Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 5, 1971 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 5, 1971
Page 10
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B-2 Alton Evening Telegraph Tuesday, January r_. 1971 THE JACKSON TWINf By Dick Brooks . PLITAT ! US /\O- ITS -MIL HF-TT! V &. •;. *_, yr< It? F?OV ALOfV-3 i'O . FO Fll I. I I"", irj r -N -. / MV SON SAV5 HE GOING TTO BE /' FWrn.E /•••vMrJ'3 WAS USER TO LMNG KERRY DRAKE By Alfred Andriola MOOSE By Bob Weber /V\V 'DOLLS OF ALL NATIONS COLLECTION IS MISSING OKIE. NOW WHERE DID (OH, VE/XH AAV ESKI/AO DOL.L, / THE WIZARD OF ID By Parker an<i 13 4 t LANCELOT By Coker & Penn /OF CCW5E I PO, LORI I I THEV RE JU £ r r PERFECT 1 'THBfiE LITTLE (?A5£AL;> N ^y.-v^HOULP TR'AVEL A MIU6 ! il i''-'irT ^ i"; r- T-^ $ TIGER By Bud Blake You MAY HAVE TOO THE SMITH FAMILY _ mlnt.(;'»n Mir—'- '— By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith KO,rMNOl'C»Ol^&-VO \o TO: / ANP SHE J ~-J WANTED THE YOU SEE,SREG FLORIN WAS ) NAME AS WELL ENGAGED TO THE DAUGHTER < /AS rHESAME, OF HIS FATHER'S BUT HE WAS..PLAYING AROUNP WITH EVA By Peter Hoffman 'THAT'S RIGHT MR PRAKF.' SHE THREATENED "So ONE DAY HP TOOK HFR SKIING.. AND..HE 10 PO TERRIBLE THINGS IF GREG P/PN'T CIAIMED..'IIII : KI- WA 1 .-. AN ACCIDENT/" /MARRY HER,'*CJ SHORT KIBS By Knink O'Neal WORUP K ROUMP/ WORU015FLRT/ A ...MISSING.' 1 ? , I ISN'T THAT BEEN ~\ PAR FOR THE A..A FIRE...WHERE ) COURSE^ SALLY L'VES. 1 ... \ , SHE'S..v MISSING.' ri MEANWHILE... I HOPE SO, COBB.'.-ANDI ALSO HOPE WE WHO HID THAT DYNAMITE NEAR HEP. APARTMENT/ I MEAN OUf? DAUGHTER IS ALWAYS AWAY SOMEWHERE, ISN'T SHE.' 1 ?..NOW, HOW ABOUT DINNERS W-WHAT DO YOU MEAN-2 '...CAPTAIN, DO YOU THINK THE BRISKER 6IRL IS STILL ALIVE 1 DAVID CRANE By Greig Flessel THE FOLLOWING MOANING AH OMINOUS BLACK CLOUD WHIRLS 6OULOER 5UJFF tell WINTIIKOP By Cuvalli WHtN VCD HANG UreiD£ - VN/yOJ KF^AUV HAVC OCONCENTRA-rE. Ai ir-NTic.)N WANni: .-Ok A',vU I '!> I c.ANAU-1 A. LKOKUM WHAT IS YI.I.LO.V FKVKR? Win The New Book of Knowledge (2!! volumes). Send your 'jueslions, name, a^e, address lo "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. Include Zip Code. In ease of d 11 p I i c a 1 e questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner ir,: Jon Orr, 11, Columbus, Ohio Did you know that when the French tried lo build a Panama canal, they had to give up chiefly because the construction c r e w s were struck down by yellow fever? In 1000, Walter Heed discovered the cause of yellow I'evei- and how it wa strans- mited. As a result, work on the canal was able to be done and the canal was completed in 1014. Yellow fever is an acute disease in which the patient has fever, jaundice, and vomiting. If it is an isolated case, the attack may be mild and the patient is fairly certain to recover. But if there is an epidemic of yellow fever, as many as 50 per cent of the patients may die. Yellow fever is caused by a virus which attacks the liver chiefly. The liver cells are extensively damaged, which results in jaundice. In fact, it is the yellow to brown color of the skin which gives the disease its name. The virus is transmitted by mosquitoes. The female mosquito of a certain species sucks the blood of a person with yellow fever during the first three days after that, person became infected. After about twelve (lays, the virus in the mosquito becomes infective. Then when it bites a person who is not immune to yellow fever, that person will develop the disease. There is no drug that can cure yellow fever, so prevention is what is important. There is a vaccine that makes people immune to yellow fever. Also, once a person has it, he is immune. And of course, mosquito control in those areas where yellow fever is found, is also a way to prevent it. OONT FORGET MRS DINNER P/ARTY FOR US TOMORROW NK3HT..,/AND N6ED TO TBLL YOU SHE'S / THE MRS. MARCUS DUN / A.A/AY OFF TO ONE /AT THE COCKT/ML PARTY, By George Sixta GET HIS LEASH we'U- BE AWAY TWO DAYS.. -THERE WHOSE NO ONE HERE TO_TAKE CARE ON6 OF US HAS GOTTO GO/ THERE'S NOT ENOUGH ROOM ._, 'N THIS HOUSE FOR TWO DOGS QUINCY By Ted Shearer PUT I SURELY AIN'T GO... 0.k.,QUlMCy; I'll GO TO THE MOONl WITH YOU.. HENRY By Carl Anderson True Life Adventures I-'UN TIMK The Kldfllr. Box 1. What fish is made of precious metal? 2. What fish is a royal fish? :i. What fish is a household pet? ANS.VKRS 1. Goldfish. 2. Kingfish. :i. Catfish. HUMQK.V HORNED OWL- THINKS THAT THE •BELOW TOO T<0 TAdKL-E. Wnh \VorW Rii|l,ls Rr.f 's A SHAJ-L. TslC3T CAT.... FUNNY BUSINESS By Roger Bollen feeu/o<& ...SHE Keeps \ PACKlM<g. RUM ) ^cAKs i _; Olio Aniwtf to Previous Puzil* j IHitrllmlnl I.) KITIK Kraluri.) Synili«l.> ^. . , ^ . -' v ' ,,,; , ...WHO vr'Ei-i'B&KArT'Ei-y AKCHES Hit; ICONICS TAIL ON'E-K HIS TO •F'Kcl&IVli "Fi-VlNc-i V5 TIII; IUI//LI; BOX LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE Tliis represents ;i oily in Hie linitoil Sl;ik's? Can you figure D 111 what it is? See tomorrow's paper for the answer. Answer to yesterday's Word I'li/./.te: Kire, Fine, Lino, Lone, Lonjj. Win The New Book of Knowledge Yearbook. Send your riddles, jokes, to: •'Kiddles, Jokes; Toll Mo Why!" Give Xip Code. Today's winner is: Joanne V o i 1 1 e u x , 11, Lawrence, Mass. 'IVIegruph waul uils work ACROSS 1 Moment (coll.) 7City(Sp.) 13 Eluder 14 Prepare as silage 15 Deduction 16 Household 17 Bitter vetch 18 Domesticator 20 Stripling 21 Absolute rulers 23 Rodent 26 Still 27 Gaelic 31 Dissimulation 33 Take as one's own 34 Illinois city 35 Wand 36 Shakespearean king 37 Point a weapon 40 Farewell 41 Notched, like a saw 44 Uncle (dial.) 47 Fixed look 48 Masculine nickname 51 Zodiac sign 53 Samples, as food 55 Moves noiselessly 56 Landed property 57 Most painful 58 Closer DOWN 1 Withered 2 At all times 3 Taxis 4 Harem room 5 Diminutive of Jeannette 6 Dismal 7 Cause to cohere 8 Sluggish 9 American sea force (ab.) 10 Clock face 31 Seaweed 12 Exploit 19 Feminine appellation 21 Singing voices 22 Unruffled 23 Small glass bottle 24 Shield bearing 25 Genus of burbots (zool.) 28 Roster 29 Blemish 30 Sicilian volcano (var.) 32 Oriental coin (ab.) 33 Heart (Egypt! 37 Sketcher 38 Masculine appellation 39 Slender- bodied carnivore 42 Saxon slaves 43 Harass 44 Hen products 45 Song (comb, form) 46 Arab bigwig 48 Asterisk 49 Head (Fr.) 50 Employer 52 Fish 54 Depot (ab.) 1-5 •asoa - 6 'NVDiiad - e '3iain>m '9 'MVID > 'NOIS ' 'OOIVXDOD 'i- UMOQ -aiDADia - oi 'aaxDadaooM '/. "1IYNS 'S '3>IVD 7 '31IQODOa3 'C—«o«V : Sd3MSNV f»Ufpfii« AIM.)

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