The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 7, 1914 · Page 5
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 7, 1914
Page 5
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Tuesday fening, July 7,1914. T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Page Fh* Jim Biuacket Downs Com- rnqores, 5 to 3. WELDf HITS TRIPLE , I And C-Jackson of Bloomed Swats Homer. Too mt*. BlupjacVet was tho dose t h a t r t i Lister administered the Comrr.o'l'js M o n d a y afternoon and as «. rcsult/necatur vent down before the F:o-f;rp in a 5 to 3 brittle. Bill IVietahnfLl tie mound work for Reed »M C.ipnd a l t h o u g h not exactly r o u n d t i f r e q u e n t l y , the Bloomers hit ttii- bul/hard w h e n they did slap it, r.lue.i;^t hlmeelf getting a homer · nil a to-base Ml. while C. Jackson took ,i p u r - b a s e trip and also secured e Blnsrl/ : FAST PLAYING. then WBS s'.'nie good fast playing on hnf tltlfs. a number of good features, .'rid f°r Mr. Umps Knapp, Jt mlf have been much better. The iirb!t«!n-chle? of the Three-I league. hruveM'. threw tho chill into the game nshtfroai the pop-off. FIXE CONTROL. H^rdless. however, the game be- lor.^ to the big Bloomer chief, who good ba'.l with almost perfect vtnfl- The score: 1,|ATUK A B H. 1!. P.O. A. E M.u«. :t .' ........... 4 1 1 M 'J 1 Ero». !J ............ 1 1 1 1 3 0 I}, t ' ' ............. -» 1 1 1 rt 0 rmifcn !b .......... 4 » rt [f O 0 j.vj :;i. ............ j o o i i o 4 11 2 1 !· r 4 0 1 3 f t 0 - " o s 2 c 3 0 0 0 5 1 . .Vi ir.. PROGRESS OF PENNANT RACES Davenport Peoria Springfield Decatur Quincy B l o n m i n g Danville IHEE-I "IT" TABLE. Won. Lost. Pet. "Win. 25 SI 33 37 41 3 46 .581 .557 .548 .479 .438 .370 .361 .52T .508 .554 .480 .«U .378 .370 , .ess .578 .540 .541 .472 .432 .365 .356 GAMES WKDNESDAT. iot.;« 33 o 6 :r 13 2 11.00MI.ST.TON' A.B. K. 11. P.O. A. E r3a«»nii. II 5 1 - 2 0 0 f » l e rf 4 « 1 2 0 0 J jiiwon. 3b 4 0 0 0 1 O l (..-,, ; b 2 0 0 ft S 0 i n t o Ih 3 « 1 IS 0 0 OB*" rl ." - 1 0 ° n Tln-fi. " 4 1 1 1 * 1 £(. n el c 4 O 0 7 0 0 B'l'uiarkrt. p 4- 1 - 0 -i 0 ota]« 32 5 « 27 15 1 TiIlL-""":. 3 .' 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 2--3 Bl ... 1 1 n S 0 0 0 0 0--5 onv. r u n s -- r JacltVon, Bluejacket. Three yk--'"jr:r"'i""!?:!;z ± P.-ii-nfl'cV h i t -- j . Jack"Li ±: . ' ·· t,*f-'S--O'Lierta. Craiff. Struck ; --'-;v \ :···.!'.:! -.13:jejacket. 5. Bases 4 La"::*-- :- V ; , - M h n . 5; Bluejacket, none. ·tfp-a b . : : . -- O ' K r t e n . Led on base?--De- ,:.:·, 4: !'.:.^;r.i: i .i:!f.n. 7. Time of game-- Waif lor a Car GET A BICYCLE and be on time 1o your work or business, no transferring. It will take you where you want to go. We have the largest and best line in the city to select from. Prices $22.50 up to Kellington Dieckhoff 345 N. Main. Qiiincy at Springfield Edoublo header,) .NO o t h e r games scheduled. MONDAY'S RESULTS. SprlngfteM, 10-14-3; Davenport, 7-13-2; Batteries--E Herman and McNeeley; Middleton stid Simpson. Quincy, 4-4-1; Peorls, -10-8, BatterlflB-- Trttter and Gray; Atkinion and "Waring. IN MAJOR LEAGUES. Philadelphia D e t r o i t Washington Chicago Boston St. Lauls ... New York ... Cleveland . - , New York ... Chicago St Louis -.. Cincinnati ... Brooklyn Pittsburgh ., Philadelphia Boston Chicago Indianapolis B a l t i m o r e ... B u f f a l o Brooklyn .... Kansas Clly . P i t t s b u r g h St. Louis TTTESDAT'S GAMES. National. isew Tork at Pittsburgh. American. Chicago at Boston. St J.oiiis at Washington. Detroit at Philadelphia. Cleveland at Xew.York. Federal Kansas City nt Chlcaso. st I.ouis a.t InAlanapolla. Baltimore at Brooklyn. P l t t s b u r s h at Buffalo^ GOSSIP OF THE GAME. Although rather unpleasant food to swallow, it is better for Bloomington to h a v e ' w o n the game than for it to iavc been Davenport. Peoria or Springfield. The Danville team lost an exhibition game Monday to the Kansas City American Association team, score 10 to 4 The double header scheduled between Danville and Dubuque for Sunday so as to give Danville an open date, was moved up to Tuesday. As Springfield has a half holiday Wednesday. It has arranged to play Its Thursday game with Quincy on Wednesday and making Thursday the holiday, for the two teams. They will play a double header Wednesday, Yesterday's victory was the ninth straight for Big Chief Bluejacket. Hilllnger had another t!g day at Quincy Monday. He copped out a- home run, a double and a. single and did much toward defeating Dave/port. McXeely caught the game and got a. single out of it. Quincy Herald--With Gray and Ehr e 'ott the team has two first class catchers and if necessary other changes will be made to give Quincy a winning team. Ehrgott brought with him hie first baseman, Salllard, but after giving him a tryout. In the Saturday, games he was turned loose. Salliard is an old tinier, but is still but the Three-I league Is a dif- feient proposition than the I.-M., and Quincy needs hitters more than anything else. Frank Donnelly insists that Blue- Jacket is the grandest pitcher that ever performed in the Three-I league and has been preaching this doctrine to every big league acout that he has seen this season. Some club la bound to grab him. TEl PUYSHT SKILFUL PLAYERS IN TENNIS TOURNAMENT PHil Miller Favorite in Singles -- Busher and Gauer , Expected to Star. Maroons Lose Game to Stonington. Pana. July 7.--Manager Plass ot the Dubuque Three-I team will bring his bunch of Hustlers to Pana Wednesday an off day in the league, to play the Pana Maroons. The Maroons were defeated at Smith's park Monday afternoon by the Stonington team, score, 5 to 4. This is the second defeat at the hands of Stonington this season. Pana did not score until the eighth, when they bunched hits and put four runs across Smith, a Decatur pitcher traveling under an assumed name, was in excellent form and held the locals down to four hits until the fatal eighth. The score; R - H Pana . 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 -- 4 9 2 Stonington 010010120--5 6 Batteries--Hawker, Stewart, Knep- ping and Peters; Smith and Jones. DECATUR~GRAYS WALLOPED TWICE According to a. message from th Warrensburg baseball club, that team defeated the Decatur 6rays In two games of * doubleheader, 2 to 0 and 2 to 1. Boughn pitched a great gams for Warrensburg in the flret game striking out nineteen men and allow ins but one blow. Dlckerson's home run with a comrade on the pillows gave Warrensburg the game. Warrensburg comes to Decatur n gunday; to. flay. t.h» Ofays here, BUSHER UPSETS TOURNEY DOPE W. C. Buaher upset the dope in the tennis tournament this morning when he defeated Gauer oJ Morri- sonvllle, 6--3; 0--6; 6--3. Gauer had been picked by most everyone to come through to the finals and Buaher's victory is a b!£ compliment to his ability. W. Manning of Morrisonville, oldest player In the tournament, met Granvllle LeForgee the youngest player, in the first match of the tournament. It was an odd sight to see a gray haired man playing a youns chap In his 'tesns. Although Outclassed, LeForgee put up a good fight and showed that he was a comer. Manning was in top trim. He won, 6--0, 6--1. Odor defeated Baymiller In a close, hard-fought match, which 'waB featured by the incessant lobbing of both men, 6--3. 4--6, 6--3. The ball was repeatedly in play for Jive or six strokes. Busher's match with Gauer, one of the veterans of the meet, was the most sensational of the morning. Both men were in fine trim, and fought hard. Although Gauer defeated Eushev In the second set, 6--0, the games were all close. Both players hid strong serves. Gauer's cut bothered Busher for a while, but he finally got onto it. By his excellent showing against Gauer, Busher bids high for the f i n a l ? . Though the number of entries is not as large as was expected, the class of the players entered in the Central Illinois tennis tournament, which started play this morning at the Country club, ssures a splendid series of matches. Decatur players and visitors were disappointed to learn that W. H. Wiley could not take part in the tourney because ot a, death In his family Monday. HAINES IS MILLER'S PARTNER. Mr. Wiley's absence breaks up Decatur's champion tennis doubles team, composed in previous years of Phil Miller and Wiley, and will mean a harder fight for the local players to keep the cup here. Harry E. Halnes will take Wiley's place with Miller and they will form a fast combination to all comers. PICK MILLER TO WIN" SINGLES. Local hopes are also pinned on one or two other good doubles combination. Odor and Adams and Risley and Busher will put up a good fight. Miller, the present champion in the singles. Is expected to come through but he will find tough material In the mettle of the visitors and local players he will have to meet. · PARSON GREEN'B MISSIXG-. Two other out of town players who are missed this year are Leonard of Pekln and Greene of Peoria, ^the team which won the doubles cups last year. The preacher player, Mr. Greene was unable to come because of the death o£ his wife last week. The pairings for the singles and doubles follows: SINGLES PAIRINGS. Bernard, Springfield, vs. Adams, Decatur. Dey, Moirlsonvllle, vs. Denz, Decatur. J. Gushing, Assumption, vs. Bonus, Decatur. Gauer, Morrlsonvllle. vs. Busher, Decatur. H. Cushing, Assumption, vs. Powers, Decatur. Manning, Morrisonville, vs. LeForgee, Decatur. Riegel, Peoria, vs. Halnes, Decatur. Camp, Bement, vs. Wand, Decatur. Taylor, Bement, vs. Morrow, Decatur. Baymiller. Peoria, vs. Odor, Decatur. Elwood, Decatur, vs. Chllds, Decatur. Risley, Decatur, vs. Miller, Decatur. DOUBLES. Miller-Haines vs. Riegel-Baymlller. Dsnz-Powers vs. Lindsay-Barber. Adams-Odor vs. Cushing-Cushing. B'onus-Childs vs. Camp-Taylor. Elwood-LeForgce vs. Manning-Porter. Morrow and Partner vs. Pearson- Partner. Gauur-Dey vs. Rlsley-Busher. MANY BYES. In the singles, the first four men at the top of the list and the last four men, at the bottom of the list, draw byes. This makes eight matches in the first round a-nd aleo eight in the second round. In the doubles, the team at the top and also the team at the bottom, draw byes, making six matches the first round and four thft second round. Thftre will be thirteen matches in doubles and twenty-three matches in singles, a total of thirty-six matches which will assure tennis lovers plenty of amusement. Visitors are i n v i t e d to come and watch the play. W. MANNING HERE. One of the most Interesting players present Is W. Manning of Morrison- vllle, one of the famous team of theManning: brotlierc, who several years ago took away the fancy double cups. The elder Manning, they are both rather "eldlsh." was unable to come. His "younger" brother salj he was gettlns "too fat" for the game. LOVE FEAST. Mr. Manning 1 'arrived early Monday afternoon in his car a f t e r a. blow out on the way. There was a small love feast on the courts at the club when he ftllghtefi. "Doc" Adams, Odor, Risley, Halnes and several others gave him a-warm greeting. " · "I wouldn't have come." said Mr. Manning, 'but I saw that Dr. Adams, with hie bald head, had entered, and I came .up. in the. fcop.e ol p.utUpg: him MORRISONV1LLE TENNIS STAR Hurls Two Innings in Losing Contest New Tork and Philadelphia, divided a double bill at New Tork on Monday, the champion* winning the drat, 5 to i, and losing the aeconil, 7 to 2. Herd Schupp, ex-Commodore, figured In two Innings of the aecond game, allowing two hit», walking ona and striking out two. Hs went In after Tcgreau and Demaree and Jacob, a recruit, had been knocked out of the box. The scores: FIRST O-AltE. R. H. B. Xew Tork .1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 S--B 10 2 Phila 0 1 0 0 3 0 0 0 n--4 1 1 1 Batteries--Promme, Wiltee and Myers, McLean; Mattleon and Killifer. SECOND GAME. PHILADELPHIA. A.B. R. H P.O. A. E Byrn?, 2b ' Becker, I f .... Lobert. 3b .... Crs-vsth, rf ·· LuderuB. Ib .. Martin, si .-E. Burns, e ... Jacobs, p .... Mayer, p Totals NEW TORK. Bcscher. cf .. G. Burnt, If .. Fletcher, es .. Robertson, rf Merkle, Ib .... Doyle, 2b .... Stock. 3b Meyers, f .... MrLean, c .... ·Pieh Tesreau. p .... Demaree, p ... Schaurtr, p .. ··Thorpe Schupp. p .... ···SnodgraEs Totals ·Ran for McL ··Bated for S ···Batted for By Innings: Philadelphia .. New York 8ch*ur«r. 1 la 5 Inning*; off Schupp, 2 In 2 innings: off Jacobs, 2 (none out IB first Inning); off M«yer, S In 0 innlnis. Time of fam«--2:07. Umpires--Hart and RI»ler. OTHER MAJOR LEACCE SCORES. National. Boston, 3-10-0: Brooklyn, 1-T-l. Bltter- let-Rudolph and Oewdy; Pftlfer an* Fischer. Second Game--Boston. I-S-0: Brooklyn, 0-4-1. Batteries--Crutcher and Qowdy; Allen and McCarty. Open date for other oluba Anterton. Philadelphia, 2-T-O; N»w Tork, 0-+-0. B«t- terlts--Bender and Bch«n«; Caldw«ll and Washington 1-5-S; Boston, 0-J-I. Batteries--W. Johnson and Alnsmllh; B. Jonn- Vwteral. Op4n date for SL LouK tnd Indtinanlla, Brooklyn, 10-1S-0: Baltimore. 5-*-S B»t- teriei--Marlon and Ow«»: Bunt. TOUBI. Hughei and JacklltfCh and Souehtr. PitUburgh. s-U-2; Buffalo. B-«-0. But- lerles--Kntuer and B*iry; Schull. Knapp an Ka?lM r 'C!ty. *-«-»; Chlc»««. l-T-». Batteries--Packard and Easterly: Lan*e, Mi Gutre and Wilien. ^ Outfielder Johnion, who w»» Injured, returned to th* Ptorla line-up ye.sterday and Scott Lueai wa« OB the b«nch. Manager Rowland ha* decided, however, to Bwltch, Darrlngar to short In place on Maney and keep Lucas permanently in right. . .-0 7 7 2T ^ 0 A.B. R. H. P.O. A. E . .·» 1 2 3 0 0 . S 0 2 2 0 0 ! (t o 0 ft C 0 1 n 1 n o 0 0 n l n l o o o o o 35 "5 I" IT 13 1 an In ninth Innlnr- iiaurar In seventh inning. First ba«ft on Echupp In ninth inning. 4 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0--7 ! 0 (1 ! 0 0 0 0 0--2 SUMMARY. errors -- Philadelphia, 1. , . I Two-base rUis -- G Burns. Belcher. Robert' son. Three-base hits-- Luderus, E. Burns, i Backer Sacrifice hit-- Becker, Sacrifice flies -- Paskert, Lobert, Fletcher. Stolen baees-- Martin, Pieh (2). Left on bases-- New Tork, 9: Philadelphia, 3. Double plays- Stock to Doyle to Merkle; McLean to Fletcher. Bases nn balls-- Off Tesreau, 3: off Schupp. 1; off Mayer, 2. stnirk out-By Schaufcr, 1: by ScMirr. -: by Mayer. 2. H i t s -- Off Tesreau. 1 In one-thira of an m- W. MANXIXG. Mr. Planning acknowledges he isn't as fast as he was the year he and Ms brother took away the cups, but te expects to have a good time every minute during the tournament on the local courts. He is fifty-two years old. out in the f i r s t round." "Cum'on," aaid the doctor. EARLY MATCHES. Mr. Manning was one of the first on the courts this morning-, playing his first match with LeForgee. Odor and Baymiller were also playing their first round. HAIXES LOSES TO RIEGEL. Riegel of Peoria beat Haines of Decatur, 8--6, 6--3. It was a warm contest throughout. Mr. Haines handled his 206 pounds in a way that was the envy of his lighter opponent and the spectators. SELECTED at For Annual Matches Champaign. Players from the local Country club have not oeen selected yet for the golf and tennis tournament which is to be held in Champaign next week, July 13-17, but they probably will be later on In the week. The week's program will be as follows: WEEK'S PROGRAM. Monday, the opening day, the llnlrs and grounds will be open to all visitors and two business sessions will be held. Tuesday the qualifying rounds will commence and both tennis singles and doubles will start. There will be an auto ride for the women and a band concert and dancing. "Wednesday golf and tennis will continue and the evening's entertainment will be music and dancing. Thursday will be a continuance of the golf and tennis Play and the various' clulis represented will provide a dancing stunt for the evening. Friday will see the various championships played off. The final event of the week will be the dinner and concert at 6 p. m.. when the presentation of prizes will take place. It Is expected that a number of people from the local club will accompany the players over to the t o u r n a m e n t . CHAMPAIGN GOLF COURSE. Local golfers are very much interested In the Champaign golf course and will he I n t e r e s t e d to pot th e f o i_ lowing data: No. Distance Par Bogey 1 2 B 4 4 " , 2 3*4 4 5 i . 3 til 4 5 4 31i 4 S 5 312 4 5 S 121 3 4 7 3 4 0 4 s 8 292 4 S 3 213 3 4 Totals :,638yds 34 45 FOURTH VICTIM OF AUTO WRECK DIES Johnstown, Pa-. July "··--Mrs. James Topley, the fourth victim of the automobile accident near Stoyestown last Sunday, died in a hospital here today. John D. Hlldinger. whose wif e succumbed to her injuries yesterday Is .reported, dy Mail Order List Jos. Eck Bro., 120 N. Sixth St., Springfield, HI. Wholesale and Retail Liquor Dealers. WE MAKE A SPECIALTY OF MAIL ORDERS BOTTLED IN BOND GOODS Spring Brook, 4 full quarts $3-20 Sargamo Club, 4 full quarts $3.80 Old Elk, 4 full quarts ff25 SUNNY BROOK, 4 full quarts $4.25 Sam Thompson, 4 full quarts, Pennsylvania Rye $4JSO STRAIGHT WHISKEY IN BULK Sam Thompson, pure Pennsylvania rye, 6 Summers old $4.00 Mellwood, 4 years old, per gallon $3.00; 2 gallons S5.50 Nelson, 6 years old, per gallon $3.00; 2 gallons $5.60 Mellwood, 6 years old · $3.50 SUNNY BROOK, 4 years old .$3.50 Old Grand Dad, 6 years old $3.50 Old Elk, 6 years old · ·. .$4.00 Old Crow, 8 years old $5.00 We are agents for the Crown Brewing Co.. Cincinnati Bottled Beer. 10 dozen small bottles, packed in barrel $8.50 Rebate of $2.25 for 10 dozen empties returned. Express Prepaid on all Whiskey orders for $3.00 or more. Joseph Eck Brother 120 N, Sixth St. Springfield, HI. Established 1875. Orders shipped same day received. $ y $ V $( y FRIEND MAKING SHIRT SALE This morning we place on sale all our high-grade shirts, including silks. $1.50 and $2 shirts, I» 1 v 1 C your choice .,,,,..... - ...«P-*---l-«J $2.50 and $3 shirts, (M CK your choice .. .1-03 $3.50 and $4 shirts, your choice $5.00 shirts, £O £C your choice, ,.-.. $O.OO $6.00 shirts, your choice ... .· .'.i. ; . . 5 .-.- : . $4.50 eSdopgrCullur^ _ .HABE-RJXVSHBRa HATTERS 40 years old and still able to sting the ball. Manager of the Chicago White Sox. In his prime he was one ot the most famous pitchers. Managed one of the teams which has just completed a trip around the world. He is the idol of the Chicago fans and is considered a Chic»go "boy" although bom in Fitchburg, Miss. The first ball used in the game recently played before King George V. was tossed by the King to Junes Callahan. He believes in --it won't make an athlete-Hjut it will help keep an athlete in prime condition. Satisfies that consuming athletic thirst. Your beverage, too. THE Whenever you tee an Arrow think of Coci-Col* DeBani the genuine by loll une-- NJdra*ae« es«oanje «b«titatioo. C O C A - C O L A C O M P A N Y A T L A N T A , OA. lEWSPAPERI STEWSPAPER!

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