Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 14, 1930 · Page 7
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 7

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1930
Page 7
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DECATUR HERALD TUESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 14, 1930. UECATUR HERALD iyas Williams t i 3 i * o ^ i . i i .1 . i » , L ihf , I : D I ni,'t 1 L I . n l i f - n I l i u i i itlxmt ." i ) i . [ f i } ( i i t nln, n M l i l t i i t v buy- tit i n »«' in i r j t i k |nnl- I l i - st l.r, frmi vcnr-. (IRO l i i i f l i f i o n 1Uv ln'si i h t hi i IP « l i } t " . - H i Mi.-, i t i wrlir mid IUIMH! n\ « no IK i h.iinl i nid ·r i m l t - i h''i l'p(,1 ( ' O I I C t l H l C - t i l l - u l l l c r tx;V-. litid rnii. IM u n in invjnpn.. n iild .mil slu- · ulil ' U In n 1 'Mtiir f (Id ridi i«i · Hi u l i w i l h t - r i r t - l n ; l i i ' i I ' t hi-rf; f (in i i i i i i n i i ' -"t ilh ' mill Dicn 'I ktpond to hoe* are (Key arc f TIO othci lut 'ECONOMIC CRISIS · TO PASS QUICKLY lia . McCormick Sees End of Current Depression By December lisa vntiHi Prut.) EAST 8T, LOUIS, Oct. H-Pro- dlotlnjf that buslriOSH dopreailon will end by December, MM. Ruth Hunnu jlcOnrmick, Hopublkiin candidate {or th« UnlUd Stales Senate, asked 13 wiopto why (should they "swap « itreng. iturdy ·lophant for a wro- pir»»«ital miilo." In ftn address htre l*»t night. "We shall «·« an ond to the un ·mploymant pvoblern and the cur r*nt dtpi-Mtdon by ths first ot Do- c«nb*r," Mn, trfrCotmlck ««ld "and tho Republican administration ·111 bfl rdttpnntilhln lurstcly rot- the rwovery. Within a. y«ftr both Democrat* tirnl Rapiibllcana will bo UwnklOfi God tluit ti tnun Ilk* IIoo vor wa» In tho Whllu Houtw." Com msri ting upon her prohibit Ion dttnd Mi* MtCoimlch ehni'BoU St. Lotila nowHpapew with tnl«quotliu h»r "1 "in pnvsonftHy » dry, LB th«re be no ml»tik» about that. I have nit fthfinged by position at uny time. Put whon tho qiiertlon com*" brfoi 1 * th* people In the ,»{#r«ndiim In the (fttl, I nhe.ll by their ' ' '"" TEXAS, OKLAHOMA TRANSPORTATION (flu Vnlittt DALLAS. Tox, Oct. 14-- Slronnw and ilvcm, flooded by rain* of tho pttl 71 IIOMHI. thtwilened today to Imiwlal* portions ot Central We* Tcxwi *mi Wwtorn Oklahoma. Mure-hutU* at Hrownwood, Tex wmovod stocks from lower floors o their ntnrdd as Fec«n bftyoH, fed bj wlKl ntr«am* anil croeka. rcaoho hlKhont point nine* 1008, Danxo hMltrad pant (it Brady, Tex rn rciklents living nmir Brad ern«k wart forced Morwlny to flo tholr tinmen. Bonds throughout Contrnl Wes T*JM* either w«r» w»ih*d out c- Jill tnifiwporintlon tadlltlc* wor broilKlit to A sUuuldtlH In Wostor Ol(1fthrtiin by rains of cloud bum proportions that foil throughout th entire Ciuwdiiin rlvsr ttrnlnftgo dl Wft, lirl Denied MvOege Of Smoking Kills Self Dii DANVILLE, Got 14--Dwiftti tht rlvllogo of smoking clg«r«ti, O*a- Bradford, 16. ahot and killed her- self nwhtr home. bare. Th* ihoot- Ing ocournd Sunday night *rt«r th* girl had been accused of amoktag by her mother and brother. ' -t- The eunflih IB known In varioiu Jo- ulltloi » tli* pondflah, tolwwo t»«, pumpkin *eed and hlvlM. SAP E For COLDS prompt relief from HEADACHES, SORE THROAT, LUMBAGO, HHEUWATISM,NEURITlS t NEURALGIA, COLDS ACHES and PAINS Do« not harm th* htart BAYER ASPIRIN Aettpt onls "Bojtw"yaekaot which contains proven direction*. Handy "Bijr»f bows ol 12 tablets. Abo bottlea ol 24 and 100-AU drugjiiU. It IS Time to Push of her pfogtcss. *' __ ^ ^A^i^-* ^* nmn can umu me wblcb oar ^f ml · r ttl 01 viuuny Hie StBDdard OB Crjoapaaqr (bxtao*) does not presume to propbecy. Dnfacto- oabdy there hove been t flfiu cOO vtftf y This company coowsfacwanJ with direct and tangible evidence that industry JB The indmtriRl falalcatiun depmtiiM-iil of this organizatioti reflects ttds activity. etarnp ptaott flMrt ware previ- ^u^Ml^ T ____ |f _ ousty tractive for mdoRrkd tabfjcmts. Move and ooore concems wiucb ipave nnnog aiony at overage capacity, now tacnaae their orders for lubricants. Happily* this cundftioficaanut be rotated. IT drtera for tobncants ore being placed, then orders for other commodities are being placed with other concerns. That means more capital b betog spent Mark the significance of ttfe news. It is an accurate index. It indicates that busbets has ploughed through the wont of the period of depression. It is time to pnah. It is time for industry, in general, to mobOtze te forces. It fa time for every man and woman in America to took squarely to the sottd structure of the country, and not at the shifting fogs which doubt and pesstaism create. It to thne to spend--time to boy. ft to time to gat Into stride wtfh me new Maaon. Standard OilCompany 91« SMth MUUpm An* CUta**, DL L S217 SSSSoSSlS · Low Price Isn't Enough - - - Insist On SMARTNESS, Too! We'll HELP you Save! --We help you taw, firtt by the lowett po*nbl* price* on quality mtrchandue ...and eocond, by hoping yon to make thing* for yottnelft Under the direction of our expert* you may teenre a beautifully made f«rm*nf, §tip cover, draperiet, or gift* at a FRACTION tt the firdthed eottt Come in Wednetday, «nd conmft with tut MAKE YOUR OWN CLOTHESI You Should See the Smart Fashions We Cut, Baste and Fit.for Only $1. --It'* not turpritinj lh»t to m»y of the very niwt peopl* havo ma cutting, buting and filling «rvice for their autumn wwdiobwl Women who \alue individualily, wh» insist on honest, beautiful fabiici. g . who d rather be without clothe* than in ill-fitting ont» . . . who appreciate our thrifty prices! Mrs. Flood will help you plan, will cut your drcil, «o«t or tuH to your exact meaiuwiwnts, will b»te it «nd fit it for you, and will even twut you with the final slept of finiihrns it, ill for the modett tun «f $1. when yow fabric u purchased at Gusnard't, , Botany Challics --A light weight woolen fabric dut » very popular J thlt yc»r. Comet fa iWightfut pettem witabit both for children^ and women'* drtMet, 27" wick, 1yd. 54" New Tweed Coating* --A nice weight, very smart, all wool coating that t»i!oH beautifully, Comes tn nov- *Ily mntturet of Un, brawn and gray. J 3 .50 yd. 54" Botany Broadcloth Coating · 5 ° A yd. 54" New Flale Tweed Suiting ·* 5 A yd. --Broadcloth is. umurpasW for dress coaU, and this fnbric in fine Botony quality u outstanding in ralue. Black, brown, n»vy and green. This it a firm fabria of medium weight that tailors beautifully. 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We're ready already with Christmas suggestions --Ifs noi too eajly to think about Mvtng by making your gifts when (here is »ueh a large and beautiful selection to thoo»e from as in our new art needlework department. 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