The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 9, 1859 · Page 2
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 9, 1859
Page 2
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THE DAILY JVEWS. ' * '' j. Ztuiroday Morning...... ....June 9. Our oirn Private Opinion of wh«t the Democratic Candidate tor Governor clionld be. While we shall cheorfnlly acquiesce in Ibe decision of« regular democratic State Convention, and zealously support the ticket nomina ted, ire cannot discover the least impropriety in offering a few suggestions to onr democratic readers in regard to the character and- qualifications which the candidate for Governor should possess, in order to succeed this Fall. I. That he should be a ma.n of good moral character, none will doubt, and we will not .dwell upon that point, as all the candidates— a score, more or less—whom we have heard mentioned, are gentlemen of good reputations, and no exception could be taken to them on that ground. IL It does not require a high order of talent to discharge the duties of the office we) 1 A Governor should be a prudent, sagacious, upright, business man, and it is not essi-ntial to a good wholesome administration of the State governmenigthal he should be a brilliaut man, although learning, guniqs and eloquenpe, when snperadded to the first named qualities, would grvatlv adorn the Executive, and honor the State Executive talent, however, is uothing more nor less than'good business qualifications, and the reason why Bash ford and Randal] hare so signally failed, is that neither of them were good business men. But it does not follow that a man who possesses these essential qualifications 'for a proper discharge of the duties of the office, can be elected at th>- ensuing election, if dulj nominated by tbn democratic party Sov«ra] of onr cotemporaries have assumed that he would be, bu: we know better. The time was when such me.n could be elected very easily , but the timef have changed . Men were once satisfied with candidates against »horn nothing could bo said— with mere negative characters A nomination was sufficient to carry a candidate through, provided there oould be nothing al]eg*d against his moral character, or political record. Such i§ not the case now They want to see the candidate and hear from him. He must opponent to a discussion before the people, and possess the ability and tact to make a good impression on the stump. Therefore, we conceive it indispensable lo our success in the next canvass that our can- ' 1 tt»e> Battlto of IVIontebello iron by Napoleon ;IH>—Tho Battle or Montebello won by N*- pOlCK>n I. ;).-: ;••• ' T "• The first bittle is at last fought bet ween the French and tbe Austrians in Italy. By the steamship City of Washington we" have U>W- graphio news from Cape Race that on the 21sl of May the first struggle took place, and was won by N&poleOD III., at Montebello, where the French under Napoleon I. defeated tbe AuslrianB fifty-nine years ago, just after he had crossed the Alps; and, what is worthy of remark, neither of the Napoleons was at thp battle, lint in its vicinity. That a battle was won by thn French on tlie 2Ut ultimo, %here can be no doubt, for on thig point, the French, Sardinian and Austrian accounts agree. We have not yet received the details of the battle, but the French represent the Atistrians as fifteen thousand strong where the fight took place, and the troops of Napoleon as-only six or seven thousand men, with a regiment of Sardinian cavalry, at the samp time stating that the Austrians lost from 1,500 to 2,000 men, besides 200 prisoners, wlille the French lost 600 or 700, many of whom were officers. Tire prisoners were sent to Alessandria, and some of them had arrived at Uar- eeilles. The Anstrians were the assailants, and the fight occurred in this way : It appears that General Stadion, an Austrian officer of distinction, with a strong force, attacked the advanced posts of Marshal Bara guay d'Hillicrs, and was repulsed by General Forty's division after a sanguinary combat of four hours. The allies carried the heights of Montebello, but did n<it pursue the retreating Auetrians. Tbe Austrian account mitigates the defeat by staling that General Stndion pushed forward by a forced march H rer-onnoi tering body of troops towards Liglis and Mon tebello, but after a hot fight with a superior French force, retreated behind the Po in perfect order. Montobello is on the extreme right of the French lines, close to Parma on the east, and not far from Lomliardy to the north It is m-arly in the direction of Milan from Alessandria, aud a little less than half way, the whole diutance being only siily-five miles. Il would R«em, therefore, ap if the French were pn«liing on their riglit lo strike in tlie capital of Lom hardy. While these operations are going forward on the extreme right, we learn that the left of the. Sardinian army, nt the nonhwect, under Chi- aldini, one of the Italian revolutionary leaden of 1848-9, had forned a passugeover the Sesia, near the Austrian frontier, and pul llio Austrians to flicht, while still furiher west and north, . the very foot of ihe Alps, on tlie very ex- ItCheu an Intellectual Game? • -. :.:- ' ?.-:•• " 1 C •<>The Boston Courier dissents from the popular encomiums.of "the intellectual game of chess," and objects to the glorification of its champions. It says: "We cannot assent to the disposition mani- festcd, naturally enough, by distinguished chess-players to magnify their office and function. We cannot admit that there is any necessary and inevitable connection between em' inencc in chess-playing and general intellectual sup-Tiority. Wliile it is true that many distinguished men have been _ excellent chess- players, it is ever equally true that the greatest chess-players have never given evidence of conspicuous ability in anything alse. There were many men at the Boston banquet on Tuesday evening whom we should rank in intellectual stature fare above Phillidor, Macdonald, Dec Chapelles, De la Bourdonnais, or any other great name in the annals of chess whether dead or living "The game of chess is certainly an intellectual game: so is whist with, to be sure, an element of chance snpperadded; so is checkers. But it is but a ginnc after all; and the best thing you can say of it is that it is a very excellent coum'vance to enable idle men to get through the luzy-paoinp hours without dam age to the pocket, the conscience or the constitution It is, for an amusement, Ihe nearest possible approach to real intellectual work — But it IB a barren tree; it bears the blossoms of ente.rtaiumtint, but not fruit of utility—'the rest of mankind are very little lienefitted, meuully, morally, or materially, by the diligent study of the game of chess by a limited circle. To our taMe, too, the ?pt-claole of two mt-n, especially young men, crooking their spines for hours and tyin< knots in their brains over a parcel of figures cut in white and red Ivory, is a little dreary, but tliis is merely a matter of taste, and we are far from insisting that others shall square their conduct by the line of our tafias." Hon. Su*p)trn A. This etnincut Senatoi ^ai distinguished citizen arrived in lhir> c-ilv from tbc south, late BammoBs.—For Belief. (Com. not icr. OIRCmT OODRT,, Hllwankei County, f Theodoslni Strang, .James B. Adjlance and Stephen B.Strang, Ji nathan JUaMa, Almlra J. Mafcle, James A. Bjr^ln, i. Prances E.8ruin, Tbe Btite lljiuk of Wls. coniln, • S Joseph M. Ogdea, Peter V. Lin*, . William li. Guild and John Ogden.j State of Wisconsin, to the above named defendants : Y OU are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint In this action, which was filed in the office of (he Clerk of the Circuit Court, County of Milwaukee, at Milwaukee, on the 19th day; of April, 1859, and toiserrea copy of your answer ts the said' complaint od tbe subscriber, at his office, in the city of Milwaukee, within ninety days after theiernce of this eummona on you, exclusive of the day of such service; and | if you fall to answer the <ald complaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff! In this' action will apply trt the Court for the relief demanded In tbe complaint, j : ; Witness tbk Hon. ARTUUa McARTUUrt, Judge of the Circuit Conrt for said County of Milwaukee, at Milwaukee, the 14th day of AprP, 18M. ; .! K. MARIN8B, apriO-lawuV Plalntlg'f Attorney. Mill] iiHEIllFF'8 SALE. '[News STATE OSf WISCONSIN, I Circuit Court^ Milwaukee County, I Meyer Sboye£, agalnsti Judgment of Foreclbsdre and Sarah B. Weld and f sale Co In M. KarnSer. j • ' I N virtue ofjand pursuant to a judgment rendered in said Coun, In the above entitled action, dated Ihe Hvtntj-elglu day of Miy, 1 59, 1 shall expose for sale and sell lit Public Auction, at the PojlfL'fBce, In the City of Milwaukee, on .Mltnrd»}, Ihe lOlli day of Sepiembor, 1BB9, at the bofir of 'J p. y.. of that buy, the foiliwing described mortgaged premises, or ^o much thereof as may be necessary to raise Ui« amount of said judgm-ent. Interest azxi costs, togi-lh«r withjthe s of sslr, to wlL 'The south Hwenly [20J fert o r lot numbef nine [9], In Mock number slity-four [&*), Ib the Sev- nth L?J Wird, of Ihe City oi Milwaukee, In the Oounl^ of Milwaukee and State of Wl»c«n sin," . Daled Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, June 6, 186>. Livi HDBBILI, I A. J. LA NQ WORTHY, I'l'ffs Att'y. :( gh'fr.MIl Oo.,Wli. llll 3] SHCItlFF'M SALE. STATK OK WISCONSIN, j on Mouday eveniug. il tixik bia old quarters j Circuii 0,>urt---Milwiukee County. al the Treinnnt House. ^^slerdav ntorning, in .:ht and ttarlv h« wa.e up ami out, and "was i .lied upou b}- manj upo personal Bud political fri. lids. H« never looked H in exoellfi' is full of life and of I linrs during tli>- winter, liealth and spirits 'p>- His arduous la t Wiisliincton hnre nni worn h;m in the I <t ; nor has the opposition tin has enrount -d — which, however, treiiie of the allied lines, GHriliald) had entered j is now prKl , v mucu bi. ken—worried him tn ., . .t r\ i: .1. . T,:_J . . ' T the town of Graveliona, on the Ficdmonte.;ie side of the Lake Maggiore, whioli separales Piedmont from Lombardy, with 6,000 m»-n, intendiue to advance into the Austrian dominions in order to kindle the flame of revolution; and from Berne, in Switzerland, we learn that revolutionary movements are reporU-d in Lombardy, and no doubt the Swiss strongly sym- pathise with the revolutionists acainst their ancient enemy, the Hou<-e ot Hapsburg. Garibaldi was, therefore, where the Swiss, Austrian and Sardinian frontiers meet. From this news il would seem that the Aus- didatP for Governor shoald not only be able, ! , rians are uow near , T dnvell back ov , r tbt , but willinc to take the Htump and make a Tioino into their own territory, whither the French would be sure to follow tht-m. Gen-mi Gyulai had removed his headquarters back to Garlasco, almost on the very frontier of Lombardy, and in a straight line between Alessandria and Milan. It is quimevi- thorough canvass of the State. Governor Randall will be re-nominau-d by the republicans, and :f we nominate a candidate who will rot canvass the Stale i ti his company, he will certainly challenge liim to a joint discussion. We ought therefore, to present a candidate who will uot wait for an invitation, but will take the initiative and challenge Randall, or whoever else may lie selected by the opposition K come oat and delend the policy and measures of the present, and late State Administrations If it be Randall himself, so moch the better, if w* hare n man of sufficient courage and ability to liold uj. hi.' extravjgant and corrupt adtnini.otTBtion before hi? own eves in its naked (ietormitr I'nos si.y one a*k "What dotntM-ral if rnpaMf of riuint th^s*- things ^'' We aiifwer '.Liir t'.ti- K lecion Negative qiib-lifioatiu:^ ni. iniij.-.! constitute nrnilabiMtv in tin). 8taU- 1 lie rniMTKl.ii petty jeilnu-y of li few wLr assume in be ieader> of tbe t..i. r tv if the Burst eleni.-Li that We Imre to POIll^Ild acainn .^-vern ambition* jioliticiaut ron- fj.ire tdc.-ili.-r t. k.-j m..i, 0 ; : ,bilitv down, Ie8t tbat B<,lUe one alidUJ inhl.e the office of . Governor i sU-ppinc ston«-to the l'niu-d State Scnaie. which l^ just uow tiie cynosure of all . our politician!. \\ e wirn the democratic mast..-!- u. lievrarr- <if tne conns.'] n', all *u< h. as thev hre too much actuated by s-ifisli motives. Lei u- e).-cl h ijc.vernor tins fall, anrt a United hMaU-!- Senator, il we can, when the the jirop.-r t:me co res for electing one — • suf- ficieci unto the day is the eril thereof '' MO-M Ihe Blot li Ri-publltnii, Sl»i,d in RJjodr Ulnnd •^AttheiaU Sut^ eler-tuui in Rhode J.l»,,d. the i-i.-ick or straigljt r i publicans, oountinc Loo lixrpei^ upon then strenpth atU'mj'ted t<i iuie ihe opposition forr-e.^ They called a' < onvention, and nominated a ticket which I they calcinated would coerce thai American 1 . . themselves stronelv on the heichtti of branch of the= party mto ,u adoption. But UMo . W]U; Utt-riW planted apon the hi tbe pnrrie did not work. The Americ.. -, whim swept the plain. U was of the ereaUwt publican.- were determined not to plav second moment that thlc body should t* prevented fiddle to th. Maoks. and thev also held a con- ' from ;°'" lli " i! "f K ; ith "'" °"'" ™«. forces of T . i , , ' t "*' Anstrians. Lannes met them with only veution They took the three candidate, f ,re- 8,000 me,, Vet they rushed on the foe wuh viooaly notjjinate<l for Gorernor, Secretary of & »honi of enthusiasm. Their ranks were State tbei their own rank ar.y er.-at ext..i]t. or in In.? own p.'-iitioti an the democratic party, which section of the pansed — he was met tin •ncd his confiJenci in the principle? of • the south — through •uiitry he has just rml v with the same )- Mechanic's Lien J warm kindness and fr 'idlv cordiality that have ever been accorde I to him bv her true sons. There are not m'' •• v men in an v southern Suite, who ever prei. i.ded to l»- democrats, I OKO. »'. Lin*. ^ to ha'zai i tiie integrity and as- ! ''IJT 1 ' Att'>. Stephen A. Biirri>on, and Ul.hmii Cl.lrkc. against Georpe II. Green. I N virtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered In the above entitled action, dated 11*.li of tebraary, I«.'i9, I shall erpone Tor Bale and sell at puoll< auction, at .he P si Ofhce in the City of Milwaukee, pn Nat- Urdu), tin' 23d day of July, l&tt, at the h ur of ! r ». »' that day, pursuant to chapter 120, or the Krv peu 1 Statutes, entitled " Of the hen of Mtcha.i- Ica a d other*," tl.e following described prtmbus, to wit • " Certain hijlldlnps situated on lots eleven (11) and twelve U-), In bluck twentv-fou (24). In Ih- Kiftb W»rd of the C^ty . f Milwnukee, Oour,- ly «f Milwaukee, aud S ate of Wtsconi n, to. peUirr wltii nil the n^hl, title and interest the B.-il'l <lr-feQ<lanl hid in an.I to the said lots eleven (II) and IWi Ive (1'J), m bock IwCDt}-- r..or (54), Mi first .laj- of Ju.y. 1SSI, . r has llnce acquirtd thereto Daleti riherltf's nffir^, Milwaukee. June 6th, 1H39. iMiCUlT COURT, I M;i«a n-t Counlj. who are • cendency of the rlemc i >tlc p.irty, and thi peace of the Cnion, hy v olatinq the pledges made to tiie cuuntrv i : he Cincinnati platform. ' I ac'aln.t It is Senator DnugK- intention lo spend | Ephraitu Slanstr a.n.l | two or three weeka In i : .CKRO at the pres. nt J " r '" J <)rt.>n, ; eiecutor« aod .• j .. . ., , ' * , . l.1a Jane Letts, executr.l time, and then he wi|- |... absent for a ihort „, , p lijt ri |, and ,„,„. A. J UNttWORTUY, Kher U Mil. Co . Wls period — after whici.. fo be in Chicago aud othf: of dent that the Austrians are gradually retreating to their own Strongholds. The Austrian ; Fr[nj General, as if desperate, had ordered the Sardinians to give np their arms on pain of Iwing shot. Meantime Prince JCai.oleon was with a force at Leghorn, in Tuscany. It was rumored that six English men-of-war had entered the Adriatic, bat as they are neutral, the news does not seem to l>e ef much importance, even if true. By this arrival the first victory in favor of the French is the grrat and important fact. and that ajrainst odds which shows that ihe Gauls have uol degenerated since the urne the I elder Nnpoleon led them from victorv to victory over the Austrian hosts. It is a cunous historical conincidence that the battle of Motitebrtllo was ihe first foupht by the troops (f Napol.-nti I after cr.issinc the Great St Rarnard in Ihim It WK> one ..f ttu I.loodu-Kt and fiercest ever foupht In d'*par- itv o f niinibrrs Id.- re«em! !ai:c-- it. also r«- inarkdble Napol-on 1. haj then only 16.UOO men, two-thirds of whom vrer< new soldiers, who had uevej seen a shot flr.-d, and with these he was to arrest the d..f]i-rate march of an army o f 126 000 veteran Austruns. Hwat necessary Jur him to divide this litii. Land lo n nve it (rum lieinrcnt to. pieces l^f,. r . lie.-on! i rapidity he moved from j»oinl lo pdint through til about I'^ceinber. — f. / > most part. he. will \ ment o irU of the SUitt) UU- I Allison L-«is, derea..-,!, 'igo jTitntt. | Humm,jD» - yor Rellel. y (0(-rn notlcrved.) 1 A'hanv (Cientry Oo . vlo ,) Count Mav Another Sickles Ca«e— A Distressing Ocrur- renrr. On Monday murnini i ie 1'A 1, about hall past .m-veii. »> w^r. -'art-d by the report our office, aud poing . ^-isrs. D^ggiuger \ , had been shot I of u gun, aud on Ifavi:. toward the store of Swarts, wr learn'-"! thai and soon saw tin- alnjos Man! a Sarah Ltw.s, Marj Lewis, Mart: a H. LeWiA, Kluabelti L.'uisu Li William J l-ew|.. The U.Lbe Ila i, Hlr&in FArultii huj J hn J (''rton. Matr uf \Viscul.i-in, lo nil the liefentlanti above named ) l are hetet y u '.rninrci and reijuireO to answer^.n n "...* rv.UOD, which wa* tiled ID If.o- <>t u..! i 1 '' '.' < C.rcml t'..ui f -, C'.untv i>f b-edinc form ' ! Mil. , , , , . . irrvt- a t'l \ ^ur an^urr i . fie said o.nip ^.nt ..r. our friend Dr. (,arVr hornp t-v in U)H arms • ,. (r PLjbsrrlbM ,' M tht ,ir ..tflce. No, C »r.<l S Albany who ifalL r—i near tbe spol. Tt' tMrrum-lanf>-s, a> U'-ar ;.* possibl. 1 lo gaiu, art.- lmrn*»diatH|T ;tfter n: ikint prcparnlion?* lo start Jor J. fl.-r.^on i''.l\ «-ljtT>' be wan to r»-- pfiTf the c-ouutr i*(*h<>t'l njtu.Hjs, I'r i/arU-r, nur I'otinlv Tr--(i j urHr, » h'le passing I^k'CHiC'-r t s: SwarLfl j»;tir- wa.- phi-i --v Evan-, a paintHr. f this pltre. i pa-hMiic :* utiii apparent 1 v mi .. Mr E., hnnuc & . iDft. i-a!,< 1 ( .ijt I.' I'r hir- ;n-l. 1 :!,- ras^a: )« to that f-fl-^r. , an-i i turn i'n I i v run tt !. p-rr^ivM tht' tnov*-rn*'iUf and ri..riil''uatioii tbe ''tj-'tny und*-r Mt-la^ He ku^w tljiitati and .Wuov*. l )ft tiU must !*oor, Lak^ j-Urr, for ; haTp ,hot had nni Mr. I >-,..• Melais Wh> rapidlv conCHDIratine lii? armv I'r C ^on-'-ious of f\ il, vrii doLit '.• - l ''iF' • ..- 1 CUIl It. (' . Sl. \ . . " [),..-. TOl, K ' or f-"fi;-'i l-i U:..- ;: H, -i^.-d .-ou •*>• -ip", Mr K an- i-v- r*«i;t-hl« '-i^i.t • r t«-n U^a,'-- . uc !i!> i nit>8 iif*ar Ida liip*. h -n j.-- bin haijd- Tii- wont) i-d [nan •I'tf fc" Mr Kviii,. rain. ,j n,^ ' alinol affmn—I am irintcml ' iu« this appeal. w»- l^arn 'brtt \l' * iltun tilDet/- ilAjr* »H«?r the in-rviff of ilji* puir. nn:i!i fin v "f \ • u«i * • of tfi« J»j ^f iu*h «*• rvlct, knrt -f > no I all to %D<» .-r ir»^ laid com- j.lAHit withsi; tttr Ullif »(»»i I, U»- j.Uir.' " Ui ihll fc'-li'»n vr,l! apply t- !>••• ( '"url (*,r i' .- rt-l f' 'i-m&rnled PIN-'HW. 1-YNDK A M.lXlfU P)*it.i;ff 'i Aiu>rneja j SlIFIIIfrl-'s s\I.K. >c\vi .-TATF of WI-M "NSIN, '. (. <ii.rt, il ; w »utf.- Co u fit» )' ; [rL%E W B O $. K 8 'jj| -y JTJST RECEIVED Bt; f TRICK L/*.I¥l»i& CO., 188 KASX WATKK ST. 'ALL STREET to Cashmere, A journal of Bve ,. . years In Asia, Africa and Europe ; with 100 Illustrations from sketches made on tbe spot by John B. Ireland— $4,00. i Life and Times of Carey, Uarshman and Ward. Embracing the history of the Serampore Mission ; by John O.Manhman. Price 6 CO. i Marsh's BcienceX Double-Entry Book-keeping, 1 60. Lecture on Metaphysics and Logic, by Sir William Hamilton, 8 00. , Ihe Empire of Austria; Its use and present power, by John B. 0. Abbott, 1 60. Wyoming ; Its h story, stirring Incidents and romantic adventure*, by OeorgeBeck, D. D., 1 BO. Tbe Harp of a Thousand Strings; or th: quintessence ef human wit, waggery and wisdom, 1 25 Army Ufa on the Pacific. A Journal of the Expedl- tlaa against the Northern Indians, the tribes of the Cosnr D'Alenes, Bpokans and Pelouzes, In the jammer of 1858, by Lawrence Kip, of tbe U. 0 Army frl.-e «fc. Art of Kit en pore Speak lag. Hints for th: Pulpit,til- Senate anil the Bar, b; 1L bautala. Price 1 00 Diary of Ltdy Morgan, 1 23c. The Romance of a Puor Young Man, 1 00. New Illustrated Rural Manuals; compiling the House, the Uardeu, the Farm and Domestic Anlmali.— Price 1 60. Dints towards Physical Perfection, or the Philosophy of Use Human Beautjr , showing how to acquire and retain bodily symmetry, h«Jth anil rigor, secure long life, and avoid the Infirmities and deformities of age, Uy D.B. Jacques, 1 00. Sporgeon's Bermons, volume five, 1 00. Love Be Litt e. Love Me Lon», by Uhas Roadr, T5,- History of the Dominion a the Arabs in Spain, 3 75 A Journey Due t*orth, being i.otes ut a residence in Rots.a, by Ueor^e Augustus -a i, 1 W). Lauiont's Medical AUV ser and Marriage Guide, Tith nearly UK) engraving!. Price 1 25. The Pillar of Fire, or l.rael In B.indngr, b)- Rev J. H. Ingraham, I 25. Irving'j Life of Washington, volume ST.-, 1 50 Alllbone'i D'CUonar; of Authors i 60 L Ir of K.I Cir«on, 1 00. _ STRICKLrND t CO., * je3 134 Ev« Wat ;r street - - • ' >iu 697] Ml MCI It's «*AI,F. [>cw» j ., 81 n K OF U ISCO^SIN, I I'VIC I*!"! 0 rcolt Court, Milwauiee Onuutj f , [> r t , j . ( in Zelotus A. Cotton, | ' LI i i > < against . : H H. , liv* Christian Waod j T' . /inii- B Y virtue ofanei»cu'ionlsluelfroni»»'ih*'S. ,. i . • the above entitled action, t.. tu« directed an.l lie riale • ' llvered aiulnit the personal an! real t r.per y ,.f in. '' " the follow,ug i.j • , • "All the rittht, title and Interest of Ih* *at,I L'hru- in -j lain W and, In and tu th- luilowitg .Jwn-i ilit-d ; real estate, on the 9:n .lay ..( Atplnmnrr , i."»-*, ' ^ >t ' 1 u or has since ac qqired thereto, town: Two i htm..u:l... . -c acres In the west half of louth wwst quarlqr ' r , g^t', ]. ,, B.ct on sevenieen (IT), t >wn Seven i~). raiitfe twenty-two (22)eail, in the Nlnih War.i of .he ru/n, ' .-ei'lli City of Milwaukee, Bounty ol Mil* a u < re »n.l ~. . . Btale ef Wtacoasm." lo "' ' "' w hicli said prof,«rtj, I shall expose-tor la:,.- and a n F1H&I <VM'.-. -. at Public Auction, nt the P.i.t-'JlB.-e. .n tt.e llv r.i ,, r , „,,.. ., . Milwaukee, on xiltirduy, ilic* IHIi day of M July, 1K9. -t ihf loo- .,f -J r > , ,f t.'.n nj.i.i ""*' **</ *" "' satisfy said eiecutl'in. will, the flp»-T s,-s ../ ' Ir. a •*•,.'•'«• in.- lla.-. .-... L. Dated Hher.ff'f t.lfi.-e. M.lvr^ukee. M.v 27. I -.9 n. L. Las r A J LA: Vtr* Att'y i' .-ii'ir. >i.i IO3O] SHKHIFFrs SAI.F. <>e 6TATK Of W1SCC.NSIN, I Circuit Court, MiUaukee Co f Robert Armstrong 1 Daniel Donnelly. I Judgiue :,l anj .^al- Loolfa C. Sinclair j I N virtue of ai .1 . u'lnftnt to a .u.lgmerr. rrn trr said Court, In 'li^>b ^.^>-d a.-t >jn. .lain 19tli day of March, l*Ctt. 1 thai . i[»>4e '•< «aie an at Public Auction, at the l'"flt i>m waukee, ua MUnrda > , 1S&4, at Ite hour ..r - p M Chapter 12t), KerUed :*tn u Mtrchao c i an>] ' thir«, tl.r- SPECIAL NOTICES ! WORM* I I ny learnei] treatise* !i»v« been wr HATS AND CAP? AT-, ( VI"-- ten, eiplalnlnif the origin of, anil clasulfylnu '.h- ,v..rnii ^ FT! J> i »l' generaleti In the human system. Scarcely my ni ( >if .>r *' ••* ' medical »cl<iDC9 hasellecteif more acute nb profoudeti research; and yet phyilciarn nf v t -ry inucti divided In opinion on the ' abject [t fnuat b» n.lnuuf I, however, that, after all, a race!' or axptllini; 'ii.-i" worms, and purifying the bO'ly f.'jm their pfi>i»en<-^. n of more value Chan the wtaes't Jlsqulaliion.i a^ to a,,, T !•;•<( pf n Than can ii < M ) 1) J . I D WK i; hv - \ :' ANY I'TH-ER Ml.I -K :> ]-,,].. w K.~T M V'l:.'.'' t ; N roT".,'".'. r .;..'.. ;',: '",;.• .".,,„ origin. The expelling agent tuw at fentfth betfu f Dr. JTLtins'a Virmifuge, prepared by ?lemi rf ilr ,. In the much sought aflerspe^iflr, an hafl .ilr-n.iy ^ ...... r seded ajl n^her i veraally acknow .irm .ifl edfffil by tnedi<vil pri 3T~ Purclill«iT< »'ll '»• .•.ir.-dli M'LANK'J OELK8KATKD VKKMI Kl ( ed by M.m Nil UB<>.« >l Plti.l. ir Venmfu t« in i-omp;irtst»n *re ur<> N.- genuine Vcrmlfugt-, also his ••»• rbriie now be had at ail renpec genuine iffttfiwt tJt« styn<it- 'fi Liv-r P 1 il ,yl2-li«lin fl.KMINd IIH II (' MB<X.I> T « \ It 110(11- I V v i. WHICli is the <re.i e-i / ,th,i-u.r ,, , ... . •• tbe a.most Inaccesslhlc triount i •! r-^ ..[.- Atnet tc.l, an.] a.I.l>>*t lar k 'e'./ to <ur ^.-...". . e.lhfe, thv ot'.er ha^ ^.ven his (tte>.; ..i '.;.- in tion oM.umau sutTrrlni;, au.l in Ms 'nv-ni . n .1 • tuou « ..^riua.i ilitle r s, K.iuwii n.- . . . land'l flittf i," Via -n !*rr. I *n ;iv t. . on mankln.l ^v^tlep^ :t, l.iv^r L.-'TII ht.n. *., i 003 Debility »r. -p^r.l ly i:..[ [»-riu . ,. n -ur thls'rernely F"'. .al- by .Irtiir-.- -ts «-..! ' ;i TMK . vIIKE'.- \ K H 11. to wit : .iie city <>( Milu) of July, >i :h*t .l»y pursunijt t.j . «QIU r*l ""l tii« i irn of ..» r K >1 — ct h- J pr» ia >t-s "A Crrta.n buiuJm^^iLuaic .o ul riumb-r f'jur t» en ( 14 ) in truck n jmb^r a x ty - i.iu«- . <y, j L (h« ^ouriJi Ward of the i . ity i-( lllwaukcv. Count j i/f >I I a »ul re an<l t*:atf . ' \\ iscoruin , f o jet her wiifa all ihe neht. n <c «nil inter »t Lb« laid dc/eodant, Luu..a C 8m la r, h. J n an Mo lai'l I I.I.IL h»r 'i'Tjrt,-« n i 14) i n * 1 <- It liumN^r aiiiy n lie t*J^(, m llic fjurth **'sj f j ,,; ttic Cny "T M '» auk- r ' Dated 8i:erff'i officv, >ln».uk-.?, Junt- : l-fly B K ADI**, < \ J LAViWiJuTllY, P.'tTf A»" r>-y f J* eft! M i C- , Wi» )eH-dI a» 6» .D J . ..n Sft. l)., - A Wr, LI s H «.tl,» • R.-Lt-r f. Ir 1 the fin. and li..- -ie K \Vibak « irr. Janj-s U iO lllratu An- from all points sued th. lollop d To Lann»s and Mural he is- 1C br>e: but remarkable or- t .in UL'^I- t. • 's sake, don'l Kv -ii,. w.uld r wr,-?ted th- f .r^-... 9 jr» I N » 1 H I i h H in 1 ;..^r*mii.t T,, & _, jugui : ^« ,i t "p.lri n itn- »t.<iv»- ^nt.tlf j »' ' IKS'J I -hMi t*pu*e \.,T •%!* i' -**-t>.1«-r ptj l "B, dalni ami fcil ftt at if.r P-«i i>:tir-f, :r. the C ij f Milt urdu >,(!><• 2 «1 d a } of July, . P M <*f t^ 1 •^t,]^_^. t/i«- f'.iJo*in(r \t •I •o r a •• <t-. I - I I.20J SKI K I f »'S f ATK tlK H I < ,i>SI • Ctrcail C< urt. >l ,i * t 4^- - L.J ar. John S. UcT.1. 1 J.>hn Jrnr.l js Tbemu T Beer,, , J • O llxrrt W K», . ,1, .« Percy R I-ham. Wlliiara L P»:;.i. .1. i , I N >UMe of >i..l [.urju.n. :. li.l Court, ii. 'I..- at..-.- i, M d«y . f Ja--, '-,'.3 I •' », ,i Heplember, .*»•». » Ihr fi>il- wiUj.; tlrn i t>ril Utrrc' f a!« m»» U- :.<•• • aid J ad if rr, f l, ',nl«T.-«ii i • 11 h , I ti. -i 'I,- r i \\ . 11 a > of •' '.' a I- U v . N. B. — tl.*! ia.,'6 ,^,<i.»j «i.i.t), - • . -• loonatfd Ai;cnt, w u ,.»..- • " . , ptlld, \.j ri-Lurr, • \. For siue by • i A; F. .N «..;••. C .HK.I;-. . ,i"..- H • v r. i HATHAWAY &, BELDtN H \ N K I N ( .. l^tud and (Ollcc) 1011 <t91ii >i I l r'l ii i.'s KI <>4 u HOTELS, &C I. ( > L" I N U >. > \ ^ t U \ IIOK U I •• I OI I >-. H I'RDN. ne,r V^.- :<;„,, .,- -• T' - ! .-m - 3l ,l. .„! r .l ' .--f 41. : ' to - their pair n*.'- • CODtinu.inrr- .f ALBANY RESTAURANT K< •'All of '~« untj k n< » ti *c J Jr*<-r t,. I 1 t wo [V ], in b o- •» i; . tj '. W »/• i, ..f -|.f < '. j .,' M Datp.I &h. rlJ '• Oftr- Mi - ll>Biw A GBIB.N , K/T* At;',. au«-».J,iT>. 7 '.v,, A J LA N i, »' o A I H V . H Y A T T ]•..- \ I L I. r 11." ,*PLk.> .'I u llul • i 1 gun from his era.*p. Mr Evans lh*-n ap Iren Ur i'.rrer «•!,„„ ..ereral and Et Constable Moak ^tnonc them. Mr .\'l rour force? at the river Slrsdell.i. stood r>etw,^>n the parti-s. knon-ing, ,t.« h. "E the 8th, or 9th at the latent, vou will hare i said, thut Mr. K. woold not shoot him Mr. on ronr hand* 15,000 or 18.000 Auslnuns.— Erans wa-« th-n p'ired ntidi-r nrrest. and I)r Mert them and rut thetn 10 pieces . it will l>e i I'urtor. eairr^d helple-^, almn?t dear), to his ?-o many enemiep lea? upc n our hati.l« on tlie ofSc-. and thcnr-- horn- Upon ,-xamiu.itioii it •' (tl. . K D life, !,.•••. '* Ik -'f -•>,,.. i.f.frlOUrk'. • <] iititin, la th* E.^U, Ward of ih* 't r nf MB- vAitkT. l thf rouoiy of MliWkuk>;«, aiiJ di-al« of \\ im?onsln • " »u-:i ."bt-r.^n Oflirc, ilnwtutef April 1*1. IS.'4» ;I. H. O«iDai. i A J L AN^j WiiKTH V. ;'-* At 'y. f ehrnff M;; Co.. W \ 9 I O2 2] Mil- I* IKI '* s l STATE OF WISCONSIN. i Circutt Court, M.l«auk*« L-unty f Joifph Vinton, 1 , > c \»' • » e da v of the decisive bait le we are to expert will the entire ariijv ot Melas Tiie predirtion Lurne.d out true. An Aufan forre IS.UOd strone advanced and ported • a.- f.nitid that <ix liui-k-shot parsed throtieh tn^ iiniti.. and one lodtfjntr inside, also one through his richl hand, throogh hii leit lioth limb? and handc are completely- rrippled and his life is d.-«pair-d of Tiie cause a.sf^irneo! ' I N PI K:H'».S1 t I an ,.r,l r r ,.( 1 in. 1 uilecl }<t»lr.. !..r th- Ui m»iit i.i. \.tif 1 ftih <li) • 1 May. A M. H*. ^fcs;t;ne»., ,n o&nkruf Cinrr, wlil sell hi Puhuc L>.>tn. : t.(iiurt , K-t .'. Warotj*iii , 1 .'.y 1, Diti t of J.xl.h K Mr at the Hlaa . r,:-v . K J rnty -if >dl Tnulee, OD th*- tirtli ^iay >.f July nut. ' ren the b'.tirs of nine and ten, ID ihe f'.rtt.onn of 1 •aj. all ^..- ntrht, t. !•• and iir.^r^^t, w^.icti tt' , --. I Jay .f . a- -. Pubi K* Auri :,. »• •;,-!' «r » i u tf-e. on Va I ti r d u ) *»e |» c r ill t*r r, !--'**, at »' y I iha.i - & p.. th. Mr Eran.« for tlii." oc- le and Attorney Ge-neral, who were men of ' f ™" pl ""'"' & PtOr ™ ° f P^P^ 1 " 11 Said LannHg r choice, and tille,i up the ticket from : like°cU8« m" La'ilstori'n '''"""'"Fu'r'^!''' 7 j 117 ''!. 011 r C.KL rank.. The three who were upon j from eleven in HIP duv till cinht at niijht tb- both rickets received a majority of the rotes | cftrna ^ oontinm-d. -.t. and were ^cted, tal for th- other ^ ^"^ £ State officers th»-re was no Upon th 'Acain and ai;ai ihe man allied to tbe thousand of tliHir men lay dead on the field that the Ans- whirh has just convened, const-. ! ""ians broke and fled, also leaving three thou- rurrenne i.« said to b- an improper intimacT n • istini; i>etween Ur. Darter and Mr« Etans — ; L 'j Mr E insisted that until a short time since lie ls4 ' had l»-en a personal friend of [)r. C-art-r, and •<! tiy him often befiiended He did not act until tiiiny-n ne, i:», unquahn'ed pro<if existed of Dr. C''s emit or " »'-' LT "*<xl fj BoLh Or Cart-r and Mr. Evans i ave hither- ; \^nl,u'{}^*t to bore unimpeachable characters, and the for- qunrC-r j» ) of j *al 1 Jtsial K ^IrClurc ha.1 ai the timr iu baflk raj.u y , .c and lo the 1 --*ti»t<-. and in ; nnd l the niirtcaff.- he *.:r.l>e] anil ail the ntihl. u He an.l iotere< Lf.t e F'.l, ( H ) fjgaa'n Mitwilvicli.n nf t.l^rk rlj , ti ->f tcctiun thirty.ii h ranee In ar rrn. 11J ^ I ..f fc. half ( .S ) of r -.o«Jtfr dr whlrA I, as i ,sc,>u, t r «al- ID.-I ten ai .- • •!/ ,'. M l (> 11) d ti v of r » •- ' ,>• Li",K HEKK •> K H t: V i-, i ; r. ( I :M > IM. n v H'N L) I N 1 N ( i S A I . < L OCA TFJi --a- -..',- « *»j«-- .« »',, s , ial U.r ;,.».-,-•.. j,. ,. • ..- »..-:, »,. m^aus, ;.ir '.; e tn.'i.i < .:i. ' i.' i • II !!•• IU(«f'ilol w Ih t.'i-- '-ric.u:^.(l j *• :< • O l NT I. K s V Ml I. V T| ?-rv-.| .;, n -v -ry ,•;.,. •.,•". - Kirsi , from l-l quentlv. devolved the dntv of filling the offi- cet which were tho*Jeft vacant, which has l»een done bj the following vote : LIECTENANT GOVKEKOR Sanders, Americai. republican Bill, straisbt republican Bron-n, democ rat ' TKEASfEEE. Oarr, stnuphl republican Newxon, deajt.crai This vote Indicates the strength of the Seward party in Rhode Island Mr. Isaac Sanders, Lieutenant Governor, and Mr. Samne; A. Parker, Treasurer, were tbe candidates nominated by the American Convention. The correspondent ol the Charleston Mercury who asserted that Buchanan and Douglas had struck hands, says, under date of New Tork, May 27, that his information was "accurate and unquestionable," and repeats that "there is an understanding of an ex plicit character between the Cabinet and Donglas, the material efieet of which is a concession to his squatter sovereignty views and his tson- seqnent promised cohesion and support." Thie correspondent of the Mercury must be a plucky fellow, to reiterate that statement after it has been authoritatively denied by the Washington Union, as well ae by a correspondent of the National Intelligencer, in the following card : BEKATOE 1>OUOLA8' POSITIOS. Messn. Editors of tiie Rational Intelligencer : — I perceive in your journal of this date that you have copied from the Constitution an authoritative contradiction of the statement of the Washington correspondent of the Charleston Mercury, that a friendly meeting had taken place between President Buchanan and Senator Douglas, with a view of bringing about a onion in good earnest of the two wings or the democracy, taking sides respectively with those two distinguished individuals. The official announcement which you have copied denying the meeting on tbe part of President Buchanan'is literally true. Senator Douglas, on his Arrival here from the north;, «nd on the eve of bis leaving for New Orleans, authorized the writer of this note to deny to everybody, or through any journal, the report that he had [had any meeting with President Buchanan, He declared that he repudiated «nd denounced all propositions for a oompro- mne by which he would have to concede an Jota of the principles he had al} aloi.g avowed JUSTICE Washington, May 27, 1859. The Washington .dispatches state that tbe treasury has ample means at its command, owing to the large receipts of customs. Much of the lo&n authorized by the last Congress will cot be needed. The expense* of collecting the revenue were muoh:les« the past year than «ver before, owing to . the retrenchment and «*onoiBitai-«pirit of the RdministrMion. : . I sand dead l»-hind thetn, with six thousand , prisoners. I Napoleon, hastening to the aid of his Oen«r- j al, arrived just in time to see the battle won He rude up to Lannea snrround-d bv i tbe dyinu and the dead, his sword drip ping with blood, his face blackened with pow der, and hi/- uniform soiled an.l torn by the long strife Napoleon smiled in silence, bnt did not forget the heroism of Lannes, whom he afterwards created, from this battle field " Duke of Montebello"—a title which has descended to his family to this day. It was the same hero who bad before saved tbe ficht on the terrible bridge of Lodi, when the French were mowed dowu by the Austrian cannon like grass, and Napoleon's Generals said it was impossible to advance. " Impossible jp not French,"said Bonaparte, as he seized a standard and rushed forward shouting, " Follow your General " Lannes, however, was the first to cross the bridge. He dashed past his leader, plnneing his horse into the very midst of tbe Austrian ranks, and grasped one of their banners', that moment his steed fell dead beneath him, and half a dozen swords glittered above hu head. With herculean strength and agility, he extricated himself from MB fallan~8l«ed, leaped upon the horse of an Austrian behind the rid, r, plunged his sword into the body of the rider, and hurled him from his saddle.— He fonght his way hack to his followers, having slain six of the Anstriane with bis own hand. The bridge and the battle were won. For this deed of terrible energy Napoleon promoted Lannes on tbe spot. The battle of Montebello was not without its influence on tbe immortal victory of Marengo, which was fought immediately after (June 14) and was closely connected with it. There20,- 000 Frenchmen under Napoleon met 40,000 Anstrians, including 7,000 cavalry and 200 pieces of cannon, which irresistibly swept Napoleon's troops before .them till Desair, so anxiously expected with his reserve of 6,000 men, arrived, and charged whec the battle was deemed lost. The tide was turned. The Ans- trians were overthrown with terrible slaughter. Twenty thousand men of both sides lay dead on the field. Desaiz, the greatest general Napoleon ever had, was among them! The First Consul wept, and said the battle was dearly bought. No doubt another Marengo, or an equally sanguinary and decisive battle of some ether name will soon be fonght when we shall probably know something of the qualities of Napoleon III as a general.— N. T. Herald. San Francisco Times, Mi Broderick's organ, dally contains articles attacking Mr. Douglas. In a' leader, it says that the anti-Lecompton democracy "suspect, distrust and despise 5 'the Little Giant, bnt have full 'aith in Broderick, and would a thousand times eoonerBee him than Douglas tn thePresi* dential chair. The National, Mr. Buchanan's organ, defends Mr. Douglas. JB®~ Many of Judge Gbolson's friends declare that he will not accept of; the Columbn* nomination, rMie/say he only authorized the use of his na^6 proridcd Judge ;Swan .was not a candidate. iln:a 0 event didls desire a bom- '' very wuMy known a.« a kind ' < s9 -> elDcienl i -sician, and n capable county offi ' , h f<''' u.wn'Th^/tTn''"TJ" ' Evans ha* hit erto 1-d a quiet, inoffensive life, principal menjiian. and a n aud we can;>.it think he would attempt acrirue quarter, ^i V> tl* s.uth «>.t oJ this mapi . ide unless led on by powerful . [""^tVrn"'!!) J*" Mippo.ied or real motives. Or. Cartor, as far > ted'Aup as we know, has no personal Hnemies.and a host | • Il ° i1 °t» of fri«nd*. II charities and in everv uxiulh vn Iwentj, (-ill,) t.,wn U, rtj-nine fnaH«-n, (14.) and ont-chlrd (S)"f orlgane on ib« abov quarter (!<) of wtilo i,t- 1537, u> .ecurr »1.75O, and rr«orted f -ne aid iwo, ,1 A ii m i,i,, C k i«o, tDMo »'*'"«»'•.*" t-1ne«ifo, ir. Ooontj of C,H.»; and Coxscior? pTBExnin —The National I)e mocracy throughout the Union never present etl a stronger or bolder front than at this moment The weak or Ihe wavering, or the sol- ' m».yjo..ila«6«- ily>:n block thirty, (3;l,) irhool "section ad.Ution I. I Cl.icapo. in Ba|d County of Cook, also lot one [1)11 : block eighteen, (I 1 *.) and Ints fi re, (b,) I'l, 16 J i«r<rn 'iTiand eiRht, (H,> ID b.ock rorty-three, (<»,) Id the BCI.OO. iei-non addition lo, Will county, Hi. , baled at Milwaukee, Slay lith, 1^9. DAM KL H RICHARD?, fish or the impracticable onlv have des»erte<i. or, for the present, sland aloof from our orean- i«tlon. And ev-n they who come Qud er . Cnc^l-J^L^^ ejtber of these four categories are to be found ! among the vvuld-de-lrailrr*. and by no means among the rank and 61e of the people. Look over the whole list of the opposition j*i..__ , ... ....'f , and UJP same charaot^risuca will be found to I T N virtue of *$ A P«r»aantjto KHKKIFF'M SAKE. [Now* 8TATK fit WISCONSIN, I William LeLi, • a?alOBl . Marj Tutue aDt| Wllber IT. Tultl<i. Co. Judgment Sale. rendered In ctl for tale th der to fasten the charge. The National Democracy Is the only organi zation which, in this country, has stood fast and firm. It stands now where It always stood. Buffeted and 1 "ieged, still it ie as steady as the rock of the ocean that Mems ft thousand wild waves on the shore. Aronnd block oalnDer ooe hnndre.d and [1C3J, In tbe Second Ward, of ihe Oitj and County of Milwaukee and Bute of Wisconsin, vtth the bcitdtnpi and Improvement! thereoQ " Dated Sheriff 'f Oflice, Milwaukee, Maj 20, 1869. J. Vi» DOR, I f A. J. LANQWORTUT ' Mi'ff. Mil. Co., Wl.. Pl'ff. A DOR, I tl'jr. f "I" P '" Ct6r aSalD ^ 186 °' ^ the conservative influences !h they did of public opinion — making their voice known as the decision of the majority of the American people. — Wathingiim Conttitutio* William P. Lynde, ftgainal ArFBCTiNO.—Mrs. Colsnn, the wife of the Swede who was drownrd near the depot, Was at the Police Justice's office last week, and insisted on paying the $30 rewcrd offered for the recovery of her hnsband. The poor woman, with her two children, was In plain sight of the boat when ft capsized—saw her husband clinging on the boat, l>ottom side op—saw the high waves wash him beneath the flood. During the Struggle, she offered •' all she pos sessed in the world," if the boatmen could save him, but wind and waves were too strong to reach him in time. They had sold their little homestead in Pennsylvania, and journeyed hither to meet this spectacle of death. —La Cross* Democrat. The Manitowoc Tribune thinks the following ticket would be satisfactory to republicans in that region: Governor—Alex. 'W. Randall. Lt. Governor—Carl Schnrz. Seo'y of State—L. H. D. Crane. Bank Controller— Attorney General—Luther H. Hanohett. Bnp. Public Instruction—A. J. Craig State Prison Oom'r—E. M. JBacgraw. FIM.—On Saturday night, about 12 o'clock Ihe large house formerly known as thp Na- ;ional Hotel, was discovered to be on fire, and notwithstanding the efforts of onr firemen, it vas soon entirely burned. There is abundant evidence that it was fired by an incendiary, rhelionsa belonged to John Giphford—was Dsnred for $1,200. The furniture was In- inred for $600. The loss will be about $2 000. -La Crotu Dajuxrat. . ; ! : Ephralm Mar no- and Job J Orton, trecutofs, »nd Ida Jane L>vta, executrix of the lait will md ie»u- ment of AJIIsoto Lewla, deceued, Martha UwtajSmrah L«<ris, Mary Uwln, Marina U. Lewis, ElliabethtoalM Lewla, Wm. JJ Lewla, David P. Hull, Jaba H. footer Joshna Hatbajrajr, James B. Johniton, Ad»m Notrle' J. 0 ^ ^'II'* 1 ? fif lwiy ' J l m<M ReU *« H>e'»»nnir«'A Miners' Bant.|llenry L. Palmer, Augustus Oreutlch ley, William (Jreenslade, Lerl J Merrlck, WlUI»n> H Merrlck, Th* Barlne Bank, Mary Ad»m», adotnU. tralrlx of Frederic!: *. Adamj, deceued, Charl,, W. Wiilard, add John A. Page, Uecutor of tb*l»" will and teatadient^if Heteklah H. Reed, de:eaied. State of Wlicoo4ln, to all the defcndanU above nwned i Y OD are hereby inmmoaed and required to *n«irer the compWnt In thli action, which vtTfiled In the office of tbe Clerk of the Circuit Court for Milwaukee, on the l«th day of M»y, A . D., 1?59, and toierre a copy of yonraibwerto the §aid complaint, on theiub; •criber. at thelrjoffice, Not. 6 and 8 Albany Bolldlni Milwaukee, within ninety day. after the lerrlceTor thli «ummon« nnjyou,excln»|ve of tbe day of «nch *er- vlce; aod If yod fall to antwer the .aid complaint w thin toe time] atorewld, the plaintiff In this tctlon will apply to thd Court for the relief demanded in the complaint. I i i Dated May 12J1S58. '. FISOHE8, LTNDB i JULLB8, ' PlalntlfTs Attorntyi. m»yl7-law6a- o JeS-dtt OITT OonrTBoiiiE-a Omok i Oofttract Department, June 2,1859. j f 1 * 11 "'I t>e reeelred at thli offloe un- Jone Wh ' 10 *• "• forp»Tligthe 1 " of " le » ri """»ff through blbiK 6, '»«rinK "W »««y when necesiTry: f. L . H . QARDINBB. Comptroller. '" 1 OO BBL f.frafl BIW, J.VU «n»16 LA mBRRA JAW)! KJA, 80 tool for ufe .JL.i ••••j . • fliB febJ ^_ C^£»*J«0*M~au4llM *ln t ,1 [! 1 j. -TI h ock nnr h..jmlr-.| fUtil tint], in Borer's AJJ.tior, , W art, .if ihe Cl'j nt Milwaulr' Iiatrd Sber Q '• rffl.-r. Mi!w»ulie» Janr I l^'.y L ru.u 1 I.M.U ,M, ' A J LA Mi A URT a V, prffi Au'r- f .", n M i iv. . « sepi if (.' ri'NMNt .1 OI lO'^l] -Slit. It If »'.Sj« \l STlTE OP WISCONSIN , CitCut C^urt, Milwaukee C . | John S B .yd. John \V. Jooes, Bidnej L Huod. Jasper K Qo .drich. Phillip Tni ««, Ilriuol Bra*, an.l Cloc« ( ompany, Allr,.l 0 Peckham. William H. Merril., Dennis M. Fitch, Oeortre A. Allen, ar d Charlei E Uale. <^ . * i .11 n o -\ ii s, SOL* PROPHIKTOR i JI » > r'F I- TTR|. R . K,' OHIO CATAWBA BRANDY, T HIS Bmn>iy hm oe-en m*r.ufi. u.r-.! : r .r . -r jre»n fmm ihc j>ur- ju"-- ,f ;!• ? 'J'ntH*^* 'fi;- thus •vffiJriling pUlJiLl'inij e v ilr-nr»- •. f -Ji- pf .»;r-.i?i American. rut«*rpr:-»t? *;n) niiu.ntry, \: : -• -u* \i- • ,- ii-hf r ojtion. The Ohtn Onl.iwti;i Brunt]y i->t ,,y --(ij.t. • -xi-«- ih*> bffal ImporT«;tl Urundifs, .n pur*i «• *.i.; . iv ' i: tn faci lh»- bt-st Br*ail> <Q M «'I l' k% ..- -IA; - i , ' > -nrr-'twvraieij t>y the rcrt.rl.-at-ea ••>( >ur m-'t; 1 K. .^-i.- e«l avnaiytsctl chrramia. The »ant of Pur" Brandy "iw --n»; i^t-n '- -. r f. ••juntry, »jiil the ,ntruiluct.<.iQ •>( ».a w..i .-• ' «ui , i.v. pounds fiitherVi «n( t l un«l«f ihtf a AID* •' lir *nij j in • . I N T rlue of and \. ursu«nt tu A jndgrn»-n[; t •aid Court ID the ihoyp ent tlfd* %ctln- Qayi all tht« ,fn.i<l (ju^l liquors, anil ;.i »| ..n -r, iml » §••> ri-rnni in-l *ii .t itf-'trj ,n •i»tt.l ih- dajr or Junr, 1S59, J ih*.il expose fii ia,e *mi rdi at Pubic Anctlon, at ifn P,,«i Office In .he c'ty of Milwaukee, oo >alurday, the i Otli day of ^rp- ' \i tcmbrr, IS69, »t the hour of 1 r M, >' tt»*i tity. tte i;SO J-'AMILY rflKU'LP KK \\ following described mortmife<l prenils* • nr do much ' thereof as may be r escs^arj to raise the amount nt said t Ketftll Pricp, Hit--' Pf jmlirmeni, Intrrest and ensts, tnffrtfier *nh Hie rxp^t.t -i i>f sale, u> wit: —• " .»ll $h«.t piece or parcel o.' land, illmte n u.^ county of Milwaukee and ^tate of known aa-d des. nbed ai loi nx e Khtj i i (9«). ID the Third of Milwaukee. " Date.1 Sh«rtfl"j Office, Milwaukee, June 1. 1SM( UFSAM t OUBIM, i A. J, LAN'O« ORTHY u'js. [ eher 3 Mil. U.i . « is . t su ^6), in blrctt Wan! "f the city FUimeoc; , Cr%rop, Coin-, Laujfuor H? Recnrnmen'leil by th«* phystvian.i »n.i l- i^y"* oi the CTniied ^t«ii*.i. , (J. Slmmondj haj Appointed J P A ? H II>[.J-'Y s 141 K.ial WaUrr street, soltt Aj-t-MLs ',ir -. c Stnir .f >V ! coosin, whrTf JeaieM *n<l •u.<,^m ^ M^JV,*-- wafl Lhetr orden. 1 By raJlinit «n thf fcffenLj, the puhii. » n r-M-,- *.. » ,.1^ i pie tfratuioanly -n v ' ) j ' .SAI.fc. I > 1018] STATE OF WISCONSIN, Circuit Court, Milwaukee Co. A William G eta, ) agalnsi Charles Tanke and Jdllana Tanke. his wife, | Fraoi Zleoel, Dai-1,1 Adler, Bamoel hhoyer, I<odore Hockstader. and Herman L. Pagn. I N VIRTUKofand pursuant to a jadKoieu! rendered IB said Court In ihe al-ovt en.Ill,d iclion. dited ihe •th day of-June, 1S69. I ihall expose for sale »n,l ieli at Public Auction, at the Post Office, In the city of Milwaukee, on Saint-daw, tbe lOtb day of September, 1M9, at the hour of 2 r. at. of thai day, the following described mortgaged premli-es, or so much thereof as may be necessary to rat e the a-nount ot said ludgnent. Interests and costs, together with ihe ex- pen.- es of sale, to wit: 'The following re»l estate, being »ad lying In the county of MilwaakfO and State of Wisconsin, and described ss lots numbered three nod (onr, (3 and 4). In b:osk Q, of the subdlrl Ion Into clly lots of the East forty acrts of the South W«lt quarter of lection number seven' teen, (IT)In town number seven, (t,) North of range number twenty-two, (!2 ) Kast in the BUth Ward oftheciiy rf Milwaukee." Dated SherUVs Office, Milwaukee, June T, 1959. It-alORs, CBOOIS * OBIDUT, i A. 1. LANQWOBTtlY, JPI»lntUTsAtfji. f gherifl Mil. Co., WIs. 1111,1,1 U * BKKK SAl.iK» t > U 11 I I. I. I \ II U K 0<l M, !.><) Kn»t \Vatt-r Mr.-vl. j 4 VARJKTY (if Duhes i>rep»re.l M Mi h.,, r «. t\ Lunches or Suppers, cuaaiBtinir >'. MKATS", .4ARDINKJI, ! PIOKLKD P1SI1, j "VSTKKJ. Ii- Musical Rnterlalnment ^ve^y ^itur-ia/ ••T-nt'-.K' I aitttance free. 111 '.li.i s 'N N r-.H i' ' N \ l- I: .t • N N | I ; ,•>.%%• i: . i 'l N -. i i: ; i ' N \ i i. . i - \ s i i %i i-. p v r • . > i ^•-' : ' '"' ' U JNJ O JL, JL-, H.M., i .p- \ 1 'A I I . Rfc.TAIL >l I : ill 1 * O h a . i \ F U H N i I U r> r ' '; \I .. ".. .,,.., «i \TH % % 153? n T3 I ; rs; *-, A K ' .- ixUC t, 4 h i-;? p 3 .1 in • i i. I \v i 1 I .• )'. A A Ji 5 K 4) J, H, CGRu£S& CO,, w h o i e s a G i o c 9 i >auiJ A 1. 1 4 29 A 3':)! r »• I «. » I ) A * 3. I N I > 10 ii n K i - n I I- I V K I > I R. P. C A D Y , JOBBER IN AND Yankee Notions. ALWAYSFULL. COCNTRV UIEBtHANTS Ar* requested to call and examine QOOI>SAND PRICES. R. P. CADV, «2:dly __ <ta?ntla'Kgloefc. n B. Water st. J> kniiL outu Jentlemen's, Mine*' & Children 1 Boots, SHOESj 8MPPEKS & RPBBEUS. ffftJS BOOTS MA.DS TO ORDBJl. ' No. 825 Eut Water street -{Opposlts Walker Bojue,) ..;. .fm»,81].'... ;. . M >"' ,-.. J-4 .N :' j ROOFING, HARDWARE, & JlT'jl E AC L JK A « U SION Ot-' Till-. - i r,u . BIG UED KETTLE . A - DEALKRS IN 1^ ""^ * Stoves, Sheet Iron. Tin. Hardware. -''.» —AND— ' AiJltltlLTl UAL IMPLK-MEMTS, ^ W OULD respectfully inform their ind th. public generally, that they have ipened a Store it I < V N K > a()g WKST WATKB 3TRKXT i()« pr " 3 ' ^or the tale of the at-ore named arlicles, iogeth c with i I DMK SPADES, BHOVKL8, RAKES, HOES, ! ft' m!lr And Agricultural Implements generally u wall u *;1 •orta of SHEET IKON A.ND TI \NF.US' UOKK, etc. etc, eta. Storefl put up to order. (XT* Roofing. KSPAIRIMG of all kinds, and every ion »/ »ori in ourjlne panctnally attended to. Orders left will be attended to without delay. ' MRACLE i 9ON. i N t i \ ,\ I A N D S E A JUUVAL O r jn entirely new and iplcndU Stoeli >r French, KngUsh «nd Amertcaji JEWELRY I Of Latest Styles, at A . B. V A N C OTT •'*, Or. Soft Water and Wisconsin Slrttts. Having lately disposed of most of my former iiucs. 1 exerclied myself In searching" »t the Eastern Mariata for til the New Styles aud Pattern.*, Which h»T« been Imported tod manufactured since the last panic. 1 hare aJio purchased a large >iock of Ladies' And Gentlemen'i Watches. With moTemenO ickaowitdged u <in mast laperlor by the Amtrlam gublle. noT30 E MPIRE Mills Extra family Iloar Uwsys an hani* »t [»prl] HTJSS A CROSBY'S. C 'HDIL'K -molie.l .-M111I...II tt'; M V.'l.K >.' Ov/ wheat Cali.-H, vl >t»V J-. It. K ECEIVK1) by' ilr^t i~,»i i apr; • O F »U(^rti»r '|u*!»'y, \ tti til'! OJ r-AMll.V r-l.ol K. N SW Vork Mill, f\,. mart! l;i«uiy in fia^J, at HU.M . i CHOSBT'9 SMOKKL) HA l.i.liJUT. C UOICK <ni..kB,l ilailibui u mir - 1 III N.N j CROSBY*!!. G RS » RS.\T reduction I COCOA '.,,11 -.| ir.iita, thl* .lay 11 CNN t UUOMOVS. IIUNN * CHOBT'3.

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