The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 26, 1975 · Page 7
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 7

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1975
Page 7
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slips post Exporters, 69-65 | Bfawwport »ur|{ed in ,'m |]-point lend in (he firnt Brazoswood Buccaneer defense tl H tro-l **£*» «*<nj, r » ***, «*»•*,,». 1* fe*>*4 t,t- itll i -ft* **?.» f * * fe * * * »-:, * t«,M> * *».., . . t» .swfw !,<•),. f i M Wi*M HI ^ -,.,i *.-0**f oui.fcw 14 tf4*" *mtlt M <-*• * fc-4«ti«t * ft* ft, t»'*!*'» »•'-' ty? • ii? 9, *,* u » b * • i M » . t !r.*(n;i •i w.<,.> **..!*(• t< !.•».-* w .«'** "* -. '< 't .ft* i,n.t-*l f- W, ( » «*,.••! McAllen Bulldog offense HUNT HARDWARE w'H *«i: III H >f » < '.'Hill Ut ."A:i mi iv11 it vi 241 PUrtUtrtfl Ot UU Stratford raps Bucs Mr x'-'ii; <; ;c,«>» A i* '< <Jcv*u>.*> ffwm !?vr jlw» m 2*..". 1 . TV;. »!' • .if ijs !>.• !«.w:.-.- i> Shr •*<• n-fcvSiv! !rt«.Ti :ht- r<-.s! of JU4>«»i»i«><J led in ^ hi! c*U> 2 (hr m>-i»! !hr> <ir !i«kr«T thin ,'<)<• a mcAily M h sir»i.'«<1 hart !hr htiRh!. ',h«- Bucs 4r ti-Air-f,! on.*! «i the r,'. |{Kh.,ini HuKh*-* Kad jK'inl» -*hiio Mat! llUTr.* addc-d trw Special Tonight on CBS In Color 7:00 p.m. Ch, 11 Wattons TJta/iksgivirKj Spec»al A KXjr toltday visit with another heart- wanrong story olUw Walton household In an Emmy-Award winning script. Thanksgiving tatos on a deeper meaning as the Waltons find enough to be thanklul lor to celebrate two Thanksgiving holidays • FIRST FREEPORT NATIONAL BANK Downtown Freeport u^(v«-s puilrd in vt".rti off !••>«• i'ir.'i'.<i>. y-;*.: David M)!fi> rt a * the ir.'Kiir.^ with Ifi f»i•ir.'l.s T>n- H-.K> next vprirtR luck inlf ar'.inr, T'ui-sday r.i|jM »hcn Uic> bus! i (i! '.' Mi p in Gators bow to Blinn (l,itors !o»l \ht s hrarl In Blinn Ilvr Kv<md (J.imr Hlinn (*l«ssic ' Vie pla>c»1 a* ur ciHild and wr re ((irwanl (o aiK>{h< ¥ r shot al them in our toun>amml vaul tialor Allen "We mtgtil have lost lh«- tvattJf bui 1 tH-hovf we hctfan winning a war Wr got n togt'th<-r s* a Ic-iiin on i', Allwi >^aul Ira Martin h.i<l "A rximti am5 H r<'r*Air;di (or Ihe (ial<tr?., Hri'*.ir<! Williams fuiit M p«wnt!i and M rcUHimis, Ti»n\ MclXviahi hrtd 14 point H. Donnic had 1.1 fx«nt*. Jo* 1 had fi|{ht and Mike Illume had five tn£ points litu- in the game which helped pull the (iaturs !o wilhin l^o The (ialurs are at Clementi !'ri»on Tint Mondav at ~ »i ELECT J. A. "BUDDY" COLLINS CLUTE CITY JUDGE NO. 7 ON THE BALLOT * Court experience *i will devote the time necessary to the job * Desire to serve the citizens of Ctute , .turn;'*) I" AH li-fKiitit lend in (he fir«( <pi;irier t/iil eouldn'l hold w a* Bay t'Hy chipped away at (lie Ksixtrter advantage (n eventunlly tflko m tMfi't win in I5r/i?.o>i|xjrl fjyrn Tuesday night. I'siriK tl" height to it>) greatest advanlage, the Black fats conlrollwl (in- l*>;ird*, c*pwfally in the fourth 'Hiarter, t« pave DIP way fw (he win Johnny I5r*f>i-rt* f«»npf<l in 27 pflfnl* for Oie Kxporters l«ii ii y,:r,'t (.n»»i|i»i i" r-f*int»'r the c/fwt trf Bay f.'iiy'a Olester l>ew)*' perfOTTnance '11 H- I'Aotifin' ZjAAA/i all (Itsirict star pumped m 31 for (he Ulark f',-ii«i while using his Mi frame to idiitr the Ktfxjriers on rebounding. i learn* made a lot tit mistake*," said Hra/osjwl I«;K)I Many Hughes "H v.aMi'1 that w«'ll-playefl a game for eitin-r -side "We wtplaycft tiK/rii in the fin>t fjuiirter," h'' «aid. and !>••<-« JUH( *or! of relaxed We seem logel after il for i'i}!)ii inifiuii"?! iriHt/'.'id of 'il' 'f)if j'.'tfiK' «"oii|(ii. i hase ^!;rrl»'(( fin n more prorrir-jn;' rwl«- for Uif Kj[K/rtere Hotjt-r!*, Kerry Mat the-** and H«'ii!iic l'.r<.nil f umbiM-d iri site firiit quarter to gne fira/irtjc/r' a !'.< Y. i<'«rl '(fx- KXJXM tern' surV,e *Sh lo »t"p !/i«-n- hn-*''vi-r. ,i'- i!;i-. dv, txr^n it* meticulous ^me i hi- l.xfxifUrs had rffi-< '!j', ely itiut (X)t l>-V:is ;i( Hie t»-(?iciiii4^ "'. Oie ^,ui:'- l;ii! ((Uiird Thomas Ha (He and * f'ii'-*iir<.l I'Mtii l/y-f/ri-v. i/i-jj.'!!! hiltiiii? the rset am! l)r-'/;;{Jii * il,i- hi ji V.' ,i\> UM k to si r.. a', thi- tuilf 'flu- ^'.!i'u<- kept tfitlit;?. iilM.i,' in lf*e s.ant< .. djr<"«-'.;«fr; .1! the !j<-j?.;:j:',ir,i; of the Uurd quarter .-j^ f;;i for f!«jr (ju,'«-k fxnket.*. afi>.J l!,'iy City l«»d. 4f»-4i 'H<i- K*.prjft'-rv !x,unri-d t*i»'K and took ttx- Ir-ici ;i>.',-iiri *i!ii I ItA»•!'...* ,i?.i! MH(I)I«-AS providing tf'C' offi-i.M 7he f-.>(>',':i-f •- i.-ti :,;,:,) v,;'.}, under a minute left m ih>- ihird i»-rn.«-! t.'.i! l^-y.;* ;>ml Jiattl'- tfillt broke for wt.s 1 . l.asket* '" k.'io! !(,<• v or<- ;it Vc'>j (.'.'«!>>', '.nlo the filutl pcfi'x' i'.,'.!/..'«\;xjr! uj!ts«>d (o .1 f i! ,'u lead at the U-j;innir;^ of !>i<- |.«.-ri'.ri !.»-.i! ix--j.^ had fouiid Ins range and !;.IT.- •*•; :*• iirf.y.c: .!!,', ^!c,!i!jir;lf !.!!•; I •, I JOHNS V HOBKKTS SHOOTS OVKR A DEFENDER uro- id<-d 'itir ,' l>< -"»-'-•' ' nuor.n is atiuuia uvi-.K A UKKKNUER hile 'rf'ntrol'"-'' ii-e ll "*"""' "'^^ 'he leading scorer against Bay City with 27 t«-l'.-«!7;rfi.if I'.;.', T;',., rt(C bHklQWOfn FACTS FHEEfOET. TEXAS^fEOHESOAY. MOVEMB€R U. HIS '.;. -*;i'.- .f in'. \':\:f.'-r Ulan us aw! hur' u 1 - n Hi4'!n-, li'.j; i! *a* prfrfsir.'!;. ;i !ai k of •.-- }•/••: a ji;' tfi wf>ri; •*<• mi-d to tlo " said Hueh«-s. 1 ^rj'i '-<rrs,i- fcj4s a )»(, art- fw.i! t-xj>i-r!i-nri^J (Mr - ;ir<* }'.;s! »</! ri-.K*;- :):<•> d'Xt't lire.'- tin- esf'Tiewe T:.nt. J ,<t-< •*«- iv -ai!ii:j{ and ', !*.:;,>; i.* :i; our »ri«i' a ,oi .!.•:•'*, rsot -J i..r>c )i>.<- •*<- 'h<ia!d." Hucf.-es lo •* -irk or, It.s^ (;;jj!f a b:' " Individual Hair Designs **• <*J» M« «*Ma LUCAS BARBER-STYLIST JOLYN.NSKt. CUUT and hair drMgnrr with LUCAS and CHARLIE KILSBY ' //.v pause to make a prayer fij thankfulness and praise. Let us fix our hearts and minds upon those things that make life good. It's time for feasting, yes. And time for recollection, too. That's what Thanksgiving means. I«P \KKINGW\ MKtJUKSON

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