Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on December 17, 1938 · Page 2
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 2

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 17, 1938
Page 2
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The Maryland Merry-Go-Round By DREW PEARSON Unless something entirely unfor- seen happens, Congressman Ainu Goldsborough will become; a justice of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia very early in the coming session of Congress. In fact the President plans to send "Alan's name up to the Senate among the first batch of appointments, probably the first week in January. This will climax a long career foi Goldsborough, during which he became one of the most popular gentlemen the Eastern Shore ever ha sent to Congress. During his many years in Congress he won a reputation for being painstaking in looking out for hk Eastern Shore constituents, and in recent years for being devotedly loyal to Roosevelt. It was the latter which is winning him his promotion to the judiciary. Roosevelt is a man who rewardb hi : friends, does the reverse to his enemies, and the hospitality extended to the President at Denton last Labor Day has not been forgotten. Goldsborough will follow in the footsteps of Judge Harry Covington of Talbot County, who was elected to Congress in 1909, but resigned in 1914 when Woodrow Wilson appointed him to the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia. What Senators Tydings and Radcliffe will have to say about the confirmation of Congressman Goldsborough remains to be accn. But it seemr that they cannot very well oppose n Congressman with whom they have- served for many years. While there never has been any love lost between . Tydings and Goldsborough, to all outsiders they got along perfectly. Thus it would be a little late for Tydings to oppose this confirmation on personal grounds. And it would leave a very bad taste in the mouths of the Senator's constituents on the Eastern Shore. Lee and Bruce An extremely significant meeting took place in Baltimore the other duy he got a long distance call bringing the surprising newt, that Ainolt., though u Democrat, had ca t aside his pledge and voted to letain Anil-Icy Jlok-sworth, the Republican hoKl- over, as cleik. Dave intimates that lie will t-vt"i the score with Arnold at the next election. Not between 1844 and the p i e s e i ; has a Marylander acted as Secretary af State. Toda, Sunnier Welles ul Prince Geoiges Count is serving in the latter capacity and ha, the entire foreign relations of the United States in his hands at this extremely important period. State Department custom makes him virtually the superior to his chief, Secretary of State Hull, while the latter is attending the Pan American Conference in Limn. It if Welles who ha- sat in with the President recently when such important deci-ions were' taken as the rctui n of Ambassador Johnson from China and Ambassador Wilson from Germany. Welles fir-t got to know President Roosevelt at the latter's wedding, Welles having the same god-mother as Mrs. Roosevelt. They have been close friends ever since, and the ir- litation which Roosevelt felt when went to Europe during tho Tydings-Lewia prlnmry campaign seems to have healed completely. Latest" Marylander before Welles to net as Secretary of State was John Nelson during the administration of John Tjler. Actunlly Nelaon was attorney general. But after Daniel Webster retired, he was one of several who served ad interim us Secretary of State. Nelson held the position fo r one month, retiring in favor ef John C. Calhoun on April 1, 1844. Merry-Go- Round Some of Roosevelt's friends have been looking around for a possible Washington vacancy for Governor Harry Nke. Roosevelt and the amiable Harry always got along admir- Winter Arrives--Officially between Brooke Lee, political poten-1 ably, and there are various jobs from tate of Montgomery County, and.time to time which can be held only Howard Bruce, chief backer of the I new Governor. Present also was Clarence Miles. Major Lee, who was talking also for his close friends in Frederick and Washington counties, including Dave Winebrenner, pointed out to Bruce and Miles that he and his political votes friends the in controlled eighteen legislature--eighteen votes essential to Governor O'Conor to put across his legislative program. Lee indicated that these eighteen delegates would completely cooperate with the Governor, if he and his friends, in turn, were given a hand in the distribution of state patronage. He pointed out, for instance, that Jim Pugh, state's attorney in Montgomery County and O'Conor'^ campaign manager there, was not an individual with sufficient experience to handle O'Conor's patronage. Lee's! Reversal It was a significant and somewhat pathetic scene. Howard Bruce and Lee, spokesman for Ritchie, long have been bitter political enemies. Bruce hag been out to destroy the Lee-Winebrenner-Walsh line-up in Western Maryland. Therefore, it took considerable humility for Major Lee, once the swashbuckling guillotine man, to bow before the new boss of Maryland. However, Brooke's political position is none too rosy at present. He has not a chance at federal patronage. He has already promised five to eight people for every job there is available So he went to see Howard by Republicans, such as minority appointments on the Federal Power Commission and the Federal Communications Commission . . . Residents of the votelcsd District of Columbia are planning to welcome newly elected Tommy D'Alcsandro with open arms. His campaign was featured by attacks on Congressman Palmisano as the tyrant who misgov- Denton, Md., Dec. 13, 1938 Dear Suntii Cluus, I am a good little girl, I help my niotu-i 1 with the baby. I keep her quiut. I am eight ycais old. Please bring mo a paii of giei'ii ski pan!.-, n now dr«"s, luige rubber ball ami -oine ^anil's and some nuts, fuiits imd candy and oranges. Please don't foiget my tcai-lien , Miss Morgan anil Denton, Md., Dec. 1,'!, IMS Dear Santa Clans, _ I am a little boy in the Second Grade. Please b i i n g nu- a piih ot boxing ;jlovi.s and a two gun liuKter, ii f o o t b a l l and ',01111- n u t s and candy. l)n not I'c.igot to stop tn M I - All s AIoig.ui. Youi l i t t l e fi lend, .. Harry Smith. Denton, Mil, Die. 13, 1038 Dear Santa Claus, J been a nice little gill mo=l Denton, Md., Dec. 13, 1938 Dear Santa Claui-, Please bring me an electric train, _ _ . _ , , _ - . ^ _ . . ,, ,, t*--^ . . ~ ^ .-,, f^m . t » · · » - * , M. Ml* *\ 1\, W l tllj^ 111 ^ HI* VlV^bf l\r bi i l l III of the year and am seven yeats old. I Chailie McCarthy car put, target set, Foi Chiistmas I \\ould like a pair of i bedroom slippers and lots of books .skiitts and a doctor -set. Al o give and games. I am in the- Second Grade me some candy, nuts and oiangus.' and 1 am 8 years old. I will huvc some I'leasc- leniL'inh'i otlu-r little children, j good tning.s to eat. Your little friend, Your little friend, ,,,________ Ko-alie. Robert Bryant. Your little fiiencl, .lennulle Fox. P. S. Please don't forget mv little brother and sisti'i, nho in\ Mother and Daddy. Though snow has long since fallen in the northern United States, old man winter makes its official debut on December 22, slaying with us until the vernal equinox on March 21. To celebrate the occasion, Eugene Barton executes a skillful Christiana atop Old Baldy in Lassen Volcanic national park, California. Denton, Md., Dec. 13, 1!K!8 Dear Santa Cjaus, I am thanking you for tho thiii£- you brought me la t Christmas. I would like a doll with real hair, lone; curls, a comb and brush, n few bobby pins, and some clothes to go with the doll. I would like a book satchel, "two book", and a mickey mous.» watch, and a "Little Annie I'ooney" book, a pair of bedroom slippery, a night gown, a pair of roller skates and some candy, nuts and oranges mid do not forget my teacher. 1 have not missed a day pf school, or I huvc not been late one day of school. I am in the Fifth Grade. I have been a good little girl. Your little friend, Cora Ann Roe. Dcr.fon, Md., Dec. 13, 1038 Dear Santa Cluus, I am a lit'le c'ipnlc girl. I cannot go to school lilct- other little girls. 1 have been a i ';! good giil. Phase biing me a new doll, n pair of shoi«. a rubber bull, some doll clothes, home L'undy, nuts, fruit, and oi.-ingt 1 . Ploane be suic to lemuuber my dear nick Daddy and bring; him some f i u i t and things. Your little fi icn-l, Einestinc Fox. £ ? W.g*C J £^-^^^^ $jt 1 I Special Offer On R oom Donton, Md., Dec. 1.'!, 19H8 Harry TiiikinElon wj'.nls a wagon largi- enough to hold Jean, Paul and Harry. I want an auto laigc ciiuogh to ride in and a wiccking bill for Paul. Jean Tuikington wants a nice size doll baby. Also, will you plesu o bring a wagon laigc enough to hold Mother, Miss Brooks and Daddy. W For a limiLcd time we will make a special allowance for used suites. p Take advanlajvc of this offer and dress up your living room for the holidays. W Large stock of very attractive pieces on hand now. erned the District White House advisers are looking forward to the advent of Bill Byron, newly elected Congressman from the Sixth District. All reports regarding him Indicate that he is one of the most up-and- coming of the new Congressmen. LETTERS TO SANTA Denton, Md., Dec. 13, 1938 '· Dear Santa Claus, I am a little boy eight years old. I am in the Second Grade. My teacher is Miss Morgan. I like her very much. Please bring me n Shood-a-loop, a charlies truck, auto, dump truck and a tractor; also some nuts, oranges and candy. Please don't forget my teacher, Miss Morgan, Your little friend, Howard Dean. Denton, Md., Dec. 13, 1938 Dear Santa Claus, Please bring me a large wooden wagon, a toy airplane, and truck. Don't forget Mother and Daddy, my brothers and two little sister^ and my teacher, Miss Brooks. Your little friend, George Buckle. Denton, Md., Dec. 13, 1938 Dear Santa Claus, I am a little boy eight years old and in the second grade. Please biing me a cowboy suit and a train also some nub, candy and oranges. Please stop at my teacher's house. Her n.imc is Miss Morgan. Don't forpet all the poor children nnd my Mother and Daddy. Your little friend, Dawson Howard. Md., Dor. 13, 1938 'D L '.ii Snnta C'au?. .Most of tlia h i l d r c n are writing 1' 1.1-ji'.. to yoj so sis I want you to 1 vi it me this cnr, guess I'd better vi iti 1 \ o u OIK- too. I try to be a good boy, tho mother sometimes tells mi 1 i I'ni not ^o good. But' I help both Mother and Dad all I can. I bring in i wood iiiKi coal and water, too, and I'd like for you to brinf; me a cordu- loy suit for Christmas and some shirts for school. And I'd like to havo j a pair bi-tops and a nice, big heavy wagon. I could work and play both I \ \ i t h a \\agon. AL o some fruit, nuts i and candy. Please don't forget Daddy ! and Mother and my two sisters and | my tesic ur, Mtss Morgan and all the boys and girls. I Your little friend, Clarence Ferguson. Denton, Md,, Dec. 13, 1038 i Dear Santa Glaus, ! Plca-e bring me a train in Sears catalogue No. 79-V-595G, price 54.98, and wagon in Wards 448-T-1748, price $4.79. J_ have been a good boy. Your little friend. Glenn Butler. Denton, Md., Dec. 14, 19.1S Dear Santa, · I am a little gii 1 ten years old. I Tin in the Fouith Grade. I like my I teacher very much. I live in a littl? ! nr beside the stoic. For Chi istmas ' I want a big doll that goes to . loop, | and a sled, u wiist watch lhat runs, a silk dress, a doll cariingc, I am a good little giil. Also .some candy, nuts and oranges. Your little friend, Irene MeCracklcn. i -7 w Kil /' J Phone 130 ft DENTON, MARYLAND Denton, Md., Dec. 13, 1938 I Der.r Santa Claus, I nm a little girl seven years old. Pk-asi' biing me a doll, a doll carriage, a bicycle and a color book and Liayons. Alto bting me a teddy bear, n i c-\\ ing tat and a banjo. Your little friend, Helen Whisler. RADIO SERVICE At Minimum Cost . . . HY CERTIFIED EXPERTS AT J. II. NICHOLS CO. STORE IN DENTON EVERY MONDAY Phone No. 40 DON'T WAIT - CALL US TODAY! L. M. R O Y E R Cordova. Md. PHONE-- HILLSBORO 16-F-22 Denton, Md., Dec. 13, 1938 Dear Santa Claus, Will you please give me a pair of ;loves, a cooking set, a doll and bring Reason Dave Winebrenner was not at the meeting with Howard Bruce was the fact that he was away on a vacation. This vacation was somewhat disastrous to Dave's political organization. Before he left Frederick, Dave had carefully convened the state central committee, Democratic and called in commissioners, the two Charles G. Geisbert and George V. Arnold. Together, they decided that George F. Abracht should be appointed clerk to the board of county commissioners, an important patronage job. But while Winebrenner was away, rage. CQr . I will thank you very much for them. I want a light brown snow Brace. Bruce, however gave him no en- n)e somc ora - R , cand couragement. Real fact is that Gov- j want a snow suit and a doll ernor O'Conor has decided to fill no jobs until after the legislature adjourns in April. That will keep everyone on their good behavior. If they don't vote with him, no jobs afterward, has become the shrewd O'Conor motto. Winebrenner Revolt suit. Your little friend, Dorothy M. Cooper. Denton, Md., Dec. 13, 1938 Dear Santa Claus, I am a little girl six years old. Please bring me a trycicle, ua-kln doll, story books, nuts and candy. Please don't forget my teacher, Miss Brooks. Your little friend, Betty Jane Bareford. Denton, Md., Dec. 13, 1938 Dear Santa Claus, Will you please bring me a lovely Cinderella doll, a little piano, a kitchen cabinet, n sewing machine, a tjpc- wrtier, a large set of china dishes, a gold chain for my cross, a spring top that ,r=ings, some story books and somc doll clothes; also fruit, nuts and candy. I am a little girl 7 years old. Your little friend, Norma Jane Dukes. PHILCO RADIOS COMPLETE LINE BATTERY ELECTRIC From $16.95 Up Phone Hillsboro 1C-F-22 L. M. ROYER CORDOVA MD. Denton, Md., Dec. 13, 1938 Dear Santa Claus, I would like to have a dy-ileo doll and bassinet, also a typewi itur, sewing machine and some dishes and ' J^ don't forget my Mother and Daddy. Your little friend, Diane Grouse. Denton, Md., Dec. 13, 1938 Dear Santa Claus, 1 want a doll and a big Shirley Temple doll and a little train and a little bank and a little sewing machine and u big bicycle. I hope I get all these things. Your HttJc friend, Beverly Seidel. Give Gifts that last year after year and Horsey's Hardware is jammed with lovely ones to select from. A whole store full of fascinating, gleaming gifts. It could be a handy electrical appliance, a modern gas stove for kitchen or a new bike for the boy. Look them over today! Donton, Md., Dec. 13, 1938 Dear Santa Clnus, Wo have been very gond. Please bring me a snow suit and a big doll and a new dres;. Your liltlc friend, . Lelia McCracken, Second Grndo. s«s IASYIMG REMEMBRAHIC Why not give what they want most of all--JEWELRY? Gustav Good's fine selection enables you to give a distinctive G i f t . . . Tor very little money. Table Silverware Several patterns in stock. All well known makes. Come in Today! Charming Fiesta Dinner Ware Makes an Ideal Christmas Gift. Ladies' Men's Watches Use Our Lay Away Plan Military Brush Set All sizes, Styles and prices The ideal gift for any man! Has zipper on fine leather case. MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM GUSTAV GOOD Plume 6 Watchmaker Jeweler DENTON. MD. To and from the Heart of BALTIMORE Sclradub In May 27. 1938 (EMitin Sta*J*rJ Tim) LEAVE LOVE POINT (B. A I. ·. R. PIIB) DAILY w. Sun. DAILY DAILY liOOa.B. filla. n. 6:00 p.m. LEAVE BALTIMORE (PIU 3, UGHT STIIIT) DAILY DAILY DAILY »*. Sal. riOO a. m. IiOO p. m. 9iOO p. m. PaMMQtrt, Aulemcblln and Tracfct Handled en All Trlpt PASBINGIRSi 50e OME WAY a c f ROUND TRIP O9C «.djy limit) ONE DAY EXCURSION A U T O S " wcD r E !? G »2 TRUCKS "ggjgf'S to *6 IHOITINS THI WAY BITWEIN ·ALTIMOI1 ft THI EASTIIN SHORE BALTIMORE EASTERN R.R. GIFTS FOR ALL ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS ESTATE GAS STOVES ESTATE OIL BURNERS RADIOS SUNBEAM MIXMASTER SUNBEAM TOASTERS WAFFLE IRONS WASHERS DISHES .r 1 KNIVES FORKS / ALLADIN LAMPS · SHOP EARLY ELECTRIC TRAINS BICYCLES TRICYCLES WAGONS AUTOMOBILES SLEDS TOOL CHESTS SKATES SOCCER AND FOOT BALLS RIFLES ANY ARTICLE RESERVED UNTIL CHRISTMAS D. RALPH HORSEY HARDWARE Phone 55 I Wotld a* l?een by C b r i s f m a s Candle-light What n rcmark.iLlc contradiction iti the fi'eMo fjeain of a Christmas should lia\ c greater power to light human paths of the future than aH the giant eearchligliIs of science! i In that light that came from Beddefaeu; the harshness and roughness of fifc are ' mellowed. Hearts are warmed toward, other hearts as no sunlight can warm them. Eyes filled with kinHn«qq for feBoir! men cannot see in this magical caudle-' glow, the distinctions of race or oolo^j rank or station, wealth or poverty;' \ Mankind docs not need more light on ite] prohlcms today -- but only that cVflnfiy'l friendlier light that comes from its Chriet»j mas candlrs. May YOURChntt a happy one. ' ---~ · 1 he Peoples Bank of Denton, Maryland NEWSPAPER! WSPAPLRl

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