The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 8, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 8, 1859
Page 4
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BY TELE&RAPH. DAILY sTPITOB. Additional Particular* «bont the W«r—For- Kmv YOBK, June 7. The steamship City of Washington turf red at 10 o'clock this *. m, AHBBSASHWA, M«y 21.—Tho Anstrisns about 16,000 (rtrong, attacked the advance posts of Marsha] Baragnay D'Hilliere They were driven; back by Gen; Farris' di. vision, which behaved admirably, and carried tbe Yfllage of Uontebello, after a fierce combat of four hours duration. The Piedmontese cavalry, commanded by Gen. Sapaz, displayed extraordinary energy. We have made 200 prisoners, one of whom IB a Colonel. , We have from 5QO to 600 kiHed and wounded. ; . The Anstrians are in full retreat since last evening. The loss ofthe army exceeds 2,000 men. The Vienna correspondent of tbe London Times says thaf the Austrian force consisted of three brigades, and their loss was probably about the same as-thatof the French. TITEIH, May 38.—'Yesterday the enemy approached in great force at Palfecro, with the 'object of obstructing^tbe march of tbe reconnoitering party which hnd taken tbe direction of Slavia, by order ofthe King of Sardinia. The enemy's artillery was, however, silenced in every part. - . • The Anstnans Aad shot an entire family- of 8 persons, in.whose house Austrian guns had been found. The French have occupied Caetegpio, where they are fortifying themselves. A despatch dated Vienna, May 22d, saye that at noon on the 21st inft , about 14,000 of the French-Sardinian army, attacked our troops, numbering 3,000 at Veroelli. Our men retreated, fighting to Orfeno. At this place 'twoother Anstrians brigades Imrried to the rescue, and threatened the enemy's flanks, which retired across the Sesia to the western side of the river. It is stated that 30,000 Anstrians were about to be concentrated at BoiaraWwrg It was reported, via Switzerland, that all the Austrians detachments on the Lago Maggiore, had been withdrawn. • An Austrian despatch says thai precaution had been taken against Garibaldi, whose intention was to rouse Como to revolt. Austria had issued instructions to prepare for the defence of Tyrol. A despatch from Berne says that the Ans- trians had left Comb and Milan, and concentrated themselves on the River Adds, and that the French and Sardinians were advancing. All th« London papers give credence to a report that Lord Palmereton and Lord John Russell had come to a general agreement on the subject of Parliamentary Reform and foreign policy,|a»d that the Derby government wonld be compelled to resign soon after the assembling of Parliament. Kossnth had addressed another large meeting in faror of the neutrality of England, at Manchester. H« intimated that he should probably soon be in his native country It was repoited that he was the President of the Hungarian Com. jost established. The Cunard Co. had sold four of their screw steamers to the Spanish government, and they are to be replaced by vessels of greater power and size. A siege fleet is fitting out at Toulon, with great expedition. Account* from Hungary are extremely alarming, and there must sooner or later be serious disturbances, if concessions are not made. The country if full of Russian agents who act almost openly The Vienna correspondent of the Times says, it was crpditablj reported that Prussia will soon place her corps d'armie on the Lower Rhine, and two on her eastern frontier. A gaaeral insurrection movement is being organized throughout all the slave provinces of the Turkish Empire. It is eipeeled to be favored by foreign influence. Between 20 and 30 persons were drowned in places where it was tLought the water wonld nerer reach; 188 sloiir houses wpre laid in in- ins; i,«irlT nil tli,- cist-rns destroyed, and great portions of tlie road were swept inlo the Valley. BERNE, May 2;. — h is reported thai G«n. Garibaldi bad barricaded himself in ihe town • of Varzee, hut is without cannon. The A astcian." posted in tbe neighborhood are provider! «-ith artillery and a fight has commenced. GENOA, May 26—The Bey of Tunis has offered two anxilliarv regiments to Piedmont omor or THK DAILY NEWS, . Milwaukee, Jcne T, 1869. j Moarr Miirofl —No new developemeau hare been tntde known In money matters. Exehuge anil car renry are ftlll In the itme old way. A, moderate fcn aloe» t» doing which the Banks are able to •ceamnio- date at Ihe urtal rates. COMMKEOIAU—There were DO remarkable-feature! In the marVet for breadstuff tonJay. At the opening they vere a HUlc ohttetdy with » downward tendency, but rallied to the close and became more iteidy. In flour there \ru a little more done at prlce» about the lame as on j esterday. ID wheat (he sales were more nnmer ous, thanon j-cstcldsy, but roosUy ID small lots, »• that the amount li about |lhe same. A very few bu- shtij at.No, "I wertsold atlower pricei than has been taken fora long time; ID the aftero'.on, however, an advance w*s felt, and the market closed steady »!th No. 1 bring 1,14 In store. Cora was Dot mentioned on change, and aB far ai we could learn there were no salri. Oats are dull Hud lower. Potatoes are ^nlck of Btle and command better prices, as there Is some shipping demand, and the trade must be suppli. d. Bnttcr Is also .omewhat In demand for shipping. Other thlugs i bout as they nav miles below the Chocolate, where the now lies high and , dry, but It ta thought »h« cambe got cff without dlffl onlty. Ho HTM lost The : schooner Parsons, which left here about «lz o'clock Thursday . afternoon, loaded with ore, collided during the tight with lome vessel, nine unknown, lost her ibowiprit and w'l otherwise ln- <Jurod. She returned and came to anchor a mile or to out, but contloned to drift 'till Dear the monti of the Chocolate, where she lay JB great peril until evening, whoa the Mineral Bock, which arrived here the day before, was able to. go totter aaelitance.- Kone of the nn merous vessels lying at onr docks, were Injured.. . Wholesale market. TCKSDH Rrinxo, Jnnc 7. FRtJGHTS—firm. Prop. BncVeye takes 1,000 bbls floor to Dpdensbu gti at former rates. No otlicr en- Bag menu. PLOUE—oteady. Receipts 652 bbls; shipments 2,000 bblB. Bales BOO bbls Kingston Mills at 6,25. 250do Mazomanie Vl'lsat 6,M. EVE PLOCTB—lower. Sales 20 bbl. ,t «,2S. WH* AT-advance! 2o. Receipts 8,777 bn»; shipments none. 8ale» 850 bus e*tra club for milling at 1,30; 350 do do at 1,32; 20 do No. 1 In store l,0f; 30 do do 1,10; 100 do do 1.12; 1<10 do do 1.12X; 1,000 do f. o. b., 1,14; 1,747 do In store 1,14; winter wheat—3fi(l do extra white winter at L,65; 200 do do nt 1,5S; 250 do do 1,64; 160 do No. 1 do 1,40, all for milling. Tata! salrs 4,«44 bus. TE—inactive at l,00ai,05. BARLEY— nothing dotnc; nominal al 45@60. CORN —nc sale«, but lower Rec?i|.t» 845 I,UB; «h,p- merjts none. 0 \TS-dull at 40@4S- Receipts 4,211 bus; shipments non*. Bales 60!) bus al 45; i,200 bus m 4(1. POTATOES—quite live'y; somr. shipping d«;m%nd at 60^65. Bccelpts 627 bns;'ehlpment! 706 bus. Sales 300J>us mixed at 52; 40 t>us do HI 60 EGGS—wanted at 8®9c. BUTTEK-some export demand at »®12c. 8al, t S.Rfldlhj flrtln al 9®10r:; S JO Ibs lie. HIGHWLNE*_»teady; no sales- 2A&2CK, KlUtrolld Kocelpts. RBOBIPTS BT Li OEOSSB 4 MinroiKEB fiiiLBoio — 206 bbls flour flour; 93 bus o»t»; 7b au potatoes; 32 sacks flour; 16.5IC Ibs sundries; 6 cjr<i« wood lUCBIPTB BT MU.WACI.K t HoaiCOJ rUIUIOiD— Prom Fridaj 4th to Monday 6th, inciuslre.-37 hull (lour; l&O b is whew; 2.:il5 do oils; 5so do poi.loes, b bblj eggs'; 1,S4S Ibs sundries. KRCBIF.'B BT CHICAGO, £ ^WILWACKIB RAILROAD From 4lh to Cth, inclusive.—20 hbls flour, 1,171 bu> wheat; Sill do oats RBOKPTB «r MD.WADCIB A MISSISSIPPI RAILJUUD — 175 bbls flour, i,25C bus whtil, 99S do oats, 214 do corn, 19 do potatoes. Btout o« tin So»t»io»l— th» Manjnrtte Jotnia of the 1st, glrw the loTloirlng_eoncernlng th* itona on •Lake Snerlor': " ' ' f " ~ * J «ver experienced here. The icnooner coming ID, wai ddten Upon -the beach three or four BY TEI.EGRAPH. New ITork Market • Nrw TOM, Jnce 7 FLOOR—market op«oej at 5 cents advance; sale* 4,000 bull at 6,47@6.C5 for superflns state; 6,6»a7,lO for extra do; 6^i®6,6S for June Inspection superfine western, 6,80Si7,S6 for common to good extia testern; "^7,80 for do do round boon Ohio. KYU hLOUB—4&6^6. WHBAT--Tery heavy xod 2@8c lower; sties 4.000 bas Milwaukee club at l,Kt. OSN—firm; sales 19.0U i bos at 83 for mixed western; 81@93 for white southern ; 85 for choice yellow mthern; 924j,»3 for round yellow. KVK—d nil at 98. IJARLtT—dull at 6Z&'<!>. O A.*—doll at-62(^55. PTOCKS—second board lower; Pac Mull 69)4; N X C "tfi; Erie 6%; Harlem 10; do prelerred 35; Reading 15X; Tol 25x; Galena C8K- BUFFALO MARKET. BnrriLO, June T. FLOOR—n fab- locsl and Interior demand, atiil teady; sales 1,300 bbls at 6,00®6,50 for state, from Chi. "i.rmg an l Mil. club wheat; C,76, straight brands WIs. 7,8T,Ha,7,2b for tutr.-i Mich., Ind., anduhlo; "fO ©7,75 double extras. FLUCR—quiet; sales 8,(ulO las In lots at 1,62^ for red Ohio; 1,60 for white 111; i rdinary whtu ill ,h In ''BgB. CORK—8c better; sales 2A.UUO bus last evening at 7; balance this morning at 76. i OATS—qu'et. BARLEY—dull. RYE—firmer; sales 8.600 bus state at 1,00. L)t NQUUIE at Offlci . M aler at. i rOUNL), uruer Wisconsin and fe.ast je7-dlt 85 KKW AKD—SL,UT 1XJST. A .SMALL Black a-d Wi e Ulul, n-e\ring o^—^, a ncv leather strap around tier peck._^fit>^^. id has her ears cut to * point tn tbe shape ul loxes ar?, and answers to the nn e of ^Jennie," ws* lost on .turday afternoon, Junt- -I !fi. Whoever will return aid Slut to 3| 7 Mito strerl "III receive the aboTe reward. Je 7 Aleteorolof^ical. JI:M C. t *. M. — WiDd 8. E.,Jifhl skj- — cieai in th* east— cloudy in ?. W. quarter— clouds float. np s. F~ Barometer 29, 07 Thermometer 67. 18 «.— Wind B. E ; li e bt sky, clear. Barometer 28, 52. Thermometer 56. 4 p. M — Wind g. £., light skr, ( k-u-. Barometer 29, 43. Thermometer Cl. * r * — w >n<l S. E , liph sky, clear. Barometer 2S, 40 Tbermimeler '..;. BU3IKES8 CARPg. I OBO. w. nsms, St K«>. 18 may25 Ml. ....,.». yens & JTeukiua. CHANDLER & HI CKC3X, Attorneys & Counsellors at Law I 1 " -AVER'S ? CHERRY /PECTORAL, ';;;•- ' TOR THB KAPU> OITIUE Of Colds, Cough* and , - Htiareeness. .. ,. *>•• *• 0- Ana : I do not hetftaU to in V KNKBLAl^O ItLOCK, " " 5MLWAUKBB. -• -~i | -f- »,. . . . ..[aprlSJ ..... /*JliS BiCtortl. I. 0. fiBBISB. I. CKOfsj JUKOSS jTTORA'BYS i CODNSELLQRS »O, Albany nntl .... ...... WlflOOHglH. Ooagh*, HoaneMs,In9a«iiBa,and th. TOOT Onaar Pxrnoui. It* uoiUat a*» la «>y practtee aad my tally for UM last (to yeawbMahowBlttopoise*. np*- rlor virtue* fcr th* trMtawatof OM» ! complaint*. KBXB KNIQHT, M. D. jronr LAW. tod In PATEN t 1 MEDICINES. MEDIC Ai,. ATTORNYS & COUNSELLORS IT LAW, Arcade Balding, IK East Water St., 3. W. Prarrft*, formerly 1 Witt • tad few I ehould sooner *> -»"« "• " I Croup, WhoopLogr Conf h, Inflnenza. i Baoem fcUubsrt Bnorarma, Hat, Feb. 7, 18*4. Am: I wfll shs«rfally certify yoor rtetord Faucis ilLoaceaoc. OTHikg 1 COLT,AlliBn», > »rork. | ! | P. BiAWDoioD Is D. g. Uoort Oomcilaslane^- and Commissioner foi* (err.rul stato. - iX»l!M6ai [i. L. r l LN l*f .... JUB&rbA BTtBB. IM I M KK. it STAUK, (.ttorucys & Counsellors at Law. C3&~ OlHcj, No. 2, Mitchell's New U»Lk Building, cor- irr c,r Michigan ami tasl Witter streets, Milwaukee. iau2ll I Q'lBICBT U r«UE ............... • ........ J. V. Vi* UTiaB I'AltJt A VAN ITIVKKK, Attorney! and Counsellors at Law. STBfrXXS l-OJST, . .. WJSCOJiU'ilf, Will nracticehn l*ie Taring* Court* uf tl*c Seventh Jadl- ci»l Clrcuie of Wisconsin. and will lallMutly attend to i It bualness iutrust«d to at, remittances promptly mat f. Land Warrants located In iclerled l*»<ls Tor Uio«i> at a ^{stance. Je»8 HcYsstir A ^cosrrui, Bankers, Stevens Paint. J. R. BHAHRBTBIR, Esq., Milwaukee. I. ITTBU. 1 UiKia, Milwaukee. PiLKKAI A BOOTH, " Mirrnrif i IUREOH, OhlcLgo. lion. J _ fciTOB, OlUwa,III. .IN<i>. A. HAVACiK, .» K., Attorney; and Counsellor at Law NO£. 9 I 10, PBOKNIX BUILDIM, ' ................ WISCONSIN Cooiuiiciiotierlor S. T., Peon., Ohio; Indiana, IK . : an<l Iowa. Unilttt tiUlLex and Mronit t \turt nn***)** tot the car* of whooping •hot dl**a*e* ordHUren. We o? ^ ty In tbe Booth appcsdata ymr skill, aad eonunend ynw medldn* to our people. DIKAM OONKUS, M. 0. AMOS U1Lbn, Monamai, Ii,wrltta,Sd Jan, l«M: "I hada Udtons Infloenia, which confined DM IB doers £z *•**»; took many medicines without relief; «nalr> y . your rrcEomi by th* advie* of our dergyman. Th« ttrst don relieved the sot BUMS In my throat and lunn; ha* than on* half the botth mu. n. eompletoly well. T<mr medidnet an th* cheapen a* »<A aa ttu best we ean buy, and »«_««e«m yo«, Uoetar. and your remedies, a* Ihe poor man's Mend.* Ajthma or Phthisic, and Bronchitis. ... Wni MAiomna, Pa, Fsb. *, issa. Hn: TOOT CVrry PtOoral Is performing marvellona •ureebatUiieetlcn. It ha* rsUevad amsil from alann- IBc (nsptom* of consumption, and to now curing a man Who ha* labored under an affection of th. inn** for too hat tatj yean. HENBT L. PABKS, Merchant. A. A. RAMSIT, M. D- Aura», Mono Co, IOWA frit**, B*pt.«, 1866: "Darin*; ray pnetln of many yeari I have bund nothing equal to your (ferry POaral for Cvtttg e**e and relief to ooMnmatlve patients, or curing nca a* an curable. " •T* might add volnmee of arlasma, but th* BBS* eoo- vlndng proof of the rtrtaas <rf ttita remedy to folia* la It* DE. HOOFLAJJD'S GERMAN BITTERS, ASP upon MIL r CoBcamption. Probably no on* ramidj baj mr »•» known wbtea csmd so many and such ducirou CM** u this. 0* human aM can nsuh; hot STTO to thai* th. Aatoral affbrda rmllaf O«VF.Ai\ AT I HE KKPTJBMCAN ITIOJMIAY EV1 -• II o.\ T HIS Company irill, on n. Parly, and the Commlii make tbe cn-paratuins so HOUSK, l;, JLM. I a III. - evt-ulnp, pive a Social •• have Bfiarod no pains to >t n very amusing and so- cl 1 evening may be eipectrd. The Company rrqursl » I >ice allendance. Firemen are requeued to a^iieur ID uniform. Entrance, t/) cants. I*upj.. r, 87>i cents. Per order of t'ie Cummlf er Je7-d6t 49O,OOO or €boicv Farming and Fine Lauds. miS'J'AV VON UKU'iSCJH ATTORJJKY AND COUNSELLOR AT l.A'W, mCK—En>i>lrt Block, 241 East Water si. J. ;V. V. PLATTO, Aitorney & Counsellor at Law. &T Office! in Mitel «ll'i Bank Dnildlng, No. S, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. jaolT li<>OKl£K ,V litonu-jj & Counsellors a( Luu, ~ tifftrr, A'.,J. 8 $• 4, .1/fxjnjt RuiUiuy curacr fc ,.11, & \Mn\n iSlrrrl*. Opl-osltr tll« Newhall II .ose . . Milwaukee WIB. _ ABTOB Hocn, MBW To«i CITT. March a, ISM. DOOTO Ana, Ixrwiu.: I Csol It a duty and a plouun infcra Ton what Chmy JViiroi hM dan* Ifcr my 8h* had bmn On moath* labonni under th* du- iaptmn* of Oansumjitton, from which no aid w. ooold pncor* nn h«r much ralML gb* wa* stodllv ftdl- to* oatfl Dr. fcomf, of this *Hy, wh«n w. h.T.»ni. to idTle*, rronmmaniVirl a trial of your rnadido*. Ws him Mi ttmrnMB, as we do your skill ; for ah. has recover*! from thai day. 8h* IB not y*t a* strong as she n«od tn b*, bat li free from h*r aoufh. and can* avnelf well. Town with rratttad*«D« raaard, OBLANDO 8HILBT, o» BBBUTTILLB. Jl-xi 7. 6 *• » —Win) S. E ly E-—sk., hiij-. Baromete. 29.82. Thermometer 77. 12 «•— Win f «• K-—sky lightly clouded over. Barometer S9, 20. Thermometer 64. 4 p. K —Wind S. W.-pmy—sky partly cleaj. Barometer i? 09 Thermorocter 77. 5PM -Wind S. W.—black cloud low in the we Barometer 29 )fi Tl.nmnmeter 77. MARINE RECORD. S ELECTED years ago fron, the then Government Land! in that Stair, arc n ,w offered FOK ^A^,K, BT THE Fox and Wisconsin improvement Co., At Low Prices, on Liberal r rm» nf Credit, and in large or small quatitit-s 10 suit purchaser!. THK KAKM1NO LANDS, Comprising the different , .rletles of Oak openlnp Pr.lneand Hard Wood L,m««. arc well w»t.- ed by Springs and never-falling Brn .ks, and are in the vicinity of pood markets. TMr. PIK > L tNU* JOH» w. OA»T ................. W1LUCB ratTT. (JJAKV & Pit ATT, \tiorneywi tiod Connsellor* at L.atv. Office In Voting's Block, Corner Main and Wisconsin street, . febSO-d3ra Wl N81N Pori of Jane 7. ALESSANDRIA, Maj 25th.—Thf Emporor passrti RPveral hoim al Vogbrra Notlniij; is y«4 decided rfspectiue the departure of the troops LONDON. May 26.—Th* stock market* art" still principally influenced by tbe plutbora in the tiioDcv market The Euc!i.-.|i funds closed at the improvr- n>enl of 1-2 percent. The fall intbc rate of discount still continue". The Tim*? allnd-f: to designs on the part of the Viceroy of Egypl, to take ad vantage of an T disturbance which may arise) in Turkey, for the purpose of obtainijjff if Dot independence, at least a large measure of authority. ""*- Advertiser save that the leader of the AHH.I VF.D. Just fl. for • term of yean Slmr Tr.veKr, S*eenj, Cblrap,,, 200 hns wheat, 24 bbl, oil, I" bales rap,, Ift4 pkp. sundries, IS- pa» , i-tmr Ci.j of Cievelam. 8.|ui-r, C rand H.ret. JtJBf P." ti-n f'.iU.mac. Gebhard, BuH»lo, V.' ton,I mdz. -' mutes, Xl* hare iron. 16 bbU oil I'rop Plymouth, Dlckunn, Bud.In, 1S»4 tons ind- Prop Mend-.ta. l*pet>cer, Bull»lo, 177 tons mclr."20 reap- in/ mart Dt-», 6 wacoue, 76 uWi vinecar SchrCi. Bar her, Nelson. Manlstec, 9S m Inm 4 pan I'rop Burfceyc. Kossman, OhJcajrn. Stmr Clereland. Denial, 6ra <1 Haven. Ktmr Gazelle, Bu'lin, Two RlTem. tctir Kxperinieol, Ames, St. Joreph, 2i in 'umber, 1 |,u- •)swcFo,l»!>0 bbli Th. oppositioD had decided upon not moving for an amendment to the address, and that a notice will t>" piTfiE of tbe intention to brine forward & resolution on the week following, • \ pressiv,- O f a want confidence in the govein- ment !Sp-w- York MattrrB. NEW IOEK, Jane 7. Joseph Fowler, E.«q., for many years aimer- chant of this city, and acting Briligh Consul aft«r the absence of Mr. Darcy, until Mr. Archibald wa* appointed, died to day. Samuel F. Mott.n well known Cosiness man of this city, and public spirited citizen, also died to-day. Ramsey Crooks, an old merchant of this city, dh^d this morning., He was formerly connected with John Jacob Astor in tbe for trade in the Northwest, and was the first white man who passed over the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific, by the passage now known as tbe Fremont route. Ttw difficulties among the seamen on hoard the Russian ship Gen. Admiral became so threatening last night, that the aid of the Police was invoked, and 60 of tbe refractory sail- ore pat in iroBS. Schr C,an,eCock, Hallowell Prop Rockei, Rice Chirapi hchr Lrfloll, Anton, &!u£cepon. SO m lum. Hair City of Cleveland, Grann liaven, SI tont wai 61 ptp* snnilrlw, 17 pass. Strar Traveller, Chicapn, 51 pkjrs *un<lrie«, 17 pa*n JTSB 6. Otmr Ti'T of ClnUand, Squler, Grand HBTC-I, 1,000 bhlg flour. Btmr Trareiiw, Pweeny, Chicapo. 706 bn. potalop., 4 l>bl> e^-5, 3S pkgi Buodrles. JCTTB 7. Prop Mendota.; Spencer, Ohicsgo. PropP itooiac. Gebhard, Chicago. Prop Plymouth, Dick. on. Chicago. KchrG. Barbrr, Nels n,Mendot». Prop Buckeye, Eossman, Ogdensburi;. 1 ,000 bbl flour, 40 R V Ph rJ ^''n (n ' een h "'"' " P'"f "nudnoj. Bark Phinphal, Cheyne, Oconto Stmr Gwclle, Butlin, Two River,, 86 bap, shorl. 20 bag. corn meal, 4 bblt sundries, 74 pke, sund rhr KTpenrnent, Ames, pt toscph Are eltremel; raluable.hetnc located In the very hurt of the I'lne R-pnn ol Wi,.,nmn. aod havioj t.e,-n chonen witli particular refer-oce to the qa&lltj of the 'timber and the viclnilr of lu^'klof; btreamn. WA'i KU PO\VKK8. The attention of Eastern r»p,ilali.t, ,, now invited to the Water Poe-ers oirned i.j this Oompany. These Mill Privileges are Bituate-d .lirecteiy alone suie »hr Canal v\,. h umtc-s the U,>ilBBlf>|>i with th t Oreai Lakes. BO tliat poodi may be shipped by steamboat Ui- rectly to *n.i fro-n the Mills. §:*? Th«"«e |.»were *ill be «',* a£ may hr desired. { f7" For further Information, enquire of ROBERT 'MlTli. I-/ei,l of Truit-m. or IlAMIL C JtNNE G.-rn-ral Ap nt. at the officr ofthe Land Department -.t Api-lMon, rt'.i . :,, of ' W li K3DWAY, r,.mp»nj'« AfTcnt, ni«)19 * 19 WHruo.ln .-t .Mil , w,,. NOTICE I S hereby pven, that a petition signed by ten freeholders, rtrnidrnt* of trie Flmt Ward, of u,e City ol MilwauRee, havtnp be--n present^ I to ihe Common '. t'.ooDcil, Settinir forth tlie n-cmity »f lakioc certain i lands In said petition mentioned ami ,),-tcrit>fi| for th<- ' rwirpose of larinp oul and eutendlng Pleasant street, j elpluj- (eel »-ide in Bald war.l, that an applicatlun will be made to the Judpe of thr Olrcuit Court of Milwaukee Ooonty, on Fuday, the 10th day of June next, for the appointment of twHre Jurori to view sil.l premlieii and determine an to the necessity of t\klng tbe same for the purpose' in said petition Bet forth. The description of lands proposed to b. taken for the afortsaid improvement are M follows, tr wit: A part of lot number twelve [12j, In block ooe hundred and ninety-nil [1»5), In ROS,T'S id-lltlon. m the First Ward, of the City of Milwaukee, aforeiald and described as follori. u, wit : Beginning at a point on ttie «est line of said lot twelve 2 2-10 feet south of the north west corner of said lot twelTe; thence east on a line parellel to the north line f lot twelve, 311 14-1M1 feet to a point on trie west line of Franklin street. (wliich is the east line of said lot twelve), '2 'i- Hi feet sooth of the north east corner of said lot twelve; thence south on east line of said lot 12, BO feet; thence west on a line parelirl to t e r.orUi line of lot 12, ail 14-1 no feet to the west line of said lo: twelve; tlirnre north nil fett to the place of beplnnmi-, containing 24,WI S 10 square feet of land as shown by the aoficxed plot. By order of the Common Council Milwaukee, May, 1859. may 11 R'JBERT 11. LVNCn. City Clerk. o.a.j. OPRAH./. 13'HA.II A Atti, ntys at taw and Solicitor* In Chancery, No. 1 Wisconsin street, Milvaakee. )anl-" & Bradley, PAPKK AN1> HACJ UKAlvKH U..8 W>;ST \VAir.lCNTKKBT, MILWAUKEE,'. . .[apr-24] B WILLI A MS , W . a. BOOT i f . William" A: Kodn ny, Auction and CommiEsion Merchant!, LAND AiitNTri ANI>MONKV BROKERS! •VO. til U'lKCUWMI'V NTlt f K'»•« W ILL (.fire p&rttcolar ttteniion lo the n»ie of FarDt- lure, Dry>-Goods .vnd every d«rri(.tlot) of i,f*?r- ctt&ndize, al tli«*jr S*U' room or tn »or p»rt nf the Cttj orCounlj. tjfr" Llbersi! H vinctt on e»i tlffntnenl*. im j ^romjti returns ' not despair ul] yoo han tried Ana'a OmXT PBCTOBiL. U ta mad* by on* «f th* beet osdlcal chemlsa la tbe world, and It* euros all around as bespeak the high merit* of Ita virtues. — nOadetplOa Laiffer Ayer's Cathartic Pills. T ttM BdaooM of Chemistry and Medicine hav« been . taxed their utmo« to prodno* tkl* be*t, a>o*t perfect ' purcadv* which Is known to maa. Innmnenble pronft | at* shown that tha*e Pnu han virtues which surfas* in i nc*Ua*s Uw ordmary medicines, and that they win on pnodmrtedly npon th* sst»arn of all men. Theyareeaft and plauant to tak*, but powerful to am. Their pene- trattng properUoBBttmalat* th* vital »cUvlae*of th* body, nmoT* the obatroetloni of lu ergma, partly th* blood, and *zp*l OlMBMi Th«ypurr«outth*»jnlhrnnon which breed and crow distemper, sUmnlate ahinKo or dunr lend organs toto their natural aetlra, and Impart heal thy ton* with strength to th* whole lyatan. Not only do th*y con th* ivery-day cempUlnni of *r*ry body, hut also fcruidabkj and danfiKnu ^Issejs* that han baffled th* heit of human skflL Win* they produce powerful •fhcta, they an al th* same Un*, m dlmtaUahwl doeen. the aalatt and beat physic chat can b* *mploy«j tar children. B*taf sntar-i^led. they an pleamat to take; aad betno purely referable, an free mm any rlak of harm. Cares han bwa mad* which aurpa** belief win tbey net sub- BtantiatMl by nun of such oaltod podtlao and character •s) to tirbid th* suapldoa of nntruth. Many eminent d«r(7Bni and phyikUns han lent Beir nunoi to «*rtlry to th* pnblle th* reliability ef my remedfcje, while others have lent m* th* aanmM of their coavfrtkm that my Pnpandona coatrlbnte unmenenly to th* relief of my fflicted, evrffcrf.< t *. OB. CORDIAL, Tht great standard medicines of lh« pr'ient age, hate acquired their great popularity jnli/ through yeart of trial. Unbounded w/w/ic- lion it rendered by them m ail casrs . and the people have pronounced then worthy. Liver Complaint, Bygpepsla, Jaundice, Debility of the Nervous System, Diseases of Ibe Kidneys, and all diseases arwiny j'rom <j disor'trr *<l liver or weakness of (he stomach <ind 'tiyc.itia' organs, are speedily and permanently curtd '*y the GERMAN BITTERd. The Balsamic Cordial .ir< r ,,r,,l , rrputattart tvrpatsinij that uf any ur* faralio* octant It wM rur-. wiraai. T fut. tht most severe and long-ttandiny Cough, Cold, or Hoarseness, Bronchuu Influenza, Croup, Pneumonia, Ineipieat ConaampUon, and has performed the <no.rt .t't.jnijriin./ -^--r trrr knorrn of Confirmed Consumption. A ffw doses tcill also 'it •'•tee .-'>.• , /-, / carr the most trvere DLarrhcBa ^r u /-. -,/,., , from COLD IV THK BOWELS These medicine* in pr'paTni I JACKSON i Co., .W 4I?< A'-h dflphia. Pa., and ar* wl-L **>i ' dealers in rnsdirtnes "•^r'/T^-^*'. per honk. T/ie iHj'HJtur' ,/> >* II ** III li U I U il li DISCOVERY OF THE AGE />r i \f M I \ ',•• on Mr- otitxids Tripper in tH" 1 /t / n\j.T. pT-ipr^ffofy, f'lt \j'»n \c\il ind Aintanacs <jr* >j L'-r,n r- r Ho, -T i i»1-J '«4w -1 v IN V TH t A To K 1 . J u N • DOW t r nfiffU In tia.f DiAii- • A^ - l M 11, W: A 11 K K K HA /. A A i t. C. DELQRME&OUENTiN ItV Siift W,itrr fitrnft, >«XT DOOfi TO MESSRS. BRABBOHD BKO'S, uvosrms ABTC oaxLaas IB 'nicy Qooda, Toys, Willow Wan and Yankee Notion Also, Kmtiroidfry froods and Zephyr ^or*t?d. PAPEK Yld.lCAIII ,V « iVjlNCOMillN NTKKET, ABD BBTAIL OBALraS [B .1. Paper Hangings, Window Shades, &c. Cnmftetent workmen sent to all parts of Ui* Guy an>: Country for Dedor&tlne and Paper llanfrlng In all tu branches. all woft warrant«tl. feb38 Fr UWITED^TATEK WAKWHAL'S SALE. Lycurjru§ EdRerton, 1 In tbe Dnlted States Din- v «- ( trict Court, District , f Wlnthrop C. Jxird and f Wisconsin. George Lord. J IB Equity. I N pursuance and by virtue of a decrae made by the District Court or the Dnited States for the District of Wi«co DB | ni O n the ninth da; of May, 1859, Ih the above entitled caose, I shall sell at Public Auction, at the office of the Dnited elates Mar>hal In the Olty of Milwaukee, In this District, on Friday, the Bfteenth «ay of July, 1859, at three o'clock In the afternoon, the following described property, to wit: "Oat lot 'B ' number twenty-one (21), In the village of Waupacca to the Count; of Wanpacca and Bute of Wisconsin- also a tufficlent quantity of Water Power to be taken out of the Waupacca Klver, at the dam erected across •aid Elver, In the village of Wanpmcca, to propel three run of stones lor flouring purposes at all seasons of the year." Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, May IT, 1859. mayl8-law6w M. J. THO HAH, O. 8. Marshal. , Btmr C'eveland. Dougal , Grand Haven. 4 Urns mdt, 2 »H, lot r>r ,u>ne ware, 4 bxs furniture, BO bbls pass. Prop Rocket, Bice, Buffalo. Stmr City of Cleveland, Squler, Grand Have l!VTELI>ICKfVCE. Cunasu rao» BOTTALO, JmtB 4TH-—Prop. Dacotah, Coll n« Chicago; Prop. Kenosha, Hathaway, do; Schr! Lone Star, McKlrdy, Milwaukee. AoRocuD.-Tne tug Ellsha C. Bllsh, which pa-»ed up on Friday on her way to Grund Haven, ran hard ap-ound on the Flats al the month of the river. Bhe was not off at last accounts— Detroit /V-«t ./>«». OouJ'lOB.—On Thursday night, as the bark Tbos. F Park was pawrinp down the river In tow of the tug Bed Erel, when near Maldam, Bbe ran across the bows of the b t rk Mary Stockton, carrying away the bowsprit, jib-boom, and all the head-Rear of the former ve«el and the btekHitayB, chain-plates aad plan*-shear of .he latter.— Dttroit Free Presz. NOTICE. S hereby (riven that all the countersigned circulating noles issued by the '*People'i Dank" at Milwaukee mum be ]>r«u, led at the offici- .if the Bank Comntroller within thre» ^ -ars from the date of thli notirr cr tint 'ted for the redemption of said circula- e given up to the said Banking Ass CIRCUIT CODET, j Milwaukee County. j Simon Johnson, against Hajden M. Thompson, -Albert McFadden, f Snmmons. James W. Cannon, and Laura Cannon, his wife. j The State of Wl»comrln,'to the above named defendant! and each of them : ~ OD are hereby summoned and required to answer ln th " action ' ° r -- Capt. Hall, who shipped the crew ofthe Ill-fated Eupbemia, Informs QS that tlie names and na locality ° '.?%!" J ^ e J* follows : Oapt. ClaunBon, Hollander, aeed 55; John Griffin, male. American, aged 24 John Orlebllnt, a Swede, aged 22; Peter ReeVes, froi Ne» ™ OT ^Th B ; PetCf Uammlu ' American, aped abouT known Jflmmi?? e , nBafreJ by th ' C »P W "-name un- B.nowo. Ilammltt alone was saved.— Detroit Herald. SALB or PBOp«u.ras.—Tbe following propellers were sold on Wednesday last at Oswego. Mr. Keep, of Buffalo, bought them at the following prices : The La Orosse at 18,200; tbe Burlington at $8,100 the Qutncy at |8,1«0; tie City of Madison al »8 f «00.— The property was catenated to be wonfc »1M,000. thf funds <l tin;; n< tv* K I daiion. Milwaukee, March 12, 1SS9. H. HAEHTEL, _«prl6 PrMldentJof the Peopir'i B»nk. 1630] SHE BIFF'S SALE. [New STATE OF W1SO NSIN, I Circuit Court, Mill' ,j eeCouoty. ( i,oaii» H. Bright, agalruu H'nry Shew, William Shew and Elizabeth Shew, his wife, Thomas Carvtlle, James Porter, The Farmers * Millers Bank., Greenlnt D. Korrtj and Christopher Grim shaw. Judgment of Foreclosure and Bale. I N virtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered In said Oonrt, In the above entitled action, dated Sept. 24,1S5S, I shall expose for sale and sell at Puollc Auction, at the Oonrt House, In the City of Milwaukee, on Katurdnr, tbe 9th day s»l Jnlf, 1859, at the boor of 2 r. •., of that day, the following described mortgaged premises or so mncb thereof as may be sufficient to raise the amonnt of said judgment, inter- mt and costs, together with expenses of sale* to wit: , "All that certain tract, piece or parcel of land known and described aa follows, to wit: City lot No. two (!), In block No. flfty-Bve (85) Valkers Point, Fifth Ward, Olty of Milwaukee, County of Milwaukee, State of Wisconsin." Dated Milwaukee, April 4,135*. EutoBB k OBIDLBT, j HERMAN L. PAGE Pl'Bi Atfys. f Late ShfT. MU. Oe., »Tls aprlo-4aw2w Storage, Forwarding & f iMl-lKCHANTS. , Proprietnr* of the I.AKC.E Kiii-iVAt OH At the wmilna4 of th« Milv the Milvaakev. Watt-rUiWD A Bar* boo l.theral ey lt*f|ro-ia». Kkst«rn maOe on property In store, or Tin A«<Bt b«l*w namad to pl»B>Bd Co rnmlBb (rails my Ajn«rlcan irmarnvs,oontainlnj dlractlona(br th.u- OM amj o«rrH)cBl»s of ih«lr nrsa, of tb* Mowing cowpUlnu — OuBUmaeaB. Bnioojs OompUlnts, Rh«am*tlBm, Dropvy, Htartbnm, Hs»d*ch< arhdn( from a fool stomach Nan- sea, Indlgmtlon, Morbid Inaction of t*« Bowals an<t Puln srtstnf tturafrom, Flaruluiey, LOBB of Appotlta, all Ulcxr- onj and Catazuons risnsn wbkh raqnira an >rarnant mtdldna. Serofabi or KUB/B Ml TtMy also, by pm-lfy tn( the blood and stlmuktlm*; tht srstcm. con aiany cotnpUlntj which II would oat b» Bnpprwd ihoy could reach, mch as DvaftMsa, Partial BUndni>«a, Nmraigia and Borrona Irritability, D«ra&f«D«nU of th« Uv«r and KM- neys. Gout, and other Undnd eomplalBti aj Bring bom B tow stata of th» body or otntrnrtlon of. Its fuBctinm. Do DO! b> put off by onprtudpl«d dnaUn with «ome otbcr pill they mak< mon arofll on. Ask far Arn's Pots, and IsUCB nothfaig ab». No ollnr they ean gin yoD romparM wtth this In la Intrinsic ralw or raraU** powen. Th* sick want tb* tx**. aid th«r» l< fbr tb«m, and BIB shoald ban IL Prepared by Dr. J. C. AVER, Practical and Analytical Ch«mlit, Ltnrell. Wan. Paid >S On. na Box. FTTB Boras roa 11. •OLD BT JOHN RICE, Milwaukee. J. H. REKD 4 CO., Chicago, wd Aj.nti -i ., rr Uwo In the OniUd Rtatei. ahly^r.wdtw DR. M'LANE'S CELEBRATED VERMIFUGE LIVER PILLS. Ot. i 3:- 1%*. N I. \V T K L. A J M 1. N 1 . ASD Medical Aiivioe ! A •;.;I'F1STEK A I'll. Manttfacturers and Dealers in i .utlicr, r|lil<lln(ri, Illdm, Ac. 149 Kasl WaUr street, Milwaukee, Wla. fW~ Oash paid for Hides, Pelt*, Wool, *o. fnCM, A MI i? John ITIitrqut*, A re hi lee I, JUNtAU BLOCK, l» prepared t^ furnish plans for all kinds of buildings at the shortest notice. J. B. HiRBtSj i /HADB^I BaOTBBJlL KlaLD, { KroBTB t PBIKIOT, BEFKRESCE3 : JOH» H 0. E. DiBr, LODIB S. MiCI, 0. JOBS*. < .11.1, AUD MF.C j —THE— LATEST STYLES —OF— tily uaclui i hj ma I \ ASI, crriLo BTiAiTBEs^The Cleveland Leader aays that on Wednesday (to-morrow) the splendid steamers, Western Metropolis t o« City of Buffalo will commence regular night trips between thas city and Buffalo, running In connection with the Ball- roads. the relief demanded In the compia — ^— J Witueai the Hon. Arthur JfcArthnr 4BBUI,}. of the Olrcnll Court fo7 ,tl7 OO d i i • -• J. LlDDE, PlalntilTs Attorney Tbe abore mentioned complaint wa» filed Mar 16. 1«5«, In th> office of the Clerk of said Court, at MU- mikee, Wuwonjln. Dated itay 16,1S5». «aaylS-law6w J. LiDDX, PlalnthTr Attorney^ SOT] , SHERIFF'S 8A1.B. [Wcw« STATE OF WI800SSDI, I OJrcult Court, Milwaukee County, f Alonxo.L, Kane,E against John K TUlmora, George W. Peckham and Gfltiert Boe. Voree|otBre. - : -. / . • TH Tlrtae of »ndj»rBaant to a judgment rendered in JL mid Court, In the abore entitled action, d Jtorehl8,185»,I«hall£Ip<»eforB*le and B«ll»tl •He Auction, at the Post-Offio* In tbe Olty of Milwaukee, on tsavtBurdar, 'Use'Zdday of fnSf liSf •t the hoar of 2 r. *., of tact luy,---'-"-^ - ' Toe propeller Fountain Olty or the Colllnirwood line wa« due at thia porv on Friday last, bat hu not yet arrived. acrlbcd mortgaeed prcmlio or«o much thereof as may W oeeeMarw to raUe the amoont of laid Judgment, 1n- *er«tt and ooBU, together with tbe e*peme«of sale, •Jot number thirteen £13] and the eart thirty l*H*!** "'lot oaaher *w«Jwj 18J, in block «"*«"««a»J-«T«i [n], in tbe fourth W«d •f U» City of Mawanke«,ln till Comity of Mil- «Mkce and State of WfieoniUU" Lake Superior Item*. Lira BcriRtoB Nsws.— The Ontonagon Advocate, ot the 26th May, reporu a flood in the Ontonagon £lver and the wreck of the steamer Miner. On the Monday prertonj tbe Miner had taken a load or passengers up to Bockland and ,on retartog down tbe riyer ihe (track a >nag and sank, drifting aroqnd broadilde to tbe Btream where abe lay until about 1,800 taw logi, which 'had broken away from Oapt. Barrii* Baw Mill above, struck her and tore off her upper works which Boated oul Into the lake. The boat beneir shortly aOef brokt tar hawaer and disappeared down .tream. Tha Ion of the boat and logi i, » aevere one upon the Inhabitant!. f elhteen « r *« ' OO3 ] SHERIFF'S SALE. [Mew* STATE OF WI8CONBIN, I Clrcnlt Conrt, Milwaokee Oonnty. f Laden Battlea, Eaecutor ot the last will aod testament or Joel Buttle*, deceased, agalnpt Elizabeth Qreeaneld, widow al A.iolpb Greenfield, deceased, Louis Auer and William Olaoder. ForacloBBrr. I K virtue of and pnrBnant to a Judgment rendered In said Court, In the above entitled action, dated December 81st, 1S58. I shall expose for sale and sell at public auction, at the Post Office In the city of Milwaukee. on Saturday, the 8d day of July, 1859, U the hour of 2 p. *. or that day, tbe following described mortgaged premises, or BO ranch thereof u may be necessary to raise tbe amount «f said judgment, Interest and costa, together with tbe expenses of Bale, " Lot Dumber sixteen (16), In block one hun- » "d ' w «"y«e«n (181), In the Second Ward of the city of Milwaukee, County of Mil- waokee. State ol Wisconsin. Dated Sheriff's office, Milwaukee, April lat, 1859 BUTTON'S aprl6 . PAPER WAREHOUSE , OODU, UROWB A OODHI, i Plaintiff 1 ! Attorney*, aprl-3mliu2w , A. j. LANOWORTHY sheriff Mil. Co., WIs. 410] SHERIFF'S SALE. [Netr* Blackmarr <& Co., (LATI QABEISON, IIABFOED & oo.) i Connected with HAKRISON, HANFOKU & OO., » r jotognp. H wai caused by tne aetuing of (Injnred k, th« heaT, rain of th. day prerTo , ftot of a down grade about four mile* from UUB rt+c. Bo one wa» killed, bat it U feared the flremtnw*«ia- tatly Injnred. One lljnb and band were eo badly crjub- edthattheyhar«Blnce been taken off. The coniJae- tor.Mr. McOregor, Mr. {Bridge*, tbe tr»ckm««ter, and two braketmen were somewhat bruiBed, but not aeii- on»ly. The iocoraotlre wu cocalderably damaged, u It sunk low enough to allow she rail* on the track forward to pau through 'the. cylinder brads, the acci- oent detained the trains only two or three da™ —far- 1*. A Ha OrxEBOUu).— The schooner Ooba, from Milan. c»nie In on Tbuntev morning with her colort at half. BTATE OF WISCONSIN, II Circuit Court, Milwaukee Co. ( Henry C. Welt, •gainst WUtlam Oresen, Cbartei Jdercra, Adolph U. Narman, Eml! H. Neyman, Emll Welsklrcb. John J. Cassel, Frederick Sentner, Blmon Lert. Joseph U. CordeB and Hoel H. Camp. Judgment of Foreslesure. I N virtue of and pnrnunt to a judgment rendered tn ail-i Oonrt, In the abore entitled action, dated December SI, IKoS; I shall expose for sale and tell at public ancHOD, at the Post-0(8ce'on the ctftoer of WUcon- Bln and Milwaukee ita., In tlie City of Milwaukee, on Saturday-, tbe 13th day of Anffiut, 186», at tho nonr of 3 p. m. of that .lay,ihe following detcrlb- «<i mnnjaged premises, or BO much thereof, as may be necessary to raise the amount of said judgment, lnt«r> ^»tMd costs, logtther with tbe.ezpeue* of salt to "rfe,S5*9S 6 or I*rcel of'laniidhwtelnthe i^I Df .* t » f »'*»«nd State of WlBOOMln, ££ ^?.l? < S bed " '»»' P«toftheea.t CVYAffOQA FALLS, OHIO, H AVE opened ads Albany Block, Michigan street, op posltarlewbiOlHottse, a large stock of Boot, tfewt, Cater, Colored aud SiHalopt fa^nri. Alto, UdgA Papert, fiat Capt, folia < Post, LOttr and Xott Papert, , . Which Brill be Bold Wry'low. Constant addition, wll be made to the stock to meet the waoU of the trade. EsT~ Printers and" others are InTlted to call and ei- amlne our stock and prices. aprU R. 4TJSTIIV DBALBB >• ) Domestic Exchange and Specif, T HE highest rate* paid for all kinds of Gold and SO- ver Ootnand Bullion. Exchange canstanily for (ale at the iowesj price*! As I make deallng-ln Specie and Exchange my entire and etcloBlv. boilie*i, I am able to glremy cu*to- menanadranUget will be furnished at Ver current figures. Uit of prices- ny office, 1<wt one o"»*r men OTerb .ard. tait off Hewa««,yoBn«inan,frdniMlIanVOblo\ effort to * te *»X' Worth 8t»r, which ' »port«! fluttneww ** "«<»»nt o* take, ection • fourteen, 1141,- nty-one fMJ, bound- U the JnncUon ot tbwn sercn [II, range twen •d as follows: Being at the Junction of tb* ceDtres of the North Madiion and Fond da Lac Roads; and running Ibence alontf the centre of the said Madison Ho id north 61 and 1-1S9 degree*, vest four and 93-100 chains: thence oorUio and 1-180 degree*, we.t four and Jtt-100 chains to the centre of tbe Bald fond da d; thence along the centre of the said of Home. R. GBEAT A. no. sa WISCONSIN STREET, , Under the Baptist Ciurch, nearly opposite the *Jn»tom maritt-dBm CUFFORW'S jam .DAOUEttREAN FINE 171 Stut Wattr Street. [; ^ H AVING secured the aalitanee-of Itbe oldnt and *.- Tf exp ?i*? e r M| °P«»tor In the We*L M. Ba«< ken* whfhlr department U Well known to bf Milwaukee,)! am now t,repB>ed *.ken*, (whOMiMl . , ,«• to toe public every desirable *tyle ofplc»3ret Jtnownto the oonunnilty at lower rate* and executed A.J.LAN6WOBTHT. ,« " . tarmtofr known M Beeirt BaiU •; ftom oUwn wrto their ord«n , *em» trlaLw»wni fcrwart . iportago almnipa, or one ttal of T«amlft«9 fa * stampa. AH orden from CansxhTnuu) v ™°» n " u ' .0. HARMNQ--OK, djMnUaiua B«i»lr, A»ent and JfLace V«rmlfug« tft WholBWaleiaid Botatf, i IJI •' jMgi:l|' ! :rom ll.trir nmsi I nnnrn'ua and in>) nia.iunint fi beg leave to call the attention of the Trade, and more especially the Physicians of the country, to two of the most popular remedies now before the public. We refer to - Dp. e ha i. I'Lanr's Cflcbratrd Vermifuge and Liver Pills. We do not recommend them aj universal Cure-alls, but simply for riup ,;,;*J" Jl f, * what their name purports, viz.: THE VERMIFUGE, For expelling Worms from the human system. It has also bee administered with the most satis factory results to various Animal subject to Worms. THE LIVER PILLS, For the cure of LIVER COMPLAINTS all BILIOUS DERANGEMENTS, SICK HEAD-ACHE, &c. In cases of FEVER AND AGUE, preparatory to or after taking Quinine, they almost invariably mak a speedy and permanent cure. As specifics for the above mentioned diseases, they are Unrivaled ind never known to fail when administered in accordance with the directions. Their unprecedented popularity has induced the proprietors, FLEMING BROTHERS, PITTSBURGH, PA. to dispose of their Drug business, tn which they have been successfully engaged for the last Twenty Years, and they will now give theii undivided time and attention tc their manufacture. And being determined that Dr. M'Lane's Celebrated Vermifuge and Liver Pills »hafl continue to occupy the high position they now hold among the great remedies of the day, they will Continue to spare neither tim« ftor expense in procuring the Best md Purest material, and com- pouh# them in the most thorough maiinjer. Address all orders to PLEMTSQ BROS. PUUbnrfii, Pa. 122 i t» A l •: N T .V K K P ( 5* 'N las- >.. K T i i.' ' I IK V .kit Hum I)) huii;> of runif:.L , ^e, nr «n y ' tie Cl'KK W A H&AVTI' I> UN f.»v^ -Uv .Ir.l r.r I by -ir pr Ur . ( l jf .iii.k AMI.* t a itiu.if*, » tioin pr' i^tit b,- produi-li v y by > urif-voi nf life m»iS3 of humnn imsei reality Uie <t?cri.'t 1<^s extensively •urr<Min<l n-, <.-an »! u i . ,. ,„ ,,,, interfere no- .11 Un ir «?x U-rrri.r, al ,0.1 «-'Ot'NTU.Y INVALID. P*n n* in any \ .irt uf IN* wirhl m»v "• *,. -,^f,] i w-ih » rtmitiancc for Mfiflnnf», AI* Address Or. AMO3 A HON. earner flvn 4n i U M , itreet, Ba.rilo, N V. >•»,; ,,t*!v tfioj NiiKiinr'N s\i F. >.-«. STATE OP WISCONSIN, ( Circuit Court, Milwaukee Cuunly. | Sl.Jney 8hep»rd, Christian Umry Mfyer, an<i Margar-t. hit w i.-. j lm . . P. Merrill, Netaon Webster. Char,.^ l (\.», tit- t Dctmer FiBchbactc, B. ft.yj.iui »n-l \ w lir^wn j Ailmiolslraton of th^ e<itAt<* nf J-ihn t 1 LfKny. f«-- ceased, Ormmnd T. Crane, Charles K Ho.It-, A iunn •< trmtor of the nt»te of Clmr tra ti. Schrt- n^r. lee r HA ett, James W. Areiell and tie, man (*. O. Kcmp<*r • N virtue of and pursuant to a judtftneiit rcn.len-.j m J, ia>d Couift In theftbove entitledact1on^dat«><l F^hru;. rjr 3, 1S59, I ihajl expose for *ai« nod d*-il at PuNio AUU ton, a* the Po»t-Otnce, In the City ->r Mtlw^uii.'t, iu Saturday, ihe 9tfa dny •»» July, l^y. at th? hour of 'j f. H., of thai iiay, the lollowmg i,- cribed mortgaged pri-mlsrs or so nmt'h 'hereof iw m»y >e necessary to raise U)* amount of said udirmmt, n- eresl and coals, together with the CTpcn.ii a uf »nir- ,, wit: ( *'tot number alxteuo 11(>) and the rant liajf ,fi.,i number flfleen(15), tn hloek forty-ttv.* ( 4A,, m the dtfcond Ward of the Uily of Mitwauket*. W- Inn OQ Tamarack stret-t, beiwet-n Fifih t n,( Stx'h nr*et8, all ID tlrt* County of MU*v*ube*: and State ot WiacoDsla." Dated Sheriff'* Office Mllwaokre, Afril 8, lHa». A. J. LAN ftoHTHY. t M »/{ K « r * r * M » KK KT - V t M * K K M' * I I M « K * ICT * ' . COS] SltEICirfM SAI.F. (\cxvs STATE OF WISCONSIN, I 'ircuit Court, ililwaukre County. ( ames 8. Brown, Joshua Hathaway *od Thomas L. UK- den, i ilgainat A. PBtUrson Smith and Alfred Kd»ards.| Foreclosare. TN Tirtue of anil pursuant to a Judgment render,-,! in L said Oonrt, ID the abov* entitled aotton, u>tnd [arch 17, 1353, I shall expose for sale and s.-II al Public action, >t the Post Office, In the city or !ll|w:im,-, n Nataritay, I to SJd day of July, Isia, at of that day, the following dWribei! ortgaffed preralsea, or so much thereof aa may be ne- esBary to ratee the amount of said judgment, Interest nd costs, together with the expenses or sale, to wU . "Block Dumber twenty-eight IIS), of Clark's addlllan, tn the Eighth Ward, of the city of Mil- wauiee and county of Mllwauiee, and State of WlsconalD. Dated BhertlTB Office, UIIWIOBTM, April 1st, 1850. Arm B. Oooix, I „ A. J. LANGWORTHf, PlWi AtPy. f ^ Sheriff MIL C»_ Wla. aprl-SmllnSw th*!r nljjht f rom 'lli«ftK* f,av« r. e «n UMri.-ui..u.,:v i. lT ^t •,. .„. i , »,„! ^ntle tr^at- on-nt, Tl>e V>v?st jjroi'f n * i» 'i. % !)• cUtt«*d is, thai fti- i- ';*-lv -*-ffiVirn ali partj of the cuunir,. *n,i HSMI emTly received cuse?.. No F«# Is rt-quired Tor in -\ im i.^ft- n '-r ipt-non. Ne CBA^OB .or «jer»tc«r*i llmi »r« -t<.f *?..-•••*»/>*;, M -rill be stated B&ea the patient ta ifceiveii. Ur. i.'adwell's IVaatfwof. .A« £ar <aul ^-« to be ti»d ifrafi* an application u abort-. ' "~ • ' i»*iti* appre- ta Trora rinj, his ia>»nasx^^ r?^^;"- : '.-^^^!^js^V-:^:7-.^^- J ' l ^;i-i^ ; ;:. l -.---b'r': -.^

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