Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on January 9, 1936 · Page 3
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 3

Lenox, Iowa
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Thursday, January 9, 1936
Page 3
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LENOX TIME TABLE, LENOX, IOWA St State's The Lone oiar lOOYears; 1836-1936 Scum. Koustcxn- ZSZSI GOLDEN PHANTOMS Fascinating Tales of Lost Mines by Cdltha I. Watson ©W.N.U. REPUBLIC OF TEXAS «nd boundarl«< if cl>lm«d by Ton trpm 0«o*m6»r 19, 1836 to November £5, 1850. CATHEDRAL LOOT I N THE shadow of Mount Taylor, near the old road house aad stage station on the liutterflelds Central Overland route, a treasure Is hidden. The old stage route dates back still farther, to the days when Old Mexico and New Mexico were one. Don Gonznles was a Mexican. He came north to live, and he built an adobe house near what is now Bluewater. Here he settled down, raised sheep, and made friends with the Indians. Just before the Don came up Into that country, there had been trouble in the south. One of the nroat cathedrals had been looted and bandits were abroad. The story traveled a little morn slowly than tho Don did, but it reached his neighborhood after a while, and it, too, settled down. It was said that Don Gonzales had the loot from the church. No one saw it, but rumor persisted that it was somewhere around that adobe ranchhouse. The Don finally died, and those wlio lived nearby would doubtless have investigated, but Apaches swept down and across the land, and everyone was too busy with the Invading hordes to hunt for treas- Improved (I SUNDAY Uniform International II -:-LESSON-^- By RE1V. P. B. FITZWATER. D. D.. Member of Faculty, Moody Blbl« Institute of Chicago. © Western Newspaper Union. In 1898 that a certain By ELMO SCOTT WATSON EXAS, who is celebrating this year her one hundredth anniversary as an American commonwealth, Is unique among her sisters In the Union. In fact, she is the "big sister" of them all. Into her 265,898 square miles could be dropped all of the six New England states together with New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania, and there would still be room for Ohio and Illinois. " As a matter of fact, when she came into the sisterhood of states 90 years ago, she brought •with her a much larger territory than that. Altogether there were 389,106 square miles of it. For, as the map above shows, it comprised all of the present Lone Star state, the western half of the present state of Oklahoma, the eastern half of New Mexico, an Irregular but sizable chunk of Wyoming and a larger segment of Kansas. But It is not in the matter of size alone that Texas is unique. She is the only one of the 48 states who was an independent republic before she joined the sisterhood of states. As such she had her own army and navy, she sent envoys to European courts and received ambassadors at her capital In return. Six flags have flown over her lands. Spain first claimed sovereignty, basing her claims to Texas on the discovery of America by Columbus, the conquest of Mexico by Cortez, and the explorations by Cabeza de Vaca, Coronado and De Soto. France disputed Spain's claim because in 1684 La Salle, searching for the mouth of the Mississippi river, landed on the coast of Texas and planted the French flag there. But La Salle was assassinated by some of his men and France never made good her claim. So the flag of Spain waved over Texas until 1821 when the Mexicans gained their Independence from the Spaniards and for the next few years Texas was a part of the republic of Mexico. The year before Mexico threw off the yoke of Spain Stephen F. Austin, the "Father of Texas," left Missouri with a colony and settled In Texas. Other Americans followed and by 1827 Texas had a population of 10,000. Three years later it had grown to 20,000. Mexico began to be alarmed at this inrush of settlers. On April 6, 1830, the Mexican congress passed a law forbidding further colonization. But that did not halt the Americans. Soon there were clashes between the American settlers and the Mexican officials. By 1835 there was a state of open warfare for the Americans who had become Texans were resolved to be free from Mexico as the Mexicans had resolved to be free from Spain. President Santa Anna of Mexico came to Texas with an army of 4,000 to crush the revolt. On February 22, 1836, he besieged San Antonio, which was held by 180 Texans commanded by Col. William B. Travis. On March 6 Santa Anna's hosts swept over the walls of the historic mission, the Alamo, and ilaughtered its defenders, thereby making Immortal the names of Travis, James Bowie and Davy Crockett, the Tennessee bear-hunter. In the meantime a group of Texas patriots had 'gathered at the town of Washington on the Brazos river. There on March 2 they adopted a document which began with this statement: "When a government has ceased to protect the lives, liberty and property of the people from whom its legitimate powers are derived, and for the advancement of whose happiness It was instituted; and so far from being a guarantee for their inestimable aad inalienable rights, becomes an Instrument in the hands of evil rulers for their oppression—when the Federal Republican Constitution of their country, which they have sworn to support, no longer has a substantial existence, and the whole nature of their government has been forcibly changed, without their consent, from a restricted federative republic composed of sovereign states, to a consolidated, central, military despotism, in which every Interest 19 disregarded but that of the army aJid priesthood, both of which are the eternal enemies urn. It wns rancher came Into the country to Kve, and he rode over to the old Gonzales place one tlay. He went into the adobe house out of curiosity, for there is always something attractive about an old ruin o£ the sort, and began looking about him. The fireplace was choked with debris, and rags hung down from the chimney. Why he pulled at the rags, the rancher probably could not have told. Why does one aimlessly poll ut such things? lie was no doubt prepared for a slide of dusty debris, but certainly he did not expect what he round—an oil painting rolled up and hidden in the apparently solid The rancher's appreciation of art of civil liberty, the ever-ready minions of power, and the usual instruments of tyrants—when, long after the spirit of the Constitution has departed, moderation Is at length so far lost by those In power that even the semblance of freedom is removed, and the forms even of the Constitution discontinued, and so far from their petitions and remonstrances being regarded, the agents who bear them are thrown Into dungeons, and mercenary armies set forth to force a new government upon them at the point of the bayonet —when, In consequence of such acts of malfeasance and abduction on the part of the government, anarchy prevails and civil society Is dissolved into its original elements—in such a crisis, the first law of nature, the right of preservation, and the Inherent and Inalienable right of the people to appeal to first principles and take their political affairs Into their own hands In extreme cases, enjoins It as a right toward themselves, and a sacred obligation to their posterity, to abolish such a government and create another in Its stead calculated to rescue them from impending dangers and to secure their welfare and happiness." After listing their grievances, 15 In number, they concluded their work svith this statement: "The necessity of self-preservation, therefore, decrees an eternal political separation. "We, therefore, the delegates with plenary powers of the people of Texas, in solemn convention assembled, appealing to the judgment of a candid world as to the necessities of our condition, DO HEREBY DISSOLVE and declare that our political connection with the Mexican nation has forever ended and that the people of Texas do now constitute a FREE, SOVEREIGN and INDEPENDENT REPUBLIC, and are fully invested with all the rights and attributes which properly belong to Independent nations and, conscious of the rectltute of our Intentions, we confidently and fearlessly commit the Issue to the decision of the supreme arbiter of the destinies of nations." Thus the Republic of Texas came Into existence. But the revolution in Texas did not end on that date any more than any earlier revolution ended on July 4, 1776. It remained for an- itti^ J i»«ty%a»^»»»» •*""**-»>'''•'•**.••'*••'""*••* David Crocfcefct signers In Philadelphia 60 years before. That man was Sam Houston and he did It on the battlefield of San Jaclnto on April 21, 1830. So It was only natural that Houston, like George Washington, should become the first president of the new republic which he had helped to establish. The capital of that new republic was named for Stephen K. Austin, the "Father of Texas," and by act of Its congress In December, 1830, a blue flag with a single golden star ship. In the center became Its official Hag. Houston also became the first governor of Texas when It entered the Union In 184f>. In the addition of Texas to the Union by annexation lies another of Its claims to being unique among the states. For Texas is the only one which ever had the right to subdivide itself into several states if It chose to do so. The treaty of annexation provided "for the future formation In the said territories of at least two states, and If more than two, then four states, and If more than four then six states, to be hereafter admitted Into the United States of America." The reason for this wording lay in the slavery dispute which was beginning to become acute at that time. If the new state was to he divided, there should be an even number, half sluve and half free so that the balance of power would be kept even. Since the War Between the States ended forever the question of slavery It also virtually ended the possibility of Texas being subdivided, although many believe that the Lone Star state still has that right. Not only did that war put an end to one of the factors which, made Texas unique but it also added another to the number of flags which have flowa over Texas. For four years the Stars and Bars of the Confederate States of America was' the flag to which the Texans swore allegiance, then once more Texas was back In the Unlonr under the Stars and Stripes. Now, Texas, looking back over her 100 years of history, is proud of them all—the flag of Spain, the lilies of France, the banner o£ Mexico her own bright Lone Star emblem, her place 01 the symbol of the "Lost Cause" and her star in curiosity to him, anil nothing more. Accordingly he sold it to an Indian trader for a few dollars, and the trader, not much bettor Informed, passed It on to an Kl Paso dealer for a few dollars. The El Paso man, however, knew that lie had a valuable picture in Ills hands, lie scut it to New York, where it was found to be a masterpiece of religious painting, a product of the golden age of Spanish art, and it finally was sold to a wealthy man for his private collection, bringing a price of $-10,000. Humor again Hew to r.Iuewator. Treasure hunters, convinced anew that the church treasure was con- cnaloi.l In or near the old adobe ranch house, traveled from near and far to search for It. I!ut the painting was all that has ever been found, and the lost loot of the Mexican cathedral still stays hidden beyond the sight of man. There is other hidden treasure of the same sort in Arizona. Once in a while some fortunate person accidentally finds some of It, to prove that it really exists. For instance: Joe Walsey, a cowboy, was riding after stray cattle on the Hox X ranch In Graham county, Arizona, in 1007. He happened to notice a dead tree propped up by four large rocks, with a shovel handle protruding from the trunk of the tree. Walsey dug below this monument, and found an Iron chest containing old Spanish coins, worth $-10,000, and gold vessels whose value could not be estimated on ac- •ount of their exquisite workman- Lesson for January 12 SIMEON'S PROPHECY LESSON TEXT—Luke 2:55-36, 4». GOLDEN TEXT—Mine eyes havt seen thy salvation, which thou hast prepared before tho face o£ all people.—Luke 2:30, 31. PRIMARY TOPIC—"When Simeon Saw Jesus. JUNIOR TOPIC—Why Simeon Rejoiced. INTERMEDIATE AND SENIOR TOPIC—What Jesus Can Do for th« World. YOUNG PEOPLE AND ADULT TOPIC—Jesus, the Hope of All Nations. The occasion which brought Simeon to recognize Jesus as the Messiah was his being offered to the Lord by Mary and Joseph. Accord- Ing to the Jewish custom (Lev. 12), at the age of eight days the male child was circumcised and thus made a member of the covenant nation. In tills case the child was given the name ''Jesus" which indicated Ills mission (vv. 22-24). Then at the end of 40 clays he was offered to the Lord on the basis of the original redemptive purpose, which was the priesthood of the first-born, and not according to the Levitlciil order (Exod. 18:2; cf. 32: •JO). The offering In such case was a Innib for such as could afford It, but for the poor a pair of turtle doves or pigeons was adequate. The Savior thus came to the level of the poor. I. Simeon's Character (v. 25). 1. Upright. He sustained a right relation to his fellow men. He was "just." 2. Devout. He was of such a char- actor as to enjoy personal fellow ship with God. 3. Waiting for the "consolation of Israel"—Messiah. Waiting for the fulllllmont of the divine purpose In the coming of Messiah had a blessec effect upon Ills life, inducing right (•nusnoss and godliness. Waiting foi HIP second coming of Christ is se forth in the New Testament as hav lug a salutary effect upon believer*. (1 .lolin M-.3; I Tliess. 1:0, 10). A. Under the sway of the Holy Spirit. One thus enabled would b In a condition to recognize the Mes shin. A spiritual mind is absolute! essential in order to discern the di vine purpose (I Cor. 2:14). II. Simeon's Revelation (vv. 20-28) lie was assured that ho sboiil not die until ho had seen tho Lord' Cbri-it. WluMi Christ was brougii In tho temple, the Holy Spirit upo Simeon enabled him to discern tli babe as the promised one. Happ Is tho one whose character and spl itual experience is such that b can discern the presence of th Lord. Truly It is in him that w live and move and have our b ing. To be In this state Is to practice the presence of God. So definitely was ho led by tho Spirit Furning-Back Point Is the Measure of Success On every hand we see people who ave turned back, people who had luck enough to begin things with nthusiasm, but did not have grit nough to carry them to a finish. The olnt at which you are tempted to urn back, the point when your grit •aves you, will measure your achievement power. Your ability to go on, o continue after everybody else has urned back, is a good measure of our possible success. Aid to Digestion It takes an iron constitution ta eep feeling up to par under the weight of festive meals. That's why ostesses are wise in introducing a ustom that Is receiving a wider ac- eptance everywhere. Chewing gum oes aid digestion and satisfies a cer- aln craving for sweets after the eavy meal when you get to the oint where you just can't swallow nother mouthful. Chewing gum may be served with he coffee in the living room, passed round with the cigarettes, or put on he table immediately after dessert. Sound Mind The sounder the mind the more ikely It is to direct the actions of he body with efficiency. ,'"**.. 'Y Find Out From Your Doctor if the "Pain" Remedy You Take Is Safe. DESERT GOLD A T SIX-MILK station In the California desert, In the year 189-1, u prospector was found, old, tired, and crazed from thirst. His name was Golden, and lie carried with him three large nuggets, whose price lias been fixed at the odd sum of $:{.(>54. Borax wagon teamsters, who discovered the old man, took him to Mohave, and here he was nursed back to a semblance of rliat when Mary and Joseph brought .ICSIIH Into the temple, lie took him up in his arms and blessed God. Indicating Ills personal and affectionate appropriation of the Messiah us his Savior and Lord. III. Simeon's Song (vv. 29-32). This is the song known as the "Nunc Dimittis," so named from the Latin words with which It begins. 1. He prays for a peaceable departure (v. 20). Perhaps It was more than a prayer; It was praise to God that now he is having a blessed departure out of this life, having seen and handled the Savior. Truly blessed are the dead who died In the Lord. It Is wonderful to live until conscious of the ful- tillmerit of the divine purpose In life and then to be released the sovereign Lord to appear his presence. 2. He praises God for a worldwide salvation (vv. 30-32). The "Nunc Dimittis" Is the universal song, thus widely differing from the •'Magnificat" in that it Is wider than the Jewish hope. Simeon saw Christ as the Light to reveal salvation to the Gentiles. This is the true ylory of Israel. It is In keeping with the divine purpose In calling and disciplining this nation to make It the channel through which 1 he might bless all the peoples of| the world (Gen. 12:1-3). Don't Entrust Your Own or Your Family's Well - Being to Unknown Preparations B EFORE you take any preparation you don't know all about, for the relief of headaches; or the pains of rheumatism, neuritis or neuralgia, ask your doctor what ha thinks about it — in coniparison with Genuine Bayer Aspirin. We say this because, before the discovery of Bayer Aspirin, most so-called "pain" remedies were advised against by physicians as being bad for the stomach; or, often, for the heart. And the discovery of Bayer Aspirin largely changed medical practice. Countless thousands of people who have taken Bayer Aspirin year in and out without ill effect, navo proved that the medical findings about its safety were correct. Remember this: Genuine Bayer Aspirin is rated amonq the fastest methods yet discovered for the relief of headaches and all common pains . . . and safe for the average person to take regularly. You can get real Bayer Aspirin at any drug store — simply by never asking for it by the name "aspirin" alone, but always saying BAYER ASPIRIN when you buy. Bayer Aspirin See Your Own? Everybody else's duty is perfectly plain to you, Isn't it? SIMPLE SIMON MET A PIEMAN AND ORDERED THREE OR FOURl HE NOW EATS TUMS WHEN HEARTBURN COMES . . . DON'T SUFFER ANY MORE! other man to finish the job that these men on the Brazos had started and back up with bullets the words which they had written just as George Washlngtoa had backed up the words of. the the field of blue along with the 47 others. Fo they all speak of the glorious history that ha been hers. C Weitirn Nowioapir Union. After Ciolder recovered somewhat, lie tried to draw a. map of the loca Ion where lie had found the ore le had been out of water for three lays, he said, and his burroa could go no farther, so he turned them oose. He had climbed a hill, had seen some trees about live miles away, and on descending the moun tain iu their direction he had found a gravel bed full of nuggets. Searchers went out to find this new location, guided by his story. They found his burros, dead from heat and thirst. They found the hill he described, too, twenty-five miles from the nearest water at Ited Uock. But no trees were visible from its summit, and no gold lay at its foot. Golder had wandered in mind as well as body, and the place where he found his precious handful of gold has never been discovered. IV. Simeon Blessed Joseph and | Mary. Tho revelation through Simeon I caused them lo marvel. To have such wonderful predictions made concerning their Babe filled them] with amazement. Ills blessing contained wonderful and even dark | words of prophecy. 1. "This child is set for the fall and rising again of many in Israel." Tills means that Christ was to be a touchstone—destiny would be de-1 termlned by the attitude of the people toward him. How definitely this I has been fulfilled in the experience] of that people! 2. "A sign which shall be spoken Stop SAYING "NO" TO FAVORITE FOODS TT isn't only pie that disagrees with BOOM 1 people. Many say that even milk gives them a gassy stomach. The very best foods may bring on acid indigestion, sour stomach, gas. heartburn. Millions have found that Tuma quickly relieve acid indigestion. Munch 3 or 4 after meals or whenever smoking, hasty eating, last night's party, or some other cause brings on acid indigestion. Turns contain no harsh alkalies, which physicians have said may increase the tendency toward acid indigestion. Instead an antacid which neutralizes stomath acid, but never over-alkalizes the stomach or blood. You'll like their minty taste. Only lOc, •pi lAA^* FOR THE TUMMY. TUmr TUMS ARE ANTACID . HOTAIAXATI WANTED TO BUY, against." This had definite fulfill- several 88 calibre Colt Army six ; Shooter* . , r , , . . . . ,„,. , such as used In Civil War. Would also b* ment In Israel and is being fulfilled interested in 44 calibre Colt Plain* Pistol* today amOD-K many peoples ' and 4 and e-shot pepper-box pistols. Flea»« „ . , i •»» , write describing weapons, stating condition 3. A sword was to pierce Mary's » n a price lor which you win sen. soul. This perhaps refers to her suffering as she entered into sym-| * l( > pathy with his unutterable suffering as he went to the cross, and her desolation afterward. DAVID MAGOWAN 43th Stx**t N»w Voik City

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