The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 8, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 8, 1859
Page 3
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INSUKAJMUJJ OUMPANIES. EOADS&TRANSPOR'IN) U R N I T r R E OTJT NOTES, PLERZHEIM & flfissigSippi It. R BUSINESS DIRECTORY OOST tte following Itat of Kitabilnnmenu »re Jt V..fisil)WELLI and ssanafac- the best and most MOfbuilneu. paying OompinJw: MONJL>AV. DKO. fas will ran as follows. Tut: j, M, GROSSMAN AKCniTECT A orraB-Ka. IQ SUPERINTENDENT, YODKG'BKEW BLOCK. Plaw and Bpeclncattonj for all kind, of Balldlng. •ralihed a» shortnoUoeainl on the most liberal term. jelg ' •• 'ISAAC KINGSL.EY, - GAS * STEAM PIPE FITTER, NO. 01 EAST WATJER STRUT, WaTOLBBlALB AX D S«T*tIf »»*«.«• II O»S AKD STEAM PlPfiS, GAS, 8TCAM AND WATBKOOOKB, ' GLOBE AND OHECK VALVES, V GDAGE 000KB, Jkc., . Always on hand, • large anortment of «AS riXTBRKS Work done In a workmanlike manner, at ihort notice and loweat price.. » jtg-dly N. L. CrKISWOLO & 00., BRAIL DX1LUS a LADIES', GENTLEMEN'S AN o CHILDREN'S BOOTS, SHOES AND GATTEB8, MASON STREET, O|)|>o*iic the Walker House. N OOMfO K A T K ] Ossh Oapltal and Surplus.. .^.. HAKT^ORD INSURANeECOMPANV, *V.*f Of Hartford, *' <- Oaah Ctfttal and 8nrpl|Ui.J,-t» r ' •'•*.-,( •' " "" Of New "York Cly, Cash Capiwt and Sa HOWARD INSUKANCE COMPANY, \ -• ••-••••- • i ' OfiJJeirTbrlt;. .'.-.-'•-.• "•'• -r-,-- H. WEINBKENNEK, KABD»OTUIUES AID DIUUB III BOOTS, SHOES AK1) OAITEH8, ' NO. 24 SPKING STREET, OuponLtc American House Boo| At Shoe Store, NO. 46 EAST WATER STREET, JOHN PHEL.AN, KEEPS alirftys on hand good custom made Boots and Shoe*. AH kmdk of Ladles' and Gentlemen's Boot* and Sboei made to order ID the latest style and warranted topi-re satislactlon- apriS JOHN HK3E, WHOLESALE DRUG VIST, NO. 83 EAST WATER STREET, Has just received a full supply o Celebrated Union works Cylinder Glass, Manufactured ftt Cleveland, New York. Tranipcrfed entirely by vessel, it ooma in perfect Border, and enables me to sell at low -ratts. I have permanent mr- r&ngumenls toaelJ thUi brand of Glass hereafter. myZS JOHN BIOE. From fact, narrated, bj himself. Jut received bv maylO ••-^•- '• ' ^ '» 8TKIOKL4KO 4 Oa. Rchback's Lead Pencilo, -' : "-'' ' •- ' ' AND : STATIONEBS, 167 Baft Water street, llihcavktt. \U B have, .just received a full supply of these Oele- Tf brated 'F«n«ll» ' from Ih* manofaetcry of J. J. Rehbaph, Jn Eegensburg, Bavaria. They me carefully aasortria.anattch'grkaeli dtttlngnlthM 1 y a popular brand. Particular attention U oalled to lh» "Opposition Pencil," (roond Ws,ck .gil^l and to the "People's Pencil," (round refl gilt;) »1so-t<; thew&guieer'j Pencil," (tiewgon gill.) All of »hlch will be found superior to any.other peno'.Hn the market. Alwaj s OB hand a complete assortment of black and colored lead pencils of all the desirable grades. A discount allowed to the Trade proportioned to extent of orders. __ apj28 Cash papltaland Snrp)Bi.,... v >.,. ,.. PHCENIX INSURANCE •, Of Hartford, Oonntctlcnt,' -o-~-. ;-/. , . Oa«hCapita4andSnr P lB.,...........;..Hl»,084 M L AM AR FIRE INSURANCE CO., . Ot New York, Cr TO Capital and Surplus,,.......... ..|2i9,06> S3 RESOLUTE INSURANCE COMPANY, OfNew Tors; Olty, < Cish Capital and Surplus, 1246,889 £8 ' CITV FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, . Of Hartford, Connecticut, , Cash Capital and Surplus,—., ,,. ..|30S,28l s <8 I solicit business for the above named Companies, entirely upon their own merit* and responsibility, anJ refer to their prompt and liberal settlement of all Loues heretofore, a» a guarantee for the future. Policies Issued without delay, W. HENB s* HOLLAND, Agent. JOBS lloiiiMD, Au't. Northwest cor. Main and D. P. MAJUUAIX, Surveyor. Wisconsin +ts., Milwaukee. septs II n «• |> e r Brothers, (.Established in IMS,) UOUKK SIGN, SHIP, CARRIAGE AND ORNAMENTAL PtUiiicra., (Glazier* A Paper-IlajifrerB, IU1TATOHB OF WOOD AND MARBLE, Ai O. 38 O N E I D A S T B E E T , A FEW 1>OORS EASTOf TBS MA&KE1 HOUSE. JONES & WHITEHEAD General Land and Insurance Agents NOTARIES PUBLIC, AC., OFPIC£., corner or Reed and Orcpon streets, Mcyrose's Ulock, Fifth Ward. Will attend to the bttymp and Belling of Eeal Estate, Insuring Goods and Buildmpi in responsible Compa nles, Attend to the Collection of Accounts, Making -3ul of Deeds, Mortgages, Contract!,, Leases, tc. All Collection* m&dc on account! placed in our hand will be promptly paid over. A. o JO»KS jyM ROBZBT \ramBi_iD. ALLIBONK'S DICTIOtUARY OF AUTHOBS. A Ordeal JHcHonary <tf Englith Literature and £rttukand American Authors, livinaandde- die osB&ntrilslee'iiiaCentvru. Ocmtain- ing Thirty Thousand EioyrajAirj and IMtrary Soticts; vitJt Forty . Price |5. I) ui led Stales M. «v F. IUH. Co. srHNCECKH. A OOMMiSBIOiV MKKCHANTS, Seal Estate and Money Broken, NOTARIES POULIC, MILWADKEK, WISCONSIN. Umax —No 4 Market Squirt, opposiu the Old Post- Office , mart? I NDISPENSABLY n cetsary to all who Seat, all who Write, all Clergyman, all Physicians, all Lawyers, Scientific snd Literary Men, Merchants and Farmers Manufacturers and Mechanics. IT IS A HOUSEHOLD COMPANION. FURNISHED BT *TKI< KLAi\I> A. CO., BOOK A STATIONEHV JOBBERS, 135 East Water itreel, MILWAUKEE, [From Theophlui Parirns, L. L. D., Protestor of 1 Harvard Dnlveralty.l BORPLDS S8.658 00 Office, under Mitchell'. Bank, corner of East Water and Michigan streets, MIL WACKS&. wrsooifsis. DETROIT & MILWAUKEE R, R ' ' (No* opined to like afleh')(Bo.) -:' . i .-:-!• ,.«••• ;i- • | :• Sw(/t ZoUKTrwur* first-Chat SUamtf.i^ , "City of CLeveland," & ' "Cleveland, 1 (Thoroughly refitted for till route.) O N AND AFl^SK MONDAY, April 11, 186S, PM. KDgvr Traliji will ran u follow.: GOING WEST Sap. Bridgt, d r>- •Detro Fentoovllle, arrive •O«wegt>* arrive.L 4. r. M. 9:20 A. ». 7KX) »-.80 r. K. Illied. r. •. 4:!0 A.M. 1:80 S:Si T:40 Accom. a. is. 4:45 7:30 Klfbt Grand Rapid., arr. •brand Haven, an. i Milwaukee, arrive. 4:411 r. • 8:00 12: 18 S:85 r. M 12:15 •Befreahmcnta.i EAST Milwaukee, depart •Grand Htreo, dep. Qraod Rapldo, atr. Lt. Johns, arrive. ^ )woua, arrive. . j. ^entonvllle, arrlv^ 'Detroit, arrive.. j Bui. Brldfre, arrlv$ 7:00 »:40 t. u. »:5A Mall fe.xpr'1 r. u. b:00 l. u. 4KX) 6:20 T:S6 8:8« 91M 1 P. K. Mired. Expr'i .6:80 11:20 6:30 A. H. 4:flO 12:09 r. •. 8:4.' 10:30 A. 1:00 6:00 r. M J. A. Helfenstoln, -B.fUn4to.oo; ' Uoses Enceland, 8. S. Oaggett,! Bale, Q. D. Douiman, B. L. Palmer, £dwin Tosmsend, Solomon Adler. J. A. HELr-ENBTKIN, President. . G. IV DOD8MAN, Vice PreH.nnt. W. T. PALMER, General Agent. S. 0. W ssi, Secretary. 8. a. Dioorrr, Treasurer. H. L. PALKU, Attorney. marlO MILWAUKKK CITY IIVSURAIVCE CO., OVtlOK: In mtcbell Building, mirbl,rnn. •!. LX COKSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. HA£ removed to Office, No. 5, State B&nk Building, corner ol Knst Water and Michigan street, Milwaokee. mariO-dSm jma. L DORAS EIHOI LTTT. DOHAN & LUVY, Attorney .and Coonsellon t Law,—Rmpirt Block, 221 Bast Waitr ft., jmay23] WISCONSIN UE, Jan. 5. 1859. Daia Six:—I hare had tlje flrst volume of y«ar l>ic- tlonary for some dars. and have sat »6ed myielf thai your pian Is ercellent, and that you have carried it out with very great Industry and with good judgment.— The fullneat and accuracy of iti Information concerning modern authors and their works, are indeed remarkable. To any one who desire the knowledge your book purports to give—and what educated man does notf— H must be ot great interest and value. Respectfully, tc , THEOPHILUS PARKER. S. Austin Alhbone, Esq. CAPITALISTS W ILL find at mj office- 1 Register, open tc their Inspection of Bonds ».nd Mortgagee and other securities offered for sale. Persons wishing* to dbt&io Loane or having Bond., Mortgages or oUiercecurlttes for sale, may find It to their interest 1o nit- vitti me their applications or st&tementfc. C. 8CHLEY, ylt Opposite Walker House. i B. Btrri^a « n. T. roer. i.;»ery A: Boarding Stable-, Afeof of Maioii ttseet, (on t/u Rtver.) [From 8 Irenaim Prime, D D., Editor N. Y. Observer.] N«w TOM, Feb. 3, 1859. OaXTLEMU :—The Brn volume of your great Diction ary of Anthora, 1 hare penned with astonishment and delight. It Is just what 1 have long desired lo have, and havr sought for in vain. Thousands of clergymen ttndents, and all literary and IntelU, ent men must wish to havtjust IL1> work: and they will have it, when they learn tl,al II is In Uu world. It -deserves the most cordial reception, and I trust that the author and the publisher) will have the largest reward for their erjter- priBe and labor Yours truly, _ , 8. IREN^DS PRIME. Chlldi t Peterson. iDLiwnn, Jan. 8),1SS9. Mr DIAB Sr» :—With brtter knowledee of your'book from repeated feasts upon It, 1 am asham <1 to have written you so commonplace an acknowledgment of Its first rec Ipt. Of all tht storehouse of Interesting acid readable matter the "Dictionary of Author," srems ti IDS the most captivating. The good tap!*, industry, and skill of arrangement therein manifested could n ot b> su-passed, and it wlii make .or you « reputation very enviable. I ahall try to make amends In prtnl for my apparently Inappreciative first acknowledgment of the acquisition. »itu many sincere thanks tor the prize 1 hav« In tt,e book, I remain, my dear sir, Yo»rs, fa.tfcfullj, N. P. W1LU8. 8. Austin AlUbone, Esq mayli CHARTERED CAPITAL, - - f200,000 Cash Paid in, $IOO,OOO. DIRECTORS: a. L. PAU.M, O. D. D-iviB, W. A. PMHTOB, K. TowMsaxn, S. & Ooiovta, U. KHUBKJOBT, J. B. Kxixooo, J. HcatPHBiT, JO&KPB J. B. HARRIS J. H. OOBDXS, Jig. Mnaui, OBAS. Gatsiuo, C. COJUTOOI, Oio. Dra. E. TOWNBEND, President. A. L. W A I.RATH, Secretary. H.X. PAUUU, Attorney. Fire and Uarlne Risks taken at current rate.. HEW JIVF.NII.K T HE subscribers have remeved their Mock from the stable formerly occupied by them, corner of M&ln and Huron street*, to the old establishment toot of Mason street, thus consolidating the two establish- menu, making the largest and best appointed Livery establishment in the West. We ahall be glad to see our old friends and customer., ani) feel confident that we can furnish them with as good and stylish a turnout as any similar establishment In the city. Thankfnl for past patronage, we hope to meet a continuance of the game. 0*** Particular attention given to furnurhlng carrlag' es and hearse* for funerals. mylf BOTLES A POST. HOUSES TO RKNT. \\[ *• have several Brick and Frame Houses to rent TV on very reasonable terms. We have also for sale a vast quantity of real «fltat«, consisting of Booses, i-ot', Improved and unimproved Farms, School Land., Ac. We have 60 acres near the Olty, with Souse, Barn, Ac., for the small rent of f.'iO and taxes. GREGORY A CO., marl SM East Water street. OOOt) CHANCK. HOIJSp AND LOT FOR SALE CHEAP. • i HE undersigned will sell bis House and Lot, now I occupied as a Tavrn by hint, situated on Main su, Racine-, Wisconsin, near the Steamboat Landng and tht E. A M. R. R. ftepot. The bouse Is located on the best business place, and the lionse a. well as the citna- tion of the Lot, would answer for any branch of bnsl- n«sm, especially for Wholesale Store, which branch Is already now projected at that very locality. Those whtrtlke to make a good bargain, are requested to apply at the nBdenlgned. JOHN BARTB. Racine, January 2i, 1S59. Jan27-d£m Lumber Vessel* Tor Sale. Bchtoner Fashion, 284 tnni. Schooner D. Kewhall, 190 tons. Pcow Schooner Eucfcy, 168 tuna. The above vessels will be sold at very low prices for satisfactory security. Good title. TAYLOR A J8WETT, Buffalo, Hew York. Enquire of B. B. JOHEB, Mil anfcee, Wisconsin. feb2S ' IHAHIIVK AND FIRE T IBE undersigned Is prepared to take Marine Risks and rtre Risks on Produce In (tore. In the North Western Insurance Co., of Oiwego, New York, at ai low rates as by other reliable Companies. The reputafion of this welt-known, long established Company entitles 1 tto public confidence. BORATIO HILL, Afrent, nov8 _ at f. ace of B. A I. t. Hill. Quaker City Insurance Co., OF PHILADELPHIA. AUTHORIZED CAPITAL, ................ »600,CO«. PAID UP OAPrTAL AND ASSETTS ...... 477,366. Ofux, Frantiin Bui'diny, No. 40» Walnut Ortft, Philadelphia. T HE subscriber hai been apj. oioterf agent for. thll Company for Milwaukee ar.d vicinity. Blsk< taken on at ravoraolt Krms as oih;r re.ponsible Companies. JASIKS S. WBITE, Agent. Office, corner of East Water and Huron streets, up .Ulre. over the Marine Bank. may29 BY STATE AUTHORITY. WISCONSIN GENEKA1, INSURANCE AGENCY *Refreshment3-4Botel In Depot al Grand Uaveb Boat will leave Milwaukee on Saturdays al 8 p. y.— for Saturday Night's Express passengers vast, but 4 A. M. train will « .T Itave on Sundays. Trains leave terlnlnl dally, Soodayi eifeptew. THE TELIOEAPH LINK la uow open for PonUo Un- srsrss. ! *^ i CONNECTIONS. AT DET1COIT—GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY for all points East— M1CH1UAN OENTHAL and MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROADS, and I'LKVK- LAND Line of Btekmers, AT (JKANU If AVERT—With - BDROfl " Steamer for CHICAGO, ac., tc. AT MILWAUKEE—With the MISSISSIPPI, LA OROS8E, CHICAGO, WATERTOWW and HORICON RAILROADS, for all Important points West and Northwest, and on Mississippi Klver, and wflh Sleatucri for Port, on Lake Michigan. Passengen for QJreal Western Railway go on the Railway P.MT Srnaaia, at D. A M. R. Dock, learm* Dock at S.-CO a M ,1:00 , *., and 7.30 ,_ „ NIGHT TRAINS on the 0. W. R. have SLEEPING OARS attached. , PARCELS Icfl-at any of the TICKET OFFICES are forwarded by PAsfenon T»II»B AI V«ai Monia- ' ITS RiTIS. . TheCompany'i Time-Tablet can be had al any of thr Stations. _ W- K. Til IK. Gen'l itap't. WHrrMiB A Po«Bfc», Ticket Agent, ffiW East Water si W>.Ga.Baii, Prfelght Agent at Comuany'i Dork. H. 0. Wi&oa, General We.tern Afent. D. * M. R. Offices, April, 1S59' s «. « '2 r OOINO WBHT. LeaVe Kaclne for Davis—freight & Ace,. Leave Racine for Ueloll—Passenger, GOING CAST. Le«ye Belolt for Racine— Passenger, ; : jy Le»»e Dava) for Uaclne— Freight * Ace., »:»« Passengers by taking the 7 a. n. train DO the Shore Railroad at Milwaukee, connect nt Kacine wrtri train to Darll; arriving at Divls it S:SO f K. 8u IcaveJ Davis lor freejiort un arrival of train. &mi II. Iriitn from Davis cono'ecti* at Kacinc with afternaon trains on the Lake Shore UailroaU North ami Sou in. (# Freight forwarded vitli di.-«pAtcti. dcc» liOBt.itT UAfiKlS,t>u(>eiM.tri!.lr<u Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago KAIL, KUAD. new auJ direct Route noar open to filew York Boston, Pituborgh, Phliidelptui, Baltimore and iinjfton city, Clevelanii, Dunkirk, BuiIMo, Niagara fall.,and all eastern cities. OlacinnatitColuoi&tu, Day too, Sprin^eld, Urtxana, Zacesville, Mteuben ville, New sjk and Wheeling, aoU ail int«riur towus ul t>hli>, Peuo sylvama, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Ac. Alnkiug iMif (.ruail Unbroken It. |{. Line nrrwiu CBIOAUU »«D rnz >A^T. A* LOW Alt ANY OTUKU K"iTE. ne deilrlng lo go uy lliu lUute will Oe j Ucularsliil eu.^ujrr fur Tickets i-U Korl W»yt.e, Uicr avoiding the annoyance of recliecking thtir Baggage T«4/jVi J.SA y/f DBf<iT oX (-1.V HI I.-JC.V . u.—Night Kipri-ss, daiJj, ratur.Myj exrrptrd. . ¥.—Morning Slail and Kxpreas, daily, ^uudayi exceptetl. With but one change of cars lo Pittaburvh. OUEOKIBO BAba^QK TBAOOC1H I* Pjtlsbnrgh, Philadelphia, itallimure itii.t New Yurk connecting directly with trains uu Lhr great I'ruii^ylva- nla Central Railroad, to all eastern cmrt. Ai»..,«ritl. felaod A Columbus Rauruatl to OleveJunO, Ounkirk UuITalo, Niagara falls via New York Central anil Nr« fork: i trie Railroads to New Yurk ana,u. Persona ifuiug east wlii QoU Uila ruule by litr the local •alrable, both from the advantagv in polut nf luttaace kri«)Lj( avod beauty of Uie Cuunlry Lhruuv>i »T,M:I, thr ruadB nasa, as well as the les.i fre<)ucDl chau£r« >,i . ; t( <i the annoyance of re-ch«?cking tucgH^r rr,|i!iri- I i j otber routes. Kacilitiei fur th« transportaticfi u f freu'tit aad l.iv itock by tliia route are unsurpAascd. UAL^^ as U,w K* otber route, and wltb equal dispatch. >U for sale at allt be principal lickel oflicc* in tr.t Chi> a^o, and il ... fli. r J.VO J. llurcTllN, anil al I tppolUe Tremonl I t.r Lake fliort iUllruad, ' OhJcago, r^b 6. 1 A: t 1C, 1859. SUMMKK AKliAN(iKMKN i real itcd State rt'K. nUK only reliable and ILL Kjurg TO rut IU.-,r, .-XH-TH L aiK) NuHTB-Wtur, and l/it* onlj L.Qe making 4ure innet-tioi,a. Hajigaff c/ieck^.l ihroujih l., [.riiH-i^ai >ints On ao.i after .MOKUA V, FURNITURE! KVEH UPKSP.KD IN HI 1.1 CITY IT GREAT SACRIFICES, FOK THi: NKXT SIXTY LAY- nil vi o< u is m *vv %\i 218 and 220 East W MISCELLANEOUS H U. RIlliHt \i» IKUI^.tKV M U«.H». "'IRMKIiLY UCCI.KT Kl !\' ater Street, 'III W » I Hi I . n INI o > DRV GOODS. &C SPRING AN0 DRY GOODS! \7 T i 7' J .»»! .• w.u. HI-I.I. K.ll, The Ncveltien S I ur ixi M-' fir .- DETROIT Railway M >I MKK I' & MILWAUKEE Steamboat IMH ! IM.J'.V »fh S i. • f Flui.J.. I A. .Tt. —liFRKSS P. and . mlh ^91 llh K vr an.l -'I til AX II..- Tr- KA1 INROAD O N and after Monday, April 4Ui,uid unul furttier notice a PaMtugtr Traiu w,ll | r »» f Milwaukee Irom the det»ot,fool of brtonJ utrret, for P<«rauKcc, Uanlaud Pine Lake, OconoLDt,»o», WalerUiwn. Uovell, »r.d Cul umtous at4.20p.m.JarrlrlngmMllvaukml '130 a. ra PaMengers arrivitg at Mil»auket bj the »til«»uke« a Chicago R. R., La Orout 4 Mll.R. E., aud Bii. 4 Mis. R. H., or bl Bo»t, tan proceed lo the above ^lacn. Connections arc made at Wntej-tewti with iti^ts L»«e Mill., Jeffersou, Waterloo. Uanchrtrillt, J*uc Pru •nt, Uotlapr Sruni and Madi»on. A»o ai C.,i«inl.u> for Lodi, WeritDa«,iH.eKo, Pull RKc.U.d 1 . Oorntrl. Uamden, Lowville, D«-kor», York, Arlir.giot,. Bruloi and lor all pomti totheWrat and North West Passengers arriving •• th«- Junrtir^i from Lhf ibo\e places make connections t tl,e Milwaukee t Mississippi R. R., for Jaor.nil,., iladivm au.l l-raine .Ic Uhlen aneTat MllvaBkee, rilti rnvls t., the Soulii Wrtl and North. aprS ? *. MERRILL. .-u^rlouoJcot. >uDrllon. fr.r btln't t:n un ihat Litiv •fTttyM Train If.-tvca at ".-iti i M , arr j Krel/hl fnr»»r.ied w.'h dr-pii. t\, a LI ] ttir Morir. \. r»t at y w j M , ii,,.| * i. I here »tl U N' P JL i,n.l r. !;, i M i a ( -r-n JN l T Uu^DV, Ma = Ur Ir A. I l'f OKKIl'K i)K TilK Mllw«.ul(-r, ,A|.r i 10 l<j'J \ Rales of freight Reduced Again by \ew York A; Kric- ICailro:i4l -A.M. - \orthern Trau.spurtatioH (io.'- E X P K K S S t j" MIL (urtljcr noli, r it-,,- j,r v -, , r r r;. S- w T • * : i M.i» »uk e-, will b* (L* li,ii'.» i |.-r ; u-i 7 , : ni at iia.rn , 5.">r. *•»<• »• . I MtTchai,'li»H §h!j j-fl 1 >''•-". :-•'.) Ihc* lilt i<«t ,«i.| i, r ,,. i a t ,• , r ' .,., . « I. ;i I 'I'.f'A K I IVr F.!\ ill. Aunt Judy's Tales. Parables from Nature. Mote* In the 8on lleam. Fanny, the Flower Girl. Dncle Jack the Fault Killer. For »»lr by TEREY 4CLEAVEE, r 1 * 1S7 East Water st. \. H. LORD & CO'S., MARBLE WORKS, Oomer Spring and Third streets, •MILWAUKEE WISOONSIR. T HE «lB»crl'«err. ci-r-nte all alndi of Marble Work for Bulldlnga, Tilln, t..r Floors and every description of ORNATOEPTTAL nARBL,E WORK. We hare in our warerooma MANTLK.8 or enry description^ ccnstantlj- on hand, at price* ranging from $16 and upward*. MON0MEST8 AND 8TATDART ef all kind, executed at the shortest notice. OO. febt-dly A. H. LOKP A WOOD Ai\I> HAT YAKII. O. H.. UAMBKKTON H AS just openod, for the benefit of all who stay become his Customer*, a Market for WOOD an4 HAT,at the N. E. Corner of Went Water and Ciybourn Streeu, (Office with Meurs. Mabbett A breed.) His Stock of Wood is large, Dry and Bard, (Out and Split or uncut.) His Mock of Bay ts of th. BEST QtTALITT, and BALED IN GOOD ORDER. Eacb will be delivered to any part of the Oity on the SHORTEST NOTICE and the LOWEST TERMS. N. B.—Wood Pedlars, and those who sh'p large qnwtities of Bar will always find It to their advantage to buy of OB. We Till .ell so that dejaler. may make a handsome profit by selling on the street. maylD Q. H. LAMBERTOK. NEW BOOKS —AT— TERRY &. CLEAYERK, J«7 &AST WATER STREET. B AKIH'8 Travels In Central Africa, 1 vol., abridged LlvingJton'i Travels in Southern Africa, 1 vol. Spvergeons Sermons, 6th series. Higher Christian Life. mayU SHIPPERS OK "~ /^AN supply thewselves wllh Bilh mayiO of Lading al TEttRT 4OLE4VEB'fi, 1C7 East Water street. eat. We sell every BOOKS /"~|DR stock u the largest In the W \J Book at the Publisher 1 ! price. We can famish to order any book which exists, either In the English or other languages. We receive new book, as Issued from the Press. J" 80 . STRIOKA.LND * OO. School Book*. W E have every fechool Book in demand, and »« them U %hol esftle or retail J"* 0 STRICKLAND i CO. OAK. FIHE INK. U.>., Bartford, Conn. CASH ASSETB .................. »8«1,6M »S NORTH AlflERICAN FIRE IKJ8. CDv, Bartford, Oonu. CASH ASSETS .................... ISM^M 0« W KSTFHW Iff ASH. FIRF. IMS. CO., Of Pitt. field, Mas.. OAJH A&SETTS ............... .'. . . »205,6ir» «1 8:OO A. CO* WAV FIKE l>St BANOF. CO., Of Cooway, Man. OASH ASSETS »2M,4H 47 ' HAMPDEN FIRE INKIRANCE CO., Sprlngnetd, Mass. OASH ASSETS »22S,000 OIBARt> TtnK INS. COnRANT, Of Philadelphia. CASH ASSETS -»284,789 US BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES! \V" Jt **" P re P* red to oor Bindjry to Bind Magailnes Tf Periodicals or anything else In the fora of a Book, In neat and durable styles, at low rates. STRICKLAND A OO. Stereoscopic View*. ^ W E have reclved a fine let of Sterescoplc Views embracing rlews of Interesting localities In RUSSIA, SWITZERLAND, SPAIN, EGYPT, N V BI A , ffSXSOX, ITCTBKtr, IRSLAVD, !<»<?., AC Also a large variety of new American Views. New and Tery desirable .titles of Htereo.copic Instrument.. 8TEIOK1.AND A CO., . Booksellers and Stationers, *P r ' 184 East Water street. SIXTH WISCONSIN For .ale at tebl» J. W, Crain, NO. 9, MARTIN BLOOK, UP 8TX1R8, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. MILLINERY GOODS. IN LIQUIDATION Bargain* in Dry THAI IMMENSE STOCK Of I 87 tot *t l^ater Street MUST BE CLOSED OUT BY THE (treat Bargains maj be Exptcted aprlT-dtf JOSEPH CAHY, Assignee. REPORTS 8TB1CKLAND* CO, 134 Eaet Waur stiwt. •PIKE'S PEAK. NKW MAP, showing the Ro«« to the Gold stt- »dons In Kaeaaa.Jnst received by STRICKLAND A CO., mEartWater ftreW THE NOTICE IIVKPPCTOK or GENTLEMEN'S FURNISH'G. NEXT DOOB TO A. B. VA3» COTT'S. g oe R US IS E Q 0 s FISH, • A EPOINTBO by the Common Council of the City oj »IUwaakee, In Minnance of An Act ef the Leglsla- tnre, approved March 17,18M, hereby glres notice thai he U now furtilsbed with the proper weight, and brand, for the due performance of tae duties of his office.* By the maW-Act-H it made the duty of all persons dealing In 4ttih to give notice to the Inspector to hav. the ume duly Inspected aod branded before packing. M'. Smith will be found at the He* Warehouse of Messrs. John Farloag • Son, South Water st., Walker's Point, where mil notice* ar« requested to be left. MUwa-kee, HayT.lKS. m»jlO JOHN BMITH. K.O. 1TAI Eyan & Jenkins, COUNSELLORS AT LAW, IOITCHECL'8 BANK BUILDIN«, Conur Zatt Water atat Michigan raayB VMITRO STATES HIARssHAL-N SALE The Farmers Loan t Trait Com 1 I In the D 1 DUI trie* Ooart fer the f District of Wisconsin i In (qnlty. I J . The Mllwaokst l iupeilor Railroad Company, Cfty of Milwaukee, Jo6n Bt*w«rt, Johann C. A. Allcrdlnf, Christian Hahm and Gottfried Wootnb. •fames A $ wain, OP THi LATIWHM OF MAGIE & S'WAI N t? for«fuH and mortcd Mock lenle and Retell Drag 8tor. is • .^« Kl ftr««nUlaar BwrrWtoB. and «f the voy**** qMiiijr •i'Jow'wmw otter rottt*" , . ;i- , WILL remain at tbe old stand where b* will -be pleaa- •"»• e,t.bluib»Mnt. ' CHARLES QUENTIN & CO. C HAattfl QCraiiK A CO., corner of Cut Water and J-aMn itreeta, MUwaokt*, WlMoaaln. have for .ale JUU of all iUe.«njI price., tor bttlneU trrroslfleno and OB Muqr terpa. Alto, null f ama of Irorn 6 to W acre., near toe Olty, for gardening purpose*. AIM. several tuontaadl of acres of Ute beat farming land, in WUootuin In qnanOtlei to «Blt any demand. ' JUNK)** .; Wi«"con»iii State Telegraph. ': • 'jMtoa.1 fiff tumnrrat JgivJL^ *ttfm^,s... . .. .' , _ j«^???^«S»l^??» i . tr «> *-»-«•-*..'.. Koniet. Pralrte da Chleo, BUtlonf I N pursuance and by virtue of a decree made by the District ..Court of the United States, for the Dtntrtci of Wisconsin, en tbe nineteenth day of March, 1S51' u the above etttliled canaa, I .hall sell at Pubile Aootlon on tnesday, 2nd day of Angut, I8B», al 8 o'clock In th* afternoon, frwn the ileps ol tbe Custom Howe, In the Otty of Milwaukee, all and singular, Ure mortgagedi pretnUea OWDtlcmed In the bill of complaint In said came, and described as i "All the fpUowlng.nre.ent. and in fowrft to be acquired, real and personal property and teal estate of Ure .aid defendant, the UUwankee •and Superior Railroad Company, tnat Is to .ay, all of the first division of the Railroad of laid Railroad Company defendant,, from .the City- of-«,K, the Olty of Green Bar In said State of Wisconsin, a 'dl«- tance of one hundred and twenty miles, Inelnrllag (he right of way, and land occupied by (aid flrst dlrUlon.ol said reid,(Hibjeotto therlfhVUUkrir olalm^whlctf'th* .aid defendant. Stewart, Allerdlng, Habm and Wootach, or elttur otthem, «naf have had al U» time of Bakings aid decree, to land npon which said Railroad Company nas located It* way, and for whtchso compensation harbeen made to thtrn,) together with the superstructure and, track thereon, and all irall. »nd other materials used thereon, tridges, Vladucta, cul- T f*?i!l™ f: ?' «9» l J»no>t«»n«eesMry depot ground, and bliUdiajJ-Uwreou, belonglntf to the said BaUrokd Oonl? f.ny,j»nd_all rolling itock, engine.,, tender., osi»v tooU.mtorlau; machinery, nrtnre., and allotter-per; «° B »I .property, appertaining to Old Brit divUicm «f •aldrjadt and all right* thereth, Milt Intereitt toW W. quired by .aid defendant, the Milwaukee ana Superior Kalh-Md Company, tegether 'with the came and f one-- tlonl appertaining to .the .aid Dm dlvlilpn of .ali road, aU tolto, rent, and- Income to be had or l«vlM' thtrV- from, and all..corpor»te «nd other f ranchUea, rlshta andprivJIeWWofUie'wId Railroad Oaaf^ftii Wti or cpocenthu the game.-" = -- ; , ; fflce-, Milwaukee, WIs.; April «,18S* ACLT having been'made In tbe condition of a - "D.T8W, eiecuted b/ W. B. HUibard and John txewited bwld Hlbbard 6fe-iaq.Uee that vestal. efflKffiw^ the forenoon»ft|iat wuwjn w«r;anwun.t!t«rnAUUor.<ta B mortfige togetb«r with tjie coiu and .K and after'sioodajr, April tUi, traini on tbe Mil* ^.*iiifMg&ff&ab,-,lt Baraboo Taller Eallroad, rWarrlT.lniUlwauke«at»:3S i. «., and. depart «i ; -VIA — MICHIGAN CKNTKAL — ANlt- G. Western (Canada j fl^bVAINS leave tbtiOreal Central l>c|»ol, fnotofLake _L strrrl Cbicago^aa fouowa : 4:OO A. 1H.-DBRTO1T ACCOMMulMTl.)H,,i'uc- day^, excepied), arritr at i ttrutt Gin) r ai 7:OO t. Ot.— CINCINNATI fcSPRKSa. (gun.liyi r all; Cincinnati S:8o r. u. — U6HTNINH KXPRiVB, i8an,l»j« et- cep}fd,) arrives al Drlruit T.IMI r M. £uap«ntiion Bridifr or BuIT.I'i 4 i) A M , jAlbany 3:OO f. u.; New i ork l»-i-u . r. 14.; Uoitun 11 p. M. 2:»O P. M.-NlLJt- AiHOMMilDATIi/N, .irsi.t ' Huntla) 8:OO P. M. —NKW YORK AND BOSTON KXVRE&i, ' (_ei{e|.ISaturday ) Arrive al Detroit 7 i^t v . Sa»pcr.»ioi. arid^e or Buffalo *M r ».; All.any 4M a M.;N r *Tork 10:00 A. M., Boslun ioip M 8:OO I', n —CINCINNATI A.M) LOCIhVlLLK EX PRBSS (Kici-pt Saturday.) Amvr at Cincinnati U:t>o » » ,, 4.-uu r. Ml I :• One train on Sunday at B-«<) r. » ; nie 8.^0 a. n. and 6.00 r. u. trami connect at Hani i with th> Buffalo t bake Uaron Railway, for Buffaiu i and all points e/-it; it Toronto with Grand Trunk Ra..i : way, toKlnKsUa, Ogdensbnrg, Montreal, tioeh/-c ab.l all points in Canada Hast, Nor^dert. Vermont, Ne« Uampsbire and Maloe. ! fir Bac»agt chedted through. Through tickets f<)i sale at the pnnripai Railn.a.l j offices In the Wat,, and al the »-«ii<-ral oUice, corner ! jiake * Dearborn streets, ooposiu the Treronni Home I "Chicago, and at the Depot, loot of Lake street. B. N.H10E, Sup'l. B. J. RrijLDr*a,6«n. Pass. Ait. api]:! Ii ,M«I| -..i.iilli J !ilr 1ST hr-.a-l I fler JEi 5 5 A Tlil. IJ.-iill,,..«/. OUR JOBBING OEPAfiTMtNT C»aipaa> , t'r.; I- .1,1 : April, wh^rc or-ie-ri o i al rnttoti. Our aulh< ' tl Uicr trarehoa*<-a '.f • [• icitton at tl.r r-n.e* - \ • , r.KY HAKU^'AHP. ! . 1 i.l \l M ! \. FAHK NEW YORK & ERIE RAILROAD TjUiK Fare lrt«.ri, L/unkir. «• : ', . . V . , JL New ) ..rk t r'r,,, lu.iio, , » . i . „., . II. rT Iji.t.. a M rlii OOO Jl III _ •i i \ i ^ i , Nc.)TU'i-:. OKKICk tIK lll.-HOP t Co . Sit A(.nl t t»< Detroit A: Mil. Railway. THfi Steamer Cleveland will take her place In tine of the Detroit t Milwaukee Hallway, on Monday, the 14lh March. Fass-ncer, wishing through tickets can be supplied on and after Monday next, at ZaojEast Water street, or at the office on the doc* of the Detroit A Mllwaoke- Railway Co.— Due notice of tht tirde of departure will be given. Thl« •111 make the shorten, cheapest and quickest route 10 all point. Kan. ! ni » rs rp, bo pel > Kahroad »Uli . IJliU will be *pr!6 C. B UALL. GeQ'l J. T, MuoUT. MAnt a.;,.! Ui al r ../ Tran<(.o THfr: \0ltlll EK.\ TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Will, durtbg ihe preseoi tfoaaon, run it\>-\r w^ll known mil popul»r Lint; of First <'la** Xorew K e tru 1 a r I y , be t w < 4. I I .11 . u .1 i: i^ e s: I V N I M t I I 11 ^ I !_. IL; .If I ,11, (i « , ...If,,,-!,, r , SUMMER^ JARRANGEMENT. Milwaukee dt RAIL ROAD. THK &HORTKST AWD rflOST EXPEDITIOI S HOI TK1 Winona La < rosne, JLanding, Bed Wing, PBS800TT, 8t,l-..aL AND BT. ANTHONY. Change of Tim«S Monday, April 4, 1859. H:00 A. M., Arrlvinr; kt Janesvil'e 2.30 P.M. ; Madison 3:S5 P. Jj ; Pralrlf <lti Chleo S.DO P. H. Connecting with ths Pralrl* du Chlen and St. Paul Markets, which keave Prairie da Chlen oa ^he arrival of the 9:00 1>.M. Tr»ln. 2D TBAIN I.s^AVElN AflLifAl 6-OS P. M., Arriving at Janvesvillc SS6 P. M. ; Madison 10:00 P. It. Pan to all points on the Mississippi River i ,ov M any otber Boute. | WILLIAM JERVI8, i Oeo'l Superintendent. LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE HAIL BOAJD. SPKING -AtKKANOKMKNT. tillEAT NOBTil-WESTERN IINITKII STATES MAIL <V EXPRESS AND ONLY '^.LL RAIL ROUTS. Y TO LA CROSSE >n the CIPJPPB MISSISSIPPI RIVEB, -On-and after jstondat, April 2Sth Through- pxprew Traini Daily, L.BAVK MILWAUKKJi, DEPOT FOOT Of CHESTNUT BIKEST, rouon: A.. i?l j and t3:45 P. M. Train, arrive at Milwaukee at A. M. [AND a.-ao v. M. Close connectte. are made at LaCroue. Twice daily eaei way with the Min- ^tiesota Packet Company's New and of Steamers(to Hi. from St. Paul and iate^mediate poiots. -,-.. Jt . r«.by iaklngthli route, irlll .are 100 jnil.e" In distance and 18 hour, tlsae, from Chicago or •Mflwaokee to la Oroaie or St. Paul, over any other outel < •' • " '- ••-••••.• •Monday, ezocpted. t8nnday. iZcepted. TMUWkukee, April M,:i86». .epufiN n. GOUDKICII, ' TIIF I P !>!•:» Formings 8emi-\Veeklj 'me between Chicago, Milwauaen ( )S\S h.( ,( ), I AKi:s ! i <>K lenfli.uri;- »r, I OswetfO, aod Chic-agt,, MJwauiee anJ iDl.-rii.r- I.M, i orts, connecting at Ogd*nshuri:h with thr OGDETNSBCRGU k VERMONT CEXTRA1. RAILROAD RGUTK, Ketween Oitdenshargh, Burlinirtr.n. t.'.ir.,-,,r.|. >Un chfster, Naihaa, l.awrenre, Lowell, Wm,,9l»-r and Boston, and al Oawcfro »itn lh« N^w uavrno I.ia- nl Thirty First Claas Canal Boau on the Knlarfr,! Lanal, between «»»»vego,DTro>, )All>nn) A Nciv'iorU, ^Oonnectln^ aiso at Dunkirk with XKW YOKK A\D KHIK liAILH'iAh, And forming a Trl-Weekly Railro*<l Line htt»>^n Dunkirk, iliilwaokee & Chicago. ff Property forwarded by thu Line will be lutiject tu but Que Transhipment. |3f~ Merchandla- inarke.1 ^.'V. T. f'O. I \. PHKSN," will be forwarded from NrV Yort by >n EKjtrtu Prriy/lt Train over u« »ir fart tt En* Kiillron,!, An-1 prouip:ly for K \\ A I. I .J II E M () \ A i, XO.J l sti It \» \ 1 I K IT; ainl 9i8O nU-J from [>unkirkJ 10 , 177 Bi-t>».l . ay, New Yo Co., 1 Ou'utias .-Hip, N I- I .\ l n • i ) i: i \ I Ohc t §t., Phila J klTUS, Agent N. T J. L- W«*»aa, Afent N York. CBAB. a. Tirns. corner 6lh an.l HOTBTI A Caj wrtian, Onwego J*. Y. 8. U. UALC*CU., AKeut, Dunkirk, N Y OtUMKtKtJH, Ca^wfoan * Ou , i:iewiaa<l. O. JOH» Uociwo, Agent ». T. Co., M Slalr >l ', Boston A. CcBBKiH, Agent V.O. Line, 10S Stalest., Boston J. s*. CBtlaOB, Agent, Rouse's Point, N T. Oco. IVsiEK, Agent, Og'lensburgh, N. Y. L. J. lIlQbY, Milwaukee, Wis., office UOrnsae t M R. U. Depot. J. II. (JKAWFUIII), «. J. IIAI.K, Office near M. * M R. B. Depot N. B.— Shippers are requeue, I to i<-e one of the al Agents before making contracts, as the; are prepared to offra very low rates, and their connections wtUi the Ogdensburgta and Oswego route*, and especially irlth the New, IforU A Erie Railroad gl»e them unn facilities for cheap and ip«edy transportation. m«rl8-d6m-lastwl«w ATI.A.NTIC ( „, M.lw.ak- W isconsin, ltOOT<*. IHK OKNUINK AKTIOJ.K MANDFACTCRED BY JOHN PHALEN, T HE only one authorized to manufacture the »bv,w n»med Boots, at 72 EAST WATER STREET. The Phalen Boot I. one of the moat unique and ? e- gant rov^rings for the feet that has ever been invented. They are 1 piade of the best of stock and most Anlslie t workmanship, and are warranted to cure Corns, Bao> Ian., Swelled Feet, Swelled Uead, Khuiuatlso, Oout, Ac. i Remember that CSe Salt Agent for these tail Invented Boot, la thU Olty, U to he found at Ti East Water it., where, also, may be found a general assortment of BOOT* tc. SHOES, OAITEH«i, &«j., For OentlemKO and Ladles that there U In this market* all manufacture! under the supervision af tihe subscriber, ; [mayJB] JOHN EI1ALKN. Pic Njo & Pleasure Excursioos. UKOtK WAV'S LINE ' ' —OF— MNIBUSSES ANL> HACKS. P AETUB wllhing to engage Hacks or Omnibuses for the purpose of vlsltlag the Oirdeusor for fie Nlc Partlej, canbesupplled with first olaia vehicle, on ih- «hort£«t rioUce-and mo .treasonable terms. A line of [tmibaiui will commenco ranning on the 1st of June for Poffflt Bdnie, leaving Van Cotl's corner at 9 A. a. and It.*: The Omnibus tor Wauwatotaleave. Van Uott'i at 12 at.and5 »-»f, T.B ROOKWA7, nttj2l>-<lla» foot of IU«on (tiwt. till *•! /.l ^.ny tl.iHi i-,. nr.. '.LAIN l.O I \ for •IIO I «H. II I I'll-- I 'I31KOI. |i % I'llN I AM a i Ii i , HI « I. IMIO I (H. i; t l-ll- ;i i «• r o o •» ( r i A n- r it *: • <l |l >pUl \f whu'h lar exi'vla in A«'< finish, any ullicr I'l^tiu These Pirlure* have un All whnar>.l.-«in.u. < solicited to ciiil an-1 r MI* j , i-ver \\ . it. <. ' ' \ I \ I I - .^ 1 I Ni>. .•.-!> VI . » i 'I'. I I M I \ I I i : ( l i \ • ' n i i i \ ttrrst, J/i/ to lilt' l*r lifipal I nuti- I ' \ I I • 1. :i i ENGLAND AND SCOTLAND FOR The powerful iron MeHmstii|>3 CJTIf OP BALTIMORE, CITY OP \V»-HIN(1TOV. KANOARnO. Wlli sail from New Vnrk for O.irk illr^-t i n I UI-T..-to LlWrpovl, The CITY OFMANOiiKSTER anj Vlt.o will >«'' f r"n T and COttK^o Ne» Viirk once a Moutli. Rate of Passage from New Tnrk To Cork, Liverpool nnd the prlru-i(»il lovns in laELANl), fe.N(iLAND 1.10 .«COTI.»NK Cabtn, ..»J5.. .............. Thir.l i'la.« J.-IO. PassennefS forwirdi-il lo lUvre, l^twefp, ITri?- men and Uambur^ for (-A in Cabin, M.1 rhir<l CU>«. TO P'ARIS ^in 24hourj from Luerpoul.) Cabin |sj ; Thir i Class, ».'l,1. Per?un3 wishing to »«n«l for their .'riendj dbtain CcrtiUoale. of passage from CoUK or Bi'.LKAST l.i NEW YOHK for $30, Ircra LIVESPOOI. $4'l Por p»i»»i?e apply 10 R. J. Oortu i t.'o , 1T7 llros.f- way, N. Y., John it. Dale, IS Droadwiy, s. Y., nr to TIMOTllY < AttNSY, Milwaukee, Mnsconaln. N. B.— Pa93ertger9 by thl. Line avoid the risk and delay of calling at Halifax and St. Jonas. I* -* I Is I M • :.< n r <> i] I \ K I• I: i.ny j.i. T" 1 M 11 1 buy ( ijooj

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