The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on August 17, 1939 · Page 14
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 14

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1939
Page 14
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/OURTEEN Salads Perk Up Late-Summer Appetites THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD., THURSDAY, AUGUST 17, 1939. By MRS. ALEXANDER GEORGE AP Feature Service Writer N EW Ideas in. salads -will wake up "mealtime enthusiasm, BO often found napping at the tag-end "of summer. Salad.8, full of minerals and vita mins, rank high as health-builders They are relatively economical and shorten meal, preparation time. You can make them extra attractive and decorative by introducing gay bright combinations, varied tex tures and sundry new. flavor Wends * * * .EMERALD SALAD"— A nourish ing and cool-looking main-disher Put one-half cup of cottage cheese (or yellow) and one-fourth cup chopped green, olives into two cups of lime (or green-colored lemon) gelatin. Chill, unmold on an icy salad green. Surround with cooked cauliflower, lima beans and carrots' (all very cold, of 6 apples t package red cinnamon candies t cups grape juice 2 tablespoons nut meats 10 dates,, chopped 1/2 cup diced pineapple 4 tablespoons salad dressing Pare and core apples, leaving them whole. Make syrup of candies and grape juice and cook apples slowly in gyrup until transparent, but not soft. Chill and stuff centers with re- .maining ingredients which" have "been combined. Serve well chilled. . - course). Outline these with •liced tomatoes and cucumbers and sprinkle the top with FriMin Svperff 11* Powdered m*lt* qiickly on ce> dissolves qilckly In fc*4 drinks — aids favor. A new treat to brighten a late-summer table in this cinnamon apple salad. chopped parsley and chives. Pass French dressing or mayonnaise. * * * • ~ Another substantial salad goes like this: Stuff hard-cooked eggs with fish, fowl or meat. Lay these on a generous bed of crisp salad . green mixed with French dressing. Outline with chilled peas, asparagus and sliced radishes. Garnish with small radishes and green pepper strips. And pass more dressing. * * * B RIGHTEN up staid salads with pungent foods— pickles, spiced beet balls, pickled watermelon, cantaloupe, pears or peaches. Small tomatoes, stuffed with harm sandwich spread combined with minced celery and cucumbers are summer- ike. Have them outline a platter of cold meat. Use cress for the garnish, it blends well in flavor with both "the tomatoes and meat * * * Try this new idea. Rub the insides of small cantaloupes with bruised fruit mint. Fill the melon to over-flowing with cubes of peaches, pears and' apricots mixed with French dressing—all thoroughly chilled. Pass Roque- fort cheese crumbled in it. For a real chilly effect half-freeze the fruits before filling the cantaloupe. * * * O LD-FASHIONED cabbage salad goes modern when mixed with coarsely chopped peanuts, a few raisins and some cubed pineapple. Here are some ideas for utilizing leftover cubed ham, veal, beef or lamb. Mix the meat with half as much diced celery, flavor it up with minced onions, chopped ripe olives, cucumbers and parsley, moisten it with salad dressing and serve on lettuce, garnished with balls of watermelon pickles. Buttermilk Doughnuts (Makes Three Dozen) 1 cup granulated sugar 2 eggs, beaten 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon vanilla 3 tablespoons fat, meltec 2/3 cup buttermilk 4 cups flour 1 teaspoon soda 2 teaspoons baking powder Mix the sugar with eggs. Add the cinnamon, salt, vanilla, fat and buttermilk. Beat two 'minutes. Lightly fold in the remaining ingredients. Roll out the dough until it is half an inch thick on a floured board or table top. Cut out doughnuts and fry until well-browned Cool. Serve plain or dusted with sugar.(any kind). Prices for August IS 55 W. FRANKLIN ST. SHOP PEN MAR ... GET THE BEST FOR THE LEAST MONEY! A PENCIL SET with 4 B*ir» of Plee-Zin* MmDUOKBUUTY 2Oc COFFEE SAN-A-DOR ' 16c PRIZE it MEDAL 18c OXYDOL Box — Special Thit Week! STAUFFER'S TAFFY BARS » 14c Stainless Steel, Keen-Edged French Chef Knife Set—Yours for Only 25c and One Box Top from SOFTASILK CAKE FLOUR * 25c Either Plain or Chocolate Covered OVALTINEr HANOI-ROLLS STEEL WOOL and POLISHING CLOTH 2 ssr15c (16 Big Rolls) PLEE-ZING ELBOW O 8-oz L DM 9 CMS 25C HUE * *^fc Mason Jars Realm Red Jar Rings, 2 dx. 9c Osie-or Two-Piece Jar Capt, dx. 19c Pl«e-Zing White Jar R»f s, 2 dz. 13e Post's 40% Bran Flakes 2 T>k*s. 19C RWIs the Home of Insects! BLACK FLAG POWDER pkgs. 25c New Pack Ritter's Cut SWEET CLOVER Quality V«g*t*W«* fUd Kidney t\ 1 R e B*a»* (Ccan* I *J Early Jvne <J P*a* O cant Bit Sweet 4 AC P^. .. „. can 1 U GoM«* Bantam Whole 25 Asparagus & Tips 2 ""250 NATIONAL BISCUIT Shredded Wheat 100% Whole Wheat 2 Plee-Zing Yellow or American CHEESE »29c (Sliced as Ton Wish) Wife Preservers If the family is small, it is best to bake a full-sized cake recipe in the form of one cake and several cup cakes rather than one large .cake They will not dry put as quickly Prices for August 18 and 19 You will find that large rubber mats placed on the most used parts of the laundry floor are more comfortable to stand on than the concrete floor. At beach parties do not allow children playing with inflated inner tubes to throw them at each other. The metal valve may cause injury.' H s for ousewives A wide shallow pan is best to use for making jelly. Never cook more than six or seven cupfuls at a time. Measure the juice and boil quickly for 5 minutes, then add the required amount of sugar (depending on the fruit juice) and boil quickly until the jelly is "done." This rapid cooking.helps,give 1 -a clear color to the finished product. For a real- breakfast treat, fry link sausages, then remove the sausages from the pan and pour,in 2 cups of hominy. Cook until it is hot and serve immediately, poured over and around the sausages. (Of course keep the sausages hot until the hominy is heated.) A laundry rule to remember is never to soak rayons, silks, woolens or colored clothes. Cook cabbage quickly in as little water as- possible, so that it will keep its freshness and green color. Top Off the Lunch with This "Special Extra" Slivers of dainty, crunchy crispness — potato stick appetizers. Ready to serve from the can with soups, salads, meats or beverages. Inexpensive, too. HURFF POTATO STICKS Too often sausages burst during cooking. Here's a trick that may help prevent that: Lay link sausages in a cold frying pan, cover and heat slowly, turning the sausages several times with a fork— but don't pierce them. Cook for 10 minutes. For a novel summer 'dessert mak* cake fruit sandwiches, using sponge or angel food cake for the slices and fresh fruits or berries for the fillings. Spread top and sides with a light, frosting, whipped cream or sherbet. For a new flavor to veal or lamb chops, soak a clove of garlic for several hours in half a cup of French dressing; Pour it into .a shallow dish, and dip • in 6 chops. Broil or bake. No additional sea sonings will be needed. seeds from jam and jelly bags: As soon as all the juice* has been pressed out, soak the bag for 10 minutes in cold water and it can then be quickly cleaned. Here's a tea treat—spread butter on round. crackers, top them with marshmallows, indent the tops of each and fill with raspberry jam or orange - marmalade. Brown 'and serve warm. Parting Stuck Glasses Did you ever have trouble separating two glasses that have stuck together? Try this: drop a little glycerine ' between them; . after a few minutes, the glycerine will have lubricated them so that they will separate with a little twisting Paillettes For Duchess Paris (IP} —When the picture "Wuth'ering Heights" had its premiere in Paris, the Duchess of Windsor wore a white lace evening gown with the pattern embroidered over with silver paillettes. With this went a blazer jacket entirely of paillettes, forming horizontal blazer stripes in pastel colors. Florida and Texas produce 85 per cent of the nation's grapefruit. Electric Cooking CLEANER Your FASTER Dealer To easily remove fruit pulp or Efforts during the last three years to reduce traffic accidents have resulted in a death-rate re- duction of from 17.4 per 100 million vehicle miles in 1935 to less than 12 in 1938. YOU'RE -RIGHT.. (T TASTES ton BETTER! WISH WE'D DISCOVERED LIFTOMfctfA SOONER! IT'S SO FULL OF flAVOft —SO COOLINC ON A HOT DAY! HAVE ALL YOU WANT} DEAR. EVEN TEA AS GRAND AS UPTONS COSTS LESS THAN ANYTHING- YOU DRINK ,- EXCEPT WATER I ITERFS why LiptOfl's is America's •"• most popular tea: I. World-Famous Flavor—smooth, full, rich, delicious. 5. Tondtr Young Loaves—and luscious, flavorful buds—give extra fragrance and bouquet. 9. Distinctive llond—with choice teas from Lipton's own Ceylon gardens. 4. Economical—you use less Lipton's per glass—it's so rich in flavor. Lipton's Tea ApproTed by Good Housekeeping Bureau "REFRESHES" CHERRY * STAR ITEMS With Votes For FREE World's Fair TRIPS LISTED BELOW KEYSTONE BRAND FOR A DELICIOUS PIE. Creasey's Best Flour A FINE, ALL-PURPOSE FLOUR. Durkee's Shortening AND. OF COURSE, YOU'LL NEED A GOOD SHOP RITZ CRACKERS THE FAVORITE AMONG BUTTER CRACKERS. HORMEL SPAM TRY IT ONCE AND YOU'LL BE A S WHEATIES ' • 29c 49c AND. OF COURSE, YOU'LL NEED A GOOD SHORTENING FOR THE PIE. Box 21C THE FAVORITE AMONG BUTTER CRACKERS. 25c TRY IT ONCE AND YOU'LL BE A SPAM-FAN, TOO. 2 BOX., 21 c FOR ALL-DAY ENERGY—EAT THE CEREAL OF CHAMPIONS. CHEESE HI AMERICAN LOW • 2-tb. BOX 45c HAVE YOU HAD A RAREBIT LATELY? HAVE ONE TONITE. TRIANGLE SALT 2 BOX., 5c IT'S ALL PURE SALT. BATTLESHIP MUSTARD i«h. j w 9c BRINGS OUT THE FULL FLAVOR OF MEATS AND CHEESE. GIBBS TOMATO CATSUP 2 M-OZ. Bti, 19< MADE OF CHOICE, RED-RIPE TOMATOES—SPICED RIGHT. CAPniKICQ IN MUSTARD OR 01L FOR A TASTY SANDWiCH OR SALAD. LIBBY'S POTTED MEATS SPREAD IT LIKE BUTTER—FINEST MEAT ONLY. VIENNA SAUSAGES Libby, PLUMP LITTLE FELLOWS — MADE OF LEAN MEAT. CHILI CON CARNEtibby, 2 c<m, 19c NOT TOO HOT—NOR TOO MILD—SEASONED THE AMERICAN WAY. Libby's Buffet Fruits Your choice PEACHES, PEARS, APRICOTS — BUY A VARIETY. Del Mdrvid CakeS An Assortment DELICIOUS WITH THE FRUIT. 2 Cans 13c 3 Cans 13C 2 Cans 19C D/'tCflll TEA BO5CUL TEA ORANGE PEKOE or MIXED LET TEA GIVE YOU NEW ENERGY. High Rock Beverages ALL FLAVORS— PURE, AND TANGY. SERVE IT OFTEN. 3 Cans 25C Box 27C -2 Lb. Pkg. 29C 14-ib. pkg- 15c 3 Pt. Btis. 14c These STAR ITEMS are worth VOTES — votes that may take YOU to the New York World's Fair. SAVE THEM! At the end ot the'eight- week contest, the person having the greatest number of votes will receive a 4 day, all-expense, trip to the Fair—the next three highest, will cacn get a glorious 2 day trip. SHOP TRIANGLE AND START SAVING VOTES TODAY. * Pickles 2 j-s 25c LIBBY'S CRISPY, HOME STYLE. 10 Votes * Mayonnaise *£ 12c TRI-GOLD— EVEN THE MEN LIKE IT. 10 Votrs * Cheese Squares 1 *£ 14c A PERFECT BEVERAGE CRACKER. 5 Votes ± MM* .• "CANDY 6-oz. f\ *MintieS byBRACH" bag »C COOL, AND TASTY MINT, UMMM. 5 Votes 6-oz. bag YOU'LL LIKE THESE. 5 Votes *Tiskets BRACHS YO * ORANGE PEKOE 10 Votes. *PiIlsbury's Flour ALWAYS THE SAME—THE BEST! 10 Votes 5-lb. «jj- Sack 4,J)C Powdered 9 1 -' b boxes SUNNY CANE—A REAL VALUE. 5 Votes Sugar 2 Mb. | T boxcs X OC ALWAYS FRESH PSS/TAV W^QUALITY^^f PURE LARD OPEN KETTLE RENDERED. 2 lbs -18c COOKED CORN BEEF • NICE AND LEAN — TENDER, TOO. can BONELESS HAM SWEET SMOKED FLATHOTS THE STREAMLINED FRANKFURTER. lb 32C WHOLE or HALF !b -31c Rice BOSCUL Mb. boxes A CHANGE FROM POTATOES. A REAL QUALITY BUTTER. 13c 15 Votes Marshm'lows • I5c Kix IT Peas CAMPFIRE BRAND—Vrcsh Always. CORN «1 boxes CEREAL IT "STICKS TO YOUR RIBS." GREN PAC 2 boxes OO 23c 2 cans rtp 25c BIG. PLUMP. SWKET BKAUTTKS. Oleo M " Filbert s 18c A QU.M.ITY MARGAKIXE. Grahams lb 18c -Vitamin?* B,G, I>. boxes Kleenex 2 box "25c !*ATB O>* T,ACfNl)RY BH^S. CANNING NEEDS d02 19c Jar Tops MASON—PORCELAIN LINED. Jar Rings 2 doz 7c EK. 17c Results. 39c 19c STURDY. RKD LIVE-RUBBER. For C| cans Spice Pickling BEE BRANT)—For Perfect Results. each Brooms WHITE HOUSE BRANT). cakes LUX 3 TTTK IDEAL TOILET SOAP. Lux Flakes "- 23c TTTE GEXTT/E FLAKES. 2 xtn. l!)o large box FOB WRTTEB WASHES. 2 «m. IflFj i» Rinso 71 m. i «r<: 21c

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