The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 9, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 9, 1859
Page 3
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BUSINESS DIRECTORY rse». » n <> Mannfac liMments are among the best »nd mo. in th«ir r«spectlTe lines of Business J. M, GROSSMAN, AttClUTECT & SUPERINTENDENT OFFCIB-NO. 10 TODKG'S NEW BLOCK. jel s for all kinds of Buildings notice and on the most liberal tennl ISAAC KINOSL&Y, ••AS A- STEAM .PIPE F1TTEU, NO. 291 EAST WATER STREET, , GAS, STEAM AND WATEE COOKS, GLOBE AND CHECK VALVES GUAQE --COVKB, Ac., Always on hand, a large assortment of <;. A s F i x T r K E s w ork done In a .workmanlike manner, at short notice «_ndjowcstj>rices. N. jc9-dly OK1SWOLL) <» CO., KUTAIL DSiLIEB II LADIES', QENTLEMEN'8 AN i) CHILDREN'S HOOTS SHOES AND CtAITERS. MASON STBEET, i* |i l> o - I i p i h c Walker H o n e e . ' J - W K 1 K B H li N N K K , KAKUPAOTCKKB AND DEALXB *IB BO«TS, SHOICS A..>» WAITERS, •NO. 24 SPRING STREET, »t l> j> o » i t < Asncrican Honce myll Niedcckcn & Co., Wai' •''''''•* •" BLANK: Booij KULBKS & BOOKBINDERS. Binders' Stoclt, Printing Ink and,jri«t Paper., always on hand in large qoantltlw. Airrnarji BnoHira In the neatest style. , " -, j No. 2!» EAST WATEB ST., KNEELAND'B BLOCK, aprt M II, W AT r K K K.. i RAILROADS. L- V Utt DWELLING, Store or Merchandtee Insured t If not, call Immediately, and jfrt them Insured In'the following "first -Class," 'old "established and prompt paying Companies: KIT A D fc y E N,T OF; KIT CARSON, Th« !\>stcr of tbc Rock'y NoouJains, Prom facts narrated by hlmseU. Just received by maylO ______ BTHIOKLAND ft Oo. a Slort', NO. 4S K\tft- \VATEK Ns-KErT .JOHN J'HKI.AN, <>r, hand Kood rusloro mkde BooU and KLKl'S a Hhoep km.1i, ol Ladief' and Gent:«mfn'i Boots and Stioct u> ord« in lh<- l»t-jn Blylf uml warranted to rive _____ _ apr2S mad s«u«f«. t , JOHN UK;K, WHOLESALE I» K t « « I K 'I , NO. 8b EAST WATER STREET, Ha« just received a full supply t, Celebrated Union works Cylinder Glass, Manufactured at Cleveland, New York. Tran»po'<«d entirely bj vessel, it comes in perfect order, and enables mt to *,>l! al low rates I have permanent ar- ranfrernerm 1..&.-II thi* Itran.I of <i!aM hereafter. "y** JOHN R.10K. II :» !• p «• r K r o t h r r M , (Km., I-K.W in 1S4S,) BOI'BF SIGN PHIT, CARAIAUK ANP OllNAMENTAl I'a ; ti 1< ri.. t;lazlrri> A I'll pcr-ll .-mi;. r ». IMITATOa? O^ WOOD ANDMARBLK, > O. 39 <l N I I l» A S T K E E I . A FK rr wrist; KAST,<f TBK HA ftKEI n«rts. Pencils, rba SALE BY TKltliY & OLKAVKK, BOOKSFI I.I RS ANn SIATIOfVERS, 1C7 £fl«f H'atrr xlreet, iliUu-autrc. W K ha>v just received a full supply of thoht Cele- bratFd 1'enoilB from the manufactory of J J Behhach, In Hegensbiirg, Bavaria. They j|. e carefully assorted, abd rach grade Is di,tlnp,l,hea I ; » popular brand Particular attention In called to -.lie "Upnosi- l on Pencil, "(round black pit;) and to the -Peoplr', Pencil, (round rrd gilt;) a oo lo the"Kuinnoer's Pencil, (i.exagoc (rllt.) All of vhlcl, Bill br lound superior to any other pene-l In the market. Alwa\t on liand.a complete assortuient uf b.ack and colored leafl pencils pi all thr desirahle irradet A mo couot allowed to the IVadf proportioned to orders COMPAWY, Of Hartford, Connecticut, . I N 0 0 R P 0 HATED I N -1 8 i'f. ' Os^h Capital and Surplus^ $1,067,920 OS HA KTFOitD 1NSUKANCE COMPANY, c Of ^Hartford, Connecticut, ' I N O O'&TP-O RATED IN J 8 1 0 . ' Cast, Capital ana Surplus '. (798,682 00 ' HOJHK INSil/KANCE COMPANY, - Of New York Olty, Lash Capital and Surplus »1,077,8»0 40 HOWARD INSURANCE COMPANY, Of New Vork. INOORPOEAfED IN 1826. Cash Capital anil Surplus. «.SSS,950 3^, PIICKNIX INSUilANjCE COMPANY, Of Hartford, Connecticut, l-ash Capital and Surplus,. $419,084 66 L AM Alt FIRE INSURANCE CO., Of Ne» York, *.'• SE Oapltal andSurplns^ , $ Wat. & Baraboo Valey extent of ALLIBONE'S DICTIOtSTARY OF AUTHORS. ,J ( ) N * \\' H 1'J K r 1 h. A 1 7 General Land and Insurance Ag-ent* KUTAKII-> IMUIK. A(-., Author, lirina and ttt UtlA ,-cvmti to U,f J/«rf. t iift>itti1netr f T,tn CentM'-t,. I'.mr.ift • »(/ 'Jlartf 'nuHMMt Biugrai^tte, a»irf lAtfrttr-j, .V«rii-r<. I/ ill. F,rrtn Jndext* r/Su<jeOa. frur JtS cessary l^ all »ho Ke»d. all who A Wrltt, allClerprm.n, all l'hv S i,:a,,,. all Lawyers Hcietitinc »nd Lite ar.' Men, Merchant, and P.TOer, Manufacturers anil Mechanic.'. IT IS A HOUSEHOLD COMPANION. PtJBM^HKD BJ *TKU KLA*!* A CO., NTATIOIVKRV JOUHFHS, itKSOLUTE INSURlNCE COMPANY, Of New York City, Ossl, Capital and Surplui, $246.888 (.6 CITY FI11K INSURANCE COMPANY, Of Hartford, Connecticut, Oadh Capital and Surplus,.., .$308,231 43 I solicit buBlneu for th< above named Companies entirely upon their own raerlu and responsibility, ana refer to their prompt and liberal settlement of aJUxiwM heretofore, as a puarantee for the fntort. Policies Issued without delay. WHKNRV HOLLAND, Afrent. JOHN HOLLAND, Aaj't. Northwest cor. Main and I) P. MARSHALL, Surveyor. Wisconsin its., Milwaukee, lepti O N an4 aherMonday, April 4th, and tutU further no- tieea IJassenger Train will leave Milwaukee from tte depot,fo_pt of Second street, for Pewaokte, Harlland Hne Lake, Oconomowoc, Watertown, Lowell, and Col- nmbuj at 4.20 p.m.,arriving m Milwaukee al '1^5 a m Passepger* arriving at Milwaqtee by the Wrlfc-auiee A Chicago K. S., La Crosse * MIILS. K., and Mil A Ml" &. K., or byj Boat, pan proceed, to the above alaees Connections are made at Watertown with itaees for take Mills, Jefferson, Waterloo.HanchetviPe, Bun Prairie, Cottage | Grove and Madison. Also at Columbus for Lodi, Me«mac, Atsego, Fall, Rive', Letfl'« | Corners Hamrlen, Lojwllle, Dekora, York, Arlington, BHstol anil for all point! to the West and North West.; ; Pauenguri arriving at the Junction from the above places make:connectlons h the Milwaukee ft Mississippi K. R.I for Jonesvllle, Madison anj Prairie du Chlen and al Milwaukee, with roads to the Bo4th West and North. : ' »PrS j 8. S. MERRILL, Superintendent. 1 1S59. SUMMkK 8TOO .4 . United Stale* .u. A F. Ins.Co. OFFiCK corner ^ ill attend ti lu<unn£ (tui.df nie*. Atteorl u t of l»-.-(ih M..r:^ All Coliectiuiii Will In- f.r .tin.u^ R Hlock, K tin- hu.. .n an. hu'.iil nr t-'uhectl. Abac, uli |i piUd over . (>r, T r. r . . Meyrose'i B»»K d 13.' Ull WA I KSK. Jiasl Water unii n-llmp of Real fcstau I BI , L responnible Oomi.. ' I . „( Acr.mnU. hlatinr ,ul I .i-i,, L,.a».-s. 4c. j nounu placed m our hand i rum TheophlusParjem. Hurvard itren^ B'/.SY '. ., Prof« ( .r ..I 8n ,,.„,., *IOO,00000 BUtll'LUS ... 29.6M 00 Office, uud*r Milohell'i Bank, corner ol East Water and W ichigan streets, MIL WA L'KSf. . .WISCONSIN. OIREOTOK8: ^ J. A. Urlfrtijtein, E. Sanderson, "' "•- Ki-eelaiiJ, 8. S. Dnggett, '•"•Jt. Mali-, 0. D. Dousman, 1 Palinpr, Eilvtin Townnend, J. A. UKLrENBTEIil, President. Q. D. DOOBMAN, VlcePresidenU „ __ W. T. PALMER, General Agent. B. U. \TaST.Secretary. 8. B. DioGs-n, Treasurer. H. L. P.ILMSH, Attorney. marlO In MII^WAUKKK 4 ITV INMl'RANCE !'«., 0»'FICK: mirhcll Itiilltltn^, !>I Ir hlcnn. n MiLWIPISIk, WlBOOBSH —VIA— MK^IQAN CENTHAI, j —AND— G. Wesitern (Canada) Railway. T RAIN8 let ve the Great Central Depot, foot of Lake street Clflcago, as follow* : 4:OO A. HJ.-DKKTOIT ACOOMMOl.ATllJN,(i'un- ; dsy« elcepte.l), arrive at Letrult 6 Hi i I* si. 7:00 A. M — CINCINNATI KXPRK.S* ^ui..lsy, elcepted.) Arrive at Indiana^ .IIB 4 00 e u., Cincinnati b:8o p k -LIGHTNING f.Xf Rg-B. ,Sundays ex. cepled,) arrives at Cetrolf 7:1)0 p y. ; .Suspension Bridge or Buffalo 4.0 ' A ' u ; Albany 3:110 r. »., N e « llork » UO • r. H.; Bostou 11 p. u. . SS:OO P. Hi',-NILE' ACCOMMODATION, ficen ; Sunday. 8:0«) P. flr||_NEW rOBK ANO BOSTON BXPttt.-5, , (eiceptBatur.lay.) Arrive .at.Betroa' 1:15 A. v .; Biiapcnuion 3ndgi of Buffa;. 4:80 p. *., Albany 4:00 i. it • n h<f y o ,' k 10:00 A. »., Iloston 8-0') T K. 8:<>O f. OTi—CINCINNATI ASD LOUISVILLE EX- PKKiiS. (hic^t Saturday.) Arrive at ! Cincinnati 8:1 u i y ; Loulivllle 4-01) P. H One train ocfttunilay al B:0« p. M Tbe 8.00 A. u. and 8:00 p. M . trains-connect at Par.3 w.lh the Buffalo i Lake Huron Railway, for Budai.. and .11 points «.'.sl. al Toronu. with Grand IVuak Railway, t,. Hlngtlla, Of.lrtiahurc, Montreal, Queb-c and allj.olntj ii, Oanada Ea»t. Nor'hert, Verm.'ut N-w Hampsruri- auj Maine I3T" Baggagt chec» ml Uiroujh. Through tlckfU f,,, .ak- at the principal Ra,lr,,ad offices in the West, an] al the g.neral office,corner Lake A Dearborn streets, oopojite th« Tremonl Hou.r I hicago, and al the Depot, foot of Lake street. „ . . K. N. RIOl.linp't H. J. SpiUHJo.Oer, Pan.. Air't. aprl* Deli-oil A RAILROADS & TRANSPOR'N Kacine «fc irii«8i<<si[ppj K. R. O P E IV TO DAVIS, 90 .11 I I, K S. (14 JfUet from Fretpmt.) ON AND AfteS „ MONUAV, DKO. e. I«6a Traini will run as folluwi, vli: * *->**<*>, OO1NQ WKJ»T Leave Uactne for Davis—JTrelgbt A Aco., JAM Leave Racine for Belolt—Puaenger, , M GOING EAST. Leave Belolt for Racine— Passenger, 7 jo i. u Leave Davis for Kacine— Freight A Ace., s-80 a i Passengers by taking the 7 a. «. train on th.. Lake Shore Railroad u Milwaukee, connect at Racine with :raln to Davl* ; arriving al Uavls at iijiu r. y. Su K e .eavi-s Dsvla fur Freeport on arrival of train. i-.Xil t . a. (rain from Davis conneco at Rncine with afternoon trains on the l-ake Shore Railroad North m.l South. |3r Kreiglit forwarded witn diapatcr Jleci ^ SOIIKKT IIAKK1S, Sup«-r!,,u.o.lent PitUburgh, Port Wayno &. Chicago F C R N 1 1' l K K OTJT NOTES, F1ERZHEIM SAL I'" s CO. |,\y< KAIL, ROAD. -Ih new aad direct Route now open to New Yo.k, Bomon, PitUburtfh, Pliiiadclpj-iia, UaJuinoro and iVaahtngton city, ClevtJinJ, Uunkjrk* BuiTaJo, Nia^art foi**i *nd all eadivra cities. Cm emu A u, C*.i^fuDua, Day on, BpriiitftieiiJ, Urbana, Zaceaville,;..«.-, .N.-^ ark and WbeeHn..'. au*l all interior towns n-, i;fr,,, iVr,-, ylvauia, Virgin.].!. MaUjrLiu.1, .N c * j,- r *- } , *- Unking out- (.mud I nhruUcu K. H. Brrwniut CHICAGO »*D TBS mrt f ARK A^ f.t'U' .I.-) J.V r <j;tJi:l{. ,. i / ; ^iy"* Ttiuie Jt'air.ii^ iu go oj :.i3 fj..uit *.n "r r ilar ur.J eoquirr for ru-»»-ta i •.4 K<*rt W *, i,-, if, - rr ' , iV'.'.liuj: Ifjt? annoyance i>l ret he- mri,.; Ut c ir Li;.* iift r-VJ/.V-, /.fj 1 A 1 L>Kit}'I u.* , : .|.V i', '.".;•. -. .' ;M//. >. A* I- >I 1 » IV* •j i>' P U. - .Night K),j.r. ifl, djiti.) , :<.aUir.(ay« I-T ( .<r.| rXi'cptr.1 ^ iiii r.ui uiic ct. unite of car-. i.t < l . OH KCIISO BA«U4.(*K THH..UGH To P-Ket-ur^., lMu.*Jfi, ,..* li.n; it. r t - ii . .s, w Y.,,,, auuQeciiui; citrrctljr w'U. tra.aa or. ih. (rrr-ai P-tn^y ma Ceuiral Kanrua.l, to fill eastern miri A| S ., Olevrlan.l d Coluinbiu Kailruad to Oleveia. Bullalo, Ni^ar.* .all* v,.., N,. * Y.. r fe C*ui Yorit 4 Kru- R.t,nr.,adJ U, N c w Yurk ami a. Persoi.s i;oinx c-.-ui will tlD.1 Uu- ri,ui« by, both fr QI id*. *<ivanttttr« in p.mj' variety au-i beauty u! u,« country if«rou. ruada j>aas, a*> well a*« u>« Iran frt^arnt •-•',( and the anuoyanrv of rr rh r rkio_< beujjAJ,, other routes. facilities for Uie Lranai/ortution ^f Kr Block by this rt>ute are unaur JIMS.-J t other r fAPH'AL, Pawl in $1OO,OOO. . «KJO ,. . , CAMBHIIK,* »«i» M« -I havehad tl.r firm v,.,ui tu-nary Icr .omnlays »»d hav,- ,,i 8 .roar ,, an it cxcellen^ and thai }-,. L ,,_,, with ven preat indu^tn and with i,, S lINCttKM, C'OMM JShlt 'J "TAR1K.- Ktlnl, , Pl'ULK. 4 >Ur&v \ T T C) H A^ remove.] corner <>t ha* IV R N s MKKCHANTS, nil Mnnry Urokere. illl.WA-rKKK, WISCONSIN. iMjukrr, oppoBlu the Old Post- mart.'? I l ) KS( )N, K V AT LAM. -e. \ ;, Stau Hank building, an.l Michigan .treet., Milwaukee. modern !>!<•. T" purj>..rt it must author, .„,, any one who ... , , Jan. t .. 1S6& i i,- ,.; v«ur l)i, I f i,-d n,', >^| , ,.„. : . , a rr ^,, ,, ,, ut ! r..i ,, , ' un - ' -he t 1 . Austin ALlit> ir wort,, a -, ,„„„,, r,,,,.,,,. ire III- knowl^df, , our I. .,, 0 (rive— and what cducat,-,! man di.,- i,,.i » 01 jfn-al inter^tl n d valur ResperKullv. a. . THKuPUIi.L> I'AKJiKK Ksn 'vn^a. '> DlfiEOTORH: 0. D. Divm, -' HOUPHEKT, J. H. COECEB, C. OoB^ToCl, k. TOWN8END, President." _. , „ A. L. WALRATH, Secretary. H. L. PiiMa, Attorney. Fire and Marine Klsk« taaen al current rates. U. L 1-iijni (.. T,,wsa*a-D J. H. KKLLO J. f HAHRIB IV. A PasaiTlBS, H. KULXB&AOBT, JO££TB t. UlLL, JAS. MtrBjiii, GKO. DTKB . - • kee Ksul THE Steamer Cleveland "III lake ' P'ace in line of the Detroit i Mli»au- , ,.a .Monday, the 14th JIarrh. Pa..-n.[ers GREAT SACRIFICES, I-'OK in}. NI \ r slx ,. Y 218 and 220 East "Water St • 'I I I « \ I Iv 1 MISCELLANEOUS. reet DRY GOODs, SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS! •J. , aii.l mir, ei( le \i am lu- i'l ni l .,iuf>ai.j- ', OH;.- -. Tr<-rnont House, Chica r«i, r.- Kil,r..aJ. Mn»»u JNO The L-ite-- iVc SSI MMK1C A UKA.NOK.M J-. N 1 wuhlnp throoei ticket, can be 8U pphe<l on and after f,Vj..; Ln-led M^l , »/ , ,„/ f i- Monday next, a» ZAI East Water .treet, ..r at the office ' Aj V""' A ' i on Uie .lock of lh«- Detroit A Mllwanke- Railway Cr, — : 'V UK " nl f relikbir an.l , u. Kocn TO ran K,.T H..ITH I Une ooticeoT tlft-tiuic ,,f .ii-parturr wil! b r e i|-en. Tina 1 A "° J • N "» IU «'"-T. an.l th- ,,n,y Line i, .«,„,.-.,„- I M »'" make the •ir.ile.l, cheaprtt and gu.ckril ruuletu ' ' : " """'••"•'- ««K»*t -.'.'.'kr I thrnu^t, .. ,.ri,. L..V i DETROIT Kailwa.} MILWAUKEE all pointfl Ea^t SUMMER ARRANCrEMENT. !.!.<•«• A .MO:NUA\ , AI-HI i O r.-. !•«•.„.J - [,, - > ^ F.,",«i 6.15 r :h West. ,«a_» rr ,v:, , y, an.l n,n From f Irt-na-u. p nt , n | arj o( Atuhors, I I [ delight. It lajujt i j havt Kouplit tor i »tudr- t*. and all II . K,|,,,. r N . y Ntw Vim, fr Observer. JN. i r.OR»» SIMOS uiv UuliAN dc Kh.W, Anornev and Counsellors t Law, a- d and it, when IVr , ,,,', mo ,. hr.r »od th, , ; l a A UK BE. WISCONSIN ' V»7 ILL find »l my cffic/- K Refrister, i pen tt their in TT spt-ction of llond* and Mortc-tui-i and *uh<r sc- ruritiri- "tiered for suit Person- « •slmu- to ..btain Lfiain rir havinr Hcmilt Monpafe* or ottier Mteuntley lor sal.-, may nod 11 Hi their InU-n-nl it 61, mf th. .r aiiphr-.-itioo:' or statement,., C POHLET. > '•* Opposite Walker Hou^r H btTl. . D. T. <fe Roardiiii; if Maxtn. xtxerl, (i/?i ;A< avr j.rruhe.l with a»tooishuiei •hall have lone desirrd t.. hav i vain Tkcuaaudo ..( rlercjinrr lllera-j ai,,l intelli. eol mrn mil! wind to hartjuat t' n work, and ther wil h» they It-art t at it is in 11, o ,.rld It dt-.-iv, cordial rrreiilloi,, and I trust T| l8 t th t h , publisher, v ,, havr 'l,r larjest n-irard f, prise and labor Vn^rKt'ulv, ,,. . . ... f'la.KKJK-f PRIMr Childe A Pet. rson. u r, Il;1 <rl "' Jan. 2'. iss<i j Mr Diuk .-m, b tu-r kn..wl, a ,-, of vour hook I from repeated l-ast. u.. u r; ,i. I « m a,, iam ' d lo , written you to rea.n,,,n|.l.r, an atkn, •. l^dpment of It, I hr>t r,c ,,,t Ofallth, »loreh,m ( . of ln.ere.tlnf and | readable iu»tl»r the ••I> 1 cti<.nari ,.f Autti •• me the most captivating. Tl.e p.,.,1 tasl, skill <.| arrauj-'t-nu'Lt tl.rr^ir, mai , »u -p(u««etl. md it wii niak*- .or j i ennal, e. J shall ir_r to makf amend. appa-i-ntlj- ma.,preciativ f &rtt adrnowledcmrnt of the i ac^uih.t'on »« ith many ainceif thankf f.. t,ook. I remain, mv dear ulr. r.,i rllllk uudcr.itrned is prepared to take Marine Klslu A and Fire Riski c.n rroduce in store, m the North » enteni Insurance Co., of Oswego, Nt-w York., al as low rate« as by other reliable Companies. The reputation ol thu "ell-known. lonp established Onmnanv entitles i Ho rmbhc confidence. HORATIO HILL, Agent, at office of H. t J. t. HU1. DorS Quaker Oi.y Insurance i:o., OF PIIII ADI'I FIIIA. ADTUORU.KD CAPITAL. . ...... *»oo.i«o PAID CP CAPtTAL AND ASSETTS,. 277,565. C_jfl«. Fr,,ni/in Buildinj, ,Vc,. 408 Walnut are,t, sreo-s t ,nd a . tr ,. &nd ( , L ,|,| „ _„ ,, re|.ut.l,,,,, verv , ,,r, D , f or ,„, I hs in t , ' T nr Kubscnl, r l,a, been ap. olsleH agent for r..mpany for Ml'wauk-r arrt rlclnlty. Risk, tattn ona» favorable Urm- a« oth-r reipon«ib!e Companies JAMES? WHITE, Agent. Offlcf, cnrnrr of Ea«t Waler and Huron itreeU up •tair». over the Marine Pai.a. maj2» BY STATE AUTHORITY, RAIL SHORTEST KVHl:»ITIOI s HOI 'IK! To |, a t ro»j»<-, Wmona, Read s Landing Red Wing, PKLSCUTT, t«T. PACL A\0 J-T ANTrlONT Chnncrdf Tljnc. Monilnv, April 4. !«.>!». , »Dd r«iKM • 1^1 Pa»»«r.irr Tra.ns V .'ie \.-r-.h «.,t at » " l^rr fcl U ^1 p j .., a,r-.4 JS i T NuaiHa !' ' '"! Jllr If : UF THE -.11 C.»P. TH.tlN ll.-OO A M. I.F.AVKS Arnvlmi m Jar,.« i.» t" M Pr IVnnerl nt «• th Hi . r . r lu P ^ ^ trcli M Chlen.-0'i I),, ar «D THAI> I I AVrs TIM WA S.05 P M , ArnvirfjL- »t Ja/,vp*v|ll- ^ '^ p M - >«, p J| Oiltri ami •!•»<" I'rairlr <lu i-()ii P M. Train. | u Rales of Froitjht Reduced Again by >€•« 1 orl. A. Kri<- EC.-iilruad -ASD Northern Traasportatioii </o.\ E x p K'KS s L t ' L " 1 ' NTI, M . tv^ W (. I llF.E Madison Far. low as anj ap!6 al. , r ft. ,,,,,, v, W .ut«. ,.,. KiT,. r ». « IL1.IAM JKRVI.-, GeL'l Suj-erlnl n.jent. Jl ^ WISCONSIN OKNEKA1, msuRANOEAGENCY!LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE J Min.-, . Art I' ,-k .( onrli au«l 'o.-i.-iel I, i • . Xi ^ E. Aunt Judj-'t Tales. Parablre from Nature. Motes In thr Sun iieam. Fanny, th* Klowei G-irl Uncl^ Jack tl,< Fault K.lier . subscriberj have removed their stock from the A fltkbli- formerly occupied by them, corner of Main an.l Hun,rj streeu, u tht old estaWishroet.t foot f' Mafi.'n ."treeL, thu* cons'-lldatlnp the twn establishment*, inakmi.- the larpesl and betl appointed Livery establishment ir. the West. W- shall be frtad to see our i old friend^ HII.: ruBtomem, and feel confident that we , can furnish them witr, H» r,.od and stylish a turnout a* any similar establishment in the rity. Thankful for or n, 1 - |. r majli TKkEY A CLtA\ tK - ' t; \v B o o K s < HAKTER UAK HBF I!VS. Ci>., I Hartford, Coon. CASH ASSETS $841,456 »•? >OH1II ATIFKK A> IIKFINN. «!. Haj-tfurn, Oonr.. CASH AWitTM ............. «.S54,86<. 0« l\s «<»., UAH, A Tiji. WF..STER1M 11AN>i Of Pitt.tlei CASH A.S."KTTS FIKF. ,!, Ma»s. «205,C»S 41 past patronape, the same. t& Particular attention en and hearses for funerals. pe u. meet a continuance ot | to furnishing carrlag- BPTLFH A POST. 167 £A* T WA TKR JAETH'S Travel, li, C^Dlra.1 A rua, 1 ,-,., a l, n ,u- r » Livingston's Travtls m SculherL Afnra. 1 •, ,,| .Sp^er^'eou, .Vrmons, 5th n.-rira Hlphrr dhristlari Life 1 <0>WAV EIRE Of Coo« CAPH AS.HfcTf HOL'.SKH TO HKNU'. W F have neveral Bnck and Frame House? to renl on very rea-tinable i.ermt We have also for salt & vast quantity of real estate, <-o slstinc of Houses, I "t . improved and unimproved Farms, School Lands, *r. We have 50 acre> near the City, with House, Barn, A. .. for the small rent r.r f ,0 arj( , VKJ,-.; GREX30RT A CO., may 1 224 J,.» B , Water ptrei-t. OOOD CHANC.'hl. iiocsr: ANW i>or »OK >ALE OHEAP. | [ H F. undcrslfmed will sell hie House anil Lot, now ! ' occupied a« a Tav c hy him, situated oc Main SL, j Racine, Wisconsin, near trie Ktearobnai Landnp and I the K. A M R R Ilepot The house I- located on the I be-tt nusmesi place, and the Mouse a» wi-ll as the situation of the Lot, would answer for any branch of business, e-fipeclallj for Whnlt-sale 8tori., which branch te already now projected al tha-t very locihiy Thosf who like to make n po^tl bargain, are ret,ue-ted to apply al the undersigned SHII'PKItS /"-IAN mppl, ih. mi-elv V - y i with B lls of Lartmf at TtKkV 1C7 ?..„ Itrfet I HOOK*. O CR stock Ut the largest In the West. W f Book at the Pubhsher'i price. I^M HA.NCE tO., ay, Maas. I4«8,4il tl HA.TIPDO riKF. I\SI K4>« i: <«,., •^prlnglitjld, MASS, CASH ASSET? .... is-'" nri.i I.IKAKD PI RE IKS. I Of Philadelphia CA?H AHfETf e verv prce. We can furnish to order any book exists, either nthe Knphsh ,., otber lanpuapes. W, receive new bookf as Issued from the Press. Jan2 " CTRIOKALND A CO .-n demand, aad ,e Racine. January 26. 1H.*>& JOHN BARTH Jan27-dfinj School Books. W t. have e them at i BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES »2H4.789 7» J. \V, <;rajn,, Asrent, - *• M *- BT1N BLOCK, UP 8TAIR8 . _ Milwaukee, Wl.consin School Book .- or retail STRICKLAND A 00. MILLINERY GOODS, IN LIQUIDATION in Dry f»nori» THA IMMENhK STOCK Of SiMilNCi AiiltANCiKMKN.T. I. HI i . > <'ICTH-WF,STF.n)V I MTEIl S rATT.S ,TIAII. A KXPKF.SS A\I> HM.y A!.I. HAIL Kd.'TL To l.A CROSS I: Oil til.- I I'Pim 71 ISSISSIIMM KIVEII. OD ami after Motid&j-, April l'.\\ Two Through Express Trains Daily. i.KAVi-i MII,\VAI;KKK, FROM UKPOT FOOT OF ClIKXTNUT 8TRKET, AS FOLLOWS : *£:!.* A. ,il. and tJJ:-I3 P. .ti. Tralnsiarrlr^ at Milwaukee at H:8O A. M. AND 'J : ;5O I'. M I Close ronnejMnini are madr al LaCr .n«c. j Twice dmly d«ch \vnjr with ilip Ilia. ! DI-OIH Hn<-k(-l < onijiun j'. _\ t . w ,,_jj I Spipudid liolipcl sratps MHII I.IUP Of Simmer* 10 A- from Si. Pnul and irUcrmcdiiiii- pmnl-. t&~ Passengers, by taklnf Ons route, wil, tart icm mllel In distance aad la houn Ume, frum Chicago or Milwaukee to La Croise or St. Paul, ovfr anj oiht-r route. •Mondavi eicepUd tSundays ncepted Milwaukee, April £4, Isii) EOVVI> II. (.»<iDUI( II, _^E._ _ Manaptr. CHANGK OF TJMK." W 'k '• ioruvai -fflc. ( April, HAI!\l.>J { u,,Tlli:i;> OUfl JOBbIM OtPABTMiHT SAUDLLKV AUK J-'AHM HI .1 )l < Kl > NEW YORK & ERIE RAILROAD! ..... | Hi « t , N«» . n tint • -• H 300 NoTK'K. Ve»>Mels for .Schwoner Fashion, 224 tuns Schooner D. N en-hall, 190 tuns. Soow Schooner Rug-by, 168 tuns. The above vessels will be sold al very low prices for satisfactory flecority Gnoil title. TAVLOR 4 JEWETT, Buffalo, New York. Enquire of B B JOKKM, Ml »uke e , Wlaconsln feb25 JW *• <"•« prepared In our Bind jry to Bind Magatmes , fl Periodical nr anythmn els* I ' Salf. ] Book ; ltl DfK ln<1 nurahle,tyle», al lo. tt,<. rates >rm of a _ STRICKLAND * Cll Mereoseopic Virus. W E have recivwl .\o. i-AT-1 1*7 K; sf Waler .HI roe i, MUST BF ClX)gtD OL'T OK bIHIIuP i ( ,) , M,. Is P"Wi>wit.»..i Mil. * i.'nuj Mllwaukr^. April N and adrr lf- R K i V,-J O N and adrr April irth, l.<,9. ard tice, n.. prr.nn . aufi.r ««l !. untu c.a. - i -u r c. niract for mau-i-.a,., for the ililwaukr* an. iro »llhuut a ttntlfn urd^r from th« un <-d Bill, .ill t,,. p»,.| n,,, L th|j, »,,.| ac.-.,,.n i w-. rontttiue.l with ai.y ,-,.nr,rr. tna: n^irl^l, i. monthly l-'.i.j l-' B H ALL, (tra'l Agt SJ-rt^^if.r, *_prH J. T. MOODY. Ma.irr -f Tran» P .,rtat " \ i . iff i. »-.i rxgx A 5 O N and after Motday, April H waukee, Wateriowo i Bara ill arrive In Mllwaokre at 11 4.-VO r . K. Ii, trams on the 3 bo.i Valley Eailrt s . s. MKRR1LL, A. B. M»KD A C0'«., MARBLE WORKS finelm,,f Sterenc- ejohracttif views of lnterestln K local:li SWITZERLAND, Y 1- T , N U 3 i K O rr firing an-d Third fitrffi*, MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN. T HE Bubeerf-.-. ^T-^UP all UniUnf Marble Work for BuUdibin, 1', Ploorn and every descrlp tion of OKIVAITIEIVTAI, jrlABRI.E WORK. We h&v# ID our warerooms M AUULh. MANTJ.KS Of fvery description constanllj- on hand, at price* ranginc from $16 and opwardfl. MOM7MENT8 AN1) PTATCARY of all klnde executed ) a-t'thc shortest notice. OO ! fel>6-<lly A. B. LORD A -i HOOD \i\n HAV YAlVn, I O. H. LAMBEKTON H AS jn-n oj^nerl, for the benefit of all who may become hi- Customer?, a Market for WOOD and HAT at the N E Corner of West Water and <"lybf>nrn Strpe^, (Office with Messr, Mabhetl t Breed.) HU Stocic of Wend Is lar ci -. Dry and Hard, (Cut and Split or uncut ) Hl« Mock of Hay !« of tl.e BtST QUALITT and BALED IN GlonoROKP. "i-Mi,and Each will be delivered to any oj the Cm on the SHORTEST NOTICE anfl the LOWEST TEH.M.S N. B.—Wood Pedlars, and those who »'|,'>_> i lr _,» quintities of Hav will always nad It to their a«lv*ntac» to buy of us. We will sell so that deaieri. may make a handsome profit by selling on the street. may 19 O. H. LAMBEBTON SPAI'V, A . Also a larpt variety of new American T|PWB New and .very desirable BUIe. of Stereosropir In.tru- mcnt » PTRICKLAND A CO , Bookjell.T* and StitlonerB, . * p _ 134 East Water .treet. SIXTH VOLI'ITIE WISCONSIN KEPOKTS For sale at febls STRICKLAND t OO 134 East Water street. A NEW MAP, showlnr tht Route gi J'KAK. t,, the Bold Re- ions In Kansas, just received by ... STKICKLAND A 00., Ieb19 mast Water street NOTICE THK IVSPECTOIt OF FISH, A F'POINTED by the Common Council of the Citv Mllwautee, In pursuance of An Art of the Lertsla lure, approved Msrch 17. 1169, hereby pives noMce tha h i l I lo the (J. g. Dls- ,trlct Court [ot ihe i District of Wisconsin. I In Equity. , hf is now furnished with the p-oper wclphUan.l br lor be due perlnrroance of the Outles of his office , E '; 4the "i? _; Ac1 " 11 '» m"e the dutv of all pere^ dealing In Fish to give notice to the Inspector to ha M' a H'm U ' } 'mT : , < " f K3<i bran(le:1 Morf P«--kln«. M-. Smith will be found at the Ne» Warehouse Messrs. John Furlong * Son, South Water el Walter Point, where all notices are requested to be left Mllwa-kee, May 7,1859 °»>" _ . ______ JOHN SMITH, Inspector. GENTLEMEN'S FURNISH'G REXT DOOR TO A. B. VAN COXT'S s '0 <N W Ed Ed as VI es Ed fear. •Q 63 0 ••3 m H P K USS E LL. E VERYTHIN3 regoired for a full and assorted stock for afint tlass Wholesale and Retail Drug Store ii kept by Harrington, and of the very best quality. "Pried »j low M «>y otber ronte." i ' O. HABEIN&TON, ' 151 East Water «treet, DlrecUy opposite the Auction Boom of the , Bxcentrtc and Celebrated OimjWALL. a 0. BTiB ,..., Ryan & Jenkins, OOUNSKLLOHS AT ELI.'.S BANK It? II Ka»l Water and Midtigan «£«., LAW, James A Swain, OP THE LATB PLBM OP ' MAG IE & SWAIN WILL remain a. the old stand where h, will be pleas- «tablla..ment. OHARLES QUENTIN &CO~ ft CO., corner of Ban Water and vason «treet», Mflwankee, Wisconsin have fo sale Bea! Estftte, In the City of MUw»a" e "i D ' I»r« ifflkU1 parcel.. ioUdJng lot. In ever, Ward oh t OHv of all Blres and prices, for bmlnew orre.Ideno »n, on easy termi. Also, small Farms of from s to 20 acre., new the City, for (.mrdealng |Jurpo»e.. Also severs! thous»nd« of acres of the bestfarmlnj. lands In Wisconsin ID quantities to snlt any demand 3HARLE8 QDBNTIN * CO WESTERN UNION —AND— Wi«congiuState Telegraph. Office, Free Democrat Block, Milwaukee. Connections with all Lines East. fT^HE Wisconsin State Lines run from Milwaukee to JL LaCrosie, Pond dn Lao »nd Waupun, on Railroad Route.. Alto from Milwaukee to JanesTiie, MadisoD .Wattrtora and Pralrte dn Ohlen. Statiom at all im' portant tntenneaiate polnte. -ff~, Office bowl from 8A. K. Jo S r V niayX4-dtf r. 1 . 1 /':.".':;••;• ' l.-WELLBB, Agent. JiV THK ASMGNKK, -80— Great Uar^ains maj be Expiclt-d, aprlT-dtf JOSEPH CAHY, Astri^oee. i f.'JilTF.D STATES 1 The Pannes Loan A Trust Com paoy, V8 The Milwaukee A Superior Bill road Company, Olty of Milwaukee, John Stewart, Johanr. C. A. Allerdlng, Christian Hahm and Gottfried WooUch. j I N pnnuance and by virtue of a decree made bv the District Court of the United Scales, for the District of Wisconsin, on toe nineteenth day of March 1869 In the above eno led cause, I snail sell at Eublic Auction, on Tuesday, 2nd day of August, 1859, at 8 o'clock In the afternoon, from the stepi of the Custom House, In the Olty of Milwaukee, fill and singular, the mortiraeed premises mentioned in the bill of complaint to said cause, and described as : "All the following, present and In future to be acouired, real aid personal property and real etlale of the saiu defendant, the Milwaukee and Superior Railroad Company, t at ts to »aj an of the first division of the Ea.lroad of said Railroad Com pany defendant, from the City of Milw, to Uie City of Oieen Bay In said State of Wisconsin, a distance of one hundred and twenty mllej, Including the right of way, and land occupied by said first division of said road, (subject to tlie right. Hue or claim, which the raid defendant! Stewart, Allerdlng, ilabm and Wootsch. or either of them, may have had at the time of making said decree, to land npon which said Hall- road Company nas located Its w«_y, and for which no compentniion has been marte to tmm,) together with the superstructure and track thereon, and all rails and other materials used thereon, bridges, viaducts, culverts, fences, equipments, necessary depot grounds and '.H SALE. . IMsIrl.-t r'l add ; W • Jin K<.iilly. by Virtu.- .,f a dpcrrc ma.le tiy ihe rt o'lhe 1.n.te.1 Kiat-.. I..r the District da; of May, 1V.9, m the Bell at fubli.- Auct:on, at '• Slar hal lo the City of Friday, the in ihe afternoon,-the : wit "Out lot 'U, s | t;xi r*:i) STATES TIARKHAI Lycurftu r'.dperti,r,,: 1 [ n th, Tnlt. WloUirr,. cT. ' ' '"'•"'' C "° r ' - "" lr) " "' Oeorye Lord I N [.ursusnrt and Distrlrt C uf Wl«cor.«ln, on Uit- nlt,th above' entitled caus4 I <h»ll the office of Uie Un'M rial Milwaukee, in Uiu U> 'lay of July, 1SS9. atithree o'clock fallowlag tfe.crlhedlpropertj, to number twenty one KM), m the village of Waupacca, 10 the County of »W,acca and St.te of Wisconsin; also a JUfficienl quantity of Water Power to be taked out of the Waupaccsl River, at tha dam errcte.l acrojj • aid Rlv,r, In th^ vlfairt ,,f Waupacca, to propel three run ofstonn lor nuuring purpo.j.,, ,11 ,easor... of Ihe year." , Marshal's Office, Mllwaukpf, May 17, 1869 --J5*/l?r!?. w *5 _ 4 _ M - J THOMAS', U 8. llanhal, OIRCrTTT CODRTi ( Milwankee County. ( Blmon JohnaoQ, ; . against , I Hayden M. Thompsod, | j Albert McFadden, j j. Suiumooi James W. Canoon, | and; Laura Cannon, tils I Wife. , | The State of W, conii, 10 ihe ab. and each of them THE >oi:rni;i{> TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Kill, (lurtntr th«r present tieajon, run thrir wel\ krtuwn »nil popular Line qf First < la«.«H< W '>t:iL. r ,.»..m!. t ,*y l( -' L ' '. ll t:.r-y .-. L1 . " >.,IIUT ., ll( J I ()SWK(K.>, 1.AKF.S ! and iat/ OUDl-.NSUl H(iH AND THi: tPPEU formlni. a rVml- W P ,kly line between Of,|eoj,, u rch Oswego, and Chirairo, Milwaukee and Inu-rn.e -i I or«, coonecllus al OKdenaburKh wilt, Uie OGDKNSBL'ROH A VERMONT CKNTRAL RAILROAD ROUTE. Between ORdensburnh, Burlmeioo, Cononr.i JUn- chesler, Nashua, Lawrencs, Luwell. W,, r ,,_.ij r , od Bo.ton, and al Oswfgo with the New Oswego Line of Thirty First Class Oanal Boats on ihe Enlarged Canal between. Tr> i« i. .-> , keep *o vssn , .-puli-s. Hubs, , W afjo and , E* •TT^' 'i named rlefendaou , , ery:, xtures, an all oher pa sonal property appertaining to said first division of said road,end all rlfchu thereto, and Interests to be acquired by said defendant, the Milwaukee and Superior Kallroad Company, together with the name aadfanc-. tions appertaining to the said first division of said rogd • all ml|a, rents ana income to be had or livled Uiere^ rom, and all corporate and other franchises, rlshlB nd privilege* of the said Railroad Company In or to or concerning the Bame." Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Wls n April 6,1859 , M. J THOMAS, United States Marshal. District of Wisconsin. EMMOSS, VAS Dri> t DibiiLTos, Oompl'ts Solicitors. "" ¥ OU are hereby sutnmnned and reuulred to aniwer '? e complaint In; thin actl .n, of which s copy Is herewith served upon,yoa. ai.d to ier e a copy of y. n' answ.r to the said complaint on the subscnb r al til offlccln the City of Milwaukee, wlthjn ninety day« aftle Uie service h.reof, exduslre of th day of such service *m(t /»u fall to answer th« s Id complaint within th time Aforesaid, the plaintiff will apply to the Court fo thrrrflef demanded 10 tht crmplaint. Wit..ess thk Hon. Arthur McArthnr, Jnd< of the Circuit Court for said County b Milwaukee, at M4wapkee, this 13th dar o May, 1304 ). LiDDS, Plaintiff's Attorney. ,_,][]." al > 0 Te mentlorted complaint was Bled May H 1869, In theofflce of the Clerk of said C jU rt, at Mi) wank»e, Wisconsin.. ! Da ed Jlay 16, 1869 _^majlSt-law6w^ j. LaDPT, Plalntiys Attorney. C07J [t\ow» rVBFADLT having been made In the condition of a a f 8 " 1 ' "firomlitory now, l>earln(f date December e«cattfl by W. B. HibbArfl Ttnd Join J exekut&i DL we fnr. ,!«» fnttrested «w« P Ht., .all.,, boa' ••ocbof; cabu! irM il SHERIFF'S SALE. ' " STATK OF WISCONSIN, I Clrcalt Court, Milwaukee County. ( Alt nto L. Kane, • i' against John 8. Fillmoie,Qeorise W. Peckham and Gilbert Hoi . foreclosure. r I N ylrtije of and pnrluant to a judgment renlered la Mid Court, In tb^ abore entitled laction, dated March 18L 1859,1 iball fexpose for sale and sell at Pub. JncAuction, at the Po«j-OfBce In the City of Milwaukee! on ^at1l^day. plie ^d day of JuiF 18&9i attte'-hoiirof « r. x.\ of that daj, the following de» serlbed rtortgajed premlsrs or so much thereof as maji Miitesaary to raise] trie amount of said Judgment, in* tb'wU * nl1 C °" Ul toje ? 1 " w " h ** expenses of sale,' "Lot number thlrti en [13] and the east thirty J-'>*-[BO] feet oflot.nimber twelve 12J, US block , j -nulnber SflTenty-ieTen (TTj, In the Fourth Ward J ' iortht City of Milwaukee, In the Oonntj of Mil wankW aad Blate *f Wisconsin." J Dattd BherHT's Ofl.ce, Milwaukee, April 1,18JS9. BBOWB A OSDai, I 'A. J. LANOWORTHT, : *'"*">«• ! I BberlffMll. Co., Wlsj aprl-3m-4in2w . j , . » j™ -,* Co., ther stock In, trade,conilstloKot Cloths, Clothing and Gents Fur- nlsblDK Goods, with intireaUn the buKIncsiat the Jtore No>*l°S East Water sir,tt, VI ere I Intend carrying oo .the Clothing boslceis irJall iU branches. - . , 'Mnwankee, May 80.1)5£9. V:-,:i..'V\ ' ." - .' I I 0. H. MABLEY. ' .TXTJi have sold U> C.K Mableyoor stock in trade, .TT^with Inter, it^oji. hnslne>s,No 183 Kaat WMer to nnr customer! aad the pub- MABLET A 00. i41 . We recommend bin .-, JAIbanf A- > e w Vork, .Oonnection also at Dunkirk with .VA'tT YORK A.\l> ERIK RAII.HoAh, And formln.r a Tn-Weekly Railroad Line between Dunkirk, Milwaukee A Chicago. t^ Property forwarded by thu Line will be lublect lo J>ut Ona Transhipment. **"" Mcrchandls- marked "!V. T. <'O. EX•111 be forwarded from Srw York by an Tr,iin ovtr IA« Xrtc y,rrl j. g rtt HiiUroqd, An.l pr.tmp'.ly forwarded from DuokirtJ • Al'PI.'V 'i\> J MtiaR, Ageni N. T U,., ITT Broadway, New Yor J. L. \Vtanta, Agent N T. Co., 8 Ctentiej Slip, N c CH»S-8. Tarpia', corner 6th and Ohcuuui it Phil Ilovn t CRAWr..RD, Oiw^to N V. S. 1). Oujiwcu-, Agent, Dunkirti, N. Y. CH.HBUKUJ, 4 Co , Cleveland, t). JOBS BtJCIlIto, Agent N\ T. Co . 95 Stale ft A.CoaaniS, Agent N . 0. Line, 108 State it J. F. CBORCH, Agent, Eouse'i Point, X f. Qs». PiaiKB, Agent, Ogdensburgh, N. T. L ]. UIGIIY, Milwaukee, WIs., offl,-e IjiCroa.. K. H. l>epOt, K E M o V A Hi-. j i i BA>|, F Bostnn Bost-m J. II. CRAWFORD, , O. J. HALE, { Milwaukee, Wisconsin N. B.—Shippers a»e requested to ie« one of the abo. Agents before making contracts, a, they are prepar, to offer very low ratj-s, and their connection with tl Ogdensbnrgh and Oswego rout... wd especially wltt. the New iork t Erie Railroad give them unsorpass. facilities for cheap and speedy transportation marl8-d6m-lastwlaw PH:VL,Ei\'S BOOT*. 'I UK UhiNUiNK AKTUJ1.K MANUFACTURED BY JOHN PHALEN, T HB only one authorized to manufacture the abvc -named. Boots, at T2 EAST WATER STREET. The Phalen Boot Is one of the most unique ami e e- rant rover|ngs for the feet that has ever, been Invented. They are made of the best of stock and most Bnlshe I workmanship, and are warranted to cure Corns, Bun- Ions, Swrfleu Feet, Swelled Uead, Khuraatism, Oont Jtc. Remethbtr that the Sole Agent for these Itinl Invented BooU in this City, is to be found at 7- Kast Water JL where, alito, may bs found a general assortment of ' BOOTS &. SHOES, GAITER.N, &C.., for Gentleman and Ladles that there Is In this market' til manafaijtureil under the supervision of Ihesnbscrl }«r, . ; [maj25] JOHN Pie Ni<^' & Pleasure Excursions. BROtKWAV'^ M\i; ; ; h-. --OF- , . JMNJBUSSES AND JHACJKS. P ARTIES wishing to engage Backs or Omnibuses for the 'purpose of visiting the Q»rdens or for tic Me artlej, can be supplied with first class vehicles on ih,. ; hortest notice anil mo.t reasonable terms, A line of mUrauea will commence running on the 1st oUane for orest HbnW leartng Van Cotfrtorner at»A. ic.arid r.M, .ThejOmnlbus for Wauwatoja leaves V.n Cott'j 112 ». and'6 r. •. T.B BOCK WAY, najZO-dlm Foot of ilasoo street. /:"•" ' '•.'•"•'" ' NO. ] An.l hav-Q,! r N i . arable ity It* at such Aiio for example AVT \VITI it HI and > K i .\ i I I. I lor » I I.I SITS.; |-1I«.TO<. K K«>r t.iy (H.iuiihe rtrit n-. > .1 ;.n.- f.. f tr 7IH.AIM 4M V PFs A i «i in fact r-verv .nl>^r s ATLA.NTK MM. *»T^Vj I * N i' I *• (UN i | •,..'. "* •- ^ ' r,« V ,,-JJ M Kl > \ | U 1 Q O U. ccurncy, A new nr J pi' jiul.i which far excels in .' finish, any -nht-r Plf These PtctorcJi have only ui 6<All who ar«...v£.rf>iu .^f <avini solicited to can and ei»minf „ Mnim lo the Pr uoipal Towu- in HFLETZj^LKT JZ> . ENGLAND AND SCOTLAND FOE $30. i The powerful iron !tt?nm:*hii>-. CITY OP BAI.TI.MORK, ci rY oc w ilin-. KA.NUARuO, Will tall from New fork for Cork to Liverpool. t.TSRXA TS sj rrtni.i i a*. TheCITYOfMA.NI.'rikSTKK »nj VIQu will «atl frin. BKLPAST and COKK lo New York .101-0 n II..nth Bste of Passage ft ji New York To Cork, Liverpool and the principal« In ISELANO, ENOL4.ND no SCOTLAND 'abin, *T5 Tiilr.l Clan Cio. HJ~ Passengers forward.-.! lo Havre. Antw-rp, Brelen Knd Hamburg for $-3 in Cabin, |as Third Class. TO PARIS (in M huurj fr..m Liverpool,) Cabin JS5- hlr i Class, (38. Person* pishing lo ihtnd for their friends cja obtain ertlncates of passage from COKK or Uc.LKA.ST to SW IfOUK for $30, trom LIVERPOOL $4il For passage apply to R.J. Cortto t Co., 177 Uroa.l- Y.,Johntt. Da!e,l&Bro»dwa7, N. V., or to TIMOTHY • ARNEY, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. '• B.— Paucngers b; Uila Line avoid the risk an.t elay of calling at Halifax and St. Johns. may23 HN ,.,M,[,M , *».-..:..„„„., I M>KKi M>rlu.{ M.,Op| W , lt .- \ ..... KKKPS t'tifV^T » \JTI tf k ,,,,, ""-•'I AMTLlf or. hail. I '' -J-Ux'Kany, Black Walnut in.l oth «ther with risk', 11,-talic Burial •:», Iheofli,.,. ,,f „„.(.„„,.. r 0 \K h.K n ISou... .- ma,.rtlm-o ,,| c ,. !«_,_, M pli.:e l iiSt 1-u.lii, ,.,u.,,, y 0/ th« ,, buy Orocrru-a u ai "•"» • -I..NI4 «ood article, m itore, (or sale LA?TON «

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