The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 29, 1971 · Page 7
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 7

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 29, 1971
Page 7
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»#* e of G. /. Bill encouraged 1ttA«ti/U* lidh*i&.fil,. «_. .... . J, I, eduttillon benefit* ..,„ more popular nrnwg Vietnam 'jmwg veteran* of KM- Korean conflict, I' J, Mima, director of Uw llomttm VA Ki-glwwl Of fie*, tait) on hit return from .4. threeiiay ponfmw* with lop VA official* in Wellington, I) C fllKnrollmetit under il«- (; | IHJIU up J9 per e«ml over last year Miuu wW, nod VA rf fit-ifllii are exploring to <Tt|iarhl It t-ven more. Minis (net w|lh Ad iimn-iii,iiin at Veteran* »t (Him Donald K Johiuon nnd III* ChlH lt«-wfilti Director «llwy Owen, at W«»i)inglort'« Sheraton j'ark Hotel in meeting* ilsat brought tagHhfr (to- tliret-lw* of V,V* '»Z regional office*, Id'j t»u«|»ltaU ami »u itx «ul|MUiriit i liitip* A!r>re Diari 2.7 mllllun lulorfoJ unnMtincn when veteran* Mtid dfrvicprncii fiwc*»K«ry, A vrteran tan alrfiniy have u»«J th*' current draw bonr-lit-i lo complf.'le 0 I (ill) in (Is jd*t wvcr five 'tin)) M'liool and «till have full yeaiii <A <^Ut*nct.', Mlin* wan I'liUtlcinenl In go on to college, ti'ld, and thU I'xtfini* U>« 21 w Ite can learn « tradr; in a (*:(lliw (luiiii-i.-, itoder the 1.1 '«'*>n« < «>i «..-ii.^.i ..» n,r,» . y»-iini the Korcai) (i I Kill »u« In t'lli-tt Wslii Vi-tffiinn Ad ! (nld^'l'lr, jfj tu a ir-rwtl III) Classic Bach falls to rock lit >-.<ii:\i it-, ijr iloy M-, t- til iw-hool or through ifiK .»ti the j(»l» or on the (arm Hit the jo!) (raining tuotfram*. Minis mild, are I*ifiK expanded m c'x»|x?ratiiwt between VA nnd small IMMWOW itml a (>rf>Krnm in |tn>l(j i-6S only (wo months hti« nlieady r<-nulle<J in 8.WXI ww TICK BHA/Osr'OftTFAC'I'S, f'reeport, T«a», Memday, (Vovember JS.J97I, v//W/ f y/////////////^^^^ \ being assigned to Sheppard. Airman Chapman Is a 1*71 graduate of Brazospori High School. NEWS fro. tb Services Hy lAtl.Dl'ltl (( 1i|u»M- I. Mj jrij... i K CM-* ,5 J»rl1i«-,j» *:„.,; ,,. > /-' Alia-, sir**- .1! ;t (i.v V r-wi .* if A.1 ^ t '::,': !•>'! *•'..» J- .", fvl' i;.' .«.).--, > »:., 5.-. ,>.. Dow requests pipeline permit Jahn Wayne Rkhard Boonc DEER 3-BROTHERS AAE5 STEWART HENRY FOMDA THE CHEYENNE SOCIAL CLUB RHE ENDS IUES. NIGHI 6;45 & 8:25 Krrp \ourr\rs on \»lii>l slu- (iiiincil sr< i.v THUIli \". ANGIUCN NOW SHOWING 6:30 & 8:20 Exclusive Engagement! ROBERT MFTCHUM GOING HOME Harr>(kahani is going hwne after ISyeai? inprisau Us son sti warts to s«« him hang. CTl-' :rirc ME1UOCOLCX< SUMMER OF Sdidicf. |jf<*iwtili-<1 ,«( the «Hi?r,'t-n<f*. Mlrrtit S«K|. t/ridf; '.«<! ilm! i"<Ji>< ;ilii/li i.« !h«' key !,l<-(d! Ill U(i«'»i|j!'J> Ilil.-fl! .ifnorifj ^e(eran% 'fin- uij-fi'.piijyiin-u! r.ilr'i* lugh>-4l aw</j,j{ '.'in- Mrti-ram with li>r- MJTI of Mr and Mr.i Crawford Tomblin of flra/uria, tias re«'f?i\Hl iii» Jir»t t'.S A;r F/rfce duly a*»ti;ninfn! after <:urn p!( !uiK I/;IMC tr,-i:iiifi){ at tbe Alf Tmmifitf i.Vjfriftiarid'* Iji'-kla.vl Ar'l!. lex The airman iv.n [j<-«-ti a^hiijned lo .1 tifiif •,< 'ii<- Slrati-ntc Air C'lmiiiaiid ;i( Klls-«orth At I! S U !(, : tracing and du 1 .;, ,v. .1 (fx^i s^-fvici-ft !>(••-* !;i!;t! Ai;n;.»;( To;r>bltn aC.rMj.--J <o i'di!.!.,., JliRh Charles R. Taylor VIBl NAM Airman Kfrnl Clawi Charte* H. Taylor, son of Mr. ami Mr*. Benjamin K. Taylor o! IIS Chln.ibcrry t'r, Ijik<; Jactutori, is on duty at Dim lUtnh Hay AI5, Vietnam. Airman Taylor, a plumbing &(x:a:ili*t, iji auigned to a unit of the Pacific Air Force*, iK'.i'lrjuartPM for air ojMYati'ifu in Southeast Asia. II*: r';ir Kast and the Pacific area lu-forp hU arrival in Victim, he at Myrtle AKI!, SC Tic; airman in a Vff, Kr:«'}u;«l«r erf ftf-d Bank High Teiin Frceport, ha* graduated at Sheppard AFB, Tex., from the U.S. Air force medical service* aptjcialixt course. The airman, who wa» trained to a«wtal In the care and treatment of patient*, in "REWARDING! ABSORBING! Donna L Chapman WICHITA FALLS. Tr» Airman fKmmt L Chapman. 'I:iU(!)i(cr <it Mr .irv) Mrs D V/ '"luipin.-.n •/ ir/22 W .Suth. In everyone\ life there's a SUMMER OF'42 i IK AMUSEMENT GUIDE VELASCO t tt j 1$ t m "fcimmtr LAKE "V«« N« tvll" fr, t ill I:«JH 1) tit.MUIlM* «n<,l in DM HJMttd M«rvt" J «tl 45 SURF > MiM M »•» /•»« I 41 BEACON Holiday Shoppers' Best Friend Like to save? Ask about the State hm Car Finance Plan, R. E. FRANKLIN - • r MI ;•. i \<, i', \ i I » I u » l >< C I Electronics for Everyone 1 Allied is Christmas Headquarters for everyone! Lay Away Now... or charge it! «?' Use Master * Charge or ' Bank Americard ALLIED or ask for our instant credit 'RAQIOSHACK:. Ml I M.I I.Akf. JMKMIV .-»; -ai TK MKTUODS f / ,-. v^r^ ()!•• AN .-V.\ClK\r AUT BEAUTY COLLEGE Ah 'I I IK Hiq.Hi.Vi xlxtj^x-rs' U-?.t fri.-i<i. it brings >'-•.; !},<• u-rs iK-A.-si gilt Hje.a', and th<- stores' finest •,,i!t>.-. <!.-!;, ,;/!, r da;. '.VitJi |«i. lun.-s.pnccs iifif.) (k-Uills to !r«-!p ;>(.».; >.\<A (,.>;.;:;, ;i;>;J ;b;.ft> .sv!ut;o;;s to vj inany //«//;« UK Si Hi. '-i .-.-.,-! i '. tilj:lll!',k: j •' • s;.- :»;.! | A.'iyn !'.. -..-i-.,- i!i(./r« ii ><>ur H..!T''...;, •|j'.-!i;!..:ii! ».-r> <i.:» fur >-xviting «••*•., .-a»in; li-^t'Jn-. ;,s ucll ai for i.,-t<- tjt!;e :i!i<' iiiuiiey in filing ;>. v \ t ','.. U-mj; delivered to fS home- vl !ul! ad- THK HKA/OSI'OHT FACTS i<- (.unity cl.iii;, pap,'r of Hrazoria Coonty CALL m-XSll To ,Sub.scnl>e T/?^ G//^ Cottage l.\t K s I'l.\\T\riD.N I'KNTK'H THK l.\H(iKS-r VMUKTV OK IUU.MAKK PRotnCTS is IHK tiu.\/i»snii<T uu:v y^ Zi niiKJcK so ii-.ujsc frcKT, Ail with the famous Ho^la fuur-stroki- ir^ir.c- th<? must dependable motorcycle mtiine dcMt;p.«J All with strong Honda warranties.'All al iiri-ai lK<ida prices From Mighty to Mini, Honda has it all .URFSIDE CYCLE CENTER) |£li \. IH U - HUVU. KHKKJ'ORT 23J.7S While Colors 7S9.&8 764.M UNAIOlfOIK Vllt&CE CCNTE »4>t ^PLACEMENTS Don i 94mbl< with s«l«iyl Replace your cricked windihiold, sido or bick windo* immudijiely Slop in of phorn us tor 4 !'«« «iiim«t« Our juto yltn irtst«ll»iions tit 1CX)% 9u«r«m«ed against leaking. FAST'IFFICIINT iXPIRT INSTALLATIONS And we cany * complaie line ol m*nut4cluf»f- approved PPG ci«« and limed auto glast parts to tit all m»k(» *nd model* of both domestic and cars. HURRICANE GLASS CO. M. GULf BLMD. FBgfMiT 2J1J1

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