The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 7, 1914 · Page 8
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 8

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 7, 1914
Page 8
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--sis- Eight Cost of Want Ads in The Daily Review le per line for flrsl Insertion. S'/ie per line for each subsequent consecutive Insertion. T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Tuesday Evening, My 7,1914. Minimum rhnrge 'JO cent". i HDH 1 times I linn « limps 4 HDOS S tlmai M ....... t HUM 7 t!m*« · llnoi 7 timm (···· 4 lines 7 tlm«» 4 ilnon a" tim*« Nft «4v«rtlf*rr (dan t«i Hi.'i word* tf» «» h K'-c JKIC HOr ll.M i.m 240 for tf ^ ordinary h« In wiHtnK nf n r t v e r t l s l n p mttnt J t win not be *·- . Thl» rr"*»ct» you' If You Can't Bring or Som! Your Want Ad Phone A n t n t h o r o i i j b l v f«- u l u s «n^ r f - m l '" rom |tn Inv n u wish, t n r v '*' r »'«nt ti»I'-phort*« to liMUfi Is Evf-ry for (f d l r i - i - t n Home Has Use viow Want Ads FOR RENT. HOUSES--(C««.) TOR BENT--Two modern aw.lllngs. one on E««t ,M- and one In West part. Call on J. U Drske, 330 N. Main. '·» Ton RENT--fl-rooro mortem hons»; part. Apply Crystal Theatre. north 7930 FOB BALE--Full equipped grocery «»a meat market at bargain, stock at Invoice: will ease fixtures; will take good Ford oar; balance cash. L. A. H., care National Grocery FOR HENT-Houss of IT beautiful rooms: 2 reserved: modern; centra! location: 150 p«r raorilh. Only party with good reference n.«d upply. *M N. Franklin. 7582 rOR RENT--Strictly modern ^-room cottage. Apply after 8 J.m. 770 John. ar. 7571 TOH K B N Docniur St Bull ."!«. room modern house, 1287 W. C W. eieeter. 810 S. Union. FOR nn.xT- Cnlleitc SI. III. fl-room modern honse, 1530 N. Inquire O. Tallcenroth, Pana. roi RBNT--Strictly modern «-room house. JCH E Cuntrell. Auto phone 5871). 7430 FOR H U N T OK SALE--New modern B room r o l t a c r , 881- B. Lnwrence; one block from car lln- 6a41 FOE RENT--FLATS. OTt RENT--Two and 8 room flats, front rooms. J. L Drake, Mfl N. Main. 7538 FOK KEVT--Flats on North Main St.. on Ur'd find 3rd floors, Bullard Bldg. Inquire f, ^V R u l l M r d . CltlzenB National Bank. 7415 FOR HENT--T^room modern apartment. 440 V,' Mncon ?!pat and Janitor service. See E 1. Q u i n l n n . 418 M l l l l k l n Bldg. Bell 2i 1S3I A u t o 4218 ' FOIl nE.VT--Seven room f l a t ; modern, with -nv h.-nl and electric l i g h t ; vacuum cleaner unil J n n l ' o r ncrvlre. Apply Drs. Brown .l;irk. 1.H-I3H IV. Tralrlc. 652D FOR RENT-ROOMS. FOH K E N T -- N!'-*!y furnished room; gflri- tl-m»»n preferred. 744 K Wood. Bell 1S94. H T R A T E D OH K f«m«Ie, ·Itatrr*. · trorf *·(*'* -Ami I" . p .. tr* r - t t i r n I I I . K N ' - A l r J « l » h r o w n l s h g r l 7 B r a i l J l t - l u m SITITATIOKS WANTED. HELP WANTED. W A N T E I ' - A O O V K I ^ N M E N T worn*u. *'A "» T'*' 1 ' Fr«n**'ln l r . . - i f . , f r - p. Y li f.Jit .Tops np.. HELP WANTED-MALE. W A N T F I * $22 vou HELP WANTED-JFEMA1E W A N T E D -- A rnrr housnwork M**: 1VANTKP--Glfld t ·par* Hm* tn · Vr«. X*Ij«ftn, 1.1H1 rtf IUM M a i n I'- 7'142 nrk In Ifp*rin5 7*40 HMo! for ir*n?r*l boMW« at W A N T F P -- i J In f t d o w n - i - m n n * j t f l h e l p M* to b ' l v !n(1. I ' l i l r p P B O 7*1 Ifl ' t V * m p I O V " ' l trt \lf n t t ^ d r, ,vw. mrtv-to-w-ar dept . \ V A N T i : n - ri f.,i wt e.- for h o u w w o r k ; r-f.'rrn-««- f u r r ROV|.-W 74*10 MISCELLANEOUS WAUT3. rto. "«11*fl for Wash woman to come to hous*. n**i*iv or 'W«(irtfr"l87' Anwwer ir --Inform* tf on r»flrt*-r If * '. whereabouts fMt»fl f n cqilsUv Man?fi*i(1. ?t- I W A N T y^-ir well dlR nn\ cl*f-rn w o r k ; P** Vflln B"1 43*4 l b o r l n r JIM N WANTED--Work HW*fpintf find Hfl WANTED-- Dreos fmrr r n m h l n p t WANTED--All f n r m ^ r i tn knnw th*v lia»« d*ii(l Btork r»mn^«"l rr»* of rh N'otlfr 'Wltliam Prlco. 0^-4 N. M^nrne. phon» M"4; Auto. JW^4 nii RENT--rurnl*h«d room; modern c v*n)* i n fit I blork from court house. 22( F r a n k l i n " rj1 ftEVT--) 7 *urnl8h«l room; modarn; close p r i v a t e familv. BMI 3080. 1H N, Ed- FOR RHNTS unfurnlchsil modern rooms at lft N M a i n Rt G!v e r*fpr«ncc. B D. r t f ^ T*Mh p h o n p s l"7i» 7602 FOH RENT--l^!rnl»hf»d room; m o d e r n , at*, f a m i l y 3O4r, E. Main. Bell 24OC. 73SS *O R E N T -- N i c e modern rooms, 1128 and up wrtk. *4i» S. Main 7540 FOR RENT--Furnlnhed suite, strictly modern, fnr KPntlemin: tn p r i v a t e home. Bel 43*17. 6ftl ror Mar-fin and College 7 ldl FOR B E N T -- F u r n l f h f d rooms at 123 E M a i n 3nl f l n o r ; n*wly pnp*r"(J and painted. 747fi st f u r n l o h f d room In c i t y r'o?*- Bell 1129. 74*5! 1"OR R E N ' T -- P n f u r n l s h p f l rooms. 3rd floor c r r h a n i St T T Sr»rlng*r. 124 Merchftt MP FOP K E N T -- I n nf-wly furnished f R KNT--FurntuhBtl roon nicr-rcs 4til N. P h u r c h modern con- 7440 VT--Fnrnt»h»d and unfurnlsh-c npp*r f i a t KC W Prairlo 743: FOFt R F N T -- F u r n l P h M room: modern. tr -»,L' N r h u r r h . R?i: i-V) FOB SALE--3 pointer dor*, « mos. old; re» iBtered. John Duffy, police station. 158 FURNITURE TAKES A DROP. Beginning thts week we will offer better bargains than ever before. Both in new and used furniture. Iron Beds. 95c each and up. Springs. 25c each and up. Dressers, 12.00 each and up. Washstande. 75c each and up. fi dozen four sewed brooms at cost, These are only a few of our many bargains. I). O. Holt Furniture Co. ell 2778. Auto 13S7. 252 E. Main. 7M8 FOR EXCHANGE--Good $500 equity In 5- ± , . . _ _ - _ . . _ g H 7594 FOR EXCHANGE--A fine $2,000 flve-p senger auto to exchange for high-class ot in west end. S H. Tolly ISfl Merchant H. 7568 Bargains. Folding beds, 98 up; center tables, 25c up; gasoline ranges, J2.50 and up; bedsteads. 50c and up; bed springs, 50c and up; 12 Inch electric fan cheap. Other bargains too numerous to mention. Eldorado and depot cars stop at store. Albert C. Bllckel. 742 E. Eldorado St. Auto 1391. 6865 The Exchange. Furniture I buy. sell or oxchaneo new or tllgbtly used furniture. ·tovei. rugi, etc. M. A. Peabody Ui-B E. North Bt, 4T41 UVE STOCK. FOR 3ALE--rforse, wagon and harneft* 1722 T _ I ,,»,» ' 7RfrQ FOR SALE--G?ntle horse and new surrey. 1S85 N. Edward St Bell phone, 5265. 7C04 FOR S\L.E--Shetland pony and surrey; bargain If taken at once. Both phones, 1 FOR BALE--J«rs«y cow. 4 yeara old; freth 751 E Clay. Call evening. 757? FOR SALE--One S-year-old bay horse anQ 7-year-old bay mare; perfectly gentle- work tingle or double; also Peter Shutter f a r m wason Apply at once: will sell chp 20»J4 N" Edward St. FOR SALE--Good horse, harneis and waR- on Il f l 4 "W". Green 7578 FOR S^LE--Team, harness and wajron, an! f u r n i s h e d work for the team. Call Dee n t u r Sand and Gravel Co 7576 FOR SALE--One BtylJsh surry horse; sound and E P n t l e . cheap. TV". H. Hill. 723 N. Monroe Be'! 2-"03. i FOR SALE--A good 5-year-old eaddle mare aounrt end gentle. Sanitary barn. 502 E WUIam 7R7 FOR SA.LE--Nice blck driving horse, com- \ng f vears old. "Will pell cheap it ta^en a one*? S1I6 S. Colfax. i3u FOR SALE OR TRADE--7 head of good horses 3 sets of harness. 3 wagons, 1 surrey, win trade lor property. Call 412 P Franklin. Bell 2840. 75S FOR S \ L E -T C x t r n qoort f p n t ' p p«nv nnd rip would consider trade. 1348 N. Church. 753' FOR T - K N T -- Nl m « H "imtly; A Tpnm In modfrn home and ff«ntl"Tr,Bn preferred old FOR PALE--4 mi!ch cows, two to five year old with calf at side. 749 W. Decatur St """ FOR P ^ V T F u r n i s h e d t nre. **40 W. nnm« Modern, prl- Malii. Bell 2417. 6SS8 LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING. FOR R E N T -- i t f u r n i s h e d rooms for l i g h t hou?ek»»piTi«. 23P U". FralHf V«21 FOR K E N T -- S u i t e light houpakeeplne roomB. K-.OU-"! floor. 23* W. N o r t h 7614 FOH R K N T -- 2 furnished rooms for light housekeeping. RIJS E Orchard. 7812 FOR RENT--2 l i g h t housekeeping rooms, m o d e r n , nlcelv f u r n i s h e d SSI N". Mam. FOR R E N T -- 3 furnished rooms for 44 E. Leafland. light 71513 FOR RENT--Suite of f r o n t rooms, furnished for h o u s e k e e p i n g . 2nd f l o o r ; olso sleeping room.; oil modern. 121 E Main. 759S FOR RENT--S rooms for light housekaep- ln* "14 E L»nf!and. TSSfl FOR RKNT--3 furnished front rooms for H s h t housekeeping; ground floor; partly m o d r r n . VW W Wood St. · FOR R K N T -- 2 rooms, furnished or unfurnished, for light housekeeping; strlcUy modern. 52S N. Church St. .5i2 FOR REN'T--2 light housekeeping clonets. bath. etc. 430 S. Church. FOR RENT--2 rooms furnished for llEht houfk"eplng; «ta« and toilet: no children^ 4fA Water ?t '* 13 RENT--Sleeping and light houeekeep- 511 E. Prairie '·*"» ing rooms. FOR RENT--Rooms for light housekeeping; q u i e t ; modern. Bell 4456. 820 N. Monroe^ FOR RENT--Nicely furnished modern rooms f n r light house keeping. 1209 W. Macon. 720 WANTED-- C«n*Trt^tTi.T -bln-rUntr. 51 B^ an UD' *11 kinfli of n»pfi!r)nff '··leonnbi* n*»' wnr* M ch^nr- »(· t h - c h ^ a p c u r rvi A»t 4ml. 741 ·WANTBTV-All H1nJ» nf «wlng Orlsnon »«·' 1 P m. B-ll 4^41 WANTED -- Twir pntntlng. p»p«r h n n g l n g lUid d e r f r H t ' n g - 'Ir.r rloitft work guarftn- t«wS. Condon U r n s . R H I ;r,lM. 13T F.. c "" WANTED TO BUY Wanted to Buy. n in par "« M«h«»t cash prlcn for awd tt«»e«, rum «nrt refrlfl-emfors. or will take In old fnrniturR an first payment on new. Outfitters, Auto phon* 141. 870t BOARDERS WANTED. WANTED--Two m*n ClftM In 72fl N. Un' tf bourd wid WANTED-- Bo men »« rtny Edwur-l. H 1 rw»teotahlp 'v «t POT N n r i h FOR RENT-HOUSES. FOR RENT. 4 Rftomi 12.11* X f" 1 In tin St.. modern..$ RfX 1 5 Roomi an:, p M n ^ f l f t £t parf nioi.. \t\ On P Room? l«'S3 W Kms: Ft . n'lntj hmi*p. 1J.OO .'· RoomF TV Ir/itiir St.. mod f u r n i s h e d is 00 R nnnm* 224 W. f ' r n i r l - Pt , city hoat.. 4ft m i 6 I'.rioniP v f r v fire-. N E . m o d e r n . . . . 2.". CO A Flnonip Knuth^a"!*. modern 20 Oft r RnoiTT» T \ p " t S i i f , f u r n i s h e d JlOOrt .*i Room* W. I ' r a i r t * n\^ 3* f. Ttoomn rm \\'fst M n i n , *t«»nm h o a r . - . . .V» 00 1 n n ' j m n 71ft E C ^ n l T S i , m M r - r n . . . . 2f»00 fi Roc'iP ~F! N. M o r K f l n . n».ir rt^pot.... 150O fi Flonms nifv]frn. very d c ? l r a h l o , wnat. £100 *l RoomB t»n ; C r ^ n . f u r n i P h p d 2T. 00 r, RfHirns In R t v f r ^ t d * * . m o d e r n 2t " 7 R r o m » 1"T7 W n r ^ o S t . b a r n lot?. ITii] 7 Rriom^ inMern, -lr»A» in 2.'».00 7 Rooms ckis*- tn. N o r t h Side 2-'»» | 0 7 Room* modern. N o r t h »»st f i d e 2-I.OO 7 Rooms 1177 C o l f a i r p H I P ave 2000 7 Roomn Eaal Sid*, m o d . flow in 2; 7 Rixjtns W Marnn Ht., f u r n i s h e d . . . . . 40 OO 7 Rooms N r r t h ? f l s t H'd*. gns, toilet. anO w a t e r 34.00 ft Room* 4O6 W Macon Et 35 X) S Room* Iir4» C o t t a p - H i l l , m o d n r n . . . . 2ft "0 8 Rooms 12^0 "W. Pecitur St. ....22.50 R Rooms lift? N C l l n t n n St., Tnod-rn.. 22.1 9 rooms v«rv cios* in. modern 2S f 8 Room* TW2 W. fa!n S t . modern -ir./ S Rooms 7 M nrk »«*·!· t modern 3S f !» Room« 13ns N. M s f n St., mo'l trnrai;*. .1^ f 9 Room? TnoiVm. "W Mnron Pt ....... R? .* ft Roomfi m o d e r n , on N, roll*** 1 ?t 2^{ 1^} house* for r«nt. f»oo to $sooo. 762-1 Meridith Kent Co. FOR RENT-- STfUfTI.T MODERN FIVr.. ROOM COTTAGE . I X FirtST-CLAS-f r.'ONDITIOX: PAVED; STREET f AT.. TIT. TAIr5S: FULL. LOT. H4T E DIVISION. « E M A K E AM. CLASSES n F ' l X J A N P . PBORAM COMPANY. , 41R CITIZEXS BANK BLTJO BBtiL m. HOME 1029. 3«7 FOR RENT. FOR RENT--Stores No. 227 23» B. El rado »1« ft *l» P«r month Apply 463 ;. Frank'ln 7 FOR REXT--Store room, 735 K. per month. Apply Max Atlatt. Water, $2f FOR RENT--349 N. Water; store room, 18x 30: eround floor; big show window' Also cheap room. 40x00, icround floor, 812 N. water proprietor, 849 N*. "Water. FOE SAIE. FOR SALE. ^^ PECOND HAND LUMBER. AT NEW F1WER PLANT. OAJ58 BROB. TOR BALE--14-room boarding and 1ntr houee. cheap ff talcen at ones. (ravin? city. S 590 care Review. room- Own*; 75B FOR SALE--A. grood. cheap barn, to bs torn d o w n soon. Call Bell 7074. TGO BUSINESS OPPOKTTOITIES. FOR P1LB--Small grocery stock and mil: rtppnt; doing nice business: reason to selling, other Business Call Auto 571B. 763 WANTED--1 or 2 cabinet makers to bu oahlnct m n k l n B business; plenty of worn 2 lo start on; shop equipped. "1th » ma chines and tools; price 1300 It tafccn a onre. 708 N. Broadway. 762 HABDWABE, IMPLEMENTS, ETC., FOR j,- 0 149»--ixicated In town of 1.500 ID Cen tral Illinois, and consists of hardware, im plements, plumblne, heating, vehicles, nar ness, paints. Fixtures consists of »now casfs, tools, elevator, etc.; 2-story douW brick huliainsr. ,50*80; good location, fin condition. Nice? clean stock, all salable. BulIdlnB. JU.500. subject to 15.000; stock J15.000; fixtures. *7M. "Will consider goo. IlllnoUi farm on etock and building: o MocKalon.. ^ BDRKS S23-824-825 Citizens Bank BulialBf. 788 HOUSEHOID GOODS. Furniture Will pay most for ·lightly Btsd Pianos. Pur nltnre,' CarpeU, Rugs, Btove» ana Refrig eratora: or will aEChanga n«w for old. Meridith Furniture Co.' phones: 406-413. Anto: 1648. Cerro Gordo St B2D-350 ITSt PTORAC3E PtJRNITURE FOR SALE. 12 Elssell'R carpet sweepers SOc eac r.W clnss fruit Jars ...2o eac 2." Iron beds 'i- 00 eac :··, hod springs 50= eac ::-. «..itces |1.00 MO V rns ranges - / 4 5? eac 2.'. drppsers f3.00 oac n sideboards ln.00 «»: Meridith Storage Co., 320-350 B. Cerro Oordo St. 7288 FARM IANDS. POULTRY. BIRDS AST) PETS. TO EXCHANGE. room house for good. Ford muto.' Tolly, 136 Merchant St. BOARD AND ROOMING HOUSE TOR EXCHANGE. No. 1507--Located In business district, close jn Eleven rooms, all furnished and In good condition. Rent, $25 per month. Well patronized and any one wanting a place of thii kind will do well to call and lee thia place. Net profits, S7G per month. C. A. BURKS. 32S-324-S25 CltlieM Bank Building. T5S1 PROFESSIONAL. Automatic Eyeglass Holders, Chla ruards, hooks, tale plni »nd e»r loops. Finger piece mountings, expert eye ezamlnaUMM. Lenses of ill kinds. Now clip to fit . r noie. Frames to fit tne (eitarei. Are a few ot th» ere h«lp« o""-" Dr. Mary Nesbitt, Mllllkln Building. 7234 BELL 3987. ADDRESS 1W W. MAIN ST. G.E. For Trade. Could uee Boofl house and lot In exchange for one of the, beat restaurants In Decatur, running full blast and doing fine builneaa. C*tt Bhow you books for past six months. It's a money maker; owner ffolng awar. What have you to trade Could u«e vacant lota. See me for further Information. Brueck, 127 E. Pralrla. TS3S W 4.NTED--To trade for a small stor» or buslnew. Address F-776, Review. MONEY TO LOAN. MONET TO LOAN on good security and to salaried people. E. M. Smith. 127 E. Main. Batli Parlors. OPBN BVBRT DAT AND EVENINGS. SUNDAYS, 8 TO 12 A. M. Eiperl ed Lady and PriPP $1 00 Gentleman Attendant* -t iiOB CpJ..UU. DECATUTl, ILL. 786 IP TOU have a lot. J. A. Adams will furnish rnonay to build you Water. Bell 4960. house. 911 N. T158 Farm Loans. $100.000 to loan on rlllnolis land; loans made without delay. Call or write. 6T95 J. E. Patterson, 401 MIlHkln Bldg., Decatur, 111. --TOO CAN BORROW ANT AMOUNT-Nona too large. None too small We lend money on Furniture, Pianos, Hones. Carriage* Goods In Storage, Cattle. Grain, Growing Crops, etc. Easier terms than other brokers. Also we buy NOTES, Telephone No. 1S4 OLDEST LOAN OFFICE IN CITY, established 1882. A. T. SUMMERS SON, 110 forth Water St. Next to MUllkln National Bank. I } | t I J t t S ( f $ 1 t I I * M i s i t c ; » ( i i $ f t » t l t t t l l $ Money to Loan $ I On best possible plan. First 'the $ $ lowest cost, second the payments $ 9 are arranged to suit ths borrower £ $ and can be made either weekly or $ 5 monthly. And last, but not least, $ S everything confidential. When you $ $ come -~ ue for a loan, you can $ f have the money w i t h i n an hour or { $ two. Any amount from $10.00 up. $ t 1'ou pay only for the actual time I $ you keep the money. Call and £ $ see us when needing a loan. Rooms S I T a n d 8. Conklln Bldg. Half block I $ north of Transfer House. 144 North ! | Mnln street. Bell phone 2041: Auto. * » 1595. M ,., Illinois Mortgage Loan Co. i i i t f i i s s l l l i s i i » * « 1 1 « » » « Drs. AJsip Rowdybush, Dentists, Stine Bldg., over Hilligosi Drug Co. S9E5 Entrance either Main or Merchant 8t Bell Phone 3177. Hours 8 to 6 p. m. Dr. Hugh A. Vaughaii Dentist. First Ceremony was Illegal Because of Youth. C2 WAIT BLDO. Bell 879, Auto 1M1. 4054 No Drara. No Olteopatbj. No Knife. Office hourt 9 to 12. 1 to 8. 7 to 1 Sundays. 10 a. m. to 12 m, Landgraff Williams Chiropractors LADT ATTENDANT. Auto phone. 1250; Bell phone. H30. Rooms, 214-15 Moran-Corb«tt building. Cor. N. Water aad E. North. Decatur, I1L 8B01 Sullivan, July 7. -- Ernest Brags. twenty and Miss Aria Fern Williams, sixteen, went to Charleston Saturday and were married by the Charleston county Judge. They procured a license by giving their agres as legal. " When they returned home they were taken by their parents to the Moultrle county clerk's office Sunday where another marriage license was procured and they were married again that evening at 7 o'clock. Rev. J. F. Wohlfarth, pastor of the Methodist church performed the wedding at the manse. The couple were attended by their parents. The second wedding was performed In order to make the first ceremony legal, as It Is against the state law for a couple to get married outside their own county when under age and the consent of the parents must be obtained, neither of which provisions was observed the first time. The groom is a son of Marke E. Bragg and w i f e of Sullivan township and the bride Is the daughter of Bert Williams. MARRIAGE LICENSES. The following marriage licenses were Issued here late Saturday evening and Sunday. Fred O. Gaddl? age 26, Miss Inez Bristow, age 27, both of this city. Ernest Bragg age 20, and Miss Aria Tern Williams, age 16, both of Sullivan township. Corine Myers, Mrs. Emma Warren, Missel Pauline Burns and Neva Wallace and Cecil Miller, and Alva Ray SPECIAL NOTICES. IIRSISSIPPI LAND FOR SALE--1,150 acre ch Sand in strawberry belt at Madison Sta on, Miss.. 12 miles n o r t h of Jackson, cap- al nf state, f r o n t i n g I C. railroad; C ouses; $25 per sere. Terms. 706 acre* in a n k l n county. Mississippi, all rich second ottom land, lies on A. i C. V. railroad; hipping track on land; fenced and well iproved. Price. S12 per acre. 1.23(1 acres. rtly bottom and table l a n d ; r u n n i n g tream throush land; all fenced; well imroved: 200 acres in virgin hardwood tlm- · situated in Copiah county. Mississippi, rnilea south of Jackson. Miss..; land rents on graveled road; four miles from ood town on 1. C railroad; splendid all round farm. Price, $10 per acre. Address H. Kennon. Jackson, Mian. 7591 FARM AND OUTFIT FOR DECATUR PROPERTY. No IMS--This ICO-acre farm is located in _ik!ahnma counts, ifi miles from Oklahoma City, 4 miles from email towns. 1 mil* from ch'ool and church. Chocolate soil w i t h lay subsoil. undulating surface; small reek throush farm. Small house and barn, coll. hen house, R. F. D.. small orchard. 40 acres timber pasture. Team of mules nd implements so with farm. Price, 14,000. Consider Deoatur property. Worth the rlc" C. A BURKS. 328-824-823 Citizens Bank Building. iSSS MONET TO LOAN on the. easy payment plan. 110 and, up. All business private. Decatur Loan Office 202 Citizens Bank Bids. 819 Phon.: Auto. 1118; Bell. S2TO. MONET TO LOAN--ON FARM AND CITY property, lowest rate of Interest; no commission. .l" 88 BurtscM Bros. Scnoenle Citizens National Bank. dollars per ton. Chop feed, scratch feed, bran, hominy chop. Straw, 3 bales for ?1.00 at 539 W. G-reen. Bell 317; Auto 1382. T LITTLE BT LITTLE yoo can repay a loan--or all at once. Carefully explained before you take the money Pay only for the time you use It We lend $10 and up on the squarest terms Imaginable --private, too. 70E Fidelity Loan Company 315 Citizens Banfc Bid*. Bell 3TO: Auto 88(13. SPECIAL NOTICES. MRS BOWMAN--Importer ana manufacturer of h u m a n h a i r goods; scalp treatment a specialty. 1ST N. Water, Jnd floor. WILL NOT BE responsible for dehts contracted by Mrs. Fayetta Thompson. Jas. Thompson. 7ol ° FOR SALE--Central Wisconsin farm, 170 acre farm with good house, nearly new; wo barns; 75 acres under plow; price !50 per [ere; will consider small stock of hardware n trade. For f u r t h e r particulars write A. J. Oleson, Montfort, Wis. 6?TM 'R S4-LE--Farmer saved $12,000. bought farm r days before the bank failed, bargains In farms that are farms, will raise eood crops of corn. oats, alfalfa, potatoes, clover, etc Bargains In Nebraska, Minnesota. Wisconsin and Montana farms and ranches. Meet me face to face. I will h e l p you Flint dimes where you will harvest dollars. vS rite when you can come, I will arrange to meet yc i. State where you wish to Invest or locate. I will make you money. W. E. Patttm. Fairmont, Neb. '-°1 PEGRAM COMPANY. 415 Citizens Bank Bldg. All classes of loans. Terms to suit borrower. First- class house for-j-ent. FOE SAT.E--IOWA LANDS; SS GOOD IMPROVED FARMS AND TOWM LOTS AT AND AROUND FENTON. IOWA. AND BAN- CEOFT. IOWA. PHILIP WEISBROD. FENTON. IOWA. 6617 CITY PROPERTY, DECATCR RESIDENCE FOR LOT. No. 1SOS--Located in the southeast part of city, on good straet; lot 40x150. Has IVj- itory. 6-room frame house, hot furnace, electric lights. Barn 18x20. Price, J2.400, subject to $1.100. Will consider vacant lot · northwest part. Rent, {16.66 P=r month. C. A. BURKS. 828-824-325 Cltlaene Bank Building. TS80 FOR SALE--B-room modem houw, corner Leafland and Illinois Auto 1594. 7545 FOR SALE-- Bargain In new 7-room modern house, if »old quick; cash or terms. 35i W. Green. Bell.3057. '55* FOR SALE--Good, T-room. full lot, $2,500. Bell 2903. bouse: . 7495 FOR SALE--12-room rooming house, street car line; reason for selling. Address O 481, Revle-w. 7481 FOR SALE--S-room modern house and barn, 734 W. Decatur, 82.700; lot worth H.800: 1200 caeh, balance monthly. W. C. Feara. 31! N. Church. Bell 659. 7454 FOR SALE--S2.500 house, north part. : for 6 room, Sell 2903. modern 6S23 VACAMT IOTS. FOR BALE OR TRADE--In northwest part, lot planted in strawberries, for small stock groceries. Auto 3799. 760c FOR SALB--$350 cash buyi lots 49 and 50 block IS, Elson Heights, 50 by 18T# feet, between Ninth and Tenth streets, on William St. K. O. Gile, City Comptroller's office. FOR SALE--BO-ft lot. W. Wood. Hirhlawn add.: level; SS50. Auto 543S. T47S FOE SAIE--MISCELLANEOUS. FOR SALE--Cheap--2 Walrus tods, fountains, one 11x6 ft. Return counter, good condition. One 8 ft, iceless, like new. E. Anderson. 1557 N Church. Bell 199S. 7600 FOB. SALE--18 horse power Advance engine, In good condition. Call Bell 40i4 or write J A. Brown, 1553 N. College. i OR SALE--» safe!. In good shape, cheap, at 14S S. Main St. Bell phone 2251. G. G Rupert. 744C FOR SALE--Several thousand second hand brick. 748 W. Decatur St. Bell J90S. 740! BOOK BINDING -- PRACTICAL BOOK binding and blank book manufacturing 12T South Water street. Decatur, TIL Horman Splos. Msgaalnea bound, namei stamped In gold on books. pocfcetbook» and memorandum hooks, toilet cases, etc. BICYCIES AND AUTOS. FOR SALE--T H. P. Indian motorcycle; 1514 moflpl; 2 speed. 501 S. Main. 762" FOR SALE--Stoddard-Dayton car; quiet smooth r u n n i n g : fine condition; a bargain of the, leason. F-UO, Review. ·\TtTIES desiring tubular wells or repair work, call on O t t o H. Tiette. Macon, IU. REAL ESTATE. Choice Lot on West North Street. for sale at a bargain if sold st once- Also 7 room modern house, «Ilte roof, for sale at a bargain If sold at once. 520 S. Crea. St R. S. Bohon, 134 E. Prairie. 64S7 DECATUR RESIDENCE--SALE OR TRADB No. 1496--Located In northwest part of city, B blocHs from business Mellon. On pared street. 10-room t^ouse. well located and fine a t r t p t : strictly modern and In Bood repair. Earn and chicken house Rent, 535 p»r month. Will exchange for 4 or B room cottnge. Price, ?6.7OO. 0. A. BURKS. 82-B24-S23 Citizens Bank Building. TBTB T20 N. Monroe St Poundmaster and Scavenger Will remove dead stock anywhere In CITY OR COUNTY. FHEB OF CHARGE. Call Bell phont 2686. Auto 43A5. 8341 To Net 1% First Mortgage Farm Loans Netting 7% In amounts frcm 1250 to $2.000 Security four times the amount of loan Principal and Interest payable cere. HENRY D.'SPENCER, 230 B. Main. Decatur, Illinois 380i LEGAL NOTICES. eturned to the Eastern Illinois Normal school Monday noon after spending the Fourth at home. Mr. and Mrs. John Hines of Lovins- ton spent Sunday here trltrj Mr. and Mrs. Charles Selby. Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. McPheeters, John J. Gauger and sister, Miss Cora, Dr. O. F. Foster, and Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Pearson and little son, Donald, and Mrs. Pearson's daughter. Mrs. Dwyer, are at Piter's park this week, living in one of the cottages. GO TO PLAY TENKIS. John J. Ga.uger and mother, Mrs. O. J. Qauger, J. H. Pearson and Clyde Patterson went to Decatur Tuesday morning- In the former's cax, the latter car going ot Decatur to play tennis at the Country club In the Central Illinois Tennis tournament. Harry E. Barber and Charles D. Lindsay of the west end court went on the train. Mr«. George E. Longwell went to Effingham Monday evening for a visit with relatives. Misses Mary and Julia Brown and nephew, Lloyd Brown, Ver« D«eatu$ visitors Tuesday. Mies Ada Swlsher and niece. UU4 May Austin, visited relatives in De« .tur on Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Barber and little daughter, Marguerite, went toi Decatur Tuesday morning for a vi«lt with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Barber. Mrs. Edgar D. Bland and daughter^ Miss Myrtle, were Decatur visitors oni Tuesday. Guy Piter Is planning for an lc« cream supper to be held at his parlc Wednesday evening. Ice cream will be served to all who pay the required admission at the gate. ITEMS OF INTEREST FROM NIANTIC Niantlc. July 7.--The Woman's Fori sign Missionary society of the Methodist church met Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. B. H. Armstrong. Th« hostess served delicious refreshments. Miss Alice Klzer has returned homo from Mt. Pulaski where she made a visit with Miss Susie Graves. Mrs. Ina Lee of Minneapolis, Mrs. Olive Ryder and Miss Edith Zelgler ot Decatur were the guests of Mrs. L. O. Hawk in this place Monday. Mr. and Mrs, William Duncan anit family of near Decatur, spent the day; Thursday with Mrs. Duncan's parents^ Mr. and Mrs. John Klzer here. Robert Hawk has gone with Troop D.. First Illinois cavalry for a ten days hike to Fort Sheridan, HI. The F. E. club will meet Wednesday, evening, Julv S, at 7 o'clock at the homa of Mrs. Matthew Mooney, north ot town. The affair will be arranged as are Independence day party and will taka the place ot the usual afternon meeting. Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Armstrong and family expect to move soon to Lincoln where Mr. Armstrong has been employed as superintendent of the Southy mine. Tfce C. W. B M. mer Thursday after-, noon with Mrs. Rachel Farnam. 3Ire. Lucinda Dotson returned Friday from a visit with relatives and frienda in Blue Mound. Chrlstinia and Edward Monlcal have gone to Frederic, Mich., to visit until September with Mr. and Mrs. Robert] Marshall. Mrs. Frank J. Pritchett expects to leave this week for Oklahoma to main an extended visit with relatives arrl friends. Miss Grace Allison of Latham, !·» LEGAL NOTICES. ADMINISTRATRIXES NOTICE--Estate of Frank Gronkowskl, deceased. The undersigned having been appointed Administratrix- of the estate of Frank Gron- kowskl. deceased. late of the County of Macon and State of Illinois, hereby gives notice that Ghe will appear before the County Court of Macon County, at the Court House in Deeatur at the September term on the first Monday in September next, at which time all persons having claims against said estate are notified and requested to attend for the purpose of having the same adjusted All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment to the For Sale. S-room hoUF?. well, cistern; OB car line; lot 40.X150. $700 7-room modern, close. $2,600. 9-room m o d e r n , W Decatur »8,100. 5 acres, »1.,W: 30 'acres, S4.200; 2 lots. B side, $400: 3 l o t s N. W. side,tl.SCO. T450 A. C. Allen. 119 S. Water. A 12% Investment. JSPO to MOO down buys t nice 8 room new cottage on car line; newly painted; full basement: corner lot; electricity: good welt Price 11250 Come and see this. Rents for $12.50 per month 6BS8 E. F. Drobisch Son., Bell 4612. Auto 1077. 169 E. Mala. MASTER IN CHANCERT'S SALE-- State of Illinois, ilacon County, ss, In the Circuit Court. Fannie B. Sawyer, complainant, vs. Alexander C. Ryan, et. al., defendants. In Chancery No. 25007. Public Notice ts Hereby Given. That In pursuance of a decree of the Circuit Court of Macon County, In the State of Illinois, entered in the above entitled cause at the May Term of said Court, A. D. 1914. I, William H. Black. Master in Chancery of said Court, will on Wednesday, the 22nd day of July, A. D 1914, at the hour of two o'clock P. M.. at the North door of the Court House on East Wood Street. In the City of Decatur, In said County, offer for sale at public vendue to the highest and best bidder for cash In hand, subject to redemption according to law, the real estate In said decree ordered to be sold; being described as follows, tow i t ; A tract. Beginning at a point, Eighty-two fS2J feet east of the southwest corner of Lot No Ten CIO) ia Block Xo. Fourteen (14) of H ' A Wood's "Subdivision of Blocks No. Thirteen (13), Fourteen (14) and Fifteen (15) of Gullck's Addition to the City of Decatur. as shown by plat of said H. A. Wood's Subdivision. recorded In Book 140 st Page 77 of the records In the Recorder's office ot Macon County, Illinois, running thence east Forty (40 feet, thence north to the north line "of «ald Lot No Ten (10), thence west Forty (40) feet, thence south to the place of beginning, said premises being situated in the City of Decatur. County of Macon. ana State ot Illinois. Subject however to » mortgage to one, William A Pharei, In the sum of 1800.00. dated the 22nd day of July, A. D. 190S. and recorded in Book 829 at Page 5 of the reoordi In said Recorder's office. Dated at Decatur, Illinois, this 30th day of June, A. D. 1914. Walters ft Latham, Complalnant' I undersigned. Dated this t' Master in Chancery. Solicitors Dated" this twenty-sixth day of June. 1914 BERTHA GRONKOWSKL Albert G. Webber, Administratrix. Attorney. EXECUTRIX'S NOTICE -- Estate of Charles TVllschewskl, deceased. The undersigned having been appointed Executrix of the last Will and Testament of Charles Wllschewski, deceased, late of the County of Macon and State of Illinois, hereby gives "notice that she will appear before the County Court of Macon County, at the Court House In Decatur. at the September term, on the first Monday In September next, at which time all persons ha\-ing claims against said estate are notified and requested to attend for the purpose of having the same adjusted. All persons Indebted to «ald estate are requested to make Immediate payment to the undersigned. Dated this twenty-sixth day of June. 1914. AUGDSIE WltSCHEWSKI. Albert O. Webber, Executrix Attorney, ADMINISTRATRIX'S NOTICE--Estate of Simon P Nickey. deceased. The undersigned having been appointed Administratrix of the estate of Simon P. Nickey. deceased, late of the County ot Macon and State of Illinois, hereby gives notice that she will appear before the County Court of Macon County, at the Court House in Deratur, at the September term, on the first Monday In September next, at u-hlch time all persons having claims against said estate are notified and requested to attend tor the purpose of having the earae adjusted All persona Indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned. ,,,,. Dated this twenty-slith day of Juni. 1914. CLARA E. NICKET. Albert O. Webber, Administratrix. Attorney. ___»«-- North Water St. Seren room house a n j store building: house a.1! moaern. but bath, located.*·-941 and »4S North Water street. If you are looking: for a house and to go Into business see me. Will rent for {30 per month. Price $6,500. 70S9 J. M. Pickle Auto mT culMn§ BM * Cheap for Spot Cash. * acres level, black, well tiled Ma . c .°, n Co. land, or will trade on 80 and pay alf- Ixrt and will furnish money to bnlld house 640 acres, Saskatchewan. Canada, or will trade. 30 acres ready to plat In lots. Frank Godwin, 11B Mercian! Bt TSO' For Sale. ronm modern *"ngilow. east ood f. room house, full lot, west New B ronm modern *"ngilow. east aide, 82400- good f. room house, full lot, west Biae, MOO cash, b a l a n c e by m n n t h ; « room modern north p a r t . $2550- 6 aTes well improved to trade tor pcatur residence property. l-'o- 0. L .Millbura, Phonea 14SS, «" Wait Bids. GET IT AT BELL'S. ,T THIS WEEK AT CUT PRICES. Genuine imported PEARSON'S IDEAL Hair Brushes at cut prices. $1.50 grade cut to .. M ^'on $1.25 grade cut to......-..-... .51.1 :·-.· · · · ·-·- -90 .75 grade cut to -·: - 5U SPECIAL THIS WEEK ONLY A regular SOc solid back, ebony finish, natural bristle brush, while they last, only 25c See our line of sponges and chamois skins. All new stock and at cut prices. All the popular Laundry Soaps, 4c per bar. Quick Free Delivery. Both Phones. Cor. N. Main and North. Opposite The Review. You can always do better at Bell's. 7359 spending several days with Mr. anl Mrs. Anderson Allison In this place. Miss Bertha Albert of WarrensburS spent several days last -week with Dr* and Mrs. W. J. Johnston here. William Gass returned Thursdsv* from Iowa where he had been working since April. Mrs. Robert Jones and son. John R , ·ent to Decatur Friday to spend a. week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R, F. Smithers. Mrs. T. M. Prltchett was shopping in! Decatur Friday. Miss Lena. Cross was the guest of hep grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Cooper Cross, near Osbornvllle Wednesday and Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Beall, Mrs. ROT; Pope, Mr. and Mrs. George Jacobsen, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bruce attended the funeral of Theodore Bruce .in Springfield Friday. Miss Ruth Roberts visited from Frl* day until Monday with her aunt, Mrft^ Sophia Kavanaueh. in Springfield. Miss Fay Eadin returned Saturday, from a visit with her sister, Mrs. Ross Brady and daughters in Latham. Miss Hallle Schadows of Bement, was the guest of her sister. Mrs. Blrle Dodwell and family here last week. Mrs. Lowry and daughter of Ham* mond, spent the day Frinay with Rev. and Mrs. E. K. Crews here. Miss Lowry remained to visit over Sunday. James Finson made a business trip tS Mnntlcello Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Evans of near* Cairo, are here for a visit with the latter's mother, Mrs. Anna Eaden and fam« I!y in this place Mrs. Arthur Roberts and son, Lynn spent the Fourth with the former's sister, Mrs. Sophia Kavanaugh, In Spring, field. Miss Irene Dodwell Is making a visit with her aunt, Mrs. Hallle Schadows, In Bement. Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Patterson anil daughter, Marie, of Decatur, wer* guests of Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Armstrong and family here Saturday and Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ellen Gass and son, of Springfield, spent the 'Fourth with the, former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Dotson ate? Fourth of July dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Artemus Leeper and family south of Xlantlc. Mrs. Ross Brady and daughters of Latham, visited over Sunday with Mrs. Brady's mother, Mrs. Anna Eaden, here. Misses Lena and Irma Cauddle of D«- catur, are the guests of their grand- prents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cauflrlla here this week. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Cusslns and children. Noel and Mary Virginia, wer« the Sunday guests of Mrs. Cusslns* mother. Mrs. Noel, in Illlopolis. Dennis Conlln of Clinton, spent tM day Friday with hl» daughte*, Mrs. John Griffin, In this place. Mr. and Mrs. Waller Prltchett h«vn gone to Colorado to make an extended visit with relatives and friends at various points. Mr. and Mrs. A. !. Gepford and fam-. Ily of ShelbyvlHe. epent several days last week with Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Durflinger and Mr. and Mrs. Georga Stahl and families hers. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cross and daughters of south of town, spent th« flay Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Irmy Cross and family here. Mr. and Mrs. William Smith and fam* Ily moved to Auburn Monday. CISCO. Arthur Goem wont to his home hi Ainu mont Friday to spend the Fourth. Lilly Clover returned hom« Friday from ft vl«It in Decatur with her aunt. Mn. Aaron Evans. MIsseg Bessl« Strop* anfl Dottl* Clifton were 1 Decatur Saturday. M1*B Jetsle Music was in St. Loutt Saturn day and Sunday. Catherine and IxratM Wlldlck cpent thl Fourth in Decatur. Mr. and Mri. Elmer Kolly w«nt to Ixn« Point Saturday to spend a few dayi. Earl Stroe and Clarence Swam were !« Argenta Saturday. MIM Marie Brady §pent Saturday and Sunday with her slater. Bernlce. In DecatMr Mr. ana Mra. Charles Dent were In Eminent Saturday. Madeline McCar(y spent Saturday «n« Sunday with her parenta In^Cerro Gordo. SPECIAL NOTICES. STEAMSHIP TICKETS ON ALL LINES Travelers' Cheques, Letters of Credit, Foreign Money Exchange. 508 North Water. THE EXCHANGE BANK NEWSPAPER!

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