The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 26, 1975 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1975
Page 6
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Williams doesn't see a repeat of last year's regional playoff A TRIO OF BIT DEFENSIVE STARS WATCH FROM THE SIDELINES Clark Hroatldus (.ill. Handy Drake (G2) and Dean Cervenka (62) are obviously pleased yirestotte K7 TIRE BIAS -BELTED -RADIAL The best tire buys for every driving condition! 4-PLY POLYESTER CORD S 3.50to $ 5.45 LESS thanreg. Fall'74prices Pnct' r.-.f'.ictio.'iv A truli- (,r..- Sir-- !nr, ' , , , . ,, Trw .„!,. ,.!„:;, r.,,), j'rv.,,1 inclliCi'' iVflit"','. ,).'S t : ;"7'"Y 1 '" V ! ; ;" ! .'".'."'..'... BtACKW.AtkS .. JT<i i>>nt! ?TU'-1' -At!'' ' *""* '*»•*'* '.tit „•> . * *.*• " As low as •: K4 ««v wr 18 95 A78-13 Blackwoll J-l 7tjf £ T ; K; ,i o\: !,r. : «.&i 1«* JJ •»•> i w ^4 « > >* ' .'i •>•» 40* i> « I V> ' rt « J« « D tu x P CR S 011 DOUBLE-BELTED $ 7.60to s 13.500FF our June '75 pikes f-.t; fc-t-vt; H-.i't. •:.,' I.-'.-.'. • f.-l/JIcI, T*... (..!- -.;[,:,. tl'.j'.t :r. .».J f;nn *,<•* [> i -. • - jn.f p.»!i,-,'..-r ...r.i >,- i.'r. i -. a .r;>M*.',h ?;'. 1 . As low as BLACKWAILS •t JO 'It 11 « CO « •»» ' «o .*' >1 • »» 2* 1* » »9 Jl « » « Ii -I* A78 13 BUckwalt Plus -1 77 f E T jnd o'd tin- .4* (It _ » *3 )* « .1 -Mr 'j '.i 10 ««0 J J -^ i i v; '*[ <95<j;.»,«; ., By TKDBtWI.SKH-: IN TWO years, coach Charlie William* has taken the McAllen Bulldogs to the regional round of the ttatc playoffs twice I^isl year, however, the Bulldogs met the Hra/iwsvixHl Buccaneers in tlw regioiuibt and the result was a 37-j BrazixswiKxl win as the Kucvanwrtt we»l on to win the state clwnipionship while tlw Hullilogs went hack to the valley to read about It This year the Bulldog* are in the regionaU again and must again play the Buceaneer?* This time around, however, the outcome could Ix- different, said SVilliams "IwXS'T YKAH we were a ymtng toll clu(> in i«ir flr"*it trip to the playoffs in some tune/' •>aid Williams "This year, we're more mature, a little bigx*'' anil we're ifoing just about everything tx'tter We have rosier e.xwution, letter running, belter throwing, jti-ii .it»»u «.-«er>thing has improved " But nobiKly has (n listen to William*, fur that ojxnmn because the Bulklogs* record ?i|x'iiks for it>elf Ixist year, trw BulltJojts ami tin* HiKfa^-rrt nvet wilfi McAllen's record standing at « I ?fi'-Hullit'^-i are 10 I entering Sattinl:i\'< gann- IIIK 1971 Bulldiig.s have inil.M-iirv! "(ij^mrtits li;,"> and average of 28 ) |nni''.-t \v>t ^,ttr,r «!n!c ,ti!"'->>(:»; jiot *;a per iMittng It l> pt<rtuipri the Multdiig offeiiM- n l;n i: tv,vs ifiuv ft !(w nnwt marked improvement of ail fjc<•'.-. .J (h»- VU-Allen giinie The siune offense which run! w much SrouliU- darting against tht % BIR'S List seaxin fvii t*tri> romjuisg iilottf.; n; '75. lutving siK'h field days .!•> j .'*<> -tevi.M.'ci »'.n Urowritsville face. ,t 4*>^> win ov«-r )lrii'*[is\il!i- (l.twu and a ja-o shellacking o( J'rurr S-ui JIMI> \ljtu,> \M» 1^' thitt isn't enough to rwr.tiurv i(.'/<;>- oi ?N- iknibters, there t .lt'^»a^i^ tlw HiilU!<>t,'V .'I ,' drli'.i! •>' .> tough i'»rpui t'hristi 1U> tejm I.M! vM-t-k TailKick Kent Sharj* 1 11 thr N-j'iirsg n; for li;*Bulldog.') %vi!h l»>',.' yards i><> !«.'., c.irri'-, fur ., i!i;r,t ? -j •/ I*T carry a%''r,ige Senior (uUtvu-k Mike (.Ltstue. > :\ ::H •.% '.(•.<- irv>xv! leading niiher with ',>*> >drd«. itwluitiry; j ',;' v.itif -,U , ag.iinst l(a> Liit wcvk IMHM'TIM. TIIK Ht;lli!i.x.» -^'^ I r|uartert.kick Hoejiic l.uiu. a !.><> j>.i'.;;:'.l -J-!IH>I etjtial running and [wiin£ l.iin.i •• r .si-awn Wh»:n l.una tk«rt ijccul*' to thr^-* fiv h.t.i tn> tjuatity reci-i 1 . er* Marshal! Mungunt ••> i. .'i :>^ i\ '.;>• t>jw ••( ti* euacfu's drool over .ir»." 11 r.ut ur!;, ,s . ,>j-»il;;i<- r also the i)ig>:c«it liltxrkvr r.*-, t>a- Huikis)^ hn.- (.KK(. ti \>T<)S. a !'<•) (^U/H) i«-nn..r. i.-. j >n wmgback who (M-ovidi-s .-wn .i'!ii:;:<)ii.,)! r>! MM KWtMtKl KIU:.Ni4)MK IVSTttt < TtuS". » H«»M Tltf i'Mf Xs fi<i\ II i '.A pound i f «•«*«• wi «fci drfmwi r J.>» Ife* M»< i IftH . A . , * « > « 11 '"* It t . l.una'sfavoritc revn-ivtr ts •vpis! r!-,-! luvnt \\!«••).«•.•,/.•(,! j l.$>-pound »enit>r *tfh 1'wi.Ss of i j nu- *.•;»'••, 5 .i;>| /i-.n-,,--, •,, go along 'Aith .1 •.licks pair t>( >u;»U the team with Uckl*- .\!>ron '.V,3li,|r-n ,i;ul cv;t!.-r !\:-\:t•; l>avLs the ofih .M-ntors »n ttn- intvri.'.f u<iit AUSO. T1IKKK 1% tso! ii <t:iH'> ,t)i> jyiurvVr .»:K^f-.. h ' ;>:,interior five -Aith Wal'trn tipping !?»• ••T!*:;;;.* (}*• (,!.-^' at tW) pounds (.<u;ir«b I'irk tVownglun !S,»; .tf:<! I'.r.j! ij.irv:--i ',.'», .wd t;ick!c Keubrn (iarza I»V» ; inak«- u|» ".)•><• r«--,!, ,^ ;J:<- Bulld<>g inti-nor uffi-mr.i- !i!«- |'; ,ir>! i.'ar: i are fj>»th juniors whiU*;,t 1.1 .t <«.'pj;«t!i'*'f Althixigh '()«•> will tic < ii > vi i r>'i> mi' *t-i,'!>»ii u; '.':•• trenchra hy llriu'^w...:*!'.! iVfer^ivi- !t;u-mi-n. V< iH;j:-n •uid he still fuis confu(4Mv«> ir, his uffrnaiv.- front •* .ill Hit RADIAL DELUXE CHAMPION s6.25toS9.150FF our Juno '75 prices FUN Football results Jl'MOH VAH.SITV NO. I This seemed tr> I* the happy fctluiii of the entire learn as tlvey completed an undefeated w;a.son of !»-<) A win Tuesday night over the Willow Creek Raiders 12-6 finished the schedule and the svav/n Kevin Uroolu of S'*«.>n> opened the s*.'«jrin({ on u 10 yard pass frwn Handy of ,\ terceptwl pass the lirawirui County bunch were again tough on defense This group wa.t 1" » 7i' )•»«' .' 7 K). 4 ' «0' 4» 14' !-,4 ' >• »» ! : v, • a 7 >* vo »»' i • • *o' %j M' i ' ' » l» i 4» »i f I I* I No Strings AHACHED! Sign our Beauty Register BH78 13 Whitewall Plus ; 207F t T Priced as Iho<vn ai f ir._'sionc Stores C Transport* Town & Country* BUcfc.tutM typn 6 ply r«ling BUck. tub* l»p«. 6 ply filing TUBS TYPE 600-16*21.1? 6M!6 2S.82 700-16 2S.U 700-16 30.14 7 50-16 33.42 TUBELESS 700I3»2J.II 70014 2120 6 7015 2S-77 700-15 3342 TUBt TfPf 6 00 16'J« 17 6 5016 34 75 7001% 3131 70016 43.17 7 50 18 41 M TU0EU5S 7001301. 70014 M35 67015 37 7 0015 42. Sandy and Fritts to fttl Black. tVply riling 8l»tk.eply riling Thanksgiving EXPER ENERGY SAVING TUNE-UP SHOCK ABSORBERS Impruvc your c»r'» tiro wtfor with the (amou» Monrv m»iic*. each t ffttftt'd inttilied AtL AMERICAN CAflS ie<C«plluiury) Incluttof ALL p»rt» litloJ »l*jm Ulile luncbn Mujida)-»-'ridi> tl J.HI -i |*.(n Far Ihr Nijjhl (X*|»!. rhkkeo lri«d .Sj,»fc w barbecue trrvrd Midnitc lu ] a.m. (ur |Z 73 per plat*. PALM CENTER PHONE 849-4325 ANGLETON, Store Hours: Mon-fri. 3 to 6 Open Sat all day . Joilic, (!>r»!i«. f)«>> < Franci.j v( I«.>k- v JJCJILWMI in thr initial twlf The PAT kick by Warms It of I..IM- Jii:Ji<nrfi '*» Ijnce ('r«fvh of Br.unna jrwl S added a .tVyard run to <lu!«r paydirt U-fun- half'.ime to complete '.iw flcil Oi-vil >f,ir '*fitl«- w^tchir-, point total if An ti-jin u-ore . V A» Hl<x-kmg U'aulifully -in Others Afv) did > tlR-jw drui-i and enabling wrvice m nuking the running tmcks to star wonderful sea.ioi were Bobby I'sn-r), (.Vtach V^.tllacc J'X»e« - *er»r Kichard Drake, f'huck Hu.»t) iinlfin of Swrt-ny. Cadenhead and .Stacy (Viwy N'uftim and John McKibben <>i Lake Jackson. Uonnie Wydtl and It'ihcrt l,.i< a/<- nf ('lute and Hu»»ell Met'arm <ii S-Aivrty In the third (jiwrhrr, the HCuritl following a M-yard run with an in- '.I-,* T'fx» fur J)arv rror. mnj{ .» •»!! i!(i« rei'uirr .Sj^rijrv (air,'. VijHTnt l»)kp J,t«:k.v un^vHmjxl ! Tro> At*m.n ii .'1.1*1 »hijr (I-.JIS! Itrir-hart Isv of riute. rv< >c. <-rii! .» M«c n MOH \ \HSITV Jl'MOK HIKMIMHN M>. I The Me.! Ih-vil KrrM mm No 1 <lrfv4(«l It .Soiitd M.iui M t a thriller Mcndav to t*M' lU-d IUid«r» «uiiton with ,i firml n{ ::M2 James MjnU-y of The first h,j|f •ASS on was the wr>rk dominated h> the iUidert, of the first half gn ing them .1 I.JO halftune carrying the ball !< times lend and scoring from the three The Ked iH-vfh nut yard line and then adding trolled the «,.-cimd half the I'AT with another completely, with touch three-yard run downs being made by a 16 In the second hall yard pax* from 'iiohhy Champ Davis of Lake .Scott of Like Jackson to Jackson wored on a Vt- Kevin Pollard of .Sweeny, yard run around left end and the Imal Tl) being David Ktordan of ("lute M-oreii by S<-ott on a one BWOD-McAOIN TICKETS STIU * AVAIUBIE ,Jiil p.-rr.'.) £<•;'. (.-it f fg;"r.J(! Afl'! ^ r ii|. fr>>n-, a IT* at the Mopper br nn ticket* ivl' Thuruii) l'rn - e* .ire U (»r Jiluit<. Ow> -Aill r«c it j.0 yard I'AT U rut BHAIOtfOMT FACTS KlttCOHT, ttXAi rtfcOHfcSOAr. NOVEMMN U. >f'i f*y« M of Jwc* (Jtiry HnbrrUitn, Hirdj Arcvmant and Murtin IruJmn of lw»kc Jackwxi, 1-arry CavanirsA and Mike 410 TARPON INN VILLAGE SHOPPING GINTER FREEPORT 133-2608 State Inspection Station Kxcellenl defrn»iv plays were made by Joh)' t'aul i'hillipa o/ Clute, Nfl&un liyan of .Sweeny; Mike iticharda and •Shannon McDougal o( Jon«» Crvek. Oarrelj . and Andy Kfird ol This was the final ganm (or the I(«l Ik'vil Jayvttk No. 2 gvhtxlulv giving UnaiT « season rword o( SH. WEED HELP? Don't know vyhern to turn? Try CRISIS HOTLINE 297 3266orEnt/005d

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