Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 25, 1941 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 25, 1941
Page 3
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gj, JUM1 STIRLING DAILY GAZETTE' STERLING, ILLINOIS Greenhouse Extends Gardening to 12 Month Season ^^^^^^ - ••••• ' t . 9j£j^F test Hobby of All, Raising Flowers During the Winter Vegetoblei May Also Be Raised in Home If Owner Desires House with Large Living Room Like everything else »r no there are s*yles »nrt rycles in our hobbfc* and «roc«Umv. Stamp collecting seem* to go on forerpr. so doe« the gerter&l interest in home workshop*. Amateur photography gains and lose* in regular waves of increased or decreased interest. One avocation which has not y»t come into full- style bloom is the home greenhouse— inexpensive to operate and good for amusement and pleasure right straight through the calendar. With the home greenhouse your first expense i* your major cost, a* the operation of your horticultural hobbr after the flnit investment to largely a matter of personal endeavor. Why not give this hobby some thought? Those who haw experimented with Hower and vegetable growing in the home garden know that there is no more satisfying hobby- The one regret of the great majority of home gardeners is that the season is only half a year. Yet some kind of indoor gardening to possible for even the most modest pocketoook. Improvements in methods of home buiUing and financing have extended also into fields of home impiove- ment and equipment. A complete small greenhouse can be made to fit any small terrace ar side porch, and financed as a home improvement There are sun and flower rooms included now in many new that are roofed as well as in glass Net The least expensive method of pro- Mtng_fc.*maE. prirate greenhouse IB to make it to the shape af an appendage to aome other building, with a simple shed roof. You can have a glass bay window added to the breakfast nook, or you can build an elaborate arched-roof conservatory for your winter estate. Tn either case the materials can be boaght cut to fit and ready to put up. The difference between the modern "son room" and the smaQ~green> house" Is that the latter is entirely devoted to the growing of plants. It IB filled with work benches loaded > earth, shelve* for potted plants, sand trays for-seeding* and equipped, in iu more elaborate form with tampnatuiii controls and special aprayina; awilms. There are in- Buying A home i« *omething more than mere purchase of shelter or the improvement of a vacant lot. It la a real investment and one that requires careful study of the design and layout of the home selected. The -kenmore" i« worthy of consideration. An exceptionally large, amply lighted living room with fireplace will prove « never-ending source of enjoyment. Both dining room and kitchen are large and have two entrance* to the living room, providing an interesting design for living. Two large bedrooms and bath with four eloseU and two storage upace*. complete the second story. The front entrance matches the design of the living room porch with pleasing result*. 17,950 cubic feet. Suggestions for Storage of Screens i Improper storage and protection of screens during the winter months may cause damage to the wire cloth of screens as well as w&rping of the frames. To keep them from warping. .screens should be stored either standing up in racks or lying down 'flat. It is important that the surface on which they are stacked be Jevel and that each screen be placed squarely and firmly on the one below it. If the acreens and windows sills have not already been numbered, this is recommended so that when the screens are put into use again in the spring they may be easily sorted and fitted to their proper places. arranging ••pi* atorag* apaoc •f pHBt food, inaact- and aD the tools that an pact of the f aacinattan of gardening. MlMu you have auch a little grcon- JMMM you do a lot .<•( •xpcruBjantiBc. to August you may take your ftvt- tntfc pots and plant then with aawta of the. florrers you want to have m btoawt along your "oanamatorjT walks in the wintar months. You ptaat naaturtUmu. anapdraaona, dautea, You bury the pot* in the garden until late .Tha* you begin their ind your reward la flow- after Math during the iths. When March arrival yoa begin to it the aeeda that wffl grow up line to IK art out when the thaws in the spring. As Wornout Stair Is Often Dangerous heaviest _ wear_ on thm. stairway treads Is usually found at the center front edge of the traad. to •any old homes constant wear at this point of the stair has cupped the treads ^ea Jaz^m Jka)cw.^the to safety far thf sUght- m^6 A|MMA ^w MMM^^HMk^^M' •+ tmSv tM^Btt eat slope or uueieunem •* ussi IMMDI hi dangerouB. Such worn treads cause injurious falls or a limn, when necessary re- the worn treads with new or build upjhe worn spot* and cover with a rubber to the tread. pieces at odd timea when an unexpected hour or half hour appear*. Trees Will Guord Privacy of o Home Frequently home builders find it desirable to-plant a row of tree* to screen the house from the street. giving added privacy. The type of trees and their spacing depends upon the effect desired and the amount of money the owner has to spend. - Ttl« BwrttHble"to plant- mUdr- growing trees, such aa willows and poplars, too close to the house or its-plumbing lines, as they have been known to cause great damage to pipes and mains because of the spread of their root*. Buch trees should be placed at least SO feet from the house. Building Walks Is Job Requiring Core Concrete sridewalks should be laid -with great care. A proper drainage bed of gravel, broken stone or eaves cinders, free from sulphuric add. should he prepared before the concrete if placed. The a* . Better Decorate Plaster Walls Than Clean Them Different Types of Surface Require Various Treatments Preservation of Shade Trees Important PlBS»*r *«'> tr;st'h«vr not h**n painted'are d;ff:r.j;t to clrsn *»cause the r»!sss*r Airfares are porous and th* d:r. Rir«.*e and enrr.» over a period o? months wii! work their way into rhe pores of the plaster and when ^eamng is attempted. stains will hke'r occur and the plaster surface* w:Il be streaked and dirty looking. If the plaster if- n sand finished plaster surface it would be best to us* a stiff brush and bnwh «ff the surface and let it, go at that. Probably t)» most MutMTnetBrT way U to decorate the walls with one of the cold watirr p«ints. with casein paint, oil and iead paint or wall paper. If cost is an object, probably the least costly method will be to have a painter cover the walls and ceiling with a coat of the new casein paint whkh may be had in many beautiful shades and usually one coat will cover the surface* well. Lead and oil paint require* that the walls be s:red with a glue stw coat and then one or two coats of good oil and lead paint with the la*t coat colored to suit your decorative scheme. Lead and oil pa;nt may not necessarily be glosxy and the last coat may be stippled or a flat paint used which will not hare a sheen. Wall paper is always a good choice and there are ao many beautiful papers now on the market that it would seem that any person could be satisfied The walk may be plastered, the ceiling painted or tinted, or the ceilings may be papered. New homes benefit when care is taken to prewvt old shade trees This attractive entrance utreet may be credited with a large share of th« success of this new residential neighborhood. Arched Doors Are Very Easy to Moke You may make an arched doorway or opening quite easily by the use of fireproof wallboani. The inside of the arch is formed with a piece of wallboard the width of the framework and fitted against the curved support* by sawing through the back paper every inch or two. depending upon the curvature, and then nailing in place. m . fUsfd -with material made far that purpose, should be inserted about every lour fact. Condensation neighbor ta putting in his "out- of-door" seeds you can be setting out plants which have been growing for a month or six when the temperature la around saro. toe will form on the under aide of the rafters in the attic and then when the nermsi weather comes, win melt, causing stainc OB the second floor oMltng. The cause ^f this is ttatjhe air rising to the attic, ooaaes in Jth—the_under-side-aC the eekl rafters. Ventilation is_the remedy, ar insulate the cattiog wader the roof. A sunshine ream, an the other hand, is different. It IB in reality a ttving roam with » ItoJahed floor and comfortable furnishings Around the edges are wide plant bece* filled with flowers and vines. Basket* •f'flowering gieemii grow well hare in the good light, Thar* may be a fountain In the enter hanked with noted plant* sand ttvened with a few "old fish in it* sunken basin. This Is the ream for sun bathing Jn watfe chaks, the healthful (fee children to play, a ____ formal "end, of course, the Hewers grow bast. The plans of . sunshine rooms and eKfcms ant not oomnttrated. You will Have your own particular preference as to placement of work shelve* and flower b*tjc^»*s. Whatewr Urn •tyte of jwiur bom* — natonsil. o*l Bnglta*, Stench, Itahan er SvaniaH —the sun room can be sryled to ftt the architectural idea. If the sun room I* small. M o*n ha heated by the regular house system. If you have kt i vaom for flowers anly, same heating ceil may be needs*. the ream must have a dear be- twaen it and the house praper. to gaahf posible the even temperature wjfefch plant* like. pUher sunshine rooms or green fw»ms can be toofad with sliding hrtUeetf atratns by which the glare af dlract sunshine may be tompsrad > necessary. By amatm mtthssw whkh was anox the luxury af vary rich can new be part af meat modest Linen Hamper In arranging the house provide a hamper for soiled ttnens that the housewife daw not wish to put into regular wash for the laundress or to be aent out, the fine table linens, rear, etc^ that is done separately from the family wash. It Is a simple matter then to se- hvt the Ustaej which require extra to do just • few Hew Is FaTt-Lilt AH* Yeor Around Asset By installing glased sash in • porch, the pleasure and comfort of a year er aide porch may be enjoyed throughout the year. In summer the windows may be screened and TCBUJn flfrTP. (tvi&f tlM •flVUlt4%fB of an open parch while to the winter the porch furniture need not be m), a* I* the ease with an porch, and there wul be many days in winter when the son win warm the worn se It to for Keep Porch Scuppers Cleaned and Painted pen. or opmlngs tiatA.**. outlets en porches, should kept free of an teams*, dirt and other litter. Otherwise. •«•*•< the moisture they held is absorbed by the poitii flooring and fftyfi'BimH^g materiaJs, thereby atarting deterioration. They should be cleaned, dried and well painted with durable, water-rssxting paint Package Receiver It Is a great oonveniance to have a ptHfrTiajir or mOk tejtivei built into the house wall near the iktchen entrance. It may be a part of the kitchen door ar built into the waQ as desired. Package* are then placed m the receiver from the outside W^^M *•*-— mMm4mW ron UW mmmw. Heel You'll be well pleased with the patterns and price of We also sen MssHst AsyssH Tsflj An excellent product for fti ishinf off basement rooms. Michel's Piiit Sttre Eliminate Openings In Mitered Joints lintertor trim work, such as door and window casing, shrinks under the dry, super-heated condition which prevail* in many homes during the winter months. If trim has been mitered at the corners, the early spring will find an open joint at each of these miters due to loss of width in the cross section of the wood. One way to prevent such openings to to install all interior woodwork in a bone-dry condition. Even then, the material may absorb Mme moisture during the construction process. There is another means of preventing the opening of miters — and that is to eliminate miter cuts. This can be accomplished by the use of square molded corner blocks at the ton of each piece of trim — or by the use of a straight, unmltered head rail, to which side pieces of door or window casing butt with • •quart joint Shut-Off Volves Prtvent Freezing Householders have tunate experim had '1th unfor- rroeeri pipes that lead to an outside faucet. That condition can be remedied by installing on the water supply a shut-off valve by which you may turn off the water supply at the first signs of freezing weather. Shut-off valves xhould also be at the foot of every coW or hot water riser so if any fixture or pipe is in need o! repairs the water supply to that particulsr unit may be shut off till a plumber arrives to make the necessary repairs. The installation of shut-off valves overcomes the Inconvenience of shutting down the entire system till one part has. been repaired. ivery Home- Hettfs Room Where Care and Dignify Can Be Thrown Aside M<vt <">f th» ho-irs that arr in -o'lr honrips arp unrn n\er to sleeping snri ratine Our ^Irrping rooms should thrrrforp be rorn- t'ort*ble ari'1 rvir rrMinn places should N- arrancrri for the grpflt- eit amtnin! o! fnirv-mpnt * n ri rrlftx- nt.ton. Prop;* cannot res! in n dark, badly ventilated or noisy room. Whrrr the hvn.e room Is arranged on a .--ornPtthnt formal plan. or trhpre it miiM br. krpt in order st nil times, the rumpus room, basement rerrestion room or a room in which t/i loaf provides this haven for rest and relaxation. In this room all formality and even dienity may be laid aside. There is no expensive furniture to be considered, and the floor should be practically damaep-proof. If there is a fireplace -where steaks may be broiled and corn popped, all the better. One* having *'!ch n room von wonder how you got along without it before! Smart Living Room A living room that In smartlyVioa 1 - prn !n decoration combines warm with cool color* to Rood effect. The rriline Is painted corn! color and the rug Is a rirrprr eornl. The walk are painted off-white. accrnt\iatinR the furniture of rn*en-ood and blrachrd mnple upholstered with coral and brown fabrics Prevent Spattered Windows if Possible When spray painting near windows, the panes, may be protectefi from *natterlng paint by cover- Ing them with paper, preferably! brown wrapping paper, which may be fastened with masking tape. Glycerine will serve also if the glass is thoroughly covered with a' coat of it. and may be easily wash-' ed off with water when the job is' done. Front Door Shelter A shelter over the front door and, kitchen door is very desirable. Not. only does it add a decorative note to the exterior of the house but it often adds interest to the blank wall and relieves the monotony of a large surface. It also offers protection from the element* in inclement weather. Package Fuel Is Not Expensive The true test of economy in any fuel is Its"costrper•'bM'ruhltr~You l II find that la low when you bum package fuel With thta mean, eaay - to - handle fuel you can keep a small Are going for hours at an even heat Amply put enough in your furnace to give the dsiired temperature. Handle it with your hands, you dont even gloves .for it's wiapued In package*. .Perhaps of the advant- of^ this fuel In *mn i* that you can buy it in any quaiititie* you want and there to no waste. Bun- ply buy it by the package. There to no waste with •ackage fuel, you uat every htt of it ... and that elun- inates shovelinr of ashes and dirt. <tac* you try packaoe fuel you'll find it's the modern way to flre youv furnace. Get it at Chamberlln's, 1XIS K Third Street, or phone TtT. Ask about the new Fuel Miser Pur- naee, designed especially for package fuel, fully automatic. INSTALL A GALE STOKER Steel Building Materials I-BEAMS ANGLES CONCRETE REINFORCING BARS MESH LALLY PIPE COLUMNS CORRUGATED IRON CULVERT PIPE STEEL SASH \ Quick Service from Large Stocks D Phone 770 415 Locust Sick and Tired of Finmet Firing If your furnace cries for attention every hour or ao, if It Interrupts every pleasant evening, take time now to Inspect a Whiting stoker. Reduce fuel biUi and auil hand firing. Get a WHIT1M STOKER Liberal Payment Plu TWIN CITY ELECTIIC SHOP Rock Fan* Phone. 238 And ioi^ypu ttd you'll be f ortable this winter. ff Ask us for prices NOW. Complete tine of Fairbanks Morse possps. Roildtaff—Remodeling ? SEE US! Concrete HARRY R. CARLTON CONTKACTOB flftt T«ta ORf rmnUaf I 215 Firtt Avc. Itock F«U§ 24$ Fill INSnCTION Al^umatr ^ft^BBadll AA^^kfg^^LMga H^ ^^SIBA B^S^Bsl I H4OMI *25 iST. •-S PLEITYOF PIIEWATEI Plenty of pure water is still the first requirement of life, and the water company is always ready to serve it MOtTHERM ILUNOIS WATER COW. J.C. Save Now! cre's the BIGGEST STORM SASH VALUE IN.YEARS NEW IMPROVED v Your Money Invested Here Now Earns STORM SASH i Seat iat y«a*a. for yo«r IMMM* i 3»«na> SM*> wita a«r«MBMaidy »*cMr«J wita fttavsjea ia eaiaeteljr alter k ka* ••«• a few Sack arc lveat«4 with water MBMJkwt toxic cbesaical l*ag me cad PHONE If—FREE INFORMATION Simpson-Powelson 2 : I- «•! s^aSSSaV •WSki LUMBER COMPANY M W, M Si. Sterinf, IB. 7f -VJUOt':

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