The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 8, 1966 · Page 12
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 12

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 8, 1966
Page 12
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Tuesday. March 8. *m IS For Extra Cash At TI lax Time Use Sun Want Ads 31. Articles For Sole ADDING MACHINES - CASH REGISTERS - TYPEWRITERS. Sales. Rentals. Serv&ce Alt mokes, eteciric crxi manual. BLOOM SALES. 2305 Market. 5S3-ZOS. ARIENS GARDEN TILLERS AND RIDING MOWERS. Reo and Sentry Mowers. LYNCHSURG FEED AND HDW. tut Market — <26-3M». AIR CONDITIONER — V?63 FrleOricb w'rxjow unit. 13.300 BTU, used 2 seasons, Current price, SZZS. will set! tor JITS, condition, 366-763°. 5001 Ashwood. AS ALWAYS— Your Supolier oi Needle Wane end Crafts. Me DONALD NEEDLE ARTS *Bco Smith Road, 523-1272. »IRD HOUSES — FOR SALE. SHE AT 100 W. CLEVELAND. OU6SSES, COATS — Size 7-18 Girl* preteen slim dresses, 5 coats, size 8, JE3- 3S7*. DRYER — Used Korge 90! with * heat selectors. Guarantee* terms. SS9.9S, TefrTen Decker Dr.. 582-84<7. 31. Articles For Sale j 31 -C. Musical Instruments SINGER WILL TUNE OP YOUR SEWING MACHINE FOR ONLY S3.75 ELECTROLUX VACUUM CLEANERS, Sales and Service. Floor polishers, rus shcmoooer, fr3e demonstrciions, John j Peirash. 5!7 Hervev. ANY MAKE OR MODEL WE DO NOT SELL OUR MERCHANDISE THROUGH DEALERS IN THE HOUSTON OR BAYTOWN AREA. The Singer Co. 318 W. Texas 583-2400 FURNITURE — Sell cheap. room suite, other fvrniture. 5S2-C6B. CULPEPPER'S FOLDING WHEELCHAIRS — For sale! , . , ,., or r«nt. HIGHLANDS TRADING POST. i Warenouse bhowroom 111 N. Main. Mrohionds. _ j FREEZER — 1* Ft. Cotdspot. uprigbt. Reel oood condition, S12S. 2D6 Chor.iler. 5S3-I411. New Kroehier Sleeser Lounoe New 5-Piece Dinette Set New wntte Qouoje Dresser New PIOSTIC Covered Settee end Chatr S169.94 5*4.55 ALTO HORN — SSSL SccriSce »r!ce. Our toss your ooin. 566-7311, orter 6, ACCORDIONS — New and UK*. As tow us S2S ior used instruraenTs. Gutters S169S UP. BAYTOWN ACCOROION C6S- THR. 207 Aivo. Phone 5S3-VH7. JUST $19 MONTH RENTAL — On o ne» , Lowery Piano, rente! applies to porches* • price CHET'S PIANO CO., 200 E. Te-ci 5SJ-7239. 32. Articles For Rent TRUCKS FOR RENT Drive yourself. EQuHooea wirh Xyor '.i« istes {r.e« JrucXi). Loco) cr.a ^n«r 2! 3! MorKet. 5--.S8IS. BAYTO'.VN RENTALS (Next to Ki.'aore's Recdy-Mlx> NEED IT?? ~ RENT IT!! Chemica! Sprayers UNITED RENT-ALLS Prueti and Peorce, 5S2-S019 FOR RENT 42. Reiiucing Eoufpmcn! Power Tools, Power Post Hole Diggers Floor Sanders ana Polishers j Sewer Cleaning equipment | Mowers, Tillers, Edgers, Hei5s« Trimmers | •«•«•«»•••«"»•»•»••«« Tow Bars ord Cor Tops 1 .«^.*«vn.*^-ei v i Fans. Ladders, Chain Sews APPROXIMATELY 3 Rug Shampoo Machines rtp"» mi.e ott "^«" -- - ' ^, 3 i-,\ Televisions Travel Trailers: syoo.. Co.! ->.-. Sc..*y. 5S3-J--- Camp Trailers TriKits — — BAYTOV/N Words Lines To 15 3 15-20 4 20-25 5 25-30 6 30-35 7 35-40 8 40-45 9 45-50 10 50-55 11 55-60 12 ST7N CLASSIFIED RATES - Phone 582-8323 Minimum Ad 3 Lines JS1.QU iDaysj 1 i 2 i 3 j 4 j si I Rate i -33/3i .32 i .30 i .25 i 22. \ i 1.00 j 1.92 i 2.70 i 3.00 i 3.30 i i 1.33 i 2.58 ! 3.60 j 4.00 i 4.40 i i 1.57 1 3.20 J 4.50 j 5.00 J 5.50 ! i 2.00 ! 3.84 ! 5.40 ! 6.00 I 6.60 ! i 2.33 ! 4.48 i 6.30 i 7.00 S 7.70 1 i 2.67 s 5.12 i 7.20 | 8.00 I 8.80 I j 3.00 i 5.76 i 8.10 ! 9.00 i 9.90 i "| 3.33 i 6.40 i 9.00 S 10.00 i 11-00 i i 3.67 i 7.04 ! 9.90 ! 11.00 i 12.10 | '" j 4.00 \ 7.68 f 10.80 S 12.00 I 13.20 | 6 | -21 | 3.78 i 5.04 ! 6.30 ! 7.56 | 8.82 j 10.08 1 11.34 I 12.60 ! 13.86 ! 15.12 i nnVTRACT R4.TE 13 per line, 4 line minimum per day. 6-months CARD OF THANKS -20 per line, minimum $2.00, J20 per line over 1O line* LODGE NOTICES 1.25 per insertion - 47. Houses For Sole EVA MAUD ADDITION See These First I •Oat Tuicon t-ooe — 2m Tatom Lone OPEN FOR INSPECTION Set Otter Homes KOM Under C«istJ-ctioo E. F. Luquire. Contractor CHEVROLET PICK A-l condition, S3QO. SS3-1S56- CHEVROLET IMCKUP. t*n — Matf-Ma. Good work or fishing truck. iskes it. 426-2SI4. OOPCE PICKUP. IKS — Extra J.OOO mites. 11,400. Call Jim Hale, 5S2-OOZ Acreage For Sale ! 45. Lots For Sale DODGE PICKUP. ITS — Cwtf ratio. hinJar, coad fees. S27i oiler 7 pjn FORD, IfU — n-Taa Plot Up. b t am) rear bumper, £ ply tires. 5S3-28U. Julie Ann Villa Restful Country Living IN CHAMBERS COUKTY Homes By T. F. Odom Highway 14* 5*1-STX -"" - * 1*5 on NeJsry St., ; P"rv.e ' 2 resitf-ntic; Jets. Trcvei - . Utility Trailers '533-2512. 47. Houses For Sale .j, : j 1 SOUTH BURNET, 511 — Lots at trws.'. j 3 bedrooms. 2 full baths, den, central j Ktot and oir, 2-eor oarage. Good FHA ~ !0an available. RAY BORN JOHNSON.] PROFESSIONAL REAL ESTATE APPRAISING Residential, Commercial, Condemnation Clifford M. "SBorky" W? S. Main Owst ffP* Deepfreeze, good running condition. S30. Cc» 42^3714 after (New £?**«" Bcdrocm "iJite 5 p m. I New ?-Piec* Living Room GRAVES DISCOUNT 219 N. Main FURNITURE 533-232? CAS RANGE — Toppaa. whits, timer ooerctes iike new. 147 r. S6t-76?3. WHITE SPACE INCREASES, READERSHIP GRAVES FURNITURE WAREHOUSE Set Bunk Beci and BunKies Nice Storkline BoOy 8«J O'Keefe and Mwrttt Range Coil 8ed Sorinos J &Q 9« I i 99>ii SUS.Vi S W.95J .S 5.951 2410 Market We Rent Most Everyfhina BAYTOWN RENTALS Next to KiSisore Reody Mix UOl A^oricet — 5SJ-5315 I SPARKY SET . . . iBREAK A LEG '• arid you can rioo to Irt? Gu I I'V~ACltES ON GASTH ROAD I LA PORTS - 115 X 115 Ft. lot located |i NC ., 23J, v^ricet, SO-17S*. i -n Soyfrt^t AdG:f:on. 'ri'JGHES REALTY, NEW-USED FURNITURE i.MIRIAM AND YUPON — I Two terse earner lots. e-ii=or details ceil SS3-Z7J2. i Reeiisticeily price- ens on terms. ( j SPARKY BOND. Realtor , . I N%r!t* N cnd' Weekends. SS2-J37S or 564-7757 i j SPECIAL — SPECIAL — SPECIAL ; 1517 Lindb*rs I walking distance to Robert E. Lee High i Sc?>ooi. Clean as o whistle ^-bedroom ihorne. Nice wooded lot. HARD TO BE- JLiEVE — ilJSO. OpO down, S50 month. 33. Sporting Goods '65 Singer Automatic Wool re&don&idle party to cssume ments o* 14.13 month or pay of S&7.QO. This machine overc cues, htindhems. makes buncn on Etunsns. Coil Mrs. Belt, for Credil Dept. ! FOR SALE — Vt acre lot o-> Eos! James i ''Street Priorie 533^515 o.' 533-5138 afler j )» 0.™. i 47. Houses For Sale CABIN CRUI5HR — H Ft. SPARKY SEZ . . . »! STILL GOT YOUR APPENDIX? , : Wel!, me doctor who owns, this property can't remove it, because he moved away. 3ul tfiis fine waterfront property at 1309 and Z31S MISSOURI ST. 145.00 S 35-00 SITO.OO Two Cushion Coucti 6 Ft. Chest Freezer J.Piecc Chrome Di"et»e Good 3-Piece Walnut Bedfoom eNew G E. W Main Sefrtoerotor OLO PEU-Y S i 7.50 S 1I_50 S 35.00 S135.0C 5S2-C13 KEEP Y»ur corsets _«_utifi!l despite constant footsteos of a busy family. Get Blue Lustre Sent electric snompooer $1. 8oy- TOV.I Marowcre. 3425 Market St.. 533-4052. LUGGAGE TRAILER — One wheel, oood condition, comoiete with lights and hitches. SJO or will trade for electric outboard motor in good condition, 305 Bowie. MOTORSCOOTER — Cslsntnan Eagle. Also. RCA VVhirlpool washer-dryer com- binction. Phone 532-4315. CLOSE-OUT SPECIAL SKERW1N WILLIAMS Super Kerntone, $4.95 Gal. REGULAR M.9i Gel. Home Lumber 300 E. T*x_! Ave. FOR SALE BY OWNER 1 12 Live Oak Lerge 3-bedrooci. J both home, recently remodeled, almost new wali to wall carpet. Central heat, 4 roam alr- coadltior-ers, boiiMn dishwasher. Detached double serase. Smalt western cedar utility building. Large corner lot, several trees. Ideal location, convenient ts schools, churches, shopping area. By apoointmes! only. Ptton* 532-2897 or 532-543!. BUILD ON YOUR LOT Bum on your tot or ours, from yoor plan or ours, hcmes built by moster cfu*ivnen rou in mind. Cost Kept pre-planned construe 52. Trucks UP TRUCK. WSJ— MEKOEOES *EKZ — taaoa, S35B. S*U or tro 1130 MWCTAMO, IMS — equity asstrne ccrym. otter 4:30 p-m. MERCUKY. 1»S4 — 4-DMT. Goad Mork our. IWJJQ. Pfxme M3-ST1&. PONT1AC SA4-SW1. PLYMOUTH IWt — *O*»r. . clean. SUS cash or trade. See at 3)6 Long Drive. '66 GMC Truck $ 1,795 vtaay o< lost year** options ore standard •44. BAYTOWN MOTORS 709 W. Texis JtMltt PLYMOUTH. IMS — Sports Ftfry. and dr. will take trade. PONTIAC. IK4 — Beaoevtile, lw t-acar, tootled with extras. Coll 5S2-S8U. 53. Work Cans LOTS OF WORK CARS WE CARRY OUR OWN NOTES Peily Motor Company MO W. Main 54. Automobiles BU1CK. 1753 — Super, OR power, otr, + dnor, good tires, good second COT, £295. 566-8&U. CHEVROLET, 1«5—-impala Sport Coupe. 5300 for large equity ana assume payments of «1 month, hone S32-6S49 otter COPVA1R, 1M9 — 4-Oeor, cMtocnatlc. A-! condition, radio, heater. See at 509 Scott, coll 5SJ-»S1 WHITE SPACE INCREASES READERSHIP | A. HUNTER'S DEN j42*-241! E. Jade Bavtown, Texas or . 112 ACRES — North of CrosSy neor Lake j w -.~ all tf ^ privocv of country livinj on j Culver, 533-1556. i NOTICE CAMPSTERS — New Thermo- j Houston, pood sa-Kfv loan sc^. M-;an i ovef 3ii acre. Tr-is iorce 3-bedroom, ^ I 1~2V - r 'ho'v!'sTANER TRAILER "SALEs!iR|^ac;RN"j5riHSCiN7iNC., 223! Market.! S^ern^^oc'io^'lWi'ni. i -a. Main. 552-1581. i5S3-:7ii. I Six MILES FRO.V. BAYTOWN — 20 min- HOi/stOn. L<~ '" ' and see how easy BEVRLY REALTY, S S. ASH8EL 'SMITH POINT — Small neat furnished _ 'HO'LOWAY ADON. — City conveniences j house on slab, good well, SS.OOJ. MaudiTh rO vy AwSV TOUT Paper " ' ' " luw v-VTYay wu. K CORVAtR. J*«S — Fully eeaippesu air conditioned, take uo payments of SS3.&4 monthly. MUST sell. Leaving «Or Peace Core. SS2-4ZBS. WANTED NEW OWNER Tc fiil this cute little home with love and care. 2-bedrooms. separate dining room, oversized family room, beautifully land- MOTOR BIKE — •« Harley Dovlds«n 7<, purchases new in May. 1*65. better than j overcge Pov off note of J1.2S7.87. Deck er Drive Trailer Park. TOWN HOUSE THRIFT SHOP Us«! Sofa Six Used Coffee Tobies, Your Choice — Used Hiee-A-Bed Used Mcnoocny Dintns Tcble And * Choirs 701 N. HigTlwcv t« Formerly Kot,'-r*ars Grocery 5*2-52»S ' !?70 could t»eve mode 3n this land! t distance of everything. ie=VERLY REALTY CO. SE3-1751 |5=6-5V72 nights. WHITE -PACE INCREASES READERSHIP 1SPRINCF1E1-D t -ai p n . 32 Acres on N. Mela Street. Just waiting for you. "Buy your cnsJJe from a Kins £44-5061 i ACRES — ACRES — ACRES rooms, Dcir:, Diving room, '^ ! screened porch, anocned cp istorase raom. SS2-9669 ciier p.n MOTORS — One <0-IIP, J-ptia«, ZW-volt. s!ip ring mator; one S-ho. 3-Dhase. 520- i volt slip rf»Q motor; one 1-hp. 5-phose, | 730 volt Induction rnoior. Phone Sill Hart-j man at $52-330? or write Box X». Bavtown. UtEW YAZOO LAWN.MOWERS — Also, cnoice of severcl oood used ones. See at S.v.ALL ENGINE SERVICE Crosav-Huffirxm Rd.. Crosb>-. NEW FURNITURE FOR OLD Is wtrat o Dcy'-s UBholstery lob gives you; fabric o^ oicrstic. Auto and boat ucrflolsterinc c sorcialtv DAY'S UPHOLSTERY, SCSI N. Main. 5S3-3C30. Singer Auto Zig-/.ag i Used only * months. Melees buttonhotes, i sews on buttons, many fancy paflernis '> wifhout ottocnmer.ts. 5 year guarantee, j SS7.00 cash or S5.?0 per montn. Frfre home trial. SS3-J1M. SAVINGS UP TO S153 on MOBILE SCOUT CAMPERS BEFORE SEASON DISCOUNT CAMPERS IN STOCK. Next few ooyi- Dan Hutchins Motors !D=VS Hlwsy 144 ct T«« 532-715S . SE3-1J5* Rd^ 32 -crei. IK! mimjrts frcmj BEAUTIFUL.CS3AR B^TOU <- SS9 Soom Strytown. ' St.. finr n«ohbort!3OO for .'HiCHWAY ?9 — 9 acres j frontooe ct CrMiy. ! i» -1 i x **\ i I o t I ' i I DetCTn trees. McDonaid & Heroert IOSCO -•' 566-5WC. SPARKY SEZ. . . i_ r ~| WHO EVER HEARD OF THIS?? lorge Three bedrooms and CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING for only Sll,ITS. . -Betcfca this ad only runs one time. See It at 108 WILLIAMS ST. S375 is oil it takes to move into this fine 1200 If you're a COLD WAR VET. large lot. Wonderful location. -ice 17.500 wirr, sood loan! SPARKY BOND. Realtor COX Kecito" 560-7021 ^ S. Main 532-3243 COX, see..-., =oo-/-i j wlr . st , ond Wee|mds SE3-S7S or 564-7751 Witt, Ws-^way J^^'^^'^e if^SncT'ditSS ho.4.. » school- !«> x 'l=5 n. kit. Two bearins Extra 5KJ-?S77 MORRISON'S GIANT WAREHOUSE SALE 35. Good Eating 42-A. Out of Town Prop. BEYOND YOUR DREAMS BUT WITHIN YOUR GRASP SM ?>L=WOO" In Dea-tiful Gray- screened back oorch, fences &o £c^S% Into .««*_ IcvelV g»igr 0«*9*. "-et-s talk ORES5EO HOGS — J5M LS- P-.o-ie 421-3724. NELL'S FRAME SHOP CUSTOM FRAMING - ART GALLERY Pointings by Artists 12 SO? N. Corrcmerce S82-Jag NEW LEFT HANDED GOLF CLUBS — 4 Irons 2 woods, cog. £30.00. Aiso. u-s«i, set. < Irans. 3 woods, bac. 523.00. 5A4-833J | OXWELD CUTTING TORCH — W 1 t h j Don't Mils One of These Volues. Mostly • hose one M=,9S; S*ii sow, ttl .»5. j below factory co«. | MALLIN'S PAWN SHOP. N. Main. SS3- ^—: — j I-Pieat Slock 6aHy Americo-i Trend Bed-; PARTIN'S USED FURNITURE | room Suite, Bed and DrMier. i Durcon Phyfe Droo Lecf Mahoocny > Originally S27?J^ . ... Now S9S.&0! Table End Drawers J 25.001 j-Eoch-Roor Scrapie, 3 siftce Befiraon-.i J-P:ee» Wclnirr Sedroom S«.'!te . I SE.Mj suites (New) Unfinished Oieit or Dresser Base S 21.501 originally J1».?S Now J7i.CC( ROBERTS BROASTED CHICKEN HOUSE SURLESON COUNTY — 172 acres rs*_r ConeQ- 1 * Stcri.y. Frontsgc - two roods; 2 takes; two barns; &5r&ec_e hovree. ! Cross - fenced for oars. Cos Clern Kovcr, ! 552-7433 or 582-5746. naTSod for aVTyKCasia-., ptoia. r, 5 | HOUSE ^ !r:ps, banquets. For fas! service, call •;=»'•_•>; >•• ~! Hintends. I 1 - 1 - S - 2S '°- 3f! OUT LAKE W. Cotes Ir. Dcytan WEST LO81T, jn — Two-sTory, four bedroom, 2 baths big living room, den, sep- arcre dining, breakfast area, big kitchen. --•-••• • • fenced bock yard. terms. crs'"rhc' wSnderiur features found in" exclusive custom b'jiit Save!! homes, j WARNING TO HUSBANDS!! — Don't Ever/ modem device to rr-.ase your me| show your w | fe }j,i s home unless you are more' snioyatete P^us the spaciousnesi i ^..ysrvl to buy! — 1901 Richardson you ore IccHInc for. Livirij room, seocra.e Lcne _ Eva Maud Three bedrooms, cen- . dining ro=m. 3 lovely bedrooms. 2 sotns. ;ro , air „-.$ f,^^ iust Iike n ^ lf To . 0 | land breaWast areas. Plus do-jbieaarocei orice sis^oo. Owner transferred, buy ^.,, c ,,v r,MC OF EDDIE COX, Realtor, 5S6-7221 or !-n lores are. YOU CAN BUY ONE . Hiontends. i FHES'E HOMES TODAY. ! QUALITY DOES NOT COST, i DAS SAVELL. BUILDER, !T PAYS, 5S2-7247. 36. Insurance 43. Business Property ifgj E ^ nr — ^bedroom Uricic, good HAVING DIFFICULTY IN OBTAINING AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE?? Celt GLENN WHITE INS. AGSNCY 533-"i8aS. 5SA-S060. WOOSTER TERRACE — Two 2-bedroom brick homes for sale. S1QO down, S65 monthly, tTcluclns taxes end Insurance. Also frame house, £100 down, S75 monthly r-yments. Col! Houston 713-iWO 8-0345. PR1CE REDUCED 11,000 and come see fnis home today! 1883 RA1NTRES. It has 3-bedrooms, I batbs. den separate living room, 2- car garage, completely carpeted, ana central air ad heat. "Buy your castle from a King" M4-5M1 or 54i-7384 CONFIDENCE S OUR MOST IMPORTANT PRODUCT SEE "8U2" and the Soys and they'll show you what we mean. BEST BUYS IN LATE MODEL USED CARS. BUSBY BUICK Where Customers Send Their Friends" 518 W. Texas 5S3-7371 STARETT LUMBER CO. BUILDERS Of Better Homes For Less Your Choice Of Large Wooded Lots TRADES CONSIDERED N. Main Call SS2-561S Nev/ Spanish Home 22M EAVES — EVA MAUD Wrought Iren gate opens Into private courtyard. 3200 sq. ft. oi luxury living area. Large paneled den, nylon carpeting throughout. Be sure te visit this home today. Starett Lumber Co. 582-5613 582-783; SOLD OUT We have buyers for executive homes, LIST WITH US LOANS: FHA — Gl — Conventional McDonald & Herbert JAYS NIGHTi 33-1704 5S3-4S7. i SRAVES i N. ,v.oin. DISCOUNT FURNITURE—21? ^ CRESKWOOD — H.OJTte 50Xt25 ft. =ol. Bu!:^:f'.g witr. 13 Oe<i.'CO™s. 2 •!O-.J anytMr.a. Price recli>ced far quick j ,VAi-'<ER riQ.'-'M a:e. Sank S"cnctnC; cvoi'cbfe. ^e-ed i WRIGHT BLVD., 1304 — 3-bedrooms, two " r ' h -^ {bcfhs, den, central heat end air, 2-car.. i 5arooe. '^-ocre with iarge stxide trees. i bearing pecan and pear trees. By owner. S32-39U2. 39. Business Opportunity j _f<_uoR GULF. 730 E. — 3 ^ B rcl !wat end air. 1-c sack yard, corner 1st, OLIVE — 2 Bedrooms, I-rar garnge. » »= . , __ -!? you ::ke if. This 535 155 Ft. business iot ; HIGHLANDS — 102 i.Twood. 3 bedrooms, ore! 3353 equi'/, s ' 7 rnanihty. Coil .or appom,- ~ White and Go:d Plastic Heodtxxird For J4.pjece — Used Oc* Bedroom Suite, Book-! ii»"iini •=--" | ^ , Warte - S t.. is lext TO n >la"°r stori Douo!e Bed S 4-S case Bed i ASKWCRTH'S CORNER GROCERY _ ; : and near »e new civic has j .. rrl ,. J2 ;-2S17. Oak Ba&y Play Pen s 5.00 Now JiS.SO l o.»- n »r retirina BuildiriB, land ond fix- DressinQ Tab^e and Stool . s 7.50{3-piec» — Used Vanity Sedrwra Su:te, \ t ur « 814 W Wcin Price Sft.fSO . . . Roti^d PiasTIc Horn Table ...S -4.5C.; Good Shape I r>>cr*"s all Hurry, ;t won't icst long. Sti,-rt!y Coffee, End, Step Tn»!« Now S35.DC i Enb:E COx". "Rco'tor. SM-TZ! or 566-5060. EKh .. * 3,yS!single or Double Beds Vt OFF I : : 1? Cu F!. Coidsoof Refrise-otor With | Some Used Some New i Bottom =r«:er - - - SS?-'5|n Single Size Plastic Covered Heod-| CK-OTI Fioreixrc Asartrrve-.t Range S 43 001 boorth While They Last . EocJl Sl.OCi SPARE TIME INCOME — Refilling and OLD PELLY 532-SiW., , ;,,;_,, n | rnori-y from NSW TYPE hisM r\OOrn Icuality coin ooercr;e<f diswpsc-rs ^i tri<5 I What hove you? bedrooms, | LUTHER LEA. 5S2-73OT. l reduced P--'ce. l_ook for &;£ sic^i. i SPARKY BOND, Realtor : K7 S. V.air.. DicS 532-S2i3 '• .'-Jicrlis ard Surdc/5 5S3_S73 or 56^-7751 j -eat. 55.9 522-2210 or inquire 307 Hafer.; ' Pile,! 2200 SQUARE FEET LIVING AREA — ' I75C Oiive. Price reduced for Immediate large! sale. CHATEAU REALTY, 583-3252, or raqe,! SS2-5757. nights 366-5504. 43-A. Wcterirant Prop. .'LEISURE COTTAGE — «» Ft. JS1.:~5 16103 Hishwcy 73. 1 CcH Gi- 2-1072. <24 W. Main PRINTING DONE Hif5^-<S, c"!d done rljjhf I ColJ Ti-lERNE'S. 5S3-171S. aM your laro^ or STIG:[. for Qualify work. SHOULD SELL CUR PRICE •i Living r\«->u[ii iouaiity "| New — Modem Sofa, Slightly Soiled I ores. ' No I Reg. 117?_SO Kow $»5.50!hcve cnr. ' f Us«d 3-Piece Sectioned, Red Good Co.i- i Seven tc . ' dftiort .. Now $35.03 i erceltent n i New CHlf-Asis Rattan, 3-Pi*ce s«c!ior,ol i For person TV- Wood Heaters Ccs* iron Heaters ... &os Healers. Up From -. EJedric Heelers, UP New Commodes New 3r>GcHon. 10 yr. Gas '.Voter H-aters . ... Used S-na!l Piston Weil Pumo --• I12S.(X1 Hospital Beds Hand Saws. Up From .... Rubber Boors. 6 to 13 S 4.00 Trcvei Sog JAC< HEARD FURNITURE CO. 12 W. Defee. Bcytown. SSi-4?62. seeing. To auci.TY you must referef!C(^s. ^00 to S',900 ccsn rwe!ue hou's wT^ekiy con n«T il inrerview wrife Pertex Dis- with^Matching Choir, Com*r table, end I tributira Corr.ocr.v. 3i3i Stemmars F-oe- , cocRtsil tssie. |wov. Suire 62. Dallas. Texas, 7S2i Ir.- s 4 ?S Reg. I32?.« Now S150, as Isjclud? p»wne number^ " ' — 4-piec* Living room group, Sols, j ~ i... i«.i,.,i,.i in i i i i i — i LAKEVVGOD — 104 Wildrow, modern MJlPLETON, 122 - Prira reducad for j .eSr.^"^'^^^^!. WX125 fr wooded becut : f-j! cl' brio: home. Cver-| ic : sacrifice equity, leaving TOW... ;--'icV srj!e, ij«i Pv : .n- rcxjrr., 3 •'-? txitns. Ccrtrcr;y '^'^^^^''"^^il^ ^S;'H.BKS.-R&LTY; 533-2739 I :; i LARGE HNOUGH_ JO ENTERTAIN^-j} 3 U i:t-,n5. ' Reading This Ad Won't improve Your Mind ~ JUST YOUR HOME Three bedrooms, 2 full baths, double gsroge. all brictt central air and heat. Priced 'way below owner's cost. See it today. 16O LINWOOD DR. "Buy yotir castle from a King" 5&-5060 or ££.-7334 rrctron. EDDiS COX, P«2:;or, 566-7121 S 5.95 .119.50 1 chairs, ottoman Same Group New S2C.QO -. . $50.00 Bolsters, 2 2-Piece — Studio Sofa with j each at X10, as is. .W2.50J1 — S-Piece Plcstlc covered green sofc J suite. Consists of Rocker, Rectiner, Sofa . S149SI Bed. All 3 pieces cs is, out in 90Od 13950! shape Orlginolly S22S Now S125.00 WHITE SPACi rNCREASES REftDERSHIP i MAKE I You wi BAOIO AND TV EQUIPMENT —Signal Tracer, sao: r«;star>ce and coaacllv checker. S2S; orecisior; scope ES-150 end i j. pii probes. *75; picture tube cnecker. Ii5: ' tu_e caddie and tuoes. 5B3~iS»S after J:3S 1.95! Beautiful 5-Piece Maple Living Room i YOU CAN DO IT! — Make a million $ 2 95 i Group, slightly used has Chair, Sofa, doiicrs in this f-ne business known cs I 1.95 i MGBte arms, ani! ruit tweet! covering, Sirrs' RCOOT Snoo. 1^)5 N. Fifrh St. ir i t slep table, 1 cocktail table. the heart of Baytown. Sens many types Originally S329 .,. S12S.3O of famov-s brands of motors, •av.nme^.ers. 3^>ttomons Beth New i Complete stock of po-rs. ne-^ end used. 134,50 Each SIS.Ooi Plenty of too!s to repair. CveT3i;ea w-Dr.<- Res 1-Lorge Cluo Choir, Plastic Covered, Gosd j shcB. Nice 3-DMroom RANGE — O'Keefe end Merritt in perfect condition. S50. Phone 582-2044 oner 6 p.m. Shape. Eccn Sotc Bed s.ife Originally 512? I-New Modem Chafr Orioinclly horr.e S5.00', Owner retiring to form. Drive by CRepossessefl) j todcy. take o iook. Ta»c to Mr. Sirns rx- Now i50.0o'co:i Eode for orher information. T«>s Ideal wont lest long. ErDDIE COX, KK\- Holf Off S50.50 1 tor, 5b6-7221 or 5*6-5T>=O. IT CHRISTMAS ALL YEAR! — ouirt tr;:nk it's Christmas tim; vcu s^e ttiis IS-acre estate or; ul Son River. Boating, fishnq tr?e yecr 'round. Oversized . 4-bedroorr, nome with reci fire- tr.ommctn fivir.c rooTi, nice ptcy three barhs. aii-eiectric kitchen, eparate nic? «erv<r^t qi«r*ers. Sarn ^<j -:ce itco;e to- ys'-rr hcv^e. Oiyrr-^rc iiec swimming DOC!. ^ E>^P^r-sheil Deccn re^s. 672 ft. -A^ti-r frontage with nice sd s::s SS5.00C. 400 P.IVESSIDE DSiVS. HIGHLANDS cli Ed^ie for cffie^ informcficn day or i den -'QP.T, EDO'S COX. Reciter, 566-7^21 C-- • roor fine cicce, rcofi. J TO CHURCH" you Jive at fTiis KiS LOCATION at ! OSM'F'LORIDA ST. i -THIS home i>=s 3 iwcirooms, 1 bcMis. lots :. !."«« ond a wftole iof ot solid com-i j^ p r jce_ rinnt sr. FHA or Conventional j ***'" SPARKY BOND, Reoitor ^^ \ S - • V; ° ;n •- •— SB-SOT.''S^TTS! i Real Gone Owner! PRICE REDUCED Sl.rno Owner hta imved to Montana, needs to sell this home immediately. Three bedrooms, 2 baths, 2-car gorge, separate living room, large den, all bricx with central oir and heat. See 107 CALDWELL, in Lakewood. today! "Buy your castle from a King" 566-5061 or 566-7334 PG" ; Nicjnrs VVe-ekends i MAC ARTHUR, 1C — For sale by owner., Wfliker Reallv \ Becutifu: " w « home, iarge .living room, j YVaiKer I\eaiTy TVS —- 17-in. . ——— — t27.*S: others, S79.»5 and up. Shoo re- O0-Ir3. WORLD TV 5B3-143S. ttif N. MAIN. 40. Real Estate Wanted 5-Piece New Wood Arm Plastic Sofc j Group ; originally Sl?» Now SW.Oq | Philco. IM: portables from! J — >Piece New Modem Living Room! ' Groups, Each Now sss.W ; New — DESK—DESK and More Desks: Walnut Mahogany, Maple iJOHN M. SHEARER AND ASSOCIATES i A Steal S1O—J15—S_J—S2S | Reel Estate, Scies, Large Greuo of Eorly American Vanity, i Reitals. Loans Living Room Lamps 11406 McrKet. Bovtown, - - S2.00: — i SPARKY SEI . . . i SEE THS.V, fP.STTY COWS 1 T^cv usee* To Qrcie across i Tr-e 2 cere* of w^terfrc--*. 12 'ON TRI-CITY BEACH ROA-: frorr) tf; is miles out. JNEW LISTING — Near !ar7d rf-.o-rches.. 2-&e0roo^s. icarB-rfri. cir cors3i;i=neo. : trees, fenced &o<* yard. into 3rd sed- Lamar sctiool j den, very neat, j central ri e c t,; A icveiy corn-i TELEVISION — 23 In. G.E. Console Like rew s^S.SO, terms. SS2-7777 after 6 o.m. Joe Cates. TYPEWRITE* — Underwood tvoewriter, stona, cover, iSC. Good condition. 5B2-4432. Yoor Cnoic* .^«« ; __._.,„ , CT Also Loroe sroup Early American Acces-1 SPARKY sti. W1TH us • .one PI«,U«, Etc sin! cerUpER "E"V ? ICE SPARKY SOND, Recllar S. .Va-/i 1NTSRLACMEN, 5011 — Lovely con- iemporary bride home. Three spo- cious bedrooms, 2 bcths, cheery built- in kitchen and many features too numerous to mention. Big 3-cnr garage- Will consi_er yo'jr home in frode. Call tod^nv for on inspection. Creative Homes CA 7-TO44, Baytown SM-7?15 WHEN THEY ALL BEGIN TO LOOK ALIKE li's Time To See 4-2-3 N. Bumet 3-Bedroomi, 2 baths, large den, separate living room, separate dining room, utility room, ce.itral air and heat, corpeted. drapes, intercom, beautifully landscaped. If you're looking for the unusual, make on appioint- ment to see this lovely home teddy! "Buy your castle from a King" 546-5041 or 564-7384 For Dependable Moving Service Local or Long Distance — Call 5S2-205S Hasty Transfer and Storage North American Van Lines Agency 49. Automotive Service RADIATORS REPAIRED AND RE CORED — Good selection of used radio lors. CREEL'S AUTO PARTS, 504 S Aaln Highlands. 426-2S11. 54. Automobile* n* tm Moot CATAUNA. 1M2 — 4 or ao& paver. SUR. Coil after 6 RAMBLER AMERICAN, W3 — 3X1- door sedan (foisted In beautiful sneli Eteioe. radio, heater, standard tronsmis- shm. One - owner, new car »raoe-»n like new and co-leva to sett. UJMUS BAYTOWN DODGE. 2809 Market. 5SJ-7XJA. RAMBLER STAT1OMWAGON. !«• — Radio, neater. o'r, new tires. 523. TWO CARS — 'Ot Boick. J-owr hardtop; •S3 Corvalr, 4-door. Botn red clean. II Alrhcrt Dr., S8J-1I77. VOUCSWAGEK SUS — Radio, heater, lew mlleoae. perfect. £1,150. Pftone 582- t or 5*2-*t&7. CHEVROLET IMPALA — 4-Ooor sedan. All power, factory air. A good family car, JWS, 564-7503. RED MCA ROADSTER, TO* — R*tH ! condition, dean. Phone S6»*JJ« ofter 5:00 PJn. "Baytown-i Best Used Cars" Buck Turner Chevrolei 10 E. Texos SBl«T '64 Bel Air A Chevrolet you'll be proud to own- Radio, beater, automatic tranimrs- sion, factory air conditioned. Frost white B-ilsJs raid sood tires. Drives sood $1495 Quality Motors >rv=l Dunham Lan Williams 700 E. Texa CHEVROLET. 196J — K!oor, radio, heat- e. v-e, sticK. Real nice, good paint, practically new tires, S795. STRIPLING OUTBOARD MOTORS, 718 E. Humble, S3-3S53 cr SB3-20E5. CHEVROLET BiSCAYNE, 1?« — 4-door, i cylinder, radio, heater, standard, air conditioned, must sell or trade, make offer. 5« Scott Ave. CHEVROLET, 1TSS — 2-Door. Good condition, S225, Call £33-3511 or 582-654°. CHEVROLET STATIONWAGON, IK* 9 Passenger, autoTxztic, radio, $295. A-l AUTO SALES, 915 N. Main. 424-3735, Highlands. CHEVROLET, 1«1 — VS sport coupe, red, radio, heater, standard shift, original owner. See to appreciate, S800. After 5. •826-3*8). See at 21 IS Jones Rd. 2113 Market DATSUN 17&4 4-door sedan. Real nice, FULLERS, r!3 S. Main DRAFTED, MUST SELL — 1»«3 Corvair Monzo. excellent condition, call for details. MERCURY STATIONWAGON, 1«2 — Stt- Dassenoer. V-8. air contfitioned, power steering, automatic, radio, new white-wall tires. SHIELDS MOTOR CO. INC, r2f!2 Market, 582-S1 96. FORD, I960 — Golaxie, excellent eordi- Hon. air conditioned, 54,000 miles, S495. 583-5570. FORD, 1955 — 4-Door 1100. Call 566-8352. FORD GALAXIE 500, 1T42 — Air conditioned, power steering, automatic transmission. Good condition, 582-3317, 5 p.m.. 566-7872. after FORD. 1«4 — 1-Door, between 5 end 9 D.m- 566-7_2i or 566-E214 floor shift. Call FORD, 1963 — Four - door sedan, oir conditioned, power brakes, radio, heater, automatic. One owner, SI ,095. 566-5114. FORD STATIONWAGON, 19«S — Six cylinder, standard transmission, 4 new white sidewall tires, radio, heater. S32S cash or trade. 110 Hiah St.. 582-42S9. FORD COUPE, 1940 — A^odi-Hed and cusfomed, S£50. Call Chatlnelview. GL 2-7349. FORD, 1764 — Galaxie 5SO 4-dOor, automatic, power, air, and other extras. Low mileage, exceiient condition end the price is riant. 532-6393 before 5 p.m., S33-2139 after S a.m. FORD.19S7 — Fcirlane 500, .oaded, S150, Phone 426-3307. after 5. GRIFFIN ENTERPRISE — '40 Plymouth, six cylinder, 4-door, radio, heater, new tires, real clean, S59S; '57 Ford Station- wagon. 4-door, air, S19S. 2BO N. Main across from O'Briens Grocery. MUSTANG, 1965 — Hardtop, white, blue interior, 289 cu. in.. 4-speed, good condi lion. 532-SJ11 after 5:30. MUSTANG. 1965 — White with white in terior, 2E9 Cu. In., factory oir, power steering, and brakes, 23,000 miles, draft cd. 532-4143 after 5 p.m. A Rea! Beauty '64 Chevrolet IMPALA CONVERTIBLE Shiny oquo mist finish, stick shift, V-J. Lew-Low mileage. This one is extre nice and lust tn time for "Top-Down* Weatner". Dan Hutckins Motors Hiwoy 1« at Texas 531-7153 Bayshore Motors, inc. S32-X1 '64 Chevrolet Biscayne 4-Daor sedan, air conditioned, six cylinder, standard transmission, radio, heater. Brand newr white sidewaU fires. Like new throughout. MANY OTHER CARS TO CHOOSE FROM BUY WITH CONFIDENCE '61 Chevrolet Impala Four-door, V-8, Powerglide transmission. Radio, neafer, tinted gloss and whifewcll tires. Plenty of extras and its low mlleasc with original paint In green white. Just IBce new. Neal Dickens Motor Co. "Where Qualttv is Always Consistent" SS3-«45 Ucder The Big Sned Hi way 1« 1959 Chevrolet Impala A REAL SOLID LITTLE AUTOMOBILE* 4-Door, automatic, radio and neuter. Bronze with matching interior. This Is a one-owner car. Test ifciye It's solid performance today. Page Dittman Motors Hoy! Page Fred Dittman Jr. HWY 144 at Fayle 582-9212 ••It Mokes A Difference Where You Buy. Let Us Prove It." '61 Plymouth Six-cylinder, four-door sedan, radio, heater, white wall tires aid automatic transmission. Air conditioned for cool comfort end it's o real i»uy at only — $695 DON DITTMAN Ernie Dittman Motors 5S2-2470 707 S. Texas Classified Display MUSTANG, iyS5 —2-DoOr, horaTop, 2S' with 4-soeed. Call after 5, 533-2277. See at 605 E. Hunnicutt. 51. Cars Wanted 564-5277 5A&-S478 6417 Bayway CASH FOR YOUR CAR THAD FELTON FORD A-l USED CAR LOT NO. 2 2401 Hwy 14A Ph. SS2-S40S Classified Display '6-> MERCURY i - Door sedan, automatic transmission, radio, heater. Realty a nice one!! J-B Motor Co. Shop Under The Shed 2012 Alexander Dr. FOR YOUR CAR "HONEST JIM" 532-3248 •V BELTS AND PULLEYS for refrljer- atorj, air conditioners, oumos. co-nores- sors. wash-n. attic o?f_* rt ™*_', T _r^ 3.000 belts In stocX. MASSEY ELECTRIC. gg S. Pruett. 5S>-7m<. Op to Vf~t OFF on MUFFLERS Uo to 70% OFF on Shoe* obsorBerj Soin - on niters, all cars. *'-*»,„, WATSON'S. 32J7 Minnesota. 533^572 WANTED — Someone "In ?«s area Witt. good credit to rake over payments on tote mode! Slnoer. Does evervrr.1nO- SVB week or »9 »S cosh. Free home Ire:!. Houston UN 9-3374. Trucks For Rent Equipped with hydTseJic lift got»s We Sei! Custom Hitches _AYTOWN TRAILER RENTALS, B1-5J15 (Next te Kllgare Reody-Mt» Morrison's Furniture 408 W. Texas Ave. 583-1747 Nights end Sundcrvs. 533-C£ 7 5 or 546-7751 LISTINGS WANTED! OTIS GRAHAA*. REALTY SUITE 103 — GRAYSTONE BUILDING: PHONE SS3-5TWB | i TRINITY BAY AREA — fit miles Bo>i fcwn. Cr*sm:x*rs County, Tr; - Ci!y Beacn Rd. 2-oeCroom. all Dricx, central hecr ^" i! °>'' i cr « !s - v t , crrc f°' *m with real l fi.-ep:oce. Sor.-frant !DT. Sr»ow-: bv cpooir.T- ; merit. Houston FA 3-5321. JA 2-T243. on -ds 5S7--795. PLUMWOOD SECTION ill ERiCK HOWES — in most ccn-1 Highlands CASH SEE Jim Carter Motor Co. 58Z-W3S 4..1 W. Texos S ad is quiet, no rhr signs. 3-b«tf-TOms, f XA/^L C1L. D W E N EED CARS With tibow Koom : TOP DOLLARS PAID FOR CLEAN Thompson — Two bedroom home on ! USED CARS ccrr acr Builder, KENNETH KRASOFF, Narcilie. 582-6417, 2 ^bmhs. -- ! 3^3 ceres of land. Two-cm- garage, good! water well. 8-5 call Jim Hale, 31-B Building Material 4LUMINUM SHEETS — S In. Sy 34-ln.! hioh grcae. ,009 in. thickness. Idea! for insulation, roofing, sidina. .25 eocn. Con Se seen at The Baytown Sun, 1301 Memorial Drtv« BARGAINS! 1 USED TELEVISIONS Majestic 2 I-In. ..$35.00 General Electric, 23-ln $49.95 Philco 21-In $59.50 Curtis Mathes, 23-ln $99.50 Motorola, 21-In. $10.00 Needs Work USED HI FIS Magnavox — $65.00 IS" Speakers Silvertone $65.00 Wilt) AM-FM Ro&* Gene's Hi Fi & Color TV Center 122 E. Texas 582-8158 ALL BUILDING MATERIAL NEEDS See us for all your remodeilno and buiW- ino. Estimates Free. NOTHING DOWN.' uo to 5 v ears to pay. j BAYTOWN BUILDERS SUPPLY New Location. 315 W. Narro, Old Grey I UK. Co. Yard. 582-763- j WE WANT YOUR LISTING Cell "Jake" Rutter Reciry 6 N Asnsei, Say town, Texas <Sj-JS65 or r.lQMts 5S2-5057. Carter H. Miller REAL ESTATE »« Hwy. Blvd. SS3-7M3 Acme Realty T W. VT!LKS, X = VLTOH 682 Porfc" saj-*1»S Prosptcn wdtins To BUY Y»«r Home We Need Your Listing WEEKEND RETREAT! ! PAMELA, 515 — 3-b<xJroom Brtctc home, I I? full BclW. family room, cer-.trcl hea..! i ore-car oaraoc. Located on toroe corner) i-at near everytnlna RAYBORN JOHN"SON,' INC., 2331 Mgrfcet. SS3-17SJ. 582-8302 Quality Motors 3rvol Dunaom Lan Williams 708 E. Texas ! One-half acre of ocrttcHy wooded, ssncy , i loam icnd. Necr and willi access to Lake i poNOEROSA SOLD OUT! i Houston with . , . nice sue (4 room) i -,%'ctcri ' \ weekend cabin. Cabin end lor.d total' ^ price SI.995. Terms. Call Mrs, McLean I 5ii-«7M. ,,„._,. .-. new Homes under con5tr-_-c:ion. JOE AYLOR, Builder cpd Deve'.oocr. 45. Lots For Sale ! REAL BARGAIN FOR YOU ' Two-t?Cd^ocns ccrf^etV^G. new 2-tcn Q' r ! conditicnmg. 'Cycione fenced. Sec 337 S ScMIiin^, sha'wn by 3ppoin.rr.eni. W3H ; 523-1332. CHATEAU REALTY Mrs. Moione. Reoltor, ISO! Noreille «er < p.m. E S T A T E Size HEAVILY WOODED HOMESI7ES — Cedo*" Bcyou Ptrrk on Siofcpcer Pocd Paved streets, utillties. M«i5! Momcl. (Office f sir*'. JEFF S FLE.V.iNG, REALTOR, SS-7ZH crxs 5S3- HOME REMODELING Free Estimates. New Ideas; reliaSle contractors. CURBY LUMBER, 53;-S?51. SCOTTY SPORTSMAN CAMPING TRAILER — Brcwnlno Ouiomolic shot- ARCHER RD. — N*or N. Mam, *S<?i of owns and rifles. Bicycles. De:r 3 and Porter \ Bavtavo. J or more acres^ paved rood. Cable Power tools. See us for quality. | loom soil. Low taxes. S100 ocrwn. easy IRITT&N CRAVENS LUMBER CO.. j terms. 533-2:27. > Market. 5S2-S215. MOUNTAIN VALLEY JOHN X. MARTIN. 03 e. JO*. 5W«U We Rent Tel»visions DISCOUNT 3UILD1HG MATERIALS.. "BEST PRICES IN TOWN" Try Ul arid See CHANNELV1EW LUMBER AKD SPORTING GOODS i6130 Market GL 2-7133 LIST WITH STEWART REALTY II N. Asnbei S»-7<*7;, ;;OSAL FOR MOSlt-E HOME all u . i VCCANDLESS. 5B3-!7lv. 42. Acreage For Sale Classified Display APPROXIMATELY — 4 acres wlfh every- Ttting &trt ciTy taxes. 10% dov^ri, terms. SHORTY THARP REALTY, Aluminum Screens Made t» ortfer. Old screens rewired GULF COAST BLIND & SCREEN CO. Utt Borway Dr.. Baytown. Classified Display Build On Your Lot Custom built home* to yow specification or Mlect from our plans. Consult us for assistance in planning and estimating cast. BAYOU CUMBER CO. ry. 14* *« Cedar Bayoa Rd., SSM3ZI CURBY LUMBER SHEETROCK: <XS-W SlwetTKk GULF AT COMMERCE ... S1J9 3S3-82S1 Do-it-Yourse!f Ddaxt Plctur* Fromlns, «x1« si.« Cork Bulletin BoorxH S2.1S 12x12 Oiling Tile, Ea. ........ l»Vi SHELEY LUMBER CO. Mark«| St. 5J3-17W Furniture . • SuppBes ^achmes •! Printing Andy Anderson Business Equipment Co. !•! t Tr«,is Baylown. ^83-2'22 ANOTHER UWLiS PUBLIC » AUCTION J. Q.< »uCTIONItBS FOft GOVtRMMfMT. >UItMf» AMD BIG HOUSE For BIG FAMILY At A BIG BARGAIN tat for ore soactous for (REALTY SSJ-335;. 533-7J04. 209 West Lobit Convenient To Everywhere Let's Talk Terms 582-8603 (Preferably After 5 PJtf.) Automobiles - Trucks For Humbte OH And KambJe Pipe Line Co. 4105 Airline Houston, Texas Thursday, March 10-10 a.m. 35 TASSEXGER CARS — 19S9-19&5 models. Ford. Chevrolet, Plymouth*. V-8 and S cylinder, most with automatic transmission and air-conditioning. 30 TRUCKS - '.S55 to 1964 models. Ford and Chevrolets. Pick-Ups, Vans, stake bodies. INSPECTION": BefjinninE 8:00 a-m. Day of Sale Terms: Cash, Checks Accepted with proper Identification. All Checks subject to approval. _______ _ 611 CENTRAL NATIONAL BANK BLDO. 1100 TRAVIS. HOUSTON, T£XAS CA 4-9718 IAWLIS ASSOCIATES Whatta Buy! 612 and 704 Littiewood an exciting, new standard in living in Gienmeadow Alt brick S-bedroom homes with paneled dens, central heat/air, gas built-in kitchen, carpets and subdivision swimming pool. $14,700 $425 DOWN David Rogers Builder CALL 582-8321 583-2430 Out North Main to Bob Smith Road, See Sign. BAYOU LUMBER CO.

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