The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 12, 1973 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 12, 1973
Page 1
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Flooded areas emerge from downpour A wJfcd crt«iiij£}«! pHung vl |ir»i<*ta Ctstmi? »«h Ir^vy rautt UK* i**»y «V/»i4pe«» former] * \unr»l mml around |h* eewty tia? nr» Oiis >(r*r «,wt»«w^ ite Zt ifKh mart rtamafffr *«» w4 htjiry '"'.r*^ ..'*_...'!'** **i«B tolhlMlw ty Tut^is,) ntucnmg *««ii»««»*in AfigtrtMi. taw«r« w«n*<t«mse«S«p*ft«J»r» 10 «*»*f oju^mihf 4trMr«uifii>d«M'i<ralitr«viit>iwl*rw B iM -r»,» )>« »**«. k» M^I. «/ T«,« u«x«« ..«-!.- n«.i. *t«h MMtT *I*U|*« tf»« tf»J.» «() MfttM* «f*| trafm tKfttt , taatift* it* » w** 4f*J 0)- it* t>» {««*,» <rfj Thr MX ram* hfi much nl T«n*s Monrfay. cousin* in .V«ifi C«nimt Texa* «w) Iht* juwihrjMtwn p« (k«v» of pjj»r* to titl by (dv (J* ««MW j ! I«KI iittw wrtiftjE Si U* try to hjwafltng rwnoU »*( if. ihr «r«*. If**- »f*(|^r ttJttfMl fain'l t^mmr lo (***" &> **fl)' l«*ifk- visk«l uwter an oWicial 3,22 inet*» r«cnrd«dl by n Hi*> downpour crmtinwcil. Ourittf the n*((hi, heavy thun4fni«rm« fr«ir*fj *nd rombted northwest of B«aum<wu. O»iy«(/>n Bay la mar th«cn«*t « Fretpori, t iu Ut*r *«»* frf"*1»j *' AhtB «*« «•>** iu !*»»*;» 7»*>. («« »••) »»!*» Of r \'»n Winkle the S*a «f*5r t-r*i* r*c> in rrfww «< ixjiKg along wneam*. at n »rr»*!j Pof et*-«m wawwJ IteM <S»*iS iJMie feat* t0>a *$**> rrf high wa<er« and ualkd cant, »rtih rainfall in - J J A! . If/ uw:h*» <rf ram Ml, causing mlenatve noodinjf kjrfiw* !(«*» W*i«r fVmted the eiiy'» main Riafcine car iravrl WHAT to read Iwftict <«*«*<„ «ein»* «brf« tits** Uftt-t tint {opt • * wit , H»e fom/// c/o/fy paper of Brazorb Counfy THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS S« 12. 12 Dally l*Ce«U Sky and Sea Areo residents find it can happen here M, ; i-ttlf «. i w»,ti». we j-.rr. a., rf,«tj ci! i<tit MKWTt 1 » .' a * S> 1 « 5. * lii VttliV tB -..*j€ «:i^ £1* 4t lint* »!»i:e' ti: •• P !! r tf!'V ; !',{ fil i-K JflT'li* t< p'««W<\S. *r'« it' < 4 Mi; :iii wt 'an 1. f«> nwr;* * at. » FP welcomes visitors with a new brochure Brazooa Council to meet tonight at * a. f r: J'mit a 5,itvt' it SJ» cvli 1 !, CiM •W, a*, to T*«t «jift'i»J««J! f »**•<(»!• -w t J 1 1 'if UK v'iij JltL, Court sets aside expansion funds MA !sir Ui, wVTWf ';•*. o S-afi* i r<»c! • »n n* <*.»« f* *! h f 4 ) « T t » «" * Si « » J Tfc*«tf* in t* IT *n »;rr K ; f»t IVTT* lt».C»w C Uatr, V'»* fidl* f ojr-sismBxal i*n» jj;^, 144^^ t^jj sor < r th» Ma; A«M'.«W Jctnul. B«H*ir. sra atw fra<9. Award f<* ttw < to* Tfe« Herj . <X W*. ' had aa en i-a that Vtw «*jrJj (»a umilar tvim band oa tww Tbt rt» nxmry I>r U t) Brawn Jr a* TV ewr*} t» t*»o« rwU t.n a hralUi a<lkvt (» lf?J7« The ttutt actixa&i. dr»»is([ fciiknia^l dcpuJatMOi (or the . until actual «wrl on <•>( AfigStt«.fs High , iot Uw it (or Stor 't <4t>ct 'M fatibtmt H7i. pial <iU>S WK1UK1 U rl'. g/«duatw< «Uh town trow Iht UT Coll*«« of BiMinnM AdminMUaUoo lit v »«1 te» wtft, the (grrofT «MAMOS WK»t of CHite, «* DO* gvlllng tctlUd In B*aumo«l »b*»e h«'» accepted a pa»l »ilh CuU SUU» Uutilioi Ttw JOK TUU:K (aroUy. waving f«r«w*il ID (ritndt and rtiaum aa«onbt««) »t th« in IbMMloo to M* U» f off IPT a or* dome ta HoocJttlu Flood insurance study set by WC and . It-* iwvtKC 4 fiit the l im in tfer bri«rt> thr a* Mr> TVlnu prvt*4cfvt ^ "«' Ktaod me-ant «f Mayor C 0 tititart » U Bratnrta t'outity , t from UK court (or the iaiuraoc« again «(y csuocil al M«n4ay nighi'i r«gvjl«r »«U4(tt City Manager K I) J'arttn Mid ID order to mak* Uu» (ype u( ttuuranrc «««kUMe lo Wctt t'oiumbU riiutru. Il fcbouid come th« aty Planning 3 Alae. Uw city aboukl ahtttc by ihe Southern Bulldlag Cede, a* wdl M tcvtnU To |«i a ck*rar Ptrtlo »a* iaMtucted lo tavmlifau otter aUlM* *1w h« w (knd Uti* iAMtfancv wouid m»»f it prohibitive (or mo*t to carry further duncwaMOti wilt tw al the next mfcunf; A twartng on ptamwd uw ol rt^»nuc sharing lunda MM unalirndcd More public mill he run. gelling lor WM of UK*C lunda Immediately A pUqu« w«a prvMfilcd lo SUfiKen Fowler, Atnericau Fl*U Scmce itudsW graduate. h> taiv back to bia tullvi- Aiulralta and hu o»n city gmcromrat Iran UK Ouy Uw Mid vat iuvui£ i (utr<«U cut uti June % .'vhe toid the court thr uf (undt or we will >u»i (oW uj> IVl J Cixnmiuiamr HUty iiruftn »*» appointed b> U*» ixuit to awi Mr« HuUhuvA ui finding other group* that nxght be abtr to help financially However, Ifae rauri Mtd it bad no fund* w tu CiUtitig budget to covtr (undtng the agency. Tbc prvvtdc* *4itk4 cone io tin- WHO GOAT WINDS UP IN DRUNK: TANK KRKKfOHT I'oJwtr arv *• »f»x!«l Ic h« to turd 4n> pr*»uroal>l> . la handle *t«ry And our o< "K ta Uu* <k|i>artmtn(' Uu tuaawa) goal Miuci to ite nuddk ol AV«UK A. Iw in capiuru^ U« an) ddiming i< to pallor auttaa. SutK* cM) >aOs arc «^utp|ied lo or »o> uhcr kiad the "ctiHer " «aa tgdgvd the "drunk t&nfc" uoitl M AR>; 4*yt bgfttf t urosjj {a-KiAatier, Jrr if.ifjM «ji«i*!li •til ta a njmad «< uupu aaie to paesoo, frota " ' »feiii< 7 . - *ft »; she rttwu fnans the "good o{« <la>» " Tbe kca!«d i! CJw (rwu oe Us* r« I! cas t» «*= .'rora tie sa wbnt the !rb/ir> M cicoed asd Lengthy agenda for Angleton City Council postpones on drainage proposal ,-j: ac. !, tfce rf.:.' Na« ;<»1i*ri t 'iACc; •:! (wii M 51 tn I.V ('-•',) ) it 1 3tt l ci!h Ice the c/ pcpc » »ji3 t* b; '.he drattafr ! at an Tbf Cttj o< contribute f<x *hit Ihr so b* erf C:t> Manager Bill !V cnir-Hton wa> to a»i Uut the aUml Use re^jtilar > , Juoe :». at 7 X p m na vij^tjan dja-ttwl lu t.V j-'.cis »l (hr <*kS T::?»Ta;!« U-»« Tltu »«;k3 be rtpt»c«i with an tipnn i;U-h faraUriir^; the travi i^u'.fc o< E. TV be tnrnc b> the l.Hssnct KAS! Kod At «*• laursr fwW. a dautAc TJ inch (K{>r ««uVd tw itttu c, it* rat* to ;J a( the rai!roa4 tract ttu.» fcea(B». an she Ka.»t K drtioafr for i> one oi tbr at U» . t! lor the hit tn the sU'ft at Ihc low (,r-j{vont:cir. ai ',o the council. appear* tg call ir.'.t pla> a The length) and ,, st »a» a^rwd that ar« quotxica wtucb muvt tw ifo-»«-\r\l Jj) ihr rapoauble (or the More $3).WO trf the can b« on tome l«v« »cr* ftlt b> the t the Uck o< avaiiabi* lo oiueta haiiiixg Uaawsa at tht O»> Hall, Ma*«c Tofcej L t>at«nport laid the council he lud c«-.uc'.nd UK o-* r<cr o^ the pnspsrtv ktaleti adpcent to thr POSJ Offtoc and dtrtctiy jcr-jij the MT«*{ fnxn the Oly IUU According to Mayor Ujvenport the owner u amenafcie to leasing the property to the city {or a pcncd at l J to IS inoaUu at K5U pet mooth The oty manager estimated it will coal about ts» to prepare an area JiJdcicnlU Urge to unprov« purling taciinie* The vote was unanimous to uutruct Pnuutigtoa to have the twvciiirs irtxitracl drawn up and executed LJ plans annexation near new airport site B> KOBtHT A UA VSBV LAKK JACKSON AnnriatMtt procnturem to put [he Lake JackMO tit> IitniLi txarw to the pcopi»ed ute at a «><•* Hraiiifu i'ounty airport Juru r 4 a hrld Mot^iay of wcrv by A {lutiliC hcATUIg »A» MS (ur 7 JO |>m UotKlav. July J, M Uw Kite «xl IMttrv SSdlwo » hff v ih* ttxwci] uo* euccU regularly Tbc ordinance *«itiAf (be l«*rujjj waa given ctutf gvin-y atahas and pA»a«<i MI ftru and (uul rtadiag and witii j uaatUBtuua \ute Ttw £U acre tract u kotmtt a* tto Ti-d Mcrvtwni Uirt u, to the north -of a tract land aortexed »cver*l 440 on request W the That tract extends ourthtard (rwn KM BXH , The Ucrchaut trad u kicated bet •» ecu (.'ouoty Htad 263 >Okl Ao^ktuo KoAd» «nd the route oi tkw (urofUBed irwwav the itrport Mt» u *uli (afthcr *«*! oi the frwway cikmdor. Mayor Hoy Vming »aid there are iw« other owners in ftildtiMn la M«rc)yua tttabe Uftd ta 4i(«ci«d Tbese *ne Jtw city's extra territorial jurudicttaiui line very «*ar to lh«t of the Oty of An^letoo, bu! be a«J wx thW th«> would "We mtcad to get with AngWtuu oflkidb ttuaa to Ulk locgberm jurudtctiout MM! recent approved w tto o< the Texaa p«ouu liw Dow . ta trad* ratain near th* CdJield Friaon Karw »t P»te»Un« lor 217 mayor that F*rm IB Brawn* Ttu»n»(ilinuwi portwo c* Uw airport

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