The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 29, 1971 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 29, 1971
Page 6
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.ttoSPOttT FACTS, frrctport, Tex>». Monday. November », W, BORN LOSER ^r f A$lAM,ttC*j<*C»Jb /f'if Vj^> POM6ST}gi LI'L ABNER • •OWOW. VJVUIWK & THAT DOESJT FOR TV. I'M'GOING TO BE LM-ONELY. NIGHTS — DOWT THINK TM«y LIKED IT EITHER//' THEY FLUNG ME AN 1 IT OUT TH' WINPER- /)•*«? BLONDIE " OH DEAR.' CANT DECIDE WHETHER TO TAKE TWt GREEN SHOES OQ THE TAN r (JOT JUST TAKE)',!! OP EACH? JH THATS RIOICULCXJS' THEQE WAS A LITTXE JOKE THAT 8ACVPfR£0.'/T——^ *»-_—-""Vs. . _^"^-w™—-£w». *" " SNUFFY SMITH HOWDV, PARSON -WHAT CAN I DO PER VOUTODAY? I HAD ME A PLUMB BODACIOUS COLLECTION SUNDAY, SILAS—AW I COME TO PAY UP MY BILL s- BEETLE BAILEY DO THE- REGULATIONS SAY THE MEN CAN WEAR FALSE IT SAYS WHERE BUT rrHiN ABOUT V.'HERE THEY '&MOU.P START THE BADGE GUYS WHEN TH£Y WEZE SHONSN IN TH£ COURTROOM... ...THE JUX5E HAP THE UUNPFOtDEP. tauKJ (il«M @t CJWI >> M». M.. //-z^ ALLEY OOP THIS MUST BE 21NSIDE A MYSTERIOUS DOMED CITY IN THE MOOVIAN DESERT, AOEY OOP ANP HIS FJBENPS FIND THEMSELVES THE ajESTS 1 OF INTERPLANETARY VTSCTOftS n-19 IXOSCAK BOOM-. THIS'S CCOLAAMP CAPTAIN EASY iHAnsi MY SB COMMAND FWEJtfS'.Y \ OILY VSHGM rvfe, s^rr / tr suns HIS HE . vV>£ V ! i »' ^r^^' i.. ~i THE-SKRBT I INFORMANT* TRIE* TO RAM PUCEY'5 CAR. INTO THE OUAKRV5 ; THAT? THEPAZZLIM6 .„ 1 HEAPLI6HT5 SPOILS H£R AWi COROO WIN AT BRIPQg Cozy Expert Nosed Out The Television Picture __ 00 I B.W. NORTH AAJ85 VQ74 496 WKST (I)) KA.HT VKI05 VJ9863J • A3 f 5 AAKJ8T32 *Q!OJ( SOUTH A K109TIU VA • KJ 10X61 * Vuid Norlh-Soulli vulnerable \Vr%l Ntttlh KM I South 1 * l'as» t V t A 3* 3A S* 5* Pa*» |>il« |»i,j, 0|*-nwi{ l<ra<l- ., 4 K Q ft*** 1 * M«'i»» 0 OI«|M'« bfc*4 liM (| DfMM* IHt*»t O IMT» II I* B««m • IM*. •I «*«« 8mlt»'« Sen* HI 01 IS NM M«<M MMH4«m' CM N»«« • • **«« 1V »«4rU OMfttf KUfT««t I OTMUB •< 4«MMl* The Body ACKCW.S t Chnt balwa iri«nt«3i Mt lumrirtt t t'nnth nun* I J«i>aiH UUuicW- titluny Iriun* 10 Ulntnl U*« U AnliMA «utt By Oswald & James Jacob) Jim: "The Swiss team ha* become (he most popular event In all brultfe iouriut- mcnts. The experts d<mde U but »!<•> 5ij|| play in It t»' cmi-si' it's fun, Oswald; "It certainly u. In a twiK*«?.«ian event you will play eight, .u> v e n •')> o a r cl ittatctw* w»h IMC jururini- The action a tM anil ilivrv K plenty at i>t>|xirttimty it> I'WcKi' '.kill In i-acti ruumt vim are pittttl iijjmnjt tujnw ihat havs dom- utxnit ;i» well »i* you huvir." Jim; "Today's h, ( [i<J rf«. eiiivd a first-cmim! match Tho bidding in Utu t»x u»>lt place at table I South, a ioi>. ranking r%p«rl> tK-kir«l to Hay |x?*.ium with hi?. In.- lou'nonml U Kkel«un po/u 51 tu«k«n l» Ciw on u«« Unii t^ke Onui to I MM.*.| W0UM i9 Or«nul 31 >'<«(n-h ii ttoutr (»)>. > 1X1WX It Htpfe e<«u> nJ* la "W«, it •r«t«<timJ. f 0 » i !S rr • ft 16 « r teort, nu'itdou.5 twi>>uit hiitwJ Mr mm-l) ovurvaUi'tt with urn* spade' at hi* I'trnt turn ami contrnlcd hitiiifll with !siil dmg five i|Mtl>"s at h»* «* on<J turn " tUwiikl It lo»!t i hi.«- tnttfhty fine slratetfy \{v *M f<««,c a il.ifji tjfi!e.*« UVsi OJH-M ac* ;>n*t «nv ili-miomi llowovtjr, K.itt ami Weil have a vwv cht-ap s4vr in clutM Tlw) wilt gel tml (or down thrtf ;»k;:tir«t ts»-<s( tir fea^c and (or oni) t'*^> a>;aiiwt ordinary <l«f»m»«? " Jtns "Kxjwrrt S*»,i!h *.i< ihockifd l«> ftmJ him!*-!! playing five s p ,i d e * ucMtoublrtt hut plus 6»K) !<Kj».«-t| >;wxi 15 Wftjin't At Uw otbrr tab!** Wpst do u bled five spade* Kaxt didn't tlfce Ifw- <.(<m!i!r but •sin**! by i! an«i South H-ort'd IfiSf) p Minis ;t .r,'V) point ur mnr IMI' [i.'ijf'if !;> win t(w match " Htm".'*'!) I'KKM.U il>>> SIDE GLANCES I y A— l)"uhk. V"" ""!» h^ir lhtc<- \p4<i>'v I'll lttv> »ir i-*-t »nc^, TODAYS tjt'Ksnov ^-..fifiT*^ ^^ *•«•> t»hi««llw4i« iiiwl KAJ> WKj.'. =!'> >-.-..- 4-> "A woman on the Supreme Court? Why not? " ""' \ NV T.. ., .« They've been laying down the l«w to huttundi IN ,.» I. IKIMfl ^j. y t>r ,l« BUGS BUNNY V.8S.L, CuVNOC... CAW.. W"«i«,,. i»jrf...tiHXr PO VOU THiSK. OP MY 'ONO ACT ? SHORT RIBS BUT K1NP O- ACTS A<rf A P.ME A U»A.C6fi VA. <<iM7 O i frm lutin. rt*rt er lh« (MUM c baft, tix N*« WetM N*|*n JDM K*0jr M I****! P**** 1 •VnM, *IU W»«*-WM« ii rtptw* * rWMMt r»»*ttU» W* tf.M, 4»-TV»«l*t W JK» Jw. >«»» VUn»W, Ai ^itOf*|l**l uWl RlflbW^HWI Mrf Jftf J 01*11*4 to "Ita*," 4 f |MMbMt wt«« t" |U(kMl* wl !»*«• tltwl I* <*>>•«« »4l ^M*fef ttitf* Ml ML • T» et.n n «> I'm tttv* itta at «IW'>, «J(l»t%r ?. #. «* j« IS* WO M| "Vj u sit* tii^fM »< ».t ueitO* MOM !JI»«1M .. CH! Wl!»*!lt < »,• f, Q •**««.• vw Alt <IHA«x>4,tiNri< t««¥i<nt Vtnt o a <n wit «nHn-«t4 ntit CD 80 w»«, p; n •*--.« MIIISH.HT till t w. n i*«i <•«•*; >. i> lift if, O) U llMM M4 »•»•«»> .JM- ID N«'» « t! tefs SEE iP «I>JU TIGER a,y. >v//Ar „ wee I WATCH TV

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