The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 29, 1971 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 29, 1971
Page 5
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Family Service to * open Alvin office /it Family Service Center, om> of the United r*umj SRenclw, wrvlng HrHzorla Courtly, hat made arrangement* with the Alvin Community Health KrxJeavor lACHK) to have ofllt-f hwn In Alvtn me a|. twntwn a w«*k. Prank Nwflwlek. director o( Puinlly #ervk« Oflier, will »* having counstlint! up. poinlmenU In Ihe ACMK totWirM!. located ai eio W, Ung, every "rtHJ«4»y af. terrwon U-fciiimnK l»«, t Family Service Outer, t«ra<«l in Lake JackMKi at H<5 Clrel* Way, |*t»YKtet irtxm- MrlinU, guidance and iial *«rvier* for CcAinty Utilities Ft* uvrf ()««• y«>4rt II has in F««t are hated on ability to pay. "Kven tJwmjh our service luii bwi available to people In Ihe Alvln-l'earland area," wy» Nvdtalek, "we reallte Dial tlUlanee hat matte ft difficult for people to ute the wrviee. Wear* glad to be able to move Ihe tervfce closer by having of lire hour* in AJvIn We are grateful to ACHU (or helping to make thli possible," Anyone wanting to talk wlih a counselor should call Family Service Center in Lake J»ek»<»n, m-7«si, lor an apt*>imint*«i The olftce ihere is open Monday through Frfd*y--i;joa.m loi-lipm Or I)«TT wn «IJ the trff»e» in AKin, !*iwsn. cm Thursday latniUr. problems lit ought (o lite . tcjiirf IHiol.r Jlffif ulilci *J »Ur, <* />d clvlld (j tn NrrltxaWi hi* a msMrri tVgretrin i«i«l murk Me h»« had (jf^rt,ti«wl Unlning and it\t Ik » ixl hi* (amity Area featured in new Texana book \alft at The ft wen Iff t^ilift J'f It fwt-ji Tri*t lo U.<tict afxj to j«4rrd») , it » * !hr • to kwfjvl (he Dress code liberalized at Danbury IIAShlKY !k«vr K4 pfaii! lij UM- i)ir.b-ji) Vrrrs I."KT. *s il If. «a <:* thr ir«- lit ftMTil <a to iJw ffi <:< ft* <xi«*f tn l«*cl ttaMt IK- J'* *1 Ktjlt T WXlh J.te UfnTC«-«J U«l» mut« tn- tutlc-d w Ail mai.1 at at] Utwt *rr net Danbury Band First Division Tiak jrc) dfri.fctn ramva! (•< i.So»1rx than ItRffrtttp hnrxlb »(x*> hareji ait- tx-W t$t-»-n a( )(r« (unit jrr r.^. <fcf«-»-!;-<-«s f( \4jr*>rj I.JrJJ Jj irfTurd » J'i;«5 l>m«;»n fji.'frijf sn tnifrhing »\ iht I r, ', r r i < h « 1 4 1 ! s t- ! f A £ u r i"«r,tM< hri4 a! -Sh;n Vl«-«lji So-, r; -\H ih/fir >UKl(fr» (J>T I NT Uard j tuprrtor rjlir^i ,V«r,f t^ U'c r»«titr.cT.U iwhwirtl "I xuf l.jr*l ^rkt it i i(i!r' T« mr (h»» n > luw Kho Out t <riV >rs m sit-ril jr c4 »hj! it u I. Ntcr K*ir*l;njj Utvfjrr Y«u lurrly % pta) writ for iht* mtr band vcnu pUyityj vrll rruik- up (or KMiir u< thr rrrort m mtr >rtv wcr flute nicr nxtog '<) drill >. a iii«.«l MAJIX! " Ho \ in Nuvak. drum ma)or i4 thr |ijnlKit> lijwl rrccivrd ; Kir»l l)nnii«o mnUI for solo SANTA " A - IS ALIVE AND WEIL AT,. LACK CIN'll » or.l? than Ui An) l)pp puivU can tw »«TS tilt mull !«• *r»n »ilh a «*-«4tnat«| par.u top 1'nn cb.H ran IT m<n At fxjnUuit (c^« Soc (hroujh blouvr*. H l«i K t.tciuwi ami tank topi arr r«X alicrard Slxws mu»t tw •>x*n at all limr* Flu epidemic chances high, CDC warns ,\TU\\TA, Q» «AI'» The Natiocul C'rolw (w IHM'AM' Control UlX't itarnt thai outbrrak* at Ou art Itkch la rrach cptdcmlc pcoportioo* ttui « inter Thr CPC reported the rrunrc* ot »n rpidcmir »rr high bccaut« ot the rcUUvcty lew rave* ot flu reported la it year The cwitcr utd hea*> flu incidence appean to come In alternate yean The infection, a CDC *pakc*man Mid, probably will U' mo«( Intciuc in heavily populated area* and will be regional rather than nationwide In scope. The mu»t virulent strains of influcnu at the proent lime arc Hone Kong A3 and llonj Kong B. the center uid NS CUATS SIZES 1 to 6X IIIUJHKNS JAfKKTS SMAlXto EX IjQ M£,0 FKATUH1NG MATEHNJrY WEAR AND LINGERIE TUB BrtA«()8l»OllT VAC18, FreepoH, tc*M, Morid.y, Nov€rnb«r M,lf f I, ^^^. ^ ^^^. ^^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^V ^^J " ™ " '..•^^^^.^v^'^.>^^.waTOt^wiy^>yy^^^tt^»»»«»^jg6^^ FOOD CLUB Sweetmilk BISCUITS OR BUTTERMILK SALAD DRESSMG PARKAY OLEO FLOUR VOMIIO* Mexi-Kili 2 33 tMrorr srnAT C*K Oven Cleaner - 79' Aero Wax •• 1" *i»i uvti *LL VAII. Cat Food - 17' CXItPatLt CLAW C«0»OtE«li«tOJH BUHGCA Chunky Soup "" 59' • MOtN a*tAK>A.tT Orange Drink ' • 1" CIAMT Detergent AUNT JEMIMA Quick Grits 49 Corn Meal Mix -59 Detergent"'" "»79' instant Coffee "<»I 39 TOP FROST Mini-Cob Corn 59 Condensed Milk 38 WIRACU Whipped Oleo 39 PILLSBORr 8UTTERWILK Biscuits 3 29 coou rnip Topping ^ 55 i. U *'- tR . ORAHGE , nn7 _. Cereal ' U * HG * R °° V? GZ - 47 ( SIX. PAK BallantineBeer 99 BAKERY TREATS WHOLE .HEAT OR ^^ Ry e Bread w.w L£MOM CRYSTAL OR MORTTEOJAK APPUE L ayerCakes MIMCE MEAT OR CHERRY Jumbo Pies - I 49 CIMNAUOM-PIMEAPPLE-JTRAWBERRY-CHOC Danish Twists 47 DUTCH MAID PULLMAN-ROUNDTOP Bread ROYAL BANQUET H FRESH HKC;U.,UI PORK I GROUND CHOPS I BEEF SLICED OUARTERLOIH • 3 UBS. OR MORE HICKORY SMOKED SLAB BACON BY THE PIECE Royal Banquet CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS ROYAL BANQUET PORK CHOPS FAMILY PAK DOUBLE ?« STAMPS TUESDAY ci wan •4.»C"»v( HO (ONUS IE CUDLY ACCEPT U. S. 0. A, FOOf U.S. CHOICE TENDER AGED BEEF Chuck Roast " WCUT 89 English Cut Roast Boston Roll Roast ChariceHe Steak '°* tu I 09 1 » CONTAINS ENDS & CENTERS LS. ISDA INSI'KrT>:i) Bucket-of- ,.^;'« Chicken ,V,',, ARHOUR PARTI STYLE Boneless Hams I 59 79 29 Little Sizzlers ""•59 HORVEL MIMN. RIKG SAUSAGE OR Kolbasse 89 HORUEL THICK SLICED 2 LBS. 51.57 Sliced Bacon 79 U.IDJ. mspfcno TURKEY PARTS Drumsticks B 29' Thighs L B 49* Tails or Backs L. 19* Breasts LB. 79' Hindquarters - 35' Steaks LB. 89- RICHTJ HtJERVtD TO LJWT imw;,--^'v^^--',-<^'- INTRODUCING CLAMOUR STEMS All Nude PANTY HOSE BUY ONE GET ONE FRIE! REG. $1.39 EA. DELICATESSEN DEPT. 12 OZ. PKG. FARUER BROUN OR »1L50N CORN COUNTRY All Meat Franks OAR FARtO OR BREAKSTOKE ASJT. FLAVORS Parf ait Yogurt 4 5 1 LA ROSITA Plain Chili 79 • ILiON CERTIFIED ALL MEAT Sliced Bologna ' ° z 43 PKG HOON PHOVOLOHE Chunk Cheese - 1" RATH BLACK HAWK OR WILSON CERT. jliced Bologna FOOD CLUB SLICED CHEESE AMERICAN OR PIMENTO 12 02. PKG. TOP FRESH PRODUCE Golden Ripe Bananas California Navel Oranges Fresh Bulk Turnips 2 Jonathan or MclntosJ Apples Bag of lemons Teias Ruby Red .Grapefruit Ib. 23< - 29^ 15 RUSSET POTATOES

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