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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Thursday, June 9, 1859
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Correspondence of the Newaj .. , June 8d, "iome men are born great; and some have BY J R SHAltPETEia . JOSEPH UTBaOF- KE«-| nri ISO, OS MiEOK fiTMCT, WAIJUM HOD8I »>»ily I'apor, published every tnornlnf!, except Monday. Tii-Wceklj rnjier, Monday, Wednesday nod Friday. f. e^kly Paper, uvcry Tuesday raorxiing. *7,00 TEEMS OF DAILY PAPER. O«il.v Paper for one year, payable In advance THSMB-O'F THJ-WEEITLT PAPER. Tri-Weekly Paperfor one year, in advance.M,6« TERMS np THE WEEKLY PAPER. Wevklj- Paper for one year, pay.hfe ln advance. .$1,00 "ATES OF AnVEBTIsiKG I> DAILY Ten lineB, or leas, of Nonpareil make a square. square, 1 day Sdays K daj-» 4 (lav* <1o. 'In <lo. do. .10. 1 w ,-,-t . . S <r,... is. Sir kt. 2,00 .. 2,50 .. 8,00 .. 8,0011 .. 4,00 1 . . 5,00 I do. do. do. an. do. Hound* A l>\ I It iluiitlolph Slrei-t. <rr f authorized to re. , for OM and all tla crlve /'«/.<>,•. ,,fU lf Kortttntft, and art th, OSUT CI.IT»IVKLT rt«fAor majority ojthexn. IN TOWN AND &UT OF IT. fcsterday forenoon wag devoted by many of .J..ATHKOP. the excursionists to sleep, while others spent tlifir time more proBtably viewing this,-the Qneen city. On our arrival here yesterday morning, a large committee of the prominent, heavy men ofHu- plaor, met ua at the depot and saw to conducting to and quartering the guests in the diflerent elegant hotels of the plar«. The Spencer House, and the Bnrnet House, were each filled to overflowing, and every attention paid the wants, either real or. imaginary, of the guusts from the northern cities. The visitors were -ormally received, and that in a handsome manner, in the morning at the Merchants' Exchange, and wclcom fd to tlio hospitalities of I HP city by Mr. J. F. Torrence, President of the Chamber of Com- mercc, and Hi* Honor R. M. Bishop, Mayor Mr. L'Uornmedieu, President of the Hamilton and Dayton Railroad, annonuoed tU« order of the day, after which tbp party left tb« Hall to visit the extensive and widely celebrau-d Wine Cellars of Mr. Longworth the Wine King— This was on*, of the most intprpstini; features of the visit. Arrived at tberel lar each visitor was provided with a liiflit, and for a long time they wandered aliout in th- niaoj- vaults, appearing, in tbe flickering glare of candles, dressed a* tbey w«rc, In all wlors, like so many wicrd ghuots, looking aud buutiug aliout tbe damp and slimy walls of a mammoth obarnel house, for friends, lost hopes, or lost cliarac- terg ThouRnnd.s and tlmiisan.l- ul'tiotll-4 of • $1 ,M> 11 square, 1 month.. .t 8,00 . 1,80 | I do. S months.. 10,00 10,00 Smooths.. 12,00 4months.. IB.Ofi C months.. 16,00 0 months... 20,00 1 year. .. 80,00 ies8 thrmt.upon them " My beloved F4ook : As the sublime move- on e.ut of last evening, and the great and glorious and Christian meeting of my friends, bare liemoved every shadow of doubt as to the aig- na. victory which God has won before your , n u £ d o vi , AtiV.NTS. and KX- mar4 M. M I'OMF.BOY, EDITOR. '"••loorolQi'U .Tl Ji.-rorrt, (or June 6, '6S '' >" '• II (, MiUl.-KR ji 0<l., DrucpielK, 19 Sprlnp innttr appear j. | up. e.i.'li pile au.I ,•*>•!, bolllr eyes, and by yonr earthly instrumentality for Jnsticp, aud Innocence, and Devotion, and Truth, iu tbe person of your Pastor, I think a brief sketch of events in this wonderful affair will tend lo your good, to the building np of the Church, and to God's glory. Observe especially, then, that ihe hand of God is surely tn all this, to bring great good out of this apparent evil. " From seeming evil still • duclcg good. And better thence again, and better ail I, In Infinite progression." For yon know, though w« are thoughtless and blind, yet it remains no less true that God's thoughts aud His ways are not as ours: As we arv taught in lh« 12th Hymn ; read it all : " Gffil mores In a mysterious way, His wonders lo perform ; He plants Bli/ootitepi ,.n tl e sea, ^ He rides vion Ottelorm. I unbelief IB lure to err, I scan Hi< work tn rain ; Will l.. . . .... ' Now then, with the oertaiuty that the hand of Go.l will liy this time be seen by all of you in this seeming evil; and that you begin to see and fed that you art) about to breathe In a purer and brighter atmosphere, cleared by ihe Electrical Mercy; and that the thunders and AUKEE NEWS DAY MORNING, JUNE (I BLUrTDKB I B it I am DOW go aocustomedi tobe obliged t<r repi ir the great blunders of hpnfest and tnisuken men, and to find that, as out of the treachery if Judas, and the envv of the Scribes, and I ie stormy and windy mutability of the people, God brought forth the inestimable cross: tha aa, St. Pan! was honored as Mercury one d iy, and stoned the next, and nevertheless wi nl onward, running, and fjglit- ingthu good fight until his "Henceforth" and a crown—aa, (ju> come to tbe world,) Columbus was th» orozy, and solitary, and despised Genoese for gojme 20 years, until America, was j discovered—as) Galileo maintained his troth IB Annual Supper of tbe Milwaukee Bnr will take place at ttie Newhall on Thursday evening June 30th. BT THE COMMITTEE. BURLINGTON —We learn from tlie ifazstle that tbe frost in that vicinity has been serious upon tbe prospects of garden vegetation , and thkt in the vicinity of Vienna ic« formed an eighth of an inch in thickness. Corn, pota- I toea, hHans, vinvs and currants, Were Ihe principal sufferers, and In many instances, we fear, are killed entirely. A son of Mr. L, Pitkin, about flv« Tears of „ „, „*, f"" into a cistern, which fortunately did alone; iu spilej of the whole-world, backed up n ° l contain j| tho time much water, or he by Papal authority j and after his forced r«. | would certainly have been drowued FOR SAL,K French 3 all xeril s> heal. E lubsrrlber has jiut received « (mall iimpl» ,,f White Wheitil reel [mm fr-.iice, in.l mil r«:-iv., r, 44 ihe ^mntltj arn/n.* i» ^m ul. fll * order* f.,r P^rtlea » ordrrs enrly Je»dl»r The Cu nlala ad OECT1 ' W»1. Y.JI'Nd. e, Walker', C.,n,i AMUSEMENT^. Y O * >«,!'% II » I. L . OR, KANE'S ARCTIC VOYAGES VV I K A \ OliDI-N A M I , MN-h AH.I Ninth \V < tr .l '.o.incii or thif cny ,,i TV- , In „.„,„, >MUJ l h>K w,.. : k ii.l War *ml ile uailc canuiliou, rosajfrorn his knees, wiped off the dust.and ex lajmed resolutt-ly,"A'r;ur muoref r. Henry Barnes, while at work In his shop Thursday, was accidentally S Poplar itre't waakce, is hereby st.lDll [or Ihe «-|J. ..f :yfta".l :l II 8ev •'- N.. pr -ou or | er« rerrr ttr.l 1.. -T(>..I ail- .r. in tli- -.•.•on.I. Ji.ili ,. r NiOlh Milwaukee, willi.,ut flrat luv r ht-ri-Hft r p "vtuVi, n,. r »,;i r , ,, 10i . in, )•,.<«' .. i,' f .,, , in I r ' S \ i:< i i ( \ \ A ( ("yet tbe earlK does move;") as Peter the. her- from tl "' S(;Co ud floor of the building through i •*>*'• mil, (to come (o the fanatics,) even in his * lra P duor, and C?ll upon a plow, eonsideralily I n",', ", wildnvss, did nevertheless begin untold p.-rish- ! '"("""g ''is ri^ht shoulder and arm able woes, thatf«r»</«/ in infinite rtidles* blessings, brought io Europe by the Crusaders : — as, (to apeak o^the holy, yet perhaps even in- •ane,) St. Francis d'Assisi did wed bimselMo Poverty, th« Lord's widow, who had wander- Southern correspondence will lo-uiorruw. d has an auction sale^-of dry goods, notionR and Plothinp. at K> o'cl.iok this morning at his auction rooms No. 4 Spring street. ni.Hon, of the Lake Shore Railroad, if set down in our list as another model conductor. who knows his business, and attends to it. Some-bow or other, none but pood fellows pet to IK; conductors in this countrv. labelled with the year nf Us vintage, dampand mouldly ontsidi. liul plcasaui i-uuugh wit/tin, like th« 'heart ol t-auje hunei-l man in soiled ami tattered garb When ihe party had eiain- ined the cellar, a few score ol •• Longworth's Oalawba,'' :iud olher brand?! were opened,* while the echo of popping corks and smacking lip-, n.arly drowued ibunkh and compliments heaped upon ihe liberal .ao.! gentlemanly proprietor of tin.- great . \iu.-rican enterprise, successful beyond i-xpivtatiou From ht-rt, the parly separated lor dinner. After dinner, two steam Hre engines one eanh of Shawk's and Latta's buiM, were, brought u a I initid » liich ruacli childish and unspirit- s lo treinMe, were only God's agents out, and in from the time th r - A Calkin.s, of the Madison Arqut, if in U'B-ii. sailing around as grarmfally as a man-of war. He report* thai in following our suggestion, he bad Pump Carpenter by the short hair- decidedly. TDKIS & McKr-EVER have laid on our table the latest N V papers At their News l>epot corner of Main and Wisconsin sireets, persons may obtain the latest New York and Foreipn Newspapers Magazines, Periodicals, Reviews, <n.e. COERECTED —The other day we stated that John Barru was tht proprietor of that eiU-n- sive furnitu e and caoc seat chair factory at Two Rivers. We meant John Burns, but ae he if a good fellow, we called him Barn, out of compliment. Chief Engineer, E.G. Meysue. save the signal, both engines had fired up from the match, and were forcing a handsome and unbroken stream of water one and halt iuobes in diameter, through a Hue of fonr hundred and Dfty feet of hose, to a perpendicular height of 265 le*t. — ( The engines worked beautifully and with so a means of snbluing fire, we cease to wonder at the rarity of large fires in Cincinnati. When Milwaukee can afford it she wants at least three, of these machines. In the afternoou, Pike'a 'Opera House was thrown open, and many visited the establish- meni At half past four, fifty omnibusse; were placed at the disposal ol Ihe guests, who, led A NEW COLORED MAP OF TBE SEAT or WAR. —Anger has laid OD our table a n«w colored map of the Seat of War, which every person should possess at this time, who wishes to understand tht operations of the great powers in Italy. These maps may now be obtained of Mr Anger, at bis News Depot on East Water street, nearly opposit* the Walker House, at a trifling expense, together with the latest New York payers, magazines, reviews, etc. SEED WHEAT.—We rail particular attention to an advertisement in to-dar p paper, concerning a new variety of seed wheat, for sale by Mr. Win. Yonng. We wpre shown a sample and feel Hke commending it highly. It is white winter from France. The berry is large and plump, of a bright color and looks as though it would make the best Quality of flour It stands our farmers in hand to be constantly on the watch for the very best varieties of seed, and to sow no other when good is within their reach WELCOME HOWE—The balance of tbe Milwaukee excnrsionifts returned home yesterday, well pleased with their trip. We have heard from them several times, on their way to Louisville, and other places, as the gayest party traveling this season, the majority of them being better natnred, and possessed of more fun than is generally bottled np in the same number of "human forms divinn " Sensible people know bow to unbend from the cares of life, and enjoy themselves on such occasions. ANOTHER RAILROAD NAMB CHANCED.- The old Board of Directors of the now defunct Chicago, St. Panl & Fond du Lac Railroad Company, met Tuesday afternoon in their office and executed conveyances to the purchasers for the bondholders, also ratifying the sale and transfer, and by tli.-ir rwn lotion ceased to exist as a board. Immediately afterwards the new proprietors convened and proceeded to organize the concern under tbe new name of the Chicago aud Northwestern Railway Company. The next business was the plcction of a new —^ Board of Directors. It ip understood that the officers of the road will remain tbn same It is to b£ hoped and believed that the change in organization will be beneficial to the road. ITEMS OP TRAVEL.—From a communication sent us ,by an excursionist, which, although mailed Friday at Cincinnati, has just came to hand, we take the two following items being of the kind that will not spoil by keeping:— f " Just ae we left Illinois and were clearly in Indiana, a way went through the cars, announcing in eaoh, that "all persons present, so unfortunate as lo be married, could now get a divorce from their partners, merely by arrnonnc ing their intentions and riding through the State." A shout of laughter and a desire to speak ont "the intentions," followed tbisoirfri announcement, but the exact number anxious we cannot now state It was large however." "At Fort Wayne, there was dinner, but not enough for thjb large party en route, bat thanks to tbe forethought »f J. B. Drake, of the Trein ont House, Chicago, there was to be no star? ing on boaj-d.-and the kind invitation he extended to ^mr party, consisting of Mrs E. W. Severance and servant, Nellie Wilson, Miss Lizzie Crawford, K. G. Brown, J. P. lard, H. 0. Wilson and~ wife, j»nd a gentleman called 'fBriokV". (who was so unfortunate as to . have left! his airs jand Dignity at home), to "step into another car .'* few moments ,'". was ; gratefully aorepted, and there we found at least a cart load of ^delicacies and snbslantiaU from If Mr,- Drake la not a regular , and con kwp » Jwtel^w lie Twmontw wrii ebo,,,?) "'"' "'""' ' " " " ••'.;...- Sis*';* .: by the Mayor and other distinguished citizens of the city, paid a visit to Clif'on, some four miles ont of the city, and spent an hoar or so in wandering al>out I lit- charmiun Mil.cirt.on villa of R B Bowlrt. vrhos-. hou.te and grounds were ijeneronslv thrnwn open for the occasion. Mr B is a perfect gentleman, and has. one ol ( he handsomest places mortal ey«s ever In-held. Two hundred and ninety anres of land, sitna- U>d on a high bluff overlooking the country for miles tilled and adorned by the hand trained by a talented eye, make his place a perfect Eden. Hie bouse is a magnificent one. A handsome grotto, built at great expense, filled with choice works of art, and rare flowers, called forth many an exclamation of surprise from all present. Hie .house is elegantly furnished, while the immediate adjoining grounds are fitted np regardless of expense, and in perfect keeping with the charming scenery of the place. Handsome gravtl roads intersect and wind abont the grounds, forming a beautiful drive. A long table was set in the grove, and the guests did ample justice to th« well ordered refreshments and choice wines set before them. From here the party left for the city, to spend the evening ae best suited them. Pike's Opera House, and tbe National Theatre, were thrown open,and every attention was paid the delighted eicnrsionists by the hospitable oilizens of the Qneen City, that a generous heart could prompt. Another party. consisting of the Milwaukee delegation, visited from the grounds of Mr. Bowler, the pleasant place of Mr. Hoffner, by all odds the prettiest, most charming and .beautiful spot ol gronnd we ever saw, or ever eipect to see. Here were works of .nature and works of art, and one of God's own noblemen dwelling iu the midst of th-s more than Eden- like'beanty. Here were works of nature improved by art, and tbe choicest gems of art made to appear more beautiful still by the exquisite surroundings, and choice culture of rare plants and flowers Mr.Hoffner has several acres laid out in grounds about a handsome residence, with walks amidst groves and flow- erg, reminding one of lands visited in pleasant dreams, instead of wakeful reality. In his garden and hot-houses are upwards of four thousand different varieties of flowers and plants, from every clime, and statuary : from the first Italian artists, in graceful keeping with the handsome location. Big parlors are filled with uxqaisite works in marble, and other gems from this and eastern countries all presenting a more beautiful picture than painter ever attempted. From the flowers in bloftm. he ordered made, and presented to the lo purify the atmosphere of this besotted Sodom, let us lake courage and thank Him for His infinite mercy, that, for the sake of the ten righteous, and perad venture even twenty found in this oily ol the lake also, he hath not given us OV.T unto death, nor made the lake another Aspbaltie pool, us our sins deserved But will vim Ix- Mirprised if I tell you that I plainly foresaw, aud patiently waited for this result But ns sorn- unlflievers will U) ready lo Miet-r at Ibis thought, as "bliu.l unbelief is M/rf to err ." and aa most people in this un- eodly Gomorrah believe, in banks, and railways aud idle speculations, and in losing money by buying and selling wheat, and iu corner lots, rather than in God ; and have .-veil a silent contempt for such declarations a« then-, out of the Bible that, they make lie- lirve Iwlieve in : "He that withholdeth corn, the people (and the profit and lots account) shall rursehim: 1 ' and a sp&rrow, worth half a farthing, shall not fall to the ground without your Father: I shall first atop the mouths of the scorners, and put an end to such sneers as it n rery ea*y to dream after the event, and to prophesy after tfu thing has happened. I shall take the liberty of proving that I not only foresaw, but foretell—yes, and fore-urrote —not only all that has happened, but more, far more than you can vet see, to onr spiritual earthly hesd the Biahop. who has thereby been pat in a position to Bay lo oneofihe malcontents who ran io him will, bis poor tale against his past,.r, ••/ ,«.,A / had more ftich. moitd*. " Suppose We hunt the world to supply the Bishop's desire ! Bui lie is not the flrsl Kish op who sent away ihe firebrand tale-tx>ar er, with his fir iiingnish«l, and himself ui- ed, unmarried, 12 centuries ou th* earth, oflrtr her dear Lord'ij crucifixion, and by this marriage, (and all iis abcetioism, self-denial, alaa- lute devotion anrd volcanic fervor), did kindle all the dames ofjall good fire* in Ilaly; potjtry in Dante and Pejtraroh, Italian beamy of stylfc in Horace, diviute painllng In Raphael, and all things, architecture., poetry, ihe uolo.isul power of ihn pencil, in. Michael Augelu, not :o sppak of republics, statesmen, generals, HUrty, tuu- nicipal laws—e^ery ibing whioh did »urely spring out of thtj burniug agony of the piely of St. Francis—jail good Ihinga thai made Italy, aud thereby;, (In 1498 with Ihe invasion of Charles VIIlJ) began lo m Europe and us. j So 1 say it ia God'j will tbai the world should sometimes be moved by the powers and eVep by the infirmities of a single; man; as Lutherj as Knox, as Cromwell, as a host. Bnt tlitit mei mmt flghi, M,,. fight. We se« tlie results Their and the peddling weakn,-»» of l!i-ir opposition died in the liitletieas of their times, ami thn works of the lyants remain perenniua a-ro nu>re lasting than brtzen monuments are God's immmorta! soldiers shall go on. The "spirit of th« age" ;tha shams of a lying world, the etiquelle of farma'. Christianity, the gnats' aud Hies of the sectarian swarms, shall lie brushed sway, like- the unats from the face of the. Homeric Shepherd, shall vanish, shall crumble, before llie victory and the immortal triumph of our God ami His i'hn-1 80 be it, 0 Lord I • Now, my bJorvBd Bishop, con^.-k-r the.-* things, and plaoe:ibe right hand of yonr rt Episcopal authority und«r your loving Pr byter, and give hjm nil the ai.l 10 u cnn, and Mr William Norton was somewhat injured w»'.i- by a running team lb« other day. aj -l.a.l in Gov B.'irstow had a uf valuable | wuhlu Ule xhibn r-n l " '•• '«'»= Canadian ponies stolen from the stable of Hi- be, ram Taylor, Kstj . ,,f Jinesv.Me, on Mou.lay i ["* BVenini; The Maijixou Aryu.i mention* the i'*r recovery of a sjian of horses that were stolen ; pr,.' from Suu Prairie, one night last week. They were found ihe next day, tind to a tree theru- a bouts TJ . Polic (5. It t* hti-^hy .l nusly il I UHNKIIAL Twious - W,. bavaalr. that tins gallant veteran was daUK at San Antonio, T-xa.s It pains us tu learn now that (hern is no Impt- of his r.-i-ovrty — The Galveston .\Vioj of lli- 2rith nlimio contains a letter written in the nciimy of rtan Antonio, which *avs General Uaviil K France and |,j s ?rave n,, scale h-rehy wo «-t. may .• f cct : .~ <)' Inn:,-.! .1 I i* i<i Twigu-. is f«st .ninkiii.; int., eti up by his phy 'in*;,.-. X> (>UI> •1 \a. ..' ill. r direct. ..ns .,1 , meu tl,, opponents has made his will, and his luueral San Antonio Is noted for thr. taliiy alU-niiiuv the Commanding General.-t tlii.- Uepanmetii, and y-l u,, | 00 ai' cause ..xi-it- tl.erefor. Gsueril Worth Ji«l of nhol,-ru, lien. eral Brooks ..f an uld disease, and now G-neral Tffii/gs is lik-iy lo follow, of a disease which has lrouble.4 him at tirntKi fo S ' fcLT tins •j'lt Ihe "F,EJ THE A 1 K ))•» JJ ' or years pa-t i > i; 111 > \ -, i r — Hn FOOTB, PHSSHHM; — . June Joseph Hajtteufu-d kii-k.-d up A p... )I i \ .hsor.Wli Jo«-ph rang say the same Id your nol.l- !>rL<..,! of crow f..r il th most drowned. T s..uie one who told the five ladies visiting, boqnets exceeding in beauty and fragrance anything Wisconsin ever boasted of. The kindness and courtesy extended us by this western nobleman, raised and educated in the west, and for thirty years an occupant of his still unfinished home, will ever remain an oasis in the de°_rt of life—to which all partaking of big hospitality will, in memory, fondly love to linger by, and sit and gaze upon. Wonld to God there were more snob men, of which class Cincinnati has more than her share, and to'whose taste, ambition and liberal spirit she owes so much for the improvement and adornment of her great 1 natural beauty. Nature and rrt, hand in hand, hare led, and are still leading, the " Queen City of the West" to a brighter and more beautiful throne than the one she now so proudly and gracefully occupies. -;. .Cincinnati is about twice thesise of Milwaukee, and handsome^ located on tbe Ohio j but of its location, prospects and advantages, we will speak' hereafter.* Some of the excursionists return to-day some remain here till next week, while others are leaving for other important points in the State. A party oftMilwankeeans of which we shall be one, leave at noon for Louisville Ky from which piece we will return by Wednesday next^ and from whJch-point we will write. * Thewlnetfai haniJed ont<» o A«rti, bnt o lt would •not *M»erJn theabonje,to v |jy dlfltrent^.Mr. iopg-' worth »Dow»d m to smell of O n e bottle, to chew an old "rk. to look over-iB^J 8 ! (ret »few ; old grmpeMt and to drinic a cup of «»t*r frijm a nrtghbo i '• well. ''J,\ '^ :-,- ',,.:'.. i..,-i:V.-?"*"!.iX.'.-....'., , ;..'* -.- USIAT SnocttTBR-rWe saw wen JIM «roWstir6nhtf!in*atWttuuita 'House. ! venerable and apostolic, meek and quiet Bishop Griswold, in whose sainted bouse and presence your presbyter and pastor lived his deacon's year—to such a one saying even 27 years ago, "Richmond is mad 1 " Binbop—"I wish he would bite my ,-1-rgy!" Twenty wen year*' and 1 have largely Uttrn the whole church, and in ten more, all the railroad presidents, and bank directors and usurers in this country, will never cure her Bnt la prove what I have said, and to stop the sneers of tbe "vain and unruly talkers whose movthi mutt be stopped," says tbe Grea 1 Apostle, I subjoin, aa enough for this time, my letters to tbe Bishop IVfTBR I,—TO THK BISHOP. MILWAUKEE, F«b. 8, 1859. DEAB BISHOP :—As the Apostles filled Jerusalem with their doctrines, so have I, Milwaukee, brimfull, till it begins to run over and my Vestry, with their noble devotion and truly loving hearts, are peverthelese somewhat inclined to "thrift, thrift, Horatio I" and fearing so much good teaching would run to waste, they think it best to give the people a littl* rest and time, aft«r the full report (to change the figure) to digest the Word. To bo sure, they wish not to hurt th« feelings of the dear, good, but somewhat sensitive, people, and therefore for ton better observance of lh e great cause of love, they propose that I should make beliere, or as my little girl used to say, " only pretend, papa," that " Mr. Richmond ia tired and needs rest, and had better go home for a time," and I, good man, just humor " tbe weakness of these latter times " But I would not listen to the actual fact of being tir«d, and n«eding rest, and all that kind of humbug, and therefore told them, before I consented that we must drum np a doctor and obtain medicat advice for the Vestry, in reference to tbe state of my body and brains They called in Dr. Bartleti, for as I stoutly maintained thai i had never been meddled with by doctors, except against my will, and as it had hitherto been God's will that I should neither send for the doctor nor pay the fee. Wasn't it fanny, prophets, and youtlers Church out of thu west an i the n0 ith. 'Fair weather oometh oat of the north," or ini.lnight whence il i» not experte-i, for -'with Uod is terrible majesty. 1 ' Job X XX Vlll. o-j Now 1 Bball ( L' V ) fieluru tu I* lntt,tut"l ... tl,. ChurcJi, to ichirkfltl thiM afftrli-ns, •!•• : .'.iff and dflight, and U'd'i inll have "<arri, I ,,\, mid let no mail pui annniier what Go.i bath waj arrested for lien fined £ f'' and cost-. Louis .\eidl,of.. r assault ar:,l l.atUry L.ui-s can Iv louud at the jail lor trie n-xi SUM lav. Andrew Kupfer, w-nt too far into UK . uj.s result, ,tiMur.|-ri> t-olldut.:. \ ijj r - « ' t t«.-\i ic- ouuut ih 80 short. 1'iniel I'Urk. [iHssiui; .-ounterl'it iu..j.-? j.leA.l yuiltv, arid wis -.en'.ru-tMi '., jw.i v-ir- ' iuipriM)iiinent u^.1 on .n- dictincnts br..iK'ht In by th- Grand Jurv Sarali I'anht-ld. Urr-uv, p|.- a .) n..t John Eni;lel»-ri(^r assault will, im kill—pl-a.l not cuilu R..-W-IU Lin Nay. Ui.-.-uv, r,;.-. 4 d k -u Itv S.-IU jj-nds the ii^it ve;ir in Waupui- Fnir-r',- Li,Ik-. !ar.-nv, |,; n..i L'... (' W- call 9tlenli.. un aii-l t'oUoi. :vr>- w.- , zrn - \\ I t»k.-ii u] I shall waul first, an in?l,- i I' 0 "' 1 '' 1 " lutlon, and UIHH a confirmation—eith-r 4th joined together .e New Sunday in Lent.lj as 1 sa:d before, or l»-fore Easter, or when it shall pl«s« God. Arl-ctirjinatelv, yours J (" KlL'HMfi.VLi Tli^ Bishop's r"piy, sent in il»rt-l, i,, j Ponghkeepsie, contained thes- words ft "Dear Richmond, your letter ?reatlv stlr-i | wl.ii.-h w- , h[. e *.,. it Miii.ijn , of LUcliB-H n. wb-r- h- In* r-O'.aity, but i u th^ dial- at me i 1 ' and th» rest pf it, which 1 bs sympathize with these thoughu. ' J C not here, . ,-, -, ^.-r-T-.JMitn^TegaftoI'twib »,„ J«biDg,ja3Diiae8ota.^-Bridgeman wai onecif *e;Dewij^;t^y -fvgi ^^;'K "" t -siKull.-r'w C;T.JCi \ .- and doesn't it sound *o to you mjr dear Bishop, who know me off, and on, these ftve and twenty years, for this Vestry to think I was •tired and needed rest ? Though they affirm they do most faithfully and earnestly believe in my brains. I guess this town U partly of the Vestry's opinion, and Milwaukee ia in danger of being tamed right side np frith the doctrine of Christianity [ So we met at Tom Ogden's (I mean Prank Btoodgood) and Tom tor the Vestry, informed the Dr. by tbe Hector's demand, and I to represent Richmond. The iriBdom of Galen produced the following: ''Thin is to certify that I am aatUUed that Key. C. Brohmoud is in sound health, In bod/ and mind, so far as I can judge. (Signed; J. K. BAETtBTT, M. D. 1 ' ' Now, said I, d«ar Vestry, you are mistaken, bpt I would like to write a book, and being 'iheboy for Beee'her" & Co.."for this David, tor these giants of the uncivilized Philistines. So you "kindly piippiy and pay expenses, 'and I?ta- .off for home a few weeks, contrary to my own advice. Too, .therefore,.; become -aooonnUble for accident* to me,, snob as being killed on the journey, and to the Bishop if jny confirmation class U not ready/. In short, can I, if I wish them, another and later Srinday or 'day. ; • ••- •• •' • -i ; '* -•• ''•''' • RICHMOND, Reclor Pail oral Letter. MILWAUKEE. June 7tb, 1859, 10 A n As Rector of St., Paul's Church, and Pastor of all persons and;parlies, of all friends and foes, of tbe weak and the strong, of the sheep and the lambs, in my great and trrowin^ floch —too large by far for one mortal ahepherd , and provident of l(ie future, when some feeble shepherd shall be Called to tend and lake care of, and keep the ificep and the Iambi, in Faith. Hope and Love, 1 propose to erect a new church for this niitjed flock, near the Jake : 1- For those who live hear the spot; 2. For those who desire the''sincere milk of the word, 1 ' and cannot yet endure strong meal, by reason j that their senses ar$ not eiercised to discern. —1 Cor. Ill 2 ; 3. for those who dislike « mon*, (aermo) i. e ,| spoken speeches, and prefer written essays, or *ritten discourses , 4. For the Blok, and invalids In body and mind , 5 For all who dislike j( for I will not say hale) me, personally. . I propose to bull<j a church for ihem, and to Qod'a glory, and the final enlargement of His great militant, but thenceforward triumphant Kingdom. It shall'he at the. distance ol some; mile, or morn, from St. Paul's Church. Brothers, dear flbck 1 beloved and loving, and beloved acd nj>t loving people! Let us unite in thSg good ind great work, and givo all the pnise of thegreat things, wherein God has hitherto helped-ns, and will do so henceforward, to the Fatfier, Creator, and Preserver and Upholder of Jig aB ; to tbe Son, who redeemed and still governs and saves ns by His blood ; and to tbe Holy Ghost who sanctifies j to the Triun<j God be all the glory I— take a hi^h posiliou at tli- i!i which city he ha.« nx-,| 1,., ine hiisojiiurn naioiig u.«, h- amid the urdnouj ,!ntie^ ,i( h -OlnilH that valuable " H -!. .lru,- j I 0 .. i-Olnpil cut' f u( .ry ••f hl.< inr which i-<iulril.u"li..ii annal.i. ih- |>-opl- of ill- >lar- m . '.Kit p.i-t in.l «i. i.»r~\a - li.jr- .i I inn-. ^.m. t.. .11,11. ,-li- 1 ,.ur in Call and * > <>IC l>! > t M i . ju .t- r ai lasting obligation. H«h»Jthe r»r-r m.-rit of l>t-ini; a genii, .man U- carri-s with him to his new home, the be.,t wh,he* of a Urge cir.-l- of personal fn-h.l-i i A LITTLE MORE OF TUK SAME S^BI — A movemenl is being ma.1« in oonneclicul to follow the example uf M.^.-isacbusetl- in relation lo the qualifioation of foreigners Th-v propose to add one year insl.'ad of two to Hi- lime DOW re,juire<l, b-for- a foreijn r can vote or hold office The Legislature of (.'onnecu. cut is strongly Republican or American Republican. S' r.J n »,f .' id Oroti Amen) JAMRS COOK RICITMOHD, •' Rector and Pastor. TH» ARCTIC — Wecopy tbe fol- J^recUonatelyf ' i EICHMOND. i r »H« BISHOP. J859. dpestnrii m l*yond,theraprt fine gold, «nH»o inar^o^rMsgr^^ein^^oOT, lowing excellent notice, from the Cincinnati Daily Commtrcial:', II is a pleasing evidence of the correct taste of a community that fosters and encourages; tbe fine arts, and we are- gratified in recording the nndonbted success In this city of the abWe exhibition " Such displays', blending real information with rational and refined pleasure, Imparting knowledge, while cultivating tbe taste, storing the mind with ncir ideas, Indelibly impressing- important facts upon the memory, suggesting expansive trains of thought, and sronsing'.the latent powers of enlightened curiosity, white.: at tbe tame time awikentng the more exalted sentiments of our nature, may be made the' means of exerting t solid and beneficial Influence upon society. i ' """is, » wori.of irt,i the exhibition ii well worth the examination of the connoisseur, at the sane time, tba Incidents illustrated with. such life-like fldelity^ Are calculated to awaken: a llrel|r interest in the great Ameriqan heart, as presenting a mimfobqtfajtbfnl reflection of the, adrentures, privations and sufferings of that daring navigator, whose name is now a household word, in etvery home in the land '^ : This Pa'norama wfll be exhihlttd in Young's^ Hall this evening, 1 at d remain one week. • Torm -- - ; / ' . U*PPJ" Juat jreturaed to Palinpnib, ;Mas8 f from thar wed- j fling, trip, . wWcb,wi a ^afhaHlig •; royag* that| ' ' wife gave •i i it reached nome. " ' v ^ v: 4.;.;.';.- : : ' NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. s PAHK Coos au»BO!i a Hut.Li3T.cB CHABLES c COTTHS. COON, HOLLISTER. & COTTON. Altorneya and (Jotii NOB. 4.5, AND 6, PBCEV1 X BUILDIN(3 , (W7 Water Street,) 1859. NEW AMD FAVOE1T£ ROUTE 1. ihf firn rii^ht to.l iDe 4Lh, I )59 H* H.MAN i. .-H. .'ily O»rl| Nolle i-ren ih«t C I' > ..f Murray. Pn..r ;terr*t in «»i.t :lr- K. I-.. Th hasmc-ia <r >tyl» of Prior. H» of Marr»y, Pr:ar 1 P l'*l..! J I' II t R H WM \i K IM KAWT >OIMII-U8>| DETROIT & MILWAUKEE R, R (Now opened to Lake Micfeiffkn., AKO Swift lj*c^. , 'City of Cleveland," & "Cleveland," refltled for lh<t route.) O N AND AFTER MONDAY, June 6th, IS5», H... irnger Tntm trill run u follo'l. CrOINQ W EST: Mixed. lap. Bridge, depart. •ftelroll, depart.. •Oswcgo" arrive. St. J' lids, arrive... Orand Rapids, arr.. . *Urand Haven, arr. . Mllvaukee, arrive Mail. r. M. 9-.10 A. M 7-UG 10:50 r. H 12:11) 8:10 5:00 A. M. . 2:61 4:40 p. ». 1:80 1:40 4:3u Soon. 12:00 CiOINO EAS'l UtlTauliee, dep«rt •Brand Hare*, dep Grand Rapidi, «rr St. Johtia, arrive Oirosio, arrfcTe *D«trolt. wrlTe 8m. Bridge, arrlye Mall . xpr* r. M. 8:00 A ». 8:00 . 7:65 11:40 P. M. 9:55 Mixed. dep't &.-SU 8:06 6:SO A. M «:00 12:40 8:05 4:SO Noon. 12:0tt Ntgbt Expr'a, Soon. 11:00 P. «. 8:30 10:3u A M. 1:15 8:20 «:-JU A. •. 4:50 •Refreihmenu—Hotel In Depot at Grind Haven. Boat will leave Milwaukee on Satnrdaji at 8 p. «.— for gatorday Nlght't BipreM pajiengeri west, bnt 5 A. H. train will B ,t leare an #nnd«ja. Train) leave termini dally, Sundays ezcepteil. ,' IHB TEtKQRAPH LINI U now open for Ponuc Bu- •niua. CONNEOnONS. A.T BETHO1T-ORBAT WKSTCRN RAILWAY for all pointa East— MICHIGAN OecrTitAL tod BOOTHERN RAILROADS, and CLKVK. •HUROJT' LAND Llni of Stcamen. AT OH AND IIAVEM-Wllh Steamer Wf CHICAGO, to., *c. !;AT MILWAUKEK— with the * ,„_.... IiA OR088B, OH10AGO, WATBKfOWH anJ^ORI- rinia Dtfit^t>/\«na t W ._ . . . w. •***»** m W«t and •lib Stetnwi CON 8AILEOAD8, for M Important polnta S?^?^*?* «?""!" I »««Uw. and .1, Faoengw. for Great! We.ternli.Uwir t» o»«l«e WI• * , IfcW Noon and T.-80 r. ». 8 hare 8LIKPIN8 OAKA attached. Tline-tmblef can be;h»d at »n» of the . K* SII/IB, Qen'lHop'i. ! t foun, Ticket Ajenu, 380 Caat Water at ; WM. SaiBaMi Jtalght Agent at Comoauj's Dock. - .' : - H. 0. Waao», Oeoerat Wealero agent. •" ROMPS, 1U tt6«. fotlala. H«W' UTTON iir « \ la 3 \ \\ j)",,,: 877) SlIKItlFf'S S.4I. E. 8TATK Of WISCOVS1.V, I Circuit Court, Mllwitnkpr Cn. | Andrew Mitchell, John Cooper and Marion Goof er EAGLE STEAM FOUNDRY, * .ID— A ( ' I I 1 N K \ V < > H K N ] I N virtue of And pursuant to in tht] abort* erjtltletl Action, n ju.lirmenl r-n.lf re.l dated April >». 1-i.VJ, I shall expose for rale »nd tell at Public Auction. »' tho Poat-Office, In tbe City or Mll»»ukr», , n i Satnrdar, »>« 8Otli day at /tutruoi, ; ISM, kt the hour of 9 r. M., of that day, the foiluwin* described mortgmged premises, or 10 much thereof ^ a»j be necessary to raise the amount of im.l j Interest and costs, together irtth expenses of sale, i following, to vlt:. "All that plere. or pureet of land situate m th.. County at Milwaukee »n.l Stale of Wi»,...o»in, known and described as the west Half at tho north »est quarter of lecllon ^IS], town in f8], range twenly-ane £21], containing nl.,eiy two acres, according to the l'ulte.1 States sur T «J. excepting one half acre leased by John and Marion Cooper or one of them to • chot.i District No. fix f6J, In the TOWJI of SreenUt-id Mllwauk t Oounty.', Dated gherUn Office, tfllwaukev, May U 135» DPHA» * GRAUAM, I A J. LAN6W08THY, m»ylo-8m-lln2w ' " Lo • *' a •V II It ION ,v l-.S 1 A T-... nl,,..ii, ^.., I 1 I N K \V M U< o 'I I iTBAM KNOI >!«.•<. U H I *T 1 .< A » >i i I I . LINK .-111 iirr *f I L I. • : K » K . H. i K;*K r. i\\ M tl , PVUfc. ,)R[ . \\,, M ( , N U«1!>I)K. ii.t ll. nJ -<TKA.\l»c).\ r i) v.H-n'NUH I«I>N t:oi.i-\i\. <i in. I -v.-ry »- v n..| ',' 1 .,, « t'l ; 't"l 1-b. W ilt- i •:., i,,. A 1 r-.K ;.' Ity f:ir i \Vh,-»!i - W i 1 KIM . Illl-'.l.!. UKI -i CIROU1T qOOHT, t MllwaatM Cttjnty. f John A. Pige, PUlniiif, against Orlando Alexander, William A. tUmow, Kd« in T..«n- Bend, Stover Rlnea, James Sutherland, The Central Bank of Wtacotsln,. Horace U. Hun a, Jajper E. Goodrich, Joseph! Cary, Henry Williams, Cond» R. Alton, George B Smith, Thomas 0. Doreniui. John M. Nixon and tdward Fox, Defendants. The State of WUconiin, to Ihe above named defendant.: Y OU are hereby juramoned and required u> a-.swer the complaint in this action, which IB filed In the office of the Clerk of the Circa t Court for the County of Milwaukee, at the City of Milwaukee In »id County and to serve a copy of your answer lo the said complaint, on the »nb«crlben, at their office, No». g ami 4 Albany Bjulldtng In the City of MUwluSee, within 'wenty dajr« afttrj the mrvlce hereof, exclusive of t>«i day of Bichjerrlce; and If you fall to answer the complaint within]the jlme aforesaid, the ptainiiff will apply to th* Court far the relief demaodeit In the complaint I-*— J! Wltn«w the Hon. AURTHURMciRTHCB 4 rail. V! Judge of th* CTrralt Court Tor said Coun(•"i-» '«y ofMltwaake«,al Milwaukee, this 2nd : day afAprO.US*. --• _, HOOKM* SPANG KJHSKO, apri«V1aw*r Pt'ff't Att'y., Milwaukee. WU. r U:r, a..f iiri--ifi| fiy |r- T Clher Whcar-i ,rj u,* ir'iet. \ W^ri!»»«l Up«'M i(J|ill.'•»(.». U, ,'rct- I.RKAT F.\< The best idjiortin^ii Untcuon. sliver U FANCY ' KVT hr»a^hl u> .Milw^uk'-r. il \y up'scriLi. Ji«i r^-»-tv,f,i '.fun »ny nuiar for i »rc, Jowtilry untl t« )« >I >H Just th,. r.h:nj n.r U..II i>N t MlKv i WOOI.O .-all \ am <i«ily from ;h-» be^i ind flavor \i podfl with th« t5l 1 'L KU. Orders iiallmted and market r,t«." »,,d <en[ tu ill (<irts of the city »1([N W LICDYvRD, Orocer *fd Wins Btmle 181 E»tWfU.r A LCOHOL JT per ct. at j fact*

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