The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 8, 1916 · Page 1
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 1

Chillicothe, Missouri
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Wednesday, November 8, 1916
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The Chillicothe Constfc VOLUME - - ·· - Pages No. 302. £:' --:.^ 0 ; - - · CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI, WEDNESDAY, NOV. 8,1916. OF T6 '--siii ... i; SENATOR MS A. REED HAS DEFI/P DICKEY; GftRiER-IMM RACE IS VERY «E DtMTOAISELfCI - - - ' ' ~ . / - , "PEESipENT WILSON'S SE-ELECTION IS ASSURED. REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT HE CARRIES MINNESOTA AND CALIFORNIA, BUT HE WILL CARRY BOTH OF THESE," WAS THE ·DECLARATION OF VANCE McCORMICK MISSOURI GOES TO WILSON BY 25,000 VOTES Solid South, West and Middle West Go Strong for the President--States That Were Reported Doubtful During Early Returns Have Reported Favorable Majorities For Wilson--Prohibition Am endment Seems to Have Been Defeated by From 20,000 to 30,000. nia., Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico and Oregon. California's 13 or Minnesota's 12 votes means victory for Wilson. If he carries the others, his election is assured beyond a doubt. In the hour before noon North k-ota reports justified placing 'the democratic list and at 11-.45 the j state republican com-mittee of the · state conceded Wyoming: to Wilson. BIG FIRE MltS Republican Claims Are Faulty. f l l y Vnlteil York, Nov. . crati| s ,N'ati° na t Chairman Mc- CovmSk disputed at 2 o'clock Note to Editor--At this hour the re-election of President "Wilson seems a fore-gone conclusion, but it is not an actual certainty until the returns are in complete. The United Press cannot flash a choice until that moment. We send tins note for your information and .abidance. Mo. Safe For Reed and Wilson. St. Louis* "Nov. 8.--Returns ' from 2518 precincts in Missouri ^ gave Wilson 285,913; Hughes , Qf a telegTam from E . E. Tuck- 270,531- This is practically two ei . Q ^. y x - es £ Virginia elaimin ARTS BtHMING STROinEt). DTS- Ijibrary of 5,OOO Volumes Consumed --Students Form Volunteer Brigade to Figut Flames Camleron. Mo., ("Br Unite Kansas City, Mo^, Nov. 8.--Witt. .29 counties not heard from, but partial or com-piete returns from the re-| ~-~~, ~~., r .j-.. -. ~...~ --.~ mainder, Lamm was leading Gardner)era! Arts -building ifthe main strue- jn Missouri 4 , 0 0 0 at. 10:30 o'clocK jture at Missouri ·"'---· "-" today, (here ,was entirely The outstanding counties' in 1908 [Tuesday morning,. .were carried by Bryan over Taft byj;at between $60,000. and $65,000, 77. This indicates that the Lamm-('partly covered 'by insurance. In ad- G'ardner contest wou^d go t 0 the fin-jdition the college library, containing isli as a toss-up, slightly favoring! a valuable collection of .books, w a s j g o o j n «ws from Texas and the Solid Lamm. In a majority of the country Consumed, districts Lamm led fhis party vote. 8.--The Lib- yesleyan College Destroyed by Ore Fhe loss is .placed F. W. ASHBY HAD liABGEST MA- JOBITV, 239. .Tames J. Brovm Was Elected Sheriff Over Grant Bowen aiwl'S. T. Buckley--The Vote. Never in the history of the nation. | was there greater interest manifest in a presidential election. The women are calling over the phone in large numbers, as well as their husbarais, anxious to know the result. -The race that demanded the most inquiry was -on President. The Wilson people without exception are heart and' soul for the President and they ar*"dumfounded" to learn that any of the states could so forget themselves^ as to show Iriendsliip for Hughes, j' But the word came rumbling d o w n ' the line that Hughes was carrying New York and Illinois, etc.--the democrats just couldn't understand how it happened and the republicans would shout their heads off. But the re out in its heroism, and in its martyrdom, the =t-.t Tr 9querablecharacteristicsofthepatriot -State Trf That Jame spirit toas ma^est today, as tt 569; Thompson -red and fifty year* ago. The call to arm* '..Attorney GeneraP^ESS hassounded, has proven that 5SI; Mason 2428. J"*"SSSSS Judge, Supreme . .Court--iiv. If--' ' Wood-son 2573; Johnson 2421. " .Jndge : ySupreme Court, .Div. 2.-Williams 7 26 8 6; Higbee 2467. Judge K. C. CoWt Appeals-; Bland 25§7;: ; Landon 24l9. ... . For cpngress, / 1second DIs.-- : Ruck- .er 2648'; Pickett 2344. ., ' Judge Thirty-Sixth Judicial Circuit -Leopard 2088; Davis 2922. Representative -- Kissick 2461, Smiley 2556. Judge Eastern DIs---Alexander^1.. 465; Be'at 1533. For Judge .Western Dis.--McCarthy 014; Snodgrass 924. Prosecuting Attorney--Ashby 2613 Chapman 2374. Sheriff--Brown 2363; Bowen 210? Buckley 526. Treasurer--McBride 2 4 2 4 ; Reynolds 2568. Surveyor--Broaddus 2575; Axon 2421. Public Administrator--Llttrell 2,509; Graham 2,494. Cbronep--Orirdner 2521; Russell 2495. democrats begun to have the best end'of the shouting because of the while Gardner fell behind. The board of trustees of the col- ilege neld a meeting this forenoon The contest in Missouri is of suchj'and decided that the building would a nature that the absentee vote may The replaced at once. It also decided decide the contest. A very conserva-i that school -would be continued. The was Ohio g DeniO-i t i v 6 estimate of the absentee vote which will be mailed to the 'home residence o£ the voter before the official count is ma,de, is 5,000. ..", , I - , I ; O O T ! Dickey, republican nominee a 1 1 e v no o 11 republican ZL t " Sm , tm . *,,,,* t.h« for claims that Minnesota,- West Virginia,, New Hampshire .and California had prone for Hughes. (United States Senator, took the lead I South, which kept tiioni keyed up the proper notch; then there sanwiched in the report that had gone democratic, lolowed by on= state after another in conspicuous order until the democrats had become so intoxicated with enthii's- 'sessions will be resumed tomorrow, ^ iuo ^ ^^ __ 'and classes will be distributed in the | j asnl (that's all) that they couldn't 'smaller college buildings. - · · · - - - - * The fire, supposedly due to defective wiring, was the most spectacu- ular in the history of Cameron. It contain themselves--they gave vent to their hilarious feelings in almost riotous proportions. While the democratic temperature was at white ed a telegram frpm National Committeeman Fred B. Lynch of Minnesota, stating that'll in nesota was for Wilson. He also said that he was in receipt U l l t L e t i O L t L L t i S l 3 C A l t L l . U l , L U U H L L I C I G t l u t l l £ l l U^ L U C l l i O l - W l J VI. u d u l t l v n - ~ i. , (J££JltlC t^tU-PeTa L UT 6 W ilti tl-L \ T » l i l . w over Senator Reed, democratic can. I was discovered by a young woman! n - cat y^ republicans temperature was elidate for re-election when all ex- student in the dormitory which ad- ·· - - -- · * »-iiTM« cept four of the precincts of St. Louis I joined the building. She gave the were in. Reed's vote in 2072 pre-j alarm, and it was found that the fire cincts was 258,532 and Dliclcey |had gained great headway. In a few 258,860. This, (however, did not in. i minutes the building was a mass of the Kansas City vote i flames. The Cameron fire department elude all of which is favorable to Reed. ' (By responded promptly, but poor water pressure handicapped the firemen at first. A volxinteer brigade compris.. San Francisco, Cal., Nov. S.--With . ag s |_ u dents and townspeople was or- t K r . » l l . l T ! ' r t f - ( V i a ^ S 7 0 n r P P i T i r . l - . i l . . . . . . . 1 _ i ,.,!· ,-* ..,.* r. nf\* l l T l t l l , thirds of the Missouri" vote. "^SST'precmcts gave G-ardner S68J639' and Lamm 271,793. epublican, 265,260 CF""- that state for \Vilspn. tHy, 1/nlteil fi-^ww.1 Kans-as City, Mo., Nov. 8.--Kansas City batted booze and so did the entire Jackson county in tne most re_ . . - I tire jacivson cuun\.y n in 9 9 44 precincts while l xeecl - j r , la rka.ble dry victory democrat, gets 277,736. Li all, - · Missouri has 3,459 precincts. Absoltely Re-elected. the state. Nine of the 16 wards ol the city went dry and 200 precincts went wet less than 100 votes. more than half of Che 5,870 precincts in California heard from, Wilson and Hughes were running neck atid neck in the presidential race. Returns from 3,003 precincts, some i of_whoni have, reported only partial '·returns, gave Hug-tres- 2-18,-84-1 and Wilson 217,885. These returns include 560 precincts from Los AngeJes county where Hughes evidently swept the county precincts of San. Francisco up a wet majority more than 1 0 0 , 0 0 0 _ 431 precincts out- of Reports f r o m 500 gave th ill-* UoU*U lrre»».» -* O J - K*^"'"--' - - - - · " W 4,V NOV 8--At 3:151 wets 119,417 and the drys 10,250. WeW lork, rs« · | Only few country counties have re- o'clock this afternoon,Demo- j por ; ed thus far . craticNational Committee chair' · - ~ '" Reports from Caldwell county, for ganized at once, but it was not until well after daylight that the fire was placed under control. About 3 o'clock it seemed certain that the fire would spread to the women's .dozniitofjj., . and the building was cleared 'of occupants and their effects. About 150 women students resided .in the dormitory, and they spent the remainder of the night on the college -campus guarding their personal effects. The quarters ot ·president H_ D. DeBra at one wing, of the dormitory was badly scorched and it was necessary to remove all ot his personal effects. The Liberal Arts building was the .finest of the college group. It was 'erected in 1905 at a cost of more win of the Republican committee, | than ?55,000. It was modern in every "Wilson has carried Oregon. No | reapect . it contained ttte cjollege and county where Wilson is leadin Portland, Ore., Nov. 8.--Republi- 511U W e t l c a L i i r t U - - ' - v v v u t ^ j . ^ . ^ . , , Oh the other band, St. Louis piled cans claim Oregon by 10,000 and the estimated a t : democrats claim it by 15,000 at 8 : 2 a I o'clock today. "We feel that Hughes will win by a close margin," said Secretary Bald- correspondingly low, said republican temperature being still low as we pen these lines and the democrats pray, ing that the Wilson dope may continue to occupy the front page in the ballheaded row and that the great peace president will continue to di- for rect the destinies of the nation another four years. One of the interesting features of the local campaign was the candidacy of S. T. Buckley, independent candidate for sheriff, who received B 526 votes as the dry candidate. The LINER ARABIA SUNK BYAJUBMARINE BT United PrelMi.) London, Nov. 8.--The Peninsular and Orietntal liner AraWa was sunk by a submarine torpedo without warning, the British admiralty announced today. Tw 0 lives were lost when the vessel went down. The Arabia was torpedoed 'Monday afternoon in the Mediterranean, the admiralty statement said. the Arabia carried 437 passengers the statement said. They Included 160 women and children. The passengers were picked up by various vessels which hurried to the scene and so-far as is known only two persons perished. PASSED^ WED- 1 " Was Presiding 'Judge of County Court When NeW Courthouse Was i%I! · Built--Funeral Thursday. . \ F. K_ Thompson died at his home on South Washington str.eet Wednesday morning at 9 o'clock., of pneumonia and Keart trouble. The''fiin:' . eral will be held "from'thei Elm ."street Methodist church Thursday after; noon at 2:30 o'clock,' Revs. Mapel , and Rixey conducting the "services. ;: Interment will be In Edgewood cem-' : . etery; Thirteen days ago Judge Thompson i; was taken ill. His condition -was-not' considered of a serious nature until' one weeks ago Sunday when his illness became, alarming Since that ; timer' be gradually grew, worse and-; .for. the past two or three days all. hopes of liis recovery were abandoned. His wife was a constant companion during his illness and everything was'done.-to make him as comfortable as possible. He realizedithat./ his illness was fatal and he told his family and friends he was ready.' . Fountain King Thompson was born In Barren county, Ky., Sept. 1,. 1849 and came to this county with his wet and dry sentimen. in the county was a very "material factor- in. the' selection of the local candidates. One of the surprises of tbe campaign was the "defeat of Garrett McBride by J- H. Reynolds for county treasurer. However as it frequently occurs in elections, various things entered into the success or defeat oS the various candidates which cannot be accounted for, among them being the cause ot. Frederick D. Gardner, democratic candidate for governor, running behind his ticket. The democrats have been very confident that Mr Gardner would get a vote_ little The Arabia was last reported on its way to London from Sydney, ·South Wales. She sailed from Adelaide October 5th. The Arabia was a twin screw steamer of 793'3 ton with 499 foot length and a 54 foot beam. Altho the facts of the Arabia's doubt about it," declared Chairman j i ecturo room s, jtiiaTthe county had gone'dry a b o u t ! The counting is progressing slowly. I tajned m o r e than 5,000 volumes. man, McCornrick, stated that _ President Wilson was absolute- 6 to i. i n 1010 it went dry only s rresiaeiiu * to 2 If the other country COU nties. ly re-elected. example, without giving figures, said j White of- the Democratic committee asium ana .ntainea un» TMU BS .-- r _ offices, chapel, gym- j short of President Wilson in M.ssou- IS, OlLLCeS, CUiiptsi, 6J"" i-**"· v ~~ the librarv which con-1 ri, while he .is running neck and neck l ' J l c l ' 1 . . . _ . *. j t v*n.-n m a v nA sinking .were'knqwn in London early yesterday," censors would not permit 'the publication of them, it being nre- sumed that the government might be trying to Influence or sway the American presidential election. Officials hinted that they wanted to eliminate any possible chance of effecting yesterday's balloting in America and it Is thought that the censor's orders were given with this in mind. Prayer Meeting;; Every member of the Christian church is urged to attend the prayer meeting in his ward tonight, as fol- .lather, Nathan Thompson, settling bn a farm near this city. He resided there until a few years ago. when 'he moved to this city. He was " one of Livingston county's most prominent farmers and stock raisers He served Livingston county, in the State legislature for one term. p He was elected -presiding judge' ot ] the county court ; six years ago and , it was during his administration that Livingston county's new $100,000" courthouse was constructed. Judge Thompson united with the' Methodist church when a boy and lived a Christian life. He was a great church and Sunday school worker. He- was a man that had a world of friends who will greatly miss him. The widow and one daughter. Miss Garnet, survives, with the following sisters: Mrs. Sophia Price, Ky., Mrs. Pitt TbioinpBon..-Ky.. Mrs. Wm.,.Me'r-, rill and Mrs. Farm Kester, Chlitl. cothe and one brother, Elliott W. Thompson of Seymour, la.. The deceased "was an uncle of N. L». Thompson, city letter carrier. They cannot beat him by any combination," he said. -He is certain of election whether he carries the states of California and Minnesota or not, but he vrill caury both ot these. All their reports are favorable." World Concedes to Wilson. 1 B » United l're»»- New York, Nov. 8--The JSevr ( --.---'- ma . or . ty So lt can be York World, a democratic P a -| seen how £as t the previous wet to 2. If the go dry on this basis, Missouri may find herself surprised at the outcome of the entire state vote. Only a guess could be made today at the state vote outside the cities because of the lack of returns. 'St. Louis brewery interests claimed that the state had gone wet by from 50,000 to 70,000. These figures, also, are largely based on estimates. The wet headquarters issued a statement that there was absolutely no chancs of the state going dry because of the tremendous wet majority in St. Louis. In 1910 Missouri went wet .by 216,000, St Louis contributing 125,- fB? United Preen.) Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. S.---For congressman, Victor L. Burger and state senatorJW. H. Gayllrd, socialist congressional candidates m the .5th and 4tli districts respectively, are running neck and neck against their democratic and republican opponents Socialists claim their election together with the election of Win. field Seabel, socialist candidate for district attorney. The Milwaukee Sentinel, republi- *can, today conceded that the socil T ists are certain to elect two o f ' t h e four sena'tors in Milwauke and sis out of, ten assembly districts. j The.destruction of the buil'din-g is .egarded as a calamity not only for Cameron, but for the college; which 'is in the midst of a campaign to raise an endowment fund of $ 4 0 0 , 0 0 0 . Just how much insurance was carried on the building could not be ascertained today, but it was said tha,t it would not exceed $40,000. with Judge Lamm, and there may be, a dance for Lamm to win by a sma.ll margin yet it is very likely that Gardner will find an increase plurality for his candidacy as the rural districts are heard from and it can be fairly- well stated that Gardner will come out of the contest with a fair plu. -rallty to the good. Another important feature of the which 'had conceded theUonty is tumbim "" l - _ . . , ,. QniTM Ar-f nnti ( n y unit Seattle, Wash., Nojii,.- Post Intelligencer, elebtion of Hughes last todav claimed the President Wilson. - Wilson to Carry N, Dakota. Some dry optimists are predicting go dry by a small «· claimed the're-election of [^ori'ty, but the proposition, as n ' 'stands now, will be defeated when the country majority gets down to St. Louis. It is admitted that the state will be dry outside St. Loins. \ In Independence, Mo.-, the drys as. BT ,, _ n o, N. D., Nov. S.--Demo - "^rMc^ciiairDiMi McLean this ' ? afte^ooii.claimed STorfh Dako' ta .by 5,000, while republican '·"·"chairman Lemke of the repub- .-lican committee, says .the re- ' ' - ' · ' ' - - " ' . · I T J- (-, f-.l T-iJ , piibliQ£iJis,will win in that scai-t by a narrow margin- y . Minnesota Supporting. Wilson. - '-. "··*^" ed ^"-\ Xvitv .-:*-St-'-PanU-'Miam. Nov. o---v\ ii" - ' L 1,610 ' precincts^ · ottt ;o^ 3,024 " ..^lerv-n Wns*121.02* and Hus'hes .8--The Morna strong Huges supporter, conceded Washing, ton state to Wilson by 15,000 today. ltlll'41 serted themselves yesterday. The vote dry- and 138 wet. May-. in the last Id '"cJncts heard from, all rural, m "' : : lined 430 net on AVil- 'js-lead. Wilson now has a of 1,053.' At this rate A'canVin the state. wood, another country, precinct..J3n- majority of 293 for prohibition. Kansas City's notorious wet tr'cts were eaten int o by the dry vote with few esteptions. - T h e 7th-pre. cinct of the 2nd ward went dry by 'n Several precincts in tlxe 8th ward also recorded a. majority for the Prohibition- measure. New York, Nov. 8.--Tele-grams being received today Iro-m democratic n the west and mid-west, -confirm all the democratic claims tne early morning state- made ment of Vance McCormick issued at 9:40 o'clock. ny iroit-a Pre»».» New'vorte, Nov. S.--If President -Wilson carries either JHniLesota- or California he-is re-elected President of.- the United- States. , .Returns up-to nooa today, gathered by it i-ia UK- *-" the United Press, apparently establishes 256 votes for 238 for Hughes. 37 votes I SHERIFF WEMEMBERS QV3-- BOTH WIVES IS WILT). New Y-ork, Nov. S,--Both wives of Paul Stier, late .Sheriff of Queens, who is. ,his widow, are remembered in his will, winch has been filed for probate with -.Surrogate Daniel Noble .at Jamaica. - - - - r ,To the widow, Bertha Stier, ..6; Islington- place; Jamaica, is -given $30.,. 000 in l i e u - o f dower.. To - her-sister, Anna Stier, the divoreed ; widpw,-,who lives-at 2.4 Church -street, Richmond Hill, is given ? 5,000. The sheriffs father, Christopher, of Germany; is given $1,500. The remainder is to be drvided into two-equal parks for the benefit of the children, Elsie, THE EUROPEAN WAR AND THE WALNUT TREli Out in St. Louis last summer a whole city block was covered over with black walnut logs waiting to go to Eurape to be made int o gun stocks. Let us hope that none of these logs happened to be from that best nut-bearing tree we -need so badly. Somewhere in. this country there are some blaelc walnuts that, -come out of the shell in whole quar. ters or whole halves, and bear bell. IE we j;ould find one such tree ana raise orchards f r o m it, they would make their owners rich. NEWSPAPER PRICES GOING UP Increased Production Costs are ^Forcing Publishers to Raise Subscriptions But You Can Still Get The Constitution --AT-- ' THE BARGAIN PRICE By accepting this opportunity at once x Just EuoughTNews and the Kind Tou Want Home-- Market-- World election was the over the county, sweepin-g dry vote only two precincts goig wet, they bein-g the Third \yard in the city by 9 votes and the east Precinct of Rich Hill towns-hip by 10 votes, giving the county for prohibition by practically 800 votes, beint' unable to state the exact vote because of the fact that there are four pre- lows: 1st ward--S. O=. Glore, Calhoun St 2d ward--Mrs. Hurxthal, Broadway. 3rd ward--F. B. Elmore, Vine St. 1th ward--Miss 'settle Hutchison, Clay St. We will probably begin the special meetings here November 20th, sjnce the Trenion folks had to postpone their meeting. Don't fail to attend this meeting tonight at 7:30. 3* "Wa Ile'd Know Her. The genial gentleman phoned bis wife. "We'll go to the concert dearie," he said. -''Put on your new dress and I'll meet you in front of the hall\" Then, growing playful, ho the county that did not said: .. But now a m I going to know HOSIERY BLUFF THE MOSQUITO. Francteoo, CMUf., Nov. 8.-yellow and W»tt the mosqul- the »los»n cifc icientlsts who -. are flfhting tftl* llttUMpw*** aoi wfc»~ have 'discovered the carnivorous in- , sect's antipathy to that primary .color Their discoveries are supported by the testimony of United States Marines, Just returned here from the Philippines, who attribute their. Immunity from mosquito-bite and malarial infection, to the tact that theif ·khaki uniform i« of a yellow hue. The wise summer, vacationist, of the future will bear in mind this message of hope from scientists and U. S. Marines and carry along a_ generous supply, of yellow hosiery- stitl some pessimistic persons will be bound t 0 insiat that mosquitoes are color-blind. . - · ' - ' . cincts -~ make their report on the prohibition amendment. It is considered by those well informed that should the vote of Livingston county be a fair sample of the sentiment of the rest of the state outside of St. Louis that the up state vote may probably overcome any majority polled against it in St. Louis, which is estimated at something over 100,000. Amendment No. 2 lost and No. 3 carried in the county. The election as- to the countly candidates was unique and interesting in the fact that all of the democratic state ticket carried the county, ranging from 23 majority for Gardner to 18 6 ' f o r Wilson, but tlie county can. diSates were considerably mixed, tno voters using the knife at random with little thot of any general : sys- your new dress on?" "By my old hat, darling," she replied ever so sweetly. I being classified as -on this basis, has doubtful Wilson, l a n d George, 12, who live with their 10 '·66 in the eleo^pral college. " In the doubtful columa at noon classified the states -of Cahfor- -mother, Mrs. Anna Stier. Kow is the time to lay in your coal for winter. Before buying see E. H. Late, or phone 83.8. 17t{ Send $2.50 -- TO-The Constitution He'd Have the Scar. "Papa, this paper, says that Dr. 1 Cutter Sawyer performed a capital operation on William C. Doughboy. What is a capital operation?" "Well, son, if I had $500, that would be my capital, and If I got the appendicitis, it would mean a capital operation. Now run along ^and chop that wood." ' tern of scratching. The unofficial vote of Livingston county as reported t o Tne Constitution from every precinct in the county was as follows: ' For president -Hughe 2 4 0 9 Wilson 2 5 9 5 ; U. S. Senator-- Reed 2 5 5 4 ; Dickey you, dearie, in all that crowd vith VOU5 WEAK, SE^tVOUS OHIO . Made Well by Delictou* Vlnol. Bellefontaine, Ohio.--"My blood was very poor^-I was in a weak, ner. ·* J *·" -- - -run-down condition. I tried ^different remedies without benefit and one day my druggist told roe about Vinol. I tried It and It built me ur in every way--blood, strength ,an;l nerves, and.I tell my friends it. is th- best medicine on earth."--Mrs.' Ear Brunson. Vlnol, -which contains beet; 'a,nd cod liver peptones, Iron and manganese, sharpens the appetite, aids di gesti'on, enrichee the blood and in thi" natural manner creates strength. Clark's Pharmacy, Chillicothe, also at the leading drug stores in all Missouri towns. Sh Changed His Mind. -You vowed it would be your 2447. Governor 2 4 5 9 . Lieut. Gov.--Crossley 2633; Brit- ton'2446. Secretary of Sitate 571; Askin 2432. State Auditor -- Gordon Hack maun 2454. Gardner 2 4 8 3 ; Lamm -Sullivan 2,- aim to make my life one long dream -of happiness. And t 0 think that 1 believed you! . He--That's nothing. I believed it myself at the time. More "Satisfying. Amateur Palmist--I think you are going to be married twice. Miss Willing--You think! I'd rather you were sure I was going to be married once. Public Sole Soon. Having recently rented my farm for a term of years, I will offer o- public sale on or about Nov. 15th, 2 1.2 miles north of Chilllcothe. 92 head of cattle and 10 head of nor es, besides all my : feed and :ia.rji!?h;r improvements. Definite notice of th? sale will be made later. Watch for i- dwtf Dr. K.-S,"Piatt. I( jeal. Is he a good after.dinner speak-1 Wood For Sale. ' Slab wood $1 ; per load; bloc': wood $2 P«r load." : This Is.price at Chillicothe Giinstoc* Mtgr. Co Phone 588. 2 " tr "or?" Splendid! He never talks more than five minutes, and when he gets 253 8; j thru he makes you feel that 'could have done much better." you Ptoposal. · Tramp--What do y°a do with your old shoes; sonny Sonny--We keep a puppy. "SPAPERf NEWSPAPER!

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