Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 12, 1936 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 12, 1936
Page 3
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EVENING, JUNE 12, 1036 THfc PAttPA DA1L* Pampa, Texas --&• "^-.i" PAGE THRE& - BOfeAH STUNNED AS MAJOR o FIRST BILLOT DEMONSTRATION LASTS 27 MINUTES IN CpNVENf ION BY-fiDWARD J. DUFFY, Associated Press Staff Writer. CLEVELAND, June 12 (fl j )—Still afire from the veritable explosion of acclaim with which It unanimously fibmlnated Alf M. Landon ftir tHe presidency, the republican national convention moved today to choose a running mate for what the Kansas .governor heralds as a mighty drive to Unseat the new deal. ..Two names — Vandenberg and Knox—sped from mouth to moutll through hotel .corridors as leaders and,delegates struggled through the dawn.and beyond to attain accord in the vice presidential nominee so today's final session of the convention could Complete the ticket and a'djbiifh soon after convening at 9 a. m. COST). l ••; .Both Senator Vandenberg ,of Michigan and Col. Frank .Knox of Chicago had withdrawn from the .presidential race .to second Landon's n'ominMloh last night and call for . unity, in "this great crisis." Talk pf .drafting one or the.other .of them for the second placfe hit a crescendo itbday, though Vandenberg had ro- tcently threatened to refuse, the nom- jinitidn from , the . convention plat- forfn, . and Knox had not said Whether he would accept. There was slight hope of repeating at today's session last night's contribution to political history, iivhen the Landon name . was the ,pnly one even presented, and on the roll call he received .984 of the 1;003 votes. The teller's announcement was drowned by the din of shouting and parading followers. Of the 19 non-Landon votes, Wisconsin cast 18 for Senator William E. Borah of Idaho, while a single one from West Virginia's bloc also went .to the "Lion of Idaho." Wisconsin then quickly moved that the nomination be made unanimous. •Another tumult spoke the affirmative answer. Borah Watched. Besides the vice presidential conundrum,, another question hung fire. "What will Senator Borah do?" Many ^delegates wondered. /.Speeding to Washington after los- in'g the presidential race but winning recognition for his views in a compromise platform which the convention adopted with a whooping chorus of •'*'ayes""Boroh was reported stunned on hearing that Governor Landon had wired the convention reserving the right to place his personal interpretation on two major planks. In calling for a "sound currency," the convention's program had omitted any mention of the "gold standard," 'and it advocated a wage and hour legislation by the states under .the constitution as it how stands. These planks were widely regarded as Borah victories. But soon after the platform went through, John Hamilton, Landon campaign manager, stepped to the Speaker's rostrum with a telegram from Topeka. Governor Landon wired that he would unqualifiedly pledge himself to "be true to the principles and program" of the document. 'Gold' View Explained. ^"Hxiw.eyer," .the governor added .'/jjfitU thiit candor which you ahci tfye, country .are entitled to expect of jin'e,',,.'!; feel .compelled before you .gr^cSeclV witfr. consideration of my ji^me 'to submit my interpretation of'certain planks in. the platform so that you may be advised as to my views;" He went on to declare that if it should prove impossible for sta,tes to regulate women's and, children's wages and hours without.^ consti- tutional amendment '1 shall favor a constitutional amendment." Then he went on to speak the word "gold," aassiduously avoided by ihe platform committee. He said that one requisite for a "sound iurrency" is a balanced budget and mother a currency "expressed in terms of gold and convertible into gold." Borah, who has declared against a constitutional amendment and denounced any move to return to the jold standard, was told of this as lie sped by train from Cleveland ioward Washington. FINDS ALL-BRAN BETTER THAN PILLS, SALTS, AND OILS .This Natural Pood Relieved His Constipation* ' .Wfl quote from his letter: ''. . . £|o 'I.dficide^tp;mak u a ,a fai^ trial (of Kellpgg's At^B^N), with the re- ~sult, that I /f eit 'riiueh 'improved.-.. I have quit all laxatives since .1929. ' "For. 314 years, I had to take pills, salts, oils', teas, ov other fluids, which did ryioyei harm than gob'd, Al#Ei?AN riPW js our' breakfast cereal;e whole family."^Mr. BJartin .Wroblewski, 201 Church Street, Highland 'Park, Mich. '^Jtfeals'low in f 'bulk'! pf ten Jead'to constipation. JiCellogg's ALL-BRAN •prp^if^s: geherpus'<"bulk" jn effec- tiyeiprni. This "bulH" absorbs mois- 'j^u/.ejf orjns.a sof t.niass^and gently jpaferbisea 'and 'cleanses the system. 'AtL-BBAN also furnishes vitamin B 'and iron. f-vrb tablespob'tif uls diaiily a$e y; suffipjent. Hpw much bet«£* this'iiatural food in place nwdioines. •- > Passing his hand several .times over his face, Borah said: ~i "Well, that's his business. Why didn't he send it (the telegram) sooner?" ' Knox Thrlljed. : ! However, other hien, including Herbert Hoover arid Colonel Prank Knox, expressed much satisfaction over the Landon message. Knox, In seconding the Landon nomination in the unprecedented scenes last night, said: 'I was thrilled to tHe bottom bf my heart by the language of, that telegram. That was filled' ~ ' >f that £ wifh courage, sincerity, and fMrikness." The attitude of Vandenberg and Knox last night, in appealing for unity in what they Called a "crisis" in government, led some Landon organizers to contend a refusal to run for vice president,-, if nominated, was out of the question. Much has happened since Vandenberg said he would refuse from the rostrum. Knox was Understood 'in sOrtle quarters to take the position that he would hot; s^ek' the nomination, but would' Serve, if drafted, . yah- denberg, assert Whit he w6tlld do if drafted said in the early niofhing" hours that the question would have to await action by the' convention^ itself. i ;'..-. -i After working day and night' ftfr over 48 hours, ithe platform com'-'; mittee finally presented tHe -insult- of its labors to the convention just' before the nomination. Herman- Langworthy of Missouri read '-. tHe 2,000-word document laboriously—; showing the strain he had been under. . , 4 . Currency Flank Approved;. In general, the final draff.,a|reed with predictions; The phra^jjH the $8 deiwbcratid platform —"sound cutrency; to-'tfe'-preserved at all h&S;- ards"—wds-'pitKfed'.up bodily as a wfty* out.df'illrtlcuKy^ 'it'was -to'thife that Latjdbh-tooK exception, stand- irigtfor a dollar convertible into gold ,when conditions permit : Repeat of-'the fecip'rocal tariff, return 6 : f rsiief - administration - to 'thfe- state4^-itttest4te fe|Uiati6n -of ; puBlic utlUtlfe'S''ahd the right of collective barfealnihg were.among the .priticlpai. planks. • . ,- l: ,- . ,v;-thete^-being T»0 : -Jfiinofity report, tiHalrman sneli put the question on the-report to t stant that Langworthy finished, in a shout of "ayes" it was adopted. No attempt for a floor struggle which some of the leaders had feared was made. , • 1 All through the overflowing auditorium signs were appearing, nolse- itiaklng devices were brought out, and a general restlessness prevailed. The reason soon was plain. Snell called for nominations. The early states "passed," until—by prearrangement-—the right of way was given, to Kansas. Former Enemy Nominated. $£t M&itp-:" the"'lot of a former , ... ._ t.. ' ~' ' • ••',,.- u- J- politifcal enemy of Landon to hanift him for the party's highest honor, to Hamflton. He had the CfowU With him from the start. .. ^^ i ;; Waving down the shouts atr(l ap^ plause that greeted him-there oA the rostrum, he invbked republlcafi traditions and said the party had to make a choice "for itself afid America." ,-,; "Let us mnke carton of a mightier future by 'meeting our obligatiofis for that choice, with the one mAh, who can rally to a glorious cause the ""'.'', fSBe'TBbRAH, Page C. •*~. Use 'fts $ .- cereal wjtli m|lk p'r cream; '6r in codking. ALL-BHANGS "' 1 ' prp4ucts. It js sold by all gi'.ocei.'s. . Kellogg in Battle Creek. due to insufficient "bulk" Make Money Yet PRICES GOOD FRIDAY J 19-piece dinner set for 85c with purchase of $5.00 groceries. Good until next Thursday only. Maxwell House Pound Can For Arwipur's, High Grade 3 TALL CANS FOR _ Gold Chain, made by the largest independent Mill in the Southwest. 48 LB, SACK __._ FRIDAY AFTERNOON AND SATURDAY ONLY GREEN BEANS They are really good, Pound RADISHES Fresh, large bunches, Each SQUASH • White or Yellow, per pound ASPARAGUS Fresh, large' bunches, Each : 4. *•> GREEN ONIONS Fresh, Large Bunches, Each MUSTARD Large bunches, nice and fresh CUCUMBERS Fresh from the garden, Lb. . LEAF LETTUCE Fresh large bunches 4c APPLES Fancy Winesaps, per dozen ORANGES Full of juice, per dozen 19c 500 FRYERS Large size chickens, Each FISH j ' Fresh water cat fish, pound BACON Deckers Slab, per pound — 45c 30c 23c PURE LARD Genuine Hog, Bulk, 2 Lbs. SHORT RIBS of Beef, meaty and fresh, Lb. lie OLEO Red Rose or Good Luck, pound CHEESE Cloverbloom Longhorti, pound ROAST Cut from Sunray beef chuck, Lb. BUTTER Fresh Creamery, per pound *8c SANDWICH SPREAD Ham and cheese, loaf, Lb> 33c Or SandwjcJk.Spread, Full Quart Jar for _ TOMATO JUICE Phillips regular can. TOMATOES Regular No. 1 size can PINEAPPLE JUICE Del Monte, No. 1 can SPINACH Fancy No. 2 size can, each GRAPE JUICE Pure, pirtt size bottle PICKLES Sour or dill, quart jar PRUNES Solid pack, gallon can for til* 15c 25c VANILLA Full 8 oz. bottle for TALCUM POWDER Sweet Pea, large size S^RUP Penick's Golden, Gallon Can COFFEE- ' -' • BrimfuII, 3 pound jar for Brimful), No. 2 size can for MARiSHMALLOWS Ne s y tteth stock, pound GREEN BEANS Cut stringless, No. 2 can . 15c lie 57c 75c 14ic me CORN pood find sweet, No. 2 size can COFFEE Arbuckles Arosia, pound for — SOAP Crystal White, Giant Bars, Each HY-PRO Hijjh,. quality, quart bottle SOAP palmolive, Bar with 101 wrappers from CRYSTAL WHIT E SOAP ASK US FOR DETAILS 5c SUPER SUDiS Giant Size 19c P IGG , ^^^p .. _ a ^^^mi^^^^ , ^^i^^^^^^ ^^^^BBIPW^^^^ ^^^^H^^^fl^^^^^* ^^^^^^p

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