Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 5, 1971 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 5, 1971
Page 9
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Section B Pages 1-8 In civil liberties suit ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Sport* Classified Alton, 111., Tuesday, January 5, 1971 Records burned, army says CHICAGO (AP) - The former head of an Army intelligence unit testified Monday in U.S. District Court that 800 intelligence dossiers compiled on civilians were destroyed in the incinerator at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center. Thomas Filkens, a civilian who formerly headed the Army's 113th Military Intelligence Group (MIG), said the Department of the Army ordered the files destroyed in June because the persons named were not considered subversives. Four dossiers were sent to Army i n t e 11 i g e nee headquarters at Ft, Holabird, Md., and others concerning the militant Weatherman faction of Students for a Democratic Society were given to Chicago police. Filkens testified before Judge Richard B. Austin, who is hearing a suit filed by the Union seeking to halt Army surveillance and have any dossiers destroyed. The disclosure of Army surveillance on civilians came from John M. O'Brien, a former agent, who claimed he spied on civil rights leaders and prominent Illinois political figures. Filkens described O'Brien as an "egoist craving notice. "No matter what subject came up in the office, he (O'Brien) had been there and he had done it bigger and better than anyone else," Filkens testified. I n previous testimony, Filkens said O'Brien "frequently editorialized in his reports" and attended political events without authorization. Richard R. Norusis, formerly a 113th MIG branch chief and O'Brien's superior, testified that he never ordered the ex-agent to observe the October 1969 Weatherman "Days of Rage." O'Brien testified earlier that he covered the disturbances. Also testifying Monday was M a j. Thomas Muirhead, operations officer of the 113th MIG. He denied that he ever talked to O'Brien or reprimanded him for a conversation about a possible military overthrow of the government. O'Brien claimed such a discussion took place. O'Brien also previously testified and slated publicly that the Army spied on Sen. Adlai E. Stevenson. II, D-I11.. Rep. Abner Mikva. D-I11.. and Judge Otto Kerner of the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and former governor. I n testimony Monday, Filkens also said the Army followed Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley and Gov. Richard B. Ogilvie. Weeping Indian still smiles State Senate GOPs to try last-minute pay hike grab SPRINGFIELD, (AP) — Senate Republicans plan a last minute attempt to pass a pay hike for legislators in the final half hour of the outgoing 76th General Assembly Wednesday. The move could mean a raise of as much as $5,500 a year for members of the 77th General Assembly which comes into session at noon Wednesday after the lame duck legislature disbands. But there is some skepticism in the capitol that the maneuver can be carried out. Senate Leader W. Russell Arlington, R-Evanslon, said legislators could revive a bill that was in a joint House- Senate committee at the end Circuit court approves three levee easements The circuit court in Edwardsville approved three easements across the levee of the Wood River Drainage and Levee District, it was announced at the trustees' meeting Monday afternoon. The approval came earlier in the morning for Illinois Bell Telephone Co. to install a utility pole on the levee near the Wood River Creek bridge, for Air Reduction Co. to place a pipeline through a portion of the levee to the Chemico Metals Co. plant south of Hartford, and for St. Louis Pipeline Corp. to install a pipeline across the levee which would run from American Oil Co. in Wood River to Lambert Field in St. Louis, and supply the latter with jet fuel. The three requests were presented at a previous meeting of the levee board, and then was submitted to the circuit clerk for approval, according to Fred Grenzebach, chairman. In other business Monday, Dan Kilmer, a trustee, said Man seeks $35,000 in damage suit CARLINVILLE A suit asking $35,000 for injuries in an auto accident has been filed in Macoupin County Circuit Court by Larry Ray Williams against Richard R. Watts, Rte. 2, Waverley. Larry Ray Williams claims in his suit the accident happened June 22, 1970 on Illinois State Highway 104 Waverley near Pearl Street. Williams claims he was driving behind another car driven by Richard R. Watts, and Watts allegedly failed to signal for a left turn causing Williams' car to collide with the Watts' automobile. the board has reinvested $20,000 in treasury bills. Kilmer reported the board has received $1,922 in interest during December. The i n- terest monies will be placed in the 1960 special assessment account. of the 1970 session. That bill would raise the current $12,000 • a - year legislative salary to $15,000 a year and Arrington said it would probably be amended to provide $17,500. But the problem is time. "The mechanics don't bother •me too much," Arrington said Monday, "but it will have to be done without debate." One or two opponents could block passage by talking out the clock. Republicans are to discuss the plan at a meeting set for today and Sen. Alan Dixon, D-Belleville — who will act as Democratic leader during the session — said he would attempt to talk about the proposal with Arlington today. In order for the measure to benefit the new general assembly, it must have a two- thirds vote in both houses of the lame duck session. House Speaker Jack Walker, R-Lansing, who becomes a senator in the new session, said Monday he had not been consulted about the wage proposal. He said if lame duck legislators decide not to go to Springfield for the brief meeting, the measure might not gel enough votes. But Walker said there is probably enough support in the House. And Arrington said he had been assured of House passage by Rep. Robert Blair, R-Park Forest, GOP candidate for speaker in the new house. Gov. Richard B. Ogilvie has said he would sign a bill providing "a reasonable pay increase." He has not commented on any of the dollar figures mentioned. But when asked about Hie lame duck plan, he commented, "we'll se if they can win that horse race." Ogilvie and others have expressed support of higher salaries for state employes and officials, comparable to salaries paid by private industry. It has also been noted that in the past the legislature met once every two years for a six-month session. And the need toi mplement the new state constitution means the General Assembly may be in session almost all of this year. Bi-state construction boom forecast for area ST. LOUIS (UPI) — Executive Vice President Reid Ross of the St. Louis Regional Industrial Development Corp. said Monday the bi-state metropolitan area will experience an unprecedented construction boom in this decade. Among the major projects Ross outlined were an area- wide transit system, the new Alton locks and dam, the downtown convention center and the new regional airport. He said the boom's bulk will come from federally funded Dramatic new P. N. HIRSCH 5 STORES WILSHIRE VILLAGE ALTON PLAZA PIASA CORNERS CHATEAU DES FLEURS Shopping Center Stores Open dully 'til 9 — Sun. 12:80 to 5 p.m. WOOD RIVER humidifier stops dry air beautifully! Beautiful traditional-styled humidifier keeps air fresh and moist all winter. You enjoy more comfort with less heat, save money on fuel bills, protect furnishings from dry-air damage. Automatic operation. Extra quiet. Portable. $ 54' 5 ,.'109' s Wide range of models, capacities and prices available. Model C-59 SPECIAL OFFER! <;We will give you a Humidity and Tempera- I'ture Gauge with your purchase of a ;;Coolerator Humidifier! Offer limited. Open Moil. & Frl. •Til » p.m. Open Moil. & irl. •Til • p.m. HLTDn REFRIDERHTIDn MELISSA BEAN Tho animal Baiisoh & Lomh science award lias been presented to Melissa Bean, a senior at Koxana High School. Miss Bean, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. doc Bean, 418 Maple St., Kox- ana, plans to major in pre-med at the University of Illinois. The award recognizes the senior with the highest scholastic standing in science subjects. MCIcoupin TB office moved CARLINVILLK — Miss Stella Hart, field Nurse for the M a c o u p i n County Tuberculosis Sanatorium Board, has announced that the office of the Tuberculosis Sanatorium Board is being moved this week to 133 West Main St. HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (AD — Tears stream endlessly down the jagged scar on Howard Osceola's faceo, but ho wipes them away with a smile. Although ho weeps constantly, he considers himself lucky to be alive. "The surgeons were very Rood men, very good men," said the young Seminolc Indian of the doctors who succeeded in patching his body hut were unable to close a tear duct on his left eye. "The one who worked on my loft eye was a very great man. They did not think it could lie saved," he said. The handsome l!)-year-old fnim the Sominok? Okalee Indian Village was struck by at least two cars, and probably three, in a hitchhiking accident last September. His jaw was crushed, both his arms broken in many places, his left collar liouc splintered and seven ribs shattered. As police reconstructed the sequence of events, Osceoln was first knocked down by a hit and run driver who left him lying in the road. A second car then s truck the unconscious man. The second driver went to notify the police. When they reached the scene they found Osceola in a roadside canal where he had apparently been tossed by another hit and run car. "I will not die," Osceola told police who found him lying with only his face above water in the canal beside an empty stretch of U.S. Highway 27 west of Hollywood. "Please do not let me die." Osceola was unconscious for a month. But after nearly four months in the hospital, he was back on his feet. He now works as a guide for tourists to support his young wife and two small children. MY L tii wilnvss Meadlo granted immunity lly IIAIUIY V. KOSKNTIIAL Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) — A former soldier who told a national television audience he killed 10 to 15 Vietnamese civilians at My Lai has been granted immunity to testify court-martial without risking self-incrimination. Paul David Meadlo hud refused to answer questions Dec. 3 when called as a prosecution witness at t he court-martial. In a CBS television In- terview Nov. 24, 1H69, he said he stood at ('alley's side and sprayed bullets from his automatic rifle into men, women and children who had been herded together. Under the order signed by Asst. Ally. Gen. Will R. Wilson, Meadlo cannot refuse to testify if called. His attorney, John A. Kcsler, said Meadlo has been ordered to be at Ft. Benning, da., when Calley's trial resumes Monday, ('alley is charged with the premeditated murder of not less than 102 undefended, unresisting Vietnamese civilians in the hamlet of My Lai March 16, 1968. A number of witnesses testified they saw Meadlo, tears streaming down his face, obeying Calley's order to kill the civilians. In the television interview, Meadlo said Galley ordered him to shoot at about 45 people who had been rounded up at the intersection of two trails. Sears J & A Sprin'gman CONSTRUCTION LUMBER Closed for Vacation Open Jan. 11 ALTON SEAT COVER & UPHOLSTERING Broadway at Henry 4C2-45BI projects totaling $2.7 billion and creating some 6,000 jobs a year. Ross predicted the St. Louis area would have the rapid transit system by 1980. He said the federal government would finance nearly two- thirds of the estimated' $1.3 billion for the project. "Just as projects such as the arch and Busch Stadium spearheaded a resurgence of downtown St. Louis during the 60s, so will these new and exciting projects bring the entire region to greater heights in the 7s," he added. 7n '71 Shop First ai— PARTICIPATING STORES: Goldman's AG Market J824 Highland, Alton Dial 405-8823 Neuhaus AG Market 201 Shamrock St., East Alton, 111. Dial 25U-72I4 4 Days Only Introducing New Imperial coCct PORTRAIT Plus 50$ Handling And Delivery SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back Sears Your child's portrait made with Eastman "PROFESSIONAL" Ektacolor Film and materials and our all new DYNAMIC COLOR background assures you full color fidelity and breathtaking realism never before possible. 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