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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 1

Hutchinson, Kansas
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Saturday, July 7, 1923
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THE NEW8 BRINGS THE NEWS FIRST TO CENTRAL AND WESTERN KANSAS VOL. XXXVIII. SON' j TWENTY-SIX PAGES. HUTCHINSON, KANSAS, SATURDAY, JULY 7, 1923 TWO CHARGES TO BE MADE AGAINST b MISSING BANKER Complaint [or Walter Grundy is Being Drafted. WORK ON BANK AFFAIRS TURK DESTROYER SUNK GREEK SHIP This is Story That Comes From Asiatic Side of Dardanelles. ON SEA OF MARMORA Old Stockholders Have High Hopes of Re-Organization Which Safeguards Deposits. t - — A warrant for the arrest o£ Waller Orundjv'raissfnE president of tho Fourth State hank, will he iBsued today or tomorrow by County Attorney Harry P. Blown. Mr. brown lo now engaged in setting 'the law together preparatory in drawing .up an information against the. missing bank of- 1 £lclal, whose disappearance caused the cloning of the Fourth Stato hank" j last Wednesday night by Carl .1. Peterson, state hanking commissioner. The Charges. Th?re arc sufficient Irregularities In Mr. Grundy's affairs. It la Bald, to make any number of counts hut the complaint to he Issued probably will charge: 1. Abstracting funds of the hank. '2. Drawing drafts with hitent to dafraiid the -bank. The ItifoimaMon will ibe signed by representatives of the state, banking department who uro in charge here. Believe He is Informed. Officials have high hopes of locating the mlsBlng hunker. They feel corrtnln he la being kept Informed on steps here and that considerable difficulty may be expected in locating IIIui. The fact that he made a careful study of International law a short time before leaving Indicates he was not wholly unprepared, and that ho probably has left tho country. Representatives' of . tho bonding company protecting tho- county deposits In the bjnk are In Hutchinson today and hive served notice on the county that tho company is ready to make good the county's deposits na soon as R statement Is prepared. Tho county had slightly over $49,000 on deposit In the bank, -which had a depository bond of $50,000. Works On Reorganization. Plans for the re-orr;anlzaUon of the Fourth Stato bank are being worked 1 out by the beard of directors and It Is toped to have a definite: plan to yut before the share-holders at the called meeting twi July 18th at the Chamber of Commerce. The plans •which arc now bMug worked out call for local capital to rehabilitjiito the hank. Lloyd Hutchinson, Btate batik examiner, in charge for the state said toduy: "Tho work of ro-onjanization Is gating as rapidly forward as possible. Everything in the bank work is getting under way, the depositors are coming In and checking up* their accounts and this will materially aid matters. The safe deposit boxes which have been checked so far have been found to have nothing Irregular about themi and we are hoping that other safety box holders will come and let us check up with them." Won't Lose All. • Judge C. M. Williams, counsel of the closed hank, said today that while the bank examiners had said that there •was $175,004 questionable paper not all of- this was hopeless. "Much of this i3 paper which the Hutchinson Clearing House refused to pass on hut it is 'paper which might ho termed "slow" and good if carefully nursed along. Some or it Is notes held by customers of the batik who had money on deposit in the bank their deposits will be checked against their notes an far as 41 goes, I would say that there is at least $75,000 of | this money recoverable." Greeks Said to Be Trying to Land a Regiment on That Side of Small Sea. (By The Associated. Pr«$s) • Sofia, July 7— Verification of a report from Constantinople of fighting between Greek and Turkish troops at KaraUurun, a cape on tho Asiatic side of tho Sea of Marmora,' was awaltsffl hero today. In the course of tho conflict which the telegram said started when the Greeks made an attempt to land a regiment on Uio cape, a Turkish torpedo boat Is reported to have sunk a Greek vessel, with a 103s of many lives. After an engagement on the coast with Turkish troops, the message added, tho Greeks * sought refuge aboard their ship, which was fired upon and sent to the bottom by the destroyer iCemnl Pasha. Tlio tronblo is said to have occurred on Wednesday night. The Turkish frontier has been closed for several days. JUSTICE COURT IS DISCUSSED Whether the United States Will Adhere to it Talked at Geneva. EUROPEANS IMPRESSED DEPOSITS UNPROTECTED- IF ABOVE LEGAL RATE They are Hoping the United States Will Show a Wider Interest in Affairs. (By The AfcnwIiitMl Press) * Geneva, July 7 -^-Whethcr the United States will adhere to the International court of justice continues to be a Xavorlto topic of discussion here among the members of the league of nations council, \yhleh is now meeting. . Some prominent Europeans, recently returned from the United States, Informed tho members of the council that they were deeply Impressed by the stream! h of spirit of tho American people, that they wished to show a wider Interest in international affairs and wherever possible, without dragging tho United States into foreign political quarrels, to cooperate more extensively in tho settlement of world problems. The wholn trend of opinion here Is that evcj-ythlng -possible -must ihe dono to Induce tho United States to Join concrete international movements, llko tho world court, though tho representatives of the loague have made known their feelings that it will 'be exceedingly difficult to Incorporate President Hardiug's suggestions for re-framing the court foundations. This is Decision Today in State Bank Guaranty Case in Closed Bank. THE CHINESE BANDITS CARRIED OFF CHINESE WAS BALLOON BASKET FOUND IN LAKE ERIE? Hong Kong, July 7. —'Bandits today held up a train on the Canton-Kowloon railway, 15 • miles from Canton, killing a Chinese military officer and one soldier and carrying off about 90 upper class Chinese who are being held for ransom. Booty valued at $50,. 000 was also taken. No Foreigners Taken. (Hy .The Associated Press) , 'Canton, July 7.—No foreigners .wore among the passengers kidnapped by Chinese bandits when a train on tho . Canton-Kowloon railway was hold up near here. Two persons were killed and 100 Chinese are held for ransom. IT WAS CAPSIZED. Waves Overwhelmed a Hydroplane In New York Harbor Today. ! New York, July ",—Waves from an Incoming ocean liner today capsized a navy hydro-airplane in - which two student aviators were t.axi-lng out ! from tho navul uir station at Fort Hamilton. The plane settled on its | nose in shallow water. Tho students, ; Lieut. James lie.ynolds and 13. Q. : Vandew-ator, escaped Injury. - Topeka, Kan,, July 7.—Deposits drawing interest in excess of the rate approved by tho state bank commissioner do not como under the protection of the bauk depositors guaranty fund, the supreme court held today in deciding a mandamus soiit, brought -by Nellie 13. Keoll'ng of Aulno, against iBank Commissioner l*. J. Peterson. She sought to compel the receiver for the defunct Atilno Stato Ikmk to pay out of the guaranty fund for money she had dopoeltod and on which she was drawing Inter- higher than the rales allowed on nucb deposits in the county, A somewhat similar instance came up recently ia the half million dollar deposit of the Wichita Board of Bdu- catlou in the defunct American State Hank. According to Hank Commissioner Peterson, the money, through arrangement, was drawing Interest in excess of the legal rate for public funds and bo refused to recognize It as coming under protection of the guaranty fund. Many Reno County Decisions. More than sixty decisions were handed down by tho Kansas Bupreme court today, the last regular decision day until October. The list Includes: O. O. Combs 'va. Mary Casey Russell, appeal from Heno county, affirmed. Commercial National Bank va. G. O. Combs, Heno county, affirmed. Puyallup and Sumner Fruit Growers' Canning Co. vs. Groenman Bros. Mercantile Co., Heno county, affirmed. . Lucy S. White vs. Henry A. Ke.m- berllng, Leavenworth county, affirmed. Laure H. Clark vs. City of South Hutchinson, Heno county, affirmed. George 0. I.lmbuugh vs. Charles E. Sehaif, rovernod and remanded for Judgment In favor of defendant. *i-S Razor Co. vs. B. T. Guymou, Reno county, affirmed. Kil. Ttdwell vs. Charles K. Schaff, Labette county, reversed and remanded for further proceedings. Elroy Warner vs. D. B. Kulp, Butler county .affirmed. Martin Ladd vs. F. W. Read, Montgomery county, affirmed. Nathan Schloss Vs. O. E. Unsell, Cowley county, reversed and remanded for further proceedings. Ludlow Valvo Mfg. Co., vs. Fidelity and'Casualty Co., Crawford county, affirmed. •A. J. Randall vs. Arkansas City, Cowley county, affirmed. James A. Moore vs. Peoples' Stato bank, Whitewater, Butler county, affirmed. ' Hallie S. Currlo vs. Frederick W. Currlo, Lyon county, .affirmed. lturgner-Bowman Lumber Co., vs. McCnrd Kisller Mercantile Co., Lyon county, on motion for rehearing former judgment modified. Mary Burnhill va. Joseph Miller, Montgomery county, reversed and remanded with directions to sustain demurrer to plaintiff's evidence and rendor jurgniont for defendant. This is Report That Comes From a Steamer on That Lake Last Night. WEATHER AND ROADS Pittsburg—Clear, roads good. J2mporia—Clear, roads good. Ballna—Clear, roads good. . Topeka—Clear, roads good. ' Arkansas, Oty- -Clear, roads good, Wichita—Clear, roads good. Ottawa--Clear, roads good. Coffeyvllle-—Clear, roads good. Kansas Olty^-Cleur, roads good, Hutciiiuson'-~Clear, - roads good. Port Stanley, Ont., July 7.— The wreckage of a big balloon believed to be the missing U. 3. Navy No. A-669S, sighted partly submerged In Lake Erie 25 miles off shore early today, was expected to be brought onto the beach here early this evening. Two tugs sent out shortly before noon today were. understood to be working on the .wreckage, although no definite word had been received from them. I'ort-Slauley, Out., July 7.—A balloon with its basket partly submerged •was sighted 25 miles soutli-auuthwest of here last night by the steamer Oolonial, be reaptain^ reportud on his arrival hero. Only the bag was visible, according to Cant. Cassrin of the Colonial, and there was no trace of the balloon's occupants. A government tug will endeavor to locate tho bag anil tow it Into l*ort Stanley. The tug, tho Elsie Doris, was ordered out shortly before noon and Is not expected to return until late this afternoon. Cleveland, O., July 7.—The Western Reserve Navigation Company, operating the steamer Colonial between here and Port Stanley, Ont., received an unconfirmed report this morning that tho Colonial sighted a balloon with .basket subitfiergod drifting in Uike Krlo last night. Company officials here suld tho Colonial reached Port Stanley this* morning and was scheduled to leave there for Cleveland at 11 a. m. The steamer is not equipped with wireless and company officials hitvo received .no word from the captain regarding the balloon. BELGIUM MAY WITHDRAW THE MINISTER TO BERLIN Do That if Berlin Doesn't Publicity Disavow* Duisburg Bombing. MORAL—BUY FROM A LIVE ARTIST THE NEWS HAS THI LARGEST CIRCULATION OF THE fAPEkS IN CENTRAL KANSAS O'CLOCK NO. AFTECYOV HAD PAO WHALE CPA PRtCt ft?. \ PAINTWG IN ASKfefOTAi: FRAME, DECIDING To t2t ?j|| A, PATRCW C* ART - -THEN You PICK UP THE. PAPER ONE^ DW AND DISCOVER you HAD BOUGHT A. FAKED PICTURE AVID EVE-RYONE WOULD KHOW YOU WERE NOT A PAIRON CFART^UT JUST A PLAiM BOOB AMD TiJE DEAUR WHO ioU> IT T c You CeMZS AMD FMTTEHS ro"K Jur 'e >" , trf1 Mlt> ASSUP£« YOU Of A'VR STAMTiflG AS A KiAtJ of G%tAT OiSOUMiMATioW AKD TASTE.- WOULDN'T, THAT,— WE ASK, You,— YVOULDN V THAT MAK.E You CRAWL l*4t>£* TU£ HOUSE WITH THE DOS 9 •9 OKLAHOMA TO "GO TO PEOPLE" FUNDS CANNOT BE USED. In Supreme Court Made ' Decision State Bank CaBe" at Sallna. Topeka, Kan., July 7.—The supremo ctuurt today held that tho state"bauk depositors guaranty fund cannot be, used to nay certificates of duposlt issued by. the Kansas State Bank ot Sulinn, on behalf of Felix Broekor, a stockholder, Broeker issued lions on Texas land to C. IJ. ICagoy of Belolt. Later eertlEicatos of deposit -were Issued and sold to the First Natloual Bunk of Frcderlcluiburg, la. When the Sallna bank fulled, the Iowa bank claimed protection under the Kansas guaianty law, but the supremo court donied a writ of mandamus. A flapiper Is a young person who looks pretty from a distance.—Atelii- sou filobe. This is What the Farmer-Labor Movement is Preparing to Do Now. fny Tho ,VK3ociut0(] l'n*s*) Oklahoma Cltv; Okla., July 7—-Plans for "fcfiind'io th'ti people" with five farmer-labor measures, which tho recent Oklahoma legislature railed to enact, wore to be discussed at .1 meeting here today of the -executive board of the reconstruction league. Members of the 'board, representing various fanner and union labor or­ ganisations of the sate, were summoned by J. I.uther l.angston, league manager, who, in bis call, sot out that the time had arrived for inltating league .planks which so far have not found their wak to tho statute books' These measures were suggested for consideration : State Business. An act creating a state cement plant. A. gross receipts tax law. Legislation establishing a state or cooperative banking system. A "fair" election law. An act exempting from taxation property Improvements to tho amount of $1,000. I,nug!»toii pointed out that Gov. J. C. Walton has urged that uso of the initiative as the best means of securing enactment, of legislation sponsored by Hie farmer-labor -groups. The governor has declared that ho V.-IJNM call eleo- llonii to put tho measures to a vote as soon as the proper Initiative petitions, with tho necessary number of signers were presented. FRANCE WON'T STAND DICTATION OF VATICAN Premier Warns French Catholics . Not to Be Influenced By the Pope. SHELBY WOULD FLOAT A BOND ISSUE NOW (By Asocittted Press.) Paris, July 7,—Belgium has made what is characterized as a volled threat to withdraw her minister from Berlin unless Germany publicly disavows the Duisburg bombing and other violence in the Ruhr. Tho delivery in Berlin by the Belgian minister of such a throat -was confirmed in' French-official quarters today, but so far as is known the Frouch ambassador has not yet Joined iu these representations. Tho French government, however. In view of the close accord with Bel- glum, ia deemed certain to support the Belgian, attitude. An Ultimatum. The Belgian demand was not in the form of an ultimatum, but it nevertheless convoyed the idea that unless Qermnny complied, the situation would bo likely to result in the withdrawal of the Belgian minister. The French, while standing with the Belgians, still hopo no necessity will uilso for the carrying out of the 'Belgian threat, which would be followed by France. (By Tlio Associated Pn'ss) Paris, July 7.—The French pa'lla- ment now stands behind Premier Poincare in declaring that thejpayal reparations letter can have no effect on Franco's decision to stay in the Ruhr until fiormany pay;;. The fpii- ate's recent I 'lHlot -soin ^iit. of the premier's indirect ship at the Vatican's commentary way followed last evening by similar expression* of approvnl from t-ho chamber of deputies, which, by a vote of 388 to 190 agroinl with M. Poincare that the government would never admit papal tnterfc-renco In either her domestic or foreign policies. The premier's address to the depu- MEN DESERTED TO THE LEVIATHAN APPOINTEES CAN HOLD THEIR JOBS This is Decision of Supreme Court on "Recess Appointments". WAS ANNOUNCED TODAY State Oil Inspector, Judge of Industrial Court and Utilities Commissioner. British Government is to Arrest The Men Who Left British Ships. (Ti> T) te A f;HO;- if .1t. 1 , \ j • rp ft.*) omlonL. July 7.—TJw thr. prosecutions of many ui«rubers TopoKn. Knn., .Tuty 7.--Tho Ftat-3 fcupiv-me ".'ourt In Us written opinions in the nuff -i'v!i\VLorci-(;r*'on\rLif c;if*a and tho stato hoard oT health oustor suit, handed down today holds tliut th« a]>point.iut>iit to ;in officfl by tho guvpnior, mil tin during ;t roci-^s of fhn hvRl.siatiivc, VO.HH 'in thp apindni-'O a right to hold hiM full torm ^nbjoct only to rojectkm of the H"1KI*O. Tho Cases Brought. Tlio rimn.'* d'Vision. drnyinR IKilUtt'CS Of (inv. I \:\; i*t t \\v ) iiA'lll ' .1 enjM'dant jitrunili'Mit.:-. w;i;m:ioi.i!it ''' ! :l several wr^K.s ;u;o, with I "no imi a I l>»n that tli" opinion would yon*, • l;if >M\ Thro** capi'.'i WHIV hni!ii;lil. by .lohu K Uanvtt nf T'opoka, against Ifuuh Puff, for Ui« off in* ot slat o oil in.~;pr*rtor; M. H. Jib-o of n -'lWu>:-, asalasl .1-•'.•<« A. Orooulcaf, fur a phnv on rhr rtiH- ticM OMitmi.HMon; Mid !.<. 1-'. (londiii:!, of l'itrsmm ;:iF;afu'>l .Whn II. Crawford as a judi;n oC th<; indust.riiil t '-.;^irt. Th-> d(.'ff*ndants had rpfuiu'd to givo up thoir o!t'ic('3 whon C!ov. Davis upjutint- ed Uio plaitutffi* to \\\kv Livir phwi*H. Pov /er to Appoint. Tho nxocutivo powor to appoint, tho rourL hoi<I*i, iloci not. irndiido !ho power to ro:novt\ U:IU^SH t h»3 t -Miv .ri' of ofrici? IniM not hcon do(-la:'''il by law'. Whoro tlu.! to mi of ofi'irc hi fixed by low tho ox -M -uMv-Vft ju-wor 'o ri i niovo do<*R not exist «'\.vopt pro- vidi'd by status, opinion h-rin out. Justici'S liawson and Harvov cun- curved in (ho Harrotl- Ihn'i' ra^c, but diMHi'iiU'd in thn (tOodrU'h-i 'raw lord and Kict.'-t',n."*Mr a ;-M\4. No i':anon«» ar. 1 - iveu. Court Was CogniiLnnl. U\ tho opinion iflativo to tho eirtion that rioudnod in r-onl-rol tin 1 Alien board of loullli and Or. M •N' v 11 r- r« as 1 rf I a n t s;»(• r e t n i - y, ; i s (ossi)r to Y)r. S. J. <* rum bine, court was- uuaiilnioii?* with .1 :i->r ]).iW!*oti an»i Narvcy. wriliu.i ; p> ^'iai "'"inloiiii i:oh;-inrin^ in Ho: main opln- i writlon by Cliii'f ,) ii'-'-l.ico .inluisuoi. Ttu; opinion lioidrf iV.-u l.hc dft- old (). Olf. I ho -atetind 1 meat of nieniliMj 'H of the i of health, although not acn: from British ves attention here. els ties also was marked hy a brief but j Tho Daily Mail reports that one cum pointed refcreniH to lluiai who oppose 1 uany hus Uie nami-s and addresses of hor coerclvo policy. I 100 men .belonging In Southampton As to tho pope's letter, M. Poincarn| who are known to have uuen shipped p.iiul- li.iar.i r> by Ml»e snn.'ilf, nod which wor" tn",-!- rt-- IJOI'KM; hy that body, enii-th's 'ihcm to is attracting much \ bold th.-!r oi'flcrs to «,« .nil „/ ,j,.., r I terms, or until tiny u ri . I-,-JI,I;I•]'!>,, The Daily Mail savs the proreedlngst I opinion holds the gtnernur -.vltli-iul will be taken by tho board of inuln to ; authority to i-ovoko such Sf -.ii .iint- Iiroteut British shipping. Othor reports j «i«nt3. assert that the action will bo ta^cn by tho .steamship companies. The numb' 1 !* of nien who are threatened with arrest under the British mm-cautile shipping act Is variimi- ly estimated at between 100 and Ml). asserted that tt should havu no political orfect and that French Catliollea need not bo influenced hy it for tho Vatican could not deprive France of -what was due her under tho peace treaty. New York, July 7.—Shelby, .Mont., scene of the Dempsay-Gibbous battle, Is trying to float a $200,000 Issue ot "deficiency, bonds" to take euro of its losses in promoting the Fourth of July bout, the Bond Buyer, a publication devoted to investment Interests, declared today. The proposition has heeu made to a. number of Investment houses to underwrite a bond lssuo of from $150,000 to $200,000 to cover the extraordinary expenses ot an eliborata Independence Bay celebration, it was statod. Bankers, innrotuiutx mil sport enthusiasts of fihelhy and f treat Falls, Mont., wore aald to ho supporting tha scheme. COAST TO COAST MONDAY. Mitchell Field, New York, July 7. —Lieut. Russell L. Maughan, whose contemplated dawn to . dusk flight from coast to coast with four stops has been post, poned several times, todsy announced he would take off Monday If weather conditions were favorable. Sunday used to he a day of re-st. Now it Is a day ol careless motoring. —Atchison Cilobe. WEATHER REPORT. Temperature Past 24 Hours, First National Building. .90 .85 4 P.M... 6 P. M. . . 8 • V. M . . . 10 P.M... 12 Midnight 77 [ g A. M 74 Maximum, ijt: 4 A.M. a A. M 1 A. M 10 A. M 12 Noon 2 P. M Minimum, 71, . .73 . .7t . .75 . .81 . .88 ..94 aboard tho Leviathan. Tim nows-paper adds that when tho big liner arrives at .Southhampton she probubly will he quarantined until the police have identified each man. There have been many complains of British ships being forced to lay In port, because of the desertion of their own men who huvo -boon attracted by the high American wages, aithoii.'Jt tiiey signed for tho round trip and were warned beforehand of the peiuiiiy '• ] of deserting. II- is slated that Mil j men left British ships in Now York, | i Philadelphia and Boston during too • j:v first week of May alone NAVY IS READY WHILE U. S. WAITS ON FRANCE Eighteen First Line Battleship! arc to Be Kept Ready For Service. IT IS TO BE HOT " IN STATE TOMORROW |< Temperatures From 9S to 100 Degrees Expected by Weather Bureau. ['proved NEW BANK DECISIONS. WEATHER FOR WEEK. Washlnoton, July 7.—Weather outlook for ths week beginning Monday! Upper Mississippi and lowsr Missouri valleys—Partly cloudy with scattered local thundershowers; normal temperature. Most of us merely occupy spues.— Atchison Glob*. They refer to the Liability of Stockholders of a Bank. Topoka, Kan., July 7.-—A creditor's claim against uu insolvent hank does not affect tho liability of tha stockholders even though tbo stockholder himself Is the creditor, tho auprotno court hold today In a case appealed from Franklin county. The court also held that money collected by tha re- colvor ot a defunct bank from the stockholders under their statutory liability Is a trust fund and that no. stockholder can ho released from his liability b&causa ho Is a creditor. BANK STATEMENT. New York, July 7.—The actual condition of clearing house banks and trust companies for the week (five days) shows an exoees In reserve of $6,794, 230. The reeerve decreased HM0.8M, ' WEATHER FORECAST. Kansas—Onnerally fair tonight and Sunday; continued warm. ABOUT -tut PooncsT JOB r\ nrMtf CM TtottJE I* "THINKIN& UP EXCUSED FOR HOT . To CHURCH. Topeka, Kan., July 1.— Temperatures in Kansas will range from U5 to 100 tomorrow ap-tl there Is nothing In sight -but clou* tikies, tho weather -bureau reported today. Tho highest tempernturro in tho state yesterday was &6 at Dresden, Phllllpshurg, MaiuYsvlllB and Hays. This was the highest recorded In tho United State uud also was reported at Omaha and at Sheridan, Wyo. "This is Ideal weather for thg corn croj), as well as the wheat harvesters und threshers," said S. 1). Flora, vie.athor Bureau chief. "The ground contains ample moiMturo to lust, for somo time and the hot weather makes the com groiv fast. It also la nK'.it. favorable for Alfalfa and othor growing crops. LEAVES HUSBAND TO RECOVER FROM NERVES U'aMiln^ton, July 7.— Th« l"nli.«'d Statu* will maintain at full o!fl;i .i '.«y ilnrfni; fho next fiscal y;ar "a minimum naval force at soa," of IS I'ii-.-.t llm* b.utWb.p-;, Pourtmn orulMcn* and S'i Kubmartnort. imdrr a dt-t-.ision bv tlio K'wral hoard formally 1 ;.- S"rrotary 1 i-'Miby. Thi! de -i -ision l» vlnwod d;* siKiofi'-. v!i",v of thn uiK 'ertain Htatu-i o'' owor ii.'ival I. M ':J!V result ia: 1 Jill:*! I'ontlnuvd d-day of Kvav.rt- ratify. An anaiyHis of tlm <:oi!ipl pn^nuu sluiwn thn navy wUl U"-p fl«rhUnix trim and at sua th| idroii^lh allotnd thft Ci'ito.! SM uudur th'* ir"aiy. Whilu Uio Kovormiiura wa.*« view aa certain tho ad.ii*'r«-i.;'o Kriiivt-.w, it dovelopWl toilay Uuvi cabin ot has f roiiuwitly diHvu.-.s-'ri Mi tnation whU:b would on.-iuu it' Uuuy D'Aivay f;tU">.\ to Utko f «»r a(-'tiOU, Tht:J*rt dlriCH,»,!iiottM worn oral in chm ucter, it wan ^aid, and I'uMotl in no rtpccltic v:<»noiu,-iio.i. Some New Ships. The Htr<;iiKth of iho i 'o to bo inaintaiuod will h-j atf.iiio.-i; from tiaitt to Mum during tin 1 y by tho replai:oinout ot o!d .-hips v now tilt<.*:*, whhdi wilt ha coiiipb and oomjuirjaloiiod. 1'roinitiont as;: tht:*:;o. iii'O ttie iiaUloahipH Colorado West Virginia v"nir;h v.-ill r^.-plat o Dohiwuro and North I>akota, flu* th-i i:al :.d '•al* lib .1 •mti tli'i hit- t'?r boifiK dun for d -j -connn b *.:duni lis and nvrappinK. Diner now sdiiprt to bo added include scM.-n U.iibt eruisL-r.-j of the l.'o.iili:* eliiMri, si* \ eral uf which aiready h;i vi» b»;on dolv.iri'd, ajui ui^hL to ten ''S" ftulminrinos. New Vork, July 7.—Mrs. Olga Ev^r- ard IltUlr-rtl, deuyltiK reSKirt« that utiy action for divorce from Ilobm Milliard, aot-jr, was In prospect, nald today that thoy had suparutett ad a iixjvti in mnritrt.1 strategy -with a ylerw to enrlohlng their home Ufa whea It tm resumed, "Norvos," aggravated b7 Btii^e tenv porment was tho roason given for th* separation by Mrs. IIi!.lard, who t* tho daughter o £ HiT^rard. FRENCH CHAMBER RATIFIED TREATY (By the Associated I*reas.> Pails, July 7.—The French chamber of dcputte3 this oveniog ratified the Washington treaty for the limitation of naval armaments and capital ships iiy a vote 460 to 106, To Consider Ohtcrs, ) (Jty Thn AmKHdatod frwra) Paris, July T.—It waa announced this evening that'th« hamhur of dnp- utles would dlseusB next Monday the Waslilneton treadles relating to the Paclflo, the uses of gases in war and t th« protection of neutrals.

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