Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on January 9, 1936 · Page 2
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 2

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 9, 1936
Page 2
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LENOX TIME TABLE. LENOX, IOWA r ' fi-4 No New Taxes Soon, Says Senator Pat Harrison CEXATOR PAT HARRISON of >J Mississippi, senate finance chairman of the committee, on his arrival in Washington for the opening of congress pave out the welcome statement that no new general tax legislation would be pushed through during this session. Said "he: "I don't look for It and I don't think It Is In the realm of possibility." Adoption of a manufacturer's ex- LJkiiii Sen. Harrison else tax was also ''out," according to Harrison. Ue pictured an unusually short session of congress with appropriation bills and amendments to existing legislation the principal business to be handled. In the senator's opinion a compromise on the bonus, always politically vexatious, would be reached and a presidential veto would be avoided. Harrison reiterated his opposition to the Townsend old age pension plan and said It would make no progress at. the new session. Many house members agreed with Harrison as to taxes. It wouldn't be good policy to pass such measures this sessions for there will be elections in 435 congressional districts In 1930. Pat Harrison took a crack at the Liberty league and its legislative program offered to congress. The league, he said, was "ready to take over the legislative and judicial functions" of the national government and might be magnanimous enough to take over the executive branch as well. The senator called the league a "lobby" and described Its statements as "plutocratic propaganda." (Uruguay Severs Relations iWith Soviet Russia J-XECI..AR1NG that all America Is LJ menaced with violence by the Communists, the Uruguayan govern- iment severed relations with the gov- i eminent of Soviet Russia. Minister i Alexander Rlnkln and his staff were i handed their passports, and the I • Urucuaynn charge d'affaires was recalled from Moscow. The decree, signed by President Gabriel Terra | and all members of the cabinet, as-1 serted that Montevideo was the: proper use of the taxing power, and hendc]U , lrters of Communists who| further because no such discretion-: %vpre p | 0 > t j n g uprisings In all South! ary power ns Is sought to be vested Anlerlcan countries, nnd quoted the| what about: The Lord's Shock Troops W ESTWOOD , CAL.—In peace: I knew ton days of the sumnic will be remem- Waiting hered. that Arch- f or a S par k duke I-Vrdinnnd In'the secretary of agriculture ^ Brnzili ,, n charges that the ahor- j v W!1S i n i d | 0 \v by the act, no such Invasion of state t[ve ret , e |i ion tnere | n Noveniber' fln assilss i n ' g bullet In a remote rights and no such taking of t he wns [ ns ti2;Ued by the Soviet govern- iprovince of Austria. At the time. property of the private cltizen.^Is ment ar)|j t , m{ the Montevideo le- : t i, c assassination was front-page :.-;„„ " - - . -- I news for most of the newspapers Relations with Russia were broken i n ,t its real Import was not gener- streets in New York where cit—It \vns In the sultry I jrnlshi'd from the extension of dis- i zens W ent at their own risk, 'summer of 1014, i't cretionary authority to the |' res '-< anc l policemen walked in pairs, dent. To say J^amither ^^'^ g ut sonie were as safe as though oTmaking "hTembargoes applicable ' they'd been in church—a cloc- to all belligerent powers nnd not ; tor with his kit; a nurse in unl- just to one nation whose claims our ; form; a priest or^n nun; a P^ 6 " 0 ^ government may believe to be un- PROGRESS OF MONEY When tn.-\n hunted In primeval forests, he needed no money or means | of exchange of ^oods. If he had a | dog and wanted a sheep, he looked .around for some other man wh<? | would barter an even exchange. But j In n short time It was found that j trading was made easier if one could TT T T T c ' °fi- er ' n excnnn S e a commodity which HILLb, was vj ge( j j n several localities, and lad the same value in all of them— icnce this forerunner of modern money, says Ireland's Own. authorized by any provision of the ?ation wng | [s intermediary. Constitution. ; "To sustain this legislation would mean the abolition of all distinction between our dual form of federal formal charges: [ally recognized. Nevertheless, from 1. That the recent congress of the; that incident sprang the greatest Moscow war the world has ever known, tic drive. Within a few months of 22 years W ith ; after the assassination at Sarajevo Brazil-'the world sees a situation in Kurope where another such incident would ian uprising. That the Soviet legation re-i ' have consequences just ns violent. /I At the present time, ammunition mitted checks for large sums to. ,', ^ „ oit;™ unidentified recipients, "providing •dumps all over Europe are waiting Latest Returns From ^iSSs ™ scornfully ~^ ^p^umr^tZ;^ ^ -^ ^ «„ 1)e fiSti^™*™*™*™*' '^r aCtlV6ly a ' ded ^ ^rHS^^ c^'[ntTthat ducted by the Llterarj L'i = e.t. uu . munist plans . i powder ke~ I do not mean to say ?!?!?, ° M JlTfoV 0 rJr,?rnT show! S. That there was a direct con-: tlmt it wl ,f happen but I do wish to . ravens. The latest retu "- Alcohol Control Valid, Says Federal Judge F EDERAL JUDGE CHARLES J. BRIGGLE of Peoria. 111., ruled that the Federal Alcohol Control administration act is constitutional, the decision being made In a test case brought by a Peoria distillery company. The alcohol administration closed the distillery, asserting it held no basic permit at the time the old code was outlawed by the Supreme court. The company held It did hold such a permit and applied for a new one. Judge Rriggle denied the plea for an injunction to force the administration temporarily to retract its decision on the application for a basic permit. In his decision he said: "The former objections to the wrongful delegation of legislative authority with reference to the so- called 'code' provisions now have been obviated by this act, and while the plaintiffs position In some other respects Is not without merit, yet the court Is not convinced that sufficient douht exists as to the constitutionality of the act to warrant the court In granting a temporary Injunction." a still further decline in popularity. Out of a total of 9S7.15S: rotes received, 577,631 answered negatively the question, "Do you now approve the acts and policies of the Roosevelt New Deal to date?" This brought the negative percentage to the new high figure of 58.51 per cent. The last preceding percentage was 57.60. Eleven of the thirteen southern states continued solidly New Deal. Only Florida and Oklahoma voted against It. The twelve Middle Western farm states continued balloting more than 3 to 2 against the administration. The Rocky mountain states, with the single exception of Utah, contributed substantial majorities against the New Deal, as did foui of the six New England states, which were voting 3 to 1 agalnsf Roosevelt. Mississippi Valley Plan of Senator Norris W ITHOUT waiting for a ruling by the Supreme court on th< validity of the Tennessee Valley au thorlty act, Senator Norris ol Nebraska, father o1 that and m u c 1 other advanced leg islation, has pre pared a bill for i Mississippi Vallej authority along th< same lines as tin TVA, but Immense ly greater in scope He Intends to In troduce the meas ure soon In con gress. It would em nec tion between the Third Inter- emphasize that nf no time since the nationals and the Soviet govern- i arc U,ke's assassination has there Dr. Jose Espalier, Uruguayan j motion of a gigantic war as the foreign minister, said: "We have proof that Montevideo was the center of a gigantic Soviet present. It may seem, and it undoubtedly does seem to many, that the dan- » «o im; v^-ufcv.* w» u ti»a"«-«*.* >• ^jw - »-w» expansionist plot and that Minkin gers inherent in the European sit- was organizing a revolution in Urn- nation at present are afar off. But, guay for next February or March, it can be recalled that there were o •* * .. * _ * i. !i->si*'i»n + i*i* n-nr* no In *O just. It Is safe to say that before con- ! er or a rabbi, and always a Salvation Army worker. In war: Ask any veteran what organization, no mat- gress determines definitely what the |- er ], ow big its per- permaneut policy j S0 nnel, or how fat Expect shall be, there will | lts p , irse , outdid Hot Debate be bitter debate, j tne g^-ation Army In examining the | in ser vice to our problems.it is to be remembered that j so uiiers, whatso- when thegovernment lays an embargo | ever t ], e race or against all nations at war it takes the cree( i O r the nwny possibilities of tremendous | co i O r. profit. This profit accrues to those At Christmas: indusries by which sustaining war i W ho sent Santa materials are produced. Neutral-1 (j own co i(i c him- ity legislation, therefore, may prove i neys to g i a{ ]<3 e n the irvin S. Cbbb costly, not ns costly as war, per-1 llcarts o f children haps, but nevertheless a costly nc- j nt hearthstones that elsewlse tion. Hence, there is no question i wou id be desolate? Who brought that many lines of commerce and j a measure of holiday cheer to the industry are going to be drawn into the preliminaries of this decision. To explain how disturbing to certain lines of Industry this thing \ can be, It is only necessary to re- t0 f"\^ T cull events of the last month or so God for the ~g' al 7 a 7i' 0 ~ n Army. Every misery-laden, putting clothes on the backs and dinners in the stomachs of the naked and the hungry? for their eleventh-hour drive fund, thank in connection with the sanctions cent went where it should have Uruguay is the only South American nation that recognized the So vlct Russian government. Chance for European War Seems to Increase j AR clouds over Europe were and holidays those ID this country who. as late as 1016. said the European war was 3,000 miles away. Before it ended, however. 5,000,000 American boys and young men had been drafted to be thrown into that European cauldron. It may happen again. While there is no Immediate pos- proposed by the League of Nations. u to them> * The league has tried to force the dictator, Mussolini, to withdraw from Africa by the use of embargoes, which Is what sanctions are. The league proceeded with considerable vigor until it the for verily I tell you, as one who knows, these are the shock troops of the Lord. * * * That Marvelom Hen •» '"« C " rlstl « n ,„,! It.l.v, "Peace on mriM , with ^ stilteraent thslt it good will toward | never tQo ear , to p , an for pre . men. Under the| ( ti war> For that reason, then, skillful guidance of | e ° e a , most evcry faraily ,„ tne Anthony Eden, the | fl gtateg hng n gtnkCi either new British foreign i direct , y or , nd | re ctl.v, in one of the secretary, a solid j problems witn w ] lic h congress must eraoie vigor unui .L leuyiBu u, c ^ H ATEVER became of the hen question of oil. Immediately, shoes, W v .. , fpn _ HmP to time hauled began to pinch and the feet that) wjth terious were pinched were in every coun-:. _ . ... «* — . 0 nn „ were pinched try where oil Is found, even our ; own. initials on it? In my days on a country newspaper this gifted fowl was a regular journalistic feature As a result, they have led the jH(?r output m ight be soft-shellei front against Italy was being built up. There was no present talk of further sanctions against Anthony Eden RIusso ij n i, but it is expected added penalties will be put in force late in January. Meanwhile, the general military and deal. This legislation is known by the short and rather indescriptive title of the neutrality policy. It is, indeed, just that, but the point I seek to make Is that the title does not convey by any manner or means its full importance or its full effect upon the lives of each of us. If a policy can be worked out, a policy naval staffs of Great Britain and j that ls effective, obviously our Sen. Norris brace more than half of continenta United States, including all the vast plain between the Alleghenies anc the western continental divide anc from near the Canadian border t( the delta of the Mississippi; onlj the Tennessee valley would be omit ted from the plan. Norris said it was an expansior of his former plan for a Missouri valley authority. Flood control woulc be Its chief goal, he disclosed, bin It also would direct the develop ment of navigation, Irrigation, hy droeleetrlc power, soil conservatioi and reforestation. Like TVA It would be managec by a three-man directorate. Tin cost is not stated. Congress woulc Ruling by McCarl Halts Relief Food Purchase /COMPTROLLER GENERAL J. R. *- J McCARL Issued an order that blocked the plans of the Federal Surplus Commodlity corporation to buy surplus farm products for relief distribution. He held that the administration could not use the 30 per cent of gross customs receipts set aside for the AAA to buy farm products to be given to relief clients. In a letter to Secretary Wallace, McCarl Bald relief legislation and relevant statutes provided another way to handle such purchases. It was believed McCarl's ruling •would not affect AAA plans for purchases for diversion purposes and not lor relief distribution. An offer has been made for purchases of surplus potatoes from the 1035 crop, to be diverted into Industrial channels. Officials said, however, they did not expect growers to take advantage of this offer because of recently advanced prices for potatoes. vote funds from year to year &i the work progressed. Benson Named to Fill Out Schall's Term •»LMEH A. BENSON, state bank J. R. McCarl ing commissioner of Minnesota wus appointed United States senatoi Gov. Floyd B. Olson to com plete the term of the late Senatoi Thomas D. Sclmll. He will servi until December 31, 1030. Mr. Ben son has been a Farmer-Luborite since that party's birtli and before that was active in the Nonpartisai league movement In Minnesota. Hf is forty years old. The new senator is an advocate of public ownership of monopolistic industry and a backer of collective bargaining for labor. He has urged greater levies on higher incomes and inheritances, and favors immediate payment of the soldiers' bonus. "I shall be very glad," Benson said, "to Join the liberal bloc ID congress in opposition to those who would turn the arms of the clock backwards and perpetuate a system callous to human suffering, which neither understands noi wants to understand the meanlnf of human happiness." France concluded conversations which were declared "satisfactory," meaning that those nations were prepared to stand by each other In case II Duce makes what Prime Minister Baldwin called "a mad dog attack." In the capitals of other members of the League of Nations similar plans were being laid by military and naval attaches. Turkey came into line with the other presumptive opponents of Italy, but is reported to have made a suggestion that France doesn't like. This is that It be permitted to fortify the Dardanelles, the strait between Europe and Asiatic Turkey, which was demilitarized under the treaty of Lausanne after the World war. The Turks, also, according to Paris advices, ask the eventual return of the island of Rhodes In the Aegean sea, which has been under Italian sovereign!} since 1023. Eden is a firm believer In the League of Nations nnd, though he is moving with caution, is determined to bring Italy to terms through the sanctions, provided the other mem bers of the league give the necessary support. The British govern- oil horse up to the watering trough . nnd gny a yo]ki but a ] ways from a half dozen different ap- C1 . yptic wr i t i n g was there. preaches but they have not yet been able to make him drink. Our own oil interests have not b*^en qui-, „«,„!„„ escent. If the league bans oil ship-! M P™pbesymg which 'is not a member of the thi. Once she produced an egg bear Ing letters which many translates •war." But some COMMON COLDS I Relieve the distressing symptoms by applying Mcnlholalum in nostrils and rubbing on chest. Civet COM FO R.T, 'Daily If you prefer note drops.or throat tpray, call for the MEW MEMTHQLATUM LIQUID in handy bottle with dropper Indians Suffer FIJI Islanders and American Indians who have been living on soft 'oods of the white man are beginning to show signs of tooth decay. DON'T SLEEP ON LEFT SIDE, AFFECTS HEART Gas Pressure May Cause Discomfort. Right Side Best If you toss in bed and can't sleep on right side, try Adlerika. Just ONE dose relieves stomach GAS pressing on heart so you sleep soundly all night. Adlerika acts on BOTH upper and lower bowels and brings out foul matter you would never believe was in your system. This old matter may have poisoned you for months and caused GAS, sour stomach, headache or nervousness. Dr. H. L. Shoub, New York, reports: "In addition to intestinal cleansing* Adlerika greatly reduces bacteria league, obviously will do likewise. which seemed to cover the case. ment certainly doesn't want war with Italy, but it Is fast preparing for armed conllict if that shall prove unavoidable. That Mussolini, too, Is getting chances for remaining out of any hostilities in Europe—or in Asia for that matter—are certainly much better. I do not know and I do not believe anybody can say accurately that It is possible to develop a neutrality policy that will be fool-proof; or that will guarantee to us the removal of possible entanglements. * * • A year ago about this time, congress enacted a bill which was designed to prevent Keep Us the shipment of Out of War war materials to any belligerent nation or nations. It was mandatory. The President was directed by congress to lay an embargo against the shipment of arms, ammunition of war to any countries engaged In hostilities regardless of whether their claims were right or wrong. We have had some experience with the force of that legislation already and it has not been without Its embarrassing and dim- cult phases. Now, however, It Is proposed to revamp that legislation which was admittedly of a temporary character and is due to expire by limitation of law on Febru- •ary 20. Congress has been told rather definitely, I think, that this country wants to remain out of someone else's war. The President has the same Idea. So, Instead of This barnyard phenomenon died could use a hen capable of turning out weird alphabetical combina- ions and then going off and forget- Ing them! Afterthought—Among all the office seekers or oflice holders who mve been or may be mentioned for a Presidential nomination next year—or even for Vice President— ,'ou will search in vnln for the lame of Governor Hoffman of New Jersey. ready for extreme eventualities was allowing our citizens to run wild, evidenced by orders canceling nil ship anything and everything. Christmas leaves of all olficers and make contracts with the countries men of the army. The same orders now engaged In war or those that directed the return to their units of may be engaged later, It is pro- the 100,000 army men demobilized posed that we have a permanent in November in order that they policy embodying whatever princi- might do the needed work on their pies may be found wisest to protect farms. The Italian press ceased its us from ourselves and prevent us Profits of the oil companies nnd j the hundreds upon hundreds of| thousands of shareholders would too soon. How the New Deal boys be cut. .... Further, Mussolini has announced publicly that imposition of the embargo upon oil would mean war. He did not say with whom he would go to war but. the British and the French know and they are getting ready. The British have the entire home fleet in the Mediterranean nt this time and the Blue Jackets aboard the British men of war have been drilled thoroughly anew In the science of manning their big guns. So it Is seen how delicate this whole circumstance is. It is plain that when congress deals with the neutrality legislation, it is molding a pattern over which there will be undoubtedly an alignment among our citizens as sharply drawn as though It were a purely domestic question. There will be those, of course, who favor a permanent policy which will make It mandatory upon the President to apply em bargoes against shipments of any thing usable in war nnd treat al nations engaged in war alike. There will be set off against this sen timent those who think the Chief Executive should have discretionary power and that the governmen should not be placed in a strait jacket from which it cannot extri cate Itself without congressional ac tlon. Whatever the conclusions may be and whatever form the new leg islation takes, it remains as one o the most important policies to come before congress in many moons. Whatever is done necessarily will be a precedent toward which future generations will look as time goes on whether civilization becomes more enlightened or not. * * * The Treasury, operating on a fiscal year that runs from July 1 to June ,"0, has just passed the half- "Gas on my stomach was so bad I could not eat or sleep. Even my hearthurt. The first dose of Adlerika brought me relief. Now I eat as I wish, sleep fine and never felt better." Give your stomach and bowels a REAL fcleansing with Adlerika and see how good you feel. Just ONE dose relieves GAS and chronic constipation. Sold by all druggists and drug departments. The Easy Going light-headed are the molt light-hearted. attacks on Great Britain, Premier Laval, defending from throwing ourselves again into his such a volcano of molten lava as Destroying a Skunk 'VE just been reading—until I stopped to gag—the latest novel of one of the new school of authors ; you know, those so-called realists who mistake filth for fiction and lewdness for literature. I wouldn't say this person was much of a writer, but he certainly is a practical dirt-farmer. I've never believed in censorship for creative work; and as regards this group, I've always gone on the theory, paraphrasing an old line of an old ballad, that they were more to be pitied than censored. But for the individual offender against common decency—well, when I was a youngster down South, they told me the surest way to destroy a skunk was to pen him under a barrel and just let him smell himself to death on his own personal perfumes. * * * Our Younger Generation I N THE paper I see where, for their Sunday sermons, three ministers preached on modern youth— with particular references to the shortcomings of same. I haven't a doubt that the first caveman, surveying the antics of his coltish brood, remarked in tones of gloomy resignation to his hairy mate: No matter how many medicine* you have tried for your cough, chest cold or bronchial Irritation, you caa get relief now with Creomulslon. Serious trouble may be brewing and you cannot afford to take a chanc* with anything less than Creomul- elon, which goes right to the seafr of the trouble to aid nature to eootjie and heal the inflamed membranes as the germ-laden, phlegm is loosened and expelled. Even if other remedies hav» failed, don't be discouraged, your druggist is authorized to guarantee Creomulsion and to refund your money if you are not satisfied with results from the very first bottle. Get Creomulsion right now. (Adv.) Must Cut Outgo way point in the current 12-month PARKER'S „ HAIR BALSAM B Remove! Dandruff-Stops Hair Falling | Imparta Color and S Beauty to Gray and Faded Hair S UJc and Jl 00 at Druggists. SHIfKoxChem. Wka..Patchoirue,N.Y, FLORESTON SHAMPOO — Ideal for use In connection withParker'sHairBalsam.Makes the hair soft and fluffy. 60 cents by mail or at dniB- cox Chemical Works. Patchog-ue, N. Y. Well, mommer, the world's done pretty well while we ran it. Look at the hole in the roof to let the smoke out, that I thought up right course In the negotiations to end any present-day war would be. the Italo-Ethlopian war and prom- The problem is not as simple as I ^^j^'^a"demonstrates the islng that France would stand by it appears on the surface. When nelcesslt for cutting down tne fed n.«.,i Tt.tfotn f,,IH,f,,ll..' IH .!,„ «.,» «r,nnf«J H, „ nl.ooant- n n,, _ "CLCSHII .V I"' V-UtLlllfe ul/ >T 11 lllc I CU period. The figures show that its out of my own head, be-gee! And receipts are lagging far behind the now wne n I get the trlcli of the •-stick worked out, civ- will just about have Great Britain faithfully-if the lat- congress enacted the present neu- ^0^0 un.e» the Taion to « ! ™^ fcj^fc But b«v«. hip ter were attacked, saved his govern- trality legislation, it provided that £ see ,£ Wlc del)t go far beyond [ n fp O or old Lrth when tbat buncl mpnt tpmnnrnrllv hv tnp Rliirlit mnr.l tba omhnrpops when and If liun. I ........ . I luc v vv nnflpr takes hold I" ° Before we start blaming the on generation for everything ment temporarily by the slight mar- the embargoes, when and If laid, gin of twenty votes. He skillfully must apply to all. It gave the 1 dodged the oil embargo issue. It President no discretionary power to any total hitherto conceived. The official Treasury statement as of December 30 shows tbat the gov- fore long was likely. Lawyers' Committee Says Potato Act Is Invalid >T*HAT lawyers' committee of the J- Liberty league which is examining various New Deal legislation pronounces the potato control act Senate Munitions Probers to Hear J. P. Morgan A/f EMBERS of the senate muni- J-** tlons committee , announced that they would resume on January 7 their investigation of whether was believed that his downfall be determine whether we wanted to ernmen t has spent approximately f nclu tog its own sins, which are fnr» lnn " WHR llkplv ' use these embargoes as "weapon j $1 , 850 ,000,000 more in the first six sufflci ently manifest already, let's „..„•_,... „„ „„ „,, on, no. ,,„. montlis of tnlg fisca i year tnnn u back to w here this buck-passing -""><""* in taxes and other rev- haD j t started. Let's go back to Terms on Which Ethiopia x*7-ii TV «, r»» Will Discuss Peace against one nation aiding another. Mr. Roosevelt, in accepting loans to the allies helped to get the (peace. They" were" thus stated: the original legislation, shall publicly that he believed that he should TTjISPATCHES from Addis Ababa i! ave suc) , discretionary power. *-* said reliable sources there dls- Tnls was i n n ne w ith the eonclu- closed the terms on which Emperor sions 0 ( the Department of State Halle Selassie had authorized hl£ which necessarily must be the Pres- delegatlon at Geneva to discuss Cent's adviser on matters of this received enue. United States into the World war, kind. In consequence of this deficit, the | lgt j debt Is now approximately ),OOD, the highest point H reached and that total is two billion dollars higher the public debt as it stood last 1 when the present fiscal year Adam, the derned old experimental- IRVIN S. COBB. Nort b American News IUC.-WNU se "Morning sickness" — is caused by an acid condition. To avoid it, acid must be offset by alkalis — such as magnesia. Why Physicians Recommend Milnesia Wafers These mint-flavored, candy-like wafers are pure milk of magnesia in solid form— the most pleasant way to take it. Each wafer is approximately equal to a full adalt dose of liquid milk of magnesia. Chewed thoroughly, then swallowed, they correct acidity in the mouth and throughout tho digestive system and insure quick, com* pleU elimination of the waste matters tha< cauae gas, headaches, bloated feelings and a dozen other discomforts. Milnesia Wafers come in bottles of 20 and 48, at 35c and 60c respectively, and in convenient tins for your handbag contain- «ng 12 at 20c. Each wafer is approximately one adult dose of milk of magnesia. AU gooddrug stores sell andrecommend them. Start using these delicious, effective anti-acid, gently laxative wafers today Professional samples sent free to registered physicians or dentists if request ia mad* on professional letterhead. Seloct Produtt*. Inc., 4402 23rd St., Long Island City, N. invalid and a departure from tradl- I and the first witnesses will be 3. p. tlonal theories of American govern- Morgan and Thomas W. Lamont, of The committee's report gays Morgan &, Co. The committee plans in part: "We are of the opinion tbat this act is unconstitutional as not within the scope of the federal power Vtnder the commerce clause of the Constitution and la not rendered constitutional by the attempted 1m- Love of the Beautiful « to try for the enactment of broader neutrality legislation. The Morgan firm, which was fiscal agent for Great Britain during the war, has denied emphatically that It played any part in leading America into the conflict. Withdrawal of Italian troops from Congress was criticized in many Ethiopia; recognition of the African quarters when It made the embar- |, ' the expenditures were so ens him to a more noble life; and empire's sovereignty; payment ol goe s applicable to all belligerents. „ ch i ar ., er than the receipts, the the glory of it is, that as painters indemnity by Italy; delimitation ol NOW, however, if we may judge from Treusury '°bas been operatng on agitate, and poets sing, and arch!Bast African boundaries between the word that comes to Washing- basl8 tna t, reduced to the minimum, | tects rear up the gorgeous trophies Ethiopia and the Italian colonies bj ton, sentiment seems to be swing- snows an'outgo of about $1.96 for j of their skill — as everything be a League of Nations committee, ana i n g in the other direction and there every ^.QO collected In revenue dur- comes beautiful and orderly, and . , foreign economic, administrative I certainly is a considerable. If not u . ne the first half of the current magnificent — the activity of thp and financial aid and advice fot I majority, sentiment for use of the 1 year. Ethiopia only on the condition then I mandatory provision as dlstln- •would be no Italian Influence, $ Western Newepaeer Union. mind rises to still greater and better object* to I

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