Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on February 12, 1898 · Page 4
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 4

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 12, 1898
Page 4
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MELVIN, STEELE JOHNSON, EDITORS AND PROPRIETORS. SATURDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 12. ABOUT UNDERDRAWING. How Drains An Constructed In Connecticut--Tile Ver.sUH Stoiio Drains. The remarkable wet summer of 1897 was forcible admonition to the farmers of many sections to drain their lands, and they have heeded it. A Cou- uecticot correspondent, -writing to Country Gentleman from Hartford county, says: I do not remember a time vrlieu so many drains were being laid as at present. Farmers who had fields of potatoes not worth digging and tobucco only fit to be plowed Tinder are determined not to have another experience fo costly and disagieeable. If the next .season were to prove as dry as half a dozen preceding the present one, they might secure lair crops, but what the farmers waul is ]ii- suniuce against loss from the effects of Bnrplue water in another wet season. They are acting wisely, for it is probable that the increased yield of their crops duriug tho first ensuing summer of ex- LCbSivo rain will oft'ssct tho cost of drainage. The drains that are being constructed in the valley laHs are almost exclusively of tile. On the rocky lauds away from the Connecticut river some stoiie diaius are being built. When it is an object to rid the land of surface stones, it may be advisable to build stone drains, but tho additional labor required makes a - stono drain more expensive than one of ·tils under almost any circumstances. There is some little variation in the method of making a stone drain, but thu ordinary plan is to lay a row of stones oil each side at the bottom of tho ditch, cover across with flat stones, place a layer of cobblestones on these to a depth of several inches, cover the small stones · with straw or brush to prevent the loose earth from filling tho crevices and fill up the ditch with soil. Owe objection to a drain of this kind is the liability, provided the soil at the tot torn of the ditch is not of equal haul- aess for its entire length, that some of the foundation stones will sink below tho line of the rest. , In this case tho drain is likely to be choked up. Anotner objection is that burrowing animals may 'enter the drain and obstruct it. However, a stone'drain well laid on a hardpan bottom will often remain in position and perform good service for many years. I do not intend to say anything '"to discourage any farmer with au overabundance of loose stones upon his lands from building a stone - drain. Indeed there are many situations where au open , drain, with sloping sides grassed over, is very much better than none. The Bird. Little more than a drift of the air brought into form by plumes. The ^ air in nil its quills, it breathes . through its whole frame and flesh -and glows with air in its flying like . blown flame. It rests upon the air, ; subdues it, surpasses it, outraces it, and hi its J J-,jont is the voice of tho ' air. As -\ -w imagine the wild form of the closed into the perfect form «.. i Bird's wings, so ' the wild voice^of Uit 1f nid into its voice ' rippling through 'ie clear heaven in its gladness, intci_ reting passion through the soft spring nights, bursting into acclaim and rapture at "daybreak or twittering and lisping among boughs and hedges through heat of day like little winds that ruffle the petals of the wild rose. Also on the plumes of the bird are put the colors of the air, the gold of -the cloud that cannot be gathered, the vermilion of the cloud bar, the flame of the cloud crest", the snow and the shadow and the melted blue of the deep wells of llio - sky. All these woven-into .plumes', following and fading along breast and throat and opened wings. And so tho spirit of the air is pnt into this created form and becomes . through 20 centuries the symbol of divine help descending to bless the Hebrew cherubim, the Greek flying angel of victory, and the bird has given its wings to render the conception of angels and thus has influenced religion.--Ruskin. Bow · Road ID Ireland Was Made. The way in which the Irish imagination accounts for the curious notch - in the Devil's Bit mountain, Tipper- "ary.'is indicated in its very name. But-there are two versions of the legend. According to one, it is said that Nickie Ben, just to try how sharp his teeth were, bit a piece off thoupperedge, but, finding it rathei too hard even for his digestion, he -threw it np at Cashel, in the same county, where it has remained ever since. In confirmation of thestoiy '-it is gravely asserted that tho rock 'of Cashel would exactly tit into the gap left in the aforesaid mountain. In Notes and Queries, June 1, 1851, -the tale is told as follows: 'In the Barnnne mountains, near Temple-more, Ireland, there is a large dent ^or hollow, visible at the distance of " 20 miles ant! the name of the 'Devil's Bit.' There is a foolish _ tradition,that the devil was obliged -by one of the saints to make a road for his reverence across an extensive bog in the neighborhood, and so, taking a piece of the mountain in his mouth, he strode over the bog and deposited a road behind him!" --Gentleman's Magazine. Ice From Electricity. Ice from electricity was one of several promises recently extended, by one of tho electrio companies in tho United States to n, number of specially invited guests. Electric heating and'cooking, electrio forging and electric piano playing were all ' down" on the list^of attractions offer- .ed, hut the making of ice in an electrical way seemed likely to be of pre-eminent interest. True, it was, after all, the regular matter of faot *' process carried out with ono of -tha · well known makes of ammonia com, pression machines, Jjut the latter, _- - instead of ..being driven by a steam -; engine in tho usual way,-was con- · ^nected with an electrio motor, which · : .l furnished tho necessary power. It ; simply afforded another illustration ·-of the rapidly extending field of elec- ; trie motor applications and certainly {demonstrated the, making of ice by ,'; electricity, though perhaps somo- /·what differently from what may have been expected by those who at* f tend«l tiw exhibition. -- Gassier'* TALKING ABOUT HOT THINGS. they Are "to He Found In Bfarylanil, Where They Know the Cards. "Talking about hot things," said tho old gambler, "you want to take n, trip down to Leonftrdtown,Md.,an( BCO tho sports in that neck of the swamp play seven up with n tender foot. Lots of tliftt kind of cattlo go browsing down there in tho sum mor, and after they get a fish diunei somebody is sure to run 'em against a game where the deuce al ways counts for the man who plays it. Well, sirs, tho native most al ways gives the other fellow the deal mid the other fellow most generally finds enough in his hand to give ono Tho native plays his cards like light ning, one after another, and then draws in the stakes. His opponen wants to know what he's doing. "'Why,' says tho native, 'I'm game. One I had, and one you gim me, and the one I orter had is three nnd high, lovr, jack and tho game is out. Ain't that right, Jack?" "And Jack, who is looking on Bays, 'Why, sure,' and that settles it." . When Major Shoemaker of the fa mous old liquor firm of Shoemaker Hertzog was alive, he was notec from ono end of the country to the other as the most fearless gamblei in tho country. He would bet any amount of money on any proposition where the chances were any thing like even, and he was as will ing to match quarters for a big bunch, of dollars as he was to play the limit on "singles" ill faro. The late John T. Raymond was an inveterate matcher of coins, and at every theater he visited he was sure to have a bout with some friend who know his penchant. One day Shoo was in New York, and he met Raymond in the barroom of tho Metropolitan hotel witfo a party of New Yorkers. Shoo and the comedian matched for the drinks and then for dollars. Each placed twenty dollars on the bar and removed them one by one, matching each other in turn. The luck broke about even. While the fun was progressing a message camo calling Raymond away for a littlo while, and a young broker, who was also executor of a wealthy estate, volunteered to take tho comedian's place. Of course Shoo was nothing loath, and he was gratified by a sudden change of fortune in his favor. He matched every dollar of the other, who, in turn, was unable to make his coins agree with Shoe's. The broker grew provoked and suggested an increase of the stakes. "Let's match for $10 a go,"he suggested. "A hundred if you wish," said Shoo. So $100 they made it. Luck ran steady to Shoo, and the news got out on the street, and a crowd began to gather. This brought the broker to his senses. "I reckon I had better quit," he remarked. "It wouldn't do to have it said I was gambling in a public place. I'll get my revenge some other time." Thereupon he called for a blank check and filled it out in Shoo's favor for $1,400. Three hours later that check and another $1,000 was in the drawer of the faro table at 312 Broadway, and Shoo, as cool as a cucumber, was on his way to the ferry to take the train for Washington.--Washington Post French Nanl Tactic*. And now, for the first time in his life, he had the opportunity of studying the theory and technio of his profession on a large scale. Admiral la Motte-Picquet, Admiral Count d'Orvilliers, and especially the chief of staff, the Chevalier du Pavillion, wore accomplished tacticians. True it is, their tactics had rarely been able to withstand more than a few broadsides from the unscientific English, but Paul Jones not only grasped the theory fully that naval warfare is a great and farreaching science, but he put it in practice, which the French had singularly overlooked. Then was presented the spectacle, not devoid of humor, of Paul Joues sitting at the feet of theFroneh commanders,, penetrated with admiration at "the French tactic," as he calls it, while 66 French ships of the line hung on to their anchors, closely blockaded by the ignorant English, who were "very deficient in naval tactics," as PatiL Jones wrote. However, things were made even by tho English having the victories, while tho French had the tactics.--"Paul Jones," by Molly Elliot Seawell, in Century. British Admiralty Red Tape. Every one who has to do with the admiralty is familiar with amusing tales of the glorification of red tape. Here is the very latest. Some time ago a workman in one of the dockyards-lost a government candlestick, valued at a few pence. This was considered sufficient excuse for a report by tho local officials to Whitehall. A long correspondence of the approved government office typo ensued, and it is estimated that not less than £5 -was spent in the officials' time, ink 'and paper. After every aspect of the case had been weighed the workman was directed to pay the local officials tho sum of fivepence, being the value set upon this particular candlestick. Of course, if the man had been in private employment, little or no notice would have been taken of such a triviality, or, at most, he would have paid his foreman the value, without any red tapeism.--West- minster Gazette. A Good Grantor Wax. The Farm Journal says: For grafting was we think this is about right: To 8 parts resin and 2 of beeswax add 1 of fallow. Put in an irou pot, heat slowly and mix well. Pour out into cold water and pnll by hand until it assumes a light color; work into sticks and pnt into n cool place till wanted. In using, oil the hands, work the wax until soft aiul press it tightly around the graft and ovnr the cracks. If the day lie warm, it is sometimes better to occasionally moisten the hands with cold water. Wo do not think it necessary to eutor into tho 'minutiae of tho operation of grafting, hut simply to impress upon all the importance of having the inner bark of the stock and ficioua to fit tightly together. If this be attended tot inoottali' ·Imort certain. J YOU ARE INVITED. When visiting BALTIMORE to make a convenience of my offices and my perfectly appointed tailoring establishment. You may want a suit of clothes, an overcoat, or a pair of trousers;--our best skill is at your command. If we can serve you to your interest,--that's our pleasure; if not, there are other tailors to-whom we would be glad to direct you. We keep only the very best stuffs. Good Suits for $15, Stylish Overcoats for $i 5, Trousers for $5, but as high-made as · art and style can produce. Higher values if you want. Nothing ready-made. Will be glad to welcome any new-comers from your part of the country. Jchja M. Xleeler, Importer and Tailor, 5 N. Calvert Street, opp. Equitable Building. PROFESSIONAL CARDS. 7TLBERT C. TOWERS, ATTORNEY-AT-I.AW Denton. Maryland. TAMES N. TODD, ATTORN EY-AT-LAW, OENTOJf, IVLARYLANIX pHARLES E. McSHANE, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, DKSTON, MAUVLAN D T. BOYER, CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER, IJKNTON, MI. ALTER SPARKLIN, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, DENTON, MARYLAND. OP no: iM-rn JAS. N. TODD. ESQ. " BUTLER ' BICYCLE REPAIRER, Satisfaction guaranteed. -1'riccs Reasonable. G 2G tiu- QSCAR CLARK. Attorney-at-TjBw, DHNTON, MARYLAND. Collections and all professional business promptly attended to. ILMER EMORY, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, CKNTJRKVIHE, MD Will practice also in Caroline, Talbot and Kent county. N. AtEX. IHJTSON, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, ' DENTON, MARYLAND. "Will practice is the courts of Caroline and adjacent counties. rri PLINY FISHER, A TTQRNEY-A T-L.4. If, DENTON, MD. All business entrusted to my care will receive prompt attention. Collection oi laims a specialty. TTARVEY L. COOPER. ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, DENTON, MARYLAND. Close attention will be given to oil business entrusted to mv care. JOHN W. CLARK,'JR. -A.-u.ctioaa.eer, Box 66. Dtptor, \arylanl. Will sell property in Caroline or any of '.he adjoining counties. IIEfiRY ». LEWIS. WILLAHD E. \VST LEWIS it- WEST, ATTORNEYS-A T-LA W, DENTON, MD. "Will practice in the Courts of Caroline Tullotand Queen Anne counties. DR. EN GJ-.OUOF, DR. P. R. I- GEORGE FISHER, Physicians, Surgeons Gynecologists, DENTON, MARYLAND. Office at residence of Dr. Enoch George, Main Street. VSr. It. DEYVKKSK. KRKD K. OVTXKS DEAVEESE OWENS, DENTON, MD. Office in tho Court House. Mortgages foreclosed,ustntes settled imd prompt attention given to all business en trusted to us. "Will practice in tho State *nd Federal Court. "VVM. E. DKWEESE, State's Attorney for Caroline county. PAINTER AND DECORATOR, . . . . DENTON, Mr., HftS'hadten years' experience in the cities of "Wilmington, Philadelphia and New York, and is now ready to make contracts and guarantees skillful work, fair prices and entire satisfaction- DRS. W. T. L. D. KELLEY, : DENTISTS: MAIN OFFICE: EASTON, MAK\LAND Will praotico at Preston on Mondays; Jenton on Tuesdays; J'cderalsburg, sec- jnd nnd fourth Thursdays; East .New Market, first and third Thursdays. Best work guaranteed. Gae ad minis ter- d. REO'AE.IED PHYSICIAN, Twenty-five years' experience. Specialist in Diseases of Women inly. Private Sanitarium of Ingh cpute. Absolute privacy aftord- d. Female Regulative Pills $100 per box. Advice by mail. 603 E«ST BALTIMORE STREET. BALTIMORE, MD. vegetable Compound for Female Complaints, $1 Wives without Children consult me. pe, CONTRACTOR HD BUILDER, Kidjjely, Maryland. Contracts lakcn in Caroline and ndjoin- ng counties. Thirty-tlirco years cxper- euce. Flans and specifications cheerfully tarnished. Beat of references from Caro- . ine, Talbot dud Dorchester countiei. Fre?b Groceries. JJ AVING- restocked my GROCERY DEPARTMENT, I am now prepared to supply my customers and the p u b l i c generally w i t h e v e r y t h i n g in that line, fresh and oi' the best qnal- MEATS, COl'Ti:i *TM Notion?, Ribbon? AMD Dress Trirr}rr)inQ5. My stock of t h f i latter is very complete, and my lady f r i e n d s w i l l do well to call and e x a m i n e my Broods before going elsewhere. Spool Silks, Cottou. Gloves and Hosiery, au(3 in fuct ii general l i n e of Notions. Drop in and see the stock. Oysters and Ice Cream, For a good Oyster Stew srive us ;v call. Ice Cream w i l l also be st'vved in season. Any q u a n t i t y supplied for f a m i l y use w i i u u desired. ISf Meiil= n t short notice. . JULIA DAY, Successor to Jn.rr)ts Parts- WILL BE POUND A GOOD STOCK --OF -- Boots, Shoes, Hats, Gaps, Etc., --AT-J. M. BE AVEN'S, HILLSBORO, MD. Larqe StocK of GROCERIES AND QUEENSWARE You can also find at tlio k G I M H E P Full s u p p l y of n i l k i n d s of Lumber, Sawing suid P l a n i n g cloue ;it short notice. Ceiling, Flooring, Shingles, Laths, Doors. Windows, Etc., always on b n n d . V. VT. ICKDDIUI. W. F. M U K P U Y REDDEN MURPHY, DKAT.ERS IS FIRST-CLASS B U I L D I N G MATERIALS, CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS, DENTON, M A R Y L A N D . Prices on all goods warranted U lie as low ns thoso oflcrcd by city dealers. Mr. Murphy, a builder of long experience, i\ il havo charge of the piacticnl work, nnd satisfaction guaranteed in every particular JAMES T, COOPER, Undertaker, Eibalner anc Cabinet taker DENTON. MARYLAND. Years of experience enables Mr. Cooper to insure entire satisfaction in every particular. His shop is always fully supplied with needed material and first-class workmanship is guaranteed. Prank C. Eolton. Lee B. Eolton. BOLTON BROS. POTS, OILS AND GLASS. PRIZE MEDAL %$ PAINTS, Machinery Oils, Tar, Oakum and Pitch. ENGINEERS', MACHINISTS, Steamship and Railway Supplies, 418, 120, 422, 424 E. PKATT ST., Wanted, One Caroline County Map ns surveyed "by Saulsbury. State price, and address, AV. B. COTTER, 209 S. Sixth St., Philndclpliiii, PH. Notice to Growers, "Wo are ready to contract for Tomatoes 011 Saturday afternoon of each week dur- SKI; February. Our -oniract pi ice for 1S98 w i l l be six; dollars por ton. ' 6. T. K B D D K N C O . For Sale, Lloyd Strawberries, the most prolific and popular to date, plants for sale at less linn half market price. H. "W. VIVEK, 1 29 8 Bridge-villo, Del, Farms Wanted, Have purchasers ready for cheap farms. Anyone desiring to bull, send particulars and lowest price to HEVERIN GOTTEN. 209 S. Gth, Diiln. JAMES SWANN. BKPRXSENTINU The Best Life Fire Insurance, DENTON, MARYLAND. For Sale, Five million (5,000,000) Tennessee Prolific Strawberry plautt, at §1.25 per thousand. THOS. H. EVERNtiAAI. 1-23-Qm. Concord, Md. For Rent, Dr. P. S. Reynolds' Cannery, nt Queen Anne Station, near Ilillsboro, and lately occupied by Swing Bros., of Kidgcly. For further particulars apply to JOHN H. JtOLT, 1 29 3 Cordova, Md. TUEW GOODS! PRICES! We luivc just opened n huge invoice of S P R I N G GOODS, .mil n bettor collodion from which to choose hii n e ^ o t boon offered in Den ton. To le npprccmtcd it must bo soon. Your inspection i« mviietl The pi ices \ \ i l l bo a \ c r y itarlling lea- tnre ol the sale", liorc for iho n e x t llmty days, nnd b u \ e r « will do vt oil to note them. llou \\ould some ol these strike j o n ? Percale, tlio i ocular 12c. k i n d ; 0111 piicc, while it lusts, only 8c. A bettci 1 grade »t 12c. Calicoes, · siiid be 1 . Blue :inil Light Prints plum il funry dc-ii^n-, 5". Pique Remnants, 10c,, tlio regular toe. kind. from oc up. Ginghams, Lawns, gulsir pine 12c., otiv pnco, lOe. We have an cxcfllent assortment of these. Table-Cloth, choice quality Irish Linen, 50u. per ynrd. Pantaloon Goods at various prices. Sl.OO Siiiyrnii Hugs at 80u. A. E. COOPER I5RO., Denton. Md. BLINDS G O O D -- CHEAP PRACTICAL. BLACKSMITH HORSE-SHOER DENTON, MD. I shall constantly k:ep on assortment of Iron and Steel hand a ful for all kiudo of Farm and. Wagon Work. I can fur nish you all si/'es of new wheels nnd axles and best classes of horse-shoes nt short notice I guarantee all matciial and work at lowest prices to suit the hard times. Shop on Third St., opposite Livery Sla ble. Give me a trial. JOHN J. BARNES. FOR SALE AT PRIVATE SALE Three small fnrms, nil adjoining; oncl other, lying on tho county rond leading from Bridgetown toGrecnsboiougli, ubtn. two miles from tho former and four miles from the Intter plnce, known us tlio containing 7G, 8-3 and lit ACHES, resppc lively. The first two have buildings or them; the otbcr is unimproved. TKKMis EASY. Possession January 1st next Call on or address, .SAMUEL E. HILL, 200 Equitable Building, Baltimore, Md. Or to HEN RY B. LE VVIS, 10 2 tf Attorney, Denton, Md. TREES tP PLANTS S.A.X/E3! The leading varieties of Apple, Peach, Pear, Plum, Cherries, Small Fruita, etc.. for sale by A. G. GELLETLY CO., WIT.ljiaTON. MI). JAMES T. MORRIS, (RIUOKLY, MD.) · tteliriilit an! Blactaitli, AND EXPERIENCED HORSSEHOER. In .11 branches of my business I gnnr- nnteo satisfaction. In horseshoeing I have tbc endorsement of best veterinarians. JAMES T. MORRIS. For Sale, In Ridgely, Mil,, three building lots, ad- ioininsr--one a corner lot--bi'jiuliful locrt- lion. Apply to T. W. SMITH, 1-1-1 mo. " Kidgoiy, Md. For Rent for 1898, A nice 8-room duelling, with necessary ottbuildinjjs ami good water, situated on Main street, in Denton. Also a good stable with carnage-house, in East Don ton. Apply to J.'D. D9WNKS, Donton National Bank. Gat this out for Future Reference, Buy Your H O K S E S AT KING'S MARYLAND SALE BARN, AUCTION SALES Monday, Wednesday and Friday Throughout the year. "We dcnl in all Kinds, from the very best to the very cheapest. 100 HEAD of Horbes. Marcs and Mules, alwnys on hand. Visit us, it will pay 3'on. PRIVATE SALES EVERY DAY. FULL LINK OF Carriages, D*ytoi7S, Bug; , Sfcrt? nq4 Harris? vtry cheap. JAMES KING, Prop'r, 8,8,10, 18,14 ft tt I. HIGH STBEET, Near Baltimore St., ono square from Baltimore Street bridge. BALTIMORE, MD. Plymouth Rocks, · Pure-bred Barred Plymouth Rock Cockerels for sale. U. C. FISHER, 1 15 St Denton, Md. A LARGE LOT OF --AT Tin:-BURRSVILLE HABDWARE STORE. All si/es of Cook Stoves, fiom the smallest No. 7 to llic luigc-t No. 9. Heatin*; Stove* of all kiixU suitable for Parlors, Sit ting llooms, Diiiiiir llooins, Bed Rooms Churches, School Houses, Ofticcs, etc. Si\ kinds of Double Heaters. The best Ranges that aro made. Large lot of FURNITURE CLOSER AMD TIMOTHY SEED. Headquarters for Drive-well Material, Plows, "Wheelwright and Blacksmith Supplies, liuikl- ing Hardware; CtiTmge, "Wagon, Curt and Plow Harness, Paints and Oils, Tin wave, Harness and Shoe Leather, Washing Machines, Belt Lacins, and Steam Packing. TWELVE WS FILLSB WITH NODS! I have a large stock of Barbed '"Wire Cable Wire Buckthorn and llibbon Fencing, Poultry Netting, c. TILGHMAN HARYEY, Burrsvillo. Md. S. UNDERTAKERSEMBALMERS AHD FUNERAL DIRECTORS, DENTON, MARYLAND. Twenty years of experience en- ablos us to insure entire satisfaction in every particular. Our shops are fully supplied with needed material, and first-class workmanship is guaranteed. Is yonr Home, Furniture, Grain, Live Stock, or other Property Insured Against Loss by FIREORLI6HTNINGP If not, if you will apply to ono of the Agents of tLe ' OF DOVER. DEL. you can obtain insurance at low rates. The Company is Mutual, and you will only pay what the insurance costs, as any amount in ExcessoIMWillbe Returned in Dividends or at termination of policy. W5I. DENNY, Secretary. Tl. PLUMMER, Agont, Greensboro. J. B. FLETCHER. " c. Preston. GOOD TIMES A R E H E R E _ A G A I N I At this season of the your, when it Is everybody's aim to SAVE MONEY we have como to help you by ollbring you prices in GOLDEN IRISH THREAD. /~OLDSN IRISH enters, Hie water \viih stronger claims and backing to substantiate ^jf Us superiority than in any previous ear. Our sales on this thread more than doubled year. GOLDB.V liusjH TIIRICAD has met with strone;(r opposition in the Choptank River than ,iny brand ever placed there. How has it succeeded in the fight, manned by us? It lias narrowed the sales of other brands of thread on this water down Tiilly one-hiilf, and the close of 1808 will largely reduce this half, for orders on" Sc'iifcs arc already roining in and being booked for 1898. A multitude of flsh- cnii?ii will u«o GOLUKK IRISH this Spring who did not do so last, because of its fine eatchiii!! qualities, established and strengthened Inst year, to their entire satisfaction. Oni challenge still sUnds and will extend through tho season of 1898: "That we will match thUlhre.xd against any other brand (silk excepted) made, no matter at what cott, for strength, durability and fish cntchins; qu-ilitics." , Change in the tariff has affected the price of thread slightly, but we are still the pioneers of lo\v price", as the following will show: Sluxd Seinps. ready-knit, perfect work guaranteed, out of CO 2-cord Golden Irish Thread, at SI 83 per pound. No slips and pertcct knots. Baltimore hO--our No. 35--2-cord thread in A pound bulls, 51.25 per Ib. ANY LENGTH, DEPTH, OB SIZE OF MESH FURNISHED, varying by one-sixteenth of an inch. To avoid any disappointment, lot us have yonr orders early, nnd we will knit the tcincs and put'thcin away u n t i l you want them; nothing is gained by delay. You are . cither going to fish or j ou are not. Don't forget our Hanging Lines; no boiling, dragging or I'miic;: simply cut fron the coil and laen in. Guaranteed to neither kink nor" twist. All cdmiminicatiors by tnnil promptly attended to. Give postoffic* address in all letters. On all orders-give length, depth, and size of jnesh, stretch measure. Respectfully, W. J. BLACKISTON, Denton, Maryland. THOMAS H. MITCHELL, MANUFACTURER OP U, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Brackets, Newels, Hand Rails, Cabinet Mantels, Balusters, Etc. (^"Estimates Promptly Furnished on flll kinds ot Building Material. T. H. EVANS COMPANY, FRUIT AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 214 Light Street, Baltimore, Maryland, fl©"JYiiits nnd Vegetables; Maryland Peaches and Sweet Potatoes. COAL,WOOD^HAY Tho public will find constantly on hand at my coal yard 'at ' Bridge a full supply of coal, stove wood and baled hay, which I will ie- liver in any quantity anywhere in town. Stove Goal, 2240 Lbs. Per TOD, $6.00 5-75 Chestnut, STOVE WOOD BYTHE LOAD OR CORD HAY BY TEE BALE OR TON, DELIVERED IF DESIRED. OYSTER SHELLS, GAS LIME, BRICKS AND LUMBER ALWAYS IN STOCK. Wharf for the uso of the public for landing or shipping all kinds oC freight. Hauling- of all kinds done at reasonable rates. L. B. TOWERS. Ifll)- ITOlT Home OfQce, N. W. Cor. Charles Lexington Sta., RESOURCES, JUIM 39, 1B9S. Paid-up Capital $750,00000 Surplus 31 ),000 00 Reserve Requirement and Undivided Profit', 2£ ',767 50 $1^337,767 SO CLOTHING N»X^^= : : V-t that will snrpiiso 3011, and also j u s t i f y you to buy, at we must have room for SPRING_GOODS! WE ARE O V F K R I N Q S U R P R I S I N G BARGAINS in Dry Goods, Hats, Jlcn's nnd Ladies' Coarse and V i n o Foot-wear, and also a Pull nnd Complete line of Notions COME AND GET THE BEN K FIT OF THE TIMES. B A L T I M O R E BARGAIN STORE, RIDGELY, MD. Subscribe for the JOURNAL $1.00. THE OLDEST AND STRONGEST SURETY COMPANY IN Becomes surely on bonds of Executors, Administrators, nnd in all undertakings in Judicial Proceedings. Does nothing to conflict with the business of lawyers. Accepted by the United Stutcs Government as sole surety on bonds of every description Becomes surety on bonds of Sheriffs, Registers of "VVille, Clark* of Courts, Collector* nnd other officials of Stales, Citieh nnd Counties. Also, on bonds of contractors and ctiiplojcs of B.inks, Mercantile Houses, It nil road, Express and Telegraph Companies, nnd on those of Officers of Fraternal Organizations. UEKMAX K. BOSLEtt, EDWIN WABFIELD, SKCIIBTJIRY AND TREASURER. PRESIDENT- Por Full Particulars Apply to DEWEESE 0WENS, ATTOKNEYS-AT-LAAV, . . . . DENTON, MAKYLAND.. FOR THE NEXT SIXTY DAYS I will have a large line of both GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES AT ALL PRICES, FROM $3.00 UP. well to call on me. having watches in need of repair will do T. W. SMITH, A\«i. , SPAPFRf .TSPA.PERI

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