The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 6, 1923 · Page 14
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 14

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 6, 1923
Page 14
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PACK FOURTH F.N. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS,. FRIDAY, TULY 5, 1921 1 It;--ill 1 iiis.M ft ILxi jidl Ad! D-ipi i>- i . v i. •'io.-*i» or VMI-II l! I "10 .V Til M; I -ciAI. i: -1- xli:<ii r royal l-i. mi i:: i!" r.I 1- '.'-•i por ii.'.v for » Tnonlh, ubliiir...:,i Lv oa'dlna The r.liii"i wllhdrnrt'u toroot 12 o'clock !:•! I "Too Lair in fy " ITione .iid ui'-n [m sf-ilhi' !i-;i ol liill. ITICoi '-V/VIT K D-tt A LC (Cont'd) il .o. n. n Ion-.. . I. ..;; int;. .iv- i ;u. v. 11 ci ^. ; .i ,; ;.i 11- . i. in. .1. !• . Oaninaoa, onony » I l 'ol; u FOR RENT—HE5IUENCCS (Cont'd) li >u HUNT "i • ..v i .<|'-MMM « l'i" ' Urs 1 >. lOitil.lo l.Vi..-i.u')iii nmi Kloof lot; l..ii:ii, nir .ly iilrliij.iiii. ituli.ex homo , ii",' 1 /), .\oilil Viainut. I 'lloHo. a,". .1 ci.f- Ain .i:, n HI iir.NT [uviil'. ii.f, ;.ii. as J•••tin-, •JKIOVHI. M llin.liai iio<j|n;,ii. loom 17. mit HKNT 1'iMi-n.oi.i, l'i"!'' uii-h.-.t O ...M a ;•/.•, -1 H .\oi ill u .i.i 1<>K i;KNT- .:« f .u- 1 in. lie K< • ii KK;.T \ in.- nf Ch<' '•<-. l.-'.^-.lpiiK li'-u.Miii In ill A Safe Investment REAL ESTATE north main street corner 50x150 now leased to responsible concern lioimr Inrgc lmsiness. !Viced to pay you an income, of more than (>% net. M'lic location of this corner is stick t 'l .it it wili increase in value rapidly. Price $'KXXU>3. •safe W€$miM.<m \ Realtor. New Dresses ©75* ^6. SIPECHALS •,;iai o.'ii.i. (1) w off d;..ndy five ya<-m limit;..low on K!t;hih Fa.-d, on If fhwrs, lilco ••I kurtnont, j-irmM. Fnce S.V^'."'; ^mn\ ttmu M i !-. I>--M-e :,!•.- ft 7 .;'t) a7,t. i i 'A !.] , nr. X 11 u ha Ji,m..a j it 1 ...WYN ui:-.i j-,, F.n.-'L '-• 1 uti.:. I ::ti-t 1! -I" -l-r. Wi".* t in. and 4 J- m. I !•, :/t l;«-.\T !.:! (U_ i: L M I-: fivi room p.'iat Ti tVnt i>ut:i;aio\v t'-n Norili M.-uli.'mn, oak Honrs. -•1 ni,'lit, wtilta i-usm«I ):n!:-li. I'tWc ?:i.s>nV; trrms. .1) :-'•]-..;.•!',,.lit vn _ fuUiifto t 'l 'V ^fi )rt <-.n L'n.^t Ri-oond, corner lot, five nice. an. 'i yanl wo! h. Cm' u 17 IIV .•.ilM.I.O THK N ]• M. r .Vill KVKMN- Yol' Al'l'I.V TO Mi. K i.i ... ':• -.1 1 i; \\ ..: v: \ vri . i • A .... .ii-. • • : .... ,\ li. ' I. .11 1 ' • ' I POSITlOtv WANT! I> M . Sl'.eit li l o J 'm 11... I'll' tin. ii IV A ' . 'I ! JII. I ll I u i ;l im • . « k'iiiil. l '/'j.. li.i.t i; .i • • 1 .Ki .t. i'ii'.'uo iSlJi-J. I AM'llii An>- kinrl ci iiiunenU'iint, ! l'i.OIK. j»::ti \V. *• j ;. 2i>t , i'.'.KTiil.-? u-viilii^ !.lii..|..:.i:n; ur j;,iiir:ui , ; »••»»•«> w ' K Ml; UTi. 6 2ii- i..t .' i-M'ili tt,i:u'IiiK. piiiimiig. ilan-y F. | .'in., phi.n- ii^:'ii \v. 6 m-aii | ; 'IVA.\TI:I> • i-'iiimiuie te :;-pair. f(ml«u i UIHI ui J ii..i.a«.i. Oii!] 7.^. f, 27-^)[ .1..1.1 i.|' BMllIll I, ,.| l an .ni'.N'i' .v.-wly a. ..-.Tat.-l. Ii'ilill 1 .lillll-llLO. IllllTil .'ill' . in .1 .. l 'liullu SlibiiV. . 1-1 ilt l.l'.NT or iMli' - I'"!" l.uli|:..hi\v; tl'!i.;* UTliiy. -.i J'il.ill.; I'.GIii. i-M'; 'ili-rn cottaf-'o on l.'ourlli KiiKt, ."oiith front, nico Btui'lt), drive. A K-al buy ILL $;1,'JUI, U'l-ms. i .O ;r.i: .;;i .;i. i n I'oltnico ol.viii )ri on tai .^t So. ii'.'i'ii M'cir.;-. .Hoi! ri-iilii.-ihcd. rrli'l' ?:i ,2iti; tcrnifl. Ill Siflv ; Batabllahod 1S88 IlEALTOKS No. 4 East ShennMi Al.'.'n.'i; iiu.'rlor ili;oi..riit l :iu J'lio,- : _,\v. i4 ., ; . t .^11 k'.ndH of trash nu'ii ;i,\' •'•'A. 111)._':>t I'm; 'lion. ,• ".ml «i»-i-.."i. in :ik fiooit, i.v to t*W.l> i.oiis.i f"i r. »t. »U > ; .t; no ihl:d-on. I'lioiu Titiv a llDiiio fjn o:*ymcnts. If you Ret rvdit on your conlntct iirliiclintl Ef2r> •ifh iriontji. yi',: MVI' $oi>0 a yriir [>r Xl.r>0D in fiw yeai-s. How lnnjj Jmvo you •I'liti-'i'.' Ilt'M iiiKi 'h h :tvt> you suvfd hy ro3itiiij;? <1) r.h.lilh Avi 'iMie Knft, HvhiK i t»om nml dining room conlUiupd. bvo bod- '•'-M'f, l-.pi folrt. I.uHt-ln rcarint-s in Uil.-lirn, a b\ r:i ,l ;ftiKt nook, fin ;i;i."-, ';u>-.c ii.ins'c, now nm^csJosti In. $S.(IS0; SUi}0 will handlo. t ^» n --e in on Sisteeii-ili SlTx-et. five IXIOIUB, cmpl'-tcly in.>d*-rn, pipo fur- :,i I.I" ifct in 100 l>:«X'k Kourlli -.Car.*,, -with iioTiMi* on. Mij-TVtl do some trndtns wVi! have yoii" M> No. ^ , .'7 J':iHt Fourtli, .^fven roori^, inndtrn, pljm furnace, all on ETotnid OTHER COOL DRESSES FOR $3.75, $4.75, $7.75, $8.75, $9.75, $10.75. Part Payment Down, Balance $1.00 a Wcelt. BLOUSES, $1.25, $3.75, $4.75, $5.75. SILK SLEEVELESS SWEATERS, $3.75. Comer Commerce Co. 17-19 North Walnut Street. MEALTY CO. 9 East Sherman Kualtors Phono 42 AVVr> lilt u HI ehojt; West F'.ral. POSI i tON WAN r e L"> - :<*:v pvif'i; modt'rn ImineK, well >•:.',» hiivo to offer on O U M.-.T < s^;:nil jtntr'S. \',^n!)!^ Tf 3 !i;»l>'o\ v.-|U c< <lfi- iiny no onl.ll! oasii p;o -TT ^n'. .-;, ool .-i ,ii-o;. ;;ooit oii:i.t- I 'linio. HTl! o, Ol H liloek ot Rrounil JuBt norlhwoat ot Catholic Hoipltnl, 2 hloclia of paved, street, vary best of BOII , iiriewl to sell, 15 lotB for JlOftl). t! aert»n on North Main Street, oast front, several building ulle, $3,000. S lots almost an aero, on <>tist Bigger, $430. Tlieso lotd shouiil soil lor J75 or $St) ea.cli. riiono 5J7». WE IIAVK SOME LOTS PRICBD TO KEuL 804 First Null. IllilE. Ho S©1 §1 P S®@ D (0)(D) Bony© sq H oods© J , V'.'o "invo hocn ailvertiaint; a liou.^o for ? '1 ,000 iliat j;> w<:\\ \vovl\\ iho \' VMn.i-y. Por u <lay or so wo will call your aUcntiun t:o a ll-ro^.n !;oi',so und Sli"-x 1 05 foot of ground that cau bo boilffht for ^l.aOi'.OO. ~t hKT l-S SHOW YOU. IFoiL ML M©©EE B ,31©sfcir Forty-nlno Years in Hutchinson. No. 52 Sherman East, Orenml Floor Office T<?kplicna 31M 1TR.VNK PILE. M .'ilK .eor Heal Kstata. I'ltono Ui After 0 1'. M. The man who sing's Home, Sweet Home in a rented flat, is kidding himself and serenading- his landlord. We have money to lend you to buy your own home I with. i. i;n n.-t is coinpl at v !tes;ti.'!i an •• n r 11 -«i Cair®y Meal Ss«« & tmwstwm* Co>, '/j: Inttnror Liojd a. Urowu Realtor •',;; 413 North Main ' h " at> .!'.' For ii .. r ._Ft; n.MlSHCO ROOMS (Cont.'. j (^"0 _/% "jt? - - 1 i'; ••et".N.l le -niis. $2 V"' *•••*•.?.»! i ;; 1" oast U. ' • i Urpo-ited hero B .IP8WS ('JQ Hctro ^i Room No. 813 Rorabaugli-Wltey Dldg. Phono a 157 <-r.v. -'1 , t: i. i ft ' : ' :il !FOR RENT—UNFURNISHED HO'J'.tS 10 ' : ";" r : •;-! . .M !: ,.r f.oir on; ;i ;•:; oihoii i OOIOM. 1.-..' i; FOR nENl—APAHTMENT3 >t .(\V. | , ii . j -;' 1 ; i.K. i'ii.;lo> Klli!. ! FOii l'it; N"t"— rur-;,'-. i s HEO ROUWS t •K lt ':.''.T. f .ifooooo ion,:.;. rool, .'.o.-o.o,'.o'l A, 'i.iioie. ';;ioo.\v or la 'i. r,.^. t»> Rl . Iiovii. Hnv.1 t.t» l:o :•••» Aliorl m.-iits your cash I* .safo and M-ailabIc l©^ iSdlb Erf A lart;'e five-room hi-.tiefalow with breakfast room. I.ivinff room arrows the {runt, with lar^c brick fireplace. Oak ft..cir* throMR'.-mt. -Many innU-in features in kitchen. Two room l>;'.teiiK-nt. Tlii .-i I'.ciine was built too good to sell. One look will convince yon. The price is right. ^ 210 rftate Kxeliana--' «U«. ISJfrl W. Urnsslor, Healior. Phone 205 F i: 'i «Sfc.< E ill DE NO IS Wit ;T „. inn., o. ! j',.a -o; .. ; ']iM 'c-ro n m, 1 ; iloouglii .'.n ; 1 11 !•: \vt .HI I';, l .i .-d v i vv i:s AS'P so DO wi: iijoka. Po..;....l : ; atol ;uitonioiiio;tf \ • ;.! olhor inna-.ts i ' .-..•nth i-rnl Mam. .oononta ana ui,. -innit lo. _ _ ; iAi'TIKl-'i-. in-tv 1. Ili'lii in, lit. built-in f, ..'.iio-i, v ..;o oiltrain'i'. !''• nolo, Ulil2J. i.iur.ii tiooi. ohonnan. 11 1J-Jot l-'nit ItiCNT--I'.air I""!", (in n osrool aoarl- oont, »l,o'l;l;ii! lioTli inn! Hi; o"»:.'j MII.I, iiiriit-s an.i liaa '' ~ " n, .urn. r 'uii! ami ;..;ii H IttNT -Wry ml lcl'.oli. none .1. I >epo*it your bonus wit), T!IO Salt I'ity lluil.linic. Loan .-nni tf.iyi,.,. , A 'J^',, Lloyd Brown. Sec'}', tut Sunii Alain' Phone »72. i't'il itHNT- lillloily looit..rr ; l.imiialuw itli.irttio n'. In •|.!i.B ' itclAPTIVTl. new i: I oioui .il . tioor, in". • ; 1! • ;-!,i:Oc. HSZJ, m 1'- • o:i ! v.s'ihiitNIMHK) I I'.-l') j Cull 2178 It. -4t Uo <r. -.; • It liiiniHlifcd tlunaa • JtiL'7,1 it 1 5 21 no al'tnl JiV.'''i't t Ii L, 'j. .1 li>L for r 11 4 141 apHrtm 11 » T.t. lit Tit 'i Wo m. If It's a Loan You Need See 1st. N'at'I. lllilB. 1 l.nteliinson, JCs. !; p ,7iT ^ul {NT"--A W n 'a ,"tiiai!t; \t«. Fai'lil Mort^it^e^rs. i '.fol'iii n'oiliin lioin • I ' it..™; WJ\ «rt-> >•••» \V L . ,-OTUI> ihc country real ha violins. We can KU'II you woi't^: n In rid \M"-rt!j i.he i;ii>!U-y "ii t-ii^y tiMin:* — a.-rt. .ai ;iT .!Vcd ran<;li. Ford t.'niinty, Kanaas . Hi) ,'ieiv.s, Il;i :s !iidl ("aunty, Kunrnbi O-l'.t ;.'!•'.•*-. StanKui 0»unty._ Kn rt-=;is ".jlS ;it'I*-S (Jlslll! ('OlJIltV, KH-tlS'tS l'JO at : «-s. -Mni'tuii C-cuiiiy, Kn»..-.ns / i }~\\ l*A N'V FK TO WKSTi-'d'.N KANSAS JULY 9Mi~»HK THIS (""'d.'Nil" WII..L I.1J.V1-: IT. '.V!-: WANT AUKNT.S 'Pi.) yKl.L. Ol'Ll [.AND. J.Jii.uO per acr« SV'/.n |>or aero iifjr arr« $lit.(l'» IHT i:cjo ul:u farm and r;j.uch loans In any Cuunly in Kc.ns.o4. I, L. TAYLOR & COIUPANY City. Kaiihiirj. Fluti V .iti:"n, Kalian FOFl RE NT—-AP A RTM ENTS (Confdi , .ft f.v;n*, rut i; in AV;i ahr.tii Lun FOR REN 'l ^-APART^ENT ^r^^l ^^JJ JJ^g JSl^gg® i, a™,, B n.i i ,\ ilamly little fivc-rooht hoti.-ie, ii s-1 .5 ; a Miinmcr wash bouse with ba;c- - " " " ; meiit, liani. lot O0xlf«a feet, nice t-'O i*' I' 1'" N'T —Thi 'i'f* -riiom, ino'lorii. • . .' oic ,.'wVi liiKln'f a'.a.tmoiit. McCnnly ln -i;innc 7 i -hade ailt'l lit Wit, prtCC ti 1 <-Oi 1.00. strictly inoiiirti. 2,'iCO. Ata-noy. UI:AI:TIKU!. iiiti '.' 'tl'i aoa 1 tnli'ii', Ii, p rival.; Iiati', In' II 21.1- lot i N" 11 : l.h asonable terrns. SUE Fi'H UFNT-Slriotlv mnd.«rn <1 OWJI «»»lr« i V^'i [II'JN'P Furnished l»ousf:ke«pin« «.pnrlni"i!t: a;f=u Jilfoniug i-.^jn.'j. .-i^i J ; , part men ts fur r.-.s:n'ciahh- pttoido onjy. iiiit'i man. i I 4-11 j liiVi l-lii^t Firfiit. l'liune- liii'S. Karl W. Kresalar, Realtor, 'ii z'-ii\ , 210 St. Ex. Dlils. ' Phono 2055 j' TheD co Dads--A Wandering Minstrel. By Arch Dale || 1^1 it ^ i J ' r; i :t::« CiS J i D © Ji J ' N , a ,M6 OP SAR.BDS 7 /

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