Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 25, 1941 · Page 2
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 25, 1941
Page 2
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IF* if STERLING DAILY GAZETTE. ST1RL1KG, ILLINOIS 25 High Ranking Navy Officers Natives Of Whifeside Co, Rear Admiral Reeves Born in Tampico, Capf. Greenlee in Lyndon inm. mA m Jhmt 1*. 1M4.| hi« fts»|WS tt*s TJ. S. 8. PennsylTiinlft. as cofnro*iw!et-Jn- ehtef of the TTnifced 8u*fj»* fleet. After two ye*rs in command of the fleet, he WM ortSeral to the na^y department ajs a member of the general board, and since Oct.. 1, 1936. ha* wrvwl tx. chRirmmj of the feemrd, until his retirement Dec. t. 19S7. T h f gigantic defense program brought his recall to acUv* drily in the office of th« secretary of the navy May 21. 1940. Admiral Reeves' home addre.« is Ran Raphael, Culif. Federal Housing To Have Uniform Street Standards T|l||c Af rlflflf fill lwll«* VI I Itflll Vll n M Robrrtson. county supenn- tfnripn; of whooK Is cooperating with Frank M Stager in the prrnno- y • • c . m fjon of Rf-npral ob.vrvanre of Naiy I IllhfiTi'llmCK III 111 day. MonriPV. Oct. 27. Mr Robert- mWvlUllVJIJ III III, son h«5 n-sked the school teachers throughout the county to devote a few minutes some time during the dav to (f\\ the student* «omethinjt of the V. S. n«\y. Mr. Stager, county chairman. *fks. that all busine« house* and hrv:irs display flags on Navy day. MtAB ADMIRAL JOS. . Whiteaide county can boast of two high officer* In the U. B. navy. Rwar Admiral Josapn Mason Reaves, •rh* WM rattrad DM. 1. ImTT. but ra- Contact, official organ of the Illinois Tuberculosis association, con- the following editorial on the that is being waged through- the state on tuberculosis, the sale for which starts in the near future: "The fight against tuberculosis k one in which we may believe with out whole hearts and enter with the full force of our energies. It Is an imperative task, made more so by the state of the world today. -"Disease is never a private matter. Yet multitudes of people live as though they believe that their health is entirely their own business. A sick person must be cared for by others. A diseased body becomes a burden upon society. And a disease like tuberculosis, which Is contagious, makes the carrier of it a menace to all with whom he comes in contact. A tubercular person may be an innocent carrier of a deadly disease, yet he is a menace to human health just as surely as though he Afi Have Si mi id r Typt Of Improvement* Fdh Ntorly Six Miles to Parachute Record -- -.*V r * *«&.«' :?' '** to actita duty to the oflto of Iht oscratary of the navy May «, born in Tamptoo. Nov. MY 1*73. The other officer high ta tha ranks is Capt. Halford Oraon- JM>. a natlv* of Lyndon, who Is now •smgned to duty in th* navy mcnt at WashiagtoB. MarNa Ad' Admiral Reeves was appointed to th* aaval academy in IIM. Carving en board tha U. 8. 8. Oragon during tha Spanish American war, ha was advanced four number* in rank on list of deliberately set out to destroy the bodies of his associates. Maay Factor* ta Fight 'The fight against tuberculosis must be waged against the ignorance of those who are not aware of 1U dangers. It is always a fight against the poverty of those who are financially unable to care for themselves. And most of ail. it la a struggle with indifference, a mood of which moat of ua are guilty. We must defeat the tendency to 'let well enough atone.' We must convert men and women to the Importance of facing raallty, to a-wilUng-coopejra The federal housing administration announces that uniform standards for street and read improvements, adjusted to total condition* in different areas, are BOW in prospect for practically the entire United States. According to Administrator Abner R. Ferguson .establishment of such standard* ha* long been an FHA objective. It would, he says, result in a better investment for the home owner, a sounder mortgage for the lending institution and a more stable and livable community. Adequate and well-planned street improvement*, soundly constructed at reasonable cost, are a vital factor in the lasting aucewa of any new residential development. Already many Insuring offices have made working agreement* with county, city, and other local author* itie&s in regard to street improvement* and definite standards have been established. Mr, Ferguson said. Bask agreements have been reached with local authorities by other FHA insuring offices. It U the expectation that soon such agreements will cover all the United State, M wcQ as. Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, Uon in tha effort to discover tu- bereulosie wherever it lurks* so that it may be treated and cured. "We may have confidence in our work because tha fight against tuberculosis is a successful task. Real progress has been made. We know tuberculosis now as a curable rtlirsit in the death rat* from ta our nation during tha past generation is startling and encouraging. • "Program may bring a Tfc- tubareuteis ehinary of tha vassal Oragon July I, 1RM. Tha loading engineer officers of this vassal so developed tha effi- etoacjr of the motive power to ^K» attainment of a to tha ship, thereby enabling her wsmmanrtlng officer to place her in vary conspicuous position that occupied on that nocaiton. thus .aontrlbuting In .a very important decree to the success of tha On < to the battle." Re was awarded the Havy ' for his services in command of the » U. a 8. Malm during tha World , war.. Ha asrwsd as naval sitoche. C Amarican embasejr, jtgma, from lilf -? until 1M1. whan ha osmmanded the IV. 8. « Wtuourgh. Ha followed ; that command with duty aa captain •«wf tha yard, Navy Yard, Haw York, ita until IMS, ha P. 8. a. North ..__ ; then went to the Msral War for Instruct! tha staff of the Naval War col. feUowtar hi* graduation, _ m Octobsr IBM. after qualifying as • naval aviation observer, was order ad to command the aircraft squad rons. battle fleet. *T In Juas int. Admiral Ream became a member of tha navy gonsral ; hoard, and la June U*» asmmwd ~4*mjnaiui of tha alranift eauadivne. hetue fleet. Is* rsasHiit Or duty M aenlor member of the hoard of inspection awi survey, Pacific cos •tcUon, tape 11 1M1, and hem.. gommandant of tha navy yajd. Mar* Jstand, California in June Utt. i UM duties af tha.Ooi Fores with tha ac- rank Of admiral la ought to he a chaUenge to m- creaeed efferU. Our flght «g«*nft tuberculDsis it an unfinished task. W* shall not sea the end of UM battle. But oar generation may hand e* to those who follow ua ta thk «ork a fight wall advaaosd toward ultimate victory. "In the fight against tuberculosis «• may appeal to one of tha basic tarttaeta of mankind—the desire for self-praaerratlon. Ours la not only a eharftable work, it is the PJJtortton of our personal health, When tubaroajosis is defeated, we are protocting our own homes.- Get Shipmtnt of 4,000 Cases of Pincopple One of the heavy shipments of Iraight received in Starting^ Wek *** 4M* oasas of pmaappl* ship- pod from Honolulu. Hawaii The foods wffl he distributed to many " w northwest Illinois from Fftl't MUU.MWL ••WIMIIU1YS TUES^THURS^SAT. •ad SUNDAY. Niflitt Attar • P. ^^*^^*7^B^Bp e^W^mMB^PB^B I IBWSIHIIV MwaUi bav* to aftor a We an doing our Ml to build a strong nation wy aarvmg , - food food . . . toad that Is t _ Bsurtsnlng aad aody-bulMmg, -1 as deUrteue. Teuwoj^ to worry aeout health '• meal ai ^f> ^" ^—-^ - m^^f» mm S ',- ' This movement," Mr, Ferguson said, "Is the result of long-sustained hard work. The land planning division of the FHA has made exhaustive studies of the actual traffic requirements for various types of subdivisions, the types and widths of pavements for different densities of traffic, the high cost of inadequate pavcarents to both the city and the home owners, and the value of close cooperation between city and county authorities in establishing uniform standards." It was pointed out that the FHA land planning division had worked out baste costs for streets in various sections of the country. ar« brokan dow» into ponent parts of streets, sidewalks, storm and sanitary sewers, curbs, gutters, trees, park strips, etc.—with variations for concrete, asphalt* aad other types of paving material Then the standards have been adapted to the sol! and the customs of the cities aud counties in the insuring ana of each office by the local underwriting staff, in consultation with the land planning division and ta cooperation with teal highway englBesrs, land planning com- misstoni, and thHsrr autherttisa. This work for uniform sUest Im- HOMI MAD! OAIIIES FrotJi From O«r Own Kitckon PMMIft CfmfwfS Milk or Dark 40elb. P«c«ii Cluttort 60c I.. AlHIOIIwl dlMTw/fV 60c !•. r««M»jt IrirHt SOcU). CacMiivt irittU BOt Hv OUR OWN MAKE Arthur. H. Starnea, being kiaacd by his wife after be set a new world record for a delayed-opening parachute Jump, leaping from a plane at 30.000 feet, falling almost six miles before opening his two 'chutes, near Harvey. HI. His son, Robert, is at the right. Iron out many differences between city and county governments, to untangle divided or disputed authority, to aid subdivision developers in making detailed plans and calculating specflc costs and thus eventually to give better values to home buyers. In more than one area, it was stated, city and county highway authorities had been more or less at cross purposes for years. FHA ofli cials cooperated with these authorities in establishing common-sense requirements based on facts and fig- urea. The result was the adoption of uniform requirements by the city, the county, and the FHA. "Subdivision developers in areas MISINTIft IT ^^•^LmmmmmwRwmml %By^B^W^Pw^W^B^Bl^^P * * r, Oct. 14 11.-OOA.M.CST. WBBM where these agreements have been reached know exactly what they must do to satisfy all street and road requirements," Mr. Ferguson said. They can go a* far above these minimum requirements as they wish. The ultimate result of these agree- ments on road improvement standards throughout the United States will be a better home In a more livable community for the average American. It Is In keeping with the purposes of the national housing act,. Visits Relatives, Friends He Had Not Seen for 50 Years D. E, Hellem Enjoys Visit in Lancaster, Pa., and Laurel, Del. D. E Hellem of 110* Fif'h avenue returned home Wednesday from ' a 10-week visit to Lancaster. Pa ..I and Laurel. Del. making the trip by bun. He went by wav of the new Dream highway from Pitt«burgh to Harrlsburg, Pa. Mr. Hellem Mates that it was the dries! in Pennsylvania th*t It has! been for many year*, with many wells (roing dry. A well driiler told ; him that he had 35 or 36 wells toi drill, and said that another manj had M wells to drill. | -_ Infantile paralysis was very bad ta t*neB*w*r and York Th* jseheols did not. op?n :mni s mouth after th* reirular time «n of th* efMftnie, snd r?-.»i- nndfr 18 «-<re not a;Ur«*":1 "o att«rml Sunday tchool or <he mo-.'irt The J«p beetle *"8s also vm- H*d in P*T»nrrlT«ni8. and wan very o>» struft.tve on corn trnl fmlt. Mr. He1!«n ir*^ »t Lat;r*l. D»l, for a w**k. and ^-hilr thf «fsm? di*tanc*> out on the ffjthinsr. »h!ch he fnjov^ much. While fi*hinjt a larpe *hi.r'< j:iTTi7>f t d otit of th<* water no? nrxt than SO feet from !heir bo»t, Or.*of th* men in rharee ytat'd that it was about 10 fret lone. He visited in Phtladelpl-.ia. Hsr- rJ-^burir. Mt Aita. war Grttysburs, and othrr places of interest while In Pennsylvania He had the p>a- nirr of seeing many relative* anl old-time frtend* that he had no» j**>n in 50 wars. COLISEUM—STERLING Tu«tday, October 28 COLE-OVTHEIE TLAYERS pmeiit 'Tht Former Tokts A Wif«" SUNDAY TURKEY DINNERS COMPLETE 55° CUB CAFE 216 First Ave. Melvin Fueral Home STATE THEATRE LAST NT - 2-FEATURES-2 '(l n A PARKING PROBLEM. PHONE in Sterlinr,HI OUekN h Re Straw! A DUKl9«tt smVClpV^^TQimVUiaUr 0flTT10Q ADeUghlfwl SERVED SUNDAY ai DAILT Uke thrma? .... especially far the palate? Drtre ever ajki asl f«f Thtokev to »hr Wraw", » NEW TASTE SENSATION: AUo Sttak* and Other Full Cw«« Dinner§ •LIE P1ITIT • W.MAIMIT. (Oaasi til p. m.) M i«eii PLUS ROY BOGEBS Bod Mon Of Deadwood" Sun., MOIL, Ties., Wed. LAST TIMES TODAY! LAST TIMES TODAY! la vOflf OOIOMI HI vK VJwrloKv • S • wswaf 2. Woator Im. I EWff h ".MWTAW Twe Enjoyable Featyr«§—Doa't WM Thevi! Htt|L CKEAM HIS LAROC BwrisSowflCtifl Vut* FCMMOJtfO)* 1 tlMt no wrf* you tow a*JlsV iaaas> aas wFW/fi NsWC • gg , ikwwas 909, lfe^kS* ' VWv^va bufflUtnUh STEJU FOREST INN r* • • n * fa i F EITRAI TOUWttl iiUBL gPNPAV. t-M to lias R M. JMm SwamUr. He 4% lie. Tax ImcL THEATBE —TONIGHT ONLY— ' : m 1. HOPALONG CAflBIDY ii IITIFIIIIL WREATHS 2. JACKIE COOPER ^P»»^»Jl»mw p ^^B»«w^--'^»- • <ls*,lm*^i») SWL, HNL, Tats, 2 Bts! "TIMCC4) IOJU5" MOST TALKED ABOUT PICTURE IN THE ill lOft • Mtiti LAST TEN YEARS! —ALSO— tut to 11 P. M. 3«r 4 $* "W : f M AHir, He A lit. Tti ITS A RIOT!

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