Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 25, 1941 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 25, 1941
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Partly *l*s*y «»* *«* *» W* 91 .**- STERLING DAILY GAZETTE Oiitf tondfftg Community Doty fw Wfciteside «wtd Adfotwitig, Comities FAlU OCMolaf SPU Vf SL gift EIGHTY-SEVENTH YEAR—No. 99 yd! Lcaaed Wire Press STERLING, ILLINOIS, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25,1941 Member of the Audit of ctrctristlons PRICE FIVE CENTS 'President Requests J. L. lewis Cancel Coal Walkout Call Strike in Mines of 7 Stee! Companies Set For Midnight Tonight (By The Associated Press) President Roosevelt today John L. Lexis' reply to a Whit* House request for nmcelation of a midnight strike rail afTectinR 53.000 workers In "captive" roal mines owned by seven steel companies in Pennsylvani^. West Virginia. Kentucky and Alabama. Lewis. president of the CIO United Mine Workers, gave no immediate of his course of action Wild Oil Well Sprays Three Blocks of Homes At Oklahoma City Indication after the President's rrtfucst made public last night was Should the walkout occur at midnight tonight, as scheduled, there were fears that a fuel shortage might affect important defense production and even eventually tie up steel plant*. Benalx Air Strike Settled But as th«; captive mine dispute approached a showdown, defense officials welcomed word of settlement of a longstanding strike at the Bendix, N. J,, plant of Air AA- •oclates, Inc. High federal official! announced that the plant management had agreed to return striking employe* to the payroll Monday. The only Issue in the captive mine controversy was the United Mine woikera' insistence upon a union •hop contract-that is, a requirement that any miner employed in tlM steel companies' coal mine* join fitac UMW after a probationary pe- OKLAHOMA CITY — (AP> — A wild oil well—Oklahoma City's first in five yean?—WM hameswd early today after it had sprayed * three- block residential area with oil and gasoline during the night. Workmen capped an hours-long battle by installing a master gate valve orr the well at 2:30 a. m. Firemen earlier had checked the flow by shooting water Into Use hole with high pressure hose. The well blew wild at 7:30 p. m. as oil and highly volatile casing •.ead gasoline roared over the top of he derrick dousing homes and au- omobiles. firemen halted traffic In the vicinity near the capitol and ordered residents la cut off lights and gas stove pilots. (Casinghead gasoline Is a term applied by oil men to unrefined crude oil of high gravity which often flows from oil wells.) The well. Big Chief Drilling company's MeManus No. 1, blew wild when pressure from two nearby ga* wells backed Into the hole. The gassere had been shut to so crews could continue drilling deeper for oil. TIM President not only asked that fcewto call off the strike, but pro- that Lewis and Myron C. Tay- -ot-tha Vnttoi Btate* Bteel corporation, take th* lead if direct negotiations were itjauliod to aettle the difference be- twom operator* and miner*. ' Bartier, the def ewe meriiaUnn hoard announced that it had not tan able to bring about a "meeting of minds' In conferences with the disputants, but recommended theat alternative plans for settlement L That the ojusstioa to ' ^ -' Fire Chief O. R. McAlpine said it was almost a miracle that there was no fire. » .—,Two Negroes Win Hall of Oil Fortune Of $7,40286 Cash Wife of Out Plans to Hike Requests for $7. A Week as Alimony long 'Chute Jump Lauded as Builder Of MilitaryMorale It Proves Fliers May Fall Great Distances And Stay Conscious CHICAGO — fAP) — A world record jump from an airplane—a 'all of five and a half miles be- 'orp opening a parachute—was acclaimed by scientists and the Jumper today as of "inestimable value to aviation, especially military flying," The jump from 31.400 feet above sea level was made yesterday by Arthur Stames. 38-year-old business man and former barnstorming pilot. His only ill effect was a bite on his lower lip. Inflicted, he believed, at the jolt of hi* 'chute opening 1.500 feet from the ground. Jerking him out of a 170-mile-an-hour falL Northwestern university and University of Chicago scientists conducting the research in "free fall*" said the jump proved that, except for a "blackout of one or two seconds. man could fall from great heights without fosing consciousness. Blames' "blackout" occuired when hi* parachute checked hto plunge. He was on hto feet a half minute after landing. — - • • - •--• ^^^M^^M T At A^^ nyeatewgHsai Manner urwo The scientists said the f would be valuable to all flight within the altitude covered by the experiment, since it should dispel an aviator's fear that, forced to ban out. he might lose hi* senses to the fan and be unable to open hto parachute. Hie feat, Bteraes said, removed "a strong p«yi Imfcigtral barrier against such a Jump to case of had to • Notion Will Fly Fiefs Monday in Observance of Navy Bay KANOAS crnr, ' — "IAPT — A house with plumbing on a paved street... chickens •.. alimony .. • a farm to Kansas. All these things floated before th* eyes of two happy Negro UioUieis and their they recovered agweaMot that ths dtrlslon would be S. that each party appoint tatters and agree that tf the _ . did net produce a~settl*. v •iniviH* intervention to th* cotoddad with report*, that pmnis had only two to ^^ - of coal, but . ended a 25-day strike, wbtofe, tor the past two days, had bom marked by mass picketing and some violence Th* flnr ha* about ts,ooo,6i» to orders for aviation parts needed th* national defense program. •JtmnE OBDU8 UCBIVED JTi'ATMUHOH — (AP) —Local of the CIO United Mine received orders today that «M» captive coal miner* of of th* nation* largest steel oorpora- on strik* at mid. night tonight. The order* were re"^ ~the "union-i national rjsadouarten at Washington. Jtwdry Industry Seeks ReDtf froM ResMcHois UMV Prioritto Stiteo PftOVIDCNCX, R, I. - (AP) Th* Jewelry Industry, faced with a order restricting U* use I copper alloys to M par toot year* quantity, to at- to find its "plsc* to the Btruetui*." said about IS*Mo ntr _^^^^*^ ^^^***y •••>••• a* ' ' . on wag** paid by tb* which H centered In Mnr MBVWMiaV WSBSSMwOsTlBMT WlWwMWSM*' ^•^^bi^fcj • *_mW '* a f*_%|t|d| Ij T™"™™^^P™^ ^7™"'" " ^*""*™***"wl swJwJwwss-wa oappor and coppsr al _ hav* stud„ from tb* us* 10 the catting and nsektos so that th* to than Might be used for O. Otto, nscuttve secr*- fmn^tmUan' *ima*tad • ^••^•^.•^^^•^'•, ^"^••^^*—^— ogld rouad stesl Might , tejry af MM . assorlsMim. suggested that So and •y MitiiirwOMi ioao*i*v affwt- __ -,_ _ T Proat of uio* by eatssg a at a bospiteuday I, aad Mr. and anou of Da Wednesday. The faa» ; -*•-••---•-- from the shock of being told their place to tbe sun bad chanced suddenly from day airec, Orins widsned of WUtt* and a* th* tuB it at first—thto news that a uto*. Ofehu court had givoa. om-hatf snare to a fttUJM Okla- oil tetuoa, all to cash, not to half or* Alexander L**. M\ of mar*, Okk. Attornsys **thni entire estate* value at between »M»r ***0*0 and $l»jast*M —50-WUlkV present. H* "Ah guess." he said slowly, ttke to buy a farm to Kansas raise cattle. Ah want to hold on_ to my money. "The court gonna give us all thai money?" 27-yoar-okl Floyd asked incredulously. He said he wanted a chicken ranch. It was a different story around the corner at the home of Mrs. Floyd Mayweatber. "Where do ah come in? Were separated. Ah'm divorcing Floyd," she said. -Ah dent want no part of him. Ah* asking 17 a weak alimony but man you^r a toaTlf you thtok the first thing to the morntof ah ain't gonna hurry right puktost with that do a little figure." The rultof yarterday by District Judge C. O, Beavon ettmaxod a 10- year lawsuit Mrs. ed a* a bftlf-sisstf of Let* Kotvto, Indian wossan to whom the land or- igtostty was aTlstssi. T>* May. ithen at* nephews of Jot Otev Lste'* Nsgro hnsbsng. Ihe t» pay altte* and Intaeost «to oil s*td produced trmm th* ht»J assos Hii. Fascist Organtxetions th* note*, guilds, which are this Ui overhaul wi but Dbmw •*- Freeport Native Heads Indiana Teachers' Assn. IND. - (AP> — O. Bwiog, nowty etocted of th* Indtsni Mat* far taught s*h H7lMin4. IB. kt Frotport, m. was bora to wo* *M|Hi»*it by ths na- of th* Young wo- ** Chrtotian assecMttton to He m., and stecin*. Wbu during th* World war. Ah* to a teacfasr of at Anawal Technical •*M* oroak *M*b*ji' w auTwOs, slthal ». •»« bar MMBMW* osMMMtsMMM^lBW} MMCsMMwiawa 4 In th* Vao othm The parachutfc* said he f«H tho high jump and long dateyei of hto 'chute also would valuable morale builder to tramtog fighting afarmen. Fighting ftters forced to ban cut would to easy target* for their foes ' ' being struck by their own planes or parts would be lBU.S.AnnyrTio1rtj; Five Die h Boaber SACRAMDrTO. CALIF. — (AP) —Five army pursuit planes, mlsvtof army ivctivM a. nport that at teast one of the five pilot*. Lieut Ji H. Poasi chuted to safety to th* twaaehant mountalrm of south-central Cattfor- nla. All of the ships were known to b* down somewhere, because they had gasoline for only three hours' flight. ' •* . Tb* P-40's vantohad yesterday af ternoon from a formation of 1» that left March field to southern Oan- fornia en route to Me CaaUan ftoM at flacramento. Over th* Tobachapl th* fog was thick and th* ships Pit* evidently got to Me Quo dropped down al' CaMf.. o* nut* to PtfrlsMt, Oahf, Woboffc ColUft Ii Fr««k Sporixt at frtiy OBAW l**-y**r-old uaivorsiUw, auguratto* to ivnxB. mo.—(AP) gkMriBfcWhOMO* jytsday to* •f Wabasb sou*i Hopktos. who died a »*af a job in ab vice to four of Art- WisMt T* srwWaf _. tfJCitPQ chaiiasnin bujlor tp_ Or****. Wi*. H night In ***s| bugtotaaai nptMia* Th* color guard (above) Aiaortcans th* sptrtt that marks th* twojustth annual at tbe TJ. 8. Naval Training Station. Great Lakes, HI. typifies to many nation'* first line of defense. This year, one of great progress, of Navy Day, October XT. as proclaimed by the President and the goieinms of all of the states. Senate Committee Votes to Broaden NejriralHyRevisioR Approves Romovol of Restrictions-on, U. S* Snip Soilings prior te th* Anal vote, ths Berkley fur a shutter oue ThsrasUll WM piste repsal of th* but Barktey and Oo to hav* dee should b* •y in th* the use of tbe. Eden Declares Britain Will Keep Its Promise Off War Aid to Russia aseretary Anihony today that Brt- phseai iHrTrmiltbu to ralflntoc the uuuonsstr fbmidabte task" of gtv- Jafflrmtoc apUn that Brttato 1 * pal- Icy Is thai'^tbere can never be any peace nor any negotiation bate tun us and MUsr," Bden declared: •BuesuVa cause Is our cause, her -at ~7iii however, that he could hto audlenrr on when to strike or evon we shan strtke." seerecary said 1 to ^aHOciation wtth dk asMwMwMEB QswsCwaffHDgY vDv) *Bj*Mwbttttto* of the Tte review and consider ourselves is essential tf «• are to shape our future pottey arc problems which are be- and studied tat by the ToEadHrHerThretl b Ajaena's Policy, YORK — (AP) — said today that "the real . the inescapable end" of Amort- can foreign policy "i* the destruction of the Hitter -In achieving that end." , a nmiigr read to the htttty is fully », "our i great a* be said that of tho peoptos who an flghtsag *nd dytog for tt. I know that our toy will not shrink from that tenor quail before what- it may •a th* aatfan'i foreign policy pro- ssussd fay itirtt***?* and defense awl- CHUB before the at th* hotel ry school child know* nsja nancy to." th* •is**. "It to te su*** the frsodnsn. th* rigbU. th* and th* w*ll-bstgg of tho Di*cswtuw •jPv|Pfsl > "»w'|FW' EUcted ; <M»*UBr*J»«^P*JP of th* MS»»•**< as* of security, te tell us that wo do te avoid th* stem to to stt rejected* th* **te , — - ._• th* fact for Mi* what owns w* A hot people wtth a fro* •ko* up Ms own mind. Pepper Suggests Prompt Blockade OfJapMbyU-S. LQroHette Epemonds FulleruiNeiMtioii of For Eostem Sitnolion Chicago Paper Bares Alleged Graft Records Of Gambling Syndicate CHICAGO — fAP» — Tn« Tribune said today it had Ruined possession nf "secret financial records of the Guzttc-Nitti Rambling syndicate" for operations in Cook county, outside Chicago, showing it paid police and tuildentified persons I38JZ90 in July -for non-interference with gambling operations." The syndicate, the newspaper said, had gross wtnniriRs in the county outside Chicago of $322.966. indlc«t- ing an annual gross of $3575,592 from this territory. "Alter payrolls had been met," the Tribune said, "and graft had been paid, the syndicate bosses cut up a monthly profit of t221,674." It added the records' showed: "That the division of profit from slot machines alone after certain big deductions for unidentified persons had been taken, is made on a four way basis, and that profit from gambling houses operated by the syndicate is split three ways." Tbe Tribune named the "bosses of the syndicate** as Jack Gmdk. Frank Nitti, Edward Vogel and Murray Humphreys. Gwdk, Nltti and Humphreys were members of the old Al Capone mob. Nazis Seen Behind Rumor That Retain MayGiveSeHUp Apparently Seek Way To End Moss Killings And Still Keep Face •hrnkK By Pred_Vi Philippe Petato. who called the hero of Verdun, has tragedy. The 15-year-old marshal of Pfsnee, present chief of the technicany- unoocupied part of the French state, gives circulation to a rumor that he to thinking about offering nun- self up to the German* as a hosteg* so that they will spare the lives of the 100 or more Frenchmen who may for tbe killings of two daj* of thto tW flJk mimm» IttSO iMUd UD : l*^*^W ^^^MV^^^^^W ^^^«W ( ^^^^^^. ^gjT ths von and ah** *s» Prom AM ^^^BS^Ma^scfc Maost *VBaoh -Wo to see to It/ that Japan gets no wfll that for further con- Thto predicted, by halting all export* to Japan, dosing th* Panama canal to ship* bound for Japanese port*, a naval patrol of the and Pacific MB; told a group of defense yesterday that we satisfied hi that tb* Japan* had no tatenttao. of giving up their •If they pursue that course, a oouKBon thsto to inevitable." Pcppcr, who has advocated nMbtttosBg" Japan as a pan) of thto country* effort* toaidnat ~" tog the a pattern laid lol- to put a andweou any are getting ready •a*** play on BUM ; to act betor* tbty got of the was at a If th* to the Aiclsiiiicts Held MeetM§ . ILL. - <A» -- of ' th* HiSflM ^M^a Bltt— ^^^^^>B ^^^ww ^fm^of th* prtarit- fw/ OPM. aad A K. atM* Partly to do wtth th* they wore onwa It to too easy tehvcynt- Potato; maybe the ektorly of Vichy believe* ly that he to dotag nk stricken .nation' a real service by ptaytog thto to B«yi^|«Tr eflbrt to con»toos _ the, French that coUaboration wtth Hitler to then- national salvation. There are those who say b* has felt that way a long time, even to tb* first great war. However, th* inspired spectacle of Potato as a voluntary at a moment when the to b* realising what a ghastly the world has received the htood bath turned on by General Otto von fMuetonagcl, Hitter* -to-chief to Prance. •Heady the cBseution of tbe second lot ago* who are suppossd te b* imliiM the real alayecs of th* German officer* at Nantes and Bor- doanB are caught Vichy ha* echoed that thto Htttor* own doing, on the day which wo* the first annivonary of dtoMQl Loltobaratton meeting tweeh Hitter and Potato at 1 torn*. Today Petato'* i by which Fn for attacks oa Oor- «, and tosusda to th* German* to halt of Urn* tt took* ttk* the so that they can *•«**«» futlMty of thsr* to *ttU a* thst* si*s> bask at a • to not *von out of M MWMgteoc* to Bitiar d Afrlcao WM** to iDustrated ito Mor**ag. by tb* B. A. P. aopbteg •( a Pro wbtehth* to suoptytog ths in North Africa. knows h* MUM •art of witting or ths aw to (to tf sVUsr to ag victory of th* , „ as a whole, evoa M MM Mce of «h* Mfhtfui iup**» IT. 1U, - <Ap)~swtef I nteM v*t* te b* b*M baft** of th* MV »**• Un.*. e wrswiMTt A, P**»tsnM*r, a sMwsMist student who wo* Germans launch Another Offensive On Moscow Front Nazis Claim Capture Of Kharkov in Drive Into the Donets Basin (By The Associated Press) Russian military dispatches declared today that despite the loss of 300,000 men in the first three weeks of the battle for the soviet capital, powerful German forces have launched a new attack along the whole Moscow front. Unconfirmed elsewhere, a British Exchange Telegraph dispatch quoted a German report from Vichy that nasl troops were now less than 30 mite* outside Moscow. Thto roundabout report contrasted with official which described soviet dispatches the fighting as more than M mile* away at the nearest point. In an likelihood the spearhead* were only swift-striking tanks which may have knifed through soviet defense ones to Isolated sectors and reported back by portable wireless that they were within 30 miles of Moscow. Then was no Indication that any major break-through had developed that close. Other German onslaughts launch. ed shnuttMMOusiy against the Crimea and at the approaches to Rostov on the southern front were said by the Rasttaas to have beaten by red amy counter-attack*. said the new •tested artillery «f the attack tuny two batta- In th* Ant th* of flrt, tt wa* sakL reportedly force*. on tato atv- around of the capital. Adolf Hitler* high reported the capture of 'a -Plttoburgh" — to th* heart of the Donefs river Iy Oerman war report* declared OMt through tho Uk- propor. th* high cab and flow of battfe ^MVMMffl _.___• _, •amgBdjam JMMutt M*MKsV*sY •MTMwsl *swsw*l • IsBBMwB ffwsfll tslssVMwsV at I*-

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