Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 30, 1948 · Page 7
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 30, 1948
Page 7
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Plan Western Trip an i Mrs " Johu Chambers Plan to leave shortly after Jan. 1 wn S £ ramcn *°. Cal., to visit their ??"' Wayne. Mr. Chambers is re- servi u 16 b ° ard Jan " ! after fnr th g aS chairman of the board *?,, , ^ ast 3 ycars - H e will be succeeded by Clinton D. . Daniels., Concord township farmer, who will serve his first term. SIGN TRADE PACT New Delhi, India, W)—India signed a one-year trade agreement with Yugoslavia Wednesday, the commerce ministry a n - nounced. Details were not available, but a spokesman said Yugo- slavia agreed (o export timber and maize in return [or Indian jute and cotton. Dry Land Sailors Indianapolis, (U.R) — This city, largest in the world without access to water transportation, also is the home of the largest Navy League council in the nation. PRICES EFFECTIVE ALL DAY THURSDAY AND FRIDAY NATIONAL TEA CO.'s RATH'S CELLO WRAPPED ANY SIZE SMOKED PICNICS* "Little Budget Buster" NEARLY BONELESS BOSTON BUTT LB. Midwest Livestock (WEDNESDAY'S Albert Lea, Minn. 25c to 50c higher Trend Good Butchers— 140-150 Ibs 150-160 Ibs SIS 25 160-170 Ibs S17.25 170-180 Ibs $18.25 180-130 Ibs 190-200 Ibs 180-200 Ibs $20.00 200-220 Ibs $21.00 220-240 Ibs $21.00 240-270 Ibs $20.00 270-300 Ibs S19.25 300-330 Ibs $18.75 330-360 Ib.s $18.00 Ibs Ibs Ibs Ibs Ibs Ib.s Good Packing Sows- 270-300 lb:300-330 Ibs 330-360 360-400 400-450 450-500 Ibs SI 8.25 $18.23 $17.50 Ibs $16.75 Ibs Slfi.OO Ibs S15.50 500-550 Ibs $13.50 PRICES) Austin, ftlimi. 50c higher $13.40 $15.40 $16.40 $19.00 S20.50 $21.00 $21.00 S21.00 $20.25 SI 9.511 S18.7.-. $18.00 S1S.25 SI 8.00 S17.50 $16.50 sin.oo S13.75 $15.75 Waterloo higher S18.75 $20.25 $20.75 S20.75 $20.00 S19.25 S1S.75 $18.23 SI 8.50 SI 8.50 S18.00 S17.50 $17.00 S17.00 $16.50 Cedar Rapids 25c higher $17.25 $19.75 S20.00 $20.75 ?20.75 S20.00 $19.25 SI 8.75 S18.25 S 18.25 S18.25 S17.75 $17.25 $10.75 $16.2.i $15.75 Grains Mixed in Marketing Chicago, (/P)—Trends in grains were mixed Wednesday. The tendency was for May contracts to hold firm or make small gains while the later deliveries slumped. Trading again was very quiet. Wheat at noon was i lower to J higher. May 2.28?, corn was .| lower to :: ; higher, May $1.495, oats were unchanged to & higher, May •78 £, and soybeans were' i to 1 cent higher, March $2.GH. CHICAGO CASH GRAIK (Wednesday'a Market) Cliicafto, (fi>) —Wheat: No. 2 hard 52.3B'ii. Com: No. 1 .yellow 31.50; No. 2, !>1.49; No. 3, S1.45'.-:.<ri4[); No. 4, $1.3B>,!;!iC4-l; No. 5, $1.33f'i;41'.b; sample grade Sl.ZB'/i'!* 33!i. Oats: No. 1 extra heavy mixed OOc; No. 4 he.'vy mixed 83c; No. 1 heavy white 89fij89!ic; sample grade heavy white Blc. Barley nominal: Malting 51.205(66; Iced $1.02(H20. Field seed per hundredweight nominal: Timothy $17.50f<i$18; sweet clover $155?S1C. Soybeans: None. CHICAGO POTATOES (Wednesday's Market) Chicago, (,1>) —(U. S. D. A.)—Potatoes: Arrivals G2, on track 185; total TJ. S. shipments 93G; supplies light; demand fair; market unsettled on Russets, fair for others. Idaho Russet Burbanks $4.05(54.25. bakers S4.30rii4.40. standards S3.00. utilities S3r?T3.05; Minnesota-North Dakota Red River Valley Pontiacs $3, Red Warbas S2.D5. Sequoias S2.50. ct ppit ew i/iear *~S FROM ALL OF US TO ALL OF YOU ' We Will Be Open Thursday Night Until 9 O'clock — Closed Friday Evening In Our Meat Department Decker's lowana — Whole or Half Smoked Ham . . . Picnic Hams . . . 20-Pound Average Tom Turkeys . . . Fancy Ducklings • , Baking Hens . . . Rolled Rib Roasts . Chuck Roast . . . lb. 57c lb. 39c lb. 65c lb. Sic lb. 47c lb. 65c lb. 49c Pure Pork Sausage .. lb. 33c Hormel's Sliced Bacon, lb. 55c Rath's Bacon Ends .. lb. 29c FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Texas Grapefruit, 10 for 24c Sunkist Oranges, 2 doz. 39c Pascal Celery .. . stalk 15c ... tubeZlc . . . 2heads25c . . . 10lbs.39c Rosy Red Tomatoes "Crisp Earin"' Lettuce , Idaho Russet Potatoes Honor Brand FROZEN Strawberries... lb. pkg. 48c 40, Fathom Perch Fillets .... Ib.JJc SURF BREEZE 35c FALSTAFF BEER Case $2.79 GRAIN BELT BEER Case $2.98 Fresh Country EGGS Dozen... 47c Rath's Ma rye lard The Shortening With Money Back Guarantee 3-Pound Can ... 64c 7 Rainbow-Bright Vinyl Plastic BOWL COVERS With Each Found Of Th* N«w Super-Rich CHOCOLATE CREAM COFFEE. Ibs 95c Dole Sliced, Chunky, Crushed Pineapple, No. 2 can Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce, 2 cans Del Monte Pineapple Juice, 2—No. 2 cans . . Del IVIonte Fruit Cocktail, No. 21 can Royal Gelatin, 6 Flavors, 2 Pkgs 33c 33c 35c 39c 15c Del Monte Prunes, No. 2A jar Sliracle Whip Salad Dressing, quart Lindsay Ripe Olives, larg-e can . Ilasse Spanish Olives, No. 16 jar ...... Ilasse Stuffed Olives, 2—No. 3A jars Heinz Cucumber Pickles, 24 oz. jar . IManley's Nationally Known Popcorn, 2 cans 21c 59c 29c 45c 33c 25c BEVERAGES LIFE—GINGERALE, WHITE SODA, SPARKLING WATER 3—26-oz. Bottles . 25c 12 Bottles 98c CANADA DRY—GINGERALE, SPARKLING WATER, LIME RICKEY, TOM COLLINS, Qt. Btl. LEM-MIX, Full Quart : . . . 25c ORANGE CRUSH, ROYAL CROWN, * **r*i 0 for *3C PEPSI-COLA, COCA-COLA Sitroux Paper Napkins, Colored, 2 Pkgs Durkee's Oleo, lb. 43c Skinner's Noodles 5-ox. Pkg 15c 14-ox. Pkg 31c Clorox, Gallon 43c SCOTCH TAPE lOc • 15c - 25c Flavor Kist Crackers, lb. 27c $5.00 ORDERS DELIVERED FREE " Wnen£ THS Wise Economi 1515 SOUTH FEDERAL -SfSt Mason City Grain At 10 a. m. Wednesday No. 2 oats, 36 Ibs 75c No. 2 yellow corn, Jan. ... $1.26 Soybeans, Dec. $2.40 CHICAGO GRAIN' CLOSE (Wednesday's Market) Chicago, I..-FJ— WHEAT— High May ......... $2.29^ B July ......... 2.10 J * Sept .......... 2.10'- CORN— May ......... 1. 5(J>« July ......... 1.47-'-i Sept .......... 1.41'a Dec .......... 1.35 OATS— May .......... 79 July .... ...... 73',;; Sept ........... 70T« RYE— May ......... 1.73 SOYBEANS— Mar. . ........ 2.62'. » May ......... 2.59'., July ......... 2.55U LARD— Jan. ......... 17.00 Mar .......... 17.10 May ........ .17.05 July ......... 17.05 Lou$2.27^ 2.09 7a 2.09 3 ,, 1.4«' a 1.4fi ;l , 1.40->. B 1.34'., .78=, .73' * .70 = B 1.72 260',. 2.58 " 2.54 16.87 16.35 16.92 1(5.90 Close $2. 28^8 2.101.4 2.09^4 1.47'j 1.41'- .78"» .73 = 5 .70? B 1.73 2.60 1 !, 2.f)8'. < 2.54'.- 16.92 17.02 17.00 17.02 Stock Market Pushes Ahead New York, (#•)— The stock market pushed ahead Wednesday for gains of fractions to around 2 points. The movement was slow but the direction clear. Business was more active than in most other sessions this month but still short of Tuesday's 1,650.000 shares. Turnover was at the rate of about 1.300,000 shares. Wednesday's rally followed a spill Tuesday, the sharpest of the month. M»son City Globe-Gtitlle. M»son City. U. Dec. 29, 1948 11 Hogs Steady on Market Chicago, {/P) — All hog values were steady to strong Wednesday and cattle were steady to 50 cents higher, while lambs were steady. (U. S. D. A.) Salable hous 12,000, total 17.000; uneven, generally steady to strong with most strength on weights under 220 lb.; market fairly active but tlosod slow- sows steady; top S23 for several loads choice 180 to 210 lb.; most Rood and choice 170 to 230 lb. $22ffI22.75; 230 to 2GO lb. S21.25r??;22.25; 2fiO to 300 lb. $20.25<i|! 21.25; lew to $21.50; choice around 350 !b. weights $19.25: most good and choice 300 to 475 lb. sows S17fel8.50; few head S18.75; most 475 to GOO lb. weights $16@ 17.25; prospects good clearance. Salable cattle 5,000. 'total 5,000: salable calves 400, total 400: steers and hetfers active; medium and good steers 1,150 lb. up fully steady to 50 cenfs higher; ali other weights and Rrades steers and yearlings mostly 50 cents higher; spots 75 cents to $1 higher; heifers strong to 50 cents higher; cows steady to strong; bulls 25 to 50 cents higher: vealers firm; early top $34.50 for loud choice 1,172 lb. steers; 2 loads held higher; most high- good and choice steers $29.50^33; bulk medium and good grades S22rfT29; good to low-choice fed heifers S24.505J27.25: medium and good beef cows largely $18.50ST: 20.50; canners and cutters S15W17.50; medium and good sausage bulls $22.50(Ji24 p vealers S32 down. Salable sheep 4,500, total 5,500; slaughter lambs generally steady; weighty kinds discounted; early top choice handy- weight slaughter lambs $26; fat sheep slow. Produce (Qictittnii* t>j C r, Morse) At 10 a. m. Wednesday Capons, 7 Ibs. up ... ... 55c Heavy hens, 5 Ibs. and up ... 29c Heavy hens, 4 to 5 Ibs 26c Light hens 22c Springs, heavy breeds 30c Springs, Leghorns 23c Old cocks, heavy breeds ... 15c Leghorn cocks ... 12c Eggs, at retail 45-59c Butter, Corn Country . . . 71-74c Butter, Iowa State Brand 72-75c New York Stocks By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS (Wednesday's Close) Am. Tel. & Tel. 149J Anaconda Cop. 33g Bendix Aviat. 35 Beth. Steel 34 Boeing Airplane 221 Montgo. Ward 54J N. Y. Central R. R. 12| Radio Corp. 14 Sears Roebuck 39 Stand. Oil Ind. 39i Stand. Oil N. J. 723 Texas Co. 54 U. S. Steel 70J Chrysler Corp 53 Gen. Elec. 39g Gen. Motors 582 Illinois Central 303 Int. Harvester 27 ESTIMATED LIVESTOCK RECEIPTS (Wednesday's Market) Chicago, (iP)— (U. S. D. A.)—Estimated salable livestock receipts for Thursday- 7,000 hogs, 3,500 cattle, and 2,000 sheep. Local Livestock No Pity for Blind Harrisburg, Pa., (U.R)—H c 1 e n Sattayhan. a school teacher waiting for a train, accepted a stranger's offer to take her for a cup of coffee. Instead, the man led her to a nearby bridge and snatched her purse. When she resisted, he threatened to throw her off the bridge. Miss Sattayhan is blind. Antique Town Sturbridfire, Mass., (U.R) — Old Sturbridge Village, a copy of a typical 19th century town, was built by. Albert and Cheney Wells of Southbriclge because their collection of antiques grew too big. The brothers, officers of an optical manufacturing firm, now have 28 buildings on their 500-acre tract here, including a blacksmith shop, general store, grist mill and church. United FruitStore 33 East State We Deliver Phone 748 Morrcll's Pride * LARD . . . . . . lb. 19c Morrell's Pride BACON lb.59c U. S. Good BEEF ROASTS . . lb.58c STOCK REDUCTION SALE Monarch Strawberry Preserves, lb. jars 39c Yacht Club Cut Green Beans, No. 2 can 19c 6 cans for. ... $1.14 Monarch Chicken Noodle Soup, can. lie Reg. 16c value 6 for 65c Kitchen Cleanser, Reg. 12c value 3 for 25c Monarch Pic-L-Joys, double sweet, jar 39c 2 jars for. . . . 75c Sunkist Oranges, wonderful for juice, 2 dox 59c Etamo Cranberries, extra fine, lb 25c Pascal Celery, the finest of the season, large stalk. . 23c Grapefruit, Texas Bests, large size. . 10 for 39c Heinz Baby Food.. for 40 Fathom Perch, lb.. 39c Cool Roasted Coffee, lb.. . 47c Orange Crush.. 6»., 25c Mrs. Clark's Salad Dressing, quart. . . 59c Griddle Mix Pancake Flour, 3-lb. pkg 59c Sola Dress Salad Dressing, pt. DERIVE BIG DIVIDENDS BY USING THE CLASSIFIED ADS MASON CITY—For Wednesday Twenty-five to 7ac higher. Good light lights 160-170 $17.25 3ood light lights 170-580 919.25 '"ood med. weights 180-200 $21.25 ood med. weights 200-220 $21.25 Good med. weights 220-240 $20.75 Good med. weights 240-270 $20.0(1 ood med. weights 270-300 $19.25 ood med. weights 300-330 S1B.5C ood med. weights 330-360 $18.00 jood sows 270-300 $18.25 Good sows 300-330 $18.25 ood sows 330-360 $17.75 3ood sows 3GO-400 $17.2; 3ood sows 400-450 Slfi.75 Good sows 450-500 $16.75 No hogs received after 5 p. m.—Jacob C. Decker 3 Sons. CATTLE MASON CITY—For Wednesday Choice steers and heifers $29.50-32.50 Good to choice steers and heifers S26.00-20.00 Good steers and heifers .... $26.00-29.00 Medium steers and heifers ... $24.00-20.00 Fair steers and heifers $18.00-19.00 Plain steers and heifers ... $16.00-18.00 Choice cows S17.50-19.00 Good cows $16.50-17.00 Medium cows $10.00-17.00 Fair cows S14.50-16.001 Good bulls S18.00-22.00 Medium bulls 517.00-20.00 Bologna bulls S17.00-18.00 Canners and cutters S1XOO-15.00 CALVES MASON CITY—For Wednesday Choice. S28.00 Good $26.00 Common Slfl.OO Culls S14.00 Good to choice $23.50 SPRING I,AMBS EWES Good to choice s 7.50- 9.50 Medium j fi.50- 7.50 Common and Culls $ 5.00- G.OO SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK (Wednesday's Market) South St. Paul, Minn., (U.R)—(USDA) Livestock: Cattle 3,500. Early trade on slouchter steers, heifers, cows very slow. Not enough done to accurately quote the market. Early buying hesitant, very bearish. Slaughter steers, heifers 50 cents to SI or more lower. Early sales cows mostly ">0 cents lower; some off more. Few good cows $I9'-)'$20; common-medium sn.SO''! 18.50; canncrs-ciitters S15.50(S$17; few shelly canners S15. Bulls fairly active, steady. Good weighty bulls S23.50; medium-Rood $20.50ifiS23. Stockers, feeders scarce, very little done. Calves 3,000. Vealers generally steady- bulk good-choice S27«S32; high choice $.13ft'$34: common-medium $18ftS26; culls $Mf|-$17. Hogs 14.000. Market not established; some interests talking about steady. Sellers holding most hogs fully .in cents higher. Average costs, weights Tuesday: Barrows, gilts S20.4I, 2(31 Ibs.- sows S17 4!) •531 Ibs. Sheep 3.0flO. Includes around 2,000 head moMly fed lambs on early rounds; throe loads clipped lambs: balance mostly fed wooled offerings. Slighter lambs opened steady. Two loads good- choice fed wooled lambs $25.50 to shipper. Load good-choice 90-lb. clipped l.vnibs $25: another load scaling 113 Ibs. $24.30 on bought-to-arrive basi.s carrying No. I and fall-shorn pelts. CHICAGO PRODUCE (Wfdnrsday'S Market! Chicago. <3*i —Butter about steady. Receipts 507,975. Prices unchanged. Eggs top steady. Balnncc unsettled. Receipts 15,310. Prices unchanged. CHICAGO POTILTnV (Wednesday's Market) Chicago, (/T,—lU. S. D. A.(—Live poultry: Firm. Receipts 20 trucks. Pricc.s unchanged except Ic a lb. higher on fowl at 42<R43c F.O.B. and Ic lb. lower outside on turkeys at 54 cents for young toms and 65 cents for young hens, both F. O. B. wholesale market. Elephants, when pressed by fright, can easily outdistance a For Thrifty Buying in 1949... Make Kropman's Your Food Headquarters KROPMAN'S FOR BETTER MEATS SALT PORK Ib l9c IOWANA BRAUNSCHWE1CER , 49c IOWANA PORK SAUSAGE 1-lb. Roll 39c DECKER'S SLICED BACON t 49c Fresh Pork CUTLETS, lb. Assorted COLD ^«%-. MEATS, lb j JC up FOR A TASTY NEW YEAR'S TREAT—TRY THESE BEEF TENDERLOIN, lb. 75c MINUTE STEAKS FRY UNTIL DONE ... DIP IN EGG AND CRACKER CRUMBS . . . SIMMER. A DISH THAT'S FIT FOR A KING. DELICIOUS, FRESH GROUND HAMBURGER ,„ 49c We Have Plenty of Hamburger Buns CHOICE RUMP ... RIB ... ARM BEEF ROAST lb 49c T-BONE . . . ROUND . . . SIRLOIN STEAK fb 69c EVERY MONTH Ask Us About It BUTTER ,66c EGGS Dl 49c ROASTED CHICKENS Cooked, Ready $4 .75 to Eat A up COBBLER POTATOES 10, b! 49c IDAHO RUSSET POTATOES 10, bs 59c LARGE HEADS 2 for Lettuce.. 29c LARGE CLEAN POTATOES 100-lb. Sack $2.97 Complete Line of FROZEN FOODS FROZEN FISH HARTMAN'S MILK 2-Quart Bottle . . . . 29c SEE US FOR YOUR HOLIDAY BEVERAGES ALL KINDS OF GOOD CHEESES DOMESTIC AND IMPORTED Greeting Cords For All Occasions Kropman's low mark-up policy brings you best quality ID* __________ foods at lowest prices. ^^__ POPULAR BRANDS Coffee

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