Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on April 1, 1897 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1897
Page 5
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CORRESPONDENTS. 8<rath togs-am and wife, ot Prairie, visited with the tetter'* ps"fents» s lttv asd MM, Michael Sheehaa, last Osear' Msybetryj who works for 'Itet Jackson, visited with hlB parents Baaday afternoon, Mts t Estella Wick and Miss Dora called on Mrs, John Gerdes $"r!day afternoon. Will Stern and wife were the guesta Of tha latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. t/fft Melnera, last Friday. Born—To Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lech- I ' asr, a son. - : I" i L. A. Wick and eon, Hallie, visited I/ tt J. C. Eraser's Sunday afternoon. f' • Miss Sylvia Taylor called on Mrs. L. I*" A. Wick last Sunday afternoon. -t - March 30, |" ' v ' .- ,-^ , Gardenplain. V f Mr. and MrVtl William Montgomery *<> , spent Thursday in Clinton, i ' The sick f olka are all improving. jf*' Miss Laura Long, of Fulton, came k i over to the Corners to spend Saturday ?, find Sunday With her eistflr.Mrs. Marcy, V andhtisband. , 1]^ Mrs. A. J, Stowell spent Friday with £ telatives in Fulton. H Mr. and Mrs, H. Sweet, of Clinton, « sited Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Stowell a w days last week. \ > Rev. McMaken has gone to his home £ to Indiana to spend a week or BO. S>* William Montgomery, of Cednr * B»pids, came to Gardenplain Friday to '*' visit relatives for a few days. 4 ?<! - Messrs. Fred Hunt, of Newton, and fi Edward Bnyder, of Gardenplain, were «'\.< 'Initiated into the Workman Lodge & > Saturday evening. $s ' Mrs. Lindens and son, Harry, of Ful.«' ton. spent Sunday with Mr. Spoolman'a ?' r : taraljy. ' , Mai;ch 30. . | 'r' ' . •'•. ,—: ; ; . *,; '' . .West Science .Ridge. Is Several young men of this vicinity ty& *re talking of going to South America. £f Eddie Harting spent Saturday with £1,, relatives in Sterling. ;V\ William Schrader went to Chicago iff 'last Monday night.' He .shipped fifty. **:„ ioar head .of .cattle. Nathan Bush 1-' 3 , went with him to keep; him company. |vV- ^Mrs. Arthur Magee,of Sterling, spent if'' ,'Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs, i ,"" Al Harting, ' . $:i • ," Miss Mamie Rvelsner went to Sterling ffc- Friday night f or. a visit with her par- fV «nts. She returned last Monday. f'« -fe Carl Schrader waa'absent from school t* / assist his father in- driving j"7', -the cattle to the train. at * , Joe Graff is.recoverlng from a recent $*«# illness.;-;" •'••; :'. .••/ „' . • . /'.• . • lift James Sanders and wife spent Sun- I"}' /-day with' Mrs. Sander's parents, Mr. £'\ and MrBV'BrMlllhouser";"'"- T ~r r ::~~""?; > Miss Margaretfe .Hax was to have / - 4jone with a jolly crowd of four to Mor^, rlson Saturday. , She didn't go. Please •?' don't ask her why. It's too -tood. '- " Mr. Bush and family spent Sunday in Prairieville. Louis Reisner was a. visitor in our vicinity Tuesday atyl called at our '«' 'school. - 'March 30. \ A • '- ' '—'; '• •' '. \rt •.,'-• . . . .... if "• ' ; Tampico, A H7MrMlller; of Long PolBt7 Peorl¥ *r Bounty, arrived in Tampico last Mon- '^jf 1 4ay night to look after his farm, one |f mile"west of here! ~~ : ~~ ~~T~ ~~~ r~ ;i'.. Homer Booth went to Mendota last '-Monday morning to meet Levl Hoop- klns, who returned from Chicago with the body of Jbis daughter, Matte, who .•died last Saturday in one of the hospl- , tals of that city wbere.ishe had been ^<or a surgical operation, < J. S. Kimball and John Hewlett started off last Monday morning for a 4uck hunt on Green River. They expect to be gone all the' week—will Camp out,and cook their own grub. ' The Hargrayes Brptbera were in our -Village last week for the'purpose of lp'|ting the'contract '".tat building tbe mew elevator. Ellis Hackett has the .contract for the mason work, but no contract has been made for the wood« work. ••'.-, Mre. Owea W tokens returned last Tuesday evening from Mendota and Walnut, where she has been visiting flome time. JoenRoss, cashier- of the^ Walnut Bank, was in Tam'pleo last Wednesday morning, . ~ Fred Brewer returned last Monday morning from Eyanston looking well and hearty. :-.•• - •'. ; *' ; .'. ,' ,". The Rev. Graver Clark, Presiding JSlder, was in-^TampicQ-AVfidneaday-flfi last week. ' ' .•.-'; .• -••: ': ' •' '• Miss Scotchbrook, of Morrison, ia visiting her sister, Mrs, Fraok Donia for a few weeks. « MM, Leslie, of Clinton, is visiting to Tampico with her daughter, Mrs. ftyr, F. A, Lilile. s , John A. Raynor ratqrned fioai his trig to Stafford, K»B.~, last. Thursday John reports Kansas in • but a fjourislitns? cpndltitou Livermore, of LamviUe, came . Friday evening t'> visit with Mr. visit, the gnest of Mrs, F, H. Riehftrd- son. ' '. Mfes Blanche Wyler retarned from Chicago last Wednesday. Miss Wfler has been in the city all Winter taking lessons on the piano. Henry Brill returned from Geneseb last Thursday morning, where he has been attending scjhool, • . " Mrs. E.; Lr Wrdten went to Rock Falls last Saturday for a visit over Sunday with relatives, k Miss Minnie Ristow returned last Saturday morning from Chicago.where she has been to select her spring stock of millinery. . Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Glassburn went to Prophetstown Friday night, returning on Saturday morning. Mr. Marcy, 0. F. Giflord and Tracy Wylie were among the visitors at Prophetstown last Saturday, Prof. Marcy's A class were in Prophetstown last Friday and Saturday taking examination. Mrs. John Hogeburn, of Denrock, came to Tampico last Saturday for a visit with her father and brother. Mrs. D, P. Aldrich left on the train last Saturday evening for Sterling. Charles Burden was in Chicago a few days this week,returning Saturday evening. . • _ Misses Rosina and Anna; Berge -returned last Saturday from Dixon.where they have been attending school. Mert Hunter, who has been attend ing Business College at Dixon for some time, returned Monday morning, Horace Brown left Monday for Val par&iso, Ind., to attend school; : • ,v ; .March 29. Hopkins. At this time last week the ladies of the neighborhood were consulting their pillows in regard to the semi-yearly house cleaning. All of their early spring ambitions came to an abrupt ending Tuesday, when they were snugly seated in the parlojrby their hard coal burners, viewing the raging snow storm without, and Wednesday morn- Ing when the "good people" around here arose, they found all their hopes of an early spring garden buried deep in the snow. • • Bertha Mensch spent Monday night at the home of her schoolmate, Etta Royer. . , Miss Daisy Pond attended a party given by her friend,,Mabel Parish, of Round Grove. : Mr. and Mrs. William Stern visited with relatives in New Genesee Friday. • Two weeks more of German schooling for the scholars, who will be confirmed this spring. Friday was the last day for the smaller ones.hence a larger attendance at our American schools . today. -•—~—.-'— i --' ----- '• - -•- -.-:-.---—-.... Wednesday J, 'M. Morrison manufactured a very convenient, snow plow to be used in clearing the numerous pathways around his' premises. The machine is very unique and is to be operated by a horse and two men. It seems to be quite a success, especially in dumping the weight—John's hired man—in the deepest drif te. lu consequence of the bad roads last week, some of our farmers were compelled to haul their own. milklto the creamery, the milk hauler failing to an appearance for several days. __Thls_cprnejLpf Hopkins^ townshipJs very quiet on the subject of the coming spring election. • •'.•'' March 29. .: Mr ui!* In 'his rnrn«r of IInh- n«TB»a fitQee ?amntpr. Mr, Rut too brtllt absfn, Walter Elemdorf 6 hotise, Mrs. Lacy Marry a house and barn and J&hn Drew is haaltBglomber for » new house, March 80, t~> f I''* 8 . Montmorencyv Mrs. J. Larnke is able to be out Again after a seven week siege with the grip. •'*•',•' The Banes school was closed last Thursday and Friday on account of the death of Miss Mann's father. Miss Blanche Hoffman, of Rodk Fail.came put last Friday to attend the basket social at the Me Whorter school- honse, and Is visiting this week with her couiin. Miss Bertha Heaton. 'The W. C. T. U. met at Mrs. S. W, Haisteds'last Thursday spite of t"he bad roads,a good number was present and a very interesting meeting was held. The program, consisted of selections of Neal Dow's life, his family and his great work. Miss Lizzie Murray was on the sick list the first of the week and unable to be in school, ' ,Mrs. 0. M. Hewitt entertained Mrs. Samuel Comptoh, Mrs. Walter Scott and Mrs. A. L. Titus at dinner on Tuesday.. A very pleasant day was spent. "* The Royal Neighbors regular meeting will be held one week from next Saturday evening, April 10. Some special business is to be transacted and every'member is earnestly requested to be present.' Don't forget. the date. ; " The basket social and entertainment given at the Mo Whorter school house last Friday evening was a decided success In every way. The program, con- Bisting of music, recitations and dialogues, was well rendered and very much enjoyed by all present, Clarence Ward was the auctioneer for the occasion and did his work well. The sum "of S].10 was realized and will be used for various things about the school room. . The election of Sunday School officers was held last Sunday and resulted as 'olloWs: ' Superintendent, H, M, Barnum. Assistant Superintendent, Mrs. Rose Curriar. Secretary, John Golder. Assistant Secretary, Clarence ton. Treasurer, Douglas Murray. Organist, Miss Joaie Murray. Assistant Organist, Miss Mary n,um. , Cbolrster, Miss Madel Christie. " Librarian, Miss Hattle Scott. Normal Instructor, Miss Mabel Woods. . : Mfs. Lizzie Cunniff, who has been ill for several week^at her home ' on the Parker place, died last Tuesday. She underwent a Berioua surgical operation and did not survive it. Mrs. Cunniff was formerly Miss Lizzie Drew. She eaves her parents, one sister, Mrs. Julia rMcGrath, and~three brothers, beside her husband and two children, aged seven and four years, to mourn ier early death, The funeral was held in Sterling on Thursday. The- STANDARD extend^ spmpathy to the bereaved ones. March 30. f.f with hia fftmily. Ednft Sturtev«nt J« tmable to attend school tbis week, on account of sickness, . . . The old friends of Wallace Mann deeply sympathize with the relatives of the deceased. He was ones a much thought of citizen of Lyndon. The people of our vicinity have commenced to talk about town election. Three tickets out. The maple grove across the rlver-Hs giving forth a good supply of sap these warm days. Many brush fires afo burning and are fast changing the sweet sap into sugar. Mr. Sutton, who has been quite sick and unable to be about much the past winter, is about the streets once more. Thursday evening of this week the Star Lodge, of this place, will repeat the musical and farce comedy given here some time ago. March 30, IlaUnamau. This hasibeen a week of much mud and bad travel; the cream haulers have had to use four horses, and then it was hard to get along. Mrs. Albert Ferris started for Mr. Cunniff's on Wednesday and when crossing a bridge, it caved in and let her horse down. She waa much frightened and had to take the harness, all to pieces to get the horse up, Q Then she led it to Mr. Cunuufl's and -Mr. Drew and Peter McQulre came back with her and turned her buggy around. Except for the fright and wet feet, no harm was done. The new buggy that Bert Glassburn bought a short time ago is still in .the barn—waiting for good roads, ' ' Jacob Lauff lost a fine horse a few days ago. .,Will Huttoa is painting his new barn. It is a very nice and convenient building, and is a great Improvement Daisy Ferris spent Sunday with her parent*. .~.Tlx8 UttUoA-S-Cbuoi will have no -V8 cation this spring. ' - .lakellartaook will board at Albert Ferris' the cotulugjyear. He expects to have H large garden to care for, Mr. and Mrs, Sheau spent three days in Sterling last week, • Mat Hutton expects to start for Chicago Tuesday evening. The farmers are thinking of starting spring work, sad will soon start plow<- ing it we have no more enqw. John Sohaff is the proud father of eon. . Will Hutton lost a valuable yearling calf l&it Saturday. < , . . The Advaocs SotooJ is hftvigg e va Hea- Bar- Gait, o ' ' The roads are in a better condition now than they have ' been for some . Miss Mamie Gronnla ' and brother spent Sunday calling on friends in Gait. . night to spend a few days with his parents. . Those. that are atllicted with measles are Nellie Grimes, Lurah Bowman, Edith and Fred Robinson. Those that tiave just recbvered are Ernest Grimee, Lulu Bowman^, Ida and Robert Robin- eon. All are getting along nicely. Miss Annie Johnson is spending a few days with her frlend,*>Miss Topsy ByerB. : \ • . . John Robinson came home last Tuesday on account of sickness. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Landheir spent Monday with relatives in Gait. Mrs. Jacob Holt will entertain 'the ladies of Gait and vicinity with an old fashion rag bee next Thursday. Ed Myers is building on an addition to ala residence and remodling the old part, which is a great improvement to the place, ' • ' •• . Mrst P. Qbrien and daughter, Mary, were calling on relatives in Gait last Sunday. Misses Florence 'Kauffman, Carrie Burr and Mary Qbrien were calling on friends in Gait last Friday afternoon. The elocutionary contest of Hopkins Township will be held in Como Friday evening, April 2. A number from Gait will attend. , March 80. Jjyndon A robin.browa thrush, 11 y and a frog, eure harbingers of sprint', are in Lyndon, : The members of the W. C. T. U. gave a candy Bociable at the Woodman Hall last Monday evening. Rev. Bernreuter is at Hockford at- tendibg conference. Mias Npra McKerg, of Marengo, la., is visiting her parents here, Miaa Ella McKerg, of Morrison, visited her parents over Sunday. Miw May Hazard, of Lonipor, Xowa, Us vbiUng relatives »«d f rleaCta Coleta. Last Monday night noises almost unimaginable were emitted from a point southwest of Coleta, that caused all sorts of queer thoughts to go through the heads of those who could hear the din. Fires, charivaris, and various other theories were advanced, but Tuesday it was heard that the boys who assembled at the Liberty school house for practice prior to the contest and entertainment,that will be rendered April 7, had thought of a novel way of helping the people of Coleta, as well as those of other vicinities, to bear in mind that a treat was soon to be in store for them. Miss Mabel ByerB, who has been so dangerously ill with a relapse of the measles, is growing steadily better. Miss Gala Ranken, of Milledgeville, is taking advantage of the week's vacation and is visiting friends in town. Miles Wallace will build a large bank barn soon. It is said that at least forty-four cords of rock will be used in the 4 wall. , - ''•; Mrs. Crist Bogott, wife of the prospective Road Commissioner, has been spending a few days visiting friends in Milledgeville. The Ladies' Aid Society of the Meth r odist cdurch will give a chicken-pie dinner at the Woodmen Hall election day, April 0. ' A supper will also be served at the same place in the evening. These ladies have never failed to satisfy the appetite of the hungry voter, and do not intend to break their record this time. Will Stanley is happy once again. For the past winter he has had no peace of mind on account of rats. They seemed to come from anywhere and everywhere. At night they would play cross tag on the backs of his sleeping cattle. But a little white ferret has done the work. When this animal began its deadly chase, rats would even leap f rom the-top - of - the-barn -into snow banks below. Woe be unto the rodents. , • Last Tuesday morning the one year and three months old daughter of Mr, and Mrs. John Kneies died at their home, four miles west of Coleta, The funeral was held at the German Lutheran church .at .10 o'clock Saturday, Rev. J. G. Trefz, of Jordan, officiating. This .is their second and last child that has dled.and the parents have the aym- pathy otallr;- J ~\ ~ Jonathan Patch will reside in Milledgeville the coming summer. —Peter and-John-Eckels have-again displayed their ingenuity by constructing a cart that will not sink in mud. They cause all to envy them as they complacently jog along. . A few of the young people enjoyed a carroma party at the home of Mrs. F. V; Colcord last Tuesday night. Music was no small part of the evening's pasttlme/ Those (present were Misses Lovina Bushman, Grace Bender, Minnie Proctor and Lulu Bender; Messrs Charles •Riglin, Clayton Colcord, Ora Peugh and Glenn Colcord. Several milk haulers were unable to reach their destination Thursday on account of the roods. William J. Meaklns is contemplating erecting a dwelling house soon. Frank Lawrence waa exceedingly ill for a week. He is able to be about at present, . Jesse Hill, our flsb/ well as 'weather prophet, will sell the tinny tribe to Coleta this summer. Next Tuesday be will bring around his first lot. Mrs, Clark Vlnson, Miss Mae Becker and Messrs. Frank Bimtly, John Becker and C, H. Manning, sang at the funeral of the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Knelss last Saturday. " The Cpieta young people who attend the Milledgeville school, are at home this week enjoying life greatly, because of the vacation SumnerCrom, who has been attending the college at Hartsville, Ind., fitting himself for the ministry, arrived home Friday night, He will not attend during the. spring term. Mr. Groin is a young man, always a peer among his associates, studious, and hag gained the respect and admiration of all who know him. He will certainly make a brilliant success in his undertaking. O, A. Seeley, of Aurora, lectured ia the M. E. ohurcb last Tuesday eight to a large erawd. Mr. Sfeeley appeared ia greftf; rnsiiT intTP a ting fftffc fo t*l]. While Jn prison ha sajs that, he received s blow that nearly killed him and injured, hit health permsnentlf, Hewss here in the interests of the Ex-Convicte' Home, of Chicago. About three acore of rata were slaughtered in a cotn crib at Samuel Gipe's one day last week.' George Frankfather left for Chicago last Saturday night to learn the barber's trade. John Hurless accompanied him. Miss Lovina Bushman is in Milledgeville this week, attending the institute and visiting with the echool "raarmB.7 Charles and Lowell Finzel, of Mil- ledgevllle, are spending the week at the home of their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Lev! CoHrtright. Mies Lydla Taylor left for Samuel Price's laet Sunday, where she will live next summer. . .. C. E. Colcord left for Milledgeville, Monday. He is enrolled with the rest of the pedagogues. A sidewalk will soon be constructed along the north side of Dr. A. E. Me Bride's lots. There is considerable talk of again having path masters. Nothing certain will be known until after election. A four-year-old horse belonging to Michael Sheehan,Jr.,dled Sunday night. It was a good animal. ,, .A large crowd of Coleta young people will be in Milledgeville Thursday night for the purpose of attending the annual county contest. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lechner last week. March 31 . Jordan. The change in the weather on Monday seemed to bring with it throat trouble. The whole family of the writer have sore throats, Alice misses her first day of school because of it. BellDeyo, of Sanfordville, has been sick for several days. Uncle Vernon Sanford is improving slowly. We are fearful that he will not be able to attend Town Meeting this year. . Machinery was taken to Sanfordville yesterday to move the old milltp a better foundation. The roads are in worse condition this spring than they have been for several years. The hills between Oliver Tal-. bolt's and Sanfordville are terrible; it is about all a horse can do to travel the road without any load. Ed Wilson's ponies broke a doubletree there yesterday morning, going through with a buggy, leaving himself .and sister in the mud. ' James Herbert, a few minutes later, came very near getting fast there with two horses to a carriage. It took him four hours to' drive to Dixon and longer to come home. He went down to bring home his daughter, who has been attending school there. Wehope the nominee for Road Commis- sjcmer in East Jordan will take a ride over this rpadbef ore the Town Meeting. Some farmers are beginning spring work by arranging fences, etc. The Talbott school began the work of the spring term on Monday. A class of little folks entered upon their school work. Emanuel Hess will build a large barn this summer, for Merritt Scholl. Miss Annie .Wilson has commencd boarding at home and driving to her school. : „_..._..,. —.'. TheW.C. T. U. will furnish dinner hall on Town Meeting day! - March 3O . .. IN JUDGE;; WARD'S COURT. f - ^rN'i? K•*•'*! f""' t5 " J !? f " ^f A-1s*r th*t i<iop*{e"i n f Wts*< W , WftM 59 t child. Consent of Vim. Wfeh!,to<* er, filed, mother of «I4 Wia, W, W#M being dead. Consent 0f Was. fiiett Qrd*r msrla tot esid i REAt E8TATK TRAHSFER8 William Aldritt, heirs, fed WilHam E, Alldritt, land ia Clyde 94,000. Viola B. Pearson to W. H. Hooter, land in tienesee, $5,200. Clinton McElhaney to Jennie Me- Elhaaey, lot in R6ck Fails, $500. . W. W. Haskeli to Elizabeth M. Mil* ler, lot in Sterling, $1,800. William Alldritt, heirs, to B. F.- a04 W. G. AUdritt, land in Clyde, S8,fl78. Mary Wallace to Agnes Champion, lot In Sterling, 610,000. Mary Wallace to Agnes Champion* lot In Sterling, $3,500. Johanna S. Nichol to Matilda J, Wetzell, lot in Rock Falls, 815. John G.Manfthan to Moses M.Royer, lot in Sterling, 9150. Allen J. Gettle to Johtf H. Gettle,'ot in Rock Falls, 8800. Henry Korn to B. F. and Joseph Korn, lots in Sterling @1. Henry Korn to Isaac Korn, lot la Sterling, 81. • • Henry M. Stetzler to George W. .Stetzler, lot in Sterling, 3500. Sarah J. Thompson . to Edward Loomis, lot In Prophetstown, 0200. Edward W, Loomle to Charles Loomis, lot in Prophetstown, $200. Charles E. Loomis to Mary E. Looni- 1s, lot in Prophetstown, $300. George Talcott to Henry Sohrbeck, land in Portland, $75. ; ; Margaret A. Harvey to Wilke J. Sachjen, lot in Sterling, $400. Jobn G. Manahan to John Peck, lot Sterling, S150. 0^ W, Burch went to Chicago from his home in Gait today. A business trip. . —The, wind "broke off the roof in B S 's house last night," was the way Abe Shacoff tried to April fool a STANDARD reporter this morning. —Mose Dillon sneaked a snap-shot of the Indian squaw, who has been around the city the past two days, yes- teVday. The old woman caught him, however, and demanded a dime for the fun, which Mose was obliged to fork over. The' old lady then graciously posed for another picture pf her graceful, sylph-like "figger." OUJOAOO ALAJBKBT8. Furnished by Hoatrawier & Co. Grain Broken, of Chicago; branch offlos, rear Firit N»tional Bank, Sterling, Illinoii. Harrison jTelephoae.'ie. ' . Long Distance Bell Telephone, ,80. iBXIOIJU. WHEAT. May .... July .... Mar .... Corn. May.;... July .... Mar .... Oats. May .... July .... Mar .... Mesa prk May .... July .... Mar .... Lard. May .... July ,.'.. Mar .... 70-70J6 24% 25% OPEN. 26^ 8.60 8.60 4.22 4.32 HIGH. 8.60 9.67 4,22.:4.35' LOW. 8.47 8.60 4,20,4.32 CLQSB. 24% 8.57 8.67 8.50 4.224.35 4 ( 20 llusiness Transacted .There During the Past Week. PROBATE COURT. Estate of Wm. Taylor. Claims allowed to George Arnett, 8156,13; Thos. Bulger, $161.58. • Estate of Henry Brotherson. .Certificate publication notice to creditors filed. .-•••• Estate of Adam Smith. Appeal bond in case of James Gallatln vs. estate of ^.dum Smith filed and approved ' and transcript ordered. ' In re dependency of George Ray, minor son, of Pauline Ray. Petition filed by Pauline Ray, mother of George Ray, to have him declared a dependent boy under tl$ statutes. Cause heard. Jury returned verdict finding Geo. Ray to be a dependent boy.age eleven yearef Judgment of Court on verdict. Pauline Ray appointed guardian of George Ray without bond. George Ray admitted to care of guardian pending bia admission to training, schqoh Estate of Mary Clark,. Claims allowed to John Kustes, §2.20; D. N. Allison, 810.30; Joel W. Farley, $4.55; A. D. Mitchell, $47.40. ' "Estate of John C, Aldrich. George Forward, J. F. Leonard and A., T, Glassburn appointed appraisers. • In reguardianship of Cleo C. Ewing, minor child of C. A.-Ewlng. Report filed and approved. < ' Estate of David R. \Vetzell. Executor ordered to exhibit bjs final report on Monday, April 5, and that executor give notice by mail to the heirs, legatees and d« vim y a ofhiu said uling of said report, In rfi guardianship of Ralph -Gait, minor sou of Edgar A. Gait. Petition for btteid of gtmrdiuusbiii iilad, Bond filed Had fcpprovtd,' Oooa^ut of minc-i 12 O'CLOCK—OA8H -Wheat. ' . No, 2 Red, 86@88. " 8 " 78@82. « 2 Spring, 7l@73. " 3 " 68@71. " 2 Hard W., 70@75. "3 " •'" 65@70. " 1 Northern Spring, 73@74. Corn. No. 2 White, 24}£. «« 2 24K- •' 2 Yellow, • « ' 8 41 3 Yellow, 2: Oats. .'.,., No, 2 17. , ..'« .2 White, 20@21 " 3 Whlte» 17@20. NORTHWESTKEN BBOEIPT8. Last Minneapolis Duluth : Chicago- To-day 232 Week 161 X7S , 'Year. 78 ~ 278 Total ..,.., 891. ;333 Car lots today—Wheat, 7; corn, 103; oats, 102. ' ; \ ^f'f,', Estimated car ;lbaijs tomorrow- wheat, 27; corn, 113; oats, 131; hogs, 24,000. , ' HOQ AMD OAXZX.I BKOKIPI8. Mar. 81, '97. UNION STOCK TABDe— Hog« 24,000. , Cattle 11,000. z Sheep 12,0007 ~ T -.---,,-Hogs left over 1,000, Kansas City hogs to-day, 13,000. Kansas City cattle to-day, 6,000.' Omaha hogs to-day, 4,500. Omaha cattleto-day t 2,500, ' Hogs opened steady, Mixed, 8J5@4,tiS; good «$4 }5; rough, 8.80@3.90; Ughl,' 418. Cattle stroaggr, Sheep steady.

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