The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on January 12, 1945 · Page 2
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 12, 1945
Page 2
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PAGE TWO (Frances Hcdbe) HILL FOLK The hills are never hurried, And bill folk are the same; They never wind the cabin clock Nor call the hour by name. •nieir sundial is a shadow, Their dusk the whippoorwill, And morning is the laughter or light along a sill. They sow in solemn rhythm And reap with measured pace, And always th^re is leisure As limitless as space. So close are they to heaven . And thunder's silver horn, lliey lean against the weather, And time remains unborn. The hills are never hurried, They hold the yeuA ia ttirall. And those who Uy^ among them Wear patience like s «hawl. By Vivian Yiclser I^aramore. Second Division With Mrs. McClelUnd Mrs. Dean Norman and daughter, Deana, of Needles, California, and Mrs. T. M. Shellenberger were guests when the members of the serond division of the working society of the Presbyterian church met Thursday afternoon in the home 6f Mrs. T. A. McCJlelland. Mrs. Leslie Leavltt led the devotionals u.sing the one hundred third Psalm. After a short business meet. in<r conducted by the iwesident Mrs. Bob Dunlap, the members sewed on a working society project. Mrs. McClelland assisted by Mrs. James Frederickson served refreshments to the three tniests, eleven members and seven children. • « * Mrs. Wells is Hostess To Division Three Mrs. W. W. WellK entertained th'- third division of the Presbyterian working sonietv at her home yesterday afternoon. Mrs. C. H. Ronsick gave the devotional ]p «on using Luke 9:23-27 as her Scripture. The afternoon was spent sewing on the division project. Tlie hostess served refreshments to 16 members. • • <• Mrs. Silers Entertains Fourth Division Mrs. E. I. Sifers was house host- e.'a to the fourth division of the Presbyterian working society yesterday afternoon. Assisting htistesses were Mrs. Fred Soper and Mrs. XT. Snyder. Devntionals were conducted by Mrs. Fred Green. Mrs. Roy Sanden cavp a tviniiavit-ni -ovokinff pa- ppr ni "Rarlnl T>i-r>^>l«»Tis U. S. A -TSMHi-q] .qr ^d Social." Refrpchmerts we ^e servpd durlne the social Iiour to 27 members present. •> •:• •:• BaotNt Fidplis Cl&ss Has Musical Program Mrs. L. A. Gunther was hostess to the Fidelis class of the First Baptist church Ih her home Thursday aiternoon. She wa* assisted by Mrs. Cecil Perkins and Mrs. D. Oean. Mrs. O. L. Jordan gave "Thoughts from the Bible," using the one hundred fifth Psalm for the afterjioon's devotlonals. A musical program was presented by Miss Maxine Ludlum and Mzs. R. B. Cantril. Miss Ludlum sang "Sweet Story of Old" and "One Day" with Mrs. Cantril playing her accompaniment. Then Mrs. Cantril played the following piano solos: "Silent Hour of Prayer" by Kolhman and "Tune of the Green Cathedral" by Carl Hohn. A short play, "Two Fried Eggs," closed the program in a light vein of fun. Parts were taken by Mrs. C. W. Thompson, Mrs. Oscar Mc- Kamin and Mrs. Cecil Perkins. Mrs. King Matney. Mrs. Myrtle Breckenridge, Misses Coleen Ludlum, Shirley Gunther and Kay Ellen Jordin were guests. There were eighteen members present. Refreshments were served by the hostesses. CALENDAR FOB THE WBEK \ MONDAY The McKlnley P. T. A. study rroup meets with Mrs. Mae Wel- dln, 109 a. 4tb., at 7:80 p. m. Salem Chapwer No. 4 o. E. s. will have a covered dish canteen supper at 6:15 p." m. with Mrs. Clara Williams as chairman. Members are requested to tnlng a covered' dlah and sandwiches. Regular meeting and initiatory work will follow the supper. Tiie Woodman Circle meets wittj Mrs. Alice Shelby, 420 North First, &t 8 p. m. TUESDAY B. P. W. club wlU hold their regular meeting at the Kelley Bote! at 6:30 p. m. P. E. O. meats at the home of Mrs. C. £. Sisney, 309 East Madison at 3 p. m. lola Home Makers unit meets with Mrs. Charles Lindley, 316^ S. Walnut, at 2 p. m. The Harford Circle of the United Brfthren church meets with Mrs. Clarine Oard at 7:30 p. m. WEDNESDAY McKlnley P. T. A. meets at the schoolhouse. Executive meeting -will be at 2 p. m. with the regu- Inr meeting at 2:30 p. m. liiere will be a pemiy parade for the student loan fund. TftE lOLA REGISTER, l^RXCtAt EVENING, JANUARY 12, 1945. lOLA. KANSAS Frenchmen on tlie Rhine' Moran Happenings MORAN, Jan. 11—W. E. Lacey, county commissioner, is in Columbus today (Thursday) attending a meeting of the official council of the county officens of this district that is meeting there today. . with Mrs. Rlggs' parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Boyd, Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Dwight Barnes and Mr. Delbert Lacey, Topeka, spent Wednesday with their mother. Mrs. Q. E. Lacey, at the Burke Street hospital, where she is now a patient. Mrs. Barnes returned to Topeka from Ft. Scott, Mr. Lacey coming , to Moran, where he will spend a few da.v.s with his father, Q., E. Lacey. He reports his mother somewhat improved at this time. Fellowship night wa.s held at the daughter, Mrs. Frank Hoffman and Mr. Hoffman. Mrs. Joe Jackson is spending today at the home of her son, M« Pete Jackson. *- Miss Ruth Wood, after .spending ; ^ _ some time here with- her mother, ' Pre.sbvterian church Tuesday ni?ht. Mrs. Hattie Wood ha.s returned to The dinner was followed by such a Kansas City where she is employed, good program and the group singing was enjoyed by all. Mr. W. H. Slaughter made a business trip to El Dorado Tuesday. Rev. and Mrs. Ulxon, lola, were Moran visitors Wednesday. The total number of chapters read by the people of Moran from Mr. and Mr.s. E. O. Banta. north of LaHarpe. spent Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Maxwell. Mrs. Ocie Ford also called on Mrs. Maxwell Wednesday. Mrs. Anna Cooper, president of the United Women of the Armed CU S Army photo frpm NEA Radto-Telephoto) The above picture, believed to be oae ^ol the .first of Alhed action at the |lhine River, shows French 1st Army machine gunners and riftemen. under German .fire, buggingf t&e ground while firing on enemy positions. Directly across the river is Switzerland, mai-ked by thfe Swiss flag.;^.Just beyon^ij • is Germany. - "iiHtonuy Groop Meets U Cbiyat H«ne The Missionary Society of the Christian diuroh was entertained 'n the home ot Mrs. M. B-Chryst Wednesday afternoon. Assisting hostesses were Miss Myrtle Stewart and Mrs. Viola Montgomery. Mrs. J. H. Fraser opened the -neeting with group staging and ->rayer. Semi-annual renorts were -ivAn t>v the three groups. Mrs. lilUe Lammons led devotlon­ als, taking as her subject "From •^erlastin^ to Everlasting." "West of the Date Ltoe." the new -tudy book for the year, was intro- ^'iped with reports from Mrs. M. E. 'ihryst. Mrs. E. W. Harrison and Mrs. Efronia Teaearden. Refreshments were served to twenty-eight members present. <. A .:. 'Mj'nds Hrto Celebrate ~Otii Anniversary Humboldt, Jan. 12—Mr. and Mrs. G. V. Seymour were happily sur- orised Tuesday evening, when mem- bMS of the Rehekah lodge formed 1 itae party to their home foUow- 'ng the meeting at the hall, to "lonor them on their 60th wedding •»»Tiivprsarv. wbi'h o''<nirred on Tanuary 8th. Mrs. Seymour attended the meeting, but left the hall ahead of the other members. When she arrived at her home, she found neighbors already there, and •^^he Rebekahs came soon afterward. Both' Mr. and Mrs. Seymour have been active members of the or- •'anlzation for many years. Mr. and Mrs. Sevmour were married at Ft. Scott, Kansas, on Janu- trv 8. 1885. They came to Humboldt in 1902, and have lived in their present home' 5pr the oast 27 "ears. Mr. Sevmour 'was bom In Lvnn countv, Kansas. Mrs. Seymour wn.<! the former Minnie Boyer, daughter of Joseoh and Mary Bover, and she was bom at Anamosa, Iowa, the oldest of seven children. XTntil Mr. Seymour's health fntipd him five vpars a^o, he was active in the Odd Fellow's lod^e. Ke Is a paid uo life member of the Woodmen of the World, and the Maocahpfis. He served in several state offices in cotmectlon with the lodge work, and was an able officer. Mrs. SeymoUr was on the drill team oS the Rebekah lodge many years. "They are members of the Presbyterian church of Humboldt. Mr. Seymour suffered a stroke five years a^o and .since that time has been confined to his home. He is flS years of age. They were presented a beautir fully decorated three-tier wedding cake, which was cut and served with hot coffee to the more than 30 guests. The pitcher which was u.sed other brother, Doyle, who is in' . Wej-e it not lor parasites, many lor the sacYing ot coffee cream has service. They came Friday and left insec^ pests might to 'suc'a been to use to .this family for 40 for theh- homes Sunday in I3elano, ian e.ktent that growing of crops years and the sugar bowl -was the Caltf. • ' woul<J be impossible, one used when the Seymours began housekeeping 60 years ago. • <• • Parcel Post Exchange At North Division Members of the North division of the Christian church quilted yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. L. Maffitt. After the singing of a hymn, Mrs. J. W. Oavto gave the devotional readtags and prayer and an insplr- ationsi). talk was given by the Rev. E. W, Harrison. Mrs. John Page conducted a short business session, after which a parcel poet exchange was held with Mrs. Alex Stroup acting as postmistress. There were twenty-three members present. Refreshments were . served by the hostess. . Forces, of Moran, announces that August 1st to December 31st, 1944, I a meeting of the club will be held vvere 15.233 chapters, at the home of Mrs. Frank Harris ; -phe W. S. C. S. will meet with Tuesday, January 16th. at 2 p. m. Mrs. F. P. Sawver next Thursday, Mr.s. Charles Wood and daughter. January 18, at 2 p. m. CharleHe. have returned to their j jlr. and Mrs. John Barley. lola, I home in Tola after several days' were dinner guests of Dr. and Mrs. visit here with Mrs. Hattie Wood R R Nevitt last Sunday, and Mrs. Marian Hunsaeker. ; M -^. Dollie Revnolds and grand- Mrs. Orville Ria£;s and son Don- daughter, Judy Reynolds are spend, aid. from near Lone Elm,' visited ^ few days with Mrs. Reynolds' RESOLUTION Austin, Tex.. Jan. 12. (AP) — Lieut. Gov. • John Lee Smith read to the senate a house resolution asking the board of control to provide suitable sparking spaces. He blushed, and explained the resolution really said "parking." Beware Coughs from common coids That Hang On Creomulsion relieves promptl.v lie- cause it goes right to the seat of iho trouble to help loosen and e.xpel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw. tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the wav it quickly allays the couijn or yo'i :<.rr to have your monev back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds. Bronchitis South Division Holds Regular Steeting Mrs. H. A. Snyder led devotlon­ als at the meettag of the South division of the Christian church at the home of Mrs. Phillip Bay yesterday afternoon. After a short business session the members finished their quilt and hemmed tea towels. There were twelve women present. ^ * • * Criterion Class Mueets With Mrs. Elliott The members of the Criterion class of the First Methodist church met to the home of Mrs. Jake Elliott yesterday afternoon with Mrs. Clarence Cruse, the assisting hostess. Devotionals were led by Mrs. Marcia Cook. During the business session projects for the new year were discussed and two captains, Ti 'rs. T. O. Waush and Mrs. J. G. Tavlor, were amiolnted to lead the class in the Sundav school conte-st. RefreshTPPTits were served to one <mest. the Rev. Chp«teT S '^^pv n-nd *-he following members: Mesdames R. L. Conenlng, J. G. Taylor, Wll- lard Doolittle, Glen Edwards. Cecil Tones, Marcia Cook, Seth Owens, Vernle Stone. Carl Isles, Chnrles Tobey, W. A. Ogbom. Ethel Collins. Ciarenne Cruse, Hazel Maxon and lake Elliott. Early U. S. General HOBIZONTALr 1,5 Pictured founder of Decoration Day, Maj.- Gen. 9 State 12 Great Lake 13 Hypothetical force 14 Egyptian sun god 15 Pastry 16 Permit 17 Farewell! 18 Millimeter • (ib.) 19 Everything 2() Dined 21 StiU 23 12 months 26 Night birds. 29 Before 30 Age 31 kitchen utensil 33 Coin 35 Skin opening 36 Gaseous element 38 Greek letter 41 Tablet 43 Winglike part 46 Any 47 Also 48 Dispose 50 AJEP^TOativc 51 Lieutenant (ab.) .52 International language 53 Not one 54 Tree fluid 55 He was a .——-War, general 56 Possesses VERTICAL 1 Jam 2 Native meUl • 3 Strike 4 Northeast " <ab.) 5 Adore 6 Lyric poem 7 He urged the Grand -3— of the Repiib- lic to commemorate Decoration Day 8 Cognomen 9 Health resort 10 Be sick 11 Shouts 17 Near '• 20 Exist 22 Pedal digit 24 Electrical engineer (ab. 25 Zeal 27 Inscribe 28 Louisiana Cab.) 31 Italian river 32 GoU device 33 Too ,34 Toward WIS 35 Disports 37 Knots 39 Soft mineral 40 Against ) 41 Puddle 42 Account of (ah.) 44 Meadow 45 Snake 47 Three (prefix) 48 Propel a Iwat 49 Tavern 53 Negative r PRATRTE CHAPFL Frank Knaon, whose death occurred early Monday morning wa.s H resident of this community for a 'ood many years. He was a man of high principles and one of oin- »nost resnected citiviens. His death Is Indeed a sorrow to his friends who eftpnd t.hpir sincere sympa- *hv to hi.s family. Fred Starliner and family attended the funeral of Vemon Bliets at Savonburg Saturday. Mrs. Lewis of Moran. visited with her daufirhter, Mrs. Rubv MoLucas ind family, a few days the first of the week. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bacon visited with Mark and Olive Ard Sunday afternoon. Fred Thomnson and familv were .Rtmdav visitors at the Gus Thompson home. Sevpral In this neighborhood are ill with colds. Mrs. Ruby McLucas and mother, Mrs. Lewis, visited with Mrs. Clara Thnmnson Monday afternoon. Grant Granee and their families enjoyed an oyster supper at the Gilbert DeMerritit home Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hibbs en loved a visit with his sister. Mrs. Ruth IWfViitt anrt husband: olso Mr. McNutt's brother and wife and an- W&AT CAUSES EPILEPSY? A booklet containing the opinions of famoos doctors on this Interesting subject wiB be sent FREE, Mbiie they last, to any reader writlnr to the EdneationsI Division, 535 Fifth Avenae., New Yorlc, N. Y., Depi A-562. Anazing Fast Relief For COUeHS Brondilai irritationt Duo To Mit A Rar« ComblnatlOB—Co;upound<;<l from valuable Canadlnn Pine Balsam and other sootlilng hcaUng- Ingredients Buckley's ("anadiol Mlxturo IK dlSerent from anytlilnt; you havr ever tried—all medication—no syrup. ' Bneklrr^ Acta S Wjiya— 1 To Loosen Phlegm S'To Soothe Raw Herobrunres 3 To MaVe BreathVne Easier You get results PAST — you U^' the effect INSTANTLY. Act at oaec— <rr Buckley's CAN.*^- niOI. Mlx'nrr—today. At lln «t -^•^n«^ druff siorea everywhere*. Hntlafrctlun jnaraate^rf J>I. mn**'.^- i»..-'r Cooksey** Drug Store Reynolds Drof Store This Advertisement Contributed by the lola War Information Committee Rock of Ages BeM^ NOW and FORETEB WILLIAMS MOJ«JMENT WOREB M. W Abts. South Street Anto Farta C anil F Mercantile Co. Alien' Connty Implement Co. Allen Couniy State Bank Ainer4i»n SerVlt* Co. A. W,; Anderson Grocery RiMS ^backla Garafe BradjT Shoe Store K. F.> Campbell M. D. •^d*!" CampbeU Top Hat Ctab M. F. CoU & M„C. CoU N. Conine Sale* Co. Cook's Drag Store Cook^y's Unuc Store eapo^ Jewdrr Store B. W. Cartif L. R. Cjrm Motor Dr. Kent R. Dudley Dnjolop jCire & Rabbet Co EUiktt'SMor Company EdnUstop's Di; Wa^e E.. Frantz Fryier Btjos. Grocery & Market A. A. Gijlet, Shamrock, Inn Gl^be CiottUBS Co. Ba^'s imeb CeOB Harrison Henderson Realty Company B. ^ Htss Feed Store Cedi. Hi«er ImjiL Co. lola City Utilities Dept. jola Laundry & Dry CIeane.>9 The lola Register lola State Bank lola and Vptown Theatret lula Wholesale Grocery Kerr-McFall Garment Co. 8. II. Ksesn & Co. Kelley Hotel and Coffee Shop Krupp Iran & MelaJ Co, Dr. a L. Lacy John K. Layle Dr. F. X. Lenski Lincoln Food Mart John McNally, Sinclair Gas Graver Menzie and W. F> McFaddea Model & Cut Rate Grocery Modern Cafe Gny Oliver Complete Tire Serviea Ben Pennington W, C. Ferhani, U. 8. N. R. J. M. FoweU J. C .Penney Co. Ramsay's Logan H. Reynolds Motor Co. Roscoe RidiardsoD Keith Rieh^Mson Ted Robinson and Velma Sievers The Gamhfe Store. SeU Serrtci Grocery Sltannon & Shwinon Bdw. . S & H Bakery A. R. Sleeper Dr. H. M. Stephenson. Lt. 13. 8. N. B. South Sttee( Cafe Stanley E. Toland.—Attorney ( Irving Tnrle:^ Firestone Store / Dr. Rebeoca Von Wald ' R. C Walton Foundry Dr. T. W. Wangb Mn-Mts-W. A. Weaver. Pic Theatre Tom Wangh WiUiams Monument Worlu Wfistem Auto (Associate) Store Alma Wise Music Studio W. H. Woof Bad White Motor C«.

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