Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on April 1, 1897 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1897
Page 2
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'"•3fes "'•^ •Y r w "•M? at KRUNO, ILT,,. APftlL I, IS.-;. THIS AND THAT. anrt Woaaea, FiwtH smd Fftnclo* In ffte only »lgns ttat I kin se« To prove that spring's »com!n' . . Is candidates a-shsfcln' hands An' polities a-frainmln' Like IreJand, Crete has no snakes. Indianapolis has a monkey show, sffd Chicago feaa "her cbinmoa council. Duke, the rlch'cigarette manufacturer, oeter smoked one. He is afraid. Vegetables give quiet nervea and good complexions. Show this to your best girl. Daniel Drew, once with 19 millions, died in debt. Do not speculate, know when to stop. Fried potatoes, rich cake and pastry, hard on liver. - -. -MoKihley = has - a^collfction of dlaaoadrand ;la«s"lhsf mafce~^T5ur eyes water. . , A large cattle ship can carry 600 bul- and 800 horses. , . Easter Bella by Margaret Sangster is to be published by the Harpers'. Why should not a woman be handsome at 40? SO Recamter, Aspaaja, Maintenon, Cleopatra. Among late freako in parlors are hanging vases tor cut Sowers or growing plants. Hanson has received degrees from Cambridge and Oxford, and his Farthest North has made a stir next to Stanley's Darkest Africa. 'From London to St. Petersburg 52 hours. ; ( . Bo you want a business this sum-- iincr ? = Uaise=f rogp?=Al wayr -ln--do- tnand at hotels. Money in the bind legs. Sweater than chicken. Com. Vanderbilt said any fool can . make money, but it takes a wise man to save it. Toothpicks of orange wood are whittled by peasants of Spain and Portugal. Greater N. York contains 359 square miles, London 688, Chicago 180, Phila. 129, If only the Mississippi floods could be turned thro' streets of Chicago, sighs the Record. ., Like Lincoln's, McKlnley's mother's name is Nancy. Louise: Heavy gloves when you sweep will not harden hands, and induce a gentle perspiration that will benefit ekin. Our Congressional library, founded -=^in 1800, in spite of two firesphas grown to 740,000 volumes. • Sainantha: Grease your eyebrows to fill them out, and wash inflamed eyes in rose water. _....-._..'...: , The blot on Lord Nelson'a careerls his flirtation with Lady Hamilton. Can you name ten greatest women in American history ? Of course, Martha Washington, H. B. Stowe.Maria Mitchell, are among them, Is Mother Goose ? Condor, largest of all flying blrds.can soar to height of 29,000 ft, or five and half miles. . Of life of Dr. A. J. Gordon, Boston, 8,000 copies sold. A good Baptist and a noble man. 't We do not play piano~welli~b~ecause » do not practice enough, Liszt used to play 12 hours a day when in humor. Atchison Globe: A man is never too poor or too worthless to get married. The query with u« Jis, Why will good girls throw themselves away on these loafers? '-• J5»ster lilies, sweet and rare .In the arms of Phyllis fair. > Happy lilies! All, how blest Thus in Paradise tore^t. Why do we say, Mad as a March bare? Gen. Boynton thinks we have the 'most honest government in, the world. Herbert Spencer refused offer of Cambridge University to make him a doctor of science. Experiments show that tea retards digestion. Hot water best, We must ell come to it. ., Stand straight, head up, chin in, ' chest put, shoulders back. linssell Sage saya young men who go to clubs to driuk and play cards, will ' Bfcver be worth their flalt. The fellow who smoked 200 cigarettes a day is in an asylum, Adirondack Murray, HO popular years «go as preacher ¥nd~sportsman, *P• 'peared lately at Spriugfield, Mass,, and _ - read bla-' story "How-John Norto% Trapper, kept his Christmaa," Why put blinders on a horae? They spoil the beauty of hia eye, and prevent iiia lookiog around. Give the horse a Not vreU to smile too much. Rue- kin said all great generals were serious , 804 so Esaersoa said of orators, ril- 1 # ff~; 1!" Mies Jeanatte Gilder at the next cnn- will difseuss "C*n a Woman tef raeatsl iBfodor T' Sill with all the CMheiie world day I H e pr,-rt in f hi? *. Yoa csn sft s day In year without a bit f»f meat. Disproportlottftbleness is called the longest word in Englieh language. Lord Rosebery has an Income of one million a year. If Rosy would let .os have it for just one month. We begin to think these rich chape should divide, Major Pond has engaged Marion Crawford for 100 lectures on "Early Italian Artists" and "Italian Home Life," and Howells for 50 lectures /on "Novel Writing and Novel Reading." If any danger of dentist's fingers carrying germs of disease, the only remedy is to boll the dentist. Tom Marshall, himself, a wit, told hia son the monuments are all erected to the Rolemn men. Austin Phelps: Two classes of men are never buffoons; very great men and very good men. A big moral for sotaebody. to burn who does not smoke?/ Can you name ten beat short poems in English language? Tennyson's Bugle Song, Campbell's Hobenlinden, Burn's Bannockburn, are three. Goose eggs are 60 cents a dozen In Chicago, but chicken eggs at ten suit us very well. English doctor: Wh'in I began to practie, I had a dozen remedies for every disease, when I quit, a dozen diseases for every remedy. One swallow makes not summer, , And yet we must 'recall, That just ene little swallow, Of nu apple made a fall. Phlla. Record. » . New Bermuda potatoes 87 barrel in Chicago. .'....' A tablet in memory of Mrs. Brown- her native church. The girl, who is homely, should not despair, but make it up in goodness. Martin^Van Buren was presdt. three mouths, when Queen Victoria ascended throne. - : A month ago, apples sold in Paris at 10 cents apiece. Czar of Russia is the richest man in the world, as he has the whole Russian empire to draw upon. * Colors of Vassar are rose and gray, of West Point gray and black. No birds on Easter bonnets. Thousand thanks, ladies. Yours ever. Save the birds. The millennium in coming. Dr. Lyman Abbott is repeating his Brooklyn lectures on evolution in Phila. _ Japan has 41,000.000 people. Washington's, favorite horse, was called Nelson, Napoleon's Marengo, Lee's Traveler. r . Should people be scared by fear of helHnto-joining the church ?—Referred- to Ministers' Asstn. . . Street railways of St. Louis in 1896 carried twice as many passengers as those of Baltimore. N. Y. Press: A man is sick abed. A girl is confined to her robin-." Two ways of putting it. Acre of good fishing ground in sea yields more food in a week than an acre of. best land in a year. It is said Yerkes controls. Chicago council. Who manages ours? Japan has more hot springs than any other country in world, and If yon take your own bed and rice, can stay at any for five cents a day. , Gibbon died at 56. Gout bis only enemy. Loved his friends and books. Paris Academy of Sciences has a standing offer of 620,000 for a cure for cholera'. Our consuls in . Europe do not receive enough to live respectably. Put salaries at good figure, and writer will go to Paris or Cairo. Senator Hill believes a man in public life is hampered by marriage. He is. a sour bachelor, and needs choking. George Peabody's gift of 82,500,000 to London workingmen, has increased to six millions in 24 years since bis death. We hope the wheelmen will everywhere insist on good roads, and vote for officers who will make them. Nausea's book, Farthest North, .1893 -96, to be brought out by the Harpers in two volumes, 810. \ Cardinal Gibbons, Baltimore, rises at six, and is busy all day. Sleep alt you can. Sleep; gives strength for work. Thousands are dying by inches for want of Bleep* - --For well written and beautifully illustrated articles on travel, Harper's magazine easily leads all the monthlies. • Bald little Johnny Green: Funniest world I ever seeii ; 4- fellow's sent otl to bed • With not a bit ol sleep In els head • , > And lie's hutitled out, dou't you see, When he's as »leej>y 03 sleepy can be. More women thaa men iq Maes, A H'ttte red school bouse on the hill, no saloon in vslley. Murphy got 18,000 pledges in Boston & campaign pi two mouths. Mottoy W*B wgsged si* yw$ o« th« sis Mtnn*»otft Is our greatest Stsile, 4fl million bush?!*!, and California next, 45 miliioBS. Gladstone dresses nsatl? and always has a flower In button hole. Son of Presdt, Diaz has taken a course of civil engineering In Mexico. Eacourag4 yottr children to bring their company to your home. Olive Thome Miller is glad soma parts of world so full of stones and briera that Its beauty cannot be .spoiled., ~ ..--. ..... '-. ,.:„;., ............ ......... „!__ In 1825 a treasury warrant for 8200,000 was issued to Lafayette , for his services during Revolution. Wisdom of fools, some short stories by Mrs. Deland, will 'appear in April, Twenty monarchies and twenty-five republics in world. Crowd kings to wall. We can get along without them. A statue of Cornelius Yanderbilt, bronze, is to be unveiled at the university to be founded at Nashville, Tenn. __Kansaa City wife ,wants_dty,orce - because brute of a husband threw~TfeF seal skin eaque Into furnace. Certainly, Upon Tree Tops, a new bird book, by Olive Thorne Miller, will soon be Issued. , • Cathedral of St. John the Divine in upper New York near Grant mt. and Columbia College, will be the finest church in America. Imagine Hawthorne with his superb head bending over a cooking stove, and those star eyes watching potatoes boiling in the pot. Said that elderly widows are looking for young men, and we hereby warn out inexperienced beaux to take no chances. Mrs. Pom Ye, wif« of Corean ambassador at Washington, dresses gor- How Ignorant we all are of the birds and plants and rocks about us, going BO to speak, thro' world with our eyes shut. ' "-.' : Memories of Hawthorns is a new book by his daughter Rose, wife of George Parsons Lathrop. ' De Reszke receives 82,000 every time he appears in opera, Too much, and India starving. Let these singers saw wood. '-•''• . • Laug, band the world will laugh with you, "Weep, and you weep alone; For the sad old earth must borrow Its mirth, " But has trouble enough of its own. Queen Vic will call on W. W. Astor to see his roses. Department stores began in Dublin 40 years ago. Brooklyn girl danced • herself to death. Great warning here to giddy Bterl Ing f oiks , - — — _—_ .,.„„•== Hardest spring job. Getting a growing boy out of bed in morning. No step ladders needed in new Congress jonal library, racks only seven feet high. .Finest library "building" in" world. ' • ' Is German Emperor crazy or simply troubled with big head? Gladstone at 87 using wheel is the spectacle of the century. Sixteen in every 1,000 in insane asylums thro' love affairs. A pity. Do not box children's ears, makes them deaf. Take across your knee. . How often should public,, school buildings be scrubbed with soap and _water?_ .^Sweeping does _'_ not kill the microbes. Ringling Circus opens in -Chicago, April 10 for two weeks. Sorry, do our poor youngsters no good. Henry Russell, 1812, is oldest living English composer, 800 songs. "A Jife on ocean wave" is his. v 7 Talk of connecting Chicago depots with an underground R, R. 35 feet under surface, ; Doctors say takes- only two minutes for blood to course thro* body, and return to heart. Emerald Is the jewel of the coming London season. One sold in that city for #40,000, We'd rather put into a good farm, Tennyson once gave up pipe for three days, but got at it again. Richard Harding Davis has sailed for England to write up Queen's jublj lee for Harper's Magazine, European cities are growing faster than ours, Hamburg has 569,000 to Boston's 448,000; Glasgow 800,000, has doubled in SO years. j Ruth Asbmore iq L. H. Journal thinks marriage requires more thought sad skill than any of the learned professions, _...McQdy'fl meetings in Chicago are exciting more interest than the contest for mayor. In 1856 only 19 horses had trotted a mile in 2:30, now 13,000. Have we any Emeline: No use of a girl's talking about marriage until she can bake and sew aud talk without giggling. Original MS. of Keats' Endymion sold iii London for 695 pounds. Multiply that fy 6. Goodness! -Too much for 9 scrap of paper. Moody is in dead earnest. Preach gospel, aot.hin^ better than the old «re not ou( 0! date. Hit taero agstu, Hoaeybrook oorrwipoodectt to tb» West Chester (Pa,) News contributes the following, ^rhieh will bs of Interest to all Sterling people. Mrs. 'Elizabeth Buyers Is the mother of John Buyers: "Mrs, Elizabeth-Buyers, of thisplscft, has in her possession a number of tel- ica aad interesting paper*, dating back to revolutionary times, which she kindly gtauted your correspondent the privilege of examtnicf recently. An old ^ompMy roll i« headed, "Muster roll of the first company of the Fifth Battalion of Lancaster County Militia, in the Province of Pennsylvania, Commanded by Col. James Crawford and Capt. Robert Buyers." This roll is dated: Baergon Town Camp, Sept. 4, 1770. There is also the pay roll of the Company. Robert Buyers, the Captain.waa the grandfather of James Buyers, Mrs. Buyers' husband. His sword and bin commission a%Captalti (which has been framed) bang above the fireplace in the entrance hall of Mrs. Buyers' pleasant home, .*' * * Col. James Crawford and Caftt. Robert Buyers' descendants have never lost Bight of each other, but have been on terms of the greatest Intimacy always. Another curious old paper is a certificate from the chnrcb, or rather the Protestant Dissenting congregation of Monagan, Ireland, dated June 4,1737, and signed by Thomas Mcclane, Minister, which states that the bearers thereof, "John Bnyers and his wife, Mary, and bis sister, Catharine Bnyers, have been free from'. scandal and church censure and have enjoyed all Christian privileges "This John Buyers was the founder of the family in this couutry.Bettling InSallsbury township, LftncB8ter"countryr The'landhW purchased from William Penn remains in the family possession, and Mrs.Buy- ers exhibits the deed which Penn gave at that time. The Ink on all the paper has turned brown, but remains quite bright. * * Antiquarians and relic hunters have at various times tried to induce Mrs. Buyers to part with some of her. Revolutionary souvenirs, but she has always refused, believing them to be quite as valuable to herself and her family as they could possibly be to any one else. GRANT TO BUCKNER. He Wrote a Message While He Wai Dying to HU Former Adveriary. The April "Century," In view of the dedication of the Grant tomb, has been made a "Grant Memorial Number," and contains a number of articles*relating to the career of the : great commander. Mr. John B. Proctor contributes "A Blue and Gray Friendship," describing the relations between Grant*ndJJuekerr^-rThe Iattervl8ited : Grant at Mount McGregor, General Grant could not then speak, he wrote a message to his friend and former adversary. This is reproduced in fac simile for the first time. The message was as follows: "I have witnessed since my sickness just what I have wished to pee ever since the war: harmony and good feeling between the sections. I baveal* ways contended that if there had been nobody left but the soldiers we would have had peace in a year. Jubal Early and Hill are'the only two that I know of who' do not seem to be satisfied on the Southern side. We have some on ours who failed to accomplish as'much as they wished, or who did not get warmed up to the fight until Jt was all over, who have not bad quite full sat* isfaction. The great majority, too, of those who did not go into the war have long since grown tired of the long con. troversy. We may now well look forward to a perpetual peace at home.and a national strength that will secure us against any foreign complication. I believe myself that the war was worth all It cost us, fearful as that was. Since it was over I have visited every State in Europe and a number in the East. I know, as I did not before, the value of our inheritance." •—The vulgar, though expressive, phrase "rubber neck," might have been consistently applied to almost every person in the business part of Third street yesterday, when a young and rather good looking gypsy woman was making a begging canvass of the district. The sight was unusual in this city, and many of the ladiea were deeply Impressed with the evident distress of the beggar. The most fetching feature of the outfit was the .baby which Our Best Calicos, • Good Yard Wide Muslin, Toile-du-Nord Ginghams, lOc Percales, Pair Fine tace Curtains; 7Sc Table Linen, • 4k 6k 7k 85c 48c the fond maminft hadl tied up in["»"bundle and carried the end of a stick thrown over her shoulder. She was sure, enough onto her job and got more money for the asking, than ehe could have earned iu a half week, —Manager M. 0. Ward today booked the Schiller Vaudeville Company''for an engagement at the Academy of Music Monday evening, April 5. This SB the compauj whioh, with the cinematograph, wade such » decided hit with Sterling people ia January, The com- pauy has the aaiu« cinematograph a«d a ouiaber ol «ew pictures, apd aJcasst su entire aew Ijyt of vsudeviUs artists. The eiu£uiat&£rajribi is tfae h^ mm sijowa i» Sterling, .. .CARPETS,. . VERY LOW, AND AN ATTRACTIVE ASSORTMENT. Ladies all say zr± C>uFD Is the Largest and Nobbiest In the City. 4 - • . P. S.—Remember, these are all new and honest Goods, this Spring. Not shoddy prices for shoddy goods. •»( •".'.'.'-. " • • • '• O .A; S EC . ;J The SWEEPING REDUCTIONS IN DRESS GOODS. Commencing Monday, April 5th,.1897, and con- turning during the month,; we shall offer our entire Dress (roods stock, comprising the latest' Spring Novelties in Black and Colors-•-none reserved-r-at the following prices : 12^ and 15,0 Dress G-opds at - 25c Dress Groods at - 35 and 40o Dress Goods at 506 Dress Q-oods at rl -_ ^ e^and;75c Dress Goods atf~ .."- 90o and $1.00 Dress G-oods at / $1,25 Dress Goods at - - ^^ISs^uality^afi^ Corduroy. Skirt Facing^ - - TERWIS CASH. ~Secure the Plums while they last. A. L. HECKMAN. '.f< u lOc I8o 25o 34o 52o 69c 950 Just Received- •4 _ >c ;CALL AND EXAMINE IT. is the time to have your old wheels Enameled and Nickeled. The L. A. W. Shop dots Us own work. Bicycle Sundries of every description at FLOCK & DAVIS', 106 West Third Street. 'V. 1 ,7'V ^4'ti MEISTER & ROHRER'S,

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