Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 14, 1930 · Page 6
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 6

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1930
Page 6
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DECATUR HERALD TUESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 14, 1930. DECATUR HERALD H E R A L D ' S P A G E O F I N T E R P R E T A T I O N A N D O P I N I O N 1C TO [Mrf.McCo of Currei E d i t o r i a l s The young woman In the next oWlce t h a t the mayor of Chicago is Big Bill Capon*. What we think ha Is can't be printed Fred Pabsl of Milwaukee Is spending a million dollars on a new beor plant. In order to be ready when the law Is changed, but It Is thr fttietm of this old Paragraphcr. who will not be of- cnned of unclut bias nfcalnst the plan, that Mr. Pabst will be kept waiting a long rime t'oi a ret u r n On his Inveltmont. HARD WINTER Cvery winter t) a hatd winter for the great number ol fomitiei that live cloic to the border-line «{ want. Family expenic h« a way ot mounting diitresi fully in cold weather. Billi for fuel, dothing and more frequent aieknei) come ai ume time ** a *Uckening ol muen of the work op«n to . This year, due to ilie prevalence of unomtjloynwm for longer or Sorter periodi in preceding months, there has b«n )« «pfX'i' t U''Hy t!wn usual for the harrJ-prci^d to fortify thernselvw ag.\in»l the new needs that will ari»a. Govtrnot T:',mmer»on'« appeal to the state, to begin at once prepnr.i- tion» to help the unfwttmnte through ihe «ason, B peculiarly timely. ** · BuiiiiM'*, accot'duiR to some of the most imprest Mpert» of the couniry, "ttirnecl ihe corner" fliortly before the middle of Au«u*l. Relflil snlw in many line! since thai lime have shown increase, ai rapid a* the decrease had heen m pteviou- monllu. Thi* encouragement for ttw mer- chanl hu! )l promi^s little advnnlage in the immediate future (ov the unemployed, wlw mmt wait until returning activity is strongly fmphftjifed bcfoft thr-y can profit from it, In (he meanwhile, it is certain thai relisf igcncki ol eyeiy sort wJI be called upon to carry extraordinary but- denv The Community Chest wilt have mofe desperate need of money than ever before in it* hiilory. giver* have a more impelling appeii! 10 their Renerosiiy. Directors re- iponitiblc for the budgeting of such funds are challenged to connider seriously, whether ihis may not be a time that demands sUnr-im? of desiinblc welfare aetix-iti«. in thr inicrfst* r.f tliov ihat mint deal wilri the trWfll *»f hunger and rnld, * Another thlnv' Mr. Pabwt maybo liann't taken m i d poiwlili'indtm K t l t u t If he re-opens lil.s br*n-. - r j be will find rhtii Imitcnfl of s row hundred i lie now lint trti mllllor. M»i!ai\rhol}' thouwbt on Oct. 1:. cniniiibni dlicovr-rnd Attii-i'lca. hill i n-Hhotit FACISM IN GERMANY I hr mote irre*()on.*ible a party thr more it F \ ( t like 11 ftrouti of students whose eolleftf W won a fool- '.inll firtiui;. This f«ir.t helps explain the F.neiM demon«tra- lion n\ ihr opfiiiim of the German rViclwlatt- Numerical- Iv tlir Tftsciit in next to the largest jmrty in Germany, hul Hi Ic.uicrs iticluding Adolf Hitler doublW realiw ilia I nrvcr would ihe Gcitdan people sti^tid for such n ptOKram .1* H n l r r m i t l m r f . iriclitcliog tlie eon(|Uesl of Ruj'i.i and t!ip lichriKltnu i tlif nicu iUio signed for Germany thr peace of NVr^iillr.' l,.ifkiii(! real popular sircn«lli. the FawisK ir.o i lo noive .UK! rowdyism. H i t l e r i^ nol f\cn n Gcniiiin citutii. He ! an Ain- tri,tn rxpotriiitf willi vivion-. of grandrur which iUtiRCst n vii-tini of pitMtuuit. He iispirt! to br the Mussolini of lii'riiirtiiy. I li- would teat (lie Vers rt il)«s trcaly to shied*. 111.111 liis f i n « r r at llic Younn ilan of reparations paymcnls. , flml ITMIO nn empire- Kie,itcr than thr KJIIW rvei dicrtinrd of I f no Kicul pail ol llu- C«im,ui (wople are behind Hil- IPI, how did ihe rWr-t,* «el Mich a larne vole, in the rr- icni flection-) Thr answer is that peqple suffering u n der h.ird tmio* CAM lie truilcd to vole in pvowst against tfie pady in powtr, I'lw Wjt way of making a protest striking in Gcimrtiiy was lo vote rithf.r t!imniunist or Fascist sincr the aims of llw'w piirhrs Ic.isl resrmhlfd thoif of tic- more Conservative bloc', Germany (!p|*,n«l to br lominft alonft Uirlv well u n - til U w.i,i hit liy tlie depression. In factories (vrrc bu?)-, and it* v orkimuwn vftf rmplrrvrd Taxes werr high, Uti hard «ork w,i* llir .nuwi-i. Wlwn work slacked, thr la-xes irmnincd. nud pt-oplc llml Arc uncmplny^d »ntt in w\n\ nrc Itkcly to lie lute! IcmiM-ied The Ia-.t rlcdion xvn* a protest ngaintt unrmployment find Ingh taxes, hul it i idle to believe tiinl any ni-cnt nuni- Wr of the German people wmil a war (*r tlir rr-iloration of ihr (tUilloNnc wliicli Hitler *o feivfiilty fiivnrs Nt.w thiil icn Mtlli- tiootlt'irjtf'i" tiavp he«n a i l a s t e d 11 in I llecnliii \* drv honi'-dty, it 1.4 solnj In r.» n i;i«if i - i i i i i f n t l l i Ui t« i p f l f r l I h n l ivi- lh p i 10 n pine r l t j llflnian uiitum Ant* ntit fliniitcr nnich rlrum (hi- »Bi.« I' any nnd on* rwnnti 91, KmnclK pviacbi'il m the hints may !itm bfcn, thnl nobody would »x)i»rl thcni ri i m*rolw i T i-ery lonjt whai hn ,'alii In n sermon anvn-nv WHY NO PICTURES IN THE BOOKS? \Vhcu vou picked up ii novrt of the "G.ty you were almost certain to find it illunlrated. In fact, tnosi reader*, looked firsi foi thf frontispiece, showing some of the charanrrs in ,1 climnlic scene, 5k«ttered ihrough would hf (our or fi;c other pidtiKt. If il a Kichard Hardinu Davis story, the illustra- lions prohrthly would he by Charles Dana Gibson -- tail and straight legged men with moustaches and statuesque gir!; with high foreheads and an nmazinft wcnllh of hair, But if the artisi weire not Gibson or somebody equally f-XK?, !rif wader mifrttt flnef fl«w in the picture. Indeed, it mu»t have l« cn i n iht* period that tlie idea became current that artist* never read the text of the slorv thev are assigned to tll;islrnte. Combatant* in ft duel, described in the itory as fighting v-idi words, might appear in the illustration equipped wiih pistols The author's sailing ships mifht be strangely transformed into steamers. The heroine's Uvorite tihitr horse on which she rode to warn somebody, Appeared as black ,JH mglit. Hack work made illustration! » sood deal of * joke and probably brought them into diffnvor. But even when , t n « r list was conscientious., he tended to spoil ihe story. Indeed the moie conscientious he was the more he spoded n. For if | 1( , ^ hi) beautiful vow? heroine in tlie mod« o( hu day, she probably would «pp«« In a bonnet tied under her chin, full jkirts sweeping ihe arounr). and so lighllv laeed that you wonder jht ffHiM brMthe. Similarly the hero mi(,ht have his hair cut NEWSPAPERflHCHIVE®^.. pompadour and be cUd in a coat which looked uncomfortably tight, with hi} fou»-irt-h«nd lie showing a knot as big a a pancake, Of course the people ol the age for which this wsj, intended thought the illustrations nil right, but for posterity they were screams. We accept tlie costumes of 100 years ago or 70 years ago a* quaint, hoi costumes of 40, 30 or 20 year* ago are just enough near those of the present lo suggest caricatures. Publi»hef apparently reached the condition llial ii would not be » good thing for long continued sales to noi- tray characters piclorially, and consequently diopped illus- iralioni. The popular magazines on the other hand have goitf into illustration heavily and are producing some tint class work. But few of us read last year's magazines. When * magaiine serial goes inio book foim.'ihe picture* usually sue omitted. It it just as well. Most people prrfr-r their own mental pictures. Radio Mien nre rapidly picking up, and now are ahead of lust year's says a huslwtsN bulletin. If you don't httv* the bulletin. Just try to sleep after 8 o'clock In the morning. T h i s a n d T h a t NEWS OF 25 YEARS AGO TODAY FROM THE HERALD OF 1 905 Poopla residmff at the south end of South Main Htrcei were disturbed last night by a noise which made them (hlnlc a riot was In progress. On awakimlng and Invosti- Kallns, they learned that the noise was due only to a fight between one of the whito and one of the tieftro women of th« neighborhood. Scroam.i w«r« audible, anil the sound nf nrfeka. m^sInK t l i f f r m u r k «nd lamlnis fiaalnst adjacent In order lo boom thit city for the locallon of tilt new Pythian home, th* local lodges yeeUi-day bad the town whltu with ribbon badKCS bearlne Ihe Inscription, "Do- flauir lor the Pythian Home," Althoiiffh the matter of « home ha» not been definitely decided upon, il has bvcn talked for some lime, anil It is bellewo Ihat Owittnr Is the loeatlon for It. Alderman Alex Alt In tosh bar, nl i-ntiRistl to entormin R of dlstiiiRtiiahed vialtuva ut the HIJou vaudeville house Monday. On that evening tlie mayor and nil tho aldermnn nf SpvlnRdrld will bft in the city, us (jnosts of the Decalui There will he a smokrr nt Ih* Decatur rluh Tho local brunch of the Po^Wl Telegraph Co. h celf-- binilng the Unth anniversary of the opening of an office In this clly. The strvicc itftth begun ten yenrs ago ivhen a connection between Decntur Htiil Chlm^fi only, The cuniiwnv 1,1 now ojieratinB thref- dlrer.t (-limits (n Chli-Bijo. three lo at Louis and two w Danville. The Muikal Culture chih will biKiti Us nieftlnifs for tlv- tenson on Ofl 37, In (h* pnrtors of the C'entrnl (if (''hrt't. CREAM OF THE JEST SOMETHING EASV (rlttr TMiys Anicrlcn nfed^ n ncv. iicrlmp.s. t h n i will raw ihe i nnd vn not cm nip \h» -iy|n San ANTU'IPATINit tlic inan \vho cnll* hh wife Ant;el h , i e Situ. ^^!lyb^ l h(F|ica NIOXT TUftN Jtt was a hard job for tlie Picaldenl t» nntflr tariff i-oniinJt-«ion. Now the. touffh wdih ion to the comtnlflHlnn Itsflf. Oinahti W o t l i l SECOND SPRING N'aw Y o i k Hf-mld-Ti ibunc. Indian aumuier we call 11. n htlli: IHIMIF-I] liy i l i ii-lnliil mmshlne. But it comes evci-y year, and puralca fluwers in, wall as man. The vorrespondent who writes ot Octohei apple btos-iortis only observes tiees following where little herbs .have led them. For in Hie woods nnil by the roarl- ^ld(;^ a »lov:«n ijlnntti which liava retted all sumnif-r nrr tlnuelvitig themselve.i inu belluvlny It JjirinK, It la the shy uprinn flowor.i Ihni eoiitn Into this a*eoml il--the AjH-tl ntul May ulos!om» that poked their out of the lent mold belore t b n trees hud liroknti i n t u leuf. Where lh wootlH wore carpeted with hciuttlcH In tnt'lng there ts almost iurt to he a atmy Cluwer or two In October, aflet- four f u l l iimmhx in which the leaws have ttood ulone. Where the columbine hunft in coral masn'r, in Jlny there is liltely to bf a stray, often a dwarfed, blossom hiding iifialnst Hie yray rock In Into mtUimn, And Ihfl violets lire subject to all sorts of elimntlv II] us inns, A warm, wot September will lomctlmes brine whole uittuluw if them haek to blossom; it did so In jilaccs this lust month, ;inci tho buds are still rlnlnt; above tile half-withered (jm.S! 1 The (Invent have myHterlouc. but not iiftrfect Instinct,". They can he fooled by and weather. They suem to have an over eagoines-s for aprhij;. tt I* Ihe aame impulse which hrltiga the viol els buck to bloom In October a;, In February, will cause tlic wild h mm blest to ojien prcmsitii'-i 1 green hudn ,vlii'»i then' Is still snow In the air, UNEXPECTED REMARKS Sunday WHS intuit- for mini: hit! nirui wn? njmlc for Monday.--Cl. li, Chuatciton. not « city of ciiminnb. I( w « n'tj' "' ?'ty R, L. Duff us. (.lort must find th« United Statfs .1 t a t b n r d f f f i c i i k c n u n t r y to please--Lord Melclietl. One of the nitltient things ahout uuthumhlp 1$ that any fool can write a book, and most fools have done so.--Tt, H. Mot tram. Ansorleft's whole Ingenuity Is spent in hmrylng you t« ,nt!i nomewhere DO you will havu more time to study up sonie other place.n to KO.~Will Rogen. Tile Government cannot be run iujcessfully by sub. stltutlnt: the power of entertainment for the power of aocompllshnient -- Calvin Coolld^c. Th* average play on tho New Vorh Etage today bn pioduced without offenae In a chureh.--Owen'Davia. While I can't vouch for the Influence of radio wave,' nn plant*, I know that they can produce notable chances in dispositions.--Elsie MeCornifck, COURAGE Into a brown wood flow a brown l u g . I In the winter time; Tj)f. shy was dark with snow unfalten The leaves were bent with rime. north he flew, once south he flew . He perched in ;· naked tree fff looked Into (be dreary dusk And whistled merrily. --WILLIAM ALEXANDER PKRC1 . As I View the Thing :BY 5. A, TUCKER; O UR bedtime reading of the last. week has been In W, Somerset Maugham's "Or Human Bondugo," and so satisfying a tlilnc It lei (or the purpose, wo cam* to (hi: last of !lfl TBS ittiffnB with n rcollnif that (her* wct-n none Uio many. The tiling Muiiifham unilettooli 10 ilo In not original. II Is the Identical thing thai « whole school nl young novel- tfua attempted din-ins the Revealing 30's, and namely, to proven t n psychological' biography of n young man, from his curliest, conwlouincss up to Ihe age o( 30. The bl- i-sraphfns always cud nt 30, or thereabout*, because that 1* us tar as the novelist had conic. "Of Human Bondage 1 \aclii even a high distinction In ihla literature not hncau.ic the particular young man selected for thla experiment is more notable than many of hi* fellows, but because his feelings have been more vividly tranajteired to the printed page- He Is an abnormally sensitive young man, rebellious toward his elders. dlslllufilonert about conventional Institutions, and deeply perplexed iff find out a reason for life. In those particulars, he Is Uke^ must of the othrtr yiiunj; men of the book*. He differs from them in the fact that he' docs find out, after many disaster* lo trial conclusion a. There ar* Home other ]olnts of difference also. Maugham's young man happened w be bom with a club foot, a physical deformity that wanted Mn Introvert tendency, and Influenced Ills tiUfluuc toward the world In many subtle ways. With admliublfl Insight, the novelist shows the special «i in at I on ot the handicapped child. By rare good for tun* nJt*o, Plillip Carey WHB born too soon lo figure In the World wni, or to b* explained iwj a product of the post-war period. With the (ixnoptlonH noted, lie would (It In coiily rnojugh with the whole generation of MI! young m«n of the novels, tie l« not of heroic proportions In any «enei», h t - Is [rrcsolutu and blundering as moat youth IB, Tie is a)- IIXIBL Incredibly »\iaceptlbl3 to cmotionnt «nlantilemcnt. Still he I'o mains a decent fellow, judged by sense of social le.ipcnslbillty, and you leave him at last, not aubmiirged In universal futility, hut evidently looklnn to a fulr proupcct r . o( undistinguished Just \vhy should a hook of Uii.i Bod, h'ave a uppea) fur us? Why aro we Impelled to follow through nuariy 300 pugea thtt hlographloal and mental hlatory of ona ral.hcr ordinary h u m a n being? It lx clear enough why we read eagerly of thu earners of splendid romantic fellows; greatly achieving fcllowi who mny be taken for sUniululini; cxtt m ])!«·, tragically fulling follow*, who serve nNo fl» solemn Ipsnons. But the ordinary and blundering? Ah, but therein is precisely thfilr UBcflllnesa lo us, Wi- nra oidlnat'y, blundering' pnrsons ourselves. We Uavo far mote in tiumaion with a Philip Carey than w! have with ti Oisanova, a Voltnlre, a Washington or a Benedict Arnold, We RIO inlWfilsrl in the great saints, lisrot-n and rascals; find It Hitrtniltlnfc' to rand aboul them, but turn butk again and iig-uln (ft the fe'reut nntnr«l prcorcupatlon with uur- MlviM unil our own kind, It is d i f f i c u l t to sea ouiaolvas, and buffi Ing] y Imiwaxlblf · 10 sou anybody else, A. novelist who canli ft off the top ot anoLhcr m «»'n h:ad, not too unlike oui selves, and show 11.- what nvikiis him inova, gives UK nn exhibit for which we lira InosLlculiibly pr;utcnil. It Is iho author's uncoiumoTi perception thut makes tiis performunc* useful. He sees ami Mictavdn in making »s y.a, the caunets for ncln that nrc entirely incomprehensible to observers without this sd vantage; often incomprehen!,ltjlo to tilts subject himatlf, Ami Uiis is the knowlcdt'i*. of all knowledge, for whMi w^ tuobt hunger. Moving constantly among other pernon* we Eire cut of) 1 from all others by ttmiperablo barrier* Kvery tmlivlduril Is In a wtnau a lonely island, c«ini«inn«i J to eternal but truitlisau apeeuldtion about the real life uptii. all the yther islands lilmly necn afound the great exprm*i of horizon. Th* faaclnotlon of that a))«culatloo About tbi existence of life upon Mara Is as nothing, compwrfri 'with ihe kueii wimdiT about the life that SOPS on all around. clone at hand, Aii'iln a ml again, artlsla manage to throw a strong 4iaivtilif;ht for it brief moment upon some onn little clrct* of It, but the uppetlte Is never appcawed, Jn the 7fl« pagw o; Ma LU; I linn 'a blogrnphy of Philip Carey, we find it pen- niblc to know tnoris about one particular person Ihnn wt can ever hope to know about u drnretft friend, in a life- tuno of nsioi Inrlon. FOR CHILDREN The senfion Is at linnd when th« evening program must «Suln Include ri'iuilng lo the children. Nowhere Is critical opinion more liable to error than In attempts to judgi the appenl of nny particular book (or this dinorlminalinf! uudloncc, A ^i-cwn.up critic may «afcly decide in wont easo; whelhcr it book Cor children IB undesirable, Whether onr ihal Is tilto(snthtr projwr will bt approveit by the children is Another inoltcr, Not luiiff nun we spoke ilia para gin fly of ». book bv Mary Urnhnni tionner, ilusigned to give the very young their first Introduction, to tho wonders of astronomy, Thr hook Ji culled '"I'hc Magic Universe." There could be no objection to tbfl object; the difficulty wo thought was, thai :io child concflvubiy could be tnlereiled in the gyrations of Neptune in- have tiny comprehension of thn distance)! Iti inter-stellar spate. Tho judgment, It proved, wan wrong. The book wa.s cfitjtrly seized upon, and ha? bafn a part of the heJ-llnie r i l e ever sinee. Very bumble now, in deference to Miss Bonner'n Intuition about the interest!; of her audience, we aro happv in the arrival of another book by her called, "A Hundred TiLpn to Stoi-yland," It contains the suggested number of stories, cash oni short enough lo make a convenient break mp;-of( place; It IB handsomely printed on a fair large |mge. .ivllh typo tlmt the eight yearn old can r«al without difficulty for himself, and with the Indispensable picture in color. We loresce U will be a steady companion on win tor evening. The publisher Is Macniilay. For tlic I yems old, Ut« happiesl auijulsition in lonn lias iH'.cn "A Good Little Uog," a little book that lells History almoat entirely In piclures, ^.single line of lejti at the bottom ot each j»a#c suftlclng for explanation. Th*- pletui'cs by Elinor and Berta Hader are extraordinarily ailpcallng, the vni-letles of expression assumea by tho "gooil little rto«" a making--and here in drawing tHht will not uotvupt younff tuste In the budding. The piffillsher Is C*»- lory Co. GOLD'S SCARCE; HAD YOU NOTICED? Harvard professors are doing fine team work Iheoe days. One scares us half to death and the other eonws along and reasaurea us. Professor Qay, at the Institute ol Politlca, predicted a serious gold shortage In years in tome, unless there aro nom« more strikes like Klondike and South Africa Now Professor Carver *ays there l» no danger. There Is plenty of cold in the earth, bill not all mines eon b* worked profitably when gold ii cheap- that is, whon a gold dollar purchases * small volume of commodities. Aa the purchasing power of gold rlwa u will become nrofltnble to go after U« gold In them thai hills. Thus the economic l«w will operate to provide thf world with w h a t gold It requires. Now If a third Harvard professor would tell us how to make that economic lav, work the same way for individuals the picture would h* pprfcct. Speakingr pcrsonwlly. we hav» long been convinced thftt lb* gold_Klinrt8gfi started snm* time before w« werr- born. THE MINUTE THAT SEEMS A YEAR -By Gluya. WiHi« mi * VWR HOSTS WiD YWR H0SBANP HftVE SPENT HftLF W HOUR UHKftfe FOR. VODR MIS6W6 WE Wn«CH "AW PIST)«caY* RE - N^MBER-ED HAVING IEFT OK TriE J4M6- ROOM TABLE , VOU FIMP ft StfELY TUCKEp IN VOOR by Tb« Bell SyMiuu.jg* ) dltttai *»* b ftf It ·tno* r«Ml Kt tfa* « v*r w» In Comniw tUiid Mm txrat« Int. 1 · ttt not btfiWI li by th«lB Jtcl Crete Garfeo ffot Always Shy; Once Sought Publicity Greta Garbo. the aloof, who never goes or is seen nnywhero. was not so lontr ago one of the greatest houmlK for "]ulleec!te«" In Hollywood, even to the extent ot appearing in track suit nnd boxing pi o VPS. Walter Pttiinacy riv%'!ilr' in the flm. Usun of ''The Modern Screen Magazine." "Four jetui.i ago." mys -Hi'. Hum- Bey, "Gnrbo landed in Hollywood and no one though! of her an thp Mi* understood Heart of the Woni.-in Who WulKs Atimt a n j tln.y w c i ^ M w l MI rlfilil boeaii"* *hrt u'linn'i |it*ny n I ])ion' nnJ faBclnnling or any of thwc i limit* ''Anil thut Hollywood finds n f ' c r fniii" nn^i'jnibfl «ixt ci'ndii. Sh* nited tn hatiit oui ni the publicity tlltpiiriinrnl nil ita\, u n u i hi-i aoincUineft Abe tv^n got Iti i h e of th" hoys who worked ilvrn \ilii-n i lust ll'lV.- Dlytil1ui U »i DALLAS, 1 ·nd river*, f nut 72 hour tmindtta pon Ttiu and W MMfhMtf removed rtoc tbttr item flooded ftw* th* BlfhMt i WM bclkvtd wh*r* rwtoei er**lt were I thtlr homes. Korti thr TMU ttther mtd« IrnpaM All tr«nap bMug-ht to i OkUhoma b. proportion · t tnUrt C II Ilicy vitro very hnny, And (thn ut-cJ 10' Init room in tin' had imrl tbnt tb ll1 alillll. in U f l i ' t l I'l.DW I If. thst -i.'i\ fiini vnrs »(o when Klin t'wnii" bii'-li rmin ilii- lifn- 'mi one wtili ))4xlnt flKb l-tii-r, fun diii 11 1 : , l ! Did love to poc» In fwhton plctui-'c, ol though xhe w»ii probtihly t»» fflrJ on the lit who didn't look WBJJ in elnthf* "Then OHP Jay ihepubllciivrl^jjaH- meni irot an itnuifmiiifnt. a n f t l l y tout;}) nwlKiinK'nt, Th*y had to fiit'l tt R i l l who would pom; tn n i|.n'l( nlllt nnd 'knork m i l ' it Dnxc f killer of mcdlocr* Handlnc fur iho «nli" or \Vh"ii I ,)'·! hicc t ! iviiiim · rl. Tlfy tuilcd nil i h c jjlrl wi'h * i l t \ , wi w l l ) " ami i l i - n li f«l pivtty flfrurcH JUKI nil t)« t " i l - i' (tlV*n lli-l In Wc:i) .m h i PI h'T !')')' \3 i l i i mitn 11-111 ,··))!' llllll" n)ii)i-ii|' 'I»M ;inl ithi 1'!' "Wtii'n I Ki'i ID be li'i'!,'*^!!!!' f ilo mil in"' 'il inn-It |innii- w i t h ln/'' 1 , Her* are Oxford* thot up nnd stand mil. They ure mndc right, of fju«l ity leather, by expert work men. Durable Black Kip in blucher and luce Ml * price you'll littn Men who appreciate (He unuiu«l in ihoe vrtluw will respond t« this announcement. Her«'« Foolweir for fart moving men-men who nre on the go.constantly, W* don't d«im thm lhe»c «lo« «rfl a* good a* our Bottoniani or other higher priced line*, bul they M* certainly th« U«t word at the price quoted. We know of no olh*-r ahoei with the d«nh and go that these F»rno Tourn have. Let't Show Yott "WtFit th* Hard To Fit" 148 E. MM St --. NEWSPAPERflRdHIVE*

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