The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 12, 1973 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 12, 1973
Page 4
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FACTS EDITORIAL Rood 5 asks planning ahead "Don't You Think It's About Time You Picked Up Your Diploma?" HHAXOWONT FACT* The stunted growth of this county's highways is occasionally dramatized by a series of spectacular, multi- fatality accidents. This happened the past May, and was the more unique because this is a month that usually has a low accident rate, Seven? accidents lend to be more numerous in a year's early months, during extreme weather conditions; and in August, when highways are most crowded. Such accidents don't in themselves indicate the inadequacy of a roadway. Most of the time a «evere accident indicates a serious driver frror, or adverse weather conditions, or both But if a highway is crowded, the risks of either circumstance arc increased. When traffic on a two-lane artery is so heavy that people are held to the pace of the slowest ear, with no chance U> pass, impatient drivers will try to pass anyhow. Risks of collision are increased, and when they do occur, they're the serious kind because of the speed involved. On the other hand, the road can reach such a point of extreme congestion that severe accident* are almost precluded. Whether inadequacy makes the road safer or more dangerous, it makes the trip so inconvenient as to discourage recreation, business, and comment*. Highway 'J«S has for two decades been o! the dangerous kind of traffic congestion. The narrowness and curves of the remaining two-lane sections make it hazardous, and the accident rates bear this out. Congestion has progressed to another stage on Highway 332 in approaching Surfstde Beach On summer weekends this may be one of the safest places in the county to drive, for there's little choice of moving beyond a crawl. Even in May, early-afternoon traffic in the beach direction was backed up for nearly three mites, bumper-to-bumper. In the early evening, other direction tad a similar condition. In this case, it's not a nutter solely of the two lanes Of themselves, they'd handle a lot more traffic than the congestion indie-tics. The bottleneck lies in the traffic DON OAKLEY controls at Highway 332 and FM 523. and at Highway 333 and County Koati 257. Four-way slops at these crowded intersections just don't move the traffic, They force each car to come to a complete slop, and wait for cars from three other directions to pass before moving. There are obviously belter systems for moving that volume of traffic As of late lt»72, conditions on Highway 28S were on their way to bt'ing relieved though not solved - by a speedup of live behtnd-scbedule first t\vo lanes of the Houslon-to- ttnuosporl freeway An alternate two lanes vull reduce the volume on each unite, but it will m>t be until there » a divided four lanes (hat the risks will be greatly diminished. No relief for the beach-road conditions has btwn indicated. Signilicamly. both thest- conditions, and oUwrs. were torest't'ii u long time ago. and the problems lad become acute In-fore any actions were taken We can't back up. we can't start any earlier than 197.) in trying to provide the kind of highways w« need b> the time we need them. Hut as of now. it is passible to foresee somv conditions that will be a> bad as High' way 288 West of the Brazos trwfur may bv activilv comparable to tit at of past (K-cack-s east a net north of the met SoaiSock will precede some probably industrial growth of large magnitude from Jones Crwk to Br>uorui. The future Ur> an Beach Slate Park will produce traffic The Navigation District ts luving incr«a.sing sux-crs* at bringing in >' v r.iin shipments from counties to the west The answer to an early start begins with competent planning, and the post year's energy of the Brawrui County Traffic Planning Commission, under l.t'kuxi Kif's Ifadership, indtcatvs that tlus t> a part of Uit- solution. An early project is the hiring of a planning consultant to keep planning ahead of the rifcd From that point, the highway .v.stcm «il! a comparable level of public support and political leadership Comment and Opinion . T*«»t 12 SWS«S««W»^^ ANDERSON MtKRYGO-ROUND *lf^ * Justice aiming at Whalley and Collins JAtTS V»t»KIWOX whom w« !»** that imwwl ttl* wind up ift trtJft *IU» TV U S uttarevy « Wawfeusgisn BUSINESS MIRROR tts*-^.*. China world trade ups product prices B» JOIIMl VMKV M' BiKinrvi Aiulvtl NKW YOHK \l'> la April t*."; j» ,-orr, .\ni*f vc'&n vtiilof to C-»J!io?i prtv*«4 ,4 bof,U «rf MatrfJi, ihc fjttnaua Ctuavmr iteitik, 3( 12 prw&Nrt H coat It* to In ,'i »<•!! jit-rSjiMi. f»t -frity is. t*Kjt<l ' tuJ li> tfcr >f.Jtlt id tttr if*, ur '>a;b iflcnraw in jjttr jnd iv«*> o6Jmct,t ;.,»» P.T cm! trj<V ocfteu! typically Wr»tw» of , 4 lUrrwd »• lawyer ind •;< *4:» oor of Star ?f* AnMTteara iimtrtj Itv vm CjRiun Trade Fair rvidetKr of Vt» iSnuwjrfiifrt that Urfarc ttoe PvnyU-'* He{»«bi«s: world ',nfif jrui >-»i.'t f In. w«»i.»^ AB«T«::»H tt '. If*** tii t» jraf ca^tiat tJ» <.-tJKti !f*tf i to«*rtwi! of a*tl i . of From Watergate: variety of effects * In Ouiroum fnewtty ..\rd rwl aq T»*tunj[ hit with bugging of Clipping one's oppooenl on the (ooitall field o bad enough Whit the Watergate conspirator* did was iike ilippwg &kvfiRg pills into the other team's water bucket. In other words, it *as an murely dUferent cat*gor>' of offense from the usual nasty Incts political nvab {tU> on one another. The homely image erf the playing CkM was suggested by Sen. J(»eph R. Bidfn Jr.. Democrat from Delaware, speaking at a recent City Club Fonun in Cleveland as a Law-minute substitute for one o( the many casualties oi the Watergate explosion — resigned White Mouse aide John D, Ehrlicfaman. "Tbe importance of Watergate is not the telephones, it is the massive assault on the system." said Bideo, " — fliminating the field of cootenders and subverting the system "If tfae allegations are true, then thus* who took part in U crippled the other team before U got on the play ing field. Yet the senator warned his fella* Democrat* that it would be morally wrong to blame the Republican party for Watergate. As a party, the Republicans had nothing to do with it. Not only that, be pointed out, but not one person involved so far is a politician They are all administrative bureaucrats "We are a product of our political system," said Biden 'What holds us together as a iiaUoo are out cultural ue« as id other countries but political ties We are able to move forward because of politics If we bring down a great political party. we bring down our political system," At » y«ar» »< ig«r, BstSen » ihc younj{*sJ vttwtg than scnvt «s< the offwrt that !««# \CTSft in )« wUh sfc* f !o rr»«reie jn4 lr»d« in <*&? to and promote e At Ihr 1977 (jttr he (owed Us* O in prosinjjj (hrir (rt«utthip that T«(J *»* #* . R I 1 * «* fwflswr t,' S 4 t*<t*f ',f» Art!*»i ._ Th« yrstr he fouraj thr the lha! r*m the if it occurrnj m prime timr or intrrrujxed afternoon toap o£*rj» af ^ Itowl4 . ^^ W aman|t «»» t«r»i 4ml '.fun to >«*» !r/ (n imfrr jutiT rsirnisict Uiwy Jxv.w,* liy! ihr? Ut;BTO« <ntftfftf4 W sfufrn infj to KR yen protested the pcet-mpooo o< their favorite vabnj _. are ahvay* rr*6tr for „„,,„ Am*rh"jn "1ri ,'•:< tfc* It's irue thai to ctunplain about It's obo trw :hj! a lot erf propie may simply bn fed up **ith Watergate But it may a bo U- wondered how many of tivtM: who cofiiiUenlly critJcire the medium fur being devoted solely to pnMlmg detergent* and decdoranU to the £rrjtt->£ number have taken the trouble to lc-t ihrir local outleu know that they appreciate thi» effect to provide a public service Fur newsmen seeking a respite (rom Watergate and other scandals, there's * chancf to get away from it all Tbe management (A Meramec Cavern* and Ontrabga ('avt-, m Stanton and Leasburg. Mo. respectively, are offering courtesy mi-mUrshipj in a real "underground" press club It's public ri-lations, of course, but not entirely unrelated to the subject that occupies so much >ouraaUs4tc attention today iileramec Cjvi-rra u where that arch lawbreaker of the 157tn, Je»se Jaiiws, is said to have hidden out from the minions uf tlie law. if not the reporters of his time. adjw«m«l* »«* . M «l »««•. *ncl ( th< . (-lwnrsl( . *R*J fc* !lw«r •» moral LJAJ OOVI C'C DCODI C rlML Ow f Lt O r t ^rLC Marriage a game of give and take NKW YOKK 'AP- Marrw^r say. is a game ot give and Uke <k»-U)f » wiie They w> tlwy live in the Up 1 t'i a b*orttaiag bit of newt — at a imoll C«//M« in tkt midwt thug vat a poetf " Whether it u a gamr u i|ix->i»x^,!>i, t«j; there U no doubt that there a a great deal at gite «nd take For, no matter how perfectly teamed two married people are, there are always moments of annoyance or vexation when one lt*U he ha* to assert his superiority or take the other one down a bit This ts as inevitable a .human nature Wive* and husbands perform thu matrimonial ritual in different ways and each has his own vocabulary for it Here, for example. «rr a few lypKdl ways in which 9 wife may put her husband in his place "You know, if you were only * few inches taller, not to many people would indict- your hair U getting *o thin on top " "Your pants are getting «hmy again You must speod more time silting in your swivel chair in tht office than lite other tn«a do." "In caw your secretary forget* lo remind you, dear, next Wednesday Is our wedding anniversary " "i wouldn't My I have any regrets, Harry, but I ws* going with a in«tkai student when 1 met you, and now and then I wond*r what it would be lutt m U- j "Don't let if »o»r> you too iiujrh All men your agr brgm (a fall apart » lit Ik " Arei hrrc .irr j !<•'* rrmirkt h««handa make to -*iv« when it's lh»ir turn to 4i»h II (Mt 'Hooey, *isjt cokr w«.s your hair when WT firtt got nurt*«l^ I'm <Urwd H I c*a many mink hate U> die, do you . to nvake vxr.c woman a fur coat TO. :», SO 1 " "No. I dttn't rrgrct not marrying thai rwl tui/itJ girl 1 knew in culktte You know what (.'a&anavi iwtd 'All cat* ar« gr»y in thr dark " "I gu«M the rr*5on I don't talk to you more i* thai you ikm't say much to tn« thai need* antwering " "Why In heaven's runu- do you think I'd ever want to divorce >««' YIAUT cooking un'i #1) that b«d - «nd anyway w* usually eat out twice a week " :jive and take, lake and give A* lw)g M WUM, nobody Listening f i PAUl HARVEY NEWS Space bread spread worthy investment »r*J thrtnfcta* «U!r«»4w, r««fi4«tK.* in public debt ja4 public ^ iMtwll* di4 co< i twt >m«U to (irar** Coiumhui jwM (o jrfwut (he *«*W w«t rwnd. sh« «*«i*<J to rUwsi Spain tht rumored rkho of Ow T)w prvmjfy rr««4iv*U«o tut KM*I rjptocalwo KM tw*n nvwwUry ind i! U Uud|it pinchrd Amrrlc*n» It) lawrrnc* rwr.>im (Mrt'iits who itru justly proud of LU-ir children in cvtiding Oic ivwic of our UMII rt-jp<iii»iliililiC9 "UK SAID. iU.K^SKU HATHKIt Alii-; TIU»K WIRl UKAH THK WOUD OF UOU AND Kfc'tT ff Luke ll;» Ut.S V.» jn "ripertw" rathM than *n "tn»CT(nwn1 Evm mcmbcrm of dtslrkU Uck Jo6» rtfhl now drfwndnsi spate eapjar*tian »re inclined lo the lonf term (nnge b*r«<iu The myriad products and prec«M«i which have already rtswilud from our invr»lmcnl in »p*c« etptortlmn lu>« prolitcd us «uwwnic«Ily many time* o*cr Kor ei»m(4«. new electrical wirtrg which can be duck on a wall ami p»lat*d over. balt«ri«« which can be chaffed toe time* (avUr. more accurate (bgiUI clocks, the sight twitch with which « partlyud Dcrdan c«n stwtr • wheelchair Kach (W thc*e U • tpiaoff from our tuccc»s«» end our iauurc* in sp*« Safer uulomobilc tires, *otilof|iti| ompound for your windahiekl and your », Unproved lubmanU aikd be4t- ccr*nvics for kildtcawtrc - all havt btcn rwrvoted from "nnpty ipac«" bat rwulUd In for practicaJ, UMOk producUvc "tfciAK*" which never and mlfM never 'wave been. THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS

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