The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 29, 1971 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 29, 1971
Page 3
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DEAR ABBY Veterans Day date change is blasted By Abigail Van Buren 1C im * OaMM tnWM-M, V. Nm tnrf.. IM.) DKAH ABBY: 1 am really teed off! AH my life I have celebrated Veteran* Day on Nov. II, Now, all of « sudden U hai been changed to Oct. 2S, I reallte (hat when a holiday falU on Frkiay or a Monday It Rive* the working people an extra bonus of a three- day weekend, but to actually change the date of a national holiday In order to make It come out that way U absolutely '11112 BUA'/OSPOKT PACTS, Freeport, Texas, Monday, November »,1«1. Pdg« J Good Citizenship Girls DAR guests K TOOtif No sa «rf time donated a tx» of lo Ihe SaJvAiion Army The canned go«l» •trir io be fciv«n ID a nwly family. Shown, Irwn Ml, w* KaJp»i Allen, H»lv«i«t Army r*jMt*«4*tiv«?, DM!* I»ufift, C*r» IVrw-jft. Ijwr4 llankim, Martha lttyn« awl Claudia Silvan who atilttcxl In U«? project W,^Xrt<:"^^ Nobody fin* their flag* on Veteran* Day IhU year. And »ho could bUme them! I! )utt didn't «wm like Veteran* Day Next thing you know, they'll be changing ChrUtmM and the Fourth of July. Sign me: DISGUSTED IN CHICAGO > for birthdayi aj«d i for thai cotum-i u ttaoa the day before publication Saturday and y, by woo f>wri«Uy. j. by txon Saturday) , rr , ....th4a) to * ut'.MMv Miim:i,K iu MO*. t»At.f. UlfKCtt. STAN «M Til. KAVK HtlHKHTtOS KMMKTT HIHJSSK.IJ. UKIIAlttl II o I < H M U , H I X I f: ->i»»K»Sfd!Wv;-;-M!!-w-j'«-;'»<'-;*;', •:-;-.•.-.••,;-;' A V >." H K T T . CIS tJ V III WHSAK, JOYO: MAU:. Mri.U^ltA HHAt)IJ:V. Ih H C HKIU.KH. ItOHKHT ( IIAHI-Kft UK C AH J.I, AI.IJ'.N JtAShlN. f'AM C,(l»KIV II 1. AMMllSit. A Mr r> till II MUl , <»:<l|. »»1 ANN ht 11 Jll Review Club will tcxjr Brazos Hart>or jr.-/ 'v. ^ Presenting Ihe KNIT FASHION Collection Cof>:il!ct» •»! llijl H T«! C A CJati!il« -mil DKAH DtM.fSTKI): If It will raak* you f«-l my jon are twt ateor. I hate (ward from othrr rradrrt *bo are dligmbrd ill ovrr. 1 think ll ill lUrtnl when F. I). H. rhaafcd TtuaVitliUj;. OKAH ABKV t am 15 year* old and am « ft I. but ih»r» tx* * problem t*cauM I hive a)v»y« bwro 1*11 for my *ge My proMetn U what 10 » timer [.rople who Mk me: ••llow'i the »ralfa« up ihcr*'' TALL BOY OKAH TAU.; OWl boOwr TV.r don'l njwct > rtp»y. ITVy'rr I* Uu- iamr rt*M "ili l»»if oho atk. "|i K txrf rix*i£lt (<rt )>"" (Or "cold r*x»Bgh?"| DKAH AtlUY lip "Ma4 In M»inr"~(he JjarrnU who »<•?<• m*!l t«<»tt«- »n ujirif i/cot dxir chiidrcB ou; erf c»mp fwf »o t-i't-niag Ktlhoul (hrir rjrtmtwiun Ttx- c»rap »i> bxJ!) at fsuil !«r r<ri<:»iJ£5H t)» children to anyone. rvrti Ibo he (!»i»i«! !o IK- !h»flt UJjclt. »it^K/Jl rif»«.» »p^ ;.tfwi»t ff<*n (V {iifrtiU Arvj t.V uncle «u »! (*ull for no! tu> »tr»ftgcmetiU thrxi Uie pirvc'..» 1 hxj !<i dliigrrf »Jl>t )«j »brfl you *»k) the am xn In a bo> rdiftj wJjcoJ K A . IK.-CA KATO.V. H DKAH >'. A Hra t»lpi' Ten vh*cLi nitli a mlrr. iU-irr jw« briduxUn okrd U »b«ci Utr IK/JI v U H AUBY I>o )cu t !.o 3J )*»!•» »£«' a! a ^tfjvulf KSHKI! brtc in K«ruu f\!y. '» auol ttid uixV. »«) iiaiXcd ou! wtlh tr/,- Hf%* n U'.rt lyjrti tr.'j-".ic: «! XT do oc<! icl * rhiU OKI! a! i»e, v jc<-j! in [hit l«ra j n. hii jMtrraU ^iflhwj! KtK-rf- fo«'.:sr Ki«rritiJiC»l>Mi 1 c»rofi Ual »-cwM rclra-sc a chtVi U> jl Vhr jwftniw.ivs o< liw fkirml> ot fut Y«n Vr III H M WlllTVt kx> Lrrp y«i jrt k Wt I*. Ajkffirf. Ca! ;*«r »f*U'»T Vwi'n frri Hht4 U AB«Y. a fimwaaJ rrf>} 'i M-M k>M4trL. "Vikil Te<e-A£rn Waid I* II U AW>. B«i «TT**. l«t A.jrW-. Tat MOO END YOUR OLD WASHDAY HANG-UPS. AND GET A No 111 todi Aivi if you huy >t ilni-r U-l \\it-ti IK)\V ajxl Ki-liru ai->* '.*.), you can gel a tuiiviy lauiulr>' «uldv Ihv. It's a a tfu.- <m i r mi NCMUHV vvaidnx fur tin ol" hang-up thai'-* ma> lo have for ironing - \V|HMI yiHi taki- -CSS clotltes fixxn thi'dryi-r A UKKk-ni ^;L>> tiiTi-r ktv[ts up with \-our \vas)v i'1'kxul for UKH! lHifl"- dri«4 iHir bitf lcx»ds for Uu i aist of only ont' in an t'Kvtric diyer So fivv yotii-self of unl Aixi ^t't a nitv one fnv. See youryas applianaukviler taiiy. Tujji't >t»ui fire I;kuhdr> CrtJdv, iwi'M-nt pmoiol put nr» A(jAsipptmixi ^.ii* dtyci to am MNiJ uOuv W, I*JT'J lllU'i £'**!(urr^idvntul llNtl cu^l*ui\ct FHEEJ'OKT HenneU Appliance Service, J. T. Dingle Compnay, Inc.. Flrcitonc Store, r Goodyear Store. ' MerriU Furulture C'ompany. MoatgQtuery Ward & Company, Jack Held AppUance*. Schmidl Furniture Co., Sear*. Koebuck & Compaoy, Western Aulo, White's Auto Store. HOUSTON HATORAL GAS ParUclpatlng Dealers; CLUTE Fabric World Irby's Furolluf e Company Uaaibo'» Furoliure Company Ward 1 * ladependeDt OU Co. LAKE JACKSON JMB Tire & Appliance Co.. Lack'* Store, lac.. Montgomery Ward 4 Co , PrescoW'i T-V, & Appliance. Jack Reid Appliances, Sears, Koebuck 4 Company, Voorbles Appliance. Western Auto Supply, Woodrum 4 Uucnsiug. WKHT COLUMBIA — The AM Underwood Chapter ol the OauKhlcri of Ihe American flcvoluliwi held IU regular monthly meeting at the home of Mr. and Mr». A. J. ProefMtle, near Bratorla. , The Chapter cclebraltd IU Mh birthday with all officer* aiding Mns, l'rt«l/»ilt- an co- ho»tn.»c»: Mrv Thorwui J. lioslon, rexent-, Mm. W. G. Alexander, vice recent; Mrs. 'Hud Oaviit, ctiaplain, Mr» C A Kutim. recording secretary; Mris. 0. B Gic»icke, corresponding Mcretary, Mm. J I' Gardner, ireiiMtrer, Mr» C. I. Scchrwt, regoitrar. Mrs J l/x» Murry, hlslflrlan; Mr». Llgon Footer, librarian and Mr*. Henry W. Munson, curator. Mm. I'roebiitle welcomed Ihe Good Citizenship GirU. These girls, who were nominated by ihclr ncnlor claw and voted on by the faculty, were later presented certificate and pln» tjy Mm. W M. Choal*. Mrs. I'roel/nlle de*crilx:d (he pirn as holding 13 tttare representing the 13 original colonies; the band of blue as a »ym!>ol of fidelity; in the center were four book*, back of which is displayed the torch of liberty receiving the certificate* and pins were Gail Mother. J'carland; l,onna Craikon. Sweeny, Maria Mercado Danbury, .Janet Gt'KSTS at the recent .VKh anniversary meeting of the Underwood Oiapter of the Daughters of the American Involution were the Gcxx) Citizenship award winners and the 4-11 fx<Id Star Girl. From left, back row, are: Ruth Foreman. Jeraia Hays, Janet Gillenwaters, Gail Rother. Front, from left, Mrs. V,'. M. Choaie, Maria Mercado, Oras-vm, Cindy Whittcn, and Mrs. A. J, Proebstle. K a r <• n K i n c h e I o e , Hrazoswxjd Jenna Ha>», West Columbia. Cindy UM Whittt-n, Angleton and Monty MOM.-S, Alvm Itu'.h Foreman. 4-H Gold Star Girl from Bra&oxwood High School. -*a» also [>re«-n!e<l a (tin In Mrs Women (T<-«-nt Till: d !.»xnr first revival l>rc 1-S at 7.30 nmjng On Surxiay. K-t-v»cc-t •»!!! t* rx-Jd at lo ti 4 rr. arid 7 p m »t lir^s i',r.irirjin Cale'.onum. Two foreign exchange 5 Ik-ril Hoien and Sanchii -Ai-rc rx>! Ifolen i« from is !h<; Arnencan of Mr arid Mri / Anglcton, chi*. from ArKenliria u -*ith her American "parcfili" the Jick i j atterson» of Welt "daughter Bruce arid Miss c.ich Sunda;. ing I'.cv Harolii jr a rjtne of Trxi* ^> U! t* !)*• s^^ciil >j.K'iktT llr has r«?!d rfr^mis sn )cM'.h camps artd Kj>c»jh throjgfxaul !h«? Southern atri Tr><- church arid HA I'.ev Wa>Br jflBROCKMAN'S . FABRICS REDUCED. .-50% SEWING NOTIONS 10% BROCKMAN'S ? r.«n barxjs ol \f. Karat Sotxl Gokl ygmfy husband and «i(e . . . a lusiroos synthetic Mooe of Ihe month marVs the birthday of each of her children. CHAIUJK IT: NO INTKKKST OR CARRYING (11ARGF-S . .,-.«<•«•• eeg KRKKI'OKT I_\KK JACK.SUN ANGLETON Make it a present with a future. SAVE Get this saving on the Golden Touch A Sew* machine in a handsome Bakersfield desk. Give the machine that gives her One Touch Sewing and the Singer exclusive Push-Button Bobbin. She'll sew a future-full of clothes for all the family... to say nothing of beautiful things for all through the house! And the Bakersfield will be an enduring contemporary accent to your home ... and a useful one as well! Let your family grow with Singer. Start this Christmas. 5 IT One touch switches Choose trom nine Easy decorative sntches One touch starts a stitches Irom straight to stretch stitches-mofe to make the things smooth, even button- zig-zag to decorative. than any other machine, she sews even prettier, hole... any size! FREE GIFT WRAP TO MAKE THAT PART OF CHRISTMAS SEW-EASY, TQQl FREE INSTRUCTIONS ON USE OF THE MACHINE. SINGER PHONE 297-54S1 ifOST VILLACt k ol THE SINGER CQkiPAHV

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