hany connty and this cily. Jndgf £. T. Chambers presides. A committee on resolutions w&s appointed, aud OB motion of Senator Pierce it was determined that no resolutions shall be entertained that if not first submitted to and sanctioned by said committee. rVewi by the Overland Mutl. 8r. Lons, June 7. Tbr overland mail with dates to the 16th reached Jefierson City to-day. .NVwc unimportant. Tbe Indians had burned another house at Bed BluB. Oregon advices state thai politicians are stirring prior .to the meeting of the legislature, and that the crops are promising. Mining news from Frazer Eiver continue discouraging and most of the California miners are return ing from there. A large fleet of clippers is doe. Some out 200 days. Good>- expected in these ships will depress the toarket. Mining news favorable, trade brisk Gen. Hartley ha* issued orders directing the organization of an expedition nnder th* command of Capt Allen, to open n wagon road from tbe Columbia R:VM to Salt Lake. taTbe steamer Surpn.- . from Mazatlan. with §70,000 and a r>arly o! liberals, had started from El Paso de-sUned for flnhdahua De«tmrtii-e FIr«; n( Boston -Onr Man Killed. BOSTON, J unt- 8 A fire broke out IL Sal^m. at 1 o'clock this morning, in the stable of ih> Mansion Hnus* on Essex st., destroying it together with 18 horses The hostler named Hatch, was burnt to death. Thf stable of the Kssfjr House was next destroyed. Thf Mansion HouSf, the largest and oldest hotel in tbf city was also destroyed as wvll as a largf numl>er of miial! buildu^ge containing 20 store* and shops The loss is estimated from §100 000 to §150.000. J S Leavitt owned the Essex Honse and a large number o! the other buildings t.nrned He was also lessw of the Mansion Roust- Thf Mansion House and stable, with several of the horse*, werf own>-d l.v Nathaniel Wngt. Thf amount of insurance ie not knowu. N / PARIS, Miajr 28th> There U nothing new from Italy. > -*. Portugal had declared herneutrality: ; Qarabaldi is marching ft»i'Conro. ' '' Tb6 papers of this morning give accounts of the expedition of Gariabaldi and his vglnhtfer corps, across the right wing of tbe Anstrlans in npper lombardy, which has been by far the most striking and successful epicode of the campaign. - _ .-"•'••. . ;•; k ; '' PABIS, Jane 28J The Seine official Pays of this evening contains the following: Tbe iAnstrians, 50,000 in number, quitted PraeteMa yesterday, aijid had re-entered Lombardy. . GEKAT B&WAIH.—Tbe London Post, in reply to some statements as to Lord Paltnerston and Lord John Bnssell, being actuated by mutual rivalry, says the public may rest assured lhat if tbe liberal party oan not act unitedly, the fault will not rest with its chiefs. The Bat-is Pays says that England is endeavoring to renew diplomatic relations with Naples, bat only on condition that France will simultaneously do the same. There was scarcely any business doing at the Bank. The demand for silver for the East had revived, and the remittances on the 4th of June were expected to be larger than of late. FRANCE—The Paris Bourse on Friday advanced 1-4 per cent. Tbe rates closing 6lfii2o and GlfBOo, and to-day (Sutnrday) they are 1-4 per cent, higher than yesterday. The Eam, screw frigate, of 6,000 tons, will be commenced this or next week. NAPLES—The correspondent of the TiniJs reports that several Colonels of Swiss regiments are compromised in the conspiraces against the crown Prince PAEIS, May 30. The Moniteur publishes the following telegram : Allessandria, May 29—The Emperor is enjoying perfect health. We have hut few sick. The Weather is beautiful, and tbe harvest has begun. The army is abnndunll)- supplied, and the soldiers continue to feel full of oonfidenco, and are in high spirits. The artillery has been re-organized. The National Guards mobilized, and volunteers are hastening to increase tbe militia. The National movement is spreading, and the town of Lecco is full, Tbe Austrians, in considerable force, hava occupied Rob i.e. Tbi following was received at Rf ill las telegraph office yesterday evening : OHU Oara- baldi entered Como amidst bell-rinpings and n general illumination of the town. All the steamers on tbe lake of Como are n possession of Qarabaldi. The Anstriana ar,' in rapid retreat Advices from Luganno, dated noon of the 28th. state that the Austri*ns, pursued by Galabaldi. were withdraw ing towards Milan Gen. Garabald had occupied Canerlo and Sf<-co Insurrectionary movements had taken place in the Vattelluis, and800 VatU-llins insurgents are now on board an Austrian steamer. Yesterday evening after a furious fight which lasted from 5 to 8 o'clock, Qarabaldi entered Como The combat was renewed at Camerbos la, and the Austrians again gave way and re- trealpd. The town of ('oms was illuminated, and all the steamers on the lake are in the hands of the patriots BERLIN, May 2s—According to advices from Florence of to-day, Kussia, Prussia, England and Tuscany, ar" said to have reoog- nizfd the provisional government of Tuscany, and the representatives of these countries are also said to have withdrawn ihnir flags. LOKDOK, May 30 —The Times says that tbe report that Mons Benedict was about to proceed from Paris on an extraordinary commission to the German confedfraiiou. tends to strengthen the supposition o( a compromise at no distant day by means of Prussian agency. Tbf precii* position which will be assumed cannot tie ascertainfd, but they approximate to the principles heretofore declared, viz , that fr-f ships make free goods, contraband of war ficfptfd. and that thf ct>ods of a Iri.-nd captured on board thf vessfls of an euernyjwith the Hkf .-xct-ption. shall not be sur.j-rt to confiscation, and tljal thf rights of war arv noi in thf naturf of things to eitfL j any'airther than to fXact. equally from each and every nentral the !nt,-rrirption of all trade with a blocks- dfd port and to subject art-iclns ri.ntraj.and of war to capture and confiscation. Thf official fipo*itioii will involvf ihe discussion of important ijijfStions, including that of l ,.«-kadf. Hnd as to bnw far thij IflUgvrent righl should !>• ert,'nii.-d considered at fair to <juot«. -The entelllgraee which we glum from oar^zchuct* if meagre, bat little ha» ie«n : offered anywhere, " »nd whit parclaiet h»Te occurred have been mortl jr »t pried Wr» little above ttffw which ruled Jut year . Tbe following the Baltimore frice Currmt Aaml the dealing ID wool, at that clty.'for the put week: "There H but little new wool coming in— price* unchanged, vli: new unwaihed at 21 to 22c j old do »t 82 to 2*c; tab wtibed 25 to Sic; pulled from 80 to S8c for Mo. 1, »cd 85 to 88c for Merino. More hai been doing In polled at 1 wrata; some 16,000 to 80,000 Ibi sold to go east at 80a«c per Ib, avenging SI)fe perlb." Lomsmia, Kr.— Good new clip— unwaihed 2»3i3lr, wished 83Q37 $ ft. OIKCISHATTI. — All tbe new clip which has arr ved, hn been taken at 30® «Bc. i bont 40,000 new cl 'p . BUFFALO. —The price BOW offering for wool, ranges 25 to40o. PaorronCK, B. I. — Maiket dull with small demand. The sales far the week been 6,000 !b» fleece r,t 40®44c; 10,000 Ifi pulled atSSc. SBEL»T, O.— The wool crop will not be as t.eaYy thli year u last, but the materl il will he better. A small lot of tub-waihed Bold at St. Loal>, on Tuesday, it Sl«. Nrw Tom, 6rp — Wool I quiet with downward tendency. We trust ID a few dsjfi to be able to give quotations. ftnllrond Receipt*. Rearim BT Li OBOSSI x MII.WTAIIE IUILKOAP.— 2fi& but wheat; 630 do oats; 23 do corn; 34 do potatoes, 106 bb'.s flour; 60 sacki do; 7 head cattle; 4334 1 ,i hides; 14,143 do sundrlr*; '. ,300 It lumbar. Mu.W10U> * MISSISSIPPI miLRO.D — 19 bbls flour; 2,798 bus » heat; 610 dn oati;4!7.o forn; 82 do barley; 163 do | ,>titoes. EcORtP'B BT CHIOiOO A MlLVACK-KB BArLROAD — 20 bolt-flour; 1,1*1 bus whi.-it, SOJ ( 'o oats. Meteorological. Jess 7 § i. M.— Wind N. W.— sky | -ne-nlly olear. Barometer 29 B4. Therm -neter 64. ll M.— Wad 8. E.— sk, cl deil with cnmuM. B\rometer 29. M. Tliern, .iieterS 0 . 4 r. M. -Win ' N E.— slry 1 udy -ra.nlng gently. erDO. BKrorr-ett r 29 60 Thtin » p M.— W Q'l N N. K — s Barometer 28. 60. Therm. partly clear. . neter 47. MARINE RECORD. (•oil ul M II » uubc< . \ K K I < Jojt ; I'roj. Everjrrpen '' ty, Cbao. pkps funrlries, S pu> 8ctr du do.Johpprin, S&nr] 1 t.nrn. Prop Ontonapnn, Wllklni, ( Cchr Norway, JolinnoD, Men . Scbr J Harbrldpe, Jchnnnn, I woo 1. Stmr Qme.le, Builln, Two I: !>kf sundries. Prop Krrp Sttt'e, Kou'.di, Cl , Hchr Sacr-mfnto, l^rrjt>ert, M Schr Mary B Hale, Kcnnedj - Mchr Kleonore, UenrukBoo, .» M flqu are titnt,er Slrur Traveller, Pweeiu-y, Cl. , riot-gar, 6 lihds sugar Seogcra. «Jl,KA . J u nc 7. •-:!». 1,1. -!a:n, Oolllnctrood, 124 , 10 M lumber. 93 cordu , *po ](tn hbl« h'srliwlnei. .., tore, 14fi M lutt ber nberton's Pier, H>"J cords -r», 81 rolln leather, 1 CO. -,l.<tee,8tl M lumber. Riven, 84 M lumber,*!! <o,200boirhc»t.24 bbli 'S uk^ sundries, 27 {, ,B 3USINEB8 AVER'S CHERRY , 0»0. W.JST« C01BNSEL,L.ORS NO. !tfe KAfeSAW ST., may2B « • . . , » CHANDLER & HICKCOX, i; Attorheya &Gunsellors at it, aw KNEEI.AKD MILWAUKEE. ...... [«pr!6J ..... i FOR THB RAPID CURB OP Colds; Cough*, and floftrsenes*. turnout, Mia, 20th Dee, 184*. DB. AIM: Ida not ha) Uto to AT ttcteetnmedwl ban mr flmnd for Onggha, HoanoMO, Innarota, and th. concomitant symptom, of a Cold, Uyo»r OOXIST Kccnku. It»coastaot n»ln I. rJIlftiS. I. A j <JKO»S i |>,%KKlSH» ' &.TT(>R!JETS & COUNSELLORS irVfi I.AW. Itio. 10, Albany lluUtlfcuJft Mil -A-^UKEE apl WiapO.NSlN. my practfen and my ounUy for tb» lait rlor Tirtnai tat the tnatmrot of tbtm oomplalnta. KBtS KNIGHT, M. D. A.B. MOBTLET. Xn^of UTHIA, ». Y, wrltn: " ] and your Kdani myself and In my kmilj «T«r sine. Jon Innnted It, and cellare It th* beat mMidiw for IK pnrpoit «TV pot oat With '• bad eotd I should aoonn par tw«nty-«T»dollan fa a bottle ttum do wtowot It, OF take any other remedy.* ATTORNEYS & COUNSELLORS VfT LAW 1 , ArcadelSulding, 178 Entt Water ft-, 'tHhsmtku. O. W. I'laknm, formerly I 1 i New'louf °" ln? 'J "'""i } P. Bux>peooo Is C. 8. Court Oommtislobej and Commissioner for several &tr.tes. • noyl Q -<lGm h»« Bnoronain, MISR, r*b. T. 186*. BlonoB ATM : I will shawrfully oertify yonr /Worai ll tba> but raaoedT wa poawas tat th* cor* of whooping ooBgh,eroap,andthaahaat dlsaaaM of chfldrao. Woo? yxmr fratanjlty In tha Sonth anpndmt* rear skill, and uxamand ytrnr nedidna to our paopla. OONKLIN, M. D. PATBNT MEDICINES. H.I, P'AllnKt . . . JOftHCA PTA1C. ifAi Mi-;ii"&' STAUK, iuoriiijys & Couii&eilors '. ai Law. i*<" OlIct.No. «, Mitchell's New Hank IBolWiDp, cor- Dt-t -.f Mic$ i w an and Fj^t WittiT streets, Miljr»okre. I SlInircT L.;p»RI 1. *» TJ» ITTIR3 Aitorndya and Counsellors ittt Law. ftKVSKK r<iif,r. ..wiscosst^, Will |>rur/tfce in the various OourU of the jk-vlbatli Jail- ri.-U Olrojm of Wici-onsln, and will fa'thtollj attend to I II hai,ifiesJ intrusted to us, rec.ittftripPf promptly mat.e. Land Warrants located it. sclented '*nrts for II njH ..itji distance. ' ' ill rt^KHJA S( HErrsR, Rankers, Hlt-rcna Po'bt. .1 R. Sn*r.rsTiix, Ksi|., MiliranV •••. . g IUEKR, Vilwuuket. Ilr.n. J i CiT"S, Ottawa, III. jr|o. A. Attornav and Counieller : iai Law NOS. » i 10, moKsix Nll.lVAt'SKK, ll 0"mi:r*i -nt-r f .r r; V, I'fin : and \nr\. Stmr Travel, r, Sweeny, • pirllfi,40 bus pot Schr Chlr go. 10 bbli wbl»ly, lu bull , 1 pkgs sundries. Wra H 8tev<-ns, Dovle, nu .lo, 11,1100 but <rheal. OntonsfroD, Wilklna, L'* ood, 5,00i> buahel* «h, Stmr liaiel:e, Bull'n, 1 wo 1: ' wh.aky, 109 pre n H.d. • Schr Norw-^j, J (.hnsr.n, Ment.ji Schr Drlvi-r, Dav s, Green Bfti Prop Kr.e cut-, Roandi, Bi t Hlinr Cltr-ilaod. Doueal, Or». n casks potash, 4- pKRs MI Slmr Cltj ol C ereland, fqu Miur Traveler, Sw*eney, flu : r. 2 bbls doar, 2 !2 pkffs sun ries •lo, 5.1KK) bhll fl->ur 1 Haven, *j tons mdt, . tiles. Grand Harea !Vcw \ork Hattrra. NEW YORK. .Inn.- h A proposition has lieen made by certain parties to lease the Erie Railroad for tec years, on tbe following terms To pay the bondholders 8l MK',000 for the present year, ?I.SOO,000 for the neit y $2.0(10.OlMi for tbe 3d year, and $2.3oG. Uu o per annum for tbe remainder of the term. The latter sum would be sufficient to pay the interest on the entire debt, and a dividend on the stock. , The parties ofler to gives security to keep tbe road in repair, 10 be subject once a rear to the investigation of a committee, under the in structions of the creditors of the Company The Coroner's jury in the case of Fanny Dean, returned a verdict of accidental death, whereupon Messes. Hal.iey and Wells were discharged. Mr Wells returns to his family in Mast F r o m W AKhl n jft on. WASHINGTON. June S. Thf administration lias not ji-l tally .iKi-r- tcrmmed on its cnarse of action p,-rjdinq the war in Enrop^, but has undrT consideration a declaration or fitaUrnent of the principle* l.j wbirb thf Cnitrd States in a nentral position will 1>" governed. It will clearlj pet farth the just ri pliis of American citizens eneaped in pcaoeful pursuit* of commerce, wLicli. a; far as possit.l>-. the adminiptration desicn to protect Two MB* LOST ASD F, CBP --On Thursday. the ii6^ ult.. af the bark Mary . y tock i T »*• pulp? 10 Buff»* slit mis-ook th« liplit al Po DI H-.I Frletr. am to pn- IDK °o toe bead, let po her .tnchor, also her kr Ifv anchor w-rtti or! ich Ui ret UL er waj ag»ln After welehm.' anchor, two nj^n «ertf sent out in a • ntvl! Lost t., grt the keily-, and, l),- late r>cirg r.'uvli »nd the »i-alher thick, ll.pv »eie I. - Search *a> rnad. fc.r fatur'Uy la«t >i letu-r was rrr Vrtl bj the '•ipttin that lh<-> h* I S^eti i- kcd up bv :ti- a,l..,m^r L \ir. and tal(«[, i BuT.,1', Tt.^rwri-out B,.m f t« -.r lu r»- Th« b«rk Alurl t,u b<-ft, charter,-.! by -w Baltimore to tike h load of lumber to •ari thr Dr-trcit Free Pr*.*» \g<> . from MUwsmkfe. '. 089 I.I, M rioor , Ba.l-.-r, Mllo-aokw., Is,280 otii oan. Rich- I oil . \'(>N DKl L'S<' AVrOKNfLY AN1J CULNSKLl.OR At LAW. OF.'li.'r'-tmpirf Hlock, 1!21 Vast Waui St. I MILWifKCK, WISf^lNSIM 4 v. v. PLITTO; Attoriiey & Counsellor at tSf~ OlBce in Mitchell's Bank Building. S° wiiUkcf, Wlac.ii.ain. '. lUn n KK Jt SP Mil- 3 £ 4, Newhall I! <>•<• Ul Mll<ra»liet WIs. Offirt pAKT.. .. ....... WAUiAC« r»ATT ICJAKY & FIIATT, )'a nnd C'ouaitcl4or« ; ut l.u\%* ,j, Vuun|('« I1K.CI, C'irnrr Main a^J Wis- M1LW ACriiKK, \VlfCONClS w, '* I I'll \ H \ (.KAMA 'I, tf j» il -LAV al>d tiol.cltort it, C'.anjfrrjr, c ns.6 ttrrrt. Milwaukee ja AN 1> .l -AN KO I :H. A. Bradley, KAO 1)1 .Al.l-. A I Fl< STIl»:E T, , Iio_ Moarnai la, wrlt«,ad Jan, MM: b*d a tadlons Inflnmiia, which confined on IB doon all wwk»; took aany midldaM witbOBt relief: finally erMnmr /Vforol by th.adTfc.of on» ctarjyman. Tn« entdo» raUaTMl th* aorwiMm In my throat and lungs ; IMS than on* half th* bottl. mw* EM completely weft Tour madiduM an th* chaapan aa «.S u th* but w. aan buy, and wreatMm yo», uoetor and yonr ramedliw, •I tht poor man's Mend.* Aithnta or Phthiaic, and Bronehiti.. Wai UAHOBnna, Pa, »«b. 4,18S8. Bra: four CSorjr Ptetanl l> pgrlonnnu marT«llon» «nr*i In thli lectJcn- It ha. mUrred amnj from alann tnc irmptoma of eonramptlon, and Is now curing a man who hai labored under an affection of th* Innn tor tbo tart forty year*. HENRY U FABKB, Merchant. *_ A. RAMSiTT, U. D, Auioa., Uoiraoi Oo^ IOWA write*, g«pt.o,l864: " Daring my praetle* of many j™n Ihar* found nothing *qnal to yoiir Ourrf Ptttaral foi Clfflng MM and r*U*f to connuspttT* patlnta, or earing rmch a> an arrabla." •T* might add TDlnm*s of rrt«*n*a, bat th* ma* no- rlnenif proof of Ul* rtrta** of this raaudy to toood hi Ita Conaamption. Probably no on* ramcdy has rrtr am known eond K many and fneb dang*roru c**« a* thla. n* human a!4 can reach; but «r*n to thoi* th< Katoral affords r*U*f and oomfcrt. Aaroa Hoosm, Niw To«» Cm. M«rch t, ItM. Dootoa Ana, Lownx: I <*•! l« a antr aod a pl««ran to tntlrm yon what TTOr Oarry P*ttormt\mf dona tor m» wu*. Bha bad b*en n>* monthj Ubortng ond>r tha dan- geroni lymptom* of Oonsnmptltm, from whleh no aid w« conld proenrr nr« her much rall*( gh* was staadlly tail, tog, nntfl Dr. strong, of thli dty. whan w* ban o»m<- tn adrloa, rocamm*nd«d a trial of your madldn*. W« blast his kindne**, u w» do yoor skill; for sb« fcaa nnr*tr*t from that day. Bh* IB not yat a* strong as aha napd in b*, bnt Is fr*s from her eoofflv and call* kentelf well. Tours with gratltnd* and rward, ORLANDO SHKLBT, o?, DE. HOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, AMD DR. HOOFLAMD'S B4LSAMK CORDIAL, The great itandard mtdicana of ll>« prvtrnt aye, have acquired their great popularity jnhf through years of trial. Unbounded latuf'tf tion u rendered by them in (til cttses. jn'/ 'A^ people have pronounced them Kvrtfiy LlTer Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaandtrc, Debility of the Nenroes System. Diseases of tbe Kidneys, and ail diseases anstny fm-m i 'twor-lr-r^'i liver or weakness nf iht. stomach <ind ittj+atw organs, are spt.edily and prnniinejitly ,-und >y the GERMAN BITTERS Tke Balsamic Cordial Wi v-ywrtft i rrputdtujn surpaxxifi'j that ->f im/ yr~ paragon rrtan! It '-till ritr*. WITHMTT r*iL, the severe and tony-standing Cou^h, Cold, or Hoarsenasa, Brouohitia.. Ia- flueiLza, Croup, Pneumonia, Incipient ConflumpLion, ••' known ^' Confirmed Consumption. A frw dofies will nfjtn 'It -inrr -h*rl un (. T titx most i OLD IN OlarrhCBa li - I - OF THE AGF. j MILWAUKEE. — - • r \Vill Auction and L ICodu ay> Commission Mcrchauts, 'V17 VY l^c particular t.:ierit:nn to , t>ry U --.<-.,!• nn.) every Ju l-'.f T, r.e *»!*• nf Purn' ., r -\. l:r.n ol Mrr , [-a.ri ..[ i,',,. o>l f-iir Baltic mood TH. P,.r« irrive ' n In her prtt ,ng or. a rork bi I fllte'j Peak. LBA%'ENWOBTH. Juu^g Tb>- I'lkc ^ IViik expr«s, from l>«nvnr C.lj on th* 26th ult , urrived here, with tlirco hundred dollare. fr,^Hry varietv of rumors were currcnf some parties making from fifteen to twcntv dollarf H day, and others nothing. Tlu Indian!- were collecting in considerable I nnmb^re along the route, und were proving troublesoniH to tbf trausit. cefusins to allow stages to pass whnoui paring black~njail, and begging and stealing what they can lav their bands on Tbe democrats harr earned thu- oonntr I.T 4r>() m»jojitv COMMERCIAI.. GEO. GODFRET, EDITOR OP THE DAII.V NKW«, ( MHwa-ik^r, J,.nc s, MM ( Mi-KFTihT — W r bavt notlitntf u, tell cooc^rnlnu mom»y matten- nn,,,njr our nanks more tban thej repc'-t rurreury aud '-I"hangf " ablj- ti ht ."— Tlie rate arc sUM unchanged. We shall endearor tj be posted OL the drvr.opnienl* that may r.ccurr, and p-vr tim^lj notice o' an\ clianfr- TbejN^w Vork BertM, o( theCth. uys the ^pe^le uhlprncnt 1, only about one-half that uf last week, nr.r IB H likHy that thf-Javerape will for the 'present b? mud. ti.tfti.-r than that of the week which has jiut mdtd. Money If reported firm at U>t advanced rules lait-ly quoted. There l> nt difficulty In disrountmc firet clasi paper, with two well known names, at se ven per rent, even when the paper ha« nvt or elx months to run.— His Cm —TT.e Tallureof th.s Pr |..llprt,- r last trip from OolliniT»ood w« owing to •ft of her rour»e In a f,,g and itlcklne f««! the way She (Tot off wVlv.ut damage, ar.d returned to ColMlnfwood and will be here on brr nf it trip all nphl Orr AI^OJ—The Drtrr.u free /V,JM ia j., the »chr C. North, which h** been aprr,und at Pnint Pe'ee, »as brouifrit up Thu-».-iar t.lrhl by th* tap Oiwepo. ar.d hai yone Into dry dock. Her dhmajfe* ar? eat ni»te,l at abool «400 The lujht h .uje keeper reported that l,r had jrrne ashore to procure su.res and that tl.pre «a» n^. I'F'.t Tt.r srhi.tiner Convoy I. aground on the P-LHI and tVir Oswepr, has now pnne t., her as«ntanre Sair-riKG Ics TO C*HAUA.—Tlie other day at Oetrolt, the lap Ontario came up from Toronto harlrjr twn canal bom in tow, for the parpose .,' obtaintn.- ice The, obtained a supply at ihe Ice bou-es below the cay s»l~—Purnl«h-d tr, the Board I Or Lounty. i returni mf N. H. — B M 11 (\V A I : KKK liAXA.-VH. , UELORME& OUEMTIN 159 Kaxt W,iUr .strpv(, / h I" XT JOOR TO MKtidRa. HKJ,I>P*)Kt» BHO'ft, ; iMFrmTEEfl *KT DKjaLJtKa \f .v > »t"0<l*, Toy», Willow W»r« and Yftt.tfet Nuhon AUo, Erabroiderj r»(.&di ind Zephjrr Wonitd. ^ WAI. Ij. j. PAPKK i rai ^ 40. vnt I: > RKT.fL DI Ooar.iry Tor Paper Hingiag^, Window Shades, &c. rktmen »enl lo fcll paru nf thr Oily \n-: coraUng &DIJ P»^«r lis.n»ritiK m ill iU work war*-ant*d frh^^ ANQUS SMITH & cb".7 Forwarding I. A It I. A, Uie M I. I I. | The lolloorm • ' 1 from 4 o'rio. ! the 4th of Juo,. : I Bond Weil—.1 elf passed I' u on rli • Rfl Lake I Purl ill 4 n- .thru Anrtio. C(»:b'-rne Lock Ironside* , or f Christiana . Bound But— June HJ b^^k^ Amlre» Ptevpnj, North • ",'" L 'J hl > ' Fl>r: E 'l'.l Adrlnlir ; , c hr» BUT Qi^en In«i»Q MaH . on t' ' IS: propeller RuciflcB bark P D But fecund cla*s paper, ,,r n>ir>ri leu p«n,-rally known, | Woodruff. K-l.ri W C. e , Anne OraiR, Be- jamir, Frank. Struck on Iceberg. St. J^hns, N. F.. June 6. Tbe Hleanjt>liip Edenburg from N. Y. for Glasgow, pat in -here last night with 2 of her compartments full of water, having struck an iceberg on Monday, at 11.20Ja. m. 180 mile? east of St. Johns, in a fog. Thf iceberg was first discovered'directly ahead of the ship. The Helen VTAB put hard a port and she passed close along side without touching the part above water, bnt struck the part under water a little, abaft tlie port bow, and stove one of her forward plates. Tbe engines were stopped, bnt the ship had passed the ioebargJjelore her headway was stopped. The two foremost compartments filled almost immediately with water. The pump? were quickly set going, and sails and bedding lowered over into tbe boats. All the male passengers assisted the crew in working the pumps and bailing. There was a dense fog all day Monday and Monday night, "1th rain and wind fresh, but sea smooth. At noon of Tuesday, an observation was taken for the first time for three days, and the ship was found to be in lai. 47 deg. 51 min. north, long. 50 deg. 29 mm. weBl; distance from St. Johns 47 miles. At 1 o'clock made land, all hands working rigorously at the pumps to keep the ship from sinking. The water was only kept from flowing into the other compartments by their incessant labor. The passengers speak in the highest terms of Captain Gumming'B conduct th rough out Every preparation was made, even to preparing the small boats and providing them with provisions, clothing, etc. The different boats were distributed and lists of the male passen gers were also carefully prepared. The lady passengers'sat op all night ready dressed to embark bj six o'clock Tuesday morning. A number of the male passengers had become exhausted. The severe labor imposed upon them was coctined until she reached port. All the passengers and crew are saved. The Captain Bpeaks of the passengers as having behaved with, the almost coolness, and labored unremittingly for thirty hours. N Tbe extent of tbe damage b not yet ascertained, but tbe snip will probably have to d is- ohargc her cargo to undergo repairs. Arrival of the Steamdilp Ar«£O. ST. JOHNS, N. F., June 8. Tbe screw steamship Aragx), Capt. White, from Galway, on the 30th ult., arrived at port at 10 o'clock this evening. Her advices are from Llyerpool bynjail to the evening of the 28th, alnd by telegraph to the morning of the 80th. ; ' °- ..,-L.. are more difficult of salt- II ie reanon at, e lo expect thai tin- dran, ,,f specie will for a lime create home activity in our m«D«-y iiiar- kct. and n irr.ulil not ht uurprlsinp if rates advanced one or tw L , per cent beyond their present polril. Bul there If so little demand for money In Wall street, and si, few borr(>wertv, that an ndrar.c? of rven iwo per ceot. would not crt'»u any preat d.murhancf- Kx- chanpir closed yesterday qultt dull und l.eitvv, tl,,.ufrti without,pr of ratf-t.. iJoKMEHnui. —The advice from Ne» York had Ihe eflecl to oppress the markets t,er>- to-day Arr,,rdir,p- 'nply few tririPkrliune have oc.currt-d have 1-ecr; at a reduced price Very little fl'.ur chunpcd hand., a^d the tendency wai down. In n-h-at there »a« a falling ofi ID both pncw and sales u tl, a decline of 2 on actual .aleu of So. 1 n-iih a declining u-ndency a* the clue Oatt If lower also, and sales are, lul Con and other course praln^ are scarcely touchej P.tta- toi-! Cud a ready calt al pood prices, while butter and CRft ure in fmr demand. There »r f a !eor Ion of wool sold occasionally, l,ul the markel 1> l.y nu ronam sel tied, so thai the present prices are DO just criter.on to judg-e by. PrelphU are flrm «-,th an upward tendency. The Propellers taking flour through to New York atoOc.— Tbe D. AM.R R. rloet Ihe sam - for 45c Wheat Is 4c tt Buffalo and 7c lo Oswego. The schooner W. H Stephens, which was chartered some day, ago, cleared to-day for Buffalo with ll,5iX> has. TI.IIwaiiKee Wholesale market. WEDJKDAT Er»rso, June 6 FREIGHTS—flrm. The Prop. Fren Stale takei flour u. go through at 60. The Prop. Ontonapon, also, take* 0,000 bus wheat to Colllogwood. FLOtTB—lower. Receipts 4 2 bbls, shipments ^002 bills. Sales 260 bbls Mazoroanle at 6,50; no other offered. RVE I LODR—steady. No sales. WHEAT—lower. Receipts 8,777 ban; shipments 16- SOObas. Bales )00 bus No. 2 -at 1,00; 600 do No. 1 at 1,1S«; 300 do extra No. 1 at 1,20; 800 do do 1,18; 300 do do at 146; 200 do extra on private terms 825 do extra 100 d hn, ParaifOu.Gern. BY TELEGRAPH. • iv York tlurket. N»w Voa t 1.28; choice for milling— 200 bus extra at 1,39; ertr a No ! at 1,30; winter wneat-100 bus double extra white 1,65; 560 do white wlnUr '1,80; 176 do white winter 1,46. Total sales 2,950 bus. RFE-acarce and In demand. Sales 00 bo. at 1 IS OATS-lower. Receipt, 4,211 bus; .hlpmeou none. Sales G7o but at 45 OOEN— no tales; nominally lower; receipts 244 bus. POTATOES— In good demand, ftnles quick; 37 bus »« 62 Jf. Receipts 627 bat; ihtpmects 40. EOGB— steady at 8®9. BUTTER— lett active; unchanged 9® 12. HIDES— unchanged. Green 6#<J7; salttd 7>i®8; dry UQJ6; shipment! 109 green. WOOL — limited supply; market unsteady. Bales 2CO IbB at 26; 80 Ibi at 27; 60 Ibi at 59. bftter. Receipts 100 bbli __ ' H1GHVFDJE8— shade Sale« SO bbls It 27. WOOL — from no part of the country do we hear of any considerable transactions in wool. It comei lo y slowly nnd Is of slow sate. The general feeling continue! to be that the war will have an unfavorable effect upon the market, and to this mint be added the recent Urge exportation ol apecle, which of Itsolf hai the effect to depress the market yery muctu Pjwjfcie, naTe been made yet in oar market, at prices which may be June S H,OL"K--markel very heavy and l()c loiter, sales 4,1110 al 6^0^6.611 for June Inspecting superfine stale . (:'!,Ca,~.m for extra do; 0.30(^6,00 fnr June , n - HHClMin nupecflne western, e.T.'.Jt'.W for common to po,.,l f il n »e«lerD, t.VO<a,~ ,^, lur do rnund hoop uhlo, clusini hi-ary, CANA1IAN FLOCE—nomlr al. KYK rLOL'R—small sales at 4j&6,2o. WllKAT--market heavy ar.d 2c ln»er, s ilen 7,000 bu» at 1,0(1 for winter red western; I,b5 for cholcn whlu> Mich , 1,60 for red xouthern. a¥K—jleady al 9S. BABl-EY—qu et , s»le« 2,41". bushels stale ai 64 also 4,000 bus barley malt at H4. OOR^—heavy and a >hade .-asler , sales 14,00. hush at b6 (for choice mixed western , y4 for yellow. OA i>—dull at b~t^t4 for p nle , 55(^, r >6 for weitern anl Canadian lirFKAlX) M \IIKKT. UfrfiLo, June >. FLOL'E—O.«=nr<l dull, but cl ,,ed wllh a lair demand; Inquiry conDned mainly to u,e hotter prades , sales 1,000 bbls al 6,75 for stale, from Chicago spnna wheat; 6,75if,7.25 for ertra Mich., In I., and Ohio ; 7^0^18 (or double extras. M HKAT—quiet , sales 2,000 bul red Ohio al 1,66 CORN—Ic lower, sales I3,f>uo bus 111 at 77 OAT*- qu'el. 11 \RI.EY —dull and neglected. EVE—firm , 1,00. MONTREAL MARKET. MOITIIIL, June 8. Fl/JDR—Inactive, holders »r,od, brands stilHn de- manil at C,60ia6,00 for mpeiou- No tran»act.ons tn grain. OSWF.OO MARKET. OSWBOO, June 8. KCli V.N'l S. Proprietors of tl.« V \IOIl M AH I HIM SI. if th - Milo-RUkee A M <ll«Blpl', im 'ert..wn A titr^t.<>., V«i t yK4ili >a,l3 »n '. • ..1 . ,- „!, |,r ( .eflj in 111 .re. -,r d«srpalr till JOB bar. trlxl Arn'l OEUXT PicTDau. It !• made b; cm* *l Ui. b»«t i ch«mlsti In the world, and lu mri» all aroond n t r the high merits of Ita r1rtn«s — nOadtiplaa Ledger Ayer's Cathartic Pills. T dl KleneM of Ch«al«tZ7 »nd Uedleln* ha»- t>*«u Ux*d thalr utmost to prodoc* tl.ii baat, movt parfnct purpaOT* vhicb U known to man- InnotaenbU prrxib AT* ihovn thftt tbaM Pmj haT« TtrtnM vhlch inrpau in •zevllflB** th« ordiuarj medldnM, and thAt tb«y »i n an preoed«ntodl7 upon th* «taem of tUl men. They u-.»t»fe uid pl«a.wit to Uk«, bnt pawtrfnl to cure. Their penetrating pTopartiMitlmiilatA th* rlul MtlrltlMof ch« body, ramova th« obstroctlonj of Iti orfmni, purify tha blood, ud exp«l dlMasto. 'ni«7pary.iont thrtJbnJ homon which braed and grov dlitcmp«r, ittmoiAte thiggUh or dl«ur iUr«d orfmcj Into thetr n&tonl •££!•&, aod tmp*rt healthy ton« with ctranfth U th* whol* *j*t»m. Not 00)7 do tb*7 cnr« th* »T.W7-d«7 complainta of vrcry body, bnl Aljo fonDldabkw and danfntnu ijtinaatii th«t hare baffled th* beat of hnmao ikflL While they prodno* pov*rftjj tffecta, tb*y ar* at the nm* time, tn dimloUhed dosaa, ch* •afavt and beat physic that can b* employed for ckildmo Being luear-t^WMi they ar* plouant to uk*; ud beinx parity Testable, ar* IY** l>«m aay rill of harm Cora* hare bean made which mrpaji b*U*f w*r* they not rnb- rtAntlaied by men of mcb-exalUd poaldon and ch»r*ct*-r a« lo fcrMd the nupldon of nntratk. M*ny eminent der^ymm and phyvldani have lent th^tr DUD«C to r«rtlfy to the ptiblie th* rvbabUity *f my r*m*dlea, whU* oth«n have cent me the aeauraKC* of thetr ooaTltrtlon that my Preparatloni oontrlbnt* faninene«Ly to the relief of my afflicted, .raffleHnj tenoT-mea. ^ Tbe Agent below named to plaa**d to fnrolth |ratU my American A hn^n^a, onnt^.^fni dlrectlonj (br thefr oae uid c«rt1flcaiM of their cure*, of th* tbUowlog compialnu — OOSUT.VC0.M, BUkmi Oomplalnta, Khramatlain. Drnpny. Heartburn, Heexlach* arlclnc from a foal *Uim*rb, NIQ •ea, Indl^Mtlon, Morhld Inartlon of th* Bovel* «,n,J pun arlclnf thervfrom, Flatolency, Lam of Appedt*, all I'lrcr ooj and Cvtaiieoru Diara*** which require an e«»rTiAnt m«Ucin«, ftcrofala or Rlny'i Brfl. Tb»y al«w, by parlfy In^ ih«t hlrwa.1 and •tlmaUting tb* lyitem, mra manj i fompljUnU whtrh It would ne4 b* mppnavd th*y ccnld reach, inch M l**ti>f«^ Partial BUadnaw. N*tmi|rta «nd Nerroni IrrltabiDty, DurangBmentj of th* UT«T anj K M- neyt, Qoat, and other kindred oompUlnt* arteln^ from i low it*** of th* body or obctmetlon of Ita fnnctk<D«- Do oot b* put off by onprlnrtplfd <k«l*ri with turn*other pill they make more profit on- A*k for AT«» > PTLLfl, and take nothing «l>e No other they ran fir* yon romp*r*e with thli In Ita .ntrlnrtc »*]n« or cnr«tl»" POW*TW Th« tick want th« b«rt aid th«tr« tn *.r U*m, and they chmiM h*T« It. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYKH t Praclicil and Ajialytical Chemiit, Lovell, Mi*t Paid 85 CTB. «m Box. Pm BOIM r%« J 1. SOLD BT JOHN RICE, MUwtak?*. . J. H. REEI> A CO., Chu-arfr. an 1 A----I • r. .» ry DR. M'LANE'S CKLKBRA TFI) VERMIFUGE LIVER PILLS. pr V A >TT i,in-iri • lV\'I<'<l'l>a '1 I .1 V 1 \ T ' ' 1 i A 1 l • i v ' I l'oin|iniiii r,:;..,',:; 'nlirr|\ N (oiilideiitiiil A'',',:'•--;. ''.' ,<.. \ I u, ^ Aimfactcreri an.| Dealen . mtii (, finding*. Illrtc., Ai 1 19 riut Wat«r itrcet, Milwaukee, Wu T" C»3l (»uJ fnr Hides, Pelta, Wool, *c. John JI: ru'l t • 'irt«-^t NKAU u furnish plans fn Arrliitrcl, *Ui .if r Uil>Ii P. HiHHi.'-J pwaiiKi B&otH . KIELD, * liar ma, W T C. K" LODIH r/%ji. r v\i» HFK —THE— LATEST STYLES —AT— BUTTON'S! apr16 W PAPEiR WAREHOUSE , Blackmarr& Co., 00.) FLODB—quiet. WHEAT—declrledly flat s lies email. OOBN AND OATS—qalet. CANAL FRKIOUTS-qnl wheat; 6 for corn. with a declining tendency- '' d, iSc for floor; 6Xc for LIVERPOOL SUIIKET. I.ITIBPOOL, Saturday, 28 £readstu<Ts marke*^tleady hut quiet. Pork quiet but JlARElSON, UANFOED | Connected with HANKOliU i Co. fALLA, ................... \OB1O. H AYK openied at 6 Albany Block, Michigan itreet, op poslte Nejrhall Bouse, a lanw stock of Boot, Jiewt, 'JJrmer, (Morttl aud Bnvelopf Papert AUo, Ledger fapen, flat Capt, JfyliO /"£*(, Utter and Jfoft faperi, rt'hich will behold »erj low. Constant adrlltlini wil be made to Did; stock to meet tbe wanu of «he^ trade. firm. LONDON MAKKKT. LOSDOI, Rathrday, iS. WHEAT — had declined 4(2.5 bul closed arm. 6UQAE — heavy and CdQilf lover. TKA — arm; Congoo l»3d. London, Saturday, noon. — Consols are quoted WK B2>V for boih money and account. The bullion in the bank has Increased ilr,fl 0 pounds. BUFFALO, June 8. The fo lowing Teasel i pas-cd the Port Oolborne Lock tiam 4 o'clock p. u. on the 7th, till 4 o'clock P. *. on fhe 8th : Bound .West— on the 8lh ; tcbrs. Sweet Home, U. N. Farnham, Resolute, of Toromo ; bark Torpedo. Bonn i|Eart-on the 7th : bark, D. 0 Pierct, Quebec ' achra. Accontla., Tarry-Noi, J, Cochrane ; on the 8th barks George Clayton, Ch'.-.taln ; scDrs. Mark Slbley, Adda, Mary Jane, John L. OOFS' North Star. AUCTION »AL,t: OF Qoodx, Yankee Notiont and Clothing A T HUOU'I Auction Eoomj, No. 4 Spring street, on Thurarlay morning, Juue 9.h, at lu o'clock, 1 will aell a large and general auortmenl of Staple and Fancy Dry Goods', Yankee Notions, Fpriog ud Sommer loUil&g, Ae. Term» cash. J e8 J. HOOD, Auctioneer. : B 1 « Domestic! Exchange and Kzchange "Bstantly for .ale at the lowe»l prlciii. NO. f>i WISCONSIN " B4p "' ° hurch ' ti tit ( FINE CLIFFORD^ AND Eatt Water Stttet. ' """tance of the o}d, jit .nd —ji : h"ril«^ 0 , Mlf Partment " «" •"'^to to offer tothtlnM?. Milw »n»ee,) I am noir prdpared ^*&JS£SL^£^^»'*'%*» «rtv-4»*«, A-. jjtti^I'T-r.iv^ «'«*"'• In any itHtr e«- known a. . beg leave to call the attention ot the Trade, and more especially the Physicians of the country, to rwo of the most popular remedies now before the public. We refer to " Dr. Chas. Jl'Lane's Celfbratfd Vermifuge and Liver Pills. We do not recommend them aj universal Cure-alls, but simply foi what their name purports, viz.: THE VERMIFUrE. For expelling Worms from the human system. It has also beer administered with the most satisfactory results to various Animal.' Subject to Worms. THE LIVER FILLS, For the cure of L.IVFR COMPLAINTS. all BILIOUS DERANGF.MEVTS, SICK HEAD-ACHE, <Vc. In cases of FF.VF.R AND AGUF, preparatory to or after taking Quinine, they almost invariably make a speedy and permanent cure. As specifics for the above mentioned diseases, they are Unrivaled. ind never known to fail when administered in accordance with th< directions. Their unprecedented popularity has induced the proprietors, FLEMING BROTHERS, PITTSBURGH, PA. to dispose of their Drug business tn which they have been successfully engaged for the last Twenty i ears, and they will now give then undivided time and attention tc iheir manufacture. And being determined that Dr. M'Lane's Celebrated Vermifuge and Liver Pills shall continue to occupy the high position they now hold among the great remedies of the day, they will continue to spare neither time rtor expense in procuring the Best ind Purest material, and com- ptound them in the most thorough manner. Address all orders to ; ' FLEMING BROS. Pittsburgh, Pa. ,P.a Dethra and PhyddaiM ordering from other. t O*J Jleming Bros, wfll do well to write their onlen UittncUy, and take none tut Dr. lfL*iu>t, prepared ij WaJw^Aw. Pitt&vrgh, fa. To those wihiBg to girt 'JUan a trial, we win forward per man, pest paid, to anj or the United State*, one box of Ptil* for twelTi it poatago atampi, or one rial of Yermlfog* foi three-cent itampg. All orden from Canada mini ipanied by twroty cenij extra. . . O. HABUNQION, Wholetale azd BeUU,' A«ent and ITLaae T«rmlfu?e .•< i .-«.' i i. K r i f N ..-l rt --. ''" ' Si 3 . 33 '1 3 Ji I 1 l.!Ciii> J M A 1)1 .M ,\<{ Hi.'in I)) kiii^-« iir Kiii)4T'ir> -ak • I 'I » rrmiilAin-.- for M.-I-I.- IUre-a Ur AlIO? « ,-u l, llulla n, \ > INVALIDS. if " rl.l ">*v » 3T1TK OF \V'lSt'O\."[N, Oircuil t'ourt, Milwaukf** Cnu Clirifitian llrnry Mry^r, •>,.! Md.Jir-i. , , » *. Br-.»n, Pavit «. P»«^r, Kit* ir l IU"r __ P Merrill, .Nelion «>r>.lrr Cli»r ,., A Delmcr PiscM>a>?k, 13. liO'l,l,n »ml A 1 A _, Adnjinistral..!^ »f il.^ ^sAlfl ,l J"lin ' L reajc<l. Ormalnl T i/ran.^ Chirl^. f H. .1.,, tr«l,»r nf ihe .s'.\le •>' cluir rn if. .^t-nr- i^ e-l, Jarnts W. Arci^ll «TI,| II,., man I. C K. I N virtue ,>f intl purnuant lo » judnrntuit t>• §ai«l Court in thf ahnw ^niulc.litt-ii,.... .(.it.- tion, at thf Pi>!»t oilier, it sncunluy. tlie '•>' at th; hour at 'J r M.. Jl icrlbed mortgaK'fl pfmi-' be Decessary i» r »i*e In.- H + M .\ /{iv f- r t \i t .< n r i - <I«y M he J III , I-.'.'J. 'injf jc- *.•, 1 ra:i. , , t numbe nibe e Svc l thu ?a.-«i it:' oD .16) ltetftl^l5) > In Ldork f.uiv -t\v \-l -t Waril or the C'ty of MilwatUt- \tm on r^maracli -cret-t, between Kif'h SU'h tirecU, all in lli« Couqty >f Mil* ., K^ an.1 Mate of Wisconsin." Dateil Sheriff *i Offl.-,- Milwaukp*-, April H. |«*fi». v A J. LAN rt '(KTHY aprS-3m-liu^«,' ^hernf MiliT-tukfn Co., XV j ^ I ' • H 1 \ N I ' t 1 I . V 1 : S8FBS535SS-V ,*.,'!?,",'?• - : $k& ^\ 3^A GOG) -SHEHIFl'N SH.K BTATK OF WISCONSIN, I Circuit Court. Milwaukee County ( Jamea S. Drown, Joshua Uathaway anil rh.imas L 1)1;- ilen, I A. Patterson HnilU. and Alfrtftl »'.!• »Tjj.| t orecloiure. I N Tlr^tne of and pursuant to a judgment rendered ,n •aid Court, In this abovtj entitled o.rtjiin, .Nt.>d' March 17, IS&9, I shall expose for sale and n-ll n Fuhllc AactiOn, lit thfc Post Ofllce, in tlie .:lty ol .Wilirault- e, on satnrrlaj-1 ">o '*•* <lnv «* July. ISS9,at the hourof 3 r.,x. of that day, the following described mort^ajTrd premises, or so much t'-ereof sa may be necessary to raise the amount of said jadirment. Interest and cosia, together with the expenses of sale, lo wit. "Block number twenty-clnht (IS), of Clari's addition. In the Eighth Ward of the city of Milwaukee and county of Milwaukee, and slate of Wisconsin. Dated gheruTa Office, llllwaukee. April bt, 1853. iyrrj B. Oaora, l A. J. L.UiGWORTHV. Pi'lTl AU'y. f Bherlff MIL Ca., Wl». aprl-SmllnSw DR. F. A. « I I.3., K Y t \ M» I lit M S'., J3 n.lH.I,..un. ',-r ,r :V:l, ..... , ., .. , .vorsi^*: in.r i,-l,-. ,,[,,. kl , 01 ..^, , ,,^ I.i>$r ^I'.IIT .l.\'l> 1 1 E.I HI Mi Up win* „ 1 > HI M)KKi, •!..,,• Veil r.. 0> .'lv,Hl ')y iir C 1- ill n rh.- vs i , v .. ^. r.m v >f vhom fl»v^ VeOblin.llu. in. nth • ll, ! f. IT- •.». 1 ,,l thrlr Tlutlt re.ntorc.l .i,,i:,i,:lv b, /.:>. ,,t<, , „,/ llji:- l !t.,p fr ,itt t m», m»*rjt. Tho 1.,-sl prci..r is ;.. V.»- Dr. .• ', , e rvMi^ .r» appr>- Jlilti-J K '>!••'< h,! u ..nij ^<-,;.|vinj iei« p. ,!!,.„[, irom all parl»'>' rhe -oiinlrr in.l .IIBIU,..™ t.,4, a.4 -:ir».l, nu earij receive, l c *.se3. *Yo 5"tl^ ia rt-qmred f'>r in fx:un imt,, n ,r ^...HHI.— No CB.IHIJK or serridei tliat »rr i*i.( <><.•, •ASA/'*'. >a «!ll be atAUil when tlie pjltl.-nt '3 rycelvi'il. Ur. i 'iidwyU'i TVeofiwun Uu Sar and S]/t lo SH n»J jntiix on «p- pUcaUon u above.

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