Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 8, 1888 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 8, 1888
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MOSES <DILLOA Has just received » car of SPLINT COAL LESS THAN ONE CENT A DAK ..',,! » r'nlnm* in IM-'f. On» >«ar • >"'"•' rir'l-n ro«k" WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY NUMBER ILLINOIS. STERLING VOLUME :BBABO, per a. OOIWO HAST, j OOIWO WEST. S—Pftswr.gpr 11:15 ».m 36—1'anwwr 2:*jp.m. Til-Freight t:4.', p.m.j42-Frelght 3:4«p.m. ABRIVIE FROM F.ABT. |AKRIVK FR °^ 0 .^a"' 77—FreighU.... 9 :«0 a!m'.J41—Freight 1 :W p.m. Passenger No. 38 connects with trains «n»t nm) .we»t on Clinton Branch; with C. R. I * P. B. R. . . . at Bocit Island east and west; with naiwenfcr at Rio; with main line lor P?'"'"'™". 1 round! BluSs. Omaha and beyoml. and at Busli- uell for Kaunas Oily and points beyond. C. & N. W. TlMk TABLE OOINO EAST. Atlantic Ex 3:37 a. m. Limited PBM...42H a m. Clinton Fass....«S7 «• m. l)cnverPa«9...10i2S ft, m. Manual! town Passenger...1:40 p.m. OOINO WKST. Paclno Ex 2-.2S*. in. Marshalltown Pa»»engpr...l:l3p m. Denver Pas9...4:04 p. m. Ollnton PMS..8-.17 p. m. Limited Passings p.m. SIN FIT \Y\YS \NDMFANSl I PLAIT'S INQUIRING MIND. H SEEM TO HAVE DOWNED ANOTHtR BANK AT CINCINNATI. PrMiilent M^anp), of the M the CllitrheN of Uncln Hm the Concrrq tin Hi\* * In «•«••! hrm Ion—Some Srrl Dlt— A Voice from ll>« I* elrnpoirnn, In 's C«»urt — And tti* Chf\rge« On Kuaioar TBAEKB HIAT CARBY pASBKKa»Bfl, OOIKO MART. ' OOINO WRflT. No. 18 8.17 P. in. NO. 40 .._-. 8:40 a. m. No. No. 17.... ....7;37a,ra. 10:25 a. m. IMPROVED FARMS -IN- County, IOWA & KANSAS FOB SAI.K OR TR»r>K. TOWN PROPERTY . For sale, or trade for stock. TWO GOOD HOfJNKM In Kmk FalN, for sale. Call and see what the bargains are. EOWABD G. UNDERWOOD. rli»n'« Order—Hoth Men Put In .Tall by tha Manhal. LvDiAXAPOi.ia, Ind., Feb. b.—Judge Woods received tho following telegram from Justice Harlan nt Wnshlnptrm Tuesday: HON. WILLIAM A. WOODB: Thn statute seems to provide that allowance or refusal of writ shnuM uVpend upon th.» Importancrt and dlfll- . . culty of tbo <lU'-'"tions as prewntoJ In the record Under i of tr)ftl .\a It B|in™m that the di-frii'lantii have cot hail HiiflVli-iii time to obtain » full transcript of tlm record the lienrliiKof the application for a writ of error I* set for tho 3Jth at Indianapolis. Biibjoct to IM; hereafter changed to the 31th, upon notice from inn. In tho meantime have the mar- Bhal keep Thn prisoner* In custody. The defendant* br.lns la ciisto !y, under sentoiK.t 1 , I do not think boud ran be taken. (XMi.lhii; application for a writ. Joys M. HAUHN, C'lrevilt Justice. ' This was received about U i/clooki and at S marshal, who h^s been ANOTHER INSTALLMENT OF AN QUIS1TIVE DISCOURSE. IN- A Hill for Oklnhama Boouier«- Kollef for Men Who Did Mat Muiter Oat IUgn- lurlj— Work In ConeroM—The Committee ttliMi Mill Look Into tlio Rr*dlD( Trouble—Cuntoins Kconomy, HEAOQUARTER8 •I- The sensational features of the difficulty worn Increased Tuoaday by tho arrest of William M^an», president of tho bank, which was done very quietly, and the culprit allowed to go voluntarily before the United Btates odloialu, where he gave bond In $-'0,000. The charge against him was-the misappropriation of tho funds of the bank, and the specification wai that ha bad loaned himself »2'.!4,000. Mr. Means bos bad a leading position among business men for a number of years; has been reputed quite wealthy; wrved a term as mayor, when ho wa» elected, not by a party voto, hut by a combination whose support was a compliment to their candidate. To have a man of such prominence put In peril of Imprlnanment causes a profound feeling. There IB a fairly well authenticated' statement that Ihe examination of the bank's books and papers show a gross violation of the banking law in loans to officers and others connected with the hank very largely in excess of the limit allowed by the law to any one. It is possible that this wrong-doing may have been carried to such an extent aa to Imperil the bank's solvency. At this time It Is not thought that other arrests will be made, but of this no one can speak with certainty because there baa not been time for a thorough examination of the bank's affairs. Around town there was tho usual floating C'Pti'lNNATi, O., Fsli. 8.—Th" silence of the tomb prevailed at tho Metropolitan bank Tuesday morning. It Is locatel in a now browustoiiB otructure called the Unlteil Banks' building, and occupies the western half at the southenHt fCruer of Third and Walnut street* A placard on the front door 'the United State* announced to those interentel, either from keeping the men at the Grand hotel since curiosity or cash, that the comptroller of the ' tne i r sentence., concluded ho could not do BO currency, acting; throu;h Bank Examiner I an y longer, and sent them to the county Jail, Sanders, "an iiinnin? things Innide, where a j where they will remain until Justice Harlan few clerka and the examiner wore making an I bear* the application. At tha hotel Coy nnd Investigation of the condition of the concern. Bernhamer have boon the recipient* of marked attention from leading Democrats. Coy said Monday night tbat fully 5iX) caller* hud been lik to see him Sunday, a fact that seemed to give him particular pride 03 be sat then, in the midst of flowers that had been sent In In profusion. Ho said that William H. English had been in and said to him: "There is one thing aoout it, Mr. Coy, if yon ore Incarcerated for thta crime, which has been laid at your door, It will not disgrace you. The whole Democratic party ls v at your back, and It in mighty firm just now 1 , and If you nvjst suffer tha penalty that has boon given you, tlm party will bo flrmor than ever In your slot*." There It mw.h fueling over the Incarceration of the men among the pnrty heolerfl, and they aro denouncing tho Unitol States marshal without stint. The Finest CONFECTIONERY Made anrt , the Choicest FRUITS Grown, constantly on band at JNO. P. LAWRIE'S. THE LOVE-LORN MISCREANT AGAIN. He Kill. B Young Girl Ueraniie She He- fun e. I to Marry Him. ST. 'JOSEPH, Mo., Feb. a—A frightful tragedy occurred Tuesday morning on a stock farm six miles south of Rt»n-arUvllIo, a small town twenty-eight mllm east of this city. AVIlllam Ball, the superintendent of the farm, shot and Instantly lilllod Miss Elvu Everett, daughter of the proprietor, and then killed himself. A fuw months ago Ball asked rumors, one being to the effect that Decamp's i the , r , lQ ma ' rry ,,;,„ Su8 „,,„.,„,, Bnd toM personal liability to the bank wiII be |IOO - , h , m not ^ „„„„„„ tho aullject to ner ngoln . • A few choice tracts of land now In the hands ot K. B. Hubbsra, located In Iowa and Bouthurn Minnesota; -with TITLES WARRANTED PERK While many of the lands now owned by specn laton are under a oloud of title. These lauds ire sold with 1>KEFECT ABSTRACTS. HRIOK8 FBOM SIX TO TEN DOLLARS PEB AOKK % . I have also a FARM WEST of EMPIRE For sale cheap, on which & good property-ln aterllTJK or Bock Falls will be taken as part payment. Wow la the time to j^t good bargains. HAPM AND Can be had at my office, and cheap tickets to stow western lands. Uelsura svre Daaceronsi OB Tbene Bar- F. B. HUBB A.RD Land office opposite Mannerclior Hall, . Ill" KIRK'S FLOATING SOAP THE CHIEF For tho Bath, Toilet »nd U«undry. Snow Whltei nnd At>«olut«ly, Pure. If roor d«t«r flow not keep WbltK Cloud Soap, trrid 10 oenu for tamplo c«»«, to U)* makers, JHS. S. KIRK SCO, CHICAGO. WSIQHT & WILLIAMS, PLUMBERS. G^-fe STEAM FifFERS. Jobblna; smd BepoIrUiff rromptly De&len In Lead and "Wrought Iron Pipe, Wood mid Iron Pumps, «f all kind. Hose, .Packing, Steam and Water Gu&ges, Valvea, Fittings, Hewer fkw, &c. KsUnutee made on fltmiblng, steam 4( G as John. 000. Ho waa not viulble during the day. The Impression is growini; stronger than ever that the December statement was falsified, and that Cashier Edwards may follow bis pros dont on tho list of government victims. A report that the appended bank would pay 80 per cpnt. on IU capital stock, which was current during the day, appears to have been rose-colored. Figures furnished by a man who in thoroughly familiar with tbe situation show that tbe bank can not hopa to pay more than 00 cants, and It may be only 50 cents. Much of the paper held by tha Metropolitan, It has been asserted, is doubtful, even if the best construction Is put upon It. When $500.000 was recently added to the capital stock only $200,000 of it was actually sold. Tbe rest was put out as collateral for loans, making It a debt against the capital. A matter that interest* thousands of people in this city In the fact that the cashier and assistant cashier are both connoctnd with several building associations that had deposits tho Metropolitan. It has been learned, however, .that some of these associations ' checked out In time. . I i There is one difference between the cave of • tbe Metropolitan and that of tha Fidelity, and that U that there Is great public- sympathy tor all the oflleors of tbe Metropolitan except Decamp. William Moans Is a genial gentleman, and is very generally liked. la the case of the Fidelity there was almost universally a strong feeling against the officers. Tbe cashier states that there remains about t.WO.Oi'O of the *1,500,000 depoult account. U U thought depositors will be paid In full, while stockholders will be subjected to an assessment of 10 to 1ft per cent, on tbe par value of their holdings. It Is developed that among the directors there was arlne composed of President Means. Vice President Decamp, and Directors Gorke, Duckworth, and Roth. This quartette has Invested In all sorts of wildcat schemes, and had loaned the money of' tbe depositors to each other in an •rtraordlnary manner, without any security being given. Tbe amount thus loaned In those Investments alone will exceed $000,000. B. L. Harper, of tbe Fidelity, speaking of the failure at tbe penitentiary at Columbus, said Tuesday morning: "It was the Fidelity money that kept tho Metropolitan from fall- lug last summer, and when Decamp "was temporary recairer of the Fidelity all remittances received by Decamp for tha Fidelity were deposited in the Metropolitan, and It was this mooey—some very large amount*, once or twice being t&0,OuO and over a day —wblob kept the Metropolitan afloat. When Decamp gave np tbe receivership and Armstrong demanded the Fidelity money on deposit in tho Metropolitan, that bank nearly failed. It could not give up this money promptly, but finally the Metropolitan folks got together and saved themselves. Continuing,-Harper said: "The government Is more to blame for the frequent bank failures than the bank officials themselves. -The - government should have examiners •anougb to examine banks every three months. If tha officials are competent no bank can so cripple itself as to be thrown Into a rorolvemblp. Tbe trouble is that these examines do not call on a bank uuleas they hear rumors affecting Ita credit, the very tlmu tbey should stay away and give tbe bank a chance to recover. Instead, .the examtnor rushes in and precipitate* tbe catastrophe. Had the examiner done his duty the Fidelity would never have fulled, and I would not now be in prison. When tho regular examination was made the Fidelity was carrying several hundred thousand dollars of Wiltshire's checks, and tharo wen no objiction made to them. Hud Tuesday morning he requested a -private-ln-/ tervlew, and upon her refusal shot her. The girl's mother fell pros'rate and Is now delirious. Last Sunday Bull wrote Miss Evoretl's father, who Is in Kentucky, and to his own father, who resides in southwest Missouri, telling them that he Intended to kill tho girl and hlmsolf. Tho father of the girl owns a stock farm of 6-40 acres and Is *bne of the loading stock raisei-H in this section of the country. _ _____ __ Suit to Itcoover 910, OOO. NEW YonK, Fob. 8. —An uttcchment has been Issued against the property of Margaret B. C. Jones in a suit to recover $10,000 for gocdi delivered, brought by R, D. Wai burg & Co. Intent to defraud creditors la charged by tho plaintiff. Mr* Jones put $'J5, 000 into the lace Importing home of FruncU J. Ferris & Co., ami her nephew, Jumos S. Cowlln, entered the firm In January, 188(1, aa her representative. In tha September following Cowlln made an assignment and it is alleged absconded. Whtm the firm became seriously Involved It was said that Mm Jones had gone to Europe. Detectives tracad her through Englnii'j and Scotland. Bbo Is now In this city. A week ago there was a fire In Mrm. Jouea' house and the firm's books were found near the IHnian. Mrs. Jono.i says she lost $80,OUO through the firm's transactions, and la now ponniluai. Tho plaintiff bollovea tho bai property In Patterson, N. J. Mr. B, E WILLIAMS, rmerly with Win. McCune & Co.. Mtand od andlroD pump setting and repairing. Mr. E. M, WRIGHT, ' Formerly with the Steritpg Wtter'Co.. gives his vwrsonaf atwntloato aU pUuaWae. weam and gas ooutructs. . OUB EVAKF FALACB Is complete with the latest designs In Hanging. Stand and Bracket IJUMPO, iUlroers^ Ohintueys, &».• Price* to suit the umel Call *od »«« our Little OUct Lamp^td Eureka SftfttT V&lvti. All wort wamuited. >3foBr orders sollctted. •Talesib«iie Ml Will Tuokle the Standard. TOLEDO, O., Feb. S.— Tbe Blade publishes a statement that a syndicate of Now York, Toledo, Chicago and Detroit capitalists, representing fi"),(K'0,000, hold a meeting Monday night and organized to build a pipe line froth the northwestern Ohio oil fields to Toledo, anil to erect rofinuriea, so as to compete with the Standard Oil company. They claim to own patent* on a now process of refining, and can place the prpduct on the market at a cheaper rate. T,h« capital stock of tbe new company Is $10,000,000. The ouly name that has yo( been publicly connected with tho enterprise is George F. Clark, of Chicago. Tbe Woman Did Tempt Him. PHILADELPHIA, FeU 8.— H. R Reese, for the last eight years bookkeeper at tha Continental hotel of this city, was arrested Tuesday afternoon on the chnrga of embezzling $3,000 from bis employers. Ht) made a full confession, and was committed in default of $3,000 ball for trial He was Induced to steal the money by a young woman with whom he was Infatuated, and used the funds In supporting bar and .her family. Rwae is BO yean old, a member of the Baptist church, and superintendent bf a Sunday school He has a wife, but no children. Michigan'* Itleanent Thlpf. ST. IONAOK, M|ch., Feb. >.— Tuesday morning Wateuu Sherman, a bridge carpenter, was instantly killeJ while at work on the new"«lip. The corpse was taken to Mailett & Walktir's undertaking place. A half dollar was placod over one eye. James Hughes, a lumberman, loafed around the body for a time, and at last, when nobody was looking, stole tbe Imlf-dollur and put penny In lt« place. The fellow was at once arrested. He pleaded guilty, and was held. The Pedeitrlui Score. Niw YORK, Feb. a— At 3 a. m. Wednesday the score in tbe wulkiug match was as follows: Albert, 233 miles; Panchot, 2S5 Guerrero, 233; Hart, 230, ti lap*; Herty, 222-6 Golden, 221-5; Moore, ^15-3; Btrokel, aiu-i; Day, B01; Cox, !M; Norainuc, 19J; Connors, JUl-3; Dillou, lTa-6; Vint, 170-2; fciullivan Taylor, liiJ; Collins, WAWIIMJTON CITY, Feb. 8.—Plntt oon- '.inued nnd concluded his speech on the presi- Jent's message in the senate Tuesday. Summing np tho substance of Monday's Installment he sa'd IIH had shown that tho message meant absolute fre» trail?, and could result In nothing but the entiro abolishment of the protective system of tho country. H» could not but a.witna that the Democratic party Intended to follow the recommendations of It* commander-in-chief. There bad been, indeed, come straws that looked as If there might be som? question about that—a*'if there would be an attempt at some compromise—as if thero would be a studied effort on the port of the Democratic pnrty to do nothing at this session in the line of the president's recommendations, and then to go once more to the country on the president's free trade message as its platform. But be could not aisume that the Democratic party and the Democratic leaders In congress really Intended that course of action. He admitted the necessity of some roductlon of income, but ho was not to bo frightened Into an abandonment of the protective system by the president's "raw head and bloody bones" figures. . As to the surplus In tho treasury he denied that there was auy necessity for an accumulation. The qr«sllon of a reduction of taxation had very little to do with relieving the treasury of what tho president called it* "congested condition." The great talk about the surplus could , l>e for no other purpose than to hold out an Inducement to break down the protective system. The senate had waited now nearly three yonra for some bill fora reduction of the taxation to come from the bouse, and had wondered why Its comlnz was so long delayed. . Eight long weeks had passed since cou^rdsa had been told of the danRerous condition of the treasury, end no bill had yet been reported in the bouse look- Ing to a reduction of tho surplus. This was not a Republican administration. It was a Democratic administration; and If money had been allowed to accumulate In the treasury aiidiicrulToft TiTHd(i~~fcr~ltaredUT!tion;-~the~ fault was that of tho party in power. What reason could be given for thatdolay In the past? What reason could be given for that delay to-day I If it wero not that the accumulation In the treasury was being used, and deliberately unod, to force congress Into a destruction of the protective system of the country. Platt went on to argue tbat there was no need of $100,000,000 reduction of revenue, and that such a roductlon could not be made with any wise regard to tho condition of national finances. Ho asked why the reduction should not bo made by the abolition or reduction of internal revenue. It. was because the protective system would then be left In force. Internal revenue taxation was a taxation on'American products—tobacco and corn. It was a lax that operated unequally. And yet tbe president said that nobody objected to it. If more roductlon were needed, why not abolish the duty on sugar, or roduoo It by 2.1 por cent.; or why not take half tho tax oil tobacco and whisky. There was but answer. If there really existed any fear of the oonsequtincud of an accumulated surplus; If there was no coming presidential campaign, and If a reduction of revenue -was the ouly thing aimed at, it oould be easily accomplished by dealing with Internal revenue, taxation. He wanted tho Democratic party to follow IU leader, to obey It* commancU r, to take off e mask, and have a square fight on tbe mo presented by tho . president; and he uotod from tho speech of Kunna where be eclared that "both tho Internal and external tax systems will be treated an a whole." tsrnu of enlistment, or until the lit of Mayc 18ti5,or were prevented from completing tbelr tertns of service by reason of wounds received or diseases contracted in the line of duty, and who fullnd to be muttered out. When the charge of desertion Is reniovel such men, or in case of their death, their heirs, shall receive all pay or bounty withheld on account of tbe ch«rgs of desertion. All applications for relief under this act must be filed within flvf years aflor It* passage. The Itrndlng Btrlke Committee. WABHIKOTOS Crrr, Fob. a— Speaker Carlisle has agreed to appoint as the special committee on the Reading railroad strike Tillman of South Carolina, Chipmaa of Mlahlgan,«Stona of Miss, url, Parker of New York and Amluinou of Kansas. The committee will leave nt once fur Pennsylvania, to bo absent about a month, __ The chairmanship of the committee was offered to and do- clliied by Riyner of Maryland. ALLEGED. OF CONKLING. SOME BITTER REMARKS CREDITED TO THE RETIRED STATESMAN. Contullilntlnn of Ctwtoim Dlitrlot*. WASHINGTON' CITY, Feb. i— Tbe Breck- enrldge bill providing for the consolidation of customs districts, agieed upon Tuwdny by tbe ways and moans committee of the house, authorizes the president to consolidate with an adjoining district every customs district Where tho receipt* ore les* than the expenses, and to dlgcontihUa the services of tbe officers. THE MINERS AND OPERATORS. Inter-Rtnto Convention at I'lttnburg — Op- pnRltiun to'tlie Knights. PrrTsuimo, Fob. a—The afternoon session of the inter-State Coal Minors' and Operators 1 convention convened at 3 o'clock Tuesday. Tbo report of tho committee on credentials earned a long discussion, resulting In ten delegnUw from western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Maryland withdrawing from the convention, tbe cause being that the report deprived the miners of a rot* when a din rict was only represented by them, no operators being preient Alexander Dempster, of the Spring Hill Coal company, was made permanent president. The committee on credentials made ita final report of a disagreement on tbe admission of four Indiana delegates, all Knlghta of Labor. This opened tbe discussion again. Col 8. N. Yboman, of Indiana (operator), objected to tbe presence of Knights of Labor on tbe floor. Col. R<md defended the knights, and the debate was kept up tor some, time without a conclusion being reached. Previous to tiie convention convening W. P. Rend addressed the delegates. H» alluded bad falllrof the Illinois operator! -He also touched upon the railroads which discriminated against Pennsylvania's Interest, ma king operators in this state pay a special tax as a penally for producing the best coal. He spoke of the men who under plea of poverty paid under scale prlcus. These were the causes which hurt the mining business. John McBride, president of the Ohio Mtiioru' association, followed on the same subject. 107-1; Sinclair, I'/J; . . ISM; Tilly, Hfl-5; Stout, 134. Of the forty tbe examiner objected there eight starters but twenty aro now walking been ample time to avert any j .the others having finally dropped out. The examination be- ADVERTISERS* g tp*c« **»*,«* C: itt fwti it o would hare *>>rious consequence*. lag careless and slack I took the risk and lost If thetTii'h wa« known, nine-tenths of all the banker* In the country would be In prison for violation of the banking laws that I was convicted of." • A Oonple at Whlto Capl la OoJtudr. VlKCENNEfl, lud., Fdb. &— Dr. Courtney, of Marengo county, waa orre«tel Tuesday at EraUon Btatiou, five miles below thN city, on th* charge of particlp icing in tint attempt to murder of Dr. Williams, who wan fatally whipped and boiUu by White Cap* on the Kd inst. Tbe doctor'* *ou Tom Is also undsr arrest, Implicated Iu tha sama crime. Tha elder Courtney wa* tak*n from hers to Loavwjworth Tuesday night, where hs will be tried for bli crime. Too HBIIV ao »8trt<i(. atowviOUX), ]!!•., Fab. 4—Ml** Aldora HoroSd, of Uncoiu, III*, wai g}vuo a vsr- die* df M.SQO dawsgit* ta tin circuit court WaJur N. T.Uw. at f umrrbbtftt OOB- uuurri*i Mis* An Allegi-d Iluyootler DI»char K DDBLIN, Fab. 8.— The court of appoa Tuesday discharged on a writ of habea* cor pus tbe man Sullivan, convicted In the early part of 1W of boycotting tha family o Farmer Curtln, of JlolahalTa, County Karry who wo*'killed In hlj housj in November 188o, by a baud of niooaliijhtori ThaoourU room and it* surruuudingi were crowdec with sympathizers of Sullivan, who waa tremendously c'joorod upon hit i-ciloasa. Bent on Hanging th« IturretU. MINNEAPOLIS, M.UU.,.FL>U a— In tha Barrett murder £ase Tuesday Ixjttio Welch Ust; fled that A&Ulant Couutv Attorney Jamie- ton told her that ".be Birroit boys mm bang, gullly or not guilty." Mr. Hawitt, In an interview, said bis wife und Mrs. Welo would corroborato the itatement, maklbg h! dsdanttlou in ui«t! court. Will U««« lu Vte lUu BAH Hjtao, K«b. a—Dr. M.u-K"i«:» I* of tb* Oi'lntuu Itiat lh«r* U uo l:n apaa UM tar^wa juriuo*, ant ta&n Ui*i SOME WORK IN THE HOUSE. everal IllIlK Ponied and Appropriation* Reported—The Senate llecord. WABUIHOTON Cnv, Feb. a—Bill* wer* reported from comuiltteea to the senate TUBS- ay for the relief of army nurses; to restore certain pensions, and to relieve Importers of ,nlmals.for breeding purposes, A resolution ra* adopted for an inquiry Into tbe ques- lon whether congress should assume control if the erection of bii Iges over- rivers, eta Platt then took the floor to conclude his peeoh on the president's message, and when ,e sat down a bill granting right of way to be Chicago, Kansas & Western railway through tbe Fort Riley reservation In Kanas wag Introduced, the sonata held a short ixncutlve K'Biion, and at 4:35 adjourned. Tbe home adopted a resolution asking whether the legal tender circulation has been kept at tho legal limit Proposed conslltu- •ional amendments fixing tbe hours of labor and In relation to the liquor traffic were adversely reported. Tho diplomatic and con- mlar appropriation—II,*i8,W15—was reported; also a bill providing for a fourth assistant postmaster general; also: Limiting tbe lours of labor of letter-carriers; to organize Jklahomn territory; to improve the civil serv- ce law. Bills were passed: To punish negligent bank officials, including examiners; •a regulate penalties in- internal revenue case*; to appoint two additional railway mall superintendents; to relieve certain veterans from the consequences of technical desertion. Tho military academy appropriation was reported, and tbe house adjourned.' SOME HOPE FOR BOOMERS. A Kill Introduced by Springer to Orgt.ui** Oklahoma Territory. WASUINOTON CITY, Feb. 8.—Springer reported to the hcu*e Tuesday from the territories eommltUM his bill to organize tbe territory of Oklahoma. It provides for the orj&nizatlon of the territory out of that- portloc. of the Indian territory not occupied by the five civil- li«l tribes. A temporary government Is to be'formed In the usual way. U provides also for the opening ot land offices In the territory, not to exceed four in number, and for the opening' ot lands to settlement not required by Indian tribes, and for the appointment of a commissioner by the president to' negotiate with the .Creeks, Beminoles and ehorokets, with a view to oompeusatlug them for the section nt country In tbe territory known as tbe Public Land Strip. It repeals the laws heretofore passed granting land* In the territory to aid lu the construction of railroad*, except for right pi way aEd^ntoes'ury station*, and provide* tha,t no road shall hereafter acquire any lands In Uie territory to aid to tha ooottracciou of it4 line*. Ot XaUreit to Techuloal O*Mrtc«. WAWnSOTOxCTtY, Fob. a -Tb« bill pawed by the hou«« 'ltic«l«y U> rollova curtain war veteran* from too charg* of detartiua appltt* to enli*t<4 or appoiutod m»u of UM oavy or oMjrioa ix>n«i, and tb» r«lt«f 1* graatad to »aab at «a» »i»<i» upon «aii»f»ctory eviU*ao» tlukt Uwy MCT*! au W liui «9|ptratiou of tt«to One Labor Strike Involve* Another. PITTSBUIIO, Pa., Feb. 8.—The Amalga mated Association of Iron and Stool Workers employed at tbe Riverside Plate mill, at Benwood, W. Va., refused to go to work Tuesday morning, and their place* were filled by outsider* and work returned. Al employes of tho mill have been notified to report for work on Thursday morning or take out their tools. At the stoel work*, where the trouble originated, seventy-five Amalgamated men have been supplanted by EInlghta of Labor or outsider*. The muck iron mill bands, Amalgamated men, are at work. It Is now expected that the nailers lu other fao- torlm using Hiverslde plate will refuse to work the material. At tho Solar Iron Work*. PrTTBBUiio,' Pa., Feb. 8.—There was a large crowd In the vicinity ot tbe Solar Iron works Tuesday when the non-union colored men quit work. About liiO policemen escorted the colored men to a place of safety, and then dispersed the crowd. The demonstration was not so fierce as that of Monday. \^ Kencllni Strike ODlolullj Indoned. PBILADKLPHIA, Feb. B.—The general exeo-' utive board of tbe Knight* of Labor Tuesday officially approved tbe strike of the Reading railroad's 1 train men and miners. Ornovllla Still ou the Stand. COLOMBOB, O., Feb. 8.—The crogs-examln- Btlon of Algernon Orou'vlllo was continued all day Tuesday, and waa not finished. Attorney Converse waa obliged to aurrender the work of putting tbo questions to Hon. John McSweony, who led the witness over the lame ground traveled by him lion- day without succeeding In tripping him. It wo* developed, however, that there is In existence an agreement between the prosecuting attorney, the witness Granvllle, Col Duff, and two Chicago detectives as to what part of the toatlmouy various parties are to produce. Thl* Is lu the possession of Lawyer Mil la at Chicago. Tbe state ad mlttod IU existence, but held that it was only a memorandum made for tbe use of the detectives In working up Ihe c.-je. It will be produced in court, — ' Ji Cuimda'i Indian Policy. OTTAWA, Feb. B.—The Indian policy of tbe Canadian government has effected some 1m portunt changes toward bringing the red skins of tho north west to a state of civilization. Tbe lost annual report of the superlu- teudent of Indian affair* shows that there are now 17,000 Indians in tbe northwest nn der treaty. They have 4,708 acres of land under cultivation, have erected 1,707 house*, and own 7,537 head ot stock. La«t year they erected H/8 new bouses and fenoed In 4.CM3 acre* of land under cultivation. Thirty-ail schools have boon started by tbe government. The Fope I* with Ireland. DUBLIN, Fab. S.—The Most Rsv. MoElly archbishop of Tuatu, lu opening the annua retreat of the clergy iu the cathedral at tba place, Tuesday, declared that be was author leed to deny emphatically the rumor* tba the pope opposed the legitimate aspirations of the peiple of Ireland to a distinctive nationality. Never, ha averted, bad there been a fouler calumny Invented than the report be denleo^ and not in Ireland, nor iu the world, be proclaimed, did a heart beat that wa* more friendly to Ireland and her people tbao-tbe heart ot Pops Lao XIIL Bherldnn III* Flrmt Chalo* and Ore.h«m Next, Hat No Hop* for Either In th» Convention—"Tom Platt Did It"—"That Little Fellow" H»wl«T — How Arnot Worked It—Kate*. WATKiun-'nr, Conn., .F«b. 8.-H. B Khodes published the following In The American Tuesday: Rosooo Conkling'i friends and the newspaper* have time and again stated that the great Btalwart wa* out of politic* for the rest of his natural Ufa A few days ago the statement was published that he was even about to shako cff what little Republican dust there was on his feet and turn active Cleveland Democrat. A few evenings ago, however, tbo ex-senator, In my hearing, uttered a few sentences which effectually dispose of this Idea and show that, while b* may be and uo doubt U out of active politic* to stay, he Is still a Republican. Tbe conversation was more extended than I shall attempt, to reproduce, and I am, of conrw, unable to give the dramatic effect with which Mr. Conkllng gave utterance to bis word*. The talk began in a general way on politics, and Conkllng gave no vldenco of particular interest until casual mention was made of the late President Arbur's name. It became evident at once tbat he ex-*enator was as loyal to Mr. Arthur's memory as he had been to tbe man. He at mce poured forth a torrent of eloquence in >ralse ofbls former ally, adding: "But the Republicans proved him false: they were treacherous to him; tbey damned him. Tom Platt did it^ and I suppose they ought to be satisfied." "Well, senator, who do you think would make the moat available Republican candl- datel Whom do you prefer!" Straightening himself up to bis full height, and with a dignified military bearing so peculiar to himself, and which to an observer suggests the picture of a turkey gobbler, the ex-senator «ald with greater force and effjot- ivenes*, and a strong dramatic voice: "Goo. Phil Sheridan would b* the bast nominee, and next to him Walter CJ. Gronham. But what 1* tbe sense of mentioning namest It 111 not bo either." ' "But Sbe.-ldan Is a Roman Catholic, and thi* would uo doubt alienate a very large number of the Republican voters." -"Sheridan a .Roman Catholic, Is her said Mr. Conkllng, In a cynical tone that »poki> volumes, and slowly and dramatically emphasizing each syllable; "well, *o wa* Elaine." "Ob, no; Elaine Is not a Roman Catholic," "Isn't he! Isn't heT said Mr. Conkllng with deeper voice, and emphasis that could not have been mistaken as to bis meaning, nor can It be expressod-ln Ink or type. Then, continuing, he said:-"Did not Mr. Elaine and hi* friends make a special plea, a strong demand for and a demand upon tbe priests to command the support and votes of the Roman Catholics! Blame not a Roman Catholic I But it will not be Sheridan, nor will It be Judge Qreiham. It will be Blalne; and if not he, then Sherman, or perhaps Allison. Or maybe It will be that little fellow see-sawing tbe air over hi* right shoulder with the thumb ot hi* right hand]—what'* is name! I al way s forget It. ! mean Ha w- ey—Joe Hawley." ' This lout remark brought a shout of laugher from iboso present—not at Gen. Hawley, ^2 Just the iking to tru-rn in TERRIBLE are Kidney and tlrer dinsww, aad when ones they hare lecnred s ten hold on the human system tker* in no time to be lost If Ufa is to be saved. Many remedies hire b*ea triad, bat none havo been sa cno- oeatfnl ai Ath-lo-pho-ro*. Many an- solicited teillmcniali have proTed that Ati-lo-pho-Tos has cured th*M disease* when physicians and all > other remedies had failed. Baflk- aohe, pain In the side, dullness, weariness, and headache, »rs often symptoms of these fearful diaessen. Athlophoros, In connection with Athlophoroi Pills, will giv« speedy relief. If jour druggist doesn't keep them, write to - - THE MTHIOPHOROS CO., H3UMU. ST., *. t Ask TOOT ntaO«r (or Mm Orlilnml (S BhM, Bcwmre of ImJutionj. .JAMES MEANS* S3 SHOE. ftaranee. A foot»lc»r<llwnt to as will bring you Inform* on how to get thU Elir>» stat* ur Terrtt 0x7.- iBUTTDH Thll inoe stand* hteher In the nt\mttxtcm ot Wearfrt than any othur In the world. Thournr.-U it will tell rou Uio reason U you uk them. J. R. BELL & SON Will sell them to TOO U yon wffl g)T» ttMm a ofcacea, u well uj FINE CLOTHING. A new and desirable stock of which tbey h*T» oh band. Don't think of going anywhere die, , u no one els« In the tier keepo The James Means Shoe Or u ana uod,' ELEGANT CLOTHING ,"" ' " ' As they do *tfS ™ E CHICAGO ESTERS RAILWAY. Penetrate* the Centre* »f P*B«la- • tUom IMJ _ ILLINOIS, IOWA, WISCONSIN, MICHIGAN, MINNESOTA, DAKOTA, NEBRASKA AND WYOMING, Kea V.*U* Connecticut Veteran*. WATKBBUIJY. Conn., Fab. 8.— Tbe department ot Connecticut G. A. R. began it* «n- eampmeut here Tuesday. At a bauqutl by cltizons in the evening Commander- In- Chief Rea responded to tbe toast "The Grand Army." Col A. IL Feun (poke to tb* tout "Tho President of the United States." r ___ i "i \ De*«rtli>n* from the Liberal Uuloalats. DuBUN, Fob. 8.— There wa* great rejoicing among the home ruler* Tuesday night ov»r the convention of Sir Thonuu Grove, m»mb*» (or Wlltou, and' Mr. Banjarnln Illnghy, member for North Woroetter, who have da» wrUd tba Liberal Unionist* and joined Ui» iut on account of tbe Inimitable acceat with which the words were..uttered. Mntt«r4 la Iowa. ; DM MOIKBS, la, Fob. &,— Tbe conference eport on the registration bill, excepting town* of 2,600 and lest population, passed wth houses of the legislature Tuesday. ..The •enate reoelvi.'d a great lot ot petition* for and against the proposed railway legislation. The railway committee* of both houses were busy bearing the railway representative* galnit tbe 2-cent fare proposition. Judge lubbard told the committee It would belong w fore tbe people of Iowa got/the improved railway facilities tbey were clamoring for if hey Insisted upon reducing fare* to a cent* per mile. The Temperance alliance i* holding a meeting here, and at Tuesday's cession inpt 8. P. Adams, of Dubuque, said that In 220 criminal suits against liquor dealers In that town only seven convictions v^ore obtained, because tbe juries would not convict, n spite of the defendant* 1 admissions of guilt. Arnot Despoiled the Enemj. HAB.TTORD, Conn., Fob. h.—Before Judge Torrence Tuesday In the supreme court tbe ibel suit of James L. Arnot, ot Tbompmn- vllle, v*. Tbe Bridgeport Standard, for $20,- (XX) wa» begunV Arnot wa* appointed postmaster of Thoropsonville by President Cleveland, but "upon a petition of leading Democrats hi* name was withdrawn. It was charged against Arnot tbat for yean previous to I'iSi be had taken Republican funds for coming home to vote, though he afterward claimed that he hail regularly voted tbe Democratic ticket. Tbe Standard, comment* Ing on the case, said Senator Eaton would not knowingly indorse a "jull-blrd, a thief, or a sneak like Aruot," Tbe defense claim* tbat It Intended only to call Arnot a inssk and that wa* justified. A Coalition Against Labor Politic*. MILWAUKEE, Wl*., Feb. 8.—A meeting wu held Tuesday night of all the officers ot •ward club* to organln for tbe citiz-jnt 1 campaign against the Labor party at the eprlug election. Tbe movement i* In favor of keep- Ing the government Iff the band* of the taxpayer*. Great harmony prevailed between tbe Republican* and Democrats, and an executive committee was chosen. Local Option Marching Oa. DBTBXMT, Mich., Fab. 8.— Calboun, Gens- see, and Kalknska are the latest oouhtle* to vote for local option. Each showed a Prohibition voto larger than at the recent itat* election, wben tbe third parly had a ticket In tba field. Gam-see county was the eighteenth iu this 5taU( to vote on local option, and, like it* predecessors, gave a majority for IL Spain Will Keep tbe P»««. MADRID, Feb. 8.— In the ohamtsr of deputies Tuesday Caatelar delivered a longipesch reviewing tha European situation. He, strongly condemned the constant increase ot arament* and tbe policy of conquest prsva* tent among th* power*, and declared that Spain «hould puriui a policy ot peso* and progress. Continuing, be advocated fr*4 trade aa benouclal to the working classes. ' ta TBA.IW SERVICE U esnttallf arranged to meet requirements of local travel, as well as to furnish the most attractive Bouts* or through travel between Important TRADE CENTRES xT8 EQUIPMKKT of Day aad Parlor Cars, Dining and Palace Bleeping Cars It without rlvxJL ITS BOAU-BKD bi perfection «f : The Morth-\Ve»t6rn U the fftTvrlte route for the Commercial Travel, too TourUt aod the seekers alter new home* In tho GoMan Northwest. • ^--, • : • " Detailed Information cheerfully fumlsned by A. J. M. WHITJIAJf, H. C, WICKKB. Vlce-Fns. & Gen. Mingr. Trufflo Manager, I t, VIUOI, Gn'l Fuuift; A^ot DYSPEPSIA. T 8 that misery experienced when we suddenly JL bfr-ome aware tint we possess a diabolical arrangemrnt called a stomach The stomach Is the reservoir <rom which every fibre and ttosua must be nourished, anil any trouble wit i U U soon felt throughout tbe whole system. Among H dozen dyspeptics no two will have the s*ma> predominant symptoms. Dyspeptics of action mental uower and a bilious tenipt- rameoi are HesultMthe; those, fleshy and plik'gm in lc have €on«tl|>at Ion. whllothf thin and nervous are nbandoued to fiotay rori-- l>..cllnea. 8 uno dyspeptics are wonderfully forgetful; utbers have ( eat IrrltabUliy of tern-' Whatever form Dyspepsia may take, on« thing lioerulu, • The underlying cauxt it in the LI V UK, and one thin- more Is equally certain, DO on* will remain a dyspeptic » ho will It wil/ correct Acidity ot tb« Doo't Evi-ryb<Mlr Oo at Unas, Q BAH FxASiCidCO, Feb. ».— Tb* lUU beard of trsxl* hu U»u*>l a tirotiUr d»:lsri&g ItJbor i* *Mur«d to »U *bo rou« to Califor, fit\ at UtUr vtgss tiM* aati ot Bxp«l foul Allmy Irritatlms, An*iS)t Cutelxr't Prediction* MADBJD, Fob. a-Bjoor Coitelar, to • speech to tba cort«* Tu<Mdaj, »«U tw coo- iMared Friuo* BiacoArok's speech an ladlod- Uou of an approaooiog «tru£Kl* between tb« Otrmaos and tl» BUvi, and thought that war twtwuBQ Garm«cy and R'i«i» voold •oooer or lowr hi Two MlUlae (.%la««« IHaitlnM, BaiHOBil, Feb. 8,— Hsariy S,««,000 pwx pU b»vo bv*«a rendwred deatitata, aad dnd* '-t roiiaa ot cmaainr daaoUMd bj *T*z4a« ot UM U<m»g Ha ri7«r. ai the BBme time Start the Liwr to working, ' when till other troublte Soon disappear "My wife was *> confirmed dyspeptic. Some ttree years ago by Uwiwvlueof Or. Stclurr, ol Augusta, she was Induced to try SlMtnons Llnr HeKUiator. I feel grnttful for the rellel It has jtlvenher. and any all who read Mil* aud iuMt: afflicted In any w»». whetuer cliroulo or oin-r- wl»e, use Bliamons Liver Kegui»n>!r sM I f<-«l coi Odeoi health .will bf rvstoo-d toal. who will be »drl»ed."— WH. M. Katun: Fort Vwlay, «»» ' ~ * . . • ., i . • . • . Bee that you get the Genuine, with red IE OB treat ot Wrapper, rSJCTABCB OMLY BX J. H. eElUK * CO., LADIES! Do tour Own Dyetbg, at Boxta, w8& PEERLESS OY£8 They will dy» everything. Tbey where. Price l»«, a pa«k»«e-« **a*> navw no equal (or cKrecrttTsrf «titH»»tj A ta Pucfcagea of (or P*dUu*9 at GtikK, «* tadlug QCalWos, Tttay do ncrt etos* ' tl

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