Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 5, 1971 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 5, 1971
Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph Tuesday, January 5, 1971 Nixon enjoys fireside policy interview By CYNTHIA LOWRY Associated Press Writer NEW YORK (AP) — President Nixon seemed to enjoy questions about policy and about actions taken or contemplated more than those concerning philosophy during h i s televised interview Monday night. Howard K. Smith of ABC, FORECAS'I National picture Rain is forecast Tuesday for the SonUi, from North Carolina to Texas. Snow flurries are expected along the Great Lakes and in New Mexico. The rest of the nation will have sunny but rather cold weather. (AP Wirephoto Map) Olin sets U. S. contract WASHINGTON (UPI) The Olin Corp. plant near Marion, 111., has received a $6.9 million defense contract that is expected to ease tight job conditions in the area. Rep. Kenneth J. Gray, D- 111., said Monday the contract between Olin's Ordill plant and the Department of the Army will involve production of metal parts for 297,400 projectiles. Olin had been forced to lay off several hundred employes because of cutbacks in defense spending. The plant reached a peak employment of 1,000 workers last August. A company spokesman said the contract will "help our position," but said it. is too soon to determine how many workers will be recalled. Area weather ALTON and vicinity — Mostly sunny and cold today with high around 20. Clear to partly cloudy and continued cold tonight and Wednesday, Low tonight around 5 above zero. High Wednesday in the upper teens. In and out of area hospitals St. Joseph's ADMISSIONS Mrs. Leola Adair, South Roxana Matthew Booher, Ert- wardsville Mrs. Ethel Bazzell, East Alton Mrs. Margaret Davis, Fd- wardsville Raymond Herrin, Bethalto Christopher Lofts, Brighton Horace Morris, East Alton James Ohley, 607 Blair St. Mrs. Betty Park, Godfrey Miss Carol Vancil, East Alton Mrs. Joanne Reeder, Wood River Miss Esther Rodgers, 29 Maurice Street Richard Seymour, Jerseyville Mrs. Georgia Hoskin, 943 Oakwood Ave. Mrs. Ruth Kleltc, Edwardsville Gerald Leonard, Godfrey Mrs. Mamie Chitwood, R. K. No. 1 Box 327 Mrs. Jane Jolmson, 221) E. fith St. L ee Davis, 1127 Highland Mrs. Maxine Ingram, 245 Madison DISMISSALS Mrs. Betty Louise Baker, Bethalto Terry Barnelt, Shipman Mrs. Bonnie Cleary, 2412 S anford Mrs. Sharon Madrey, Cottage Hills Mrs. Rhonda Parrish, 1(142 Clawson Miss Jodie Pickerill, Bunker Hill Mrs. Callie Rubenstein, 2113 Fernwood Place Rickey Shaw, 910 W. Dclmar Mrs. Sharon Woodring, Jerseyville Mrs. Hose Fryc, 20!li Mulberry Michael Kent, 210 Dooley Dr. Miss Renee Maleyka, Ecl- wardsville Miss Veronica Partridge, East Alton Lawrence Stivers, East Alton Alton Memorial ADMISSIONS Yvetle Warren, 4000 Aberdeen Mrs. Blanche Cope, I1H48 Western John Hartley, Godfrey John Downing, Villa Terriace, New Hampshire Kathryn Agney, 307 Hrookside Nanci Agney, 307 Brookside Donald Harrison, Wood River Vern Van Hoy, 2466 Sylvan Lane Beth Ross, Godfrey Paul Smith, Wood River Matthew Mulvill, East Alton Darrell Tilsworth, Bethallo Jason Richardson, 3010 Edgewood Steven Trimm, Brighton Kevin Hausman, 1227 Diamond Mrs. Shirley Woods, Edwardsville Wilbur Wonnacott, Godfrey Edsel Baldwin, East Alton Mrs. Blanche Lamb, 3310 Sherman Daniel Courtouise, Moro Karen Hcaly, Cottage Hills Melvin Kuhn, Ittc. 1 Allen Smilhce, Godfrey Mrs. Bessie McCarty, 420 Mather Earl Robert. Lane, Wood River Mrs. Glenna Lower, Wood River Timothy Price, 1025 College Sharon Moore, Wood River Hugh McQuiggan, 1815 Sycamore DISMISSALS Mrs. Julia Lince, Wood River Mrs. Janet Kanning, Moro Mrs. Candis Ellison, 511-A Winkler Mrs. Maureen Bronslcin, Wood River Mrs. Belly Huntsman, 18 E. Elm St. Thomas Johnson, S. Roxana Clara Talbert, Graflon Walter Egelhoff, Piasa Richard Kellcy, Godfrey Robe r I Boucheric, Wood River William Palmer, Wood River Mrs. Margaret Leaclicker, Godfrey D a v id Thompson, 3505 Humbert Rd. John Lowe, 3705 Humbert Rd. Hadena Tile, Wood River Kenneth Ellison, 511A Winkler J e f f e r .s o n Bricker, 2820 Viewland Kevin Halleman, 2820 Viewland Si. Anthony's ADMISSIONS Goacher Sr., East Darrell Alton Ray llendricks, Godfrey Henderson Ward, 2386 Lincoln Donald Freylag, Cottage Hills Veronica Partrhlge, East Alton Mrs. Helen Pilger, Bclhalto Mrs. Mildred Silveus, East Alton Hob Newell, Cottage Hills Hugo Schmidt, Hie. 1 Mrs. .Jurtilh Marshall, Godfrey liudolph Davis, 1130 Harrison Arnold McCk-llan, Wood River Paula Davis, 350'JGillham Mrs. Lucy Wh>le, 412 Rosier Charles Freeman, Godfrey M r s . Pauline Hoffman, Godfrey Mrs. llattie Painter, 2315 Main Mrs. Marie Futhcy, 920 A. East 7th Diane Caldwell, 3152 Lawn .lames Price, 1030 East Broadway Clayton Bond, East Alton Mrs. Irene Tinsley, 2811 Residence Dawn Schwaab, Rtc. 1 Mrs. Lucille Brownlec, 2441 Eric Sevareid of CBS. John Chancellor of NRC and Nancy Dickerson of the. Public Broadcasting Corporation posed questions ranging from the nation's economy and those seeking the President's own evaluations of his successes and disappointments. His answers were prompt and. most often, precise. * * The format of the program—four well-prepared reporters asking questions, including some tough ones, ahd adequate time for answers—is probably the most satisfactory so far evolved, from the standpoint of the viewer. Audrey Meadows, whose * * TV LOG KTVI (ABC) 2, KMOX (CBS) 4, KSD (NBC) 5, KETC 9. KPLR 11, KDNL M Mrs. Cynthia Grove, Godfrey Wood River Township ADMISSIONS Steven Smilh, East Alton Robert Forakcr, South Roxana Mrs. Verna Fenton, Hartford Miss Roxanne Hull, Bunker Hill Nancy Bull, South Roxana Jacqueline Bull, South Roxana Mrs. Ona Schiber, Hartford Miss Mary Frazier, 10 Marguerite Christine Belden, 407 State St. Mrs Donna Proctor, East Alton Mrs. Opal Taylor, Bethallo M rs . Carolyn Kuehnel, Hartford DISMISSALS Larry Stewart, East Alton Tricia Carncll, Hartford Mrs. Mildred Dodd, Granite City Mrs. Ada Seynhoven, 0704 First St. Miss Rada Newell, East. Allon Mrs. Margaret. Busier, Hartford Paul Walker, East Alton Mrs. Jamie Denlon, Hartford Jersey Community ADMISSIONS Christine Sage/, Hardin Helen Frankc, Batchtown Carl Schneider, Jerseyville Fred Jacobs, Golden Eagle Susan De Jayncs, Pearl Beulah 01 (well, Pearl DISMISSALS Laura Miller, Jerseyville Roberta Egelhoff, Jerseyville Barbara Marshall, Shipman Raymond Titus, Batchtown Genevicvc Cleary, Jerseyville Boyd Memorial ADMISSIONS Becky Story, Carrollton Mrs. Lilly Mayberry, Kane Mrs. Mary Bramley, Heltick Ralph Hoyel, Wrights Clelis I ledger, Ciirrollton DISMISSALS Willard Smith, Rockbridge Debra Williams, Kane Audrey Dul'fey, Carrollton Mrs. ' Nellie Roberts, Carrollton Freeman Fisher, Pearl Mrs. Mary Linn, Carrollton Anita Evering, Fieldon George Ball/, Carrollton TUESDAY EVENING 6:00—2 4 5 News 9 Busy Kwitter 11 Dick Van Dyke 30 Ministers 6:30—2 Mod .Squad 4 Beverly Hillbillies 5 Don Knolls 9 TV Typing 11 Truth or Consequences 30 Flying Nun 7:00—4 Green Acres 9 Basic Issues of Man 11 Big Valley 30 Wild Wild West 7:30-2 Movie (C) 4 Hoc Haw r> JiOia 9 Antiques 8:00-5 Me vie (C) 9 The Advocates II Wagon Train 30 Movie 8:30—4 To Rome wilh Love 9:00—2 Marcus Welby 4 CBS News Hour 9 Hollywood Television Theater 11 Perry Mason 10:00—2 4 5 News 9 Yoga for Everyone 11 Alfred Hitchcock 30 Movie 10:30—2 Movie (C) 4 Merv Griffin 5 Johnny Carson 9 Campus Showcase 11 Movie (C) MOVIES TUESDAY EVE. 1:00— 11— "Monkey Busi- 7:30—2—"Alias Smith and Jones" (1970) (C) Peter Duel (in,")2) Marilyn Monroe, Cary Grant H:00—.'(0— -Don't Knock The Twist" (19fi6) Vic Dana, Chubby Checkers 3:00—2—'"These Wilder Years" (Iflofi) Barbara Stanwyck, James Cagncy in:nn—30—"The Burglar" (Ifl. r >7) Jayne Mansfield, Dan Duryea 8:00—30—"Her Twelve Men" (1954) (C) Greer Garson, Robert Ryan 10:00—30—"Beach Cassanova" (1964) (C) Capucine, Curt Jurgens 11—"Pony Soldier" (1952) (C)' Cameron Mitchell, Tyrone Pow- 10:30—2—"Asylum for Spy" (1967) (C) Felicia Farr, Robert 12:00—4—"The Young Mr. Pitt" (19—) Robert Donat. Robert Morley WEDNESDAY 9: 12:00—4—"Black Horse Canyon" (1954) (C) Mari Blanchard, Joel McCrea -2—"Fluffy (C) Shirley Tony Randall acid style was' completely wasted Monday night in a dreary Red Skelton program, many seasons back complained wryly about the habit of television casting directors to hunt furiously for "an Audrey Meadows type" for an upcoming show but never think to approach Audrey .i Four in One 9 Film Appreciation 9:30—9 Performance Reviews 4 5 News Forty-Five Years with FHzpatrick 11 SPECIAL: St. Louis Blues Hockey Movie Movie (C) Meive Griffin Johnny Carson Grand Master Chess Glimpses Epworth Chapel Choir Dick Cavett Movie (C) News Stump the Stars 11 News/Devotional 1:00—a Weather 1:30—2 News/Sports/Religion 11 Sea Hunt 1:50—4 News/Religion 2:00—11 News/Devotional Meadows about the part. Some habits don't change: Sandy Dennis, one of the theater's brightest young performers, complained unhappily about the same thing recently. "I hear about 'Sandy Dennis roles'." she said, "but I really get very few calls from Hollywood." Under such procedures, it appears that somebody connected with NBC's "The Name of the Game" recently scored a creative coup when Gina Lollobrigida. signed for a guest role in the episode to be broadcast next Friday night, was unable to fill the commitment. Instead of looking around wildly for a Gina Lollobrigida type, the producer sighed Geraldine Page to play the title role in "A Sister from Napoli." Miss Page, three- time Oscar nominee, two-time The Telegraph cannot always publish last-minute changes made by the television stations. Steve Helens, Wood Ilivcr DISMISSALS Mrs. Adele Chalk, Sanl'ord Walter Oil well, South Koxana Mrs. Kmma Wilson, 417 Prospect Jack Tague, Wood River Mrs. Joce Woxniuk, Godfrey James Clark, Cottage Hills Hev. John McDonald, Collage Hills VEC NEWS QUIZ ANSWERS PART I: 1-L. Mendel liivers; 2-b; 3-c; 4-high; 5-voluntary PART II: 1-c; 8-d; 3-e; 4-b; 5-a PART III: 1-b; 2-a; 3-d; 4-e; 5-c SYMBOL QUIZ: X-E; 3-1; 8-H; 4-A; 5-C; 6-G; 7-B; 8-D; 9-J; 10-F CHALLENGE: Alan Shepard, Edgar Mitchell, Stuart Roosa Si. Joseph's (Highland) ADMISSIONS Mrs. Clcsta Gartner, Kd- wardsville Miss Kay Kinuinoc, lite. 7, Kdwardsville Thomas O'Laughlin, Hte. 4, Kdwardsvilol Mrs. Klla Ulsomer, Madison County Nursing Home, I0d- wardsville DISMISSALS Mrs. Anna Gregor, Edwardsville Lenucl Southard, Hie. 6, Kdwardsville Mrs. Moreen K/.ell, Glen Carbon CarliiivUle Area ADMISSIONS Mayme Watson, (lillespie Fred Harrison, Bunker Hill Margaret Cook, Henld Hoy Yard, Carlinville Wayne Warner, South Slan- dard DISMISSALS Hichard Bowman, Palmyra Paul Karr, Carlinville Marilyn Sehulze, Carlinville Wood River annexes six acres Wood River City councilmen Monday night finalized annexation of a six-acre site east of the oily. The area contains some 14 homes. The land is surrounded by areas already in the city. The annexed section, which was first, approved at the council's Dec. 21 meeting and passed on second reading this week, includes an area bounded generally by Miland on the north, Edwardsville Road on the South, Wilson Street on the east and by 1,'ilh Street to (lie west. City Manager Ron Sands said a public hearing on the annexation Dec. 2 drew no negative response from residents of the affected area. In other routine business Monday, the council paid Lopinot & Weber, Inc., project engineers for the St. Louis lload improvement, $93(i.4(i for their final work on the road. Sands said the work is "100 per cent (finished) as far as the stale's concerned." State approval of the project was necessary because motor fuel lax funds were involved. An emergency replacement o I'lhe citv hall furnace was also approved by the council. Kane Plumbing & Heating was paid $1,1)50 for the new unit. Sands said lite city has authority to make emergency expenditures without bid. Crime clown in Bethalto, chief says 11:00—9 Soldan High Choir 12:00—2 Dick Cavett 4 Movie (C) 5 News 12:20—11 Sea Hunt 12:30—5 Stump the Stars 12:50—11 NtAvs/Devotional 1:00—5 Weather 1:30—2 News/Sports/Religion 2:00—4 News/Religion Wednesday January 6 BETHALTO — Police Chiof Lewis Drieth Monday nighl told the Village board there had been a 40 per cent decrease in crimes in Bethalto the past year. There were 174 crimes in 190!) and only 105 in 1970, he said. 1) r i e I h attributed tlu 1 decrease lo an efficient police force and "100 per cent support from the village government, in acquiring crime deterrent equipment. T h e fire department's yearly report for 1970 showed 80 calls were answered, 50 in the village a ml 30 in the surrounding area. Loss in the village was estimated at $17,775. Damage in out of town calls was estimated $93,500 which, according to William R inhering, fire chief, was due to the distance and the often late reports the department received. 5:45—4 Religion/News 6:00—4 Sunrise Semester 6:30—2 Thought for Today 4 P.S. 4 b Focus—Your World 6:35—2 Farm Report 6:40—2 Newsbreak 6:45—2 Lone Ranger 7:00—4 CBS News 5 Today 7:15—2 Fury 7:45—2 Cartoons 8:00—4 Capt. Kangaroo 11 Underdog 8:10—9 Driver Ed 8:15—2 Romper Room 8:30—11 Cartoons 8:40—9 Constitution 9:00—2 Movie (C) 4 Lucy Show 5 Dinah's Place 9 Readiness 9:15—9 —ITA Readiness 9:15—30 Financial Observer 9:30—4 Beverly Hillbillies 5 Concentration 11 Jack Lalanne 9:35—9 Art Appreciation 9:55—9 Logope.dics 10:00—4 Family Affair 5 Sale of the Century 11 The Game Game 10:10—9 Science 10:30—4 Love of Life 5 Hollywood Squares 9 Geography 11 That Girl 10:50—9 Science 11:00-2 Bewitched 4 Where the Heart Is 5 Jeopardy 11 To Tell the Truth 11:05—9 Science 11:25-4 CBS News 9 Conversation 11:30-2 A World Apart 4 Search for Tomorrow 5 The Who What Where Game 11 What's My Line 11:55-9 Men of Destiny Noou-2 All My Children 4 My Favorite Martian 5 11 News 9 Sesame Street 12:30-2 Let's Make a Deal 4 As tho World Turns 5 Words and Music 11 Galloping Goumet 1:00—2 Newlywed Game 4 Love Is A Many Splendored Thing 5 Days of Our Lives 9 ITA Readiness 11 Movie 1:20—9 Vowels 1:30—2 Dating Game 4 Guiding Light 5 .The Doctors 1:35—9 Science 2.00—2 General Hospital 4 Secret Storm 5 Another World Bay City 2:30—2 One Life To Live 4 Edge of Night 5 Movie Game 9 Black Studies 3:00—2 Movie 4 Gomer Pyle 5 Another World—Somerset 9 Journalism 30 Mr. Patches 3:15-9 Art 3:30—4 Mike Douglas 5 Stump the Stars 9 Making Things Grow 11 Flinlslones 4:00—5 Virginia Graham 9 Sesame Slreel 11 Gilligan's Island 30 Ultraman 4:30—11 Flipper 30 Lost in Space 5:00—2 Daniel Boone 4 5 News 9 Mister Roger's Neighborhood 11 Leave it to Beaver 5:25—30 Trick or Treat 5:30—4 5 News 9 What's New 11 I Love Lucy 30 Balman WEDNESDAY EVENING 6:00—2 4 5 News 9 Black Frontier 11 Dick Van Dyke .10 Ministers G:.?0—2— 'Ihe Courtship of Eddie's Father 4 SPECIAL: Cinderella 5 Men from Shilo 9 About Ceramics 11 Truth or Consequences 30 Flying Nun 7:00-2 Make Room for Grandaddy 9 French Chef 11 Big Valley 30 Wild Wild West 7:30—2 Room 222 4 Governor and J. J. 9 The Great American Dream Machine 8:00—2 Johnny Cash 4 Medical Center 5 Music Hall 11 Movie (C) 30 Movie !):()Q—2 Dan August 4 Hawaii Five-0 IHEEQDElIlD UNCf t93r 'OR YOUR PAMttY OINfW FOSTERBURG ROAD ALTON, ILLINOIS FEATURING: •fc FRIED CHICKEN •£ STEAKS * GENUINE ITALIAN FOODS • SEA FOODS Ph. 462-4G20 For Curry-Out Orders OPEN DAILY AT 5 P.M. SUNDAY 12 NOON (Closed Mondays) AMERICA'S LARGEST FAMILY CLOTHING CHAIN OPEN 6:80 Kmmy winner ami a brilliant adornment of the Broadway stage, is by any standard a most unlikely substitute for Miss Lollobrigida. '•Actually, it turned out th. be a delightful and rewarding experience." said Miss Page, still amazed and safely back home in New York. "It was all very unexpected because these days they don't use New York actors very much, "robably they don't need to because so many New York actors have moved lo the coast where there is more work. Besides, it gave me a chance to play comedy—and every actress loves to play a nun." Before the episode was completed, Miss Page was even playing a second role— the nun's sister, whose death u n d c r questionable circumstances forms the basis of the plot. AIRPORT RESTAURANT Route 111, Between Airline Drive & Route 140 Family Style Chicken Wednesday Night Sen ing from 4:00 - 7:00 p.m. Regular Menu Also Available AIRPORT RESTAURANT GOOD WEDNESDAY ONLY 51 c OFF-THRIFT (UP THIS COHPOX 9 PIECES KENTUCKY FJUED CHICKEN BEG. 2.40 VALUE AVAILABLE AT ALL 3 LOCATIONS fried MORE!" SCHNUCKS TWIN PACK POTATO CHIPS BETTENDORF MARKETS MOVIE RATINGS These ratings apply to tttia* RELEASED after NOV. i, iws THIS I SEAL III ads Indicates the film wai submitted and approved under the Motion Picture Cod* Of Self-Regulation E3 ALL AGES _ ADMITTED Genera! Audiences RESTRICTED Under 17 require! accompanying Parent or Adult Guardian NO ONi UNDER 17 ADMITTED GP ALL AGES ADMITTED Parental Guidance Suggested FOREIGN-IMPORY Not Rated By The Motion Picture Coda NOT RATED Th'n picture was released prior to Nov. I, 1968 and thus wa» not rated by the Motion Picture Code of Self-Regulation. Printed as a public service by ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH TONITE—ENDS THURS, SHOWN 7:10, «:10 IT'S A FUNNY MOVIE! GIG YOUNG AI1D OTHER nRAAGCRJ COLOR IMID-AMERICA THEATRES |"THEU.S. * HELD OVER 2ND WEEK! * CUSTOMS BUREAU ^-X\ BARRED IT AS OBSCENE! READERS FOUND IT .^^j^ -^ N3 SHOCKING AND SCANDALOUS! AND NOW, FOR / ANYONE „/. OVER 17, " IT IS A &*WB$@ffi& MOVIE!" ./MB&&& Tiur MAAATINr ^ ^ r ™™ un .?ttiuRispas[Nis HENRY MILLER'S • Staimi & rftKninUUHi r MUIUJ r ntjvm j 11^11111 nn».-.—i» »- Tfopic OfCni\cef DAVID BAUIR PHUBKOVffl UtU DURSIVN IAM[S CAIUHAN lAUKNCUICMRlS (1:30 _ SHOWN 7 & !) 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T SCREEN! iHWADE WJWEMCE-ABDOCTQilOjS >Tjr HOT 3-D-real monsters ALIVE! iithe audience/ MOMf 01 J WEIRD , \ BEAUTIES I 1 AND TEENAGE PSYCHO MEETS g^T* -'rui-r; «vl - rJv' !vwe DARtyou \ INVADE YOUR CAR/d GRAND & WILDEY STARTS FRIDAY "Trail of The Hunters" —PLUS "DEVIL'S HAND" afr 8:05 "G"_

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