Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 22, 1959 · Page 29
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 29

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 22, 1959
Page 29
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UNDER MOTHER'S WING—Attached lo a pylon under the wing of a B-52 jet Stralo- lortress, the X-15 high-altitude research aircraft is in position to be carried lo drop altitude. Top and bottom photos show front and rear views respectively. The rocket ship—first to try to put a man into space for a short interval—will be fueled with nitrogen and liquid oxygen through quick disconnect lines in the carrying frame. Two TV cameras on board the 13-52 mother ship will observe the X-15 and its pilot leading up to the drop. The X-15 wilt be loosed at about 38,000 feet, where its own powerful rockets will take over. The piloted missile is designed eventually to reach an altitude of 100 miles or more. Preliminary tests at low altitude are scheduled for this month. rALTER ROGERS REPORTS; F Congress' Celebration Of Lincoln's Birthday Elaborate fen days ago marked the 150th'paring his speech and it will serve Siversary of Abraham Lincoln's as a rich source for reference in thday. It has been tradilional in Ihe future. I A brook trout may lay as nr.iny ' as '!,000 cg;u;s in a single "neat" scooped in a stream bottom. Mughes Companies — U. S. Mil- lef, Klhel Anderson. Eddie WIN; and Fred Weeks. i Citizens Bank and Trust Com-, pany — .lack Imel, Joyce Jert-j kins, Irene McElmy and Lor a Miller. Montgomery Ward — Cecil Trollinger, Emnia Can-gill, CymhiA Taylor, .Mable Teagxie, L. L. | Wealheily und Fayette Bell Barton. Ideal -Food Number 2 — Mildred Prock. Seallest Plains Division — Bant; Stofrs, C. E. Blount, Herb Tanner, 1 C. M. Hull and R. S. Browning. , White's Store — Johnnie MAthis and Ivo Haflcy. Maude McVay an| Irene Rowe. Bentley'.s — Loretta Russell, Nancy Barnes, Jimmie Jordan and Margaret Nichols. i F. W. \Voolworlh •-- Lucille Edwards, Myrtle A. McNeil!, .Tunnila Biggs. Stella Walden and Zelma E. Hudson. Caldwell's Drive Inn --• Miss Junita Hubbatd, Mrs. A 1 1 1 n e Price and Iris S. ( Heguer. O&Z Dining Room — Pearl Oa- mage. Jessie Everaon and kviby Jac:ob. : Beacon Supply Company — Harold Gregory, Jack D. Cooper and Dorothy Cox. Rob Clements -- Jeanelte Williams. lona Woolen and B e r g i e Spencer. Levine's — Louise Hallford, Daphine Snuggs, Jimmie Baker and Velta Williams. i H. R. Jeter-Construction Com-; pany - D. V. Smith and C. F.! Wnlker. i Paul Crossman Appliance Company — Bertha Riley, Kenneth Sanders and Kenneth Myers. C. R. Anthony -- K(ny Mitchell. Buddy's Super Market - Elmer Garrison an| Homer Anderson. j McLellan's -•• Irene Lyons. | American National Insurance | Company — D. M. Taylor, V. A. (Edwards, K. W. Davis and J. W. ! Da vis. ; Ideal Sleam Laundry — April ! Henderson and Sybil Spott". 1 Culberson Chevrolet — Laurah Blaylock, f. G. Clement, E. C. GoWen, Gotdon Miller, William B. Oler, Oliver W. Allslon, AlviS Lee Sanders, Jewel Shackelford and Rfchfli-d W. glowers. Ideal Food Number I —- Charlena Cross, Bessie R^sonen and Lawrence Blasslngame. Motor Inn ~- Elton E. Coe. Smith's Quality .Shoes — W. C. Fry. Fannon Supply Company — Elmer Prock. Foster's — Robert Mitchell. National Tank Company — Warren Jackson, Lloyd L. Wilson and John Langford. Rex Rose -- Canura Carrulh, Herb Harvey and Truman Thompson. Core I/aboralories — Dan G. Michael. Ford's Body Shop — Robert McCain. iGA Food Liner — Mrs. Frank POarch, Mrs. Gladys Lnne, Loyd Bennett, G. W. Leamon and Ralph Bynum. Jay's Grocery and Market — George Miller, Lorena D. Modd- nell. ': J. C. Penney — Mrs. Vina Lar- genl, Mrs. Alvena Brandon, Mrs. Johnnie Rhode and Mrs. Mary E. Symonds. Richard Drug — Tom Beard, Mrs. F. L. Stallings. Nenl Sparks Cleaner's - Mrs. Dean Casan and Stella Bullard. C&M Television and Furniture — C. R. Steddum. The Cree Companies .... F. A. Alvey, I't. H. Crow, Ralph Evans. Nadine Godfrey, William H. Holder, L. W. Jolly, Charles Lanehart and M. N. Osborn. Duncan Insurance Agency—Mrs. Helen Trimble. Dunlap's - Mrs. Marie Ellis, ; Mrs. Emma Keel and Mrs. Joyce Cole. Moore's Beauty Salon — Mrs. Doris'McClure, Mrs. Lena F. Creel and Mrs. Rosemary Tinsley. Quentin Williams Real Estate — Mrs. Genevieve Henderson. i William T. Fraser and Company — Mrs, Mavnard C. Johnson. frozen Sleep' Has Infinite . Possibilities 5lst THE PAMPA DAILY NEWS Veaf SUNDAY, FEfifcUARY 22, 1951 c-s found," he Said. ,' /'frozen sleep" 1? iftf folei "Or, suppose there i* over popti-i menls ari successful. . ilation of ifficmployment. People j LyrMri said h« frlanS t<* |could be frown times wcre j)nl ^. lo tertl p mtures M lffw u 1 oGttGt* \. ^& j LOS ANGELES (Uff)-A scien-, Lyman sa id humans Irt ft "fro.-; 1 Jp"**^ Mlaw ten by puttlnf tist says he IS engaged in re-: en sleep - C0ll] d make long spacej fh F m ln d *'y !ce at1d A'cohol aftd search aimed at eventually put-;trips lasting several hundredth^ *Hernjpt to bring them KaeR ting human being in ft "frozen yea r s a hd then be thawed back, to! Sleep" that coiild last for many nf e a .t their destination, * j Q lrl gcouts of the USA art lifetimes before*,»he subjects were T))e scienlist admitted, ho*, affiliated with the World' Assoctft. awakened. [ever, that all of these ideas n^htit.ionof Girl Guides and Dr. John Lyman of the tJCLA' now " flre more or less wild spea- Scouts which ha3 41 rnembef coun- bio-technology laboratory said lhe| u i a tion," j (tries. This organisation maintains successful -use of "frozen sleep" on humans could lead to fantastic v •f developments in space economics and medicine. travel, "A man suffering from an in- As a matter of fact, he salp, two international friendship pen* he and his colleagues so far have'ters. One called "Our Cabana" 1* only been freezing hot dogs t/> in the mountains of Mexico neaf check out their equipment. Cuernavaca; th« other is "Our In a few weeks we'll start Chalet" at Adelboden, Switzerland. .curable disease could be put into j freezing mice," he Other j ——. .... a. frozen state until a cure is'animals will then be put in A I R cad Th« N<W* Classified Ads. A Tribute To: - Our Co-Workers - And All Workers We Are Proud To Offer You Extra Values Every Day In: Diamonds Crystal Watches Silver China Glassware Luggage Watch, Jewelry Repair ELL.MCCARLEY PAUL MCCARLEY MRS. RUTH BOGARD / 7 / ' o / c^arleu 6 /jeweler u House of Fine Diamonds, Watches, Silver, Crystal China, Glassware and Luggage 106 X. CUYLKK MO *-8437 Old Homo Week Last week was like Old Home Congress lo celebrate the birth Wtl-Abraham Lincoln by proper; filling ceremonies and re- : Week for Texans in Washington larks. This year, being the ] 50th The NRECA (National Rural p:i- "*ritversary, the ceremony was ectric Cooperatives Association) ifch more elaborate. A Joint Ses- held its Annual Meeting in the Na>n of the House and Senate was'lion's Capital. Of the 7,000 dele- lied to order by the Speaker. It;gates registered, well over 500 s also attended by representa-1 came from Texas. The Panhandle jvts of every branch of the gov-jsent a sizable contingent of al- [ernment and most of the foreign; most 30. Most of them were able Powers represented in this conn-: to come by the office for a visit try\ ' I The Texas Delegation in Con" v JThe invocation was delivered by;ff |>e »s entertained the Texas group the Reverend Bernard Braskampjat «• coffee in Ihe room in Ihe Chaplin of the House, ind the ben-jC«P'tol originally occupied by the edjction was delivered by the Rev-.Senate of the United States, then ertnd Dr. Frederick Brown Har- occupied by the Supreme Court be- rlf Chaplin of the Senate. fore il moved to its present build Ihe famous Gettysburg Address in *' »"" " ow " se " for delivered by Mr. Ferderic rch, \vho was selected for the roM by the Motion Picture Asso- ion of the United States of/ ,„_ K-^^.A »^,.« „.„ erica. This was followed by one committee and other purposes. This is steeped in history mid is one that should be visited when on come lo tin The NHKCA group from Texas Ben..-*, i...- »a» ,„..„„ =« .,,, "•••-: enlprtnine(1 the T s congression. hhe most moving addresses t Delegalion Rt a won d e ,.ful din- p ri & n c o to \vi t • ... .. T1 . ner in Sheraton Hall at the Shora- njs during my It was de- H»re.l by a groat historian Mr. « >1 Sandburg who is probably. « i greatest authority of ad tme „,„.„..„,, », . hnfl . _ . Jv .- „ cernmg the life of Abraham ' coln - . , register, are as follows: wish there was room in th s, « Hnd ^letter to repeat the add.eas, I * copiment on it. Mr. Sandburg, in diiMissing the triuls and tiibiila- ttq is of Lincoln, made this statemint: I He argued and pleaded for attending, according to my Buckles of Stratford; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Waide of Perryton; Mr. and Mrs. berson Mi. B. L. Smith, Jr., Mr. J. T. Summers, and Mr. D. D. Chewu- Ing of Padurah; Mr. L. C. Trent of Carev: Mr. W. L. Kiker and if .*• A /i«"t *^ 41 > c », *»ii. '». t^- *>n\rj oiti. Mppensated emancipation of 'he • Varborough of Chil(1 . jl«a.'pn The slaves were monetUV . . „ . . The slaves were propeity, were on the tax books along Mr. Leo Forrest and Mr. horses and cattle, the valua- of each slave written next to tax assessor's and Mrs. Raymond Higginbotham of Hereford; Mr. A. W. fioner of Kai-well; Mr. and Mr.s. Tcrrill Christian of I'laudc: Mr. Hiiii Mrs. •lop BloudwoiUl at M;itadoi" Mr. and Mrs, ('laiem-p Tmdl of Tuh:i; Mis. .lack Todd and Mrs. Dons name on the Jks. Failing to get action or ipensated emancipation, as a ef Executive having \\-ar pow- he issued the paper by wl'U-h; iecared the slave, to be free ; M «. i:eu, B ,. H.n-v ,,f »«*rr>illii?'Vfnflf»«sHV I n t VlA ' J n r -military necessity-. In the, Hourland of million worth of b . . _ , f We had some other sn<vinl visi- legal owners of ... . . . , ,, toi'd in Wa.'huisjton l. i i. <i t week. Mr. nearly erty was taken who were woperty confiscated, wiped put Jitme.s A. Konp Mini ID.< wife Kuth fire and turned to ashes, at . . . . . . . .. ,. were up or a visit. .Jsrn .*pv\ed as Instigation and executive di- ' * ^,, , . , best man wnen Je;ui and 1 gol ,n. Chat e P'-operty, reoogn- f ""* laWfUl for 3 °° y£arS WaS WAI.TKK IMHiKKS seized without pay-| Sandburg, in Ihis short nl, put his finger on the $ of the War Between the Contrary lo the beliefa of slavery was not the ques- question was the unlaw- iscation of property. There ver been a doubt in my j but that had those whoj .t these unfortunate people j is country and sold them! avery been as anxious to wrong born of their action were to sell these people, ould never have been a Uveen the States. ' :tuistiun human being would! argue tf$ an advocate of . The South would gladly elinquished any claim to ownership in a human ut they did ftel that they light' to ask for and re- leturn of the price they to thoae who were clam- u the violation of a vested light at that time, glad that the remarks of have been imprint- ie (,'ongi essional Record. wonUeiful job in pie- IHlli District of The .Navy's first iron • hulled _i. the Mii-higan. w a s launched in 181,'i. and she was not stricken from the Navy list until J94.J. NEW PENNY—You'll soon be finding this in your pocket—8 new Lincoln penny to commemorate the 150th anniversary oi Lincoln's birth. To be issued in February, the coin features the Lincoln Memorial on its reverse side. "Heads" side re- mauos u JAMBOREE SUPER MARKET SHOP FURR'S EVERY DAY-because EVERY DAY IS VALUE DAY ATFURR'S KARL BAUXK'IT CU\V I.KA.MON Assistant Mnimger KOHKKT WKKillT I'rodiico .'Manager .IOH.V KKKSE Drug Manager BILL BAKBKKOl SSE Markel .Manager fe- t 1420 N. Hebart Pampa—MO 4-8161

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