The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 7, 1923 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 7, 1923
Page 3
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SATURDAY, JULY 7, 1923 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS PAG P. Till Our 7 Day Sale ,, SEASONABLE FOOTWEAR • RADICALLY REDUCED Price reductions are decidedly radical, so that the, sayings are truly remarkable. But strongest em-. phasis is placed in the fine character of the shoes included in this sale, and the many weeks of service ahead. $2.98 and $3.98 Phoenix hose to match. Have you noticed our windows? We close at 5 o'clock except"$aTurday. Jimmie Presmuth Again Feels Wrath of Shocker War Club Met Southpaw Ace Driven From Mound in Opening Game. FINAL SCORE WAS 11 TO 3 Twice Leaded Bases Were. Cleared With Triples—Goode Wild But Held Foe Safe. The Shockers will be entertaining Matty Matthews' pennant winning Rcflner3 for three days starting tomorrow. The Refiners suffered four straight defeats the last time they were here but won 25 of the next 30 games played. -- x—• The Northern half teams cwto-mly got aw.ay to a rcoad start yesterday. All wiin, t.hmiirh Saliiiu a-lso lost., Salina was Lhe only place where, tho schedule v .-as followed. Tito schedule called for a double header tn start the new season hut locally amUapparently elsewhere Saturday was regarded as the best day for a hirKain matinee. •--X— Wayne Middle!'.n was hatted nut of t.h« box hy llio K.uvs yost-ir.lay, :nak- . ini: about, the fotnth successive'time for Uim, after his his start. x - , Bonnie Meyer announced at Salius Tlmrwlny lw w.'iilil not tin 11 as tuananor of tho .Millers hut it was noticed Mfviir ilid art 'play yesterday milt (ifotire- tlraiittKitti, tho iiowly hired manager had control. Roy Copan. last- year 's skipper of tho :\le .is v. as duo in report here >«s- tortlay hut Tailed to show up. Addition of Corgun should lend atr-mRth to tho lUi-bon-r entry. Haloy. a veteran hi- 1'ioldor joined tho li-am yesterday and Way cent to second while Ooorgo Brauchln was moved to the outfield. - x-— The Salina loopor doubts tho f*tatomiurt reported to have boon made by Andy Mump Rush tho other day in hegKliig mrr from tho Mots for a <lay or two to rotUTn homo for title fourth of July. "1'vo pot to KO homo to the big fourth of duly plonlc. I'm mayor of tho villas" and official baby kissor of the entortaininont committee and I've gotta KO." Rush's homo la Cleveland, Okln. — x— Tho reformatory luill team will go to Great Bend tomorrow and Miller will hurt-ttgulnst Joe Bloomer, K. V. star. —x— Claybrook wafl -prevented irom going bil -less in the ninth Inning when his hot grounder took a bad hop aftor Sam Lemen was sot to tuko it and make a double play, and -bounded on into right field for two bases. —x— Salina is wont to poke fun at our short fonees but according to local fans all the Siillna fences are shorter than those of tho Hutchinson field and the number of borne runs knocked there is indicative that they know whereof thoy apeak. —X— The third baso lino was kept slz- sltng yesterday, A half dozen hits most of them for two bnsus went this route and several cipso-lu wore hit. --£--• ' floodn was no mystery for Butch Wetzel, veteran gardener for the. "Mets. Ho repeared a pair of doubles and a single and a walk in five trips to the plate. Today's averages give Mnsu Solomon only 10 homers up to the time the team camo home. He hit his twentieth at Fiapulpti hut. the score keeper prob'aUlv necjectod to mention U ' Tho Miockers' climbed a notch in team fielding, or would ynu say the Barllosvillo bout-nils dropped a few notches. Anyway the Shooke-rs art. sixth in team fieldiu:; with an average of .948. Tola ka leads, Si- |eil;-'a. second with .mil): Independence third with .iiilG; t"o feyvillo .0M; Mir,- Itoe.iKi .9M; Hutchinson. .IMS; l'.anlcs villo .0-17 and Salllai .{)>?,. Presmuth who was knocked out of .the hox for the second time by the Shockers yesterday leads the league lr. g^i-mes played and innings |ilir.hnJ. HO has been in 2.1 games and has HO Innings. Prosnvith's whining streak of ten straight was slopped by tho Shockers at. Aluskogce recently ar.-d they gave him his si cond drubbing yesterday. This desplto tho left handed batters. D. Walker of Salina leads the leo.gue as n strike out pitcher, having SO whiffs to his credit but ho has won 5 and lost 11 games. Tho official average-! givo Hutchinson pitchers the following records ex cluslvo of this week's games: flood©, won 5, lost 3; Henry, won D lost 6; Bauer, won-3. lost 2; Morbitzer. won 4, lost Ej; Shelby, won. 3, lost 7. "—-x— Henry Is tho only Hutchinson pitch or who has liecn, In sufficient games to get Into the batting averages. He Is hitting .246. Coats the Indian lad released boforo tho team came home, hit .173 during his stay lu professional ball. —x— Molorcyde Officer Charles Alford Introduced a new mascot yesterday preceding the opening game. It was a tiny pit? which followed a bottle carried by Boss Purtell from tho dugout to tho homo plalo where it was ylvcn nutriment. SOUTHWESTERN LEAOUE. W. I* HUTClirNKON ...- 1 0 Topeka 1 0 Independenca 1 0 flallna 1 1 8 .-L [tulpa 1 1 Bartlo«vlllo 0 1 Muskogqo 0 1 Colfeyvlllo 0 1 NATIONAL LEAOUE. W. t,. Nvw York *» 23 Pittsburgh 43 28 Olncitinatl 33 28 Srouklyn ....30 -32 Chicago •• 37 36 St. Louis 34 39 llonton 22 40 . Milladeh'hla ...SI » AMERICAN LEAGUE. W. Li. Kow York 48 22 Vml&dplphSa 35 34 Cltivolund 30 36 OhtcaKo 33 33 St Louis 33 37 Detroit 33 30 "WnshmBton 30 39 Bovftoii 26 31 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION. 8t Paul it 'if Kansas OUy .43 24 Louisville *\ M Culuiiihu* •'..?» « ^tllwauken liullaiialiells Mlnneitiiells Tok'do .33 38 .32 39 ...29 41 ...25 47 PCL 1.000 ! 1.000 l.OOO .tlOU ' .500 .ooo .000 .000 .070 .023 M2 .tit •.r,i )7 ,400 .324 ,2D0 PCL liSO .507 .507 .S00 .471 .478 .436 ,406 PC .< .64: .63' .6k .461 .451 .11^ . American Association. At Kansas City— U. H. .1? Indianapolis .. .00,1 003 200—.6 S Kansas City ...580 200 «»x—If. 2.1 0 Uatterles~--Hill, Cavet and Kruuger Dawson, Carter and Skiff. At Milwaukee-- Jl. H. K. Milwaukee 000 710 20x—10 T5 0 Louisville 000 100 101— 3 3 0 'Biattorles—JKoob. Holly and Hrot tetu; (learin und Hhinault, Young. At St. Paul — 11.11. i'j. Columbus 121 loi 402 — 12 17 ti SL Paul 200 025 100—10 12 2 Batteries—Northrup, Weaver, Ambrose and Hartley; Elliott; Holtz- hausor, .Uogcrrs, MerriU and Ciouzalos. At MlnneaaTolls-- 'R. II. IE. Toledo 220 010 021-- 8 12 1 Minneapolis . . .100 102 62x—U 14 6 Uatterlos—Cllard, McLaughlin und Anderson; Morrlssctte, Tipple and tlrabowski. STARTING RIGHT Twice .Timmle Prnsiuuth, Muskogee's -well-nigh unbeatable Juvenile nouthpaw filled the bases yesterday with passes and hits ami twice Shocker lmtsmcn cleared tho paths with long hits. Thus- it was that Hutchinson started the pennant: hunt lor"tho second half of the. South western league season with an 11 to .1 victory oyer Knsley Harhour a Muskogee first half runners up. The second triple, :oriug three, sent the boy wonder to tho dugout, lieaton. It was a 'listless nort of u game, at .•list as for as the 'Mets were con- uriinrt. They appeared utterly inrtlf- -reut to the, matter at hand, namely tho ball game. Good Was Wild. Bob Goodwc, Shocker southpaw as Wild as c March hare but only once did his passes gel him inlo serious difficulty. He allowed eight bits in tho last live innings ailer holding [lie iKistilos bitlcss for the first four r.latu .as. .Joe llaViblt lnoke tho ice with ti homo rt:a in the fifth after two were dow ti. Hunter, v, ho relieved T'resnluth in tlies third was stingy with hits but was as w.ibl ;M (liiode. He fanned seven Shockers, with the aid of Goes, who bad a particularly bad day on halls mid strikes. The Shockers suf- 1 tered prubablv no worse than did the Mets. A Lucky Triple. Trouble came lor rrosmut.h in the .-'ceoiwl Inning after he had retired the lioniQ talent. In order in till* first. Solomon k*l off with a single to right and Pick Tanned. Shoots doubled to left, Solomon holding third. Hanks' grounded to Kempe v. ho threw out Solomon at. the plate. Hanks stole second and Wales walk-ed. Hoodn singled to center but it went for a Mlple when It look a hop over Rabbit t and went on into deep center. 1 Goodo was out trying to make homo on the hit. The domealics continued the assault on the very best, southpaw in thc' tlurd and effected his retirement. I'urtell and roster walked and Lenten laid down a perfect bunt which be beat out with time to spare. Solomon holsled to Olson hut Pick tripled to deep left center, clearing the paths. Shoots lived on a field, r's t-hoiic and Pick was safe at home, Hunter having relieved Presmuth. Pick stole second. cVl-orbltzer who was sent- to right -when Hanks retired from the game, fanned hut Wales again walked. Shoots stole third and on an attempt, ed double steal Shoots was run down between third and home. Forrest Gives Us Two. Rabhitt's homer counted one for tho IlarbouTmcn In the fifth hut the locals retaliated with a pair in lueir portion when Forrest made two wild throws. Solomon walked ftinl Pick fanned. Shoots hit a hot one down the third base line which dlemne was lucky to knock down. Mo^biUor fanned but Solomon scored when Forrest threw to center field. Shoots going to third . from whence he scored on another 1 bad throw by the -Met catcher." The visitors counted a pair in tho seventh. With Raibhitt stowed away Olson singled to loft nml Urnuc-lilfi walkod. Both scored ou Wetzel's second double to left. Again the homelings countered with a pair in their -portion of the sevt-r-.'h. Solonion drew a pass, and Pick doubled lo left. Both scored on Shoots' two bagger "to left. Muskogee. AB R H PO A E Rabbitt, cf 4 1 2.1 1 0 Olson, ss 4 1 1 3 1 0 Brauchle, rf 4 1 0-0 0 0 Wetzel, If 4 0 3 3 0 0 Claybrook, lb 3 0 1 3 2 O Haley, 2b 5 0" ~Q 2 2 0 Rempe, 3b 5 0 0 1 3 1 Forrest, c 3 0 0 10 0 2 Presmuth, p 0 0 0 0 2 O Hunter, p 3 0 1 1 1 0 Totals 35 3 8 24 12 3 Hutchinson. AB R H PO A E Purtell, ss 4 1 0 3 2 1 Foster, 3b 4 1 0 2 2 1 Lemen, 2b 4 1 1 4 7 0 Solomon, 1b 3 2 1 5 0 0 Pick, If 5 2 2 3 0 0 Shoots, cf 5 2 3 1 0 0 Banks, lb 1 1 0 4 0 0 Morbitzer, rf 3 0 0 1 0 O Wales, c 1 1 0 4 1 0 Goode, p 2 0 1 0 1 1 Totals 32 11 8 27 13 3 Score by innings: Muskogee 000 010 200— 3 Hutchinson 30-1 020 20x—11 Summary: Earned runs, Hutchinson 9, Muskogee 3. 2-base hits, Shoots'" 2, Pick. Wetzel 2, Claybrook. 3-base hits, Goode, Pick. Home run, Rabbin. Stolen bases, Purtell, Shoots 2, Bankr, Wales. ..Double play, Foster to Lemen to Solomon. Left on bases, Muskogee 13, Hutchinson 7. Hit by pitcher, Rabbitt. Bases on balls, off Goode 6, Presmuth 3, Hunter 6. Strike outs, Goode 4, Presmuth 1, Hunter 7. Time of Qnn'ie, 2 hours. Umpire, Goes. OTHER GAMES IN THE Mi!Jtxs and Yanks Divide Bill. Sapulpa 13-5, Snlina 6-13, S.iUna. Kiin., July 7. —in 1 wo .^luc"- [;in;: ma'ehi'S i-mbruuiir? nil...; lunne:'^, a tri|il'' iinil i-lovi'ii r.lwuhii'* :is ih> nx Li-Ei Inn--' bU 'Wci, HuliniL runl S:.ipulp:i ojii 'Micil Uu! Hywijii lu.-!'*' V'-^tcrdny by (liviilin;; f;;uuu.-;. Tin- fii'sl. WLIH K» tn l*> for S.ij .ulpa, Hn i VrPi :orii\ ill lo b for Salinn. (itiiiuu Hnuitisun look clmu;" ol' UK 1 .Millers us Muin.iKtT, bringing two iiout I 'ihliri's..., K(_'ur(.'; First Game. .S.-ijiiiipu. j rfalliKt ab h po; " ' sib h po WlDLs, tb 2 ;i ( U.:niTr(>\\\ Sb 0 M K.«!ly. & i JMJiM-iiM, KS fi '.! :t I'Tippin, fia 1 .1|.\U!UT . t.;f r. (V-vcfaiHi, 3b •( t (iitj.a-U'V'aii, ^1) \ l-'unk. r. ii «i V:\W\y.;V-iv>:V, \f h A<1 ;lr, rf 2 1 1 1 -\i rUuiii. i f-p Ur^w n. .rf 3 1 <iji .-iiin, u * Snydur, If 5 U 1 ,i loiiiion, p 1 UW^IIH . p \ Z O'f »tU, rf 2 !IG FIELDS IN EARLY CLOSINGS Twenty^Eight Entered Fcr the 2:12 Pace Which Carries Purse $1,000. TIIP onrly dop'iiiR entry lis 1 ! of HID h-oitint; und pociUK evonts inilicmos •tliat the riiiipB this yewr will be crowd- i -'i with fust liorsca in. all tho dartsr's. Tboro an> now 8 9ontrle3 ami ihmry 1. TiiOmjf .son, president of the Stat*' Fair Boanl, who has clmrg« of lliw r;n'i;ri, urinlictH that they w!W lu* ouu of tho iil^K^Ft Tcnturca r>f the fair. Tho entry list which t-loscrd on July 2 1M as follows: Class: 2-?5 Pace—$400 Added Money. Kt'rnk <;rji tton, U. y,.~C. WcV ^'^-r, Shrcv|>ori. I.a. I jaily S\ tnl.oU'ii, If. m.--Al Ithna ( l», W'mfip 1 !!, Kim.'-'fw. 1 .oil 1M burn, l\an.''afl. lt -1 Uarnn, b. g.- -<.'. 1:J. M«- ICHliip, Aiiburn. Nel>r. Mm or (•••p. h. ({.-Tom Krvln, .\&< -ut, I'rin--' 1 ht-o, b. if.—Xn.'.:k Thuritiim, Coff. vvllir. KHHSTI.S. Jiii'H'is HaUr'Vtim. Hr. A. K. Kcttt, HtHi'bliisni], IC'ili^fiJ*. !.• lMlW.n. l>. K --\V. V. UHT.V. Topckn. K.»HMia. \\ Innl.' \\. -v. m.-AX. Jl. l*ii!.-l.:ishit. t tkbi. l-;v»i-t*tt Tine. Hii'.rhlti .S '.m. K;tnj-:i- ri . V."ii'hit;i, |\nr..'ii.s, t .bii'i.ln, b. n. —lH'rby HUilib 1(, M S r., "The Best Under the Sun " Our Ronar - Plu-Ips tirmd Made Srraw Hals of flexible iiKikc. Velvety Russian leather sweats brown shades—hats that last all be wearable next: season. $3—$5—$7.50 in all Ii<4ht and season and will u I: 27 -1 :t American League. At Clovcland— It H K Boston 000 000 030— 3 9 0 Cleveland 200 000 30x— 5 !> 0 Batteries: Boston, Khmkn, Fullertou and Piclnich; Cleveland, Uhlc and O'Neill. At St. L,ouls-» It H K Now York 110 000 021— 5-12 0 St. LpulS 200 000 000— 2 8 1 Batteries: New York, Hoyt and Hofman; St. Louis, Shocker and Sovereld. Washington at Chicajro. rain. Philadelphia at Detroit, rain. -Wichita Tulsa r. Oklahoma City Omaha Den Moines ... Si. Joseph' .... SIOUX. Cit/. .'.'. Denvea' '. WESTCRN LEAGUe, ' W. U <5 . 20 45 ;M 39 32 39 33 ., 37 as SJ <x .•.;.•;;:..»(> «»••• .86 '60 Pel -t -:H .t,VQ '.sta .r,i3 AM •at .'129 ,3t3 Western Leaoue. At Wichita— It, n H Tulsa 222 202 001—11, 14 0 Wlehlta>,. 370 0t,-.1 2')x~12 17 4 Bnttorlos—.niiicl-, Plummer, SJar- man mid OroEhy; Kullers, Hovllk and McMullen. . >At Denver ., , . R. H. B Omaha .,000-200 300—5 7 l Denver 200 000 200 — 1 10 II Dattcrles-^May,- Lee and Wilder; (iross, Hall and Diamond. At Oklahoma Oily— it. II. K. St.. Joseph 100 200 000—3 4 4 Oklahoma City "02 100 inx~7 8 4 Pattei'ios—Haid, McColl and Pierce; Adams and Ilocho. At Sioux City— It. II. B. Lies Moines 300 000 000—3 S i Sioux City ., 000 022 20x— I! It 0 Uatterlos—House, Miller and Wheat; Williams and Snyder, National League. At Phlladelphln— R H K Pittsburgh 001 001 000— 2 S 0 Philadelphia .,.020 102 OOx— 5 12 2 Batteries: Pittsburgh, Cooper, Kunz and Schmidt; Phtladolphia, Mitchell and. llenlino, Chlcayo at Boston; rain . Cincinnati at New York; rain. St. Louis at Brooklyn; rain, Totals 41 If. .'Ti Totals Semi: by llirr.r.i-rs: „ , SapullM. WW 1*4 t>«" H ;1 it, 1;l ooo O;H> u;to- Sufitmar-y—Mm -v,. tuts, Ur .uil Is'an, Kelly -. Scovl, lieea. »-b:isc- bit, Wil'is. Iloinn runs. K>:liy ^. Scot I. Cleveland. Cli.-sbro, W.wi.-nli-.ivc!-. stolon i .as^s. l >uroi, West, lili-ivcr. Has.-s i>li halls, oil' nuutten I, SarUui'l 4. utf Owt-ns 4. Struck out, by Hoult'-'li 4. l.y Sm'Tand 2. by Ownna 7. Lett Oli ba:;.'», Saiiuliia 7, Kalla.'i tl. loins, Willis 3, Kelly 4, Scott. l 'Mlppb 1 . c:U 'V'-'taml. tlruwn. Wnyd ,>r, Dwcns, Cerul'l, Clu-t-l.i-e, liraiilistin, We.t- tenlut ccr, Dune. o;l.'.. I'lrnfa'. Scott, l -'liluiin 2, Cl .-velan .l, I'-cnk, ' li-r.-il -l. I'hes- l ,i", Miller. Time ,.l' suae-, u:0D. t ;mplrea. ltoiullliant and Wilkinson. Second game— Score by Innings: Sapulpu 200 001 2— 5 8 0 Salina. Hit) 213 x—13 17 3 Batteries—Sapulpu, Adair, Cleveland and Kuuk; Salina, Walker and Otis. Kaws 6, Refiners 2. Topekii, July 7. -Top.-ka started the seeoml half of the season, yestc.-d .ay, taking the league champions to to 2 IrlnimiuK. Incideuislly, it was the first lime in the history of the leaatte, Topeka ever beat Wayne Mitl- dletou, the Refiners' portslde flini;er. "At Coffeyvillo recently Middleton narrowly escaped a bealinj; at the hands of tho Kaws.-butihr Refiners tuananed to wiueeze out a viciory. Yestt'l'day they tapped him for fourteen safeties and w'ou the bailie with ease. The scoru:. Southern As&ociation. Memphis, 2-3; "Nashville, 3-1. Mobile, 4; New Orleans, 1. Atlanta, 9; Biruiiti^hani, 2. tilttlo Itock, f>; OIiattanoo«a, 3. Western Association, .lopilll, 0; OlttnulKee, 4. Hoiiryet'ta, 0; Enid, -1. Springfield, 7; MoAloster, 5. Fort Smith, 1; Ardmorr, 4. Texas League. Port Worth, 4; Dallas, 5. Wichita Palls, 10; Shrevoport. 11. Galvestcni-Beaun-out, rain, San AntOL'io. -1; Houstciu 0, Too much work iu foolish, gk) is too mmtU roaU—Atchison Globe. " l.'ettcyvlllo K'ahilnt. 3b . I Sow-., l t ii'Hyi-ne, lb !•'. llafwa, 31i 1 lerlfiud.'ss Woolen, if WIlllKrurl, If Uowe, cf It. alley, e Maeliant, c Mlilillctun, D " Victor ab b po 0 2 0 0 3 11 1 3 1 2 0 1 0 1 1 2 0 I 0 1 1 0 0 0 Torieka Xapbr, cf stl-'-'hiii. Sb 1 ilck. .11, Kockskoiif. 11) ..I. Mat'b'v.s, If k'labaiiBli, rf Henri, c ICrieuves, ss Mil. hell, p I'lerce, p ' 14 37 Totals 31 6 34] Tot. •ltattert for Mlddleton in ninth Score by InriiiifiS: rrnffeyviiifl , o<u ono iou—2 Totielca e :tt .tlx It Summary-.Kuriied runs, 'rupeUa 4. f'/'tfeyl-illo 3. hits. O'lljlfTe, It .H 'k- skopr, Kueaves. 3-lmac hits, fi'.reiiie 3. 1'jeree. Monie run, O'liyrne. Snertfiea lilts. Kahdot, Wooten. liases on halls. i,!t Mitchell 5. off Ploicr 1. off Mkl.lli.lnn 1. Klvuck. out, by Mitchell 2, l>v I'lerce 3, l.v Mlililletrai 3. Wild pilch. Jll.lilleinn. Hi',;.-. ••(! .V.ltcliell, 4 In fiv ami tv.o- tlihils Iniihiys; (,ff I'leree, 2 in three anil one-third InninKs. .Stolen l .iLses. Xaiil-'r 2. SMohm, Dick. Left on leus.s, (-oifey- \-i'!-- S. Tetieka 9, Time ol" frame, ::;y.t. I'lMpiie. QulRley. Producers Win Opener. Independence, July ".- - tiidepeinl- ence won out in the ninth inning ufter ty Ins the score In tiro eighth, in the opening ^amo-of the new season with Bartlesvllle y^estcrday. The scoro was e to 7. Tloth teams used two •pitchers ami all were hit hard. The score by Innings: It. II. K Ilartlcsvi'ic SCO SCO 100 7 12 1 Indeiien.'.-uce ...003 301 till—8 ir, ; lia .ttoritiS — Bartlesvllle, Bruner, -ReKlnald and. Lr.nib; Independence, Boyd, "Doak and J/.oorn Kuisgs.^a^Electri How In keep cool c^<^^^ while cannimi <^f' J-— "^m L&Sk String Beans ' akmg, vanning I'viTii-n l-'ucbiiia, wr. p. Nc-Hy Tbfr.iif, br. ui.--» SfJItN. IvlttlSilS. [ \ vn )ti)Ht\ rb, m.- 11 un-y K;I:I;';IH Oily, Afo. Atffiif, r l"ti!sM. r f"*kl.i. Siiult' 1 ! ili'Wiv.^ b. in. Jolm riicii.kec. uubi. Ji.'fl AVitit;--llnbt;i-L KUM.SIMI. liohi'iL J "MrR .*l —Dr. 11. ..ri .laU, Ohio, Class: 2:24 Trot—$400 Ad'Jnd Money. Vapt. Aubr.-y, b. in. —A. I.H-.k, Yulb! Hiii (in^N -t rinkt 'Ttnn, b. LH'O ^livers, b, 111 .--W. H. I'.i.hntr, Mnxlmii, a. in. Wm. If;i.-kKy, Hi (:'Ljini!- VIHP. MM. L>inl.y -Moor,-*, b. (: TiirsoiiH, Ka nstiH. Wrnon Holt. I>: fi-.—J. W. Mclh, Vi'i-bfiiii 1 'it.Ic. hi. 111.— -K. Jcw'.'lt, HVinl">l Trump. U. ir - W. T- Until*. 1 < tj-nrnil I.uKan - fiiti, S. Unwell, I 'c-U;.- I.iuly Will Till, u. m (.•(jr/cvvlMc, Mt.U Sym, h\, ?,••••<:. I.. riAri -ison, An Llluliv. KiLll-:^ Walnut Sn'.ur. b. -R.t '.'». Twlier, Siirliiufb-iii. Miv Kiulv, b. :\\. -it,* \\\\\)xp\>:. l ''fr >y- vill", Kansais. L 'nioiittiWh. K.-m^ris. Drift .lollnl 1)". Wli-bltii. Knnwis. Hol .iiNl XiiiK. br. Kniiiiiw, Hi.-i-la, I-n. It.-ll h. in.--Harry Mt. f 'lemi -tL*, Ml-:h. i.ny l-'ii '-'-M, b. i;.--0, I'tfinloiifc, Mo. Aunt N'lMo. b. m.- Sbrt -VL -pori, I-a.. Clasa: 2:17 Trot—14O0 Added Money. Iltiv Ar.'lirlfiln, bl. g.--C. l>. Ih-.U. Omaha. S'fi»r. Tirt'lnvu Kern .4, It. m.-—A, Dtiik. V"alli-y K'*n;xt lihtssom, b. g.—W. 11 C'r.iii; (.May Outer, Kan ^aM. O-l.ieii McCIrcEor, br. m.--.I. I'. W'il- Unin-itin. lAenvsr, Colo. N'.-'Ub' Ciin I out Jr., b. m.— II-.n Huron, CU't'iiinc T.xiifl. A july Pet<»r, b. y;.-C K. M'-K:11OJI, Auburn. Ni*br. . I.nuir'.- Mi'K, bllt. 111. C. f-2. M-'FClilup, I Auburn. NL-IIT. 1 •ium'il /.one, bl. t;. - -II. I». Kuivka. Kan-<;i .H. Silvei-s, b. m. VV. J I. I'.dmor, Til..' i l.-n-k-Jewel is the peer , 1' thi 'tti all. Hill ill lint l.ill WC 'ltllt -f. ivlicn llieje si. tlllli'll c.' 1111111! 11;.;' tn i |n, \ nil \v 1! find the. 1 .i'r;uu-ei|iii|,|i(M l.'larV: Jewel o-.iiceia.lly \ ;i i 11:'. 1 lit". 1 . Mile ill til '..llr '.11 1 c and see jii.'l IKJW il e.<itlf-. LORA^ f Oven Heat Reg u lator I.iii-aiti < ivt'ii ileal l \i ".;nlati)r i- an allati inne 111 V r;mtr 1 iiie livens. It -f 4-1 differ, fur anv he I CKICH'I;', I :n <CCIJS \ 1 'llr '--. Ssi »|>h ul nf vet; at et (lie SPECIAL OFFER CLOSES JULY 15th We will give a Community Silverware set FREE with each Lorain Equipped Range Sold tivitil July 15th. I Itoisas and Electric Smpamr I C \Z*P .^jAtiiuirScrtlcv'j —- 3PortT nr.iEPS f lover. liollvai. M lllllip Slorl Ki.-iuvllle, Mo, Anna, ch. r i li'.l-i. V.e-non Holt Tulsa, okla. • Kay 11., bl. in.- Kansioi. \ lie. vest Apple, W.iiilu. Arkansas. 1 .e..l>- I'liliiuliurat Snl«'inon, Kansas. 11,, hr. K.--M. 1 .Mich. llaion Vlollock. i'. <z l.'offeyvllle, Ktara,. 1 !a by I'raw,-, Kr. u. • I'^epli, Mo. Prim - lli.ll. I.r. K . E,| i •!.>-ie|ih. Mo, l.'.-itt .lolls, br. B— Wichita, Kansas. I'tt^uy K--.plt:r« ,nr. m.—Ilarl O. I^iiiKlo, li. K - Win. Ilackley, Ttlw- rn - John M.-cjuab:, 'I'nl^ii, b. g. — J. W. Mel.luiiilell. in.- 1-;, .lewett, Vrwlotila. 1. Ill-J. II. .V,ll':W, eli. in --W. T. Harris, 'bi-e... I la -.-.son, I 'll Tiiiiiiiuin. T. S'-ff, i-.l. Brown, Si. l.y KiiiM.-.s, Mis Longman i, Celo iLf .i.iii.l Klan, br. H. -.Ir.o. ,\. t: ( l ;v Mure!'.:.. Koc^is. ..Mis-; >|»Wf. b. in.--II >n>- I!, i ,i|,..- A.r.-nl, Tulsa. Okla. J)Hri!n.-Ha, !». m.-.-Tuni 'bant, X' Kanna-s. Little Iian-itoU-rt RuE.-.ell, Littl-mn. Cole Mitchell fn-M Hail weiith.-r f..r tn- li.illth tial" iM -cvcnte-d Lieiu. IlU:-'-e!i M.ill^ilail t'l.lin Stint .(( jll-n po -.i -d .la'-Vli Ul-iiU-ik 11 ail: 1 . C 'Kl'-.l'e n'ai fliiiln. Cleveland --Rudelpi] Siliian. SI y.-jr- old war veteran ostublt.-!'."! a tn-w ininatlli.n y-ilf icc'H-.l ui 2.i7 hoi. s. Philaileliihla—Pat R,u:a!i, v.a.' ran coach of thp Phllailelphla Narioauls was aiijioliiteil captain by M-iiia^er Kleicher'to liiicccei! "(Mi.lie" llapp, who was released to the i*t W n-i-li. Texas, club. Mean. A cerU'ii town had liur.^.lit a ii'-'-v fire-euaiti". and the superintend'-'iit, after ;tatlH':-in^ all his nien I'M.-.'ili' r. suiiLTested (hat an apprnpriate unHto should be plafa-'l iti'er the siataitf. The ihlUK »a.f debated at s'-i.'-'in length a:'el sivrai sll.:i;e'.-.tlons v.-'.-i-' made. l''lti'.i il'• ee,.- man i-'V-e and s-.o*. "I move tin- !'el !i 'v.'iiii; m '.ll i: 'Miy this flie.ent::uc te like all the oi liuvifls in our village, always reai hut. nover <:a)leil for.' "--Tit-Bits. THERE'S MUSIC -Is 111 1.1 Mir tan lily, it :i Indin enjoy nni'-ii-al i tal!;v "f '.a-i.e. show Mill. IN THE AIR "t all of it if v.,n : raih'i ri'eeivnio/ •n'.c. 'I'lic whole ; '.lie children, can • 'nee': ,, lectures, •• hind'. I,ct us ';' | Radio Mfg. and Sales Co. 611 North Main Phono 703 Consolation. Two aisle."S - apparently all In all to) Real Torture, each other ba.l liw.d nn;et!ier for j Wife do bom.. ,-miinf< lua-l'.iii'.i many yearn. Then when the ono wunj"f)h, inn. It's been dreadful ninety eight and the. other ninety-six, j day. the elder died. The relative who un-j been del-wok the task of broaklux the painful • iri the survivor feared the. Bo.'. -ili! be fatal to her. But .... : ...... up w lauierfally. "Ah, well," she replied. "now 1 suppoas I shall be ablo to have my tea inuda as j JIB Isn't of I like it."--lloyal Magiutu* 1 tlloba hero all 'i'iial foreign e.mpbj abor« have qimrrnliiiK and siiuntliiK, auc 1 havon't been able to understand a word of It."—Punoh ff,otHt<iu). You -nilKlu as well reallso now tliat i^you can't kill a man ai. n;h 0 e,. a u<w your faith.—Alfhlsua

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