Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 24, 1941 · Page 15
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 15

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 24, 1941
Page 15
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24 STERLING DAILY GAZ1ETTE, STERLING,ILLINOIS, Fifteen irlinq Daily Gazette TODAY'S MENU SU66ESTKMS OAII.V F Grnnrinn '.Hrr D W Grnt^'-r. B r e n k ? ••» * t Din TIT- Pot Ornns.f ] r '' v - rrwM of Irt this paper nnd also the :ocx news _ published hn<Mn "TERMS' OF SUBSCRIPTION I - ' - month 75 c r "' - , j B, man oi.'-uie Wh:--:^nd art-, Jolnlne it, , r. (,,:><•'. rr,s:y. .- F.'i'i : Hot. ( >ar tomato so-.ip In i ;r c , cot t ft I* chP-fv end *pp ' :\.T:! rr.nrh^d bread. M^W- fv-; ;>'ptrv ( h r >roifl!*> rnko, IPS, IT; '.'.f. i;,;;rmf m TvwK o;>rn.n lh*> party /•.i-<i» and time for Sunday ntfZht Y<rir ff^—or It ran b*» rrmrf ambitious. ' rr-^ftil e«?.trrn grrnup of rf*t,«turant«i. | j-pf-^ntiy fl^cnlvd f:hat 5hf cnliffl j n [v-rfert. fimid*v b'llfrt niTi-i: Old t T TtjiV.^'.- 'rfsrnTi n\ ft ^r^ and hum In I'^'ty sh r 'il". trflv of ns- .tnrfd .ta'.T-i^ i!f'ma!o ^i'h tottas* 1 f),rr-f ar.d fhr,' 1 -. a - . ivarlo p r flr >snd nrnng' 1 and s':•-''.:aK\I« tipi, ripe ollx-*'-. i^.di^h*'':. ratio! Mt<lt*, tvit- tpr^d, 1." (ifnni ••'. r.h hisrk rh^rr\- sfttir*. 'ra;.^ of fnnfv f*hfs and pas?ii' h 5. p-.!:-.' 5 , --MO,-r>.^!" f:;-i- Tvd crcnm w-ftfrrr, sslfd nuts, coffer. IJlark fhrrry Sa«c« 16 <*>: . menu ran bf vfry silled 'oid meat loaf, po- :-!i:ad. ii:s «.poon? Jarnatra rum or rum flavoring. Heat juice. Add «!iRar. and di'-'o!vfd. add mrn'tarrh which h*en mi.x^d with eoid water. until corr.'tsrrh n»vor ha', ril.^ap- p«ir«1. Cool, and while still warm add temrm Jti'.c* and rx»rry haivei A<M rum or mm flavorlnfi If d r - Till"; make<; ahr>-j' 3 flip?! of 5R'K-'-. h for t "•rvinKs If you allow cnp p*r r^r'isne, or If you plan on H ppr?ion. t'5* a large, firm for vow b-s-ffT smaij t voiir living room. " Buffet H<*t™i V.'l.fn plamune- the t of your tab'.e. consider ronver.)enr«> of -^!\in ''": and 'ightT tliin f rourv 1 on on" Allow one ^ide for !» ; p*r ble abo 1. rlartrrs o f t ^!' d • r> o j i V. •s;ninE iriW 7. KTp o of th*> tnhlf?. cup ta- vmir little ^ flowtr* In th* «Mor« of mint*. Awarded Silver Star cmir»", tfi<* iKhtr far th* <!*«- co'.irv. This *vo!rf< traffic ron- ^pe.tjnyi '«^ f,w«t< p*^ around. 3. H*v» plRf"-. tllvfr snd r.spklnn i»-] 'n^ira.' ^X>T;t'ori^ ?^r *hst Iftrst^ 1 SVr m Vr n ^'S,°«^ ForWorld War Action 5ho-.i:d rv-r-ipv tl'.p ^nd o> th« > !»h!r • • WASHINGTON — ''AP> — T h «• >:ard of thc'MIvr ,«'-*r to C«pt. that r,ap'-',in<; »IT n^ar larz* 1 p'.it"*,! «.n rsr'-i r'!"'' r '- * ••• li'ip inm^f'f tn a; , : el.— rr f^ r?'•t«* r '!*f T'd^TI Tri v'.ntr ar.d cs:ry th<?'kin nnnrr r -"' r l • ' 11. \Vi5 for (rallantry In artson 4. Orrv o-i* th* rolors of yo-ir;.' llent/>nant during th* World *-*r WM announed yesterday hy th» w-»r department. While on a spec 1*1 mtwicm »s ft ms-rr.ber bf the 95th aero Mjusdron, the citation ?a!d, Rheivtrom eni?as;- ed three enemy Fofckers m combat, destroyed one of them, and then Mirc/yded in rarnmsz out his mla- ,'.ion to strafe enrmv artillery horse.",, delaying their proere^ and permit- ting'th^-ir f-aptsife hr ground forr**. nhen.'.trom now i. r on 4 'duty at Scott Frld. BfllevlDe. 111. STERLING DAILY GAZETTE'S FUN FAMILY One and one-half ctipi cherry Re month 75 rents Ca.<h *;tri "rdf %r wwk dc'.ivrrpd bv wrrifr m, -Cither Stcrltne or Rock Fal-s 20 cents, pavabk? even- Safitdav morn- tog. No papers 5«nt through the postofftce in the city earner district Of Sterllnn or Roc* F*^ A Thought for Toddy Nothing Is secret, that shall not be m»df manifest: wither anything hid. that shall not be knovm. and eonle fbroad.—Luke R:17. _ Th* divine power moves with dlf- liculty. but at the same time surely—Euripides. Tomorrow's Birthdays Daniel Fritz, Dorothy Dombrwskl, .^lorvcl Mitchell. Lawrence BaylU, Mrs. Virginia Mathcw Swan, Mary «. Snaveiy, Eavl Kciser. Sterling; Charles Relnhart, Betty Wise. Rock Falls; CM>orRe Klockrnga. ProphPts- « wn; Leonard Hart. HHbdale; Fred i-erholser, Coleta; Jf«- RotxrU, Jackson, Mich.; Francos Hartman, Donald Bull, Morrison; Janice Besse I'Cocking, Erie; Ed Caliahan. Deer Orove. OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE Quillen's Quips • Robot Quillen Another explanation is that people heard th« cry of "Emergency! 1 •o many .times when there wasn't .•ny. But restraining hunters won't save ie duck* If we make no effort to lrtp the turtles that feed on little Lindbergh wtlS At lewt or disprove that theory about giving * man enough rope. "' Alcohol has been » party aid fo thousand of years. It overcome timidity and reconciles you to tin :.iuesta you don't like. ., Miybe more peopl* 4to of heart' trouble because mpre survive other diseases that cripple the heart. If the side you are rooting for always loses, It means you are a sport. You skto with the un-do«. ^ 1 A friendly nation Is one" we feel free to cripple by trying to appease it* enemies. _ Thft office Romeo says lipstick •polls only the first kiss; after that jrou're down to pay dirt. No Investor to safe now except • ilM retired bmlntw man wh» . hM flMHc*fM MI »wt •( hit •aUv« vUlaft, If Ickei really wishei to prestrve ^fctural—reaeurees why—to—he—» wasteful of reputationi and char- •cter? But If industries are making such great profit, why doetn't a little of It trickle down to stockholders* ,. Only the tough survive now. and the tough trust nobody, prepare for £th« worst, and strike first. KEAD THE CLASSIFIED ADI. STAMP NEWS Princess Elizabeth Is IBritish Heir-Apparent H EIR-APPARENT to the British throne i« "Princes* LUifcet," * ^8-year-old girl with dark hair *nd flashing eyts. Actually, she it Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, old- •st daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth of England. Tht nickname Lalibet was given her a> a baby. At present >he stands, to follow •the fooUteps of Queens Anne, "Ilizabeth and Victoria a$ sovereign head of the British Empire, Canada honored the princess and Jltr sister, Margaret Rose, in the 1S39 stamp »bove, issued in com- •nemoration of the visit of King , George and Queen Elizabeth, to Canada and (he United States. Princess Elizabeth waa bom April 21. 1926. Sh» live* sheltered life of royalty, privately tutored with few friends bcsidea her sifter. Princess Margaret Hose was born Aug. 21, 1930, i* lively and vivacious, but has beta relegated to the background by tier sister. _.- Even before Elizabelth reached lier teens, the question pi her * iMrriage aicr?, U:-.-':T English law ant mutt nuny •• P:ote»tant and Inert are (c\v c'- i^ble priftg^s 9l LOOK *A Yv / n ^» * i **^ , IT'S NOT BAD/ — LEA POOd L1TTL-E \\ 9MD A MO THA MUSKET HAS COPS I'D LET H\V\ OUT VMiTH TH/VT VJlTHOUT A WOCD.' THEY MUST BE , gar. S'i teaspoons rornstarrh. 2 ta WITHOUT TM' SHOP ' KSOBOC*-' blespoons coid water, \ teaspoon LEAMDER S / T GUESS lemon Juir*. 2"« cups cherry halves FOR LETTIKJ' SOCH A <SET Its! / HOLD EVERYTHING! PICTURE T/VTTOOEO ' CHEAT/ BY EDGAR MARTIN They're Off BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES "Chop wood? Certainly, l«dy—but kin I just run my eye over the bill of f«« flwt?" SIDE GLANCES nmm** T.M.MO.u.a.MT. BY MERRILL BLOSSER Where It'll Do the Most Good FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS WE CANT s»r ey AMD ur A GIRL TAKF FOB US MAI, MDU •MOULONT AW«W«H«O IMV P WHIN TH«V CALteo / WtftV 6IXTB1N Of BUT. OOV, I 04LV ANTgO TMfV LOOttfO LiKff/ BY ROY CRANE WASH TUBIS cowwimwo iMTBfirewu> 0»T«M "The only reason you object to Jenny's boy friend is bec«u»« he's a lieutenant, and as a World War private you have to watcb yourself oc you'll salute I" THIS CUMOUS WORLD y Farguton BY FRED RAHMAN Red'i Stubborn That Way RED RYDER BYV.T. HAMLIN Very Unfriendly, in Fact •^ T. M. Ma 0. t. MT. tft. OOML IMt 91 MUMMNK. WC. 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