The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 6, 1923 · Page 16
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 16

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 6, 1923
Page 16
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miic niA r «1 IS TV t» i Bargain Table Low Shoes Vonderful Bargains In Women's Low Shoes. Patent 2-lmie Satin with Calf Trimming, Low I feci; .Paten! 1-strap, Spanish Heel and Sport ( )xfni"ds up to $7.SO values, $3.95 Special- --White ("loth Pumps, low and medium heel, at $2.45 Teare & Etzler Shoe Store 19 North Main -TIME T A L ETS MORE TALES OF CUFFY BEAR BY A& RTHUR SCOTT BAILEY , USED CARS 1919 Buick Touring 1919 Dodge Touring 1920 Dodge Touring 1920 Buick Roadster 1920 Ford 1-Ton.Truck 1920 Fore! Coupe 1B20 Dodge Touring 1922 Dodge Touring 1821 Ford Coupe 1923 Chevrolet Touring These cars have been thoroughly overhauled and refinisher]. Guaranteed to be in good mechanical condition. Will trade—terms if necessary. \rno] [to Co. 25 First East Phone 2707 CHAPTER XVII. Mr. Bear Mlssos a Luncheon. Pooping out of Hio thicket. Into the little clearing, Cutty Uoar witched his fntlior iiortorm many nntlics with tho four friends that Mr. Bear had mot there. They frolicked about In a rough fashion, striking and shoving and tripping one another. No light taps did thoy glvo, but heavy blown,' which made Cuffy Hear wince, whenever he saw one land. Throughout oil tIlls rude sport, nobody lout his temper—not even Cuf- I ty's father. And tho longer Cuffy -watched, the—more his wonder grew that hlH papa should bo so good-natured. If Cuffy hadn't followed Mr. Bear nil the way from the family den, ho would have thought that fills bluff, | hearty, playful person was some | stranger that looked wonderfully llko ; Mr. Kphraim Hear, except, that he never once frowned or looked severe. After a time one of 7\Ir. Hoar's friends tore open an old stump. There were grubs inside It, which this gentleman began to eat greedily, as if ho hoped, to finish the feast before anybody noticed his good luck. }3ut Cuffy Hoar's father spied what his friend was doing. And Mr. Ilwir ^aio a squeal and hurried towards the stump. His three other friends dashed after him. One of them a huge creature failed His Foot, caught Mr. Hear by Ms Miouider and sent him spinning. Mr. Hear didn't stop until his head crashed against a free. Ho sat down, then .with a foolish ^i'iu un ids face. Hut after a few moments lie was up again ami running to join his four friends at the old stump. lie was too late. There wasn't a single grub left for iiim. For the first time since Cuffy had been watching tills' affair, a glum look came over his father's race. Mr. Bear's own family know that he was very touchy about food. Ho al­ ways wanted his share—tiria more. There was no dofrht, now, that he was feeling Homowhat peevish. He was angry with all four of his friends for not saving any grubs for him. Ho was angriest with Dig Foot, who had been tho causo of his being lato at tho feast. Perhaps Mr. Bear would have forgotten his displeasure', had not Rig Foot, asked him a certain question. Oc per ij! The Grovier-Starr Produce Co. Whulrinh DUltiluluri Hutchinson, Kans. EADING motor car J manufacturers use them as original equipment. They arc also the choice of thousands of prominent car dealers. AJAX CORD, ROAD KING, PARAGON HOCK AD AY AUTO SUPPLY CO. Hr.tchirison, Kansas "Nowl" roared next? " Mr. Bea*. "Who'» "Weren't these good grubs, BphraimT" Big Foot imtulred with a broad smile. And that made Mr. liear furious. The rage was seething inside him glared* out of bis little eyes. Half a minuteMater Mr. Bear caught Big Fold unawares ami gave him a- buffet that dropped Unit vast person in his tracks. "Now'" roared Mr. Bear. "Who's next?" "That's certainly Father," Cuffy Bear murmured, as ho craned hUs neck around a young spruce tree. Copyright 11)23, Metropolitan Newspaper Service, New York. (Tomorrow: —Mr. Bear Finds Himself Beset by Knomios on all Sides.) Store Hours—8 to 5. Saturdays—8 to 9 JULY CLEARANCE SALE HANDLES BRITISH DEBT PAYMENTS Former Treasury Official New Partner in J. P. Morgan & Co. Banking Firm. A task that will r<v|uir» nancial ability and will demand many j years with increasing responsibility ] to i onsmnmato is to bo turned over! to Russell Corneir'Leflincwell by ,1.1 )'. Morgan ,b "(\>.,' according to re- puru) from Wall street. 1. e f f i 11 g w e 11. former assistant eoci-.'t;:ry of the V. treasury, and a well known Now York lawyer, has just been made a partner in .the Morgan firm ami it. is considered probable that be will be given charge of the British pay- 1 ments on the warj debt, the task referred to. The pay-, ments ore being nr.ulo in the form of j Liberty bonds through the .1. V. Mor-1 gan & Co., as riscal agents for the British government. His beartnuarl-. cm will he in Washington. j Ijci'flngwell is a member of the New York firm of Cravath. Header- j son, Iv-'fflugweil and He Gerstoff. He j ignert from the-Treasury in April tary Training Camps would compete in the National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio. The tryout for t)io team to represent the stale of Kansas, Nebraska, Souh Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, .Missouri, and Arkansas, will lie held at Fort Des Moines, Iowa, beginning August 20. Preliminary tryoufs will be held at all camps and tiio successful competitors from the Fort I.eai cuu'irih and Fort Nm-ll- Ing camps will then be ordered to Fort lies Moines, to compete in the record tryout for p'aces on the team :o shoot in the Natiuna! Matches on tho shores of Lake Krie, iiu September. Men's Three-Piece Suits $30—$35 " $40—$45 .V* " $$0—$5-5" SUITS ,; , SUITS v ' u SUITS |_ $23 «33 $39 Spend and Save! The Quality Attracts I Not just an ordinary sale but a clearance period at which we offer unreservedly the fine merchandise from our regular stocks. We profit by making ready for the new season. You profit by receiving a character of clothing that could not under other circumstance's be had at ' these prices. LOOKING BACKWARD Taken From tho Kilos of Tho New*. .Established 1887 NUSSBAUM'S Star QCotfuer^ See Otir Windows - MINGO JUDGE MAY RUN FORGOVERNOR OF WEST VIRGINIA ! pk^ TEETH FORTY YEARS AGO IN 1883. J. A. -Uruysou had a traction engino in (ho parade ou the Fourth. WinitmtiU were btdng t>old for J40. A petition was signed by many buMMi *";jM in t- ii asking that A. II. Moffatt bu retained as Santa Kc agent l:erv. were recovering from strenuous i-Hobraiions of the Kourih. Self-binders were making uuito a bit. Kami era were "laying by'* their eoru. TWENTY YEARS AGO, IN 1903. Tho fir At telegram-cable to go around tho world, sent by tho head of tho PosUT* company to President Roosevelt, passod through Viutchin- son. J. C. 0. Mot^o made a trip to Topeka. A. R. Seheble went to King'man. 1*120. having Been directly in chnrse | Misa Josephine Patron of Kingman' WUH visiting Miss Helen Lumboru. The ilorabaui^li-Wiiey cit.-rki bad a picnic at Cilundalc park. of Tjibnrty Loan notation .dm-Jr.jj thu •A-'ar and .having v»«d undfir three f.'Tretarles, i'r<?sid<-i)t \Vlb;on r.•(',>; v- od tho resie,miUon with u i>ni)»ie ex- 'fl't.'.-lon rr-W'-l -xv.l pIMiSC. Favored Debt Cancellation. W 'lulb wnli (lit! Treasury, L'M 'fin^* / well appealed lor r-aiu t'llittitiii of rho Allic -i! de .bts to Ann-riut on th*- ^:-.mnd thai "huniaii sympathy, dei'f.'iit i'.liaiu*» and • nli^htoiiMd self intt-rest e.ill ui>on us to talu 1 . our part." .lie virtually indorsed a New Ytn'U i s ajM-r'y stand for international dlsannament. fipPauling" • for a world free from military bond- 1 ago. l.fffindwell was born in New York in 1ST9, the rtm of Charles HuHtodl and Mary lOlizalH'th (.'urnell Leffing- widl. Ho was) grailuated from Yale in l^D'J and from i 1K» Columbia haw School in P ,'t >2. Kntering what was then ihn law firm i.-f Cravath &. llen- d^rrtOM imm<MliaLi.'ly aftnr graduation h' 1 became a p;w-(tier in I In 11H7, a few wf-<-U.s aft^r war Wiis deelurcd. I^oi'fingwt-ll wont to Washington and t »ri.';a!'.i:'-' \ the va::,t marhin- ft'y by im-am* t-f whieh the Treasury- TEN YEARS AGO, IN 1913. Irish potatoff;. S5 etmt.s a bushel Cabbage 2 -<ents a pound. Ci r e on o 11 i o n ri, 4G c e n i& a bunches. lulled alfalfa hay, ^11. Wheat 7t> •cents a bushel. Corn, 58 cents a l>unhel. FOR WORLD PEACE. dozen mmim TO OUANTICO Ch­ id M ill (iiirin;; the ViSIl .NHS; in \Y. *ndi:n* FtV A« my i r -May Ha­ tha Fourth -.voletl Oil •i't-r." coiiim: 'ItU'V I vl.-lula th.' C Id.. p..•.('>.'». .Irdy 0. -Cc. !- <•!... of ih*.; !-'<A: Went to tia.iM'ii'o. tho pre.'d:b'!it'a y: to vi ? :lt tho i '.J'ih on u tour 'iiv. nUou u: lioli;»naj:o!iri .ui'jd Bua-:t •i;-, 1 -. v. .in .t -'co-nipanled on ti t0 •wt- by J'.Uij. C-m. Pfjeune, miant of lie.' Maiint. 1 Coma, Hi St.t .-t 't.* tary H-.H^MVclt of ihe iiiparJici-nt, o!h.r hig'h of- :tnd at'hiy n:;vy <it\'.leera. Five Killed in Wreck . Committee In the American Legion to Meet for That Put-pose. Indiana potis, July »;.- Members of tho 'Tidac- commince ot the Amerl- t :an Legion, r'.'iirtjs'Mitiug tho United Stat oil Veteran* in the movement among i'nnnm* worhl li^htera of eight nations i'or internatiojiiil pt-aee and comity will meet h; ro in executive se^>:io:i July 20, at-co.'din^ to an an- !unmeemeut today by Atviu tlwsloy, national commander of the leiiion. A program -for the le^Ion'y partiej- Extracted Without Pain Doctor Crabb, of tho Union Dentists, is an expert extractor of difficult teeth. His work is painless, rapid and scientifically done with Conductive Anesthesis We extend to ycu the courtesy of consultation without chargre. B. W. Crabb, D. D. S. UNION DENTISTS HUTCHINSON, KANSAS W/ 2 N. Main Open Evening* by Appointment Phono 1069 Dcourtmimt was »bli» to raise billion:* l>a<i«n tlu> ai'Cairs of tbo interna- nt ilollar.-.. i """til organization, it was .said, wllH l...-t'finr,v-,.il Is a liiomlifr-of Ihv On-i L "' for iiri-aontatlon to the lnry. I-'nlvfrtiitv. M.<ir»|K.ii(dH, Ynlu,! <:»«^ual otivewtlim of tin? 'legion In Down T.-.wit, t 'o'liiiiibi .-i fiiiviTsltj- and i y;!n l'Vanciseo and the lesion's ralire- I'llilna rinlM of .\.-w v»rU, tied ; sci'tntbm In tbo annua] convviuluu of (hp Mi 'tnrrinlhaii. t'bovy t'ii.i-... liidint;' ' il1 ' "KWsc'* to be liold in Brussels, III taint; 1­ ll of \Y .'^nt of ubitii '.ton. llioolilyu 1'i. l-'ivr o-.d -.tin i -U fuc.o;;.t-ivo.. untlor bt^ t -lay , May-; Siitb | ini in and -I Tln-l uatod ro iiillcd and fast O-.U-ab'O, Mil- U fr..'islil train was ^•ar?t ot Davia Juno- i < y-i'j no^roc -i '..ait c-dk'.;;.os, CITIZENS CAMP WILL FURNISH RIFLE Onialia. July 0 .--.«aj l . (ieorno lb r>uncan, Couiniui f;il f'orjis -\i-t-a, toda>- anisi lUltflmu, In Soptcuibur, also will bo in! dlr.<M !: ar..l. 11. Nolson Jnuktiou of Burlington, V;„ i-bairmun of the conunltteo and | tin.! inemlic-rs inciudod R. 15, Condon | of Now York City; Colonel Cabot W'ar.-l of Harls, fawi; Col. L. It. t;i S : ; iliiat, Culver, hid.;^man A 'Matt Antlrew, (lloiu-e^ter, Ma-iH.; <i.tiier«! lit of tiio a -ml that liiflu Teams from the Ciii/.emt Mlli- l.eiuli Uov/.ur, Mexiro City, Alexander Fttzhuiih. Vlekfiburg, and Goimrul Hoy iloffmaa of liouin City, Okla. Mux.; Miss., Oltla- C CONSTIPATION ^ gycH. and euarny, pop and vim retorn when taking CHAMBCRLAIN'S TABLETS ISCcfp stf'niach 'bweot--li;-er. ttcli-ro— Luwisln rcatwl"*-—3ta^> Carmol Has Divorce. Los AnKoles - -Carmol Myors, moviu. was trantoil a divorco from I-iailor 11. Kornblnm, attorney and Hong of iN'ew York, against whom she charged desertion. l!nd llglititis l« tho priuulpal source of fatigue WiiouB workarti, aocordins to enulucers who have mtuio a survoy of mochaulcal processes in luduatry. Judge S. II. Sharpe. Judge S. 11. Kiiai'iie. l.cwlsburK,' ^est Virginia, trial judge in tho Mingo county eoal mine murder cases, is being groomed as tiio next Republican oaiMiid.ilo for eoveraor. THAT RAILROAD VALUATION. It Is Still Being Considered by Interstate Commerce Commission. Wanhiiurtou, July 6.—Tbo principals employed by the Interstate commerce commission in determining tho valutt tion^of railroads were subjected to further analysis today m arguments before that body. Tho hearing which began -yesterday witb an attack on tha commission's methods by X>. R. Ulchberg, counsel for the National Conference, on Aiuorican Hallroad Valuation and a defnnso by P. J. Fsr- roll, solitiitor for th8 commission, is expected to continue through tomorrow. Counsel for various railroads and .1. iil. Benton, counsel for state railroad commissions, have boon allotted timo for ur^ument at the ro- raalning sessions of tho hearing, which marks tho approach of-the valuation work's completion. Miraculous EBcape. Norfolk. Va.—A man and his wlfo rairaculousily escaped death when a train traveling forty miles an hour demolished a coupo in which, they were riding hut they landed on, tho englno running board sustaining only minor Injuries. USE Tir FOR SORE, TIRED, ACHING FEET Good-bye, soro feet, burning feot, swollon feet, sweaty feot, smelling feet, tired feet. Good-bye, corns, cailotiBea, bunions, and raw spots. No more shoo tightness, u o more limping with pain or drawing up your feet in agony. "TIZ" is magical, acts right off. "TIZ" draws out all the poisonous exudations which puff up the feet. Use "TIZ" and forgot your foot misery. Ah! how comfortable your feot loel. A few cents buy a j box of "TIZ" now at any druggist or department store. Don't suffer, Havo , good foot, glad feot, feet that never | swell, never hurt, never get tirod. A , year's foot comfort guaranteed or' money refunded. | PARTS AND 6KF.VICB RUMELL H. KILLER. Mar. Phono 831G 405 u. El* PALMER DENTAL CO. Popular Priced Dentist 28i N. Main Phone 2659 Gaa for Extraction Hutchinson Liberal A MULTITUDE OF WOMEN RECOMMEND IT. Tho strongest recommendations possible for any uiedlclno to have Is the sound testimony borne by the vast multitudes of women that have used It. It has been proved that 98 out of every 100 women once 111 with ailments that caused suffering and despair have boon restored, to tho joys of health by Lydla B, Plnkhanrs Vegetable Compound. This marvelous record shows lta power over the Ills ot women, and the letters ot recommendation we are continually publishing In this paper should induce overy ailing woman to try it. Saturday eTeuiug ilnnca Stevous iionds Mi Sppflt Foitune in Search "I spout S.l.fMO in 7 years treating with physicians, some specialists cosU injt too f 10 a visit, only to at last say that nothing could bo done for me, that 1 luul cancer or u lours of tha stomach. I suffered awful pains In my stomach, but after taking a fow doses of Mayr's Wonderful Ileinody these all disappeared and for S year* am feeling fine." It Is ft slurple, tamy loss preparation that rcmoTes the catarrhal mucus from the Intestinal tract and allaya the inflammation which onuses practically all stomach, Mver and Jntpsrtlnal ailments, including app-ondldts, One dose will convince or money refunded. At all drug, gists. Pyein» plants of England s-hut down nine and ono-half hours <!he other flv< all Saturday, tut : amp! oyoa working days of tho week.

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